Time for the ‘house of cards’ to come down!

This prophetic promise comes courtesy of UK Prophetic Words and is very interesting in view of what Leisa Ebere and Charlie Shamp brought here and here from the Lord, and ‘Amen’ to Vida Caplin’s conclusion:


I saw in the spirit a house of cards and heard the old nursery rhyme ‘London Bridge is falling down‘ begin to play. A hand appeared and took a card from the bottom and the house fell. I looked at the cards as they lay in a heap and saw that they were all face cards, jacks, queens and kings. I then heard another old rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty’ begin to play.

I asked Holy Spirit to reveal to me the meaning of the vision.

“This house of cards has been carefully built over the years by those in power, it has been shaken countless times, many have seen the cracks form but it has been fortified and strengthened by those who live within its walls. It is now the time for this house to come down and it shall be done by my hand. Many shall wonder at its falling and ask, How can this be? Should we not rebuild? Can we not establish again what once was? But it shall not come to pass for no man can put this back together.”

Again I pondered on Holy Spirit’s revelation but wondered why the two nursery rhymes had played. I was stirred to look at the words of each one. In London Bridge is falling down, the words repeat time and time again in each verse about rebuilding and making stronger the construction, even setting guards to watch over it. Yet when Humpty Dumpty falls the last line states, ‘All the King’s horses and all the King’s men, couldn’t put Humpty together again!’

God is going to pull down something very big and it will not be rebuilt. This is an empire work of corruption that Holy Spirit is speaking of. The house of cards speaks of something that has been intricately built over the years, the face cards speak of those who are in powerful positions or are known. More than that Holy Spirit has not revealed but we watch for the dramatic fall to happen.

Vida Caplin, Saturday 28th October 2017

PS 1: Blog’s facebook remarks 31 Oct:

>Rachel Elliston: ‘I’m not familiar with the tv series House of Cards (it is a box set yet to be watched), however I was amused to see it in the news on my fb feed in the context of being ‘deeply troubled’ and the series being cancelled… just days after I first saw this word. Funny how things in the spiritual and the ‘natural’, or ‘symbolic natural’ mirror each other, often in very odd ways’.

> My response: ‘…I too am unfamiliar with US-version of ‘HoC’ and didn’t follow last night’s and today’s news…but noted front-page spread of today’s Telegraph on scandals relating to UK MPs and US government (albeit fictitious in latter). So it’s not only a demonic version of the UK/US spiritual link but also an instance of the Lord exposing corruption in every sphere, as in examples of fulfilled prophecies (see FP #10 entries).

PS 2: Subsequent front-page banner headlines:

Tuesday 31st October 2017

Thursday 2nd November 2017

Monday 6th November 2017

Politician proposes Genesis and Christ’s teaching for New Era economic model

Absolutely amazed upon checking updates this morning on Jonathan Ely’s Why Leave The EU? to hear a Member of Parliament explaining why the Bible’s principles of free-will and morality are the only basis for our economic future!!

Watch this 5-minute video-clip from the Institute of Economic Affairs facebook page of Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, an ardent advocate of Brexit, addressing delegates in the Think Tent at the recent Conservative Party Conference.

He unequivocally states why the Garden of Eden and the fundamental instructions of Jesus are highly relevant as the basis of a free-market economy, and thus upon post-Brexit success for Britain:

Tap/click image to watch Jacob Rees-Mogg on biblical principles of free economics

This is exceptionally relevant to my previous posts on prophetic visions for a new era in our society and church, together with a ‘new wineskins’ theology on how we can be part of and enable the fulfillment of those prophecies, including for ‘Brexit’ and its challenge  to churches as ‘an act of God’!

Solar eclipse across America signals onset of repentance

RJ Dawson continues his provocatively instructive series on economic crises and divine judgement by considering the timing of today’s solar eclipse.

Real Christianity

Blog Pic 82117        

   Today’s rare celestial event is strangely coinciding with emerging economic and social turbulence that will likely grow worse in the coming weeks.

         On August 7, I wrote and finished editing Part 1 of this series.

      On August 8, the Dow Jones reached its highest peak in history after climbing all year.

        On August 9, before dawn, I posted Part 1, Economic Crash and Burn. On that very day the market immediately began dropping, losing 335 points over the next two days.

        On August 11, before dawn, I posted Part 2, The Third Sign: It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again.

          On August 12, Charlottesville happened.

          Over the next few days, in a series of fits and starts, the Dow made up what…

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Fulfilled prophecy #22 – gold and silver, USA and UK

THERE’S MORE GOLD, as in Patsy Southway’s visionary statement Gold, Gold and More Gold!  Moreover, I read about it right after having re-publishing her vision of droplets or nuggets of gold when deciding to check recent entries on Veronika West’s Facebook – her new reference to “GOLD” is absolutely astonishing: yet another ‘God-incidence’!

