Prophecy of great humbling, then spiritual revival in Great Britain (GPS #47.3 cont’d – F/P #165.1)

A great thank you to Carolyn Stewart for transcribing this vital message (previous post refers). Note it was received last November at a time of unprecedented political upheaval in Parliament and speaks directly into this year’s unprecedented economic situation arising from global covid-19 pandemic. And yesterday came news of Britain’s humiliation internationally, as well as scientifically. Hence inclusion of this prophecy in the catalogue of fulfilled prophecies or those coming to pass (Footnotes refer).

Click on this image to listen:

“I just want to share this prophetic word. I was looking through my phone and I found this. (The current date is..we are in April 2020). And as I was looking through my phone of prophecies I found this one called ‘The Humbling of Great Britain’, which I’d never put out before. I completely forgot about it. So I think in the light of what’s going on at the moment, it is very relevant. It is a warning, but it is also an encouragement of what God is doing in our land. I thought I should release this now.

“As I said, this was given in November 2019. This was just before I died as well, so it is quite a significant prophecy. And as I said, I’d forgotten all about it. I just found it on my phone, but I feel it’s important to release it, so I’ll leave it with you. Please listen, please enjoy, please be blessed, and please spread it around as well.


“I will have the people in this land in derision”, says the Lord. “I will pour out my Spirit on this land, and those people that have called to come together to conspire, to tear down My ways and My precepts and My ordinances from this land – this green and pleasant land. Mark My words: I will have them in derision. I am in the heavens and I laugh at their futility, at the things that they’re attempting to do, to close Me off and shut Me off from My own creation and so close down and shut down My people. For that is their ultimate aim. They want Me and every trace of Me eradicated from the land and from education and from every part of this society.

But mark My words; I have plans to prosper this country, and I will bring to shame the wise. I will shame those who have so loftily held their head up – their stiff-necked heads that have said, ‘We will bring our ways! We will bring in our precepts and ordinances in this land, and we will eradicate God, and we will take Him off his throne. And we shall destroy His church.  But not so!

“Sadly, My own Church has failed to see how impoverished and how weakened she has become. She is literally now a remnant in this country. Yet I will do great things with a remnant. Yet when it was I can take three hundred foot-soldiers with Gideon and I can do a great deliverance, and I will do the same also in this land. I will take this small remnant of a Church that is left – those Christians that genuinely acknowledge Me as their Lord and Saviour – and will not bow the knee to Baal and to all his false practices and customs in respect to the laws that are now passing in this land.

Mark My words, punishment will come for the sins that have covered this land. But the punishment, as I always punished Israel in times past, was so that it may bring them to repentance and may bring healing to their land; that when the people are humbled they would pray to me and I would turn in My mercy, I would forgive them their sins and I would then heal their land. I am going to bring punishment to this nation – a time of humbling – but this punishment is not to destroy this nation. This punishment is to humble her and to chastise her, that she may repent of her wicked ways and turn back to Me.

“There will not be many nations in the days ahead that will be permitted to have what this nation will be permitted. You will have a grace and a favour upon you which many other nations will not be given because I have plans and purposes for this country. And even though My own people have been faithless harlots towards Me, know this; that your faithlessness will only go to prove My faithfulness. I will be faithful to My Covenant and to My Word, and I will bring about My ways and My means for this country, and I will pour out My Spirit. And I will bring Revival, but it will not be like any revival that has been before. It will be uncontainable; it will be uncontrollable; and the world will HATE it because it will be so strong and it will be so powerful that they cannot ignore it.

“In times past they’ve been able to turn a blind eye to the things of My Spirit, but in these days everyone will know about it, everybody will know about it. And the same sun that melts the ice also hardens the clay, and men will just drop into two distinct camps: those that love Me and those that absolutely hate Me. This is why in many respects these days are dangerous days, because it will polarize people, in ways stronger than they are now; but you will know the righteous and you will know the evil.

But mark My words, I will do something wonderful with this country; I will restore law and order to this country. This country has become lawless and it has no more order to it. And your Houses of Parliament are an example of the state of your nation, of the division of your nation, of the complexities of your nation. The wickedness and the hardness of heart and the blindness and arrogance of your nation are all set to display, for all the world to see in your own Houses of Parliament. But I am going to do a new thing. And many men will lay down their crowns and place down their swords before Me and repent and give their lives to me. And many powerful men and women who vehemently hate My name, will come to know Me and love My name.

“And some Christians might go, ‘Why, why Lord did you save them? They’re the ones who brought such depravity to our nation. Why did you allow it?’  Because that’s My grace, that’s My mercy, and the very ones that brought in those laws, I will turn into trophies of grace to make the enemy despised in his own camp, for I will make those who passed those wicked laws be the ones that undo them, for they will reveal the secrets and the dark intent and heart of sinful wicked flesh. And the world or this country at least, will look on in horror at the things that they’ve released and allowed in this country, and they will be rescinded and retracted.

“My people, you need to do this: you need to be spending these hours – because it is only hours – you need to be spending these hours in prayer; you need to be spending these hours on your knees; you need to be spending this time in the Word, learning from Me, learning from My Spirit and I will teach you many wonderful things. But this is the time, because there are many bridesmaids out there that do not have enough oil in their lamp and you need to get it in your lamp. No-one can part-exchange their life of intimacy with Me to those that have no intimacy with Me. This is your chance; now is the time to do it, for in the humbling that’s coming – this wind of change that’s going to blow through this land – it’s going to be a difficult time for this nation. It will not be a long time, but the depth of the punishment that will come will be severe, even though it will only be for a short time. It was like when I said to King David, “You can have three years of this, three months of that, or three days of the other”.

“This will be a short punishment but it will be a deep punishment; a deep chastisement to this nation. And I will humble this nation and I will turn her around. And many who are your enemies in these days will become your friends and neighbours in the days to come.

