Obama prophecy – another development

Last November I posted an urgent prophetic word and associated prayer for President Obama from Wendy Alec, which she’d published on 12th November. This included the following promises.:

“For there shall begin a healing of rifts, says the Lord;

“A healing of rifts between the Republicans and the Democrats,

“A healing of rifts that shall extend even from the Congress to Israel,

“For there shall even be a healing of rifts between President Barack Obama and President Benjamin Netanyahu….”

UN Sep12 NET-OBAMA1_13jpgWithin a week both leaders were locked in discussions for negotiating a fully working truce with Hamas to stop their continual rocket attacks from Gaza. This announcement was so astounding that newsagency Debka broke it in the following terms.:

So what happened to turn the notoriously prickly relations between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu into harmonious cooperation – defying dire predictions by Israeli politicians and media that the second Obama term heralded still more jarring discord? (see my report here)

Those who, like me, have closely followed the nasty turns around the hairpin bends up and down their rocky relationship would also have been surprised.  So whyever couldn’t this about-turn have happened as the result of world-wide prayers of intercession?

In December the US continued with secret, back-channel negotiations with Iran, during which Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was injured in rather mysterious circumstances. These led to much speculation, as may be read here.

Debkafile claims that last year, “Alone of any other publication, (we) disclosed that Obama and Netanyahu had reached an understanding to embark on regional initiatives in a spirit of partnership straight after the Israeli election”.  Thus more recently, Debka reported the US had given Israel clearance for dealing with Syria’s weapon transfer to Hezbollah, as covered by Joel Rosenberg here together with my additional data.

This week, mainstream media announced a trip for President Obama to Israel with the aim of resuscitating and fast-tracking the moribund Middle-east peace talks.  But, as ever, the agency with its ears to the ground reported otherwise.:

President Barack Obama is not coming to Israel to advance new proposals or break the peace talks deadlock with the Palestinians, the White House said Wednesday night, Feb 6. US ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, said earlier he was coming in the spring for consultation major issues: preventing a nuclear Iran and the collapse of the Assad regime in Syria – not to make demands. Working relations between Obama and Netanyahu were “excellent,” he said.

…The visit had been discussed when Obama phoned Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Jan 28 to congratulate him on his success in Israel’s recent election. The communique went on to say that the US president was coming to discuss issues of common interest such as furthering the peace process but added, the start of Obama’s second term offers an opportunity to reaffirm  Israel’s close relationship with the US and to discuss major issues like Syria and Iran.”

It’s been well-known to all but the US that Iran would always be unwilling to play ball on nuclear negotiations. So what’s today’s excuse? According to Debka’s Special Report.:

Khamenei did not say so specifically, but his rejection of dialogue with Washington was undoubtedly influenced by President Barack Obama’s forthcoming visit to Israel. By the metaphor of “holding a gun against Iran”, the Iranian leader was not just reacting to the new sanctions; he was also hitting back at the White House announcement’s stress that the president’s talks with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu would focus on Iran and Syria – as debkafile reported Wednesday. The expectation is that Obama and Netanyahu will confer on the military option both governments have reserved for dealing with Iran’s nuclear program.

Khamenei’s rejection of face-to-face talks does not cancel the international negotiations scheduled to take place in Kazakhstan. It does, however, render them more pointless than ever.

At long last it appears that POTUS Obama has started to see things as they really are!

So very interesting and encouraging that these developments are in line with Wendy’s request, the full text of which may be read here > Obama Prophecy and Prayer.

Also, please see PostSript on Clinton and on Netanyahu.


Aug 2014 – Israeli retaliation against Hamas perpetual bombardment brings change in this rapprochement.

Oct 2014 – Netanyahu meets Obama at The White House after UN General Assembly (also see PM Netanyahu at UN and Joel Rosenberg Tale of 2 Speeches at UN).

March 2105 – Obama prophecy fulfilled? Netanyahu speech to Congress.


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