But then that’s why they’re recognised in being at least three sequential occurrences often on one day, or over three consecutive days, upon a common spiritual theme. They’re just like pieces of an invisible jigsaw falling into place.

So we now have three ‘invisible’ pieces about GOLD: two concurrent emails on visions of gold from Beverley (golden rain), Patsy (golden droplets and wing tips) plus Veronika’s post about the fulfillment of a year-old vision of gold and silver!!!

In not having kept abreast of news over last weekend I wasn’t aware of detailed reports of the G20 meeting in Hamburg, but Veronika noted very specific statements and actions as yet another indication of the continuing fulfillment of a prophetic word she’d received a few days over a year ago, on 5th July 2016 to be precise. It reads:



‘Today while praying for the Nations, suddenly a very powerful vision opened up before me where I saw a large gold hand coming out of the Nation of America, I watched closely as the gold hand reached up high into the heavens.

‘Then suddenly I saw a large silver hand coming out of the United Kingdom and it too reached up high into the heavens, I watched intently as the silver hand of the United Kingdom and the gold hand of America came together and began to shake hands and as the two hands shook, I felt the earth tremble and the ground beneath my feet began to move and shift.

‘Then suddenly out of the heavens came a third large hand, but it was a hand of blazing fire, I watched as the hand of fire came to rest upon the shaking hands of silver and gold, Suddenly the blazing hand of fire intensified in heat causing the hand of silver and the hand of gold to melt, I watched closely as the two precious metals melted into one another forming one mighty river of molten gold and silver.

‘And then I heard these words, “UNITY AND FREEDOM, GLORY AND REDEMPTION”

‘Then I watched as the river moved with great force and in great power, I watched as the river of gold and silver suddenly turned and broke forth upon the Nations of the earth and wherever the river of gold and silver flowed the mighty waters rose causing the landscape to be changed and transformed, then I watched closely as great fires broke out upon these Nations, the blazing fires of purification and revival, fires that will not be quenched but will only burn brighter and brighter.

‘Then suddenly out of the heavens I heard these words,



Then last Saturday 8th July, Veronika posted this:


‘WATCH! AS MANY PROPHETIC WORDS WILL ‘SUDDENLY’ COME TO PASS…! For there is a divine Acceleration and Momentum that is taking place in the realm of the Spirit over the Nations.


“Trump: UK-US trade deal to happen quickly”!
US President Donald Trump has said he expects a “powerful” trade deal with the UK to be completed “very quickly”.
Speaking at the G20 summit in Hamburg, he said he would visit London. Asked when, he said: “We’ll work that out.”
In one-to-one talks, Mr Trump and UK Prime Minister Theresa May agreed to prioritise work on a post-Brexit trade deal, a UK government official said.
The president made it clear he believed Britain would “thrive” once it had left the European Union, the official added.

‘See the Prophetic Word I posted last year! Amazing God we serve. Giving Him ALL THE GLORY.’

Also, she spotted how a photo taken of that Head-to-Head meeting matches the above symbolic image, as previously published on her Facebook!  Notice Donald Trump’s and Theresa May’s handshake and the hues of their hair reflect that picture…



Archbishop blasts the EU and recognises Isil as Islamic

Another public event concurrent with ‘heaven’s breaking news’ that the worm (satan) has turned is Archbishop Justin Welby’s address a week ago today at the Catholic Institute of Paris, where he received an honorary doctorate.

His full address on the common good and a shared vision for the next century is well worth taking time to read. Allow me to comment briefly upon aspects our national press picked up and which may relate to the recent prophetic word brought by Heidi Baker on an awakening in Europe and in the Anglicans.

Maybe His Grace has found himself turning into the fresh winds of change that the Lord has brought?

Contrary to our understanding of God’s deep desire for the UK to be freed from its deep entanglement with the EU,  the Telegraph’s religious affairs editor John Bingham notes,

‘Although he voted for the UK to remain in the European Union, his lecture contained a scathing critique of “centralisation, corruption and bureaucracy” in the EU. He said millions in Greece in particular were suffering because of the actions of European decision-makers who had urged it to join the euro on a “false prospectus” and ultimately turned the entire country (the origin of democracy. RB) into the “biggest debtor’s prison in European history”…’

Justin even joined the very wide circle of sensible people who are fully aware of the nature, teachings and history of Islam and who have been insisting that politicians have been causing immense mischief and harm by disingenuously reiterating that terrorism by Muslims has nothing to do with the tenets of Islam itself.

To grasp his perspective on this we need to note how he introduces that matter within the topic of ‘The State of Europe: religiously motivated violence’ – not forgetting his deep personal horror at last year’s barbarity at the Bataclan. I quote direct from his address, as published on his website (emphases added).:

img0o4trdcw“It is a legitimate to therefore ask: how can we expect to respond effectively to religiously-motivated violence across our continent if we don’t have the ability to understand it? You here have experienced it in all its fury and terrible cruelty. Even watching the anniversary celebrations in England we felt again the horror and wept. How we feel for you!