“So be prepared, be encouraged but be warned; this is not going to be an easy day that is coming, it is going to be a difficult day, a difficult time for this nation. Many Christians will cry out, ‘Why did I allow such things to come to this nation?’ But in part, everyone in this nation is responsible for the punishments that are coming.

“There is much worldliness in My Body, much worldliness in My Church, much worldliness in the mindset of Christians, much worldliness in the teachings of the Church! And the teachings of the Church have lost their anchor. They have apostasised; they have become an apostate church, in that they’ve drifted away from the truth of scripture and have chosen to allow the doctrines of men to infiltrate the teachings of the Church. The sacred scriptures should never be changed, never diluted, never touched, never altered, for they sacred and they are from the throne room of heaven itself. How dare man place his DNA and his ideas over that which is heavenly and beyond?

“So take heart to these words and this warning. Be blessed, be encouraged and get ready, for the time is now when the humbling must begin. And it will be short but long. It will be a short period of time but it will feel like the longest period of time, for it will be very intense. And for a period of three years a time of great humbling will come upon this nation, and it will be a heavy three years, a very difficult three years.

“But then things will change, things will turn, and you will go from Winter to Spring, Spring to Summer, Summer into Harvest time.”

  • Epidemiologist behind highly-cited coronavirus model drastically downgrades projection (26 March 2020)
  • Govt’ scientist resigns after breaking lockdown rules to meet married lover (5 May)
  • Britain criticised around the world for ‘complacent’ and ‘calamitous’ coronavirus response (6 May)
  • Despite Ferguson fiasco No 10 about to make its second major blunder (7 May) viz:

    ‘The biggest political con in modern history has descended into farce. Professor McLockdown, has choked on his own junk science, resigning from Sage after the Telegraph exposed that he flouted the very mass house arrest he advocated for everyone else. But his defence – that he broke the rules because he had already caught the virus and recovered from it – is even more revelatory; turns out Britain’s most influential epidemiologist believes that not only can you gain immunity from Covid-19, but that this should release you from lockdown.

    ‘If No 10’s response to coronavirus was really based on “following the science”, of course, these new details about Prof Ferguson’s view might be a game-changer, prompting, at the very least, Downing Street discussions of how to rapidly loosen the rules for those who have had the virus. Like with all good farces, though, the most absurd is yet to come. Incredibly, Downing Street shows little sign of learning from the Ferguson Chapter. And, astonishingly, once again, “the science” is being compromised by political hysteria – a scandal that continues to be barely scrutinised.

    ‘But before we get to the meat, let us briefly chew over the cautionary tale that can be cleaved from the career of Prof Ferguson. He has a track record of making wildly inaccurate projections, for example that BSE would kill 150,000 people (the real figure was fewer than 200)…’

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A Trumpet Call: Can Covid-19 change the nation’s values? – Neil Mackereth

Neil MacKereth, author of Signs, the Significance of Bible Prophecy, emailed saying, “I continue to be amazed at your prolific output…I am adding to your reading load with the attached – a bit longer than recent docs, but I felt urged to write it. Hope you can find a moment to read it.” Running off a hard-copy I mulled it over at leisure but was brought back to it a few times in view of its thought-provoking content. Therefore, you too may find it of noteworthy interest…

Can Covid-19 Change the Nations Values?

“If you ask me what I think to be the design, I believe it to be this—to waken up our indifferent population, to make them remember that there is a God, to render them susceptible of the influences of the gospel, to drive them to the house of prayer, to influence their minds to receive the Word, and moreover to startle Christians into energy and earnestness, that they may work while it is called to-day.” (Charles Spurgeon, ‘The Voice of Cholera’ sermon, August 1866)


Covid-19 is a virulent and pitiless virus which is sweeping across the world. So far, it is an uncontrollable pestilence: it is a law unto itself. It advances like a desert wind, ignoring those in authority and all the usual constraints that govern inter-national relations. It destroys people and livelihoods, undermines governments and economies and is testing the very foundations of our way of life and our values.

It is not localised, or in some way compartmentalised, as Ebola was, or forest fires are, or tsunamis, or earthquakes. It cannot be ignored, ridiculed or responded to half-heartedly, as global warming has been.

I pose some questions for your consideration: Continue reading

GPS #39: Serpent-cleansing prophecy – vision of snake on newscaster

Catching up online just before lunchtime, after a morning’s ‘refresh’ at church, I espied on Facebook’s Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival (private group) that a member had not long beforehand remarked on what they’d seen on the TV news:

“I don’t watch much news but happened to have it on no volume and saw a journalist who covers Brexit news (but) as I looked I saw a rattle-snake. I found myself decreeing that this rattle shall fall onto deaf ears. I’m believing a rattle-snake spirit is about that is different, in that the rattle is hypnotic! It seduces and sends out vibrations of fear…”

Consequently, intercessors joined in prayer supporting that member’s subsequent declaration against the demonic.

Next, upon turning to my email in-tray, I found Leisa Ebere had 4 hours earlier written along similar lines!! It is strikingly, directly relevant to the above vision – yet another instance of God’s GPS (Global Prophecy Signals) system:

She writes, ‘The Lord gave me this vision last week, which I believe is very vital; as I believe that God’s great delivering power is going to cause people to be free of oppression and the enemy’s deceptions in the next seasons to come and this will enable the Body of Christ to be strengthened like never before. Hallelujah!


given to Leisa Ebere 4th October 2019

‘The Lord took me into the Sky and I looked down upon many fertile fields and saw before me men and women, who were meant to be soldiers for the Lord, standing with only partial armour on their bodies, and I saw that their breastplate of righteousness and belt of truth were not being worn at all, and then I saw that serpents of deception had crawled inside them and that these serpents were nested within the rib cages of these people affecting their vital organs.

‘I saw that their heart and lungs were particularly affected, as their minds and emotions had been poisoned by these serpents: and that they had lost the ability to breath in the Holy Spirit. These people I knew were Christians patterned after the world, with little or no victory in their lives.

