Fulfilled Prophecies #18 – fascinating flow of news re. dreams of Big Ben

Houses of Parliament: courtesy FreeDigitalPhotos.net

To recap, my cyber-friend in Tucson, Tony Puccio, recently published two dreams about Big Ben clock tower six months after having an alarming one of its collapse, as here. On 12th February he wrote about its sequel, which I re-blogged at Big Ben and Midnight.:

“I’ve had several dreams concerning Great Britain.  The latest was last night. In the dream I could see Big Ben and the hands on the clock’s face were both in the 12 o’clock position. I remember hearing the bong of the clock’s Bell sounding as well.”

Then last Saturday morning Tony writes as follows:

“…The morning of 03/11/2017 I had another dream about Big Ben only this time I saw it arise from the clock face on the ground to  its original height, perhaps even taller. I remember hearing it bonging, however, it did not cease as one would have expected when it had chimed the hour of the day but was a continual bonging.  Then I saw people in beds asleep and I perceived that the bonging was to awaken from slumber those who were sleeping.  

“It’s my personal belief that England is going to play a significant role in the coming awakening hence the dreams about Big Ben. “

I re-blogged that on Monday with preface, ‘it may prophesy the result of voting on the Article 50 ‘Brexit Bill’ in Parliament today, threatened as it is by those not aligned with God’s will’, and we shared our thoughts on Tony’s comments thread.


My remark anticipated the ‘spanner’ Scotland’s obdurate First Minister and leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) Nicola Sturgeon could throw into the ‘works’ demanding that nation holds a second independence referendum before Brexit, in view of her desire for Scotland to separate from the United Kingdom and remain within the European Union.

As most readers will be familiar with this thorn in our side I won’t cover this in any depth, but here are this week’s front-page headlines with ‘strap-line’ from The Daily Telegraph :

  • Monday 13th: Sturgeon’s last-ditch bid to ruin Brexit – Scottish leader ready to derail Article 50 vote with threat of new referendum date (online here)
  • Tuesday 14th: The new battle for Britain – PM rules out new independence vote before Brexit and delays Article 50 (online here)
  • Wednesday 15th: Sturgeon abandons bid to stay in the EU – Campaign for referendum wobbles as poll shows most Scots are now Eurosceptics (online here).

I offer no opinion other than, “May Your kingdom come, Father, and Your will be done on our patch of earth as it is in heaven” – amen.

Note: Fulfilled Prophecy #8 part 2: – Warning of Spiritual Fierce Battle

Journalist notices rushing, mighty wind in politics; confirming prophecies

Exceptionally astonished over morning coffee!

Just after sitting down yesterday in a local farm-cafe for morning coffee Nina tore into the crossword (literally!) and I dived straight into the Telegraph broadsheet edition. As usual, I aim for the centre pages’ letters and op-eds. Interested in others’ opinions first, I may then glance at the narrow leader column.

I could not miss this headline to historian and leader writer Tim Stanley’s coverage of Tuesday’s reception for religious leaders at Downing Street (tap image for link).:


FAR MORE astonishing, as at my underlining the copy, is this columnist’s confirmation of what some Christian prophetical voices have been declaring for some time about ‘changing winds’. He writes,

“…The age of political correctness is over, we agreed. A mighty wind is rushing over the political landscape“.

He opens, ‘How refreshing to hear a prime minister talk about their Christian faith, and sound like they mean it. Even I’ve been conditioned by political correctness to find it strange…

Theresa May said that people must be able “to speak about their faith and that absolutely includes their faith in Christ”…’ (emphasis added)

More on that in my next post, but in his article Tim refers to our godly history.

‘…the sweep of British history shows how Christianity has defined all of us, whether we acknowledge it or not. Christians banned slavery, eradicated child labour and established the welfare state. The language you use, the shape of your year, the ethics you live by – all are informed by the faith. Politicians struggling to find something to connect the nation in the Brexit era would do well to try the universal, timeless search for meaning through religion. …’

His closing call reminds me of the stunning open vision I had in 2004 of a rock (of Christ) that emerged like the Pennine chain out of the ripped fabric of society, one so rotten it’s like old, perishing sacking (as in my notes on Comments on the Collapse of Society).:

‘For far too long admitting that you are a Christian has been treated like a declaration of lunacy. Time to stop. Time for Christians to come out of the closet.’  (emphasis added)

Yes indeed it’s time we make a stand, because all it takes for evil to become endemic is for men and women of faith to huddle and hide away – but standing tall comes at a price, even in Britain!

Remember, however, the Lord has declared, “There is no longer any middle-ground”!

Later, I found email notification of the word Patsy Southway brought, The United Kingdom Has An Anchor, has a lead-section headed ‘March Winds’!  So the timing of Tim’s piece and its remark is far too coincidental – ‘God-incidental’ more likely!

Readers may recall other prophecies, especially in the past year, the main ones perhaps being:

The vital issue is whether or not we will see this prime minister stand on her word about freedom of speech, especially in view of what had happened on that day in a magistrates court not too far away!   This outrageous matter is the subject of the next post…

Patsy Southway: March winds, the UK has an anchor

Thank you UK Prophetic Words for informing me of this from Patsy Southway, published on Monday 27th February on Pick Ministries.:


Patsy SouthwayOn the weekend of the 10th February I traveled to Liverpool to meet up with some new friends that had been in touch with me concerning a prophetic word given to me, that The Elijah List had kindly posted, and our concern for the Prophetic Voice in the UK.

While I was in Liverpool God gave me a vision of a Map of the UK with a LARGE ANCHOR placed over the nation. From top to bottom from East to West. At the same time, I had such a strong sense of feeling secure, safe, and established.


Upon asking for some revelation on this, He said that as the March winds blow, we will see an EVER INCREASING manifestation of the FULFILLMENT of what has been promised and prophesied for this nation.

I could see scaffolding, NEW structures, both spiritually and in the natural realm, as building work for His Kingdom was being established.

And as the MARCH WINDS blow, just like the cobwebs that are blown away by strong winds, I saw the ‘blowing away’ of man-made works. Exposures of wrong doing, false teaching, false prophecies and the like, were being exposed. I could see that these deceptions had kept many sons and daughters ‘under a cloud’ of hopelessness, but these very clouds were being blown away and freedom came as they were now being released!

I also saw a continuation of the ‘ALL CHANGE’ (click to read December 2016 word) that was spoken to me, as fresh vision, friendships, and alignments were being made.


An Anchor is a symbol of HOPE. Anchors are mentioned in the book of Acts chapter 27 – in Hebrews 6:19/20 which speaks about the HOPE set before us:
‘This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence behind the veil, where the forerunner has entered for us, even Jesus, having become High priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek.’

I read that the ANCHOR became a key Christian symbol during the period of Roman persecution. The first century Christians also used an ANCHOR as a symbol of the HOPE that the Bible speaks about.

So, further revelation I received from this vision given to me of an ANCHOR being placed upon the United Kingdom and the things that I saw whilst in the vision, is this:

The United Kingdom will once more be a Christian nation.

Our hearts will be ANCHORED in CHRIST alone. No man, no denomination, no institution, can take that place in our hearts. We will be ‘all out’ for our God and our King! Our very lives will testify of this HOPE that we have in Him. This love of God that passes all understanding; that NONE should perish but come to the knowledge of God, will be like a WILDFIRE in our hearts. (I know some are experiencing this already!) And as this transition takes place, our roots will go deeper and deeper into Him, we will have an ever increasing HUNGER for the WORD of God and the PRESENCE of God. The United Kingdom will embrace His Kingdom!

As I’ve been looking at Anchors, the lower part, reminded me of His arms, His love, stretched around the nation. The stem of the anchor, reminded me of the Cross, where he suffered and died for the whole world. And I was reminded of an old hymn, ‘Will your anchor hold through the storms of life?’

I currently seem to be attracted to anchors!!

