The real reason for the Israel-Palestine issue and anti-Semitism

Then the Lord will go forth
And fight against those nations,
As He fights in the day of battle.
And in that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives,
Which faces Jerusalem on the east. (Zecharia 14:3-4 NKJV)

Awaken Your Might - credit; James Nesbit

Only 12 MPs were wise enough to vote in the House of Commons against an opposing 274 (not a full House). As recorded in the Hansard transcript, they voted just before 10pm on 13th October 2014,

“That this House believes that the Government should recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel, as a contribution to securing a negotiated two state solution”.

That’s fine and all well and good on the face of it BUT it’s utterly farcical.  As with many thousands elsewhere, these 274 have been well and truly fooled.

The factual evidence follows below.

This blog’s totally unplanned focus this week is on what’s, in essence, a critical issue.

Few in my opinion know why it’s critical, or the real reason for the prolonged hostility over Israel’s existence and complete lack of a solution to the territorial disputes.

The real reason is; it’s Satan’s objective to thwart God’s purpose, as stated in His above Word given to Zecharia 2,500 years ago. That is, Satan seeks his own self-preservation!

In Zecharia’s prophecy the Lord is to appear in that Middle-Eastern location and thereby bring about the next phase of Satan’s downfall. (The first was when Jesus died and rose from the dead, thereby redeeming humanity from Satan’s authority and thus enabling us to be reconciled to God, our Father.)

The foretold scenario is ‘The Day of The Lord’; the start of which is described in the 12th chapter of the book of Zecharia, as mentioned in Exactly as prophesied….

The Lord foretells in verse 10,

 “And I will pour on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and supplication; then they will look on Me whom they pierced. Yes, they will mourn for Him as one mourns for his only son, and grieve for Him as one grieves for a firstborn.

In A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days, Messianic rabbi Jonathan Bernis explains how the feast of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) relates to Jesus’ return and then exclaims,

The clarity of this prophecy is astounding! It declares in detail the day when Jewish people, and specifically the inhabitants of a Jerusalem under Jewish control, recognise that Jesus, whom they previously understood to be the God of the Christians and whom they denied since the days of their ancestors two thousand years ago, is in fact Yeshua, the promised Messiah of Israel. (Page 215)

That is, the Jewish people will have to have returned to live in as well as have control of Jerusalem and thus be in place for Jesus to visit. Chapter 14 answers any question that this event may be just a supra-natural, spiritual or subjective vision by referring explicitly to an objective, tangible presence.  That is, Jesus will have physically descended onto the Mount of Olives.

To avoid this happening Satan must therefore ensure there are no Jews in Jerusalem, or its vicinity.  In the absence of Jews, Jesus’ return would be pointless and thus not happen. So Satan could possibly avoid his decreed fate, remain ‘safe and sound’ on earth and not imprisoned to be eventually thrown into the ‘lake of fire’. As Jonathan states,

I cannot reiterate enough that anti-Semitism is nothing more or less than Satan’s attempt at self-preservation.

So, Satan is the source of all Jew-hatred, whether it comes from any biblical or modern nation; or from historic Christian churches, as it has for centuries; or from ancient Islam and its modern terrorists. All have been duped and used by the enemy of mankind.

To show the validity of my thesis we need only to look at the history of anti-Semitism and global hatred of the modern state of Israel; especially the disingenuous tactics of the Palestinian leadership, as indicated in Nick Gray and Joel Rosenberg’s reports here and here.  But there’s even more tangible evidence for my claim.:

Map of Palestine

Three years ago, in blogging on PM Netanyahu’s address to the UN General Assembly, I referred to Palestinian leader Abbas’ visit to the UN seeking recognition of Palestine as an observer state to the UN. That post shows the model of the land of Palestine Abbas brought to them. I wrote,

When the PLO were permitted to open up diplomatic missions the map displayed on their flags and literature depicts their proposed state as being the whole territory between the Mediterranean, Lebanon, Egypt and the river Jordan – ie. excluding Israel…  (emphasis added)

Now they have official Observer Mission status, its website’s ‘About Palestine’ displays a Declaration of Independence which claims Jerusalem as their capital. Deeper down that menu is the ‘PLO’ entry which shows the map of Palestine and Israel as Palestinian territory.