‘And then I saw large numbers of mighty, prophet intercessors clapping their hands and singing high praises to God, and making declarations in loud voices with the divine purpose of driving these serpents out into the open, so that they could be utterly destroyed. Then the nesting of the snakes began unravelling themselves and leaving the people as these infestations were cleared away entirely, and then I heard the Lord say:.

“The habitation of Leviathan amongst My people is coming to an end. For I am gifting My Remnant with a particular ability to drive this affliction away from the elect, so that they will no longer be deprived of My truth and the fullness of My Spirit.

“This empowerment given to Prophetic Intercessors shall impact whole cities as the awakening comes” says the Lord, “and legalism and man’s control and tolerance of evil shall no longer rule and reign in My Body. For I am arraying My People with the full armament of My Habitation, and places like Manchester and Leicester, Lincolnshire, Coventry and Kent; and many cities and nations of the Earth, shall be irrevocably changed by My Spirit during this cleansing,” says the Living God. “For I shall cause My People to be a purified and be made a powerful habitation of My Spirit to abide, as Leviathan no longer is able to enter into their hearts.

“Rise up My Prophets and Apostles and declare War, as the season of deception and infiltration which has kept My People blinded and powerless will be no more,” says the Lord of Hosts.

Leisa Ebere
Torchlighters International Ministry

RB Footnote:

Leisa’s reference to changes taking place during high praise and declarations explains the ‘before and after’ visions I was blessed to perceive of St Mary’s Church, adjoining Bletchley Park, during Saturday’s PRUKR gathering.

Join Summer Celebration tonight ’til Saturday

Founder-director of God TV, Rory Alec, invites you online to,

“Join healing Evangelist Nathan Morris and Canon Andrew White for three days of powerful teaching and open heaven as part of the ‘Battle for 1 Billion Souls’ campaign!”

For full details click as required: trailer schedule  video archive

SC-Pic1 andrew whiteVicar of St. George’s Church in Baghdad and president of The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East, Canon Andrew White works to provide spiritual home, medical care and humanitarian relief to the region while promoting reconciliation amongst Christians, Jews, and Muslims in the most dangerous areas of the world.

Before his 15 years in Baghdad, Andrew served as a mediator between Israel and the Palestinians. If you are unfamiliar with this exceptional servant of God take a moment to read Cranmer’s Canon White deserves a Knighthood, which opens as follows:

“He doesn’t care about temporal honours, of course. You only have to hear the ‘Vicar of Baghdad’ preach, or take a few minutes to watch the above short film (parts 2 and 3 to follow), to appreciate that the race he runs is for the crown of Christ’s glory, and the reward he awaits is in heaven. He doesn’t want a knighthood or a CBE: he wants our prayers, our awareness of the plight of his flock, and our generous donations to aid his ministry in this time of appalling suffering and tribulation.

“He has lost a thousand of his parishioners over the past year alone – murdered by Muslim militants; many of them summarily shot or beheaded. He has recently been speaking to numerous fellowships in the UK to raise awareness of the situation in Iraq, and he received death threats last week from ISIS/ISIL (or IS [Islamic State], as they now wish to be called)…”

[Cranmer concludes by saying he deserves a gallantry medal.]

SC-Pic3 nathan morrisFounder and President of Shake The Nations Ministries, Evangelist Nathan Morris has led Gospel crusades and witnessed the salvation of over 100,000 Muslims and Hindus, as well as, documented healings of the blind, deaf and crippled. Leading meetings for the Bay Revival in the United States, he saw thousand of salvations and hundreds of notable healings.

Lydia and NathanWorship will be led by the wife of Nathan’s ministry associate Nathan – Lydia Stanley-Marrow – who became internationally well-known during the Bay Revival as its worship leader and has released two albums as well as appearing on YouTube clips. My personal favourite..:

Acclaimed mini-series ‘The Bible’ starts on UK TV this Saturday

Channel 5 is to broadcast the first feature-length episode of this acclaimed mini-series on Saturday 30th November at 9.00 pm – the eve of First Sunday in Advent.

More details on Channel 5 – this programme is billed as ‘breath-taking in scope and scale’ in its portrayal of major stories from the scriptures. Powerful performances, exotic locations, action-packed re-enactments and state-of-the-art CGI bring to life miracles,  iconic characters and tales of faith and courage from Genesis through to Revelation.

As a ‘blockbuster’, the series promises to be much grander than even Cecil B De Milles’ spectacular epic-film The Ten Commandments, which etched a mental image into many millions that Moses had possibly looked like Charlton Heston!

Be mightily blessed as you watch and may you be inspired to find out what it’s all about. But better than seeing is getting a grip on the Bible, digging hands-on into its thick, rich pages and checking it all out direct with its Author. In hearing from Him it’s not at all so impossible for Him to point out special scriptures for you personally in making passages stand out as though in 3-D!  After all, it’s the Best Instruction Before Leaving Earth!

You can see the Kingdom of God too, but you must be born again. (per producer’s website tweet)

Aled Jones’ live TV comment raises concern over injustice

Detail from Eagle-eyed by John Mark Long: www.propheticartists.comA British breakfast TV interview circulating ‘over the pond’ among American Christians brings attention to injustices suffered by a couple of hoteliers at the hands of our courts.

I was intrigued to find two translations of the Bible directly relevant to both sides of the interview’s controversial point!

First of all, thanks are due to John McTernan for linking to a transcript in Monday’s blog Real Christianity on display, and to Tony Puccio for informing me of its email circulation in Arizona.

NB: this post’s stats occasionally show ‘peak viewing’ when it gets circulated. So I’d ask that it be read in the spirit it is written.

Let’s look at the issue together as I ‘flesh it out’.:

ITV, Britain’s first commercial station, broadcasts Daybreak as a morning magazine. Its presenters Aled Jones and Lorraine Kelly interviewed Peter and Hazelmary Bull the day before they appealed to the UK Supreme Court over a £3,600 fine for refusing to rent one of their hotel’s double-bedded rooms to a homosexual couple.  As clearly stated on their website, rooms were available for married men and women only. (The Bulls are supported by The Christian Institute and further details, including on-going reports may be found under Bulls’ B&B Trial.)