Lastly, as I was thinking on these things, and looking at a map of the UK, I saw that particular cities/places were like magnets for His presence. I believe, because of the years of prayers and INTERCESSIONS, the crying out to God from those that have gone before us, (both for their nation and the NATIONS) that these particular places have become attractive to Him!

Please, be encouraged, speak LIFE over the nations, as we begin to see things come into place and enjoy the privilege of seeing a RIPPLING EFFECT of this ANCHOR of GOD upon ENGLAND – IRELAND – SCOTLAND & WALES bearing fruit throughout the nations.


Patsy Southway is based in the West Country in the heart of Somerset, UK.  She has been involved in various levels of ministry and leadership roles across denominations for over 25 years, including co-pastoring an AOG Church and currently heading A303 House of Prayer and PICK Ministries (Praying In Christ’s Kingdom), which is part of the Partners in Harvest/Friends in Harvest network. With a seer anointing and a prophetic mother’s heart, she brings a wealth of experience and understanding to many, both in the UK and Europe. She regularly hosts ‘Heart to Heart’ weekends for women and is part of the South West Prophetic Round-table. Her desire is to see the Kingdom of God expand all over the world, until He comes! Patsy’s teaching emphasis is on intimacy with God, prayer, the prophetic and calling & destiny. (Courtesy of the Elijah list)

Bridge o’ Pond goes global for President-elect Trump and ‘snakes’!

This morning’s collection of unread weekend emails confirms what we heard yesterday at Church of His Presence in Alabama via live streaming.

Symbolic of Holy Spirit's active power across the AtlanticAs the sun sets this afternoon let me ever so briefly join prophetical dots by taking not just my ‘Bridge over the Pond’ but flying over to Australia too – or taking a bridge over the Pacific!

John Kilpatrick’s message entitled ‘Hold Fast’ supported my thoughts on what I’d read the previous day of our PM May telling Parliament Christians should be able to share our faith in the workplace and Archbishop of Canterbury will dedicate 2017 as a year for the defence freedom of Judeo-Christian values.

So I was going to blog first thing about The Turning Tide, to quote Dr Clifford Hill…but not just yet…


JohnK 214_logoAll day long through Saturday the Lord had been prompting John in his spirit to tell His people to “Hold fast”. Although not hearing or knowing the reason for that command, on Sunday morning he taught on it from the scriptures and related this to our personal situations and destiny.  He also gave details of how he was called to preach and what happened. (Message starts at 49 mins of this video.)

John referred to OT prophet Elijah’s fear of queen Jezebel and her witchcraft stopping him from completing his God-given destiny – even after God’s holy fire fell at Mount Carmel and he slew the prophets of Baal. So the Lord had Elijah anoint Elisha, who anointed Jehu (a bold, assertive even reckless character) as king of Israel to destroy Jezebel and king Ahab’s line (2 Kings 9-10).

My notes have John suddenly saying (beginning at 1:39:30 mark),

“I believe this moment is why the Lord sent me here today – because Jezebel used witchcraft on the man of God – and don’t think that God is going to let the President-elect escape the spirit of Jezebel…(speaks about bold Elijah being knocked off his seat of authority)

“I sense in my spirit that we really need to pray right now…because, you know as well as I do the devil’s not going to let all this (post-Election) exhilaration and all this hope and all this well-laid plans (Trump’s) alone. He’s going to try to tamper with it every way he possibly can. And that spirit of Jezebel that was in so many of those people in Washington – even his opponent that he ran against – you can’t tell me that spirit’s going to tuck away somewhere and go to bed and sleep for the next 8 years!

“It’s going to fight against America and against his leadership and we need to pray…”

The church then stood for several minutes praising God and interceding for President-elect Trump’s protection and against that spirit, and that Trump will become a Jehu and trample upon it! 

Now read what Lana Vawser published this morning (Monday) in Queensland.:

LanaVawser“Recently I felt the Lord saying “I have been using Trump to SHAKE, and now I will use him to TREAD UPON SNAKES!!!

“A vision played out before me where I saw the Lord crowning Trump with wisdom and discernment, with an incredible ability in increased ways to see the “snakes” of deception, the snakes of “evil” and the snakes of “lies” and “traps” the enemy has set up to attempt to hinder the move of God in the nation. This incredibly strong sense surrounded me of the eyes of God’s people must be upon JESUS. I then heard the words “Do not put your eyes on Trump as the Saviour of the nation, but listen to the voice behind him and the One who is using him. Look to Me!!!!!”

“I watched as the Lord began working even deeper in Trump’s heart to bring about a greater awakening to his need of Jesus and the necessity for wisdom and discernment from on high. I had a vision where I saw…” (continue reading here).

Then, early this afternoon (Monday) Veronika West in Ireland writes,


Verinoka West Fbk“And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, “Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.”

“And He said unto them, “I beheld Satan as lightening fall from heaven. Behold, I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

“Not withstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.”

“We hear clearly in the words of Jesus that evil spirits cannot harm us, as long as we exercise the Power and Authority that has been given to us. ONLY in the name of Jesus Christ WILL WE OVER COME IN VICTORY. Evil forces and the presence of death cannot resist or stand against the Authority of Jesus. GLORY TO GOD!

“I hear the Father say to us today, “Behold, I have given you all Authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, I have given you Authority over all the powers of the enemy, Nothing shall by any means harm you. Behold, now Pay attention My Beloved, First and foremost, it is I who gives you the Authority for I am the Great Creator come to be Saviour to ALL of mankind. My Glory and Power is far above the powers and principalities and rulers of darkness, I have pre-eminence in all things, and All things have been created by My hand and for My pleasure”!….” (continue reading as Veronika prophesies and makes several declarations).


Confirmation from Tony Puccio in Tucson, Arizona, on Monday evening:

Very soon after publishing this post one of my longest standing subscribers commented as below to draw my attention to a dream he’d had that Monday morning of snakes, as re-blogged in next post ‘Recount.

International Times Comparison 
  • CHP Sunday service start in USA 10:00 CST = UK 16:00 GMT (live streaming)
  • John on Jehu 11:40 CST = 17:40 GMT/UK = 03:40 MONDAY, AEST/Australia
  • Tucson on MST is one hour earlier (= 10:40 Sunday) than Daphne, AL.
  • This post published Monday 18:00 GMT, Tony’s post published 40 minuteslater and half an hour later he read and commented on mine as below…

[Endless Bridge by Evgeni Denev, courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net]

Hit by Holy Spirit during Trooping the Colour

My News Flash post made an audacious claim that a massive shift is happening, or is about to happen, in Britain. We were utterly and physically stunned by this turn of events because it was happening in our lounge! Whilst preparing a small celebration luncheon for friends my wife received an awesome message from the Living Lord God.:

This is MY country!”

How do we know? For the simple reason such sudden surprising physical effects don’t and cannot come from anywhere else!

Upon hearing a quietly muffled sound, like that of wincing in pain, from Nina when she’s in the lounge and I’m in the kitchen, I turn to check she’s alright only to see her standing by the doorway into the lounge. She’s leaning at a peculiar angle, right hand against our cat’s 30 inches-high stand and hugging a large electric fan under her left shoulder (that she was about to take upstairs) – BUT with eyes almost POPPING out of her head.

All she’s done is to catch sight of what was on the TV – the Coldstream Guards marching down the Mall from Buckingham Palace towards the Horse Guards Parade for the annual ceremony performed in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  What was being broadcast live eight minutes into the broadcast opened her up to a blast of Holy Spirit’s power!

It made her tremble rapidly and continually from the neck downwards all over her body, as with powerful electric shocks. This continued for over half an hour and sparked later when she recounted what she saw!  Nothing as pronounced and prolonged has happened since the times we were at Toronto Airport church.

Shortly into this event Nina ‘knows’ the Lord is saying something to her and she weeps as the words scroll as moving, written text in front of her eyes: This is My country!  (The emphasis shown in first version above conveys the distinct emphasis Nina sensed.)