A few days ago I cited Michel Gurfinkiel’s statement that the Oslo Accords and ‘Road Map’ of 2003 explicitly requested the Palestinian Authority to direct its public education towards a pro-peace attitude. Abbas has never complied with that requirement.

Here’s the latest evidence that Palestinians have not – and will never – change what they teach about their supposed state:


Thank you to Palestine Media Watch for publishing this item from Fatah Facebook that shows children learning “Palestine cannot be divided”.  It heads a page of documented examples, PA depicts a world without Israel, and explains this one as follows:

‘The text was accompanied by a photo of a teacher pointing to a map of “Palestine” replacing all of Israel drawn on the blackboard, with the explanatory text rejecting Israeli jurisdiction over Israeli cities: “Acre, Haifa, Jaffa, Ramle, Safed, Beit Shean, were and will remain Palestinian cities”.’

So how can any two-state solution ever be negotiated?  Parliament’s motion, therefore, is rendered meaningless and needs flushing down the pan, where it belongs!


On Tuesday French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius was reported as saying that Paris would recognize a Palestinian state if negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel fail. However, French MP Meir Habib responded by stating France is making a grave mistake,

“Europe and France specifically refuse to recognize the reality and think that if they recognize a Palestinian state, the conflict will end. When will they wake up? The free world must unite and realize that recognizing a Palestinian state without negotiations at this time is a grave mistake that will be costly for Europe”.


A priest has appealed to the UN and told them to ‘end the witch hunt’ against Israel, as reported by religio-political blogger Archbishop Cranmer,

‘Father Gabriel Naddaf, a Greek Orthodox Priest in Yafia, near Nazareth, appealed to the UN Human Rights Council last month, urging them to end their “witch hunt” on Israel: “In the Middle East today, there is one country where Christianity is not only not persecuted, but affectionately granted freedom of expression, freedom of worship and security,” he testified. “It is Israel, the Jewish state. Israel is the only place where Christians in the Middle East are safe.”

‘And he testified further, confirming that some 120,000 Christians have been killed in the Middle East every year for the past decade: “That means that every five minutes a Christian is killed because of his faith,” he said. “Those who can escape persecution at the hands of Muslim extremists have fled. Those who remain, exist as second – if not third-class citizens to their Muslim rulers.” And he warned: “It is time the world woke up to the fact that those who want to destroy the Jewish state are signing the death warrant on the last free Christians in the Holy Land”. (Emphasis added)

Anti-Semitism in Church

Hold onto your seat here. I’ll be brief and assume you are aware of the Church’s stance against Jewry, especially since the time of Constantine and the Council of Nicea in 4th Century. This was soon followed by the false doctrine of Replacement Theology which originated in Augustine’s seminal work ‘City of God’. This doctrine assumes the Church has replaced the Jews as God’s chosen people and that He’s turned His back on them. This teaching opened the door for over 1,500 years of harsh persecution from so-called Christians.

Proper recognition of the Jews special relationship with God came from Puritans and Non-conformists of Cromwell’s time in 17th Century. They recognised the importance of the Jews returning to their home land and eventual acceptance of Jesus as Messiah, as foretold in Zecharia.

Today, however, anti-Semitism is continued by the World Council of Churches. It also has a key role in mobilizing the BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) movement in churches. The WCC promotes and works closely with Palestinian Liberation Theology,  and it founded the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI).

William Koenig’s Eye View From The White House dated 20 June 2016 gives a wealth of detail on this deeply disturbing anti-Semitism within so-called churches:

“By claiming that the Jewish people “occupied” Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem the global Christian organizations have sided with the Islamic worldview”.

Of many indictments, he cites:

  1. EAPPI frequently uses inflammatory and demonizing rhetoric against Israel and engages in (BDS) campaigns. It presents a one-sided Palestinian narrative, promotes the “right of return,” ignores terror attacks against Israelis, and blames Israel entirely for the conflict.
  2. EAPPI is an important resource for pro-Palestinian activists in various denominations worldwide as “sending organizations (several US/UK examples!!)
  3.  A number of European governments, plus the US and Canada, provide funds for these church-based efforts to delegitimize Israel. These tax-payer funds are disbursed as grants to church-based humanitarian NGOs, which then transfer these funds to highly politicized pro-Palestinian NGOs — including Christian groups that promote BDS, the one-state solution and, in many cases, anti-Semitic supercessionist, or replacement, theologies within mainline churches worldwide.
  4. The WCC, an ecumenical body, which claims to represent 590 million Christians worldwide and based in Switzerland, sponsored an event supporting the partition and Islamization of Jerusalem. The “World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel”  [began] 22 Sept 2013. (See EXPOSE: Christian Fatwa Against Israel).