Aled Jones’ faith

Aled Jones is well known as a former treble chorister and singer with many albums to his credit, as well as presenter of BBC’s Songs Of Praise (see MirrorTV brief ‘bio’). It’s a typical anodyne BBC programme, however when speaking to journalist Catherine Francis for Inspire magazine, he said the programme attracts millions of viewers from around the world and,

“Songs Of Praise aims to uplift and spiritually enhance its viewers, whether or not they’re Christian, and they need to feel comfortable watching it. It’s a genuine honour to be associated with it…”

She continues, ‘And Aled’s passion is clear to see about the Christian faith,

“Christianity is real, it’s now, it’s happening and it’s exciting – it’s not sedate or simply part of history. Jesus toppled over the market stalls in the Temple – this is a person with passion, a person with love, with blood running through his veins. That’s what it’s all about for me.”

Well said sir, and I think it’s important to keep that in mind when considering today’s matter. Has he changed his views?

The Daybreak interview

The interview has been transcribed fairly accurately by Dr Michael Brown, a scholar, speaker and author of 22 books, including The Real Kosher Jesus. He blogged it a week ago today as An older woman puts today’s compromised preachers to shame. Therein he sets the scene.:

At a time when so many of our Christian leaders are guilty of compromising the gospel before the media, dishonouring the Lord as they try to make God’s Word palatable to the world, it was an older British woman…who displayed a backbone of steel, a deep and consistent faith, and a theological clarity while being grilled on national TV. Cheers for Hazelmary Bull!

And make no mistake about it. This is not some slick, camera-friendly couple, versed in the latest clichés and fitted with the coolest wardrobe. This is a couple grounded in the Word and committed to Jesus. Today’s Christian leaders could learn well from their example.

Jones took the lead and started with a neutral ‘voice-over’ video outlining the case. The presenters were not unpleasant but wanted to know why the Bulls were contesting the loss of their Appeal in 2012. It may have got intense because of their seeming inability  to grasp the Bull’s Biblical position. Or were they just acting professionally on behalf of a religiously illiterate British audience and consequently asking questions from a simplistic viewpoint?

Whatever their approach, it helped the Bull’s present their case clearly and admirably. Take a look at the video clip:

Here’s the transcript section of Dr Brown’s short article; his comments in italics.:

When asked why they were going ahead with the appeal after all they had been through, Hazelmary replied,

“The reason we have continued with this is because we feel there are arguments still to be made, because we are hoping that some way or another, a pathway will be found through this so that two different lifestyles—which at the moment have had a head-on collision—two different lifestyles could live together in our society.”

Her purpose, then, is marked by conviction and conciliation: How can we live together in the same society when we have such different convictions?

Lorraine Kelly: “May I suggest that maybe you are in the wrong business? Because when you think about it, only 47 percent of couples now are actually married, so when you do that, you forget all the arguments and all the rest, but actually from a business sense, sure, it doesn’t make any sense.”

Hazelmary Bull: “No, on the face of it, it looks like that because we have always refused a double-bedded accommodation to unmarried heterosexual couples.”

When challenged by Kelley, Hazelmary explained, “It’s Bible-based; it’s entirely Bible-based.”

(Pastors, take note of her words. This is how we should operate our local assemblies as well, based on the Word, not on marketing principles.)

Aled Jones: “As a Christian, the God you worship is a loving God, is a tolerant God. And if people are in a civil partnership, they are obviously in love, so what is wrong with them sharing a bed?”

(Note that Jones came to national fame as a hymn-singing child, and in 2004 he was voted Religious Broadcaster of the Year by the Churches Media Council for his work with Songs of Praise. He still hosts BBC’s Songs of Praise show, and within the last four years he has released albums featuring hymns and Christmas songs. What in the world happened to Aled Jones?)

How does Hazelmary reply to his challenge? You’ve got to love this!

HB: “I think it’s a myth to believe that entirely. He is a loving God, that’s true. He’s a forgiving God, but there is—

AJ: “And a tolerant one?”

HB: “He is a longsuffering God; He’s not entirely tolerant because the Bible is full of cases when He does finally bring judgment about. We felt that we wanted to, as far as possible, live according to His instructions, and the Bible is very clear about marriage.

Boy, did she nail it! There is a difference between God being longsuffering and God being tolerant, and yes, “He’s not entirely tolerant because the Bible is full of cases when he does finally bring judgment about.”

Do you think we’ll be hearing a lot of lines like that from some of the pastors featured on The Preachers of L.A.?

LK: “It’s 20132013!”

MB: “God hasn’t changed; Jesus says He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. He hasn’t changed, the Bible hasn’t changed, and we are wrong—we are living in a dream—if we think that He has changed His laws to suit us, because that’s not the case at all.”

Exactly! Most of the world is living in a dream. In fact, much of the church is living in a dream too, having been put to sleep by smooth-tongued preachers who have watered down the Word in a futile attempt to make it “contemporary.”  

LK: “So you don’t accept that you have done anything wrong at all? You don’t accept that, that was offensive?”

MB: “We find this thoroughly regretful, because we clearly state that we prefer to let double-bedded accommodations to married couples.”

(She then explains, in answer to Kelly’s question, that this is clearly stated on the website.)

LK: “When two people come check in, how do you know that they are married or not?”

HB: “That’s a fair question. We have a script, and we try very hard not to offend. Remember, we have been there for 28 years, and this is the first time we have had any problems. We have a script whereby where we say very gently and politely, if one person shows up at the door—say it’s a male—we say, “Is this for you and your wife?” And oddly enough, they will say, “No, well, not actually my wife. We’re partners, or it’s my girlfriend or whatever”.”

