Israel’s leader holds another Bible study in his home.

Here Joel refers to Bibi Netanyahu’s increasing interest in the Bible. No doubt this has been encouraged by his good friend Dr Mike Evans of the Jerusalem Prayer Team, who recommended him to PM Begin for his first political position, as here. (See prophecies about his premiership here.)

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu hosted another Bible study at his official residence on Sunday evening. (photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem) Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu hosted another Bible study at his official residence on Sunday evening. (photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)

The epicenter is on fire. Radical Islamic jihadists are pressing their offensive in Syria and Iraq. Iran continues marching towards nuclear weapons. Hezbollah briefly attacked Israelis on her northern border yesterday. U.S.-Israeli relations are frayed. Anti-Semitism is rising.

And amidst all his national security briefings and strategy sessions, Israel’s premier is studying the Bible.

Indeed, one of the most interesting but least known aspects in the life of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is that he has developed quite an interest in studying the Bible in recent years. The premier was not raised in a religious home growing up. But as he has gotten older, he has developed a noticeable curiosity in the ancient Scriptures.

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Enjoy puzzles? Then try this ‘invisible jigsaw’!

Stretch your intellect and imagination to complete this jigsaw. Although invisible it’s not imaginary, because its material content really exists.

Divine data downloads as gently as snowflakes. As insights, or revelatory notions that drop into mind, they seem independent until sticking together like flakes. In fact, they get plugged in, a switch is thrown, the connection made and my inner light bulb starts flashing!

Then I perceive they’re really like jigsaw pieces.  Each fits somehow, somewhere, into an invisible jigsaw puzzle, the overall design of which is beyond my ‘ken’.  Last week’s  downloads do fit snuggly together!  Someone looking over my shoulder whispers what sequence I’m to slot them together. Only as I do that, like moving in faith, does a new, unseen design start to appear. I could almost handle it and discover its intricacies…

The challenge

Would you like to try this puzzle? It’s not as complicated as may seem at first. As in a ‘whodunnit’, clues need to be assessed to identify actors, locations, sequences of activities and inks before a crime mystery can be solved.

We’re avid fans of the tv series Death in Paradise set in the Caribbean. The climax always features Detective Inspector Goodman puzzling over the many clues garnered from investigations, as shown on the team’s whiteboard. Each episode, he stares for ages until getting a flash of inspiration on how the invisible threads link every piece together and solves the puzzle. He tests his theory by confronting suspects and the unequivocal solution enables the criminal’s arrest.

Shall we tackle our ‘invisible jigsaw’?

The Jigsaw Pieces

Our novel jigsaw is like a tapestry but we can’t see the design from our perspective underneath the fabric. We can see differently coloured threads and sewing according to instructions we grasp only that part of the tapestry in our hands. Yet it’s not impossible to guess the eventual design that’s being created.

In our jigsaw each piece displays information upon one or more obvious themes. These pieces are recent posts on this blog, as listed below with shorter titles and main themes underlined. Numbering helps us to see them (especially if the title isn’t obvious) and the connecting ‘lugs’ of the pieces.:

Like any pictorial jigsaw, we can fit most matching pieces together. First, we select the single numbers and put them down. Next, pieces with two numbers, or two lots of data and, where possible, we can connect one cluster with another and leave them on the ‘board’. As with a real jigsaw puzzle we see pieces that have bits of an image, fit them together and then connect with other images. It may help by drawing your own Venn, or ‘bubble’, diagram showing logical relationships.

Please note, we won’t get a completed jigsaw in this exercise, just joined pieces. Were we to look at previous posts we’d get more clusters joining up.

Can you see how we can fit them together? For example 2’s are about Bob Jones, 3’s and 4’s about Jesus and His Bride, 5’s about the recent flooding, etc..

But what does ‘8’ represent?  Can you solve that from the puzzle? If so, then please comment below. (Regret no prize other than that of satisfaction.)

The answer is hinted at in Paws 4 Thought and links what downloaded last week, like the pieces dropping out of the sky as illustrated above. In my opinion, it’s to do with the link between Dr Stone’s words about the threshing floor and an aspect of the new season the Church is moving into. But what, or who, is it?

See Parts of an ‘Invisible Jigsaw’ Point to a Bigger Picture for my illustrated solution to the above ‘puzzle’

Some may say it’s contrived to claim connections, or I’ve published selected material in a way that lends itself to being linked!  Let me assure you that, much as I prefer to write posts in an orderly manner, what’s in the pipeline often gets delayed because topical events are more relevant for publication, as on this occasion. I couldn’t get this item out in time for close-down last weekend. Nevertheless, what happened over that weekend was also to prove a piece of this ‘invisible jigsaw’!

It’s all like an open door, or rather a time-tunnel connecting a Biblical template with what’s soon to happen.  But just what is that template? More about that soon…and hope it’s not too big a tease?