Thank the Lord that His shaking and sifting of churches will deal with this falsehood.

[Awaken Your Might – credit; James Nesbit]

British MPs ‘recognise’ a non-existent state!

Published also as ‘How Britain Harms Israel-Palestine Peace Prospects’ in The Commentator, this post by Nick Gray, Director of Christian Middle East Watch, expands upon my previous posts to explain why Parliament’s vote is not only irrational but is also futile for furthering peace.

Christian Middle East Watch

big benMonday’s vote in Britain’s parliament to recognise an as yet non-existent Palestinian state may not change government policy but it sends a negative message way beyond London. This despite the fact that less than half of the House of Commons was present for the debate

The vote to recognise “Palestine” will encourage Israel’s detractors (of which there are many in Britain) and, in the words of Britain’s ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould, “This Parliamentary vote is a sign of the way the wind is blowing, and will continue to blow without any progress towards peace.”

Sweden’s new government has made a similar declaration of support for the “state of Palestine”. Palestinian emissaries have been busy and other governments will follow, adding to the more than one hundred already recognising “Palestine”.

This is all part of Mr Abbas’ plan for formal recognition of his “state” at the UN and to join…

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Pope Francis and the Archbishop of Canterbury – God’s outsiders pointing to a new era for the church

Gillan ScotA superb reflection upon the unusual juxtapositioning of both enthronements from Gillan Scott. He adroitly observes and comments upon the work of the Holy Spirit, “If there was evidence needed for this, the election of two men who were off many people’s radar is surely it.”  I also entirely agree with his emphasis; “…When this sort of thing happens it usually heralds change.”  Readers of this blog will note how this may be related to several prophetic words along those lines and as reported in recent months. March may be more momentous in God’s plans than my friend surmises – at about the same time a newly elected government in Israel is hosting the visit of a recently re-inaugurated President of the USA. Truly, these are most interesting times!

God and Politics in the UK

Next week within three days arguably the two most influential Christian leaders in the world will be enthroned.  It will be a truly unprecedented week when both the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby and Pope Francis are installed into their respective roles.  The last time the Pope and Archbishop of Canterbury were enthroned so closely together was in 1294, when they were two weeks apart.  There will of course be plenty of media coverage to follow the pomp and ceremony of the week’s events, just as there was as millions sat and watched a chimney above the Sistine Chapel waiting for the white smoke to appear and then following that the big reveal on the balcony of St Peters.  As the crowds cheered a man dressed in white stepped forward silently watching them almost is if he was overawed by the enormity of the occasion.  Framed theatrically by the façade of…

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Obama prophecy – another development

Last November I posted an urgent prophetic word and associated prayer for President Obama from Wendy Alec, which she’d published on 12th November. This included the following promises.:

“For there shall begin a healing of rifts, says the Lord;

“A healing of rifts between the Republicans and the Democrats,

“A healing of rifts that shall extend even from the Congress to Israel,

“For there shall even be a healing of rifts between President Barack Obama and President Benjamin Netanyahu….”

UN Sep12 NET-OBAMA1_13jpgWithin a week both leaders were locked in discussions for negotiating a fully working truce with Hamas to stop their continual rocket attacks from Gaza. This announcement was so astounding that newsagency Debka broke it in the following terms.:

So what happened to turn the notoriously prickly relations between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu into harmonious cooperation – defying dire predictions by Israeli politicians and media that the second Obama term heralded still more jarring discord? (see my report here)

Those who, like me, have closely followed the nasty turns around the hairpin bends up and down their rocky relationship would also have been surprised.  So whyever couldn’t this about-turn have happened as the result of world-wide prayers of intercession?

In December the US continued with secret, back-channel negotiations with Iran, during which Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was injured in rather mysterious circumstances. These led to much speculation, as may be read here.

