Prophecy fulfilled in Benjamin Netanyahu’s comeback – Divine sudden shaking


Early last evening Veronika writes:


…Ha!! Watching with great interest and with fervent prayer what’s happening with Benjamin Netanyahu,…I remember when I prophesied concerning Benjamin Netanyahu that God was not finished with him yet,…I was sent dozens of hate emails,..calling me a delusional false prophet,..well as I stood firm then,…I stand firm today knowing that whether he be crowned Leader again or not,..GOD HAS NOT FINISHED WITH HIM,…

…What people don’t often understand about the Prophetic is that,..Prophetic Words need time to breathe,..God’s Ways are not our Ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts, ..and His timing is not governed by man’s agenda,…



“A Double Portion Anointing of Ezekiel and Jeremiah — a voice that shall carry the sound of The Roar of The Lion of Judah!”

During my time of prayer for the Nation of Israel today, The LORD brought Benjamin Netanyahu before me, and suddenly I heard The Spirit say these Words to me,

”For many will say concerning Benjamin Netanyahu, surely God has given, but now God has taken away.

But I say to you, “Watch and Listen!” For just as I said to My Prophet Ezekiel, so now I say to My Prophet Benjamin Netanyahu — son of man, go now to The House of Israel and speak My Words to them.

For you are not being sent to a people of obscure speech and difficult language, but to The House of Israel.

Not to many peoples of obscure speech and difficult language, whose words you cannot understand!

Surely if I had sent you to them, they would have listened to you. But The House of Israel is not willing to listen to you, because they are not willing to listen to Me, for the whole House of Israel is hardened and obstinate.

But I will make you as unyielding and hardened as they are. I will make your forehead like the hardest stone, harder than flint.

Do not be afraid of them or terrified by them, though they are a rebellious house!”

As I heard those Words, The Spirit of The LORD then showed me a Mantle that came to rest upon Benjamin Netanyahu — an Ezekiel Mantle — as one that is called and anointed to speak to The House of Israel, and even to the Global and Economic Organisations of the World, in the coming days.

Then I saw that The Hand of God has made his face (Benjamin Netanyahu) hard against their faces, and his forehead hard against their foreheads — like the hardest stone — harder than flint, he has made his forehead.

Then I heard The Spirit say, ”Watch — as I cause My Prophet Benjamin Netanyahu to become as a thorn in their sides, as a scorpion in their shoes, even as a watch-dog that will bark aloud, relentlessly, giving them no peace.

Yes! He shall be known as A Great Trouble-Maker — A Constant Irritation — and a Stumbling Block to their destructive plans.

A voice that cannot and will not be silenced. A voice that will carry the sound of The Roar of The Lion of Judah.

A voice that will speak of My coming Justice and Judgment in the Nations, and a voice that will only get louder and louder in the days ahead.”

As I heard those Words, The LORD then brought The Prophet Jeremiah before me, and I saw a second Mantle fall upon the shoulders of Benjamin Netanyahu, and I heard these Words, ”A Double-Portion Anointing, for a time of Great Awakening is now here!”

And then I heard The Spirit say, ”For My Prophet Benjamin Netanyahu shall carry a Double-Portion Anointing — the Anointing of Ezekiel and Jeremiah shall rest upon him.

My Word will be as a sharp two edged sword in his mouth, for I have Anointed and Appointed him over Nations and Kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant!”

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

NOTE: Wendy Alec also prophesied on Netanyahu having THREE terms in office:

1980s & 2008 Prophecies of Netanyahu as PM of Israel

This is a Tipping Point – Wendy Alec

I appreciate Veronika drawing this word to my attention which is published on The Elijah List last Wednesday 9th Nov. (I’m pleased because I’d seen it weeks ago but unable to action.) It was first posted on Wendy’s Facebook on 23rd September, and is similar to the Urgent ‘Kairos’ Warning Dr Sharon Stone had especially received two days earlier on her birthday 21st September – mine’s between both days!  LOL some sandwich! (Apologies for not having time to have completed a transcript)

Recently one morning, the Father had a message:

“This is the tipping point. The bowls are full. I have issued a divine stay. I have issued a heavenly writ in My Courts of Justice, against the trading floors of the enemy.

“The cries and the incessant intercession of My sons and daughters have been collected, by My angelic host, into the mighty bowls of the intercession of My saints, and have reached a tipping point on My scales of justice and judgment on My altar. I am tipping the bowls. I am tipping the bowls. I have issued a divine stay.”

“Daddy, Abba, what is going on? It’s like we’re all living in a surreal movie. Daddy, what do You want me to say?” I asked.


Our wonderful Father said, “Beloved daughter, tell My beloveds, firstly, that this is not that. This is not that. This is not the tribulation. This is not the time of the anti-Christ, but it is the precursor. Tell My beloveds, alert My sons and daughters that My Church has now entered the outskirts; the tremblings of the end of the age.

“The enemy has endeavored to preempt My divine timeline, but he will fail just as he has failed so many times before. His last all-out attempt was in the times of Hitler. I not only circumvented it, but through the cries and prayers of My saints, the enemy’s plans to destroy My people through the Holocaust were turned on their head and the nation of Israel was born in a day. 

“The cries and the incessant intercession of My sons and daughters have reached a tipping point on My scales of justice and judgment on My altar. They are being poured out at this very moment as judgment against the enemy and as judgment on the enemy’s world systems.

I have issued a heavenly writ in My courts of justice and against the trading floors of the enemy. I have issued a divine stay from the destruction the enemy has intended, against the pre-emptive strike to destroy, kill and usher in the end of the age.

“So do not fear, beloved. Do not fear. The situation is not going to pan out as the enemy’s victory, but I tell you that even as the Israelites stood at the Red Sea, the waters will part. Know this: I am your God. I am your mighty God. I am your omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, mighty, mighty God.

“So put your hand in Mine this day. Know that My protection is yours. Plead My Son’s powerful Blood over your households and watch. Watch and pray, expectantly…expectantly…expectantly, beloved, for the enemy to be routed.

“As the tipping point occurs, inch by inch, foot by foot, yard by yard and mile by mile, fear will be routed. My peace will start to rain down from heavenly portals as My justice invades the earth. My peace will rain down like a divine mantle.

“Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. For surely you will see My hand in this coming hour, for by next spring, beloved, the earth will be swept with the renewal and health of My divine justice, and My divine mantle. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. You are Mine.”

Wendy Alec
Founder, God TV

The ‘May-EU deal’ and prophecies on Brexit

‘For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when that which is perfect has come then that which is in part will be done away…Let two or three prophets speak and let the others judge…the spirits of prophets are subject to the prophets…’ (1 Cor 13:9-10; 14: 29, 32).

‘Do not despise prophecies. Test all things; hold fast to what is good’ (1Thess 5:20-21)

Grateful thanks to the unknown creator of this splendid illustration

It may have come as a surprise to readers of the previous post that a prophetic word brought a year ago says the PM’s eventually agreed deal with the EU will be a bad one,  and –  as far as the Lord is concerned – it wouldn’t be such a bad thing because He wants Britain to become humble. Also, that purpose features dominantly in what’s regarded as one of the early important and most fullsome prophecies of Brexit. Continue reading

1 year ago today: is prophetic word on Prime Minister May about to be fulfilled?

A personal thankyou to readers who dipped into my post published a year ago today in  A Prophetic Word re. Prime Minister May and Brexit, thereby drawing my curiosity to its content. So let’s revisit and review its accuracy.

That blog republished UK Prophetic Words’ posting of what Ruth Grigg had received on 8th December 2017, to which I’ve added emphases in view of events a year later:

Word Regarding Theresa May and Brexit

‘As I was praying for our government, the Lord began to speak to me. What the Lord showed me was that Mrs May will step down from leadership as soon as she manages to secure a deal and it is signed. (This is the reason she was appointed by God, to secure a Brexit deal). I sense the outcome and its follow-up and implications will be handed over to other government ministers. I sense she will step down because of all the pressure, stress and strain that she has been under; however, she will still be in a governmental position, doing good for the nation.