“As such, one of the major challenges is to work out how we talk about religion in Europe. On a continent that is seeing growing secularism and apathy (in some cases outright hostility) towards religion and religious people, a challenge for all of us here today is to find new ways to share our religious vocabulary with the rest of the continent.

“This also means feeling confident to talk about the Judeo-Christian tradition of our continent and why this tradition needs to be reflected in our understanding of Europe. This is not – for those concerned – a call for a return to Christendom, but being open about our tradition and heritage – both the good and the bad.

“In a speech I gave in September to head teachers of Church of England schools, I said – uncontroversially in my view – that in order to defeat terrorism, we need to understand the mind-set of those who perpetrate it. To my surprise, a small number of media commentators viewed my comments as appeasing terrorists and their acts. However depraved it may be, groups like ISIS have an ideology, indeed a theology – which is at the heart of their propaganda, and therefore the driving force – which holds an apocalyptic understanding of human history, not as a loose term but in its strictest technical terms: they believe that the world is about to end, that the Prophet will return with Jesus, and will defeat the western powers.

“It’s very difficult to understand the things that impel people to some of the dreadful actions that we have seen over the last few years unless you have some sense of religious literacy. You may reject and condemn it – that’s fine – but you still need to understand what they’re talking about.

“And in order to understand, religious people in Europe must regain the ability to share our religious vocabulary with the rest of the continent. If we treat religiously-motivated violence solely as a security issue, or a political issue, then it will be incredibly difficult – probably impossible – to overcome it. A theological voice needs to be part of the response, and we should not be bashful in offering that.

This requires a move away from the argument that has become increasingly popular, which is to say that ISIS is ‘nothing to do with Islam’, or that Christian militia in the Central African Republic are nothing to do with Christianity, or Hindu nationalist persecution of Christians in South India is nothing to do with Hinduism. Until religious leaders stand up and take responsibility for the actions of those who do things in the name of their religion, we will see no resolution.”

In toto, Justin Welby is encouraging a fresh vision for Europeans to aspire to: “One that is unwaveringly committed to the common good and to the flourishing of all”.

Perhaps the Lord is moving His servant towards speaking with a prophetical voice, one akin to the Old Testament prophets for the good of our nation. May Our Father grant him a blessed vision for Britain as He sees us – and recognising the fact that Brexit IS an ‘act of God’ that challenges churches’.

Finally, let me point to the IMF’s warning from its first managing director and deputy chief, David Lipton, that Europe’s failure to break its anaemic economic is of greater concern for global stability than Brexit!

Exposing Corruption

Tony and I have kept in touch on political events in UK and his August vision of Big Ben falling seems to indicate parliamentary issue with invoking Article 50. So this latest is well-worth consideration re USA politics.

My Dreams and Visions

I have had this vision for the past 3 days but I did not feel led to post it until after the election. In the vision I saw metal garbage cans with their lids on. I was shown the contents of the cans and they did not contain garbage but rather files. Many many files and documents. I remember seeing people sort of guarding the cans. The reason I used the phrase, “sort of”, is because I gathered that they did not wish to arouse any suspicion. In the next part of the vision, I saw the individual can lids blow off and the contents be jettisoned out like one would see a volcano spew lava when it erupts. I saw paper and files everywhere. Those who were guarding the cans were frantically trying to put what was not exposed back into the garbage cans from whence they came, however…

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Urgent call to pray for PM Theresa May – and re. “Redcoats” word

Thank you to Father’s House for Prayer and to UK Prophetic Words for this alert just received (Tues 6th Sept), which reads:

This Word was given as a follow-up to Veronika West’s Word about Leviathan, the serpent spirit that twists and distorts the truth and restricts God’s work of divine reconstruction in the Nation in this hour. It comes to steal the birthright and kingdom destiny of nations:

Val Williams 5 Sep 16 (posted: 05 Sep 2016 01:52 PM PDT)

This is a concerted attack upon the nations, particularly targeting the United Kingdom, because if the enemy can take this nation out, then he will have the rest of the nations, says the Lord, because the destiny of this nation is important for the destiny of the nations. And I have sent in warriors from certain nations, which has been their task and their role. And they have come in order to bless this nation, and to bring it through to where you are today, says the Lord.

But now My beloved, I need you to take authority over those spiritual forces, to take authority over them and to target them, and to pray for the government.

Pray for the key people in this nation that they will not be taken in by these spirits. They have been targeting Theresa May, when she went to Paris, they have been having a go, and seeking to alter My times and seasons, so pray as you’ve never prayed before for Theresa May, says the Lord.