How telling! They never had a problem when refusing an unmarried heterosexual couple over the course of 28 years, but when it comes to two gay men, the Bulls are brought to court.(RB emphasis)

Kelly then pointed to the low percentage of couples in the U.K. who are marrying, to which Hazelmary responded, “Well, I don’t know the numbers, and I’m not entirely interested in the numbers because of course we’re running this—”

LK:  “Well, you should, as a businessperson…

HB: “Well, we’re running this under our own roof, and God demands that our faith doesn’t end—”

LK:  [interrupting with some hostility] “Your God demands. Your God.”

HB: [without batting an eyelash] “God demands that our faith doesn’t end at the kitchen door. He means for your faith to run in every corner of your life. You can’t just section Him off like that. So one would think that dealing with Christians, we would be fair and honest and upright and honourable and live according to the Bible, because the Bible is the Christian’s textbook.”

Bravo, Hazelmary Bull!

Now go watch the video, give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. It’s a testimony like this that should go viral, rather than the words of some preacher who is waffling, unclear and not wanting to sound closed-minded or offensive.

Let’s speak the truth in love without making excuses, just as our courageous sister did. God Himself will back us, and the haters and mockers will not be able to shout us down.

Jones’ controversial question

As ‘good cop, bad cop’, Kelly and Jones played atheist Scot and anodyne believer who bowls a doctrinal googly,

“As a Christian, the God you worship is a loving God, is a tolerant God. And if people are in a civil partnership, they are obviously in love, so what is wrong with them sharing a bed?”

Bull: “I think it’s a myth to believe that entirely. He is a loving God, that’s true. He’s a forgiving God, but there is…”

Jones: “And a tolerant one?”

Bull: “He is a longsuffering God; He’s not entirely tolerant because the Bible is full of cases when He does finally bring judgment about. We felt that we wanted to, as far as possible, live according to His instructions, and the Bible is very clear about marriage.”

Many viewers, and readers, could take Jones’ point as reflecting his own conviction. However, is it not just as possible for him to have played ‘devil’s advocate’ in asking from a political stance, thereby to elicit and show the Bull’s strength of conviction?

Also, he may have had in mind a verse form Apostle Paul’s grand theological letter to believers in Rome, wherein he chides them over judging one another:

Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, tolerance and patience, not realising that God’s kindness leads you towards repentance? (Romans 2:4)

That’s from my New International Version Insight Bible, but Mrs Bull adroitly responds from the very same verse as given in my New King James study Bible:

Or do you despise the riches of His goodness, forbearance, and longsuffering, not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance?

Fascinating. The ‘protagonists’ use the same concept from slightly different translations. The original Greek is ‘anoches’, which means ‘tolerance’ but is rendered ‘forebearance’ in the Interlinear Greek Bible. Mrs Bull correctly clarifies it as being a conditional term, not a never-ending presumption upon the grace of God in Jesus Christ. Hence, the vital importance of their being in right standing with God’s decrees as revealed in His Word.

But not so for Aled Jones. Out of the confession from his own mouth, he has declared ‘As a Christian’ that there’s nothing wrong in homosexuality. Even if any of the reasons we considered above are relevant, nevertheless the declaration from his heart is what counts in heaven. It’s a far from sensible stance!  It’s apostasy – the falling away from the tenets of Christian faith.

As Dr Brown queries, what has happened to Aled Jones?

Dubious doctrine

The controversial point of Jones’ question, of course, is not only his presuming God will turn a blind eye to sin (of any sort!) – but also the inference that gay relationships are approved by God. So, anyone unfamiliar with the issues could infer from his claim of being a Christian that such practice is sanctioned by believers, if not by the wider church.

Nothing could be more mistaken.  Aled Jones is unwise to entertain dubious doctrine.

The correct Christian position on this subject was defined in the first formal gathering of strategic church leaders within twenty years of Jesus’ ascension. This apostolic event is known as the Jerusalem Council. We can be sure, therefore, of their thorough familiarity with Jesus’ teachings and instructions and, assisted by The Holy Spirit, would therefore make the correct decisions on any doctrinal issues.

The Council was called to discuss the admission of non-Jewish believers as followers of ‘The Way ‘ of Yeshua Ha Meshiach, Jesus Christ.  According to the account in The Acts of The Apostles, the Jerusalem Decree sent to those Gentiles of Antioch, Syria, closed with the following basic stipulations upon admission to fellowship in Jesus.:

For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit, and to us, to lay upon you no greater burden than these necessary things:  that you abstain from things offered to idols, from blood, from things strangled, and from sexual immorality. If you keep yourselves from these, you will do well.  (Acts 15:28-9 NKJV per; emphasis added)

That requirement to abstain from improper, non-marital relationships has never been rescinded. Only folly pretends redefining ‘marriage’ will alter the divine intention behind that declaration against immorality and fornication (porneias; Greek ‘of prostitution’).

It is logical, therefore, to state any consideration or claim to there being nothing wrong with allowing ‘porneia’ within the precincts of a Christian house is utterly absurd.

On the same day John McTernan blogged about this interview the news broke of Aled Jones and Lorraine Kelly being axed as presenters on Daybreak. Also, comments made online around that time haven’t been complimentary about them. Even back in August  his position was in question.

It’s intriguing that a definite decision came fast on the heels of Aled’s declaration! Is it part of the promised ‘shaking’? I wonder…

How say you?

The BBC admits failings in its treatment of Christians

WELCOME news! Thank you Gillan for your hard work producing a commendable summary and for quoting EA’s Dr David Landrum. I won’t hold my breath, however, for BBC to review their Middle-East reporting!

God and Politics in the UK

The BBC has had a problem for some time regarding how it deals with religion.  It has regularly been accused of giving Christianity in particular a tough time.  What gives these accusations substance is that they have not just come from churches and individual Christians complaining about the treatment they receive, but also from within the BBC itself.