‘I asked the Lord who would come into power next – what government? He said that it would be another joint government leadership, but that it would be balanced (ie. no need to worry). I just sense we need to pray for her more, and that whatever happens next will be a Godly move. We need Him to be governing and ruling in our nation. We need the next leader and government to be by His hand and not purely by man’s, so that our nation is led by Him.’

My post continues with observations on Mrs May made by James Kirkup, Director of the Social Market Foundation and former executive political editor of The Telegraph, on the same day Ruth wrote as above.  James notes, “Anyone paying close attention to the election result or Mrs May’s words since would have picked up her signals about her real intentions” (see The lady’s not of turning…so is this the package May planned to deliver all along?)

He readily admits “I haven’t always been the PM’s biggest fan” and his historical recap of her tribulations of 2017 continued to mushroom, as iterated in his update of 4 weeks ago. And since then the self-inflicted issues have gone exponential – including a third humiliation – leading to over 100 members of her own party rejecting her ‘one and only deal’ with EU!

Yet is the Lord’s hand in this?

It’s been a week of unprecedented governmental and parliamentary turmoil, divisions and international incredulity, as in this part of what Chris Wickland foretold recently:

“This country is going to humbled, and unfortunately the institutions which hold this country up are now going to have to topple. The things that this country feels that it has sure foundations I am now going to take away…

“And I speak now to the Government. They have heard the voice of the prophets. They have heard the prayers of the saints that have gone up for this land. They know the petitions of my people, and they have ignored them. And I tell you now, you will not ignore the voice of My prophets in this land anymore. You will now come to a time of humility, and you will be humbled.”

What Mrs May presents is a deal equivalent to ‘terms of surrender’, as implied by the president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker’s adamant “no room for re-negotiation whatsoever”. According to him, the Withdrawal Agreement the PM wanted our Parliament to vote upon was “the only deal possible”!

Likewise with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The news of Mrs May having met her today reports an official as saying that, in her view, “there is no possibility to amend the agreed exit agreement between the EU and the UK”.

Therefore, as Mrs May has secured a deal with the EU will she step down now, or will she remain until it gets signed?

Furthermore, let’s not overlook what Emma Stark at Glasgow Prophetic Centre heard the Lord tell her in November 2017 (emphasis mine),

“I will allow a bad deal for the UK in Brexit, and it will bring a humbleness to the nation. And in the humbleness it will be an answer to your prayers, because it will break Leviathan off you. And in the breaking of Leviathan”, the Lord says, I will rush towards you with revival and awakening that you have prayed for. And so the Lord says,Do not fear the bad deal, for I am in it, and I am disconnecting you to reconnect you.” And the Lord says that there will be a move of God on the back of the humbleness that is going to come to the UK…’ (Fulfilled Prophecy #24 – Brexit Humiliation for…)

So, there’s much to mediate upon and pray over in this situation as we’re nowhere near as humble as the Lord wants us to be.

In mulling this over now, I want to check how this may tie in with the outstanding Vision of Britain that blessed Wendy Alec in July 2005 after the 40 days prayer called by Chuck Pierce. It’s central theme is the EU and our leaving its control and regaining our destiny in the Lord. In opening up that long scroll I espy,

‘And the Lord said –

“A humble and penitent heart I will not despise.”

‘ – and I saw the words written – ‘DIVISIONS AND FACTIONS’.’

Now just where did I read those last words earlier today?

A quick check of my newspaper’s op-ed and lo…

In Tim Stanley’s opinion, ‘The PM’s failure to provide truly “clear” leadership is one of the reasons why, as Ken Clarke pointed out on Monday, the House is more divided now by faction than party, and the larger faction favours some route to Remain (a second vote, permanent customs union, whatever it takes’.  (The UK is not ready for any sort of Brexit, hence this appalling chaos)

Therefore, if what Wendy brought runs in a chronological sequence then there’s some strong hope! It goes on to prophesy national repentance and the Lord bringing Britain into its end-time destiny, a new leadership and “LIONHEART” declared over the UK.


The whirlwind of William Wilberforce now moves upon Britain – Veronika West

Veronika’s posting on Ignite Ireland Ministry on Sunday, as published by UK Prophetic Words, is particularly interesting in view of Wendy Alec’s vision in 2005:


I have seen a battle taking place in the heavens over our promised Issac. I have seen the prince of the air working tirelessly to bring about a Spiritual Abortion over our Nation; this is reflected in the recent legalisation of abortion in the South of Ireland.

But I see that there is a remnant rising. I see the hand of God beginning to align and anoint spiritual Fathers and Mothers in our Nation; TIMING IS EVERYTHING. If the baby was to be born now there would be no Fathers or Mothers to tend to it.

REVIVAL DRAWS NIGH, but there is FIRST coming a divine dismantling, displacement and disruption both in the Church and the Government. There is a Spiritual realignment and a reordering of things taking place over our Nation.

A few nights ago while praying and in Worship, I was taken into the most incredible vision where I saw a MIGHTY WHIRLWIND coming out of the heavens and it began to move right across our Nation. As I looked at the Whirlwind, I heard the Spirit say,


“Watch! For the whirlwind of Wilberforce will sweep through the land. It comes to break the power of bondage; it comes to uproot and destroy the works of deception and witchcraft in this nation.

“Watch! For the whirlwind of Wilberforce comes to uncover and expose the way of the rebellious and the religious.

“Look and see, for the whirlwind comes to wreak havoc in the land.

“Tell my people to be ready; tell my people to batten down the hatches; tell my people, no longer will it be business as usual in this nation.

“Tell my people to be prepared for the whirlwind of Wilberforce shall come first to my house and then to the houses of government, for I AM is coming to unearth and reveal the hidden treasures in this land in this hour.

“Watch! For my spirit is now moving in the whirlwind to bring to birth that which has been promised and that which has been prepared since the beginning of time for this nation,” says God.

Veronika West, 27th May 2018

Further Reading:

Within the extensive Vision for Great Britain delivered by Wendy Alec in July 2005 is this section on William Wilberforce:

“And like Wilberforce – My apostolic voices shall rise in the Houses of Parliament – they shall arise in London – they shall arise in Edinburgh – they shall arise in the North of England – and even as the unions had a voice in past years that was strident and rose above the crowds and became the voice of the masses – so in like manner shall My Church’s voice start to be heard in a manner far above and beyond this present days.

“And so I shall raise My apostles – and they shall stand at the city gates and the gates of trading – and they shall stand in the government – and they shall stand in the media – and in the banking institutions and in businesses – and they shall stand in the clergy of this nation. And I shall raise up My prophets – and they shall rise – and their faces will be as flint – and even as John Knox voice rang out above Scotland – I tell you that My prophet’s voices shall start to rise in this nation – and I call My intercessors – I call My intercessors – Pray, Pray – do not desist from your prayers – for even that which you have perceived in your spirits and that which you have yearned for – it is almost upon you.”

Fulfilled Prophecy #23.1 – British lion to roar

Thank you to Angela Jelf and sister Kerry for their ‘heads-up’ on the Foreign Secretary’s speech at yesterday’s Conservative Party Conference entitled, ‘Let That Lion Roar!’  BBC News video Boris Johnson: Let the British lion roar shows the standing ovation to his gentle albeit clarion-call’s conclusion:

“We are not the lion.

“We do not claim to be the lion.

“That role is played by the people of this country. But it is up to us now – in the traditional non-threatening, genial and self-deprecating way of the British – to let that lion roar.”  (Read full text here.)

Angela’s note concludes, ‘Wow! In light of Wendy Alec’s 2005 vision of Great Britain I am so struck that this cannot be a coincidence’. I agree it’s no coincidence at all.

There are two relevant parts of that extensive visionary prophecy, principally about the danger of the EU to Britain, the first part follows its opening vision and reads:

‘Then the Lord showed me a large lion – and He said – “This lion represents the nation of Great Britain”.