Pray that her eyes will be opened. Pray that I will remove the veil from her eyes and the spiritual deafness and blindness from her heart.

Pray that the eyes of her heart will be enlightened and that she will see things she’s never seen before.

Pray that she will take good counsel. Pray that I will send her My counsel, by My Holy Spirit, through My saints in government. Pray that they will speak into the situation and warn her.

Pray that the Prophetic will go forth and that she will hear the Prophetic concerning this nation, concerning BREXIT, and concerning the Power Station at Hinkley Point.

I will honour the prayers as you pray in My Spirit.


Veronika West 5 Sep 16 (posted: 05 Sep 2016 02:57 AM PDT)

Yesterday evening I had a strange encounter, I was sitting reading the word and praying for the week ahead when suddenly I felt as if I had a noose put around my neck, I began to feel suffocated and choked, even my breathing became difficult.

Immediately, I discerned the presence of a demonic spirit, so I began to pray aloud in tongues and the demon fled, then I heard the Holy Spirit speak,

“Daughter Rise up and Pray for Theresa May! Watch and Be Wary of Leviathan that comes to twist and distort the truth and restrict My work of divine reconstruction in the Nation in this hour”.

As I heard these words and rushed to write them down, suddenly I saw in the spirit, the Nation of China, then I saw the Middle East, then I saw Europe, and again I clearly heard the Spirit say, “Watch and Be Wary of Leviathan that comes to twist and distort the truth and restrict My work of reconstruction in the Nation in this hour”!

So I began to pray and as I cried out to the Lord, He showed me a very large 7-headed serpent coming out of the sea which proceeded to wrap itself tightly around the Nation. Immediately I was reminded of the word God gave me a few weeks ago;


Last night while soaking in His Presence, I had a short but powerful vision where I was shown many Nations, I saw the Nations of Africa, America, Australia, Europe, United Kingdom, India and China, as I looked upon these Nations suddenly I saw a Ladder emerging out of the Heavens over each Nation, I watched closely as the Ladders touched the earth, suddenly I saw what looked like large Python snakes coming up from under the ground, I watched as these large serpents moved upon the ladders, wrapping and coiling themselves tightly around the base of each ladder.

Suddenly I heard the sound of rushing waters and I saw mighty Rivers breaking forth upon the Nations. I watched as the waters rose higher and higher above the ground, until I could no longer see the bottom of the ladders, then I saw the large serpents moving vigorously in the rising waters, I watched intently as the powerful force of the waters current began to wash the serpents away, drowning many of them.

Then I heard a loud voice that said,


I submit, Here is what the Father revealed to me as I came out of the Vision, Immediately, the Holy Spirit quickened to me Jacobs Dream at Bethel, “Then he dreamed, and behold, a ladder was set up on the earth, and its top reached to Heaven; and there the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.”—Genesis 28:12

Holy Spirit then showed me the heavens breaking open over the Nations of the earth in this season, this is Heaven responding to the cries and deep groanings of Gods people! I saw the ladders forming like bridges between heaven and earth.


Then I heard these words,

“This is the Hour of Divine Visitation and Divine Intervention in the Nations of the earth, For I am pouring out My Spirit on All Flesh. Now Watch For A Confrontation with the enemy is Now Stirring”, says God.

Then He showed me a war that is raging with the Serpent Spirit over the Birthright and Destiny of the Nations in this hour, I saw Satan unleash powerful demonic principalities over the Nations, these are the serpent spirits sent to occupy the gateways to these Nations, these serpent spirits sit as gatekeepers to the Cities and they are contending against the Spirit of Restoration and Revival in the land, they are sent to war against Gods Kingdom manifesting in the earthly realm. These are the messengers of Death and Destruction and these serpent demons have the power to choke out supply and provision, they are powerful in restricting and constricting, they have the power to suffocate the life out of Gods people, and in this hour and season they come to stifle growth, distort Vision, kill Dreams and steal the Birthright and the Kingdom Destiny of the Nations.

As I went deeper into prayer, and sought the Lord for deeper revelation into the serpent spirits that I saw in the Vision, suddenly He showed me a very powerful Serpent Spirit that has come out of the Middle East, and I saw that this spirit has infiltrated many Nations, He showed me the Serpent Spirit of ‘Islam’, as I looked upon this powerful demon serpent I heard the Father say,



Then Father showed me that He is raising a standard over the Nations in this hour, He is mobilising a Mighty Army of Fearless Warriors that shall stand to FIGHT for the Birthright and Destiny of these Nations. And like Jacob these Mighty Warriors have wrestled with the Angel of the Lord, for they now walk in a new way, and their strength in not in their numbers but in the Spirit of Unity they move and advance in great Power and Authority across the land, these are the Anointed Kings and High Priests of the Kingdom of God, Humble servants that have been Called, Chosen and Commissioned by the King of Heaven to go forth to occupy and establish the purposes of God in the Nations of the earth in this hour. These Mighty and Fearless Warriors are the Sons and Daughters of YESHUA that stand Strong, Steadfast, unrelenting, unwavering and unshakeable in their Faith and Expectation, for they have learned to lean heavily upon their Beloved….! “VICTORY OVER DEATH”, IS THEIR BATTLE CRY.