Also, I will reveal how the unknown theme ‘9’ relates to the invisible hand behind our invisible jigsaw.

I trust that ‘grasping’ this puzzle’s pieces will develope a discernment of likely, hidden links between events.

Thank you

James Hughes knew nothing of my week-old plans on this puzzle but I’m grateful to him for unwittingly confirming that intention. I gave him a draft hardcopy of John Kilpatrick’s prophetic words and he said it’s all “like a jigsaw”. I laughed and confided my attempt at describing an invisible jigsaw in another item, to which he responded with 1 Corinthians 13 verse 9:

9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part. 10 But when that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part will be done away…13 And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love. [NKJV per BibleGateway]

[Image of Flying puzzles by Nokhoog Buchachons: credit]

The Lion roars!

SOMETHING’S GOING ON!   Did I remark, “I’m never surprised by what the Lord does”?

On Monday I decided to blog briefly about the Lion of Judah. On the same morning, Dr Mike Evans wrote the following email about that same attribute of the Lord:

The Lion’s Roar

“As a lion roars…so will the Lord of hosts defend Jerusalem. Defending, He will deliver it. Passing over, He will preserve it” (Isaiah 31:4-5).

As I read this scripture this morning, my heart leapt with joy. That is precisely what I have been doing for almost 47 years—defending Jerusalem. I have stood up to terrorists face to face, men such as Yasser Arafat, whom I confronted at the 43rd General Assembly of the United Nations. I’ve stood up to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, former president of Iran, face to face in New York City at the United Nations.

For 33 years I have been writing books in defense of Israel. I have just completed my 41st book. We have also produced 18 television documentaries in defense of Israel. The Corrie ten Boom Holocaust Center in Haarlem, Holland has been part of our ministry since 1987 when we purchased it and restored it. I have served as chairman of the board since that time. Thanks to the Jerusalem Prayer Team, no one has ever had to pay a dime to visit the museum since it opened to the public in 1988….

“I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curses thee. And in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed” (Genesis 12:3). “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; they shall prosper  that love thee” (Psalm 122:6).

Israel is God’s dream. We are called to be part of His team. The title deed belongs to God Almighty. When God made His eternal promise to Israel, there was no United Nations, only pagan nations to challenge that dream and to challenge God and His Word. To be apathetic towards God’s Divine plan and eternal purpose as a Christian means to reject the Great Commission: “…you shall be a witness unto me in Jerusalem, and in Judea, and in Samaria…” (Acts 1:8). God’s prophetic time clock is set on Jerusalem time. The spotlight of Heaven is still on Jerusalem. It all began there, and it will all end there.

Jerusalem is the only city for which God commands us to pray and commands a blessing on those who do. The Jerusalem Prayer Team is the largest intercessory movement in the world for the Jewish People and the city of Jerusalem. It is our Divine commission to bless the Jewish People.

Jesus said, “…truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine [The Jews], you did for me” (Matthew 25:40). I can hear the Lion of the Tribe of Judah roaring. (RB’s emphasis)

May the powers of hell hear the roar of God’s people today—You—declaring that the “people who do know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits” (Daniel 11:32). We will defend, deliver, and preserve Jerusalem. The greatest battle on earth is being fought from the Holy City of Jerusalem, according to Isaiah 14, where Satan is battling. All roads lead to Jerusalem. Heaven and earth met in Jerusalem and will meet there again.


[‘Awaken’ by courtesy James Nesbit – click image for website and for purchasing]

Israel v. Iran – possibility of breakthrough?

Someone has observed that when a nation is attacked then internal divisions disappear and its people act in unity against the aggressor. (If you know the reference source for this remark, please refresh my memory.)  By this principle unscrupulous leaders, eg. of  totalitarian regimes, have been known to provoke conflict with another nation in order to distract their public from severe internal issues that bring a great risk of internal unrest and rebellion.  Perhaps that’s now the case with Iran?

Last weekend brought Israel close to the brink of war as over 55 missiles and mortars were fired into Israel from Gaza and an Iranian unmanned surveillance helicopter flew over highly sensitive installations. The Israelis conducted cyber-warfare against it and it was shot down. Debka reported the barrage was the outcome of a new Hamas-Iran accord (see Is the Mid-East coming to the boil?) and in several reports that Israel has been highly embarrassed by the deliberate act of Iranian belligerence.  On top of that, Hezbollah was so confident of success that it published plans to attack Israel from the Golan and Lebanon. Then came speculation of an American and Israeli ‘surprise’ this month!

Amidst all this will be lots of disinformation, but Iranian leaders have promised to be taking action soon. But could all the above-related events be a distraction to provoke Israel into attacking Iran as a knee-jerk reaction and thereby uniting the Iranian public?

