‘Thought police’ cancel events with Christian speakers

I understand that, as below, organisers are considering suing the stadiums for breach of contract in cancelling the Franklin Graham events. Simultaneous cancellations point to well-organised opposition behind them. Moreover, they’ve achieved other cancellations on the grounds of what MIGHT BE SAID by a Christian !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEREFORE, there comes a time when CHRISTIANS MUST STAND AGAINST these strategies of satan and its stooges AS WELL AS STAND UP for freedom of speech. Otherwise, we dishonour our forebears who lost their lives fighting similar fascism and defending our now lost freedom!

Also, failure to take a stand dishonours all those saved during Billy Graham missions to Great Britain.

AS the enemy is well-organised, then why can’t Christians act? Muslims won’t tolerate it, so why should we? Have you signed the petition yet???

“They said his message that Jesus Christ can change lives might incite hate and put the gay community in danger. So they launched a campaign to bully and badger government leaders into silencing the American evangelist … If we do nothing they will be successful in silencing Christians in the public marketplace. And once that happens—you’d better believe they will come for our church houses.” – Todd Starnes (author, broadcaster)

Breaking Christian News reports,

Since the original venues have broken our legal contract with them, we are pursuing appropriate actions based on grounds of religious discrimination and freedom of speech. The Gospel always faces opposition, so we will prayerfully and boldly continue to press forward so that the Good News of God’s love and forgiveness will be proclaimed in all of the cities we have planned to visit,” the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) spokesman told CBN News.

‘Graham is not the only preacher to be banned in the UK. The Times reports Larry Stockstill, a Louisiana-based evangelist, also had his appearance in Edinburgh, Scotland canceled after complaints were received over his Biblical views on homosexuality.

‘Despite the reports in the British media, the BGEA spokesman told CBN News they plan to go ahead with the tour.

“The planned Graham Tour is going ahead and is certainly not canceled in any of the cities as some press reports have indicated. The momentum for the Tour is growing throughout the UK by the day. We are continuing to finalize sites for the Tour to determine where the events will take place. In the meantime, all of the preparation events and training programs are continuing as planned,” the spokesman said.’

See also ‘The Wee Flea’ David Robertson’s The Cancellation of Franklin Graham Tour is a Seminal Moment for UK, which opens (emphasis mine),

‘This is my latest column for Christian Today – you can read the original here. I am grateful to Christian Today for having the courage to print this. For me this is a really key tipping point in the UK. All those who love liberty, democracy and the freedom we have to proclaim the Gospel – must respond. The time for being silent is over. You can help by sharing this far and wide.The CT article is a follow up to this – The Brave New World of Patrick Harvie and the Tired Old World of Franklin Graham _ It is incredible how quick this is moving. Destiny Church in Edinburgh has been banned from using the Usher hall because of ‘objections received’. This is a seminal moment.’

6 thoughts on “‘Thought police’ cancel events with Christian speakers

  1. Richard thank you for this, it came up just as I had emailed Christian Concern regarding the advice I had been given from a trusted source that as individuals we could go to a police station and make a formal complaint about being discriminated against as a Christian.
    Like you I believe it we don’t make a stand, then we are asking for all that’s very likely coming. However if we turned up in droves at police stations all over the country it would bring the nation to its senses. Not being legally trained one of the reasons I contacted Christian Concern was also to see if there was a more effective way.
    I am also aware of the Petition about this matter to Pretty Patel and have signed it, however, I feel individual action would be very effective if not more so, accompanied by a letter to the PM.
    I will let you know by email when I receive a reply. Thank you so much for all you do and especially in getting this out there.

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  2. I’m astounded by this news and pray that Franklin and his team will indeed still come to the UK. Had he been “Pro homosexuality” It would most likely have been Muslims striking out against him and no one would have raised any objections to them.

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  3. In the past, one Christian music festival was hosted in a field owned by Christian farmer in West Sussex, you would think this would be safe from the Diversity Enforcement Police. Maybe Franklin Graham could host his event in a field like this?

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