Back in 2011 a survey was conducted as part of the BBC’s ‘Diversity Strategy’ involving 4,500 people, including some BBC staff.  The consultation concluded: ‘In terms of religion, there were many who perceived the BBC to be anti-Christian and as such misrepresenting Christianity…  Christians are specifically mentioned as being badly treated, with a suggestion that more minority religions are better represented despite Christianity being the most widely observed religion within Britain.’

Then last year Mark Thompson, the then director-general of the BBC admitted that Christianity gets treated less sensitively than other religions because it is ‘pretty broad…

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Christmas broadcasts

We trust you had a blessed time. We were particularly pleased to hear the Queen close her Christmas Day broadcast with such a clear emphasis upon Jesus, for instance:

”…Although we are capable of great acts of kindness, history teaches us that we sometimes need saving from ourselves – from our recklessness or our greed. God sent into the world a unique person – neither a philosopher nor a general (important though they are) – but a Saviour, with the power to forgive…”

Click here for the full transcript of the Queen’s speech.

The political blogger ‘His Grace Archbishop Cranmer’ concluded his posting of Tues 27 December on Christmas messages as follows:

“There was only one Church leader who spoke inspirationally of courage and hope; only one who used the occasion to speak of the importance of family, friends and the indomitable human spirit. Only one who spoke of the gospel of forgiveness, the uniqueness of Jesus the Saviour, the love of God through Christ our Lord:..”

I particularly took note that both the political head of our nation, PM Cameron, and Head of State and Head of Anglican Church, Her Royal Majesty, have now strongly spoken out in public declarations concerning our nation’s true source of spiritual stability. Could we have turned a corner? Maybe Christen Forster of River Church, Maidenhead, was correct in reporting last September,

…at the Emmanuel Centre in Marsham Street, Bill Johnson prophetically declared to 1,000 leaders from Church, Culture, Commerce, Community and Civic Government that we would look back at 1st Sept 2011 as, “The day things changed in the UK”.

Personally, on Christmas morn I was blessed to see our recording of the broadcast I recommended, Carols From Bucklebury, bring strong messages from each interviewee/ reader. (See brief disocesan report.) Only a few weeks previously I’d visited my ‘best-man’ and farm manager John Bishop, and was introduced to Bradfield CoE Primary School’s head Andy How when John took me there on a brief visit as school governor. John told me the broadcast was recorded by a Christian media organisation that’s part of the Rank Foundation. (From CTVC – Our History I read that J Arthur Rank, now Lord Rank, has been involved with Christian media since 1930s.)

Whilst living west of Reading prior to our marriage, I’d attended a number of Christmas services in Rushall Manor Farm’s barn. Its Christingle events are always solidly packed by a couple of hundred folk. This time, however, John used the larger cattle shed because it could better house the 1000 strong congregation!! Ah well, perhaps this is another indicator of changes happening in Britain? Bradfield village has had a Christian presence since Saxon times – maybe this ancient well is now getting unblocked?

May you all have a wonderful New Year

Richard & Nina

Catch up with the TV debate

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’):

A video is now available on each proponent’s blog of last Wednesday’s 90min debate on Revelation TV, should you wish to watch.

First – or instead – it would be useful to read the text below both site’s video shots; ie. the interesting comments (with corrections!) thread on Calvin Smith’s blog as well as Stephen Sizer’s opening statement on his blog:

Despite each advocate’s reputation going ahead of him, there was a lack of acrimony and although neither gave ground each came to respect their opponent.

Calvin Smith stood staunchly against the wider view that Christian Zionism is a heresy. He could have mentioned this valid Biblical understanding blossomed during the Commonwealth Period under Cromwell. The Puritans laid great emphasis upon inter-preting and understanding the Holy Bible correctly. Hence, their realisation that the Jewish people ought to return to their ancient homeland – the eventual outcome of which was The Balfour Declaration of 1917 by the british Government.

Stephen Sizer has a concern for the well-being of fellow believers within the Jewish and Arab communities and wants to draw them towards one another – other ministries are already doing so. It seems his view may be fuelled by unreasonable and dangerous attitudes prevalent within US military based upon an extreme support for Israel, right or wrong. Like us, both contestants recognised that the modern state of Israel is far from perfect and we shouldn’t be blindly supporting it.


In this connection, I’m forwarding Doug Chaplin’s succinct reflections upon Judaism’s painful relationship with the church – hat-tip to Stuart for your recommendation. This reminds me of, and thus I rejoice over, the ‘one-new man’ relationship demonstrated magnificently between Rev John Kilpatrick and Rabbi Curt Landry in Alabama. (You may recall my referring to them last May regarding intercession for Israel v. proposed 3rd intifada.) Boy are those two men of God a powerhouse when together!

Also, it reminds me of the blessed time last year when Nina and I were privileged to attend and be instructed in the celebration of Rosh Hashanah. What a download I received about Almighty Father’s personal connection to His Holy Word, and Nina was unquestionably impacted by His Holy Spirit during that event – we were speechless!!

May you too, dear friend, sense His presence

Reminder of TV debate

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’):

Further to Monday’s email, please read this morning’s post on EChurch blog for details:

As its webmaster is acquainted with both debaters, his comments and linked material are very useful background information.

As you know how the Lord prompts one, I was greatly encouraged by these responses from fellow readers:

John P informed me of his just-launched blog What On Earth Will Happen Next? which I recommend you to visit too.

Upon receipt of my mail, Neil Mc had just finished the second part of his comments upon Replacement Theology for the End-Times course at WinVin and he replied: “God is certainly bringing this subject to the fore! I strongly believe that time is short and, as you say, the ground is being prepared.”  His comments upon RT open with wise words:

Some caution and tentativeness is advisable as there are varying opinions and interpretations: we do well to remember, in humility, that God has set limits to our knowledge and understanding. Claiming absolute certainty in any explanation of puzzling aspects of scripture, or of unfulfilled biblical prophecy, is risky! Suffice it to say, we should keep an open mind, read scripture with integrity and in context and, wherever possible, adopt a literal interpretation in preference to dynamic equivalence….