‘And it was a shocking sight – for where the lion should have been filled out and sleek and gleaming – it was almost a skeleton – and its mane was barely visible – and its coat was covered in mange – and its roar which should have shaken the nations in its power and in its ferocity was strangled and barely audible. And the Lord saidThis represents both the glory of this nation at present and the state of My Church as a whole in Great Britain.”


‘And the Lord said – “Bring back My glory – Bring back My glory that your nation may once more walk in the glory of its destiny – and the Church may show forth My glory.”

Her account goes into depth upon what she perceives as tentacles from the EU, and then she writes:

‘Then as people dropped to their knees all over Britain from every walk of life and denomination – the lion started to change – and he grew strong and sleek and his roar grew stronger. And I saw written in the spirit – “Create in me a clean heart O God – and renew a right spirit within me”. And as the people started to seek the face of the Lord I saw the word ‘COURAGE’ – and I knew that in the spirit realm that Great Britain had been endowed from the beginning of time with the mantle ‘COURAGE’ – and the Lord said, “LIONHEART”.

‘And God said Britain has yet to move into her end-time destiny in the nations – And I saw again in great letters – the words – “THE GLORY HAS DEPARTED FROM THE LION – BUT THE GLORY OF THE LORD OF HOSTS SHALL RETURN.”

‘And the lion’s roar by now had gained strength…’

Then follows references to certain cities (including Manchester) and need for prayers of protection…and Wendy under her sub-head GREAT BRITAIN – LAND OF END-TIME DESTINY she continues:

‘And then He started to speak of Great Britain’s destiny…

“Oh Great Britain, Great Britain – isle of walls and of fortresses – I tell you that even as the glory of the Lord has departed from the Lion – so the glory of the Lion of Judah shall return – and My glory shall rest upon the Lion and the Lion once again shall open its mouth and its roar shall be heard again among the nations of this earth…”

Amen, may it be so Father -and quickly.

So let’s keep praying for the complete fulfillment of Britain becoming that godly, roaring Lion. Major elements of that awesome vision have already been, or are being, fulfilled, viz:

  • the UK Referendum to cut the EU’s tentacles (see #19),
  • PM’s mission being inspired by William Wilberforce (see #9),
  • the outrage of terrorist attack in Manchester Arena (see #20),
  • the ‘great joining of the Lion and the Eagle’ (see #22).

Most urgent warning call to intercessors for the UK

This follows the previous post’s emphasis upon the cities mentioned in the 2005 vision of Wendy Alec. Veronika West issues this call for continuing intercession as one of many follow-ups to January’s A Serous Warning To The Nations (re suicide bombers):

As I prayed this morning concerning the terror attack in Manchester suddenly I was shown in the Spirit what looked like a railway route map, the kind of map one would use to plan a journey from one place to another showing details of operator routes, platforms and timetables. As I looked closely at this route map I saw 7 major cities within the UK which had been clearly highlighted on the map, Manchester being one of these 7 major cities. As I pressed in deeper, staying focused on the picture before me suddenly I heard these words,


As I have continued to pray this morning over what I have seen and heard today I believe prophetically that God is revealing that there is a highly coordinated and strategic plan for terror attacks over ‘Major Cities’ in the U.K.


I firmly believe that as we COME TOGETHER TO PRAY IN UNITY AND WITH THE AUTHORITY OF HEAVEN we will only see these terror attacks foiled and exposed but totally thwarted and overturned.

I further submit that the next (7 months) and the days from now leading up to, AND the (7th Month-July) of this Year are going to be key times of greater Warfare and GREATER VICTORY for those in the Body of Christ across the UK.


Veronika West, 23 May 2017

Fulfilled prophecy #20 – warnings for locations in UK

UK Prophetic Words issued a couple of extracts on Tuesday from the detailed vision and call for prayer, repentance and intercession received by Wendy Alec on 15 July 2005. (A fortnight after the barbarism perpetrated against London buses and underground rail.)

On her Facebook Wendy draws attention to the double mention of Manchester and other locations. Clearly, she didn’t understand the rationale behind that because this followed a vision of the lion of Britain and the Lord’s promise to restore “Lionheart” and His glory to visit Britain as we move into our End-time destiny. Therefore, that section’s closure is in <parentheses> to lead into the second extract. 

Wendy opens her account of ‘Vision for Great Britain’ as follows:

I saw several pockets of small fires across Europe – The fires of wicked men and organisations – And the Lord said “Holland” – Holland was very strong – then France – and then Spain and Italy – then the Lord said – “And to the North was very clear and the Holy Spirit’s voice was insistent and very strong – “The NORTH – the North – the North” – and I had no clear understanding at all what the Lord meant and then I sensed a circle and heard the Holy Spirit say – “North London – Northern England – Northern Europe” and then I heard “North Africa” – this was the circle and the circle seemed to me to be linked in some way.

These fires, God said were kindling fires – they were very small – hardly noticeable on the map – but they burned furiously – and had fiercely burning blue flames – and then I saw that some kind of NET was being loosed from the heavenlies down to earth – and I heard the Lord say – “THIS IS THE SNARE OF HEAVEN” – and I saw a great angelic host – the warring host of Heaven being dispatched across Great Britain and Europe and other Northernmost and Middle-Eastern parts of the earth with swords that glistened like flaming fires.

And the Lord said – “As in the ancient of times – so as My people humble themselves and pray – a great and mighty roar of battle shall be unleashed from the heavenlies – and My mighty warring angels shall go forth – for I shall send them from the North and from the South.”

God was saying these were the fires of wicked men and organisations across Great Britain and Europe and beyond.

Then I saw prayer start to rise – first from small pockets of intercessors across the British Isles – these were not just prayer movements and organisations – but they were the heartfelt prayers of the saints from towns and villages all across Great Britain – these were the praying mothers and grandmothers and grandfathers – these were the prayers of the intercessors across Great Britain – and yes – they were mostly women in their homes and in tiny prayer and home groups – fallen on their knees and on their faces – and I could see that they had the full attention of the Lord – and then I saw the men – and ministers of God – and pastors and the ministers from all across Britain rose and joined their prayers in the Spirit with the prayers of the handmaidens – and the prophets started to prophesy – and join with the apostles and the intercessors – and then they were joined by the praying saints from across pockets in Europe and then from the North, East, South and West – and I saw a great hand arise from the North and the South and the East and the West.

And the Lord said,

“Because of the heartfelt prayers of My saints – I shall send My Angelic Host and the sound of their battle cry shall resound through the four corners of the earth as they prepare to meet the Princes of Darkness – For I tell you My children –A great and terrible darkness has been unleashed upon the earth in these days – BUT I am raising up an army – I am raising up a mighty army of My people who will gird themselves up for battle –and as the sound of their voices rises up to me – and as the sound of their prayers – of their supplications comes before my throne – so in turn – My mighty warring angels be unleashed to do battle in the heavenlies.

“And through the prayers of My saints in Great Britain – through the prayers of My saints in Great Britain – through the prayers of the saints and My followers in Great Britain – the stupor and the slumber and the secular humanistic spirits that have bound My people in this nation shall start to uproot – for my Church has had an outward semblance of power – yet its sound has been a whisper – even as My children have raised their voice in the streets of Great Britain – so the spirits of secularism and humanism have bound the mouths of My saints – but I tell you my children – there dawns another day – says the Lord – there dawns a different hour – and I call you Oh Church – I call you My saints – This is the day and this is the hour to arise” – says the Lord – “This is the hour to stir yourselves even as the mighty men of old – lift your voices and your hearts up to my throne – for this is the day and the hour of supplication.”

Then as the saints rose and started to pray – not with lip service but fervent heartfelt prayer from the heart – I saw another fire – with fierce white and orange living flames – start to burn – the prayers of the Church in Britain – and although it too started in pockets – this was the most incredible fire in the way that it spread across the nation – It was so fierce that as it took on power – it seemed that nothing could stop its path – but the people who created the fire were fallen on their knees – and God said “Penitent hearts” – and I knew somehow that these praying saints were repenting on behalf of Britain for the sins of the nation and for the sins of omission of the Church in Great Britain.