Furthermore, it is conveyed with an unmistakable stamp of divine authority!

Absolutely awesome and amazing to learn direct from God about His heart for our land and people.

If you’re in UK, you can watch this on BBC iPlayer Trooping the Colour 2016

March post-Trooping the Colour 2016

Troops parading along The Mall on return to barracks after the Trooping the Colour ceremony in Horse Guards Parade (photo BBC iplayer)

Thank you Lord for such a profound privilege, and to be able to convey this to the public.

Furthermore, Nina noted that somehow all her preparations had been completed unusually early. In fact, in time to allow for undergoing this Holy Spirit encounter without causing any delay to our schedule for the midday arrival of friends. Thank you Lord.

[For more about that day’s ‘God-incidental’ matters see Holy Spirit stirrings #1 & #2.]

Also, I’m reminded of a notion the Lord gave me in 2011 about the symbolism of a castle and how it may connect heaven and earth. It suggested that Windsor Castle could act as a socket in which the Lord could insert a handle as though winding up this nation’s engine through our monarchy – I’m not a monarchist! (See A Special Town in the Thames Valley?) Perhaps current events may support that notion and indicate a deeper significance?

Windsor Castle – courtesy: copyright-free-photos.org.uk

Changing of the Guard (prophetic word)

Thank you also to Neil Mackereth, author of SIGNS, for commenting that the ‘news flash’ reminds him of his reaction to the word Neville Johnson had last year about ‘Changing of the Guard’.

Thanks to Samuel Company Mark 2, here’s an extract from Neville’s letter (emphases added).:

Neville_Johnson-311x350‘In an encounter with the Lord on 25th of November 2015, I heard these words which were spoken very authoritatively in a way that demanded my complete attention. The end of this year will usher in the changing of the guard. This brought back memories of when I was a child watching the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace in London England.’

Neville explains the ceremonial procedure and then refers to a powerful dream the Lord gave him in 1986 of direct relevance to the encounter. In his letter quoted above, he goes on,

‘This November when the Lord spoke to me He strongly emphasised that the end of this year we would again see a changing of the guard and that this would have profound consequences. Batons and mantles which have been passed on will be powerfully activated in a way that would be much greater in power and authority than the former holders of these batons had experienced.  The Lord also spoke to me concerning a removal of many in ministry who were not teaching holiness and sanctification and were using their ministry for personal gain. However many of the old guard who had been faithful to the Lord would be taken home.

‘We must understand the times and seasons because major change is about to occur in the church, and a new emphasis of making the bride ready unfolds. God will no longer tolerate Luke-Warmness and the chaff will be removed and separated from the wheat. This is necessary in order for the last great harvest can be gathered in.  This changing of the guard will have great consequences both good and bad. We are running out of time as it were and God will no more tolerate sin, pride, and evil motives, He is about to cleanse His church.’

Amen – Lord, let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

UK/EU in/out #3: In the Face of God

I’m grateful to Dave Chapman for this paper of 7th April and especially for emphasing the importance of Christians taking a stand (hence my under-linings) and for including some prophetical visions. The Footnote updates the first section and considers the Lord’s hand behind the exposures of anti-Semitism in UK politics.:


We have reached a time in our nation where we need to stand up and be counted. Here is an example why :-

In recognition of Baal worship

“On April 19, 2016, in cooperation with national and international cultural heritage preservation organizations, and in conjunction with World Heritage Week 2016, the Institute for Digital Archaeology will install a monumental scale reconstruction of Palmyra’s Triumphal Arch on Trafalgar Square. Through this project — and others like it scheduled throughout 2016 in cities both inside and outside the Middle East — the IDA seeks to provide an optimistic and constructive response to the ongoing threats to history and heritage that have captured headlines over the past year. Our aim is to highlight the potential for the triumph of human ingenuity over violence by offering innovative, technology-driven options for the stewardship of objects and architecture from our shared past”. (Source: IDA website original).

A considered response

‘Voice for Justice’ make a response this way (most of original on Voice for Justice UK – News) :-

‘We call on the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and Roger Michel, executive director of the Institute for Digital Archaeology, to abandon immediately the scheme to reconstruct the Arch of Palmyra in Trafalgar Square on April 19.  In 2015 the pictures of destruction by ISIS/Daesh of the Temple of Bel (also known as Baal Shamin) in Palmyra rightly shocked the world, and attempts to safeguard the world’s historical heritage from future acts of senseless aggression are to be applauded.

‘However, the reconstruction of the temple arch in Trafalgar Square on April 19 by the Oxford based Institute of Digital Archaeology (IDS) will serve a much darker purpose….. From earliest times Baal was a powerful symbol for evil and the occult: a pagan Canaanite god who demanded regular and bloody appeasement by child sacrifice.  Baal worship, representing all that was evil, was particularly condemned in the Bible (e.g. Leviticus 18:21).

‘In terms of symbolic value, however, even more disturbing is the date chosen for the reconstruction of the monument, because in occult belief, April 19 marks the Feast of Moloch, another ancient Canaanite god, specifically associated with Baal (e.g. Jeremiah 32:35), who also demanded child sacrifice.  April 19 marks the first day of a thirteen day period known as the “blood sacrifice to the beast,” and culminates in the high occult holy day of Beltane on 1st May……[NB. date for Footnote]

‘….Without question, April 19…is one of the most significant dates in the occult calendar. Was the selection of this particular date to reconstruct an ancient monument to the god Baal random or deliberate?  Either way, it is extremely unfortunate, to say the least.

‘If we allow the erection of this Arch we will be placing a symbol of death, murder, child sacrifice and sexual immorality in the heart of London…….. And we call on the Mayor of London to uphold the UK’s Christian heritage and ban the erection of a monument that is clearly hostile to Christian belief.”

Flying in the Face of God

Surely such a thing flies in the face of God.  Our battle though is not a physical one, even though we cannot stay silent by failing to protest its erection in our Capital City, despite their claim that it is apparently intended only for World Heritage purposes. Why should we celebrate what we know is specifically identified in Scripture as a forbidden ‘god’ by the Lord Himself!?  Of course, as Christians we do not, but why should we not speak up, as those aware of evil things, since we desire blessing upon our Nation, not cursing.

Another edifice to ‘another god’ 

There again, there is our Union with Europe, which as we pray for our Nation to return to God, includes praying concerning this upcoming Referendum Vote on the 23rd June, and, as we do, we find clarity that the prime issue is a spiritual one.  It is clear that the whole of this Union is constructed not only on a Godless basis – in fact God is not mentioned in any of the founding or official documents of this Union – which therefore stands in direct competition to God, in setting itself up as an alternative power to rule – therefore as an alternative Kingdom.  That, in itself is an alignment with the spirit of anti-Christ.  We shall return to this aspect.

A grand example to us all 

Not only this, but as a Nation – I mean the current British Isles – we have a Monarch, who achieves her 90th birthday on the 21st of this month, who recognises, and serves, our God as her King, and recommends  the Christian Gospel.  For instance, in her Coronation vows, the Queen requested Gods help to make good her vow to the Nation – which is ‘to be devoted to our service’ – and requested Him’ to bless us all’.  At this same Coronation she received the Bible, given to her at that time as  “The most valuable thing that this world affords”.  Later, the Queen in her message to the Nation in 2008 expressed, in speaking of Jesus of Nazareth (there is no disputing who she speaks of), that “so many of us are able to draw inspiration from His message, and to find in Him a source of strength and courage”.

Then in her message of 2012, when speaking to us, the Queen quoted from the carol  “In the bleak mid winter” these words  “What can I give him, poor as I am?  If I were a shepherd, I would bring a lamb; if I were a wise man I would do my part. Yet, what I can I give him? – give my heart”.  It is clear the Queen understands to love and follow Christ is a matter of the heart and not of words only.