Also, a couple of weeks ago I took Nina to a packed Woman To Woman conference in East London. (Public transport was non-existent in view of work-in-hand for Olympics!) Afterwards, Nina excitedly told me most of what happened as 3000 ‘spell-bound’ ladies listened to Billy Graham’s daughter, Anne Graham-Lotz.

She spoke in depth explaining why the End-Times are upon us. To paraphrase in summary;

“I know a lot of you are scoffing, but I don’t care – it’s all there in the Bible and that’s good enough for me. Just watch what’s happening and check it out in your Bible”.

Scales fell off their eyes.

SO MUCH of what Anne said was anointed by the Holy Spirit that Nina kept being fired up by Him as though getting mild electric shocks! Most of her message was given in her oft-repeated ‘WAKE UP!’ call which is usually available on line during conferences such as May’s Epicentre Conference jointly hosted with Joel Rosenberg (see video overview)

Keep looking up

Nov 2011 TV Debate – Has the Church replaced Israel?

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’):

Friends – If you have satellite TV you may want to watch this debate on Revelation TV (sky 581, Freesat 692) on WED 9.11.11 at 9pm gmt.

For the motion will be Anglican vicar Dr Stephen Sizer arguing that Christian Zionism has no Biblical foundation or historical precedent, even playing a dangerous role in politics of M-East. (He’s gained a questionable stance in being vociferously pro-Palestinian claims and anti-Israel.)

Against the motion will be Dr Calvin Smith, Principal of King’s Evangelical Divinity School. His stance may be gained from Stuart James’ Church posting on Friday, Messianic Alarm

That very day I came across two other items directly related to this topic:

1. A posting on politically forthright blog Harry’s Place referred to Nick Clegg standing against an Islamist student body, FOSIS. This well researched post indicates doubts over Size’s integrity.

2 That evening came Bill Koenig’s weekly report from the White House, and which included his resounding denunciation of An Open Letter to America’s Christian Zionists published by Just Peace-making Initiative. After reprinting portions of the letter he concludes:

Koenig’s perspective: These men are totally clueless and dangerous. They say there has been theft of Palestinian land? Open the Bible, guys. And study your history — what so-called sovereign “Palestinian land” was ever stolen? Human rights? What about Christian rights in country after country in the Middle East? What about the wars of self-defence forced on Israel over the years? What about Israel’s right to live in the Holy Land with peace and security?

This position is becoming more and more prevalent in liberal Christian seminaries and within the leadership of the replacement theology church organizations.It is ominous and must be confronted boldly.

Rather than accept those intense remarks at face value I carefully checked the full content of that letter as an exercise in being open-minded. Its authors make an apparently honest rationale in their approach to fellow Christians: but in quoting scripture (especially Genesis) they twist its meaning completely to their biased viewpoint – not only was the letter riddled with error but it also reminded me of how Satan did the same when tempting Jesus! So are these replacement theoreticians simply Satan’s sad stooges??

Could the increasing frequency of this issue indicate the Lord is testing who’s really worthy of being his bride and thus clearing out his house?

The times are rapidly changing, are they not?

The Lord bless you and keep you

Revival in the UK – encouragement from Alabama

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’):

“Are you from the United Kingdom?”, asked young Nathan Morris as he pointed to a couple standing near the front of the congregation.

It was an hour and a quarter into the worship of Saturday’s revival gathering in Mobile Convention Centre, Alabama. Under the power of the Holy Spirit, Nathan had just taken authority in Jesus’ name over all demonic activity and loosened its hold when some-thing amongst the worshipers caught his attention.

The question got repeated and clarified, “You’re from the UK?…You too? – Come here quickly right now, come quickly…come – Keep worshiping, Lydia…You’re from the United Kingdom, is that right?”

“Somerset”, the man replied and as he ascended onto the stage, Nathan pointed again and declared “Jesus!” – the tall man and lady both collapsed under the weight of the Lord’s presence, as did another couple following on to the platform.

Nathan turned away and explained to everyone, “I saw the United Kingdom flag right over that gentlemen’s head…”.

Next, turning back towards them he spoke, “FIRE!…I tell you, the power of God‘s falling all over this place right now” and, extending his hand in blessing over the four, he declared,

“Let revival come to the United Kingdom in the mighty name of Jesus – let the Isles be sacred again – from Scotland, to England, to Ireland, to Wales – let the Isles be sacred again!

Looking amongst those assembled below, “Are you all from the United Kingdom ? You’d better get up here right now, the power of God’s here…”

A dozen or so men, women and couple of children did so and were immediately hit by the fire of the Holy Spirit, “Fire on the United Kingdom”. The effect was so heavy each and every one of them were to remain almost motionless for 40 minutes from one end of the stage to the other! Nathan continued:

”Let the United Kingdom see a move of God that will shake the very foundations.

“United Kingdom, in the name of Jesus, be awakened, be awakened.”

Six minutes after all this started, stepping around nearly 20 of our fellow Britons scattered on-stage, our man from Sheffield suddenly turned towards the camera, directly AND VERY STERNLY addressed all viewers here in UK :

“You know, I didn’t plan this tonight but my nation used to be a nation of Revival. We used to send revivalists around the nations of the world and I’m speaking over the United Kingdom tonight:

“YOU belong to Jesus Christ – He birthed you – He made you who you are today – NOW turn back to Him, TURN BACK to Him before it is too late!

“Let the United Kingdom be shaken with the Fire of Revival !!”

Shortly thereafter, weeping on his knees under an impassioned anointing, Nathan proclaimed,

“God is breaking hearts tonight, that you might see His glory – Give birth to a Great Awakening, Lord – Let it be birthed – Let this fire, this glory flood the nations of the world.”