Debkafile claims that last year, “Alone of any other publication, (we) disclosed that Obama and Netanyahu had reached an understanding to embark on regional initiatives in a spirit of partnership straight after the Israeli election”.  Thus more recently, Debka reported the US had given Israel clearance for dealing with Syria’s weapon transfer to Hezbollah, as covered by Joel Rosenberg here together with my additional data.

This week, mainstream media announced a trip for President Obama to Israel with the aim of resuscitating and fast-tracking the moribund Middle-east peace talks.  But, as ever, the agency with its ears to the ground reported otherwise.:

President Barack Obama is not coming to Israel to advance new proposals or break the peace talks deadlock with the Palestinians, the White House said Wednesday night, Feb 6. US ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, said earlier he was coming in the spring for consultation major issues: preventing a nuclear Iran and the collapse of the Assad regime in Syria – not to make demands. Working relations between Obama and Netanyahu were “excellent,” he said.

…The visit had been discussed when Obama phoned Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Jan 28 to congratulate him on his success in Israel’s recent election. The communique went on to say that the US president was coming to discuss issues of common interest such as furthering the peace process but added, the start of Obama’s second term offers an opportunity to reaffirm  Israel’s close relationship with the US and to discuss major issues like Syria and Iran.”

It’s been well-known to all but the US that Iran would always be unwilling to play ball on nuclear negotiations. So what’s today’s excuse? According to Debka’s Special Report.:

Khamenei did not say so specifically, but his rejection of dialogue with Washington was undoubtedly influenced by President Barack Obama’s forthcoming visit to Israel. By the metaphor of “holding a gun against Iran”, the Iranian leader was not just reacting to the new sanctions; he was also hitting back at the White House announcement’s stress that the president’s talks with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu would focus on Iran and Syria – as debkafile reported Wednesday. The expectation is that Obama and Netanyahu will confer on the military option both governments have reserved for dealing with Iran’s nuclear program.

Khamenei’s rejection of face-to-face talks does not cancel the international negotiations scheduled to take place in Kazakhstan. It does, however, render them more pointless than ever.

At long last it appears that POTUS Obama has started to see things as they really are!

So very interesting and encouraging that these developments are in line with Wendy’s request, the full text of which may be read here > Obama Prophecy and Prayer.

Also, please see PostSript on Clinton and on Netanyahu.


Aug 2014 – Israeli retaliation against Hamas perpetual bombardment brings change in this rapprochement.

Oct 2014 – Netanyahu meets Obama at The White House after UN General Assembly (also see PM Netanyahu at UN and Joel Rosenberg Tale of 2 Speeches at UN).

March 2105 – Obama prophecy fulfilled? Netanyahu speech to Congress.


Update 3 of 3 – the Middle-East

Since the brief reference in the latter half of my earlier post on the BBC a great deal has been rolling on regarding Israel and Iran. So I will summarise below all I know, which means this will be a full posting. But first, this morning’s ‘hot off the press’ news:

Two Hamas spies arrested among PA chairman’s personal guards – Debka exclusive reports American, Israeli and Palestinian security services were deeply shocked with the realisation that they had been passing Mahmoud Abbas’s closest secrets to their Hamas controllers for many years. The fact that they had been planted under cover within the Palestinian leader’s 170-strong personal guard has compromised the security standing of his entire national security force of 6 battalions (4000 members).

That security force, Debka comments, “…may be riddled with Hamas undercover agents and an unknown number of sleeper cells awaiting orders to spring into action (also that) high-ranking officials consider all of Abbas’ most confidential political, intelligence and financial moves and private communications with Arab, Israeli and Western personal-ities must be accounted an open book to Hamas.” (The radical Hamas rules the Gaza Strip as a bitter rival of Abbas’ Fatah-led administration in Ramallah). The selection and screening of the whole Palestinian security force was the responsibility of American and British agencies!

In my opinion this will throw yet another spanner into the ‘peace process’ but is not at all surprising in view of two reasons:

  • my guess as to “a major shaking of the Palestinian leadership” at the start of the Arab Spring. Perhaps Hamas spies were responsible for the ‘talks leaks’?
  • the long-running political incompetence of Western leadership’s failure to grasp and understand Islamist terrorism.