All these things are imbedded in our Constitutional Monarchy, and have been for centuries the basis of our Governmental authority. Yet we find no such thing in the EU Constitution.  Are we really wanting to give up such a Godly heritage?  If so we will find a quickening decline into open rebellion against God, with pretty dire spiritual, and natural consequences.  As if we are not in considerable trouble with our present spiritual state already!

Choose the better path

No, it is time to stand up and be counted – and be clear about it.  We need to leave the EU. It may be the only opportunity we get before the whole thing descends into more and more chaos.  It’s central Parliament is as we know held in Brussels, the Capital of Belgium, which itself became locked in confusion for over one year and seven months as it tried to put together a Coalition after their last Election.  What an example from the EU’s present Capital City!  We can see what happened here:-

‘Following the Belgian general election held on 13 June 2010, a process of cabinet formation started in Belgium. The election produced a very fragmented political landscape, with 11 parties elected to the Chamber of Representatives, none of which won more than 20% of the seats. The separatist New Flemish Alliance (N-VA), the largest party in Flanders and the country as a whole, controls 27 of 150 seats in the lower chamber. The Francophone Socialist Party (PS), the largest in Wallonia, controls 26 seats. Cabinet negotiations continued for a long time. On 1 June 2011, Belgium matched the record for time taken to form a new democratic government after an election, at 353 days, held until then by Cambodia in 2003–2004.[1] On 11 October 2011, the final agreement for institutional reform was presented to the media. A government coalition was named on 5 December 2011 and sworn in after a total of 541 days of negotiations and formation on 6 December 2011,[2] and 589 days without an elected government [3] with Elio Di Rupo named Prime Minister of the Di Rupo I Government.’  (The bold letters are mine – DC – for emphasis. Otherwise all above as quote from Wikipedia here) :-

Can we really ignore what confusion and ineptness, as a Governmental example, we have from the very seat of this unwieldy Organisation?  We may do so at our peril.  Could their malaise over the Jihadists living in areas of Brussels be connected to this lack of Government?  At least they do not have to vote again till 2019 though!

However, in finding out how Belgium got its name, we discover its ancient roots are linked with the worship of Bel, and Belenus, the Babylonian and Celtic sun gods, indicating  ‘lord and master’, known otherwise as Baal also! Conspiracy of links?   No, clear demonic overlay.  We have pointed out before also the Statue of the Woman riding on the Bull shown outside the European Buildings there.  Apocalyptic imagery indeed.

Another EU Parliament?

Of course, the other Parliament in the EU is in Strasbourg.  Built there at a cost to Member Countries of the EU of some 500 million Euros – let alone the secondary buildings! – and designed to represent the unfinished Tower of Babel – which itself means “confusion”  – (The people who built this original Tower attempted to enter spiritual realms beyond this earth to gain power to operate totally independently of God, so were scattered by the Lord through confusion their languages) – It is active for just 4 days a month, when papers, personnel, security, MEP’s, the whole shebang – decamps from Brussels to hold Parliament there, and then back! 

The strap-line to Sunday Telegraph’s Chief Reporter Robert Mendick’s report The Farce of the EU Travelling Circus published on 11 January 2014 reads.:

‘The full cost of the travelling circus that sees MEPs decamp once a month from Brussels to Strasbourg can be disclosed. And even though MEPs have voted to scrap a second parliament, the French government has the power to block any such move.’


Photo credit: ALAMY

What of us?

Are we any better though?  It’s not really a point of ‘being better’, is it?  Surely, in the face of such control – and increasingly so with regard to our Laws, our Finances, our Business relationships, as well as our spiritual alignments – we need the ability to make our own decisions, choose our own path, to walk as much as is possible with as many Countries as possible, but not to be controlled, manipulated or intimidated by them.  We have ‘sleep walked’ into this mess.  We have been  passive for too long.  Are we brave enough to start to step out of it?

Are we, as Christians, at last going to express what we really feel and know in our inner beings about this matter? We have a choice.  In this life choice is one of the most valuable things we have.  It is directly linked to freedom. We can take a lead.  Too many live under despotic regimes where they have none.  Let’s own some backbone.  I wanted to say have some ‘steel’ in us, but that’s another problem at the moment too! – and not unconnected either!  As has been said “it only takes good men (and women) to do nothing for evil to triumph”.

Voice of believers

But, here are also some things from believers, the one who we know well, and trust her spiritual insights; the other, though a total stranger, sounds like she has bothered to pray about these matters for nigh on 30 years.  That’s good enough for me.  Firstly, from her :-

“In my quiet time I was led to Matthew 16:19 where it talks about binding and loosing. I confess I didn’t fully understand the principle and asked the Lord for clarification. I began to think of a vision I had way back in ’87 of scissors cutting through the English Channel. The Lord told me I was to pray that we are to cut off from Europe.  I asked why not a sword? “You got yourselves into this mess, you are going to have to pray yourselves out. Every time you pray according to my will I will cut…cut.” The vision then changed to a Britain as a battleship tied by her stern to Europe with an enormous rope; I then saw little fiery darts hitting and cutting into the rope, these I understood to be the prayers of the saints. As I watched the rope broke and the battleship slowly turned to face Europe, and the covers came off her guns; signifying this was a spiritual as well as a physical battle.”

Some weeks later a Pastor’s wife rang to say she had the same vision and what did it mean? I explained, and then we discovered that women all over the country were having the same vision.

“29 years later we are on the threshold of the rope breaking in the coming Referendum as we seek to leave the EU. So what has this to do with binding and loosing in Matt 16:19?  I wrote down the word ‘Europe’ and immediately saw the word EuROPE, the rope that binds us to the EU…..”

Then again, earlier this year, in response to my item called  ‘Britain and the EU’, Sue commented :-

“Some years back when I was praying  for Europe one Tuesday afternoon, the Lord gave me an action picture of the map of Europe.  I saw the UK right at the heart of Europe, then a big hand came and grabbed the whole nation, wrenched it out of Europe and put it back in its place, which is geographically where it is on maps.  Then Europe imploded on itself, as if it was in tatters.”

A Second Chance

So, some 41 years on from our last opportunity to express our personal conviction on this matter, we have this chance to change our course.  Mind you, it was not the same question then we answered.  At that stage it was whether we wanted to be a part of a free trading Europe, or not.  But, we were not told the truth, which Mr Heath admitted to.  Now that it is clear what it is all about, and with increasing loss of National Sovereignty, we can make a wiser decision. As one happy campaigner said today, after Holland said “No” to greater trading ties with Ukraine, “what we want is cooperation between European nation States, without all the superstructure we have at present”.

Neither did our current Government expect to have to grant a Referendum, since although it was a main promise if they won the Election, no one, the Conservatives included, other politicians or forecasters, expected an outright majority for them!  They certainly didn’t!   But now they had to keep their promise, otherwise there would have been uproar in the Conservative Party.  The Referendum Act in Parliament, some 7 months later, was passed into Law.  So, it was a ‘set up’!  And who did that?   I suspect our ALL KNOWING GOD did!

A Higher Purpose

But, let’s not waste this opportunity, and so gather to pray, in two’s and few’s, and many too, not only about this, but for the real purpose of separating  from the EU – which is to head these Nations back to God.  (Many will be doing so on St George’s Day 23rd April, also Passover.  George, a Christian in Diocletian’s Roman army in 303 AD, who refused to deny his faith, became a martyr).  Leaving the EU is just a big step to choosing a better path for that.  We are not above any other peoples, but we can choose to be blessed, and be a blessing to others, to fulfil the long-established, un-rescinded call of God to spread His name around the world, by being an example among the Nations to His faithfulness, His Gospel, and His Kingdom, through, and from these Nations.  “The gifts and callings of God are without repentance”.  They are there for picking up again – and He wants us to.

That has to be our goal, otherwise we become lost in the political and economic tangles of one issue alone, then, only to find his purposes still exist for us, whatever the result on the day – it’s just that one pathway will be less severe as a journey to that end, than the other.