At 1hr 40min; Nathan announced the title of his message was to have been ‘What we need to see the lost turn to Christ’ but said, “The answer to the message was that we need God to visit us – by His Spirit He needs to come and melt the heart of man. But tonight, the Holy Spirit is doing the preaching,…the way He knows……just worship Him….”

At 1hr 52min; he groans intensely – at times on his knees – under the extreme unction of a prophetic tongue, and interpretation then flowed immediately –

“For I am God of the seasons”, says the Lord. “For though it has been Winter, so shall Spring arise….but I am seeking in these days”, says the Lord, “To raise up My seed, to raise up an army that will bloom. Even though Satan seeks to destroy the nations, I will cause My seed to bloom for I will place within My Body a FIRE that will rage…”

For the Lord says, “Beware, for many shall fall in these Last Days because they place their feet NOT upon the Rock of Truth.” But the Lord says, “You shall know those that shall arise…for My glory shall be upon them…Arise, shine…for your Light has come.”

“Cry out to God to make you a harvester. Ask the Lord to give you souls. Ask Him, ask the Lord, that you might reap the harvest.”

Pastor John then led intercession for the nationsOur friend J, biographer and historian of revivals, thinks it’s singularly significant for the Lord to use an individual like John Kilpatrick to host once again a Holy Spirit Revival.

I’m particularly impressed that the American and Englishman are so well united in spirit and preach the blood and cross of Jesus without any compromise whatsoever. And they focus on three things the Lord has impressed strongly upon me: teaching and ministering as Jesus did, preaching upon His soon return, preparing His Bride to rule the Kingdom with Him on earth.

TO WATCH click on GodTV-TheBay and after an introductory advert (55secs) the main sessions plays. Then click in the middle of progress bar at about 75 minutes (of total 149 mins) and allow video to play.

It is indeed the most profound of many deeply moving sessions in the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival that we have been blessed by.

May you be mightily uplifted and encouraged by all this.

PS: 29Oct’12 – See Marcus Tutt’s account of similar by Nathan concerning Norwich.

A media turnaround: part 2

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’):

Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival

The miraculous healing in Mobile I informed everyone about in early November has now appeared in one of our tabloids Daily Mail, as well as being a hit on YouTube.

It’s especially encouraging to hear Nathan Morris preaching on the blood of Jesus and cross of Calvary. And signs and wonders follow. He’s very fired up with the Holy Spirit’s anointing. His in-depth discussion with Delia Knox about her healing after 22 years paralysis was particularly poignant, and reminded us of Nina’s healing from permanent disability.

Also memorable from the dozens of testimonies were those where terminal cancers were radically corrected – the deaf nun who regained hearing and now ministering in the Spirit – the lady with congenital heart defect who amazed doctors by gaining a third, missing aortal valve! – written medical statement that a woman’s surgically segmented bladder should not be functioning normally! – etc, etc.  Choose from the video archives to see people being healed and heal their testimonies.

A Theological Concern

Sadly, some brethren claim the revival is a deception and miracles are false because Jesus Christ warned against false teachers and that we should guard ourselves against deception.  Paul explained that satan masquerades as a angel of light and can perform miracles (2 Corinthians 11.13-15).

Yes, quite so and we should perform a ‘Berean check’ to ensure actual events align with and are scripturally sound.  BUT let’s be sure to look at whole scripture and not single out odd verses! Check out Matthew 24.24, 2 Thessalonians 2.3 and other New testament letters undoubtedly cover the same theme and events, but read their whole context – the events as described have not quite arrived yet!

Furthermore, Paul clearly teaches that all the counterfeits are accepted by those who are perishing ‘because they refused to love the truth and so be saved’ (2Thess 2.10). Then he writes, ’the Lord is faithful and will strengthen and protect you from the evil one’ (2Thess 3.3).

Also, one needs be careful not to serve the accuser of the brethren in condemning what is of God as being of satan, thereby blaspheming the Holy Spirit – the unforgiveable sin!

Under an intense burden Nathan Morris gave a direct word from the Lord about what is coming upon the world and urging his people to turn their gaze upon Him and thus not be deceived. This Englishman preaches salvation and forgiveness of sin through the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, whom he deeply loves, as does the congregation. According to scriptural definition, therefore, what has been happening in Alabama is not from the evil one – he hates the Blood and the Glorious Presence!!  And how can satan ever preach Christ crucified??

So, let’s keep our eyes upon Jesus…

A media turnaround: part 1

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’):

Dear Friends – could the Lord be stirring British broadcasting, press and public for doing a deep work this Christmas?  A Christmas that soon follows a very rare lunar eclipse on a winter solstice, one when sun, moon and earth were directly lined up with the galaxy’s centre?

The Nativity

Since when did a best-selling newspaper devote an editorial in amazement because the anti-Christian BBC is running a 4-part mini-serial about Jesus’ birth? It concludes:

“…Having started the project as a sceptic, the time has now come to believe that the Nativity is a true and wonderful story. As he says in an interview with this newspaper today: “If you accept that Jesus is Son of God, why would you not believe that Mary was a virgin and that God must have had some hand in the impregnation?” Such an absence of cynicism would be refreshing in a modern bishop; it is a delightful surprise coming from a BBC scriptwriter. His four-part drama, to be shown in peak-time slots in the run-up to Christmas Day, is influenced by a belief that the words of Jesus Christ “are the most truthful thing I have ever read”.

Click as appropriate to read full editorial > to read the interview > to watch episodes on your pc.

Nina and I are pleasantly surprised to find each script follows the gospel fairly closely, even when taking journalistic licence into account. A large slice of the script covers preparations and journey by the magi, thus showing Tony Jordan has taken pains over his work. I liked their expecting a bridge between heaven and earth and explanation of God looking after his Jewish people as would a father – perhaps Jordan’s script will encourage spiritual seekers who’re being called into the Kingdom? Could the magi have had in mind the prophetic visions of their past leader, the prophet Daniel? (Daniel 7.13-14 and 4.9 refer.) For more background see Who Were The Magi? at Koinonia House.