And these prayers gave the angels much strength – and the Snare of the Lord fell like a net across the dark hidden places of the earth – and I saw the terrifying whirlwind of the Lord like a fierce black whirlwind literally chase some of the evil blue pockets down – the winnowing whirlwind of the Lord of Hosts…

<…And God said Britain has yet to move into her end time destiny in the nations – And I saw again in great letters – the words – “THE GLORY HAS DEPARTED FROM THE LION – BUT THE GLORY OF THE LORD OF HOSTS SHALL RETURN.” And the lion’s roar by now had gained strength. (See introduction re parentheses)>

And then the Lord said – “Manchester – Newcastle – then Birmingham – London – Edinburgh – Glasgow – Southampton – Bournemouth.”

And I heard Him say “Airports” – not airlines but airports – “Malls – shopping centres” – that He was urging the saints to pray a higher protection over these places and over these things – and I felt Him go back once again to around Manchester – again I do not understand why.

And then he started to speak of Great Britain’s destiny…(read in full here)

Personal Note:
On Monday I published the email from Deputy Sheriff Marty Breeden on his death-bed encounter with the Lord. I felt led to emphasis the importance of the 2-minute ‘end-of-game’ warning by starting the blog with some personal history of the 1950-60s ‘ominous’ 4-minute nuclear attack warning.  Afterwards I chided myself because it may detract from Marty’s story. However, maybe I was subconsciously sensing the impending menace of that very evening’s demonic attack in central Manchester, only 9 miles from my childhood home.

Prophecy of spiritual shift across the northern hemisphere

Number 12 figures once more in this, which Steve Schultz, founder/publisher of Elijah List introduces as follows, “This word by Hank Kunneman is full…and I mean full…of prophetic exhortation across the nations of the earth. This is one such word where you will need to read and then reread some more to absorb it all in”:

World In Fire by Danilo Rizzuti, courtesy



“There is a sound going forth right now,” the Spirit of God says, “listen to the sound that is going forth from the instruments, for this sound is restoring hope to a people that have been hopeless. The sound of the instruments is breaking satanic bondages; mindsets that have been upon the people of the earth, and there is a refreshing that is coming, a refreshing of hope,says the Spirit of God.

The Spirit of God says, “You who have been heavy burdened, afraid, depressed, your head has hung down. The Spirit of God says to you: you are entering into a season of change and this is My promise for you this day. And this is not just a promise that you will only hold for but a moment, but this is the sound, this is the anointing, this is My decree that shall carry you and you will see great change.”

God says, “As the Ark of Noah was lifted up high above the waters, high above the mountains of the earth, so I will lift you, My people, this year; and I will lift My Church and I will restore hope to those who have felt as though they were to give up.” God says, “Watch, when you suddenly understand that all of the warfare of this last season, this last year, was to bring you to this time now where you will celebrate.”

Do you hear the sound of the movement of the hosts? For God says, “I open your ears, for there is movement and it is the sound of My angels who move swiftly here and there [1]. Why are they moving? Because they are bringing you into a new season where you will have hope restored and you will see that great victories will be your testimony  . And you will suddenly see that the things which have been “held back” shall come quickly because I’m accelerating My purposes and My plans for you.

God says, “Let this be your hope! Was there not a man at the pool of Bethesda who had been in that condition and I saw him in that condition for a long time?Some of you have been in this condition where you have felt like you couldn’t take it anymore, and you’ve said, ‘When should those prayers be answered?’

God says, “I visited that man, I stirred the waters, and so there is a stirring that is taking place over your home, over your family, over your life; it is My stirring, it is My doing, it is My movement. Why? To raise you up! To restore hope, to give back your life to you, the life that I promised that I would give you abundantly, this shall be your promise!


“I have walked,” says the Spirit of God, “across the earth and I have visited every nation, and I have looked and I have measured the hunger of those who thirst for the living God. And as I have walked to and fro throughout this earth, I have walked throughout you, America, and through your states, and I have walked through Israel, for I am the Guardian to this nation, America, and I am the Guardian to Israel.

As I walk among the earth to judge those who have set themselves to be enemies against the things I have spoken to you, they shall surely reap it. [2] I have said to you, I will make America great again. This has been My saying and this now is My doing.” 

“I will deal with those who stand to oppose and they will understand as the Scripture declares, ‘shatter the teeth of the wicked,’ and so they will lose their voice, they will lose their influence, for this that I bring is not just a 4-year plan, but there is a 12-year plan [3] to restore hope to this nation, to restore honor to this nation, and to bring you, America, into the greatest season.

“For you remember the days of an Industrial Revolution? It shall be said throughout your history books that this season, this time, shall be known as the Great Revolution, and a new energy source is coming.


“Oh yes, it is coming by technology, but let Me speak to you of a new energy source – it’s the energy of the young, and they shall be what powers this Great Revolution.

God says, “I want you to understand now, there are two specific moments that I have chosen. It’s My choosing, for who is man that they would say, ‘What are you doing, God?’ For I have chosen across the earth to bring a line of demarcation [4], a line that I’m establishing, an uplifting of My Church and a breaking of the strongholds that have afflicted My people long enough.” And God says, There shall be a divine transfer of grace, of hope, and of blessing—even now.


Listen, God said for me to stand over in the place to speak to Israel for just a moment… [5]  Israel, I have given unto you a friend, and yet Hell fears what I have given to you by the way of the ones who are seated in the House called White, and Hell is afraid! Why? Because of the deal, the handshaking with Iran, the deal – it shall be broken!

There is coming a restraining of the enemies of Israel,” [6] and God says, “When the hand of the Eagle joins the hand of the one in Israel, a great restraint shall come to Israel against the enemies that would raise their heads.” God says,Not so! Their land shall not be divided, for I shall withhold the plans of the enemy, for it shall suddenly shift and change!

“And it was from Israel that the Savior came and the Savior was given, and now it shall be as they have despised you, Israel, that you shall bring that which shall save mankind from disease as there is coming an announcement of a breakthrough in medical science regarding diseases of this day; and it shall come out of you, Israel, a healing balm.” “There is coming a restrain of the enemies of Israel,” and God says, “When the hand of the Eagle joins the hand of the one in Israel, a great restraint shall come to Israel against the enemies that would raise their heads.” God says,Not so! Their land shall not be divided, for I shall withhold the plans of the enemy, for it shall suddenly shift and change!


“Do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound of My chariot moving across the earth? Do you hear the sound of My hosts bringing you into a transfer from the Lord, your God? Do you hear the sound of the north wind blowing across the northern hemisphere of this earth? [1, 7]

The Spirit of God says, “Do you remember when men looked to the earth and they said, ‘Oh, the revivals, the moves of God! The Bible Belt, the South.’ When they look at the hemisphere of the earth they say, ‘Oh, that’s where the supernatural move of God has taken place.’ Then they say, ‘But the north is filled with liberalism, secular humanism, religious spirits! Where is the move of God in the Northern Hemisphere?'”

I am not just shifting things for you, America, but I’m shifting the hemisphere.God says, “I gave you a sign, for remember in the days when Israel was divided? Ten to the north ruled by Ahab and Jezebel, and two to the south, Judah?”

God says, “Was it not in the time that Jezebel who ruled the north fell, and Ahab and his kingdom fire fell? The kingdom was then united and there was a sound of the abundance of rain [8], and there was a hand that appeared, the cloud the size of a man’s hand. Why? Something was shifting from the south to the north to make it one.