Dave Chapman 7th April 2016


  1. After much public protestation – by believers and the public in UK and USA, over the raising of a Baal Arch in London and New York, we understand New York cancelled theirs, and the one raised in London was only the Roman Arch at the front of their Colonnade and Market.  Voice for Justice says, “We are being contacted by people saying they have heard interviews on LBC radio reporting that the Triumphal Arch today being erected in Trafalgar Square is part of the Temple of Bel/Baal, and asking what is going on.  In particular, they are asking if we have been misled. The answer to this, we believe, is no.   It is our understanding that the Roman Triumphal Arch was not part of the Temple of Bel/Baal but was an entirely separate structure standing at the end of a colonnade that began in the market place and led up to the Temple. Current misreporting appears to reflect the general confusion surrounding reconstruction of the arch, but may also mirror continued attempts to claw back victory.   Either reason serves to demonstrate the continued need for vigilance and prayer.”  [Thanks for this Dave; latest from VFJuk may be read in ‘Victory’.]
  2. Interesting to note above reference to pagan significance of 1st May, which is also celebrated by Communism and Socialism as the workers’ public holiday. This year however, we can see the hand of the Lord in exposing the outrageous anti-Semitism buried deeply within the Labour Party. This necessitated its leader Jeremy Corbyn’s eventual denunciation of all racialism in his public Mayday speech (report here) .
  3. Dave’s calls for us to “Stand!” speaks to me about the meaning of an open vision I had in 2004 of a map of Britain. As the fabric of society is rotten I saw a great tear appear from which emerged a huge long rock, in the same location as the Pennines – I understood this means the Lord will restore our strong, spiritual backbone when we stand upon Him, The Rock –  see Comments upon the collapse of Society.

The foundational reason for Unity across the Church

Apostle Paul instructs us:

‘Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be the glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.
‘I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, entreat you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience and forbearance to one another in love, being diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.’
There is one body and one Spirit, just as also you were called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all’ (Ephesians 3:20-4:6)

Lindell_CooleyLast Sunday Lyndell Cooley taught on being one body in Christ and how the above verses are foundational, as well as critical for the future of the Church. Writing from prison, Paul teaches believers how to be real, radical and risky – even dangerous – in our beliefs and the kind of character needed to stand together and to confront the world and persecution.

“IF your Christianity is NOT dangerous you may want to check and see if it really is Christianity!

“If it’s SAFE, it’s probably NOT Christianity, because Christianity IS dangerous!

“Isn’t it amazing that the church is scared to death of the danger we’re facing, which is NORMAL to Christianity – because we’ve become so comfortable (as Americans) being accepted…but the scripture is full of people who live dangerously…”

Lindell then quotes Jesus’ warning at Luke 21:12 of what will happen to His followers. They’ll be taken before courts and rulers for “My Name’s sake – It will lead to an opportunity for your testimony.”  So Lindell adds, “You can go to church for 30 years and keep your mouth shut but risky Christianity means you say something!”

He likens the power behind Paul’s words to that we feel upon reading people like Richard Wurmbrand, Lutheran pastor jailed for years by Communists in Romania and founder of Voice of the Martyrs radio. He tells of a paraplegic ex-muslim confined to a wheelchair but imprisoned in Lahore Pakistan for converting to Christianity. When asked how he felt about the possibility of execution, he replied

“If I’m hanged for the Name of Christ, I will kiss my rope but never deny my faith!”

“That kind of talk in prison”, continues Lindell, “Is like a stiff, wakening winter wind in the face of our drowsy, television, internet-soaked, self-pitying kind of Christianity!

“It makes us wake up and get dressed for spiritual winter battle – and that’s what Paul wanted us to have. He wanted us to be awake like that! He pleads us to, number one, preserve the unity of the Spirit…”

Lindell briefly addresses live-streaming online members of Church of His Presence at 1:03:00 on this archived video. That’s where you too can get an overview of his important, deeply rousing and encouraging message on being One Body in Christ and what that means to tell the nations about Jesus. The message in full begins at 1:10:20 and closes with Lindell leading worship.

Be mightily blessed as you read and watch…

Visit Lindell Cooley Ministries Facebook.

Dr Bill Hamon: 2016 – “God’s Spiritual World War III”


“God’s 1st World War was when He so loved the World that He sent His commander-N-Chief of the armies of Heaven and Earth as a Baby Human. He won the Battle for the redemption of Mankind and purchased His Church by His blood shed on the cross. He won the war against Satan, took the keys of death and hell from the devil. Gave the keys of the kingdom to the Church. Then His Apostolic Generals with their army of Saints established Christ’s Church in the world. God Won His 1st World War!

“God’s Second World War was to recapture all territories of truth and ministries that Satan had taken from the Church. The war began in 1500 and continued for 500 years, until all truths and ministries lost during the Dark Age of the Church was retaken and restored and activated in the Church. God Won His 2nd WW with the birthing of the Saints movement in 2007. In 2008 Heaven revealed to God’s Prophet that God’s 3rd World War was declared. From 2008-2015 – 7 years of intensified training and testing of the preachers and saints. 7 years completed the testing and Gideon’s process of elimination to determine who would be God’s Generals, Lieutenants and Warriors in God’s 3rd WW. God’s 3 wars correlates with His 3 Church Reformations. The 3rd Reformation Reformers have been chosen.

“This is a short summary of the 1st 2 pages of my 5 pages of 2016 Word of the Lord to let you know that God says, most of you have passed the test and now are chosen to be Generals in God’s 3rd World War. NOW – in 2016 – God says, your major tests are over. Boot Camp training is completed for WW-3. Now in this 8th year since God’s World War 3 was declared, it’s a new beginning and new level, where you will receive your greater weapons of war. War strategy for winning. Victory after Victory in 2016.

“This is your year to see prophetic fulfillment, great prosperity, increase in the miraculous – personally and in your ministry. Like Joshua we are past the “Achan” situation and now it’s victory all the way. Battles, yes, but they are all won. We are receiving the spoil and capturing our inheritance like Caleb did at age 85.

“Battles will not cease until the great battle of Rev. 19:11-21 takes place when Jesus comes forth with His Army of Saints and wins the final battle which ends God’s WW3. Then the Kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdoms of Jesus and His Church. God Wins His Spiritual World War III.”

Watch the full video message (incl notes) based upon the ‘fullness of time’ (courtesy of Flow Prophetic).


Dr. Bill Hamon has led Christian International from its beginning as a Bible School in 1967 to an internationally recognized ministry today. He’s respected by church leaders around the world as a senior leader of the prophetic/apostolic company God is raising up in these last days. A forerunner in restoring an understanding of prophetic ministry, Dr Bill Hamon has written seven major books on the prophetic and the restoration of the Church and what to expect next on God’s agenda.

Pat Schatzline: prophetic message for 2016 on ‘The Lord’s joyous shout’

It’s not unusual for the Lord to direct my attention online and, as explained below, the following message from Patrick Schatzline is no exception – click title for original:


The year 2016 will be a year of reformation for the believer. I have never felt such a deep stirring to bring forth a message concerning a new year! For several days I have felt a deep impression from the Lord that I deliver a prophetic word for the year 2016. Each day I have sat on an old church bench that came from New London, Connecticut. This old pew sat in a church that experienced the Great Awakening in the 1740’s. As I sat in the pew to pray I would hear over and over the Lord say to me, “Son, I will shout over my people in 2016!” I have never written a prophetic word concerning a new year; yet, I have personally been deeply grieved over the last several months. While I hold onto the vision of the Remnant Awakening I also know that time is running out. In 2015 we have seen much of the diabolical plan of Satan begin to reveal itself bolder than ever before. We saw marriage redefined by an over reaching court, Isis take more ground, the exposure of Planned Parenthood’s selling of baby body parts, and many of the main stream Christian movements move closer towards the euthanasia of the Holy Spirit movement. But, I am here to announce, “all is not lost!” Wake-up and prepare yourself for a new day.

