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This hub provides information about prophecy and visions as received in Christian circles. Please select and click as desired.:

More UK-related information may be found below (reverse alphabetical order):

Words of prophecy brought by recognised prophets and teachers/pastors under Holy Spirit’s unction who are quoted on this blog may be read under the following tags:

[Publ May’12: updated Mar’17, Feb ’23]

4 thoughts on “About Prophecy

  1. Hi Richard. I googled Wunderlich and came across your blog. There’s so much here that resonates. My husband pastors a church and we’re hearing ‘prepare the nets for the catch’. Recent years have also been a time of awakening over the significance of Israel and of dreams from the Lord of revival. Thank you for all you’re recording, it’s encouraged me. My blog (the beginning of…..) is deepintheriver. Blessings, Clare.

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