NB: Veronika is referring not to Muslims, each of whom the Lord Jesus loves and died for, but to the great evil that instigates terrorism.


Last night we briefly saw headlines on G20 Summit and noted Prime Minister May ‘power dressed’ in red – a reminder of the prophetic word that closed “The Redcoats are coming, the British are coming!”. Therefore and in view of previous posts on UK-USA spiritual connection, note this photo from GOPUSA’s report (click for link to article) and see video of her meeting Putin and Obama:

British Prime Minister Theresa May talks to media with U.S. President Barack Obama after their bilateral meeting in Hangzhou in eastern China's Zhejiang province, Sunday, Sept. 4, 2016, alongside the G20. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

British Prime Minister Theresa May talks to media with U.S. President Barack Obama after their bilateral meeting in Hangzhou in eastern China’s Zhejiang province, Sunday, Sept. 4, 2016, alongside the G20. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Therefore, let’s use this in making our above declarations!  See also Telegraph 3rd video here.

ALSO received today (!!) is this from Nelson Walters at The Gospel in the End Times, Who is Leviathan?

8th Sept: see also Colin Urquhart Defeating the Leviathan Spirit – Peter Dufort writes, “He wrote these notes after having dealt with this spirit in the church – very helpful”. For example, ‘…Because of its deceptive nature, those under its influence can mistake its voice to be from God. Typical phrases that are used by those under its influence are: “The Lord said to me…” and “I felt in my spirit…” But when you check out what is said it does not tie in with either the scriptures or the way in which the Holy Spirit leads people. Remember that its intention is to encourage people to break covenant and to bring division into the church. It opposes covenant and wants people to excuse themselves from contracts and other commitments. [Emphasis added]

‘Typically, this spirit brings false allegations against people, especially those in leadership. Often outrageous things are said that are a complete distortion or twisting of the truth. We are warned in scripture not to bite or devour one another, or we will be consumed by one another. The honouring of one another is essential to prevent this spirit from gaining any foothold in the church….’

Brexit – God’s mercy triumphs over judgement

Thank you to UK Prophetic Words for this from Stuart Wentworth published today. Its second part reminds me of the ‘ditch-digger’ youth team of 1990s across churches in Reading (one member of which had a vision of what’s happening there this year as blogged here):


1. In the week leading up to the 23rd June I had a strong sense of spiritual travail, I was aware of being in labour is about the only way to describe it.

2. Following the result on hearing the furore from the Remain side I had a strong sense that the Lord had come down and placed his feet on the UK, in particular the financial square mile of London to deal with a root issue in the nation, that of greed, love of money, covetousness (which is idolatry) and hedonism. What happened on the 24th June was that the voice of Great Britain went round the earth and shook every financial institution in the world. I believe this was a prophetic statement as to how the voice of the church in the UK will again be heard in the earth and will deal with spiritual principalities and powers.

3. In the aftermath, a few weeks ago in a worship time in a meeting in Southampton I had a ‘video vision’ in which I saw the UK just after WW2 and it was in light. I sensed I saw the Lord looking at the nation but turning away in sadness. He seemed to say ‘I have to go away, defend until I come’. As the video ran over the years the light over the Nation began to dim. There were occasions when it seemed that light had shone again, eg. 1950s Billy Graham crusades, 1960s and 1970s with the charismatic renewal, 1990s with Toronto, but the overall trend was always downwards with increasing darkness. As the darkness grew I began to see small lights appearing over the land which slowly increased especially in the last 25 years or so. These I understood to be people interceding and crying out for God to move. This included many who came from overseas lands who received the Gospel from this land and came to stand with the church in this nation.

What I sensed overall was that ‘under the radar’ the Lord has been preparing a remnant and digging ditches of relationship across the UK. I believe the intercessory prayer, the praise and worship has been ascending to heaven and filling the bowl and that this bowl has now been filled. What I understood was that we have passed through an ‘exile’ period of 70 years, this has been our judgement. We have thought it was something that was coming to us but we have been in it for this period. I believe this exile time has now finished and that the Lord has drawn a line and said ‘enough’, the bowl is full. Now he has turned his face towards us and now is the time as it were to return to re-build the altar and foundations as in Ezra. Mercy and grace have triumphed over judgement. This is for his Name’s sake not ours. He remembers his purposes for this nation and in particular he remembers those over the last 200 years who have left to proclaim the Gospel in other lands and many who laid down their lives for him.