As I have already stated, I heard the Lord say over and over to me, “Son I will shout over my people in 2016!” This stirred me so deeply, because I once heard a powerful quote by C. S. Lewis, “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our consciences, but shouts in our pains. It is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”[1] I also began to study the places in the Bible where God shouts. Here is a verse that declares the Lord’s shout in Psalms 47:5-6, “God went up with a shout, the Lord with the sound of a trumpet. Sing praises to God, sing praises; sing praises to our King, sing praises.” (MEV)

I have personally heard this shout on several occasions. Once, was in the middle of the night in Kingman, Arizona, when God awakened me in my hotel room. It was March 7, 2011, at 3:30 in the morning, and the Lord informed me to write my first book called, Why is God so mad at me? This interruption changed everything. I also heard the Lord say to me in July of 2014 the term, “Ah Sovereign, Lord.” This became a message of repentance and also a chapter in my last book. My wife, Karen, also had this experience with her first book. I also believe for many of us that God waits till the stillness of the night to awaken us, because during the day we speak more than we listen. The Bible says in Psalms 78:65, “Then the Lord awoke as one out of sleep, and like a mighty man who shouts because of wine.” (MEV)

I asked the Lord what it meant that He would shout over His people in 2016. He led me to Psalms 89:14-15, “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; mercy and truth shall go before Your presence. Blessed are the people who know the joyful shout. They walk, O Lord, in the light of Your presence.” (MEV) The shout of the Lord is “joyful” to those who know His ways! I then heard Father say,

“I have heard the cries of the righteous”, and He is declaring respite for His children. “My shout will cause the enemy to cower and take refuge from my glory.” Then He said, “Deliver a message to my people”.

The following is what I felt the Lord has told me to deliver to you:

2016 will be a year of reclamation, restoration, revolution and revival. The righteous will experience an unprecedented awakening of those whom have grown weary and tired in the battle. The righteous whom have lost their will to fight will suddenly be endued with power as never before. They will be given visions and dreams. They will suddenly find themselves with opportunities that have caused Heaven to smile at their obedience. Doors will swing wide open that no man can shut. God is handing out parchment and scrolls in prayer closets to those who know His heart. The parchments are announcements of what the Lord is about to do in the land, and these scrolls have hidden in them the keys to the kingdom of God. The Lord is clothing His righteous ones with humility and boldness. The Lord has reserved for Himself a Holy Remnant that know His voice. These are those whom have decided to go deeper and walk out His precepts. Favor will be upon their heads. They will suddenly find access to places once considered locked, and they will walk with supernatural influence.

There will be much civil unrest across America. The civil unrest will be caused by different political and social movements. It will look like the late 60’s. This will cause the righteous to stand up and say enough! God will awaken the mom movement. Mothers will stand up and declare leave our children alone. Their passion will be to tell culture, government and politicians that they will not stand by and watch their children’s identity be stolen. If they listen to the Lord they will be more powerful than the suffrage movement. These women will not be led by celebrities, but by prayer warriors.

God will visit the churches that have and are declaring His holiness and the pure Gospel. They will experience supernatural growth. Even churches that many have said will never grow will suddenly become shining voices in their cities. Waves of His glory will roll through the services like a fog in the early morning. The services will be marked with repentance and miracles. There will be a mass exodus from the churches that do not preach the whole council of God. Prayer and intercession will once again mark houses of worship. God is causing new wells to spring up. Children’s ministries services will resound with the sound of worship, gifts of the Spirit and miraculous moves of God. There will be a renewed call to evening worship in places that are hungry for more. A new sound of worship will come forth from psalmists. This will be a sound that is birthed by Heaven. God will awaken older and retired ministers to realize that their job is not complete. They will be endued with power to once again proclaim God’s truth. Youth services will no longer be about the crowd or the party atmosphere, but rather sacred assemblies where God will ignite a fresh fire.

Righteous church leaders will suddenly find their physical and spiritual selves renewed with wings like eagles. They will be cured of disease and find themselves resting like never before. Mentally leaders will find that depression has lost its grip on their lives. They will brim with fresh vision. They will also see their households refreshed. Their marriages will glow with renewed love, intimacy and spiritual bonding. Their children will become enamoured with the joy of the Lord. Prodigal children will return to the front doors to once again embrace the awesomeness of God. The Lord will bless their homes with uncanny finances. Many of these leaders will be reminded of prophecies and promises from the Lord as He brings them into fruition. These leaders will also write books birthed in the prayer closet.

Warning: For the leaders who no longer preach a message of conviction and truth, and those who declare their pre-packaged humanistic messages, their words will not go farther than the pulpit. It will be as if the people in the congregation have earplugs keeping them from hearing. These leaders are on trial in the court of God’s kingdom, and if not careful they will be found in contempt. Even now Father is visiting many of these leaders, and they are being given an opportunity to repent. If they do not repent they will find themselves staring at empty chairs in their palatial structures. Their places of leadership will be vacant. God is shouting over them.

God is visiting homes both Christian and secular. God is restoring broken marriages. Family altars and times of worship will be released in homes that have grown stagnate and comfortable. God is breaking off lethargy. There will be a renewed sense of conviction in homes that have allowed God to be locked outside. Prayer rooms will take over rooms reserved for guests. For the houses that are willing to restore God to His rightful place they will feel Him walking through their home. Healing will be in their water. Fathers and mothers must anoint their families. Worship will come from the bedrooms of children. Father’s will have their voices restored as leaders in homes where they were subjugated by culture. They will rise early and pray. Prodigal fathers and mothers will return to their place of leadership as the Lord’s grace calls to them.

The gatherings of the “unknowns” will take place across America. These gatherings will be planned and impromptu. They will be powerful movements that lead people to repentance and adoration. They will not be gatherings with well-known speakers or worship bands, but rather those whom have been awakened by the awe of the Lord will lead them. I believe that the Remnant Awakening will be a part of this.

In 2016 there will be a great awakening in parts of Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and parts of the USA. The enemies of the cross will rise against these movements and in return they will experience great calamity and disease. Their evil plans will be exposed in supernatural ways. Israel will once again turn back the tide of Islam, and its borders will be enhanced. America will experience several close calls by terrorists and all but one will be thwarted. This will cause our nation to once again cry out to God. A renewed sense of God’s sovereignty will over take many communities, and with that people will awaken to the lies of the secularist. God’s people will suddenly stand in opposition to the lies of the enemy. They will find themselves marching as if to war.

There will be many outbreaks of God’s glory on university and college campuses. Christian universities that no longer stand behind their creed and original plan will have opportunity to return to the Master’s Plan! God will use the quiet and meek to be a powerful voice of freedom to those whom are blinded by the enemy.

There will also be a holy awakening of God’s love and deliverance within the homosexual community. There will be those whom have experienced and know God’s presence that will be driven to their knees. God is fiercely jealous of His kidnapped children. He is answering the prayers of righteous parents who are demanding that their seed be returned.

USA Presidential Election: There will be a major surprise during the USA presidential election. Christians must pray for God to show them the right candidate. They must not listen to the hype, but ask for discernment. The church must pray for the Lord’s will to be done.

Finances: The global market will grow increasingly unstable. Yet, the Lord is releasing finances to the righteous. Conviction will fall upon many wealthy to sow into ministry. This will allow the churches and ministries that the Lord trusts to experience financial growth for the vision. The camels are coming to the places where they can drink fresh water. We will see the systematic reduction of large ministries that have lost their compass.

Lastly, the Lord declares that,

“His shout will not be heard by all, but only by those whom have made themselves attentive to His ear!”

He is close to the broken-hearted and your cries are before Him. The shout coming from Heaven is preparation for the final shout found in 1 Thessalonians 4:16,

“For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet call of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first.” (MEV)

I challenge every believer to pray and fast! I believe that the Lord is giving us an opportunity to change our world. We know that in Psalms 103 it says, “The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in mercy” (MEV). Yet, we also know that in Psalms 7:11, “God is a righteous judge, and God has indignation every day” (MEV).