There have been reports of public protests and demonstrations in Tehran because of the severe economic downturn the country is suffering. It is on the verge of collapse, and nothing could definitely divert the people’s attention like a ‘jolly’, ‘holy’ war!  The people have experienced tough suppression a couple of years ago and if they riot this time would be determined not to lose again – maybe the mad–mullahs will be over-thrown?

Mike Evans has reported this week that these developments are being given serious consideration.  Dare we hope for a non-violent solution to this situation – one in which the hand of the Lord is seen?  Here’s food for thought from Mike’s valued insights (also see my postscript comment):

The Power of Prayer is Working
Dear Richard,
During my recent trip to Israel, I met with over 41 leaders in the nation. Afterwards, I flew to New York to defend Israel at the UN and confronted the Iranian leaders that were raging against the State of Israel.
Israel’s leaders were fully prepared to courageously attack Iran’s nuclear reactors. Some of the top leaders in the Jewish state told me that the attack was already scheduled between September 15th and October 15th . In the midst of this, the amazing has occurred: Iranian people are rising up, and the economy of Iran is on the verge of collapse due to international sanctions. Because of these events, Israel will not attack before the end of the year.
From my perspective, this has been a direct result of the power of prayer. An attack before the US elections would have resulted in Israel being blamed, and would have placed the nation squarely in the crosshairs of every legislator in the party that loses the election. It would also have created a global economic crisis because of oil flowing through the Persian Gulf. Liability would have fallen on Israel.
The key to understanding Israel’s actions can be found in II Samuel 11:1: “In the spring of the year, the time when kings go out to battle, David sent Joab, and his servants with him, and all Israel.”
If Iran experiences a “Persian Spring” much like the Arab Spring, and Admadinejad’s regime is overthrown, Israel will not attack. When Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke courageously at the UN concerning the “red line,” his team was negotiating with Great Britain, France, Germany, and the US, asking for new sanctions against Iran. The top European leaders agreed and will make proposals in the areas of finance, trade, energy, and transportation in Brussels on October 15th. I’ve been told by the highest level of officials in the Israeli government that Iran’s loss of income is between $40 and $50 billion.
The last time this occurred, the Shah of Iran was overthrown. That was confirmed when I interviewed all the top leaders of the country, including Empress Farah Pahlavi and Ambassador to the US, Ardeshir Zahedi. The Iranian rial has lost 80 percent of its value in twelve months. The bazaars in the nation are going on strike, and the people are demonstrating. I can tell you firsthand that not all the top Iranian leaders were given visas to enter the US in September. I am referring particularly to the mullahs who run the country. In addition, Iranian spies who have been meeting in the hotels for the past four years were not in attendance this year. I believe many have been arrested.
Perhaps one of the most telling examples are the Iranian women. In past years, they have gone to the top stores in New York City to shop. That did not happen this year. Instead, the men would return from pharmacies and hardware stores with purchases including boxes of over-the-counter drugs.

Is the Middle-East coming to the boil?

Copy of email circulated yesterday and today about Israel, Iran and Jordan:


Friends, to keep you in the frame, this update focuses [first] upon Israel and Iran.:

I was amazed this morning to learn that my merely passing thoughts at the foot of this thread, just after my quoting Mike Evans, could have been accurate! [See blog version of Thursday’s email for that reference.]  Btw, he’s said to be the only Christian to have confronted Iranian pres. Amadmanjihad last year in New York, where the Lord helped him get through high-security guards. He intends to do so again this week whilst the Iranian’s attending the UN General Assembly. [US House of Representatives passed motion requesting UN not allow him to speak on holy day of Yom Kippur!]

Breaking news today from New York quotes the Iranian president’s lying threat,

 “Iran has been around for the last seven, 10 thousand years. (Israelis) have been occupying those territories for the last 60 to 70 years, with the support and force of the Westerners. They have no roots there in history.

“We don’t even count them as any part of any equation for Iran…During a historical phase, (the Israelis) represent minimal disturbances that come into the picture and are then eliminated.”  (Reuters’ 1st report; my emphases)

The weekend before last I’d been mulling over media quietness during Rosh Hashanah holy days as perhaps the ‘still before the storm’, and praying there would be no surprise attacks upon Israel.

Thus, my remarks at the close of previous email were merely meant as an observation about Israel ’obviously taking precautions against being caught napping’. Yet little did I know it was the very same afternoon when newly released papers revealed a massive intelligence failure at the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War of 1973, as Joel Rosenberg reports:

Thirty-nine years ago this month, Israel was surrounded by enemies threatening to annihilate her. But Israeli leaders did not take the threats seriously enough, and did not order a pre-emptive strike to neutralize the enemy’s military capabilities. [Read The Times of Israel article on this severe lesson.]