This I speak, watch Europe. Watch Europe, watch the United Kingdom, for more will be cut off from the union and a shaking shall take place [9], and men shall seek to pull out their Scriptures and their theology and say, ‘We do not understand; this does not meet end-time theology.'” (Photo via Flickr)

God says, “It’s My theology, I’m messing with the nations, and so I’ll mess again with the union of Europe, and I will raise up the United Kingdom, and watch what I’m about to do through this president in America. I will bring the land of the Eagle to a table of diplomacy with the Bear, Russia, and with China the Dragon.

God says, “I will break the cold war that has been over the last few years and I will bring a spirit of diplomacy, and I will do this for My harvest because the earth is being shaken and the Northern Hemisphere is about to receive a great awakening. Let the north wind blow and bring a habitation of God.” (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

Hank Kunneman, 22 March 2017
One Voice Ministries

Hank Kunneman is senior pastor of Lord of Hosts Church, a thriving church in Omaha, Nebraska, and founder of One Voice Ministries. As an uncompromising voice that God is using to stir up the Body of Christ, he is known for a strong prophetic anointing as he preaches. He travels and ministers extensively as he and his wife, Brenda, preach together at conferences, churches, and national television programs throughout the United States and overseas.

RB Footnotes:
  1. ‘Hosts of heaven moving across north’ – opening of 2005 vision for Gt Britain
  2. ‘I am come to deal’ – Veronika West fresh vision of wheat and tares
  3. 12-year plan – again after repeat of 2005 vision noted only this week here.
  4. ‘demarcation’ – Kilpatrick “No middle-ground” (2017 word); West, on Month of March
  5. ‘Friends in White House’ – video of Trump wearing Jewish tallit (prayer-shawl)
  6. ‘Restraint on enemies’ – Psalm 2 & last week’s Arab Summit (Historic Day)
  7. ‘Sound of the north wind’ – similarity again with 2005 Vision for Britain (note 1)
  8. ‘Abundance of rain’ – separate word and prayer call (Legacy 2017 conference)
  9. ‘Europe and UK, more cutting off and shaking’ – major EU prophecy (of many).

Fulfilled Prophecy #19 – Britain’s shackles now shattered

Have you ever felt fetters fall away? The invisible, spiritual sort that satan shackles all those with who allow it a foothold to gain a grip upon their souls. The time that happened to me is etched upon my soul. Upon internally hearing, “Burn what you’ve collected – now!” I took articles from my life spent in occult study into the garden, put a match to them and repented. Immediately, I unmistakably felt heavy chains fall from both wrists! As in Charles Wesley’s glorious hymn ‘And Can It Be?’ – “My chains fell off, my heart was free. I rose, went forth and followed thee!”

Thus, the following two words circulated by UK Prophetic Words on this theme resonate deeply with me. Although 12 years apart, the timing seems significant (see footnote):


Kathy Laity (Hephzibah House of Strategic Prayer, Cornwall) Tues 28th March 2017

I’d been agitated all day (as had others on team here) but since midnight was really praying re Brexit. Immediately felt God say “DECREE don’t pray!”.

I started to decree “Brexit shall happen in the name of Jesus!”.

Immediately, I saw a massive sledgehammer slam down on a huge, thick chain link. I kept decreeing. Each time I did the sledgehammer fell. I saw the first link break, then became aware of another. Kept decreeing until it broke, then two further chains. At this point I saw they had been around the legs of a large male LION. Now I could see a thick iron collar, blindfold and muzzle. I kept decreeing. The iron collar opened and dropped off, as did the blindfold.

I could sense the lion’s anger and a roar building. The moment the muzzle fell away it roared mightily, leapt forward and grabbed the enemy, Satan, by the throat, shaking and dispatching it (rather like Aslan with the white witch). I kept decreeing but now the scene changed.

The lion had on a royal red robe, was wearing a crown and had a sceptre of authority. I knew it was releasing MANDATES. There was an immense sense of PEACE, ORDER, and AUTHORITY.

My sense throughout it all was that the LION was representing GREAT BRITAIN (as is often seen on the coat of arms) and that the enemy was responsible for the shackles. The lion’s STRENGTH on being released was immense.

WENDY ALEC: VISION FOR GREAT BRITAIN 15th July 2005 – excerpts:

Then the Lord showed me a large lion – and He said – “This lion represents the nation of Great Britain” – And it was a shocking sight – for where the lion should have been filled out and sleek and gleaming – it was almost a skeleton – and its mane was barely visible – and its coat was covered in mange – and its roar which should have shaken the nations in its power and in its ferocity was strangled and barely audible. And the Lord said, “This represents both the glory of this nation at present and the state of My Church as a whole in Great Britain”. And I saw in great letters – the words – “THE GLORY HAS DEPARTED FROM THE LION – BUT THE GLORY OF THE LORD OF HOSTS SHALL RETURN AND THE LION SHALL ROAR AGAIN.

And the Lord said – “Bring back My glory – Bring back My glory that your nation may once more walk in the glory of its destiny – and the Church may show forth My glory” – And the Lord showed me huge flourishing green tree that was planted in the European mainland – its huge trunk seemed to be PLANTED in BRUSSELS and the foliage had grown so dense that the trees branches and foliage had grown over the English channel and covered Britain in a great dark shadow and thousands of smaller offshoots and branches had taken deep root in Great Britain – and I saw the roots tangled and grown into London and then through the British Isles up all the way to Scotland.

The Lord said – “These are the deep roots of secularism and humanism that have taken deep root in this nation – these are the roots that are eroding this nation’s faith!” And I saw thousands upon thousands of people bowing in obedience to this tree and the roots were tightly twisted around their ankles – but they seemed totally unaware of this – that they were bound – and so they rejected the faith of their fathers – and I saw a great scoffing and a great decline in the traditions and the foundations of the past – and this mass of people was divided into two camps – the first huge mass of people whose ankles were bound by the gnarling roots of the green tree from Europe were younger and seemed more modern in their approach – and I saw written over their head – ‘UNBELIEF’ – ‘CYNICISM’ – ‘HUMANISM’ – and the foliage and green leaves seemed to shadow their heads – and I sensed that they were being attacked at a cerebral level.”

But the second group seemed to be those whose roots and foundations were from the established traditional denominations of Britain – yet they were just as affected as this first group – but I saw written over their head – ‘PRIDE’ – ‘SKEPTICISM’ – ‘CLOSED MINDEDNESS’ and I sensed that the roots around their ankles had bound them in a different manner – that even if they heard the call of the Spirit in these days that the spiritual forces had them so bound that they could not move with the tide and the times of God – and I saw the green foliage literally cover and shadow their foreheads and eyes and I saw the word blinding.”

And I said to the Lord, “Father – what does this mean?” And He said – “The spirits that led Europe into post-Christian decline – have invaded Great Britain over these past decades – and have infiltrated and overshadowed the nation with the same humanism and paganism and secularism – and yet Britain is still so blinded by her roots and her foundations that she is still declaring herself a Christian nation” – but the Lord says that – “She has been shackled by the enemy.” And I said “Lord what can break the shackles?”

And the Lord spoke and said,“The prayers and fervent supplications of My saints in Great Britain – the repentance for the sins of commission and omission on behalf of the governments of Great Britain – on behalf of the people of Great Britain.”

Then as people dropped to their knees all over Britain from every walk of life and denomination – the lion started to change – and He grew strong and sleek and his roar grew stronger. And I saw written in the spirit – “Create in me a clean heart O God – and renew a right spirit within me“. And as the people started to seek the face of the Lord I saw the word ‘COURAGE’ – and I knew that in the spirit realm that Great Britain had been endowed from the beginning of time with the mantle ‘COURAGE’ – and the Lord said,


And God said Britain has yet to move into her end time destiny in the nations – And I saw again in great letters – the words –


And the lion’s roar by now had gained strength.

  • read this awesome vision in full, with footnotes clarifying date of publication.
  • Wendy received it on the 8th day after the 2005 attack upon London Transport.
  • Today is the 8th day since the attack beneath Big Ben in Westminster.
  • Biblically, 8 signifies resurrection and regeneration, a new beginning!
  • nearly 12 years have elapsed since her vision and 12 symbolises government.