Now, back to my post about ‘Bibi’s Secret War Plan’, or ‘Shock and Awe’ Israeli-style.  William Koenig also reported upon:

He also cited various voices in opposition to Israel acting against Iran, viz:

My Footnote referred to Iranian declarations of Nazi policy. Google reported 18 Aug:

Ahmadinejad’s diatribe against Israel in his Quds (Jerusalem) Day address was the latest in a long line to have drawn criticism from Western governments. “The Zionist regime and the Zionists are a cancerous tumour,” he said.

“The nations of the region will soon finish off the usurper Zionists in the Palestinian land…. A new Middle East will definitely be formed. With the grace of God and help of the nations, in the new Middle East there will be no trace of the Americans and Zionists,” he said. His declarations were followed within a couple of days by supreme leader Khameini’s unequivocal support.

Debka reported on 16 Aug that the White House had urgently contacted PM Netanyahu to arrange a meeting with President Obama at September’s UN General Assembly. See this exclusive report on strength of activity for and against proposed Israeli action, as well as calls for expulsion of Iran from UN and IMF.

18 Aug – US National Security Council, UN Secretary General and the EU’s foreign affairs High Representative Ashton all strongly condemned Iranian vitriol and hatred. Reuters reports ‘Catherine Ashton’s language was unusually forthright for the West’s chief negotiator over Iran’s nuclear program’. The agency quotes the statement issued by her spokesman that Ashton:

Strongly condemns the outrageous and hateful remarks threatening Israel’s existence by the Supreme Leader and the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Israel’s right to exist must not be called into question(my emphasis)

18 Aug – “White House this week scrambles to reconnect with Jerusalem after Obama administration was persuaded that Israel is serious about conducting a Fall military operation against Iran’s nuclear program before the Nov 6 US presidential election”, ie. notwithstanding heavy opposition at home and in States. Proposed UN meeting now overtaken by events and Israel presents 4-point plan for delaying attack, all of which require formal action by Obama (see Exclusive Report). Debka’s sources report that Obama has not objected or rejected this plan. [Note: this is a major breakthrough for PM Netanyahu in view of the continual personal opposition he has been confronted with from Obama.]

19 Aug – Silverstein writes Israel Official refuses to deny authenticity of …document.

20 Aug  – US General Dempsey tells reporters, while on a flight to Afghanistan, that he understands Israel’s urgency in calling for action against Iran’s nuclear program. “They are living with an existential concern that we are not living with,” he said according to AFP.  Israel and the US see the Iranian threat differently, admitting that Washington and Jerusalem are on “different clocks” regarding Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. [Note: Israel has always been far ahead of USA, which lacked on-the-ground intelligence.] In fact, USA had recognised Israel’s claim that Iran could produce its first nuclear device by October – this year!! (see Exclusive Report.)

LATEST 21 Aug – Western intelligence sources recognise that the likely way to avoid destruction of Israel (whether they attack Iran now, later or not) would be “to disable Iran’s nuclear program by going after its leaders”!!  Perhaps it’s a better option than full-scale war, and much less costly.  Iran’s goal is to eliminate Israel no matter what, so attack is the best form of defence – unless the Lord sovereignly steps in.

To understand the perilous nature of events we need to have a full appreciation of what is actually happening. You may, therefore wish to consider the latest news, in the form of a Debka special video presentation with textual copy – from those who can often have access to news prior to its breaking into mainstream media (if the BBC can handle it).

Further connected developments are reported in this Postscript.

PM Netanyahu’s address to the UN General Assembly

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’).:

Dear Friends,
At long last this pc’s back up to speed and plays sound.  So Nina and I caught up with a video-link Bill Koenig provided to a recording of Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the UN.   He was spectacularly statesmanlike.  However, the link has since disappeared and, not surprisingly, copies and links are hard to find but here’s one full version, especially just for you:
I strongly recommend setting aside 40 mins to watch this firm declaration of many truths to a hostile world – as though the Lord was standing alongside and inspiring him!  He gives a compelling account as well as a rational denunciation of the UN as ‘a theatre of the absurd’!  We know that through his close friendship with Mike Evans, chairman of the Corrie Ten Boom Foundation, this democratically elected PM is deeply appreciative of Christian prayer support.  In view of my previous closing comments (below), it was interesting to hear of Bibi’s very ancient ancestral connection to Jerusalem.  Also, it was appropriate his speech followed that of the unelected PLO’s Abbas and Iran’s A-madman-jihad and which, for the discerning, can be seen as an honest alternative.
For a solid but brief overview of the address, see Joel Rosenberg at:
An email just received from Mike reports, in part:
As Abbas waved the copy of the petition he had earlier submitted to the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, the hall repeatedly resounded with thunderous applause. One would have sworn it was Nelson Mandela fresh out of prison to proclaim an end to South African apartheid.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech delivered less than an hour after Abbas left the podium was brilliant and focused, but instead of enthusiastic applause, there were empty pockets in the hall where representatives of Arab countries had departed. The silence was deafening
Do you know the one very simple fact that reveals Abbas’ duplicity?  When the PLO were permitted to open up diplomatic missions the map displayed on their flags and literature depicts their proposed state as being the whole territory between the Med, Lebanon, Egypt and the river Jordan – ie. excluding Israel, as in the photo below and again reported recently at
Hmmmm – now why should he do that??

More on Turkey

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’).:

Thank you Chris for asking about the missing scripture reference below (see previous).  My apologies, it’s oft-quoted verse 3 of Zecharia chapter 12, taken from NIV. 

By the way, having spent most of his life in the Holy City, Derek Prince wrote in one of his letters that the media used to make scant mention of Israel.  However, since about 1990, he noted an increasing international prominence given to Jerusalem.

In case, like ‘G’, you have personal connections with Turkey then you may like to read Joel Richard’s recent item on Turkey’s military build-up and imperial sabre-rattling at, 7/5/.11

This ties in well with Chuck Missler’s 3-part ‘Treacherous Trio’ historical overview of the Ezekiel 38 alliance:

– on Turkey at 
– on Persia at
– on Russia at .

Although published a couple of years ago, these briefings provide useful insights.

Incidentally, Chuck admitted earlier this year to having given prime attention to the Gog-Magog prophecies whereas Psalm 83 is more relevant to the current situation.  In fact, nine years ago at an Ellel seminar on the history of Israel, I heard David Noakes stress that its verses 2-5 accurately locate Israel’s enemies and describe their true intentions. Perhaps it’s worth checking out Psalm 83?

BREAKING NEWS: PEACE EFFORTS FAILED > “The intensive U.S. efforts to create an agreed outline for renewed negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians have failed, Israeli and Palestinian sources have told Haaretz. The sources said the Palestinian leadership is more determined than ever to pursue the recognition of an independent Palestinian state at the United Nations in September.  An Israeli source who was close to talks held by the U.S. administration with both Israeli and Palestinian officials told Haaretz the Americans was unable to find a formula that both parties could accept and take to the negotiating table…”

Let’s continue to keep alert

Rewind re. Turkey

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’).:

Friends – Hold on, are we back to square one?  Well not quite…
Despite relatively welcome news in last weeks’ update, whilst tapping out its close I had reservations over the long-term likelihood of matters improving between Turkey and Israel.  This is because the Ezekiel 38 alliance is not ancient but modern, as may be inferred from activities between Russia, Iran, Libya and Turkey.  The last, with Syria, embraces the region of the ancient peoples of Meshech, Tubal, Gomer and Togmarah.
For years Turkey and Israel had a good diplomatic relationship, even conducting joint military exercises.  Then last year Turkey’s government sponsored the ill-fated flotilla that tried breaking Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza.  You may recall the fierce attacks by activists on board ‘Mavi Marmara’ upon abseiling, unarmed soldiers?  The media were badly biased against Israel (what’s new), even to the extent of Reuters cropping activists’ weapons out of published photos!
Now, Turkey’s PM Erdogan has stopped the reconciliation because the UN inquiry into those events has ruled upon the legality of Israel’s blockade.  (For brief details see  Recriminations ensued but Western diplomats believe this won’t stop the two countries working together.  Perhaps because Nicolas Sarkozy and Barack Obama are hoping to pull off an Israeli-Palestinian summit in Paris for 2nd Sept?  However, this important development depends upon concluding the Libyan war! (Those who follow developments closely will find an interesting report at
STOP PRESS: (no wonder I’ve had such an unusual heavy feeling in my spirit whilst writing) just in from Mike Evans > In preparation for this summit the ‘Quartet’, comprising  USA, EU, Russia & UN, will meet next week in Washington with the probable purpose of stitching up Israel.  But we shall see sooner or later how the Lord is true to His Holy Word:
“…I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples;
all who would heave it away will surely be cut to pieces, (even) though all the nations of the earth (UN etc) are gathered against it.”
It’s so fascinating how an ancient collection of divinely inspired books applies to today’s news…
Bless you
From: Richard Barker
Sent: Monday, June 27, 2011 5:05 PM
To: Undisclosed Recipients
Subject: TODAY’s NEWS – Peace Talks Shelved For Second Term
…..At long last some sense seems to be starting to emerge in a couple of quarters:
Secondly, their [Debkafile’s] sources disclose that after the sudden, unexpected rift in diplomatic and military relations a distinct rapprochement between Turkey and Israel has developed in order to facilitate discrete contact.
For details of both developments see brief, exclusive report > and for a brief explanation of the UN aspect see this item by Elliott Abrams of the Council of Foreign Relations > .
The Lord bless you and keep you