The Lord is shouting! Are we listening? Revelation 2:17, “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes I will give the hidden manna to eat. And I will give him a white stone, and on the stone a new name written, which no one knows except he who receives it.” (MEV)

We must awaken. It is a new day! The Remnant is rising!

Pat Schatzline

(Began at 4:30 pm December 18, 2015; ended at 11:28 am December 19, 2015)

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[1] http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/1180-pain-insists-upon-being-attended-to-god-whispers-to-us

Also see:

Footnote: In view of a busy time leading into the holydays I’d intended republishing the previous post only and nothing else last Wednesday. But upon getting online we found friends had sent an email headed ‘Joy’ with a link to USAF flash-mob. I realised it should go on this blog before the Christmas blessing, thus postponing that to Christmas Eve.

After copying video and modifying text I dashed off a new title because its terse one word needed improving upon. So I found myself quickly referring to our Father’s joy in His Son.

After publishing it I checked my emails before closing down and found Patrick had sent a link to the above message. So I printed a hard-copy to mull over at leisure – only then did I read that message is based upon the Lord’s joyful shout! LOL 🙂

Surely the Lord’s using this ‘coincidence’ to confirm and stress the importance of this word for 2016!

ALERT: MP threatens Christian teachers with anti-terror laws

Houses of Parliament: courtesy FreeDigitalPhotos.netIn 2009 the previous director of MI5, Dame Stella Rimington, warned that “Britain is sleepwalking into a police state”.

This fact was one of several to which I referred in my first email alerting church leaders upon biblical End-times: The Endgame is now in play. (Upon checking that material I notice the news report no longer has that phrase, either as a ‘strap-line’ or quotation! But readers’ letters clearly refer to the remark, as here.)

Today’s news features a Member of Parliament threatening the suppression of Godly free-speech in the teaching profession! This MP thinks that new Extremism Disruption Orders “would apply to a situation where a teacher was specifically teaching that gay marriage is wrong.”!

John Bingham reports,

‘Mark Spencer called for those who use their position in the classroom to teach traditionalist views on marriage to be subject to “Extremism Disruption Orders” (EDOs), tough new restrictions planned by David Cameron and Theresa May to curb radicalisation by jihadists.

In a letter to a constituent, Mr Spencer, the MP for Sherwood in Nottinghamshire, insisted that Christian teachers were still “perfectly entitled” to express their views on same-sex marriage – but only “in some situations”.

I strongly recommend my readers carefully consider this development, which is more fully outlined in Archbishop Cranmer’s blog, Anti-Terror Legislation Will Be Used Against Teachers Who Oppose Same-Sex Marriage, of which I quote only a part and with emphases added:

Obeying the law is no longer to be a guarantee of freedom from government surveillance or police harassment.

‘And now Conservative MP Mark Spencer has written to a constituent:

“I believe that everybody in society has a right to free speech and to express their views without fear of persecution. The EDOs will not serve to limit but rather to guarantee it:…(eg) one which lots of constituents have been writing about – talking about gay marriage in schools.

“The new legislation specifically targets hate speech, so teachers will still be free to express their understanding of the term ‘marriage’, and their moral opposition to its use in some situations without breaking the new laws. The EDOs, in this case, would apply to a situation where a teacher was specifically teaching that gay marriage is wrong.”

If that is the understanding on the backbenches of the provisions of the Extremism Bill, we should be fearful – very fearful – of the Government’s intentions. John Bingham’s Telegraph piece quotes Simon Calvert, Deputy Director of the Christian Institute, who says:

“I am genuinely shocked that we have an MP supporting the idea of teachers being branded extremists for teaching that marriage is between a man and a woman. This is exactly the kind of thing we’ve been warning about. The Government says we’ve got nothing to worry about from their new extremism laws, but here is one of its own MPs writing to a constituent saying EDOs would stop teachers teaching mainstream Christian beliefs. EDOs will be a gross infringement of free speech and undermine the very British values they claim to protect.”

‘And Keith Porteous Wood, Executive Director of the National Secular Society:

“If EDOs really could be used to prevent teachers from talking about same-sex marriage, unless they are inciting violence, they are an even greater threat to freedom of expression than I had feared. To suggest that EDOs guarantee freedom of expression (as Mark Spencer suggests) is not just inaccurate, it is the opposite of the truth; they are the largest threat to freedom of expression I have ever seen in Britain.”

The Christian Institute added to this under ‘New Orthodoxy’ by referring to Claire Fox, head of think-tank the Institute of Ideas, who last week ‘accused the Government of using extremism rhetoric to impose a new orthodoxy of thinking.

‘She said: “When you break it down you then see that they’re actually betraying the civil liberties, the rule of law, they’re actually dictating what teachers teach in schools.

“When they say ‘we want to prevent extremism getting out in schools’ it’s so ironic” because “the kind of schools that have been done over are Catholic schools because of, for example, their views on homosexuality”.

‘Fox concluded, “Apparently a British value now is a positive acceptance of what the Government has told you it is”.’

Let us be prepared to stand on the Rock…

[Houses of Parliament by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee, courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net]

Prophetic points on the SCOTUS marriage decision

The most violent storm-complex since the June 2012 derecho blasted Washington DC area in July’s opening minutes (click image for details).

The most violent storm-complex since the June 2012 derecho blasted Washington DC area in July’s opening minutes. (Credit Washington Post, click image for details.)

In view of the suppression of free speech, Friday’s decision on equal marriage by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has ramifications beyond America.

I’m so pleased not to be alone in understanding the possibility of a spiritual ‘crossover’ effect from here across the Atlantic, as asked in Does a spiritual yet political trend link UK and USA?  In the prophetic word Cindy Jacobs brought for the UK whilst passing through Heathrow in May, the Lord is exhorting us,

If you will stand up now and be the voice to the nations this awakening that you have prayed for is on its way; it is coming, it is coming like a mighty rushing wind…this is the season where I am giving you a loud voice, Body of Christ, and if you will speak now I will amplify that voice and it is going to begin to tip the nation. If you miss your window you will not have the effect…” (read in full here).

Therefore, it’s now time for followers of Jesus Christ to stand up, speak and dissent for the sake of not-yet believers and our society – even if civil disobedience is necessary, as in the anti-Vietnam war and anti-racial segregation demonstrations of yesteryear.

Consider some points from what little reading I’ve done on this and I thank a couple of readers for informing me. Be warned – these tend to highlight the culpability of churches in failing to follow Jesus properly:

The Church Disappears

Tony Puccio of Tucson blogs about a most accurate observation on 1st July,

“I was shown a vision 07/01/2015 where I saw a church situated in what I will call a jungle of vegetation.  There was vegetation all around but the church building stood out and was recognized as a church. Then I began to see a vine creep its way toward the church building. It was very small and most probably gone unnoticed had I not seen it and my attention drawn to it in the vision. The vine was left unchecked and eventually it covered the church building, although you could still make out the shape of the church it no longer stood out as it once did. Finally, the vine grew so dense and thick that the church disappeared altogether and you could not see the church any longer.

“The creeping vine is worldliness and it was allowed to creep into the church unchecked and most likely unnoticed.  It was allowed to grow until it totally engulfed the church.  The church went from a building that stood out for all to see to one that blended in with its surroundings to finally disappearing from view altogether.

“The vine got its nourishment from the outside and not from the inside.”

I read this earlier upon logging into WordPress and a short while later an email brought directly related information, as follows:

A Surprising Prophetic Word

William Smith in Bournemouth area sent a link to this Prophetic Insight from Charisma, which I quote in part but deserves reading in full. Jeremiah Johnson sought Father on the SCOTUS decision and believes the Lord said to him (emphases added):

“In the natural, the Supreme Court justices have just legalized homosexual marriage in America, but little do they know that they also just authorized an awakening of the Spirit in My bride. For know that now is the time to turn inward, it is a time of repentance and fasting for My people. Has their laziness and blindness on the issue of sexual immorality in their midst not given the homosexual agenda its true power? America has now legalized homosexual immorality because the American church legalized heterosexual immorality first.”