As the church begins to recover I sense we will yet pass through a time of opposition because the nation will still be going downwards and the enemy will resist all attempts at recovery. But now God is on our side as our Father even if he still needs to bring correction to us as his children it will be in love so that we might share his holiness.

Stuart Wentworth, 6th August 2016

Monday morning newsmix: prophetic vision for Cornwall validated

In A Vision Over the Nation published on 4th August Yinka Oyeken wrote:

‘…I saw Cornwall basking in the love of Christ and Father surprising her with a gift by releasing unexpected wealth to her, she will no longer be called impoverished and will be the envy of the nations….’

Upon checking for the latest on Why Leave The EU? I noticed Jonathan Ely’s link to the Express on Saturday appears to validate the vision Yinka received:

Brexit boost for Cornwall after £77M tin mine investment

Amidst intercessors deep concerns and prayers over the battle to delay if not block Article 50 application to leave the EU, today’s Express headline reads: Brexit is ‘FULL STEAM AHEAD’ as Theresa May VOWS to get Britain out of the EU quickly.

The item opens: ‘Brexit is the Prime Minister’s “top priority”, according to a Downing Street spokeswoman, as calls grow for Mrs May to trigger Article 50….’

Telegraph Online has Theresa May tells feuding ministers to ‘stop playing games’ and get on with the job.

The piece opens: ‘Theresa May has vowed to push ahead with plans to formally trigger Brexit at the beginning of next year as she ordered her eurosceptic ministers to “stop playing games” and get on with the their jobs. The Sunday Telegraph disclosed that Liam Fox, the International Development Secretary, had written a terse letter to Boris Johnson in which he effectively demanded that the Foreign Office be broken up…(!!)

Apparently, Dr Fox thinks our trade with other countries won’t flourish if responsibility for future policy remains under the FO but even though on holiday the PM has insisted the ministers focus upon delivering Brexit

Another EU exposure – financial lies against Brexit

A month ago I asked Is the Lord exposing rotten politics? UK, USA – next EU? and hoped that “all the rotten dirty laundry of crumbling EU finances be exposed in full glare of continent-wide publicity”  We soon saw how European Council’s president Donald Tusk admitted to ‘EUtopian’ ideals tearing the EU apart.

Now, thanks to Why Leave The EU? more irrationality is being revealed.  Paolo Barnard is Italy’s most censored economics journalist and before an audience reveals the real sense about Brexit in the light of EU’s financial stupidity. Watch his admirable, logically presented argument in The Truth About BREXIT.:

His interviewer states that knowledge of these financial truths may have a domino effect across Europe (perhaps as Patsy Southway prophesied about domino effects starting in May?)!

As many have prayed, “Lord may blind eyes be opened!”

How many EU regs did you break when you got up today?

No wonder I found it hard to get up after having watched BREXIT THE MOVIE last night. (One and quarter million views so far) Actually I was up with the dawn but we managed to see most of the documentary and were amused 33 minutes into it.

The UTTER ABSURDITY of the EU regulatory laws controlling our daily lives is well-demonstrated:

At 33:30 we see ‘EU-regulated man’ awaking from his slumber to face his day regulated by EU laws. According to the carefully crafted video, he unwittingly encounters:

  • 5 laws relating to pillow cases
  • 109 governing the pillow itself
  • 11 (approx) for radio alarm clocks
  • 400 approx for other things on bedside table
  • 10 + 39 for duvets and sheets respectively
  • 65 laws for bathrooms – but excludes contents – eg:
  • 47 + 31 for toothpaste & toothbrushes !!!!!!
  • 172 laws governing fixed mirrors
  • 91 + 118 for the shower & shampoo
  • 454 for towels! Bureaucrats terrified by towels but are more relaxed over…
  • radiators, for which there’s 36 laws”
  • 1588 so far, and that’s before getting dressed and having breakfast – or going out-of-doors! Beware there!

In reality, this should be classed as a horror movie!

As the Pentecostal leader in Kiev who’s lived through the days of Soviet Russia told David Hathaway, “The EU is 100 times worse than communism!” (read about it here).


UK/EU in/out #12: Euro-MP ‘spills the beans’ on EU

So amazed by what he read about the EU whilst holidaying here, Australian Ted Waters wrote a short summary of what he’d learned about the Union.

Why Vote Leave_D HannanNeil Mackereth had given him a copy of Amazon’s No 1 bestseller ‘Why Vote Leave’, by Daniel Hannon and which he’d highly recommended to me too. (For details click/tap book image.)  Neil’s own ‘Stay or Leave?’ summary on the Referendum and my recommending his book on Bible prophecy have appeared on this blog, and I’m grateful to those friends for permission to publish their remarks.