Is Brexit an ‘Act of God’? Yes, but it challenges churches!

Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. (Amos 3:7 NKJV )

Prophetic cloud over Windsor 2011

Cloud seen over Windsor, June 2011. Credit: Alan May

“We now need to recognise the outcome as an act of God – but so much of the future now depends upon the Church’s response”. (Revd Dr Clifford Hill: Deliverance Day!)

A vicar in Liphook, East Hants, spoke about God moving in Reading and said someone who definitely wanted the UK to remain in the EU woke up Thursday morning and heard the Lord tell them to vote ‘Leave’!

Insurance companies class the uninsured perils of that day’s floods as an ‘act of God’. The previous day, Brietbart News predicted a major ‘Act of God’ storm would upset billionaire speculator, hedge-fund player George Soros’ closing play of scaring undecided voters into the ‘Remain’ camp (see Brexit: Soros Defeated by Act of God).

[UPDATE Feb 2018: Soros connivance continues with “secret plot to thwart Brexit” – see Fulfilled Prophecy #26 – Exposed: ‘coup’ threats against Brexit and Trump.]

As you know, that night saw an awesome turnabout. Pollsters were expecting ‘Remain’ to take a lead to victory throughout the night’s results. And so it seemed as the first result was declared and Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independent Party, conceded defeat. But a sudden and against-the-odds unexpected swing in the morning hours led to ‘Leave’ becoming the people’s decision. At over 17 million it was the largest majority ever seen in British electoral history.

As a leading politico-religious blogger remarks in Independence Day UK: Resurgence of Democracy; Restoration of Sovereignty:

‘The whole entrenched elite Establishment – Monarchy, Parliament, Government and Church – has been confronted by an epoch-making movement of ordinary people, including humble, devout and sincere Christians who have been tarnished with the whiff of sin and smeared with racism, all because they believe in democracy, national self-determination, and the ability to sack those who make their laws’.

Credit: Ton Snoei – link to Prophecy Today UK editorial

So what’s a secular, democratic decision got to do with God??  Readers of this blog will know the essential political points as well as spiritual and prophetical case for getting out of the EU, as listed in ‘EU In God’s Face’ (re-titled EU & Brexit).

However, as an intercessor friend witnessed at a weekend event, many churchgoers are very confused over the whole EU-issue and our future!  It begs many questions, the main one: why are church leaders woefully ignorant of the essentials?

Probably the main reason is that most of us are focused upon God’s Kingdom and prefer not to consider – even disdain – earthy politics and its distasteful reputation.

Nevertheless, the turmoil of this deeply divisive referendum presents church leaders not only with an opportunity for ministry and evangelism, but also and especially in the major challenge of why didn’t THEY know the Lord’s heart on this matter!!

For example, Anglican archbishops and theologians stood on and then fell off the wrong side of the fence. Justin Welby is reputed to have said he doesn’t have a direct line to God – why not?  Ordinary believers can and do hear clearly from our Lord, so why doesn’t he? – especially upon such an important issue!

The fact that many gave a clear prophetic direction of proven accuracy for the nation must now provoke leaders and members of all churches to start taking prophetic gifting far more seriously than before. Also, the office of prophet needs to be recognised and re-stored, as well as the extensive teaching, encouraging and manifesting Holy Spirit’s many gifts for the benefit of those not yet saved.

Churches should, therefore, now move powerfully in evangelism by telling how God told His servants a ‘taster’ preview of the EU-Referendum’s outcome – His purpose being to bring millions into the salvation HE purchased for them in His own Son’s blood. That is, it demonstrates God is real and loves them immensely, not wanting any to perish.

Prophetic Words Supportive of ‘Brexit’

So, let’s refresh our minds with a sample of prophetic words supporting ‘Brexit’ as an act of God; that He’s behind, directing and changing our alliance with Europe.:

  • 2005 Vision of Great Britain – Wendy Alec: extensive foliage and deep roots from Brussels overshadow, extract and erode faith and shackle people to ungodliness. The Lord wants us to restore our glorious destiny and awaken the lion’s heart.
  • 2012 Significance of Hurricane Sandy – Dr Sharon Stone: The Lord says,“Parts of these winds that are blowing, part of these winds that are bringing a re-arranging, are blowing away what has confused nations of their identity. We’re not the only nation that has been in an identity crisis. I believe that many of our nations have had skewed identity and the Lord is saying; I will bring you out of what you have designed by your own thinking and by your own hands – listen to that! – that I may redesign it by My thoughts and My plans”. (Emphases added)
  • Nov 2015 Prophetic Warning Urges “Come Out”  David Noakes
  • Dec 2015 Nations Shall Be Shaken, But Kingdoms Jolted – John Kilpatrick: the Lord admonished him not to exclude the latter half, because he “will see” it happen!
  • April 2016 Prophetic word & Picture of Britannia – Ray & Ruth Scorey: “Leave! Why? Because of the advance of the spirit of antichrist in the European union and…
  • June: Prophecies for UK’s Critical Time – ‘This is MY country’, The Lion Free to Roar, ‘Hang Him on It’.
  • June: Vision of Battle for Britain’s Birthright –  Veronika West, with many other prophetic visions and words of encouragements, especially The Violent Take the Kingdom by Force on voting day 23 June.
  • June: ‘Declaration of outcome in heaven’ plus words and visions to the network of Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival and Winchester intercessors; eg. here – here.
  • 21st June – ‘We felt the Lord powerfully upon us as I sensed Him say, “Thursday will be a NEW DAY for Great Britain”…’ – Ginny Cryer, Culture Changers.
  • [See fuller listing Prophecies on Brexit; attendee’s Polling Day observations here.]

In arguing my case for Brexit as ‘an act of God’, I’d also submit on the other hand that the exceptional opposition to the surprising turn of events comes from exposing and unseating of satanic strategies against people. In other words, we always know we’re on-track with the Lord and rattling satan’s cage when we’re met with an intensely severe reaction!

The history of lies and deception and post-Referendum sheer hatred, expose satan’s hand in stirring up deep, irrational and venomous opposition – even from clergymen, as blogger ‘Archbishop Cranmer’ encountered. (‘Never in a decade of blogging has so much bile and vomit been spewed in this direction…’!! – this post refers and even in Jan 2017, as here!)

Therefore, let us praise, exalt and glorify our Father, Son and Holy Spirit as He moves in subtle and open power across our nations here and beyond the English Channel.

Lastly, I didn’t look until now at the startling prophetic word received in 2012 by Dr Stone about an exceptionally violent hurricane. It’s surprisingly apt; especially in revealing not only the Lord’s intimate involvement in today’s upheavals but also His redesigning and remaking our national identity – a New Britain!

Furthermore, you may like to read about two amazing prophecies given 3 years ago which predict the timing, purpose and outcome of Britain’s politico-spiritual battle in 2016!

Further Reading

See Brexit, the Bible and Democracy: the Judgement of God is the Voice of the People for a thought-provoking scriptural perspective by Adrian Hilton.

PS – latest: Anglican Clergy Foment Hate Against Brexit Christians -clearly they reject outright Jesus’ command not to judge and thus not in the Kingdom of God. A fulfillment of Separation of the Bride and the Harlot (1993 prophecy of sifting the church!). 

Prophetic words for Britain and USA – time for the Lion to roar!

Lion of Judah roars

Earlier this week Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival informed me a prophetic word  brought by Wendy Alec back in 2005 is a ‘Word for now’, especially because it’s highly encouraging. As there were things in the blog-pipeline I put it aside to ponder.

So in the meantime I printed, re-read and mulled over A Vision for Great Britain and considered how some parts may have been fulfilled. Would you read it with me and seek the Lord?