‘Talks leaks’ a.k.a. ‘The Palestinian Papers’

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’).:

Dear Friends – it seems the media are going to make a mountain out of a molehill over this weekend’s leaks of masses of Palestinian papers about fine details of the Middle-East peace talks.

Should you wish to get to the nub of the matter this link points out four flaws within these ‘leaks’ : [NB this link has since been overwritten.]

Debka sources reveal the leaks are from a disgruntled person sacked from the Palestinian Authority’s negotiating support team…‘the expose was clearly motivated by the urge to settle internal scores within the Arab camp and among Palestinian factions’   [A refreshingly brief item compared to the verbiage of Guardian, Al-Jezeera & BBC’s pontificating pundits.]

As January has seen riots in Tunisia, severe internal tensions in Lebanon, calls for the overthrow of Jordan’s government (Egypt next?), then let’s not be surprised if these leaks lead to a major shaking of Palestinian leadership, if not their complete overturn, in February!

Perhaps, therefore, we may soon see whether or not Christian commentators upon the prophesied Psalm 83 Middle-Eastern war and fulfilment of Obadiah 15 are proved correct??

Let’s keep our gaze upon our awesome Lord Jesus.

Encouraging news from Iraq

COPY of pre-blog email (see About):


News just in from Canon Andrew White will interest those concerned over the murderous persecution of believers in Iraq. Please see his email below (unable to copy to blog) and my introductory notes if you’re unfamiliar with his mission. 

Although having MS, he’s one of a tiny handful of people trusted by virtually every side of the complex Middle East, Andrew’s been deeply involved in the rebuilding of Iraq. 

His first-hand experience with Al-Qua’ida, however, shows they’re

“…impossible to engage with at any level…because they are set only on killing and maiming in the name of god”!


After having watched Andrew’s interview on dvd Finger of God, Nina and I read his most absorbing The Vicar of Baghdad. Reading his involvement with the 39-day siege of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem ‘coincidentally’ fitted well with the start of our home fellowship’s study of the Book of Ruth, as it’s based in that famous town. 

About 10 yrs ago Andrew White his personal contacts with Yasser Arafat and Israeli PM Ariel Sharon bore fruit in their joint approval to the wording of a draft declaration against violence in the name of religion.  This was then put to religious leaders of all three Holy Land faiths and through exhausting discussions agrement was reached, with difficulties coming from Christians(!!), who “often feel they have to be even more Palestinian that the Muslims, to show how committed they are to the cause” (RB’s emphasis) on top of “rivalries and tensions between different denominations”!!

The outcome in Jan 2002 was The Alexandria Declaration, out of which a large number of other initiatives have arisen despite continual violence.  He writes, “The sticking points were not theological but political”. 

Elsewhere, on Iraq he writes,

“…but then unexpectedly the hope of Resurrection breaks though…  The Spirit and the glory of God are here…and are filling the atmosphere with the presence of the Lord. He is working in our world and I believe that the Middle East is the centre of his purposes. The more I have worked in this region, the more I have come to see that it is God who is in control (my emphasis)…I have come to realize that what is happening in the physical realm is often just a manifestation of what is happening in the spiritual realm.”

A marvellous story, so you may wish to join in praying for our persecuted brethren…