Then came a vision of intercessors in which he heard their prayers and was asked:

“Do you know what’s wrong with these prayers Jeremiah? They are all focused on the call for America to repent when I have called My bride to repent! You must tell the intercessors to shift their focus from America to My bride. Their self-righteous hearts and blindness to their own sin is a stench in my nostrils. The issues coming forth in the United States is not an American problem, it’s an American Church problem.”

Therefore, Jeremiah writes,

“America is in a crisis, but the American church is in a greater crisis. We are and will continue to reap what we have sown and that is seeds of silence and tolerance on the key issues of our day that have come before the Father as sin…While I do believe that these individuals are choosing to blatantly sin and will be judged by God Himself for their behavior (Romans 14:12), we have an obligation as believers in Jesus Christ to look within our own lives and in our own spiritual communities and ask the Spirit of truth to search us inwardly before we begin calling others to accountability (see Psalm 51:6).”

Four Key Things to Consider

In case you haven’t read the re-blog of Joel Rosenberg’s remarks on the implications of SCOTUS’ decision let me briefly cover his four main points. Joel asks if Christians may be hyperventilating over the issue. No! “Unfortunately, this is a very big deal and it puts America on a perilous path”.

He draws attention to key things on the Court’s ruling for believers at this critical time:

  1. The Supreme Court is over-reaching its Constitutional authority, and is thus  undermining its own legitimacy and pouring gasoline on a highly-politicized issue that will deeply divide Americans for years to come.
  2. It forces 320 million Americans to embrace overnight a radical re-engineering of the entire social compact of marriage that even some of the nation’s most liberal political leaders strongly opposed just a few years ago.
  3. It opens the door for a frontal and massive assault on religious liberty… Christians all over the country who hold to the Biblical definition of marriage are beginning to be taken to court and fined — some are even in danger of losing their businesses and their homes…The 1st Amendment to the Constitution plainly states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” But the Court’s ruling seems to put the un-enumerated “civil right” of a same-sex marriage above the enumerated right of religious freedom…gay political activists are not content with mere legalization of same-sex marriage. They want to force the rest of the country to embrace and support them. Thus, they and their supporters in Washington will likely move aggressively to criminalize the Biblical definition of marriage and to severely penalize those who teach and follow it.
  4. Most troubling, the Court has acted in direct and brazen defiance of the Word of God — painful as it is for me to say it, this will likely accelerate us towards judgment if America does not soon change course.

The Supreme Court v. The Supreme Being

In his inimitable style Rick Joyner is on target in his Prophetic Bulletin #94’s brief on the ‘legal contest’ implicit in this decision and uses ‘three questions’ from US Army Manual for dealing with a crisis, viz.:

  1. What is happening?
  2. What is not happening? (spiritually)
  3. What can we do about it?

In tackling the first question Rick majors upon the foundation of the Union and ‘creeping tyranny’. He opens,

“As the four dissenting justices pointed out, the Supreme Court does not have the constitutional authority to make this decision. First, even though SCOTUS has taken this authority upon itself, it is a usurped authority and nowhere does the Constitution give it this authority. The authority to determine the constitutionality of laws was given to Congress, not the courts. We are now suffering under the very tyranny that the founders warned about if the courts ever presumed this authority. Regardless of our position on same-sex marriage, every American should be deeply troubled by the actions of SCOTUS that this case is just the most recent and dramatic.”

From his fine argument I wish to quote only two points made from a global perspective rather than the nationally introspective. This isn’t to imply US laws or policy should be based on what other nations think, but does need to know how they are perceived because it affects international relations. (“It’s been a major wedge driven between the US, Russia and China, as well as Africa and South America. To much of the world, the US and Western Europe now look like Sodom and Gomorrah”.)

On this he writes:

“Paul the Apostle wrote to Titus that even false prophets can sometimes tell the truth (see Titus 1:12-13). Pravda, the Moscow daily newspaper, has been predicting for years that the United States would break up into several pieces just like the Soviet Union. Their reasoning was not based merely on sour grapes, but on the historically proven consequences of the kind of direction in which our government has been going. To date, we have most alarmingly followed the pattern predicted. We really are close to breaking apart.

“Islamists consider America “the great Satan” because of our moral and spiritual debauchery that has made us “a homosexual nation”—so perverted that the only remedy is to wipe us off the face of the earth. Their belief about the U.S. has now been affirmed by this Supreme Court decision. This decision will likely make their recruiting to this cause much easier. This is not the only issue fuelling these groups, but it is a major one.”

Like Joel Rosenberg, Rick concludes his brief with a solid action plan.

Prophetic Warning of a Divided Nation

Grand Canyon Wpaper113In The River and The Schism Chuck Pierce refers to having visited the Grand Canyon, which reminded him of a vision received in August 2007 of a coming division within his nation.  Another one came in May 2011 about a deteriorating relationship with one of its closest allies – Israel.

We have good Biblical grounds for understanding that, as America treats Israel and Jerusalem, so too will its well-being be guarded – or not. As mentioned before, its initials are in the centre of the capital of Israel; ie. JER-USA-LEM.  Therefore, its leaders can either protect the ‘apple of God’s eye’ by holding it together – or else divide it – with all the inherent consequences of Zechariah chapter 2.

Read more about this in Modern prophecy on USA & Israel approaches fulfilment.

Cindy Jacobs: the election and word from the Lord for the UK

Thank you to Michael Marcel at UK Awakening for the following account. As previously, it is again noteworthy how visiting prophets are sensitive to changes in nations’ spiritual atmospheres.  With her husband Mike Jacobs, Cindy is co-founder of the intercessory Generals International.: WORD OF THE LORD FROM CINDY JACOBS (On) 13th May 2015 Cindy Jacobs came through Heathrow for a few hours and gave this word. The first part was at one point, then she prophesied over someone and then she gave the second word:

“For I am getting ready to break out in the UK, I am getting ready to display my awesome power; I am getting ready to display my awesome glory”, says the Lord.

And the Lord says, “There are some of you watching and you have been waiting for this moment; you have been like Gideon hiding out”, but the Lord says, “Come out of the shadows now and I am going to give you power; you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. I am getting ready to show that I am the Almighty, I am the Almighty, I am going to show it to England in a Biblical(?) way, I am going to manifest my Presence. In the past some of you had to just wait and believe that I would manifest who I am, but I am coming, the Almighty is coming to show who I am, a mighty God.”

Cindy then spoke about the previous week’s general election: Cindy Jacobs - FB page“I would like to give a little perspective on the election. First of all I am very excited. When I landed at Heathrow, for one of the first times in many, many years I felt an enormous peace come over me. I cannot tell you what has happened in this nation, but something mighty has happened. (Emphasis added) “The Lord has given you a window for a new season. It is a window of opportunity; it is a window for the Body of Christ to find her voice.

“If you will stand up now and be the voice to the nations”, says the Lord, “this awakening that you have prayed for is on its way; it is coming, it is coming like a mighty rushing wind”, says the Lord, and the Lord says, “if now there will be a coalescing”, and I know you coalesce, but even in a greater measure, to be a voice into the Government, the word of the Lord is that “this is the season where I am giving you a loud voice, Body of Christ, and if you will speak now I will amplify that voice and it is going to begin to tip the nation. If you miss your window you will not have the effect. Do not relax, even though there was a lot of prayer at the time of the election; this is not a time to relax this is a time to press in. Go and see your MPs, make appointments. This is the season where you are to speak and be that loud voice, and if you will do that”, says the Lord, “I am going to give this window of awakening; that the power of God is going to rush into the UK, not just England; the power of God is visiting the whole of the UK.”

The Lord says, “Watch and see, but do not wait, do not relax, press in(?) and establish a new season(?) shift.  If you make your voice heard I will tip the scale for the revival you have all been believing for.”


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