It’s a lengthy, deeply stirring prophecy and I was especially struck by,

Wendy AlecThen the Lord showed me a large lion – and He said – “This lion represents the nation of Great Britain” – And it was a shocking sight – for where the lion should have been filled out and sleek and gleaming – it was almost a skeleton – and its mane was barely visible – and its coat was covered in mange – and its roar which should have shaken the nations in its power and in its ferocity was strangled and barely audible. And the Lord said “This represents both the glory of this nation at present and the state of My Church as a whole in Great Britain. And I saw in great letters – the words – “THE GLORY HAS DEPARTED FROM THE LION – BUT THE GLORY OF THE LORD OF HOSTS SHALL RETURN AND THE LION SHALL ROAR AGAIN“.’

Detail from Eagle-eyed by John Mark Long: www.propheticartists.comI noted the closing promise about ‘The Great Joining of the Lion and the Eagle’.

Also, I recalled last year’s posts about the Lion of Judah, especially appearing at Ffald-y-Brenin as told in Vision of a lion – four faces of God.

Now, this afternoon, it just so happens ‘by coincidence’ from ‘over the Pond’ that upon opening WordPress Reader I noticed the latest post by Tony in Tucson dated today. It reads as follows (click title for original):


‘Below is a vision I had 5 years ago:

‘I had a very tragic vision on 07/25/2010. In the vision I could see many preachers, their pulpits were lined up next to each other,they were very learned men, some were in suits and some were in robes,and they were preaching to a very large …congregation. The eyes of everyone in the congregation and their attention were on these preachers. In back of these preachers I could see Jesus on the cross. Not one of the preachers ever mentioned the cross in his preaching and no one in the congregation ever looked at the cross, their eyes were on the preachers and they were attentive to the “wisdom” that was being taught by them.

‘This Thanksgiving morning, 11/26/2015, I had a dream just before waking:

I saw a preacher standing at a pulpit. I saw the congregation seated ready to hear his sermon. Then I saw him open the Bible and it seemed that he opened it exactly in the middle. Then I saw an incredible site. Just as he opened the Bible I saw a lion leap from the pages and onto the podium, stand to the preacher’s right and begin to roar. The roar that come from this lion was like no earthly lion. The roar was so loud that the building shook. The attention of the people, as one might now guess was no longer on the preacher but instead was now on the lion. This Lion, I believe, was none other than the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

‘I find the contrast here amazing. In my vision of 2010, no one paid attention to the lamb of God suffering and dying on a cross for our sins. The people’s attention was on the pastors and their wisdom. In the dream I just had, the same would have been repeated except for the fact that the Lion began to roar.  I believe that the Lord is bringing pulpit worship to an end.’

Amen, my American friend.

Discerning the times full image

Fascinating that two prophetic words of several years ago have resurfaced almost simultaneously – and on America’s Thanksgiving!! (Its origins lie in the non-conformist Pilgrim Father’s celebration of Sukkot in 1621 – final para of Puritans were more Jewish than Protestants refers.)

Surely the Lord is indeed speaking to His Church…

Update 1st Dec: Patrick Schatzline tells me when he was in Singapore the Lord spoke to him about the Lion roaring! ( Remnant International Ministries).


Wendy Alec: Vision for Great Britain

Courtesy of James Mark Long, www.propheticartists.comThis continues Call to Pray for the UK – part 2 with the other incoming communication received on the same Monday, and to which it seemed connected by virtue of being on prophecies for Britain.

This item was an email from LH with a copy of a vision Wendy Alec had received and it ‘rang a bell’. Your fellow reader felt it right to revisit and pray over it. Furthermore, it plugged into my ruminations whilst digging into papers on the 2005 bomb attacks and on a coming battle that Chuck Pierce and Sharon Stone had spoken about. In fact, this vision was listed in my Library collection under 2005 but this version coming from God TV had a great deal more material than in my copy.

At first glance, however, the content of Wendy’s lengthy vision seems at odds with what her fellow prophets had already delivered. In late May 2005 Chuck “saw a sword in the heavens over London and England” and with his team sought its interpretation in the light of the word of God.

He didn’t know whose hand held or would guide it but felt he gained an understanding from Joshua 5 and believed that God was saying,

“I want to take charge over England and London for this hour. I want to be Commander in Chief over how you progress from this day on”, that He wants the prophets to contend for His sword to begin to lead us in victory against the giants that we’ve been unwilling to face in the past…(see report).

Also, what Chuck wrote in his ‘England Report’ of May 16, 2005 is appropriate for today:

“This is a season…to meet together, worship, cry out and press into revelation. The enemy has a plan to suppress the vision of God in this land. Do not get discouraged. You need to keep saying what needs to be said, even if it seems no-one in this land is listening.”

In addition, his associate Martha Lucia of Watchman Network had previously seen the demonic “spirit of Rabshakeh and its cohorts hovering over London” (covering note of June 1 2005 to Chuck’s report and call of May 31 for 40-days of prayer. This decision coincided with the inexplicable stopping of Big Ben – as here).

Then on 7th July came terrorist bomb attacks. And now we have constant heightened security vigilance because ISIS/L is at war with us.

But within days of the 7/7 outrage a prophetic visionary experience came to Wendy that seemingly made no reference to it, or to what others had discerned. Or did it?

Additionally, many uplifting and strengthening prophetic words have since been brought by Chuck and Sharon for Britain and Ireland’s ‘New Season’ of moving into the Lord. And although Wendy’s prophetic vision came in those difficult days of July 2005, it is  even more appropriate for today and the next years.

Wendy AlecHer vision commences with a sighting of ‘pockets of small fires across Europe’ and then proceeds into great depth about them and what the Lord is doing. So it connects not only with what was happening then but also where we’re heading today and need to be contending against, as in my recent posts and another yet to be posted from Clifford Hill.

After a most stirring, revelatory vision Wendy brings these encouraging exhortations from the Lord:

  • Great Britain: Land of End-Time Destiny
  • I Am About to Blow the Trumpet
  • Like Wilberforce, My Apostolic Voices Shall Rise in Parliament
  • A Mighty Flood of Evangelists
  • The Rise of One with a Rod of Iron and My Government on his Shoulders
  • The Great Joining of the Lion and the Eagle

Click to study, weigh and carefully consider her account of 2005 Vision for Great Britain.


PS to Wendy Alec’s prophecy on Obama – and on Netanyahu!

A brief PostScript to my earlier post on another development in the Obama prophecy.:

Those who read the full text of Wendy’s word may have noticed a second fulfillment could be found in the other event to which I referred.  (During his first term as Prime Minister, Netanyahu had difficulties with Bill Clinton and his bias in favour of Yasser Arafat. Perhaps his wife, as Obama’s Secretary of State, made matters worse?)

The original link via GOD TV’s webpage is no longer available but in January 2018 a copy was placed on this blog’s Prophecies & Visions hub. Wendy’s prophetic word of 2008 on Benjamin Netanyahu may now be read by clicking/tapping this link:

A few regard Wendy as a false prophet, but here we have two proven prophetic words.

Bibi’s personal friend Dr Mike Evans, gave him a word as a young man from the Lord that he would have two unbroken terms of office as Prime Minister and recommended him to then PM Begin. This was well before he went into politics!

By the way, in view of the circumstances and thanks to William Koenig, the meaning of Benjamin Netanyahu’s name in Hebrew is interesting:

Benjamin: ‘Son of the right hand’.

Netanyahu (derivative of Nethaniah): ‘Given by God’, or ‘gift of God’.

(For more information click here and here respectively.)

Read also – 2. Obama vs Netanyahu in Politically relevant gov’t news from UK & USA

UPDATED – March 2015 Israeli Elections:

Now Bibi’s won a 4th term and confounded critics, doubtlessly by the hand of God.

Obama prophecy – another development

Last November I posted an urgent prophetic word and associated prayer for President Obama from Wendy Alec, which she’d published on 12th November. This included the following promises.:

“For there shall begin a healing of rifts, says the Lord;

“A healing of rifts between the Republicans and the Democrats,

“A healing of rifts that shall extend even from the Congress to Israel,

“For there shall even be a healing of rifts between President Barack Obama and President Benjamin Netanyahu….”