Neil had previously emailed me, “I’ve just finished reading a short and brilliant new eurosceptic book by Daniel Hannan MEP (Tory) entitled Why Vote Leave. It is a  very powerful, eloquent, and readable assessment and gives all the secular ammo and arguments in very digestible and shareable form. As you will see from the accompanying reviews, it has attracted enthusiastic praise from all parts of the conventional political spectrum – including from Lord Owen, ex-Labour Foreign Secretary and former supporter of the European project.”

Daniel is a columnist and Member of the European Parliament who wants us to vote so that he loses his job!  He came to the public’s attention in 2009 when he gave PM Gordon Brown a public lambasting after his speech in that parliament and which went viral on YouTube!

So Neil writes me that Ted, ‘…was so amazed by (the book) that he decided to research some of the key aspects (for accuracy) and then, to my surprise, to write a summary. To quote from his (Ted’s) email to me (Neil),

“He (Daniel) has a bias in that he believes, in my view correctly, that Britain should leave; but after reading his evidence based on facts, many of which I have verified from base references, it is clear that the decision taken later this month will set the scene for Britain to either become a state within a United States of Europe or remain independent.

“This is a decision that will affect the future of your children and grandchildren . The arguments supporting remaining an independent country I find compelling. In addition I can not imagine, however, any circumstance where Australians would vote in support of a proposal subjugating our parliament to the decisions of an unelected Commission supported by a judicially active Supreme Court located in another country.”

Note: emphases added by RB

Extracts from ‘Why Vote Leave’ by Daniel Hannon


Europe is about supra-national coercion. Brussels has banned traditional light bulbs, high powered vacuum cleaners and other electrical appliances, has introduced the requirement to open a bank account with old utility bills, the end of weekly recycling and a ban on minimum alcohol pricing. Decisions taken not by a parliament but by bureaucrats in Brussels.

The question is, who runs Britain? A group of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels or the elected representatives in Britain? Who has primacy? The European treaties gives European law primacy over local laws in each country. This primacy does not only refer to sensible cross border issues: ie. international dialing codes or money transfer regulations but also to all businesses, including those that have no cross-border activity.

What makes the EU treaties unique is that they create a new legal order which member states must accept is superior to its own, and which is directly enforced by the national courts even when the national governments say otherwise. The supremacy of the EU law has never been agreed by the member states but is a doctrine invented by the European Court of Justice.

Even an explicit act of parliament is deemed inferior to EU rules. That is what loss of sovereignty means in practice. Since majority voting was introduced in the European Parliament in the late 1980’s the UK has voted against an EU legislative proposal 70 times and has lost the vote 70 times.

The UK is in a permanent minority because her interests and outlook diverge from the European-mean more than those of any other state

The European Parliament cannot, except in very special circumstances, propose laws. It’s role is to amend legislation put to it by the unelected European Commission.

In 27 of the states of the EU the written constitution is supreme and parliament is subordinate. Britain is the exception. The EU has a written constitution called the treaty of Lisbon. The constitution is interpreted by the European Court of Justice.

An example: When the EU bureaucrats wanted to extend their reach to include social policy and employment law Britain only agreed on the basis it had an opt-out. As soon as agreement was reached, 11 countries started agitating to include Britain even though it had an opt-out agreement. The judicial body decided that the provisions in the 1993 working-time directive was a health and safety policy not a social policy and that it applied to Britain. Therefore, Britain had to comply.

Since that decision it has extended its ruling to include travel to and from work within the 48 hour working week limit.

By remaining in, Britain gives up primacy of UK law over EU law in its own territory, gives up the right to sign bilateral trade agreements with non-EU nations and the right to decide who settles in the UK.

Would UK Businesses Be Better Off?

79% of all UK businesses are internal to the UK but 100% have to abide by Euro regulations. 10% do business with the Europe and 11% is with the rest of the world.

Since 1973 European commerce is controlled by the European Commission which imposed a common external tariff designed to redirect EU member trade from global to European markets. Europe was 30% of world trade in 1980 and is 17% in 2015. Every economic region in the world is larger in 2015 than it was in 2008 except the EU. The EU has had 8 years of economic stagnation. The major causes are European cost bases driven by over regulation, support for inefficient industries and the euro!!

Britain and Greece out of 28 members of the EU sell the majority of their exports outside the EU and in Britain’s case the spread is widening materially. In 2006 54.7% of Britain’s exports went to Europe . In 2015 it was 44.6%. The EU has free-trade agreements with only 2 of Britain’s non EU top 10 export markets. Britain’s trade is in surplus with the non-EU states and growing, whilst it is in deficit within the EU and shrinking. The trade deficit with the EU was £59 billion in 2015.

On leaving Britain would become the EU’s biggest customer worth 289 billion pounds. The remaining EU members would not engage in a trade war as they have more to lose than Great Britain.

The common fisheries policy only applies to the North Sea and not the Mediterranean or the Baltic. It is clearly anti-UK [AND brought the collapse of our fishing industry! RB]

Britain’s economy is Atlantic rather than European. It has no peer on the continent to its services industry.

Britain has no vote or voice at the World Trade Organization. Most international standards are determined by organisations where Britain has no voice. The common position of the EU works against Britain’s interest by protecting less efficient industries on the continent

Who Are The Advocates To Remain?

Any organizations advocating to remain in Europe have been set up by Brussels or are in receipt of substantial funding from the EU. Examples are the Confederation of British Industry received 936,272 euros, UK universities have received 889,889,754 euros from Brussels since 2008.

Evidence That The EU Is A Supra-national State

Is the EU a state? It has a government, a parliament, a Supreme Court, a central bank, a currency, a civil service, a President, a foreign minister, a diplomatic corps, embassies, legal personality, treaty making powers that govern all member states, membership of the United Nations, a flag, a national anthem, a criminal justice system, common citizenship, a passport and a national holiday. Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck!   The EU now has jurisdiction over foreign policy, immigration, criminal justice and social policy. It has a standardized driving license and is now aspiring to a common tax and social security system, a pan-European minimum wage, a federal police force, an army and fiscal and economic union.

The European Commission is the EU government. In most areas only the commission can propose new laws. It’s 28 commissioners are unelected!!

Quote from Tony Benn after visiting Brussels:

“My visit confirmed all my suspicions that this (joining the EU) would be the decapitation of British democracy without any countervailing advantage. There is no real benefit for Britain”.

In 2015, the Brussels bureaucracy over-ruled the elected Leftist government in Greece which had clear public support and prevented the Prime Minister from implementing the manifesto on which it had been elected.

Philosophical Differences

Most Continental leaders want a political union.

The UK is in a permanent minority because her interests and outlook diverge from the European mean more than those of any other state.

Britain is isolated within the EU because it differs politically and economically. Since majority voting was introduced in the European Parliament in the late 1980’s the UK has voted against an EU legislative proposal 70 times and has lost the vote 70 times

Britain has a legal system based on common law. Europe’s is based on civil law.

Common law assumes residual freedoms, that which is not explicitly precluded is implicitly allowed. Britain’s legal system is organic rather than prescriptive. Britain is the only member of the EU without a constitution which gives primacy to the UK Parliament not the Judiciary.

In the view of euro bureaucrats, “unregulated” means ” illegal”. The EU generated 52,183 legal acts between 2000 and 2013. The commission itself assesses that the EU increases GDP by 120 billion euros. In 2004 the Internal markets commissioner’s department assessed the cost of regulation at 600 billion euros

Budget Implications

In 41 of 42 years of membership Britain has paid more into the European budget than it has received in return. The exception was 1974 when Britain voted on withdrawal. For most of those years there have only been two net contributors, Britain and Germany.

UK gross contribution to the EU is £19.6 billion gross. This is equivalent to the combined revenue of vehicle excise tax (£5.9), capital gains tax (£5.4), air passenger duty (£3.2), inheritance tax (£3.9), and petrol tax (£1.2).  Food costs would go down by eliminating the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Europe has some of the highest food prices in the world. CAP consumes 40% of the EU annual budget. £4.6 billion of the UK gross contribution goes to CAP costs. In return UK farmers receive £2.9 billion in subsidies.

Energy cost would go down.  As a result of EU directives regarding renewable energy targets and direct legislation the UK pays 20% more than an equivalent firm in China, 65% more than a firm in India and 100% more than a firm in the US. This has contributed materially to the demise of the UK steel industry.


The referendum is about the EU that has taken shape, not some idealized version that we might have preferred.The major issues are about democracy, sovereignty, the EU’s declining share of the world economy, border controls and UK budget contribution to the EU.

A vote to leave will result in a trade only deal, similar to that of Norway,Iceland and Switzerland. A vote to stay will be a vote to be part of a continuing process of political, fiscal and military integration

I believe that Brexit would mean a more prosperous, more democratic and more free Britain.


Having read and digested this summation of Daniel Hannon’s thoroughly informed argument, now read about post-Referendum machinations exposed in yesterday’s Daily Mail: It’s not just the plot to let in 1.5 million Turks! Daniel Hannon outlines TEN bombshells the EU’s keeping secret until after you’ve voted.

‘Embarrassing leaks have revealed that British Government officials colluded in Brussels to keep contentious issues about plans for making the EU into more of a superstate off the political agenda until after next week’s referendum…

  1. Banning hair dryers
  2. A bigger budget
  3. Open borders
  4. More bail-outs
  5. Deeper immigration
  6. Human rights
  7. Arts import licences
  8. Wrecking our ports
  9. Quotas for online TV
  10. A European army’ (in addition to NATO!)

Don’t say we haven’t been warned! We already know the EEC/EU’s horrific track record – why ever want shed-loads more ad infinitum?? Enough is more than enough – enough said?