UN Sep12 NET-OBAMA1_13jpgWithin a week both leaders were locked in discussions for negotiating a fully working truce with Hamas to stop their continual rocket attacks from Gaza. This announcement was so astounding that newsagency Debka broke it in the following terms.:

So what happened to turn the notoriously prickly relations between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu into harmonious cooperation – defying dire predictions by Israeli politicians and media that the second Obama term heralded still more jarring discord? (see my report here)

Those who, like me, have closely followed the nasty turns around the hairpin bends up and down their rocky relationship would also have been surprised.  So whyever couldn’t this about-turn have happened as the result of world-wide prayers of intercession?

In December the US continued with secret, back-channel negotiations with Iran, during which Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was injured in rather mysterious circumstances. These led to much speculation, as may be read here.

Debkafile claims that last year, “Alone of any other publication, (we) disclosed that Obama and Netanyahu had reached an understanding to embark on regional initiatives in a spirit of partnership straight after the Israeli election”.  Thus more recently, Debka reported the US had given Israel clearance for dealing with Syria’s weapon transfer to Hezbollah, as covered by Joel Rosenberg here together with my additional data.

This week, mainstream media announced a trip for President Obama to Israel with the aim of resuscitating and fast-tracking the moribund Middle-east peace talks.  But, as ever, the agency with its ears to the ground reported otherwise.:

President Barack Obama is not coming to Israel to advance new proposals or break the peace talks deadlock with the Palestinians, the White House said Wednesday night, Feb 6. US ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, said earlier he was coming in the spring for consultation major issues: preventing a nuclear Iran and the collapse of the Assad regime in Syria – not to make demands. Working relations between Obama and Netanyahu were “excellent,” he said.

…The visit had been discussed when Obama phoned Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Jan 28 to congratulate him on his success in Israel’s recent election. The communique went on to say that the US president was coming to discuss issues of common interest such as furthering the peace process but added, the start of Obama’s second term offers an opportunity to reaffirm  Israel’s close relationship with the US and to discuss major issues like Syria and Iran.”

It’s been well-known to all but the US that Iran would always be unwilling to play ball on nuclear negotiations. So what’s today’s excuse? According to Debka’s Special Report.:

Khamenei did not say so specifically, but his rejection of dialogue with Washington was undoubtedly influenced by President Barack Obama’s forthcoming visit to Israel. By the metaphor of “holding a gun against Iran”, the Iranian leader was not just reacting to the new sanctions; he was also hitting back at the White House announcement’s stress that the president’s talks with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu would focus on Iran and Syria – as debkafile reported Wednesday. The expectation is that Obama and Netanyahu will confer on the military option both governments have reserved for dealing with Iran’s nuclear program.

Khamenei’s rejection of face-to-face talks does not cancel the international negotiations scheduled to take place in Kazakhstan. It does, however, render them more pointless than ever.

At long last it appears that POTUS Obama has started to see things as they really are!

So very interesting and encouraging that these developments are in line with Wendy’s request, the full text of which may be read here > Obama Prophecy and Prayer.

Also, please see PostSript on Clinton and on Netanyahu.


Aug 2014 – Israeli retaliation against Hamas perpetual bombardment brings change in this rapprochement.

Oct 2014 – Netanyahu meets Obama at The White House after UN General Assembly (also see PM Netanyahu at UN and Joel Rosenberg Tale of 2 Speeches at UN).

March 2105 – Obama prophecy fulfilled? Netanyahu speech to Congress.


Obama prophecy – an interesting development

May I ask, if you’ve yet to read my last post about Wendy’s Alec’s prophetic word and prayer request for President Obama, that you read it first before continuing below?

Usually, I don’t blog during our 3-day weekend but Saturday was an exception. Whilst downloading Friday night’s reports from Washington and Israel I noticed Wendy Alec’s email of late Thursday and realised it warranted immediate wider dissemination.

BUT after having posted it and circulated to intercessors I was about to close down for the weekend and was ‘nudged’ to first check the latest news. THUS, I spotted this rather astonishing breaking news:

Early Saturday, Nov. 17, US President Obama, in a phone conversation with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, reiterated his support for Israel’s right to defend itself.  He also spoke to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and urged him to persuade Hamas to accept Israel’s terms for a ceasefire.
So what happened to turn the notoriously prickly relations between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu into harmonious cooperation – defying dire predictions by Israeli politicians and media that the second Obama term heralded still more jarring discord?  <my emphasis>

(Debka Exclusive Analysis: Israel will strike Gaza so long as Khameini nixes talks with Obama Saturday 17th Nov 2012.)

Maybe the real answer is that intercessors responded to the urgent prayer call and the Lord acted, as promised!  Did you read Wendy’s prayer request and notice this in the  promises?.:

“For there shall begin a healing of rifts says the Lord

“A healing of rifts

“A healing of rifts between the Republicans and the Democrats

“A healing of rifts that shall extend even from the Congress to Israel

For there shall even be a healing of rifts between President Barack Obama and President Benjamin Netanyahu….” <my emphasis>

If you haven’t read the full word, here’s the direct link > Obama Prophecy and Prayer.

Also, that detailed Debka report is well worth a careful perusal too!

An urgent prophetic word / prayer request for President Obama

This is perhaps fitting for this blog’s 200th post…Wendy Alec wrote the following in an email I received on Thursday.:

“This is a short note from me to share what I’ve sense the Father put so strongly on my
heart concerning the recent elections in America. I have sensed this since the night of our live broadcast from Washington DC on election night, 2008.

“I sense that the Lord has been very grieved by the flow of criticism by the Church concerning Barack Obama these past four years. Instead of fervent prayers for the President of the United States, many times it has been criticism instead that has risen  to His throne.

“In fact beloved, I sensed that the Father said that our words as Christians have in fact somewhat imprisoned President Obama….”

To read the full text of this important word and promises of transformation click on Obama Prophecy and Prayer.

Amen, and thank you for this rebuke Lord.

Note: Wendy and her husband Rory are founders of God TV and her earlier works were published in The Journal of The Unknown Prophet – see also About Wendy Alec.

ALSO, see next post which covers an interesting development on this same day.

PS: read further developments in February 2013 by clicking here, a reference in March here and the shift in US policy during Obama’s Jerusalem visit here. See also Joel Rosenberg’s report on their post-UNGA meeting at The White House 1 Oct 2014.

UPDATE Mar 2015: Obama prophecy fulfilled? Netanyahu speech to Congress.

Visitation of Jesus to the Arab nations

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’).:

Dear Friends,

Have received God TV’s letter for June which announces their focus upon events in the Middle East and which will especially focus upon the extraordinary work of Canon Andrew White, the ‘Vicar of Baghdad’.  Transmission is scheduled for 9-12 June, should you want to watch these programmes.

Furthermore, I’d draw your special attention to the attached prophetic word about the Arab nations. It was first published in Journal of the Unknown Prophet, which bears the following wholehearted recommendation of Colin Dye, pastor of Kensington Temple:

‘The Journal carries the distinctive ring of a genuine prophetic word of our times’.

This word, and many more, was received during a 10-day visitation in Nov 1999 and of which one particularly spoke of the future betrayal of Israel by nations which had previously been her allies:

“…For even the governments of the West and the Western powers shall shift and sway and even those you thought were solid allies to you, shall in the coming days shift allegiance…”

Over the past two years – climaxing last week in Washington! – we’ve seen this genuine prophecy come to pass.  But praise the Lord there’s one God-fearing leader in this world: Canada’s PM Stephen Harper – would that ours were of his spiritual calibre.

During the last few weeks I’ve been discovering more about the Lord’s wonderful work within the Muslim nations, and would like to share it another time.

To close, could Jesus’ words at John 5.23 about honouring Him be aimed at not only Jews but also Muslims?  After all they regard Jesus as a prophet and thereby give him honour – and look what happened to the Samaritan woman when she recognised Jesus as a prophet (John 4.19), He then blessed her with the revelation of Him as Messiah!