Last weekend’s news:

Yesterday [Sunday], Reuters reported a Brigadier-General in the Republican Guards as stating on Iranian TV that:

Iran could launch a pre-emptive strike on Israel if it was sure the Jewish state was preparing to attack it…we can not imagine the Zionist regime starting a war without America’s support. Therefore, in case of a war, we will get into a war with both of them and we will certainly get into a conflict with American bases.

Also, the station paraphrased him as saying:

“Iran will not start any war but it could launch a pre-emptive attack if it was sure that the enemies are putting the final touches to attack it.”

Furthermore, Rosenberg advises that, for the first time, Iran’s highest-ranking military official (minister of defence) has tied the forthcoming confrontation into ‘the era of The Coming’ of the Hidden 12th Imam, or Mahdi. Thus, Iran’s leaders are expecting a highly significant war to facilitate that event and thereby introduce a global Islamic caliphate.  (See Joel’s post here and my previous overview.)

BUT JUST AS OMINOUSLY, the general alluded to various means of response which would implicitly include last week’s ‘binding commitment’ by Hamas leaders in Gaza to join Iran, Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon in military action against Israel.

Debka’s exclusive military sources (here) disclose the agreement’s detailed and precise directives would make Palestinian Hamas defer to Tehran and not to Cairo’s Muslim Brotherhood, of which Hamas is an offshoot, and instructs them to stop obstructing Iran’s proxy in the Gaza strip.

Thus, we can see Iran’s influence is extending westward like a demonic talon through Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza around Israel, whose only trouble-free border is with Jordan. This development will doubtless affect the Egypt-Israel relationship and their counter-terror operations in Sinai, the border of which was breached during Friday’s shootout. Egypt’s new rulers are unable to control or contain Islamist terrorism in Sinai. Therefore, Israel’s latest massive exercise should be regarded in this light, and which left two battalions on the Syrian border!

America’s lack of influence/interest continues to be demonstrated by president Obama’s latest, and as some infer, unhelpful remarks towards Israel, as Debka reports here.

Thank the Lord what’s going in the world doesn’t hinder us from keeping our eyes on Him, and looking to His return – maranatha!

TODAY (Tuesday)

Further to yesterday’s update, this morning’s on-line headline corrects my reference to Israel’s only ‘trouble-free border’, viz :

Jordan on the brink: Muslim brothers mobilize for King Abdullah’s overthrow

Another ‘exclusive’ from Debka reports:

For Israel, an upheaval in Jordan bodes the tightening of the Islamist noose around its borders – Egypt and Libya to the south and Syria to the north, with unpredictable consequences with regard to Jordan’s Pales-tinian population.

Saudi Arabia, already threatened by Iranian aggression, fears the oil kingdom may be next in line if its northern neighbor is crushed under the marching feet of the “Arab Spring.”

The Debka report goes on to analyse the monarch’s plight and his three options, refers to the knock-on effect upon Saudi Arabia and succinctly surmises Obama’s quandary – will he stab yet another staunch ally in the back for the sake of the lynchpin to his outreach to the Muslim world, their Cairo-based brotherhood?

You may recall my reference in Jan 2011 (‘Talks leaks’ aka ‘Palestinian papers’) to:

calls for the overthrow of Jordan’s government (Egypt next?) …Perhaps, therefore, we may soon see whether or not Christian commentators upon the prophesied Psalm 83 Middle-Eastern war and fulfilment of Obadiah 15 are proved correct??’

Psalm 83 (click to read psalm)

In Bible Prophecy Blog of April 1st 2012, Bill Salus refers to the increasing interest in Psalm 83, which he describes as “a prophecy in progress”. His article notes and lists the six primary requirements stated in the psalm that need to be in place before all the nations surrounding Israel ‘wipe out its people…that the name of Israel be remembered no more’ (vv2-4). Six months ago he observed that ‘all six of these prerequisites are in place’ and foresaw with precise perspicuity that:

Apart from fragile peace treaties between Israel and Egypt, and Israel and Jordan, the Psalm prophecy essentially appears to be on the verge of fulfilment.

Many pundits believe that the new majority Islamic fundamentalist parliament of Egypt will soon abrogate the 33 year old peace agreement with Israel. Should Egypt break peace with Israel, there are few that believe Jordan will covet the lone-wolf position of being the only remaining Arab state that possesses a peace accord with Israel. The legitimate concern is reflected in the adage; “As goes Egypt, so goes the rest of the Middle East.”

What Bill describes has indeed started to happen, as is clearly evident from Egypt’s new, Muslim Brotherhood president Morsi’s attitude towards the peace treaty. With today’s exclusive news, we can now expect radical changes in Jordan this year…

To gain a good insight into the Biblical significance of what’s happening read Bill’s lucid, 4-page exposition Psalm 83 – A Prophecy in Progress. (His blog:

The Lord bless you and keep you.

See also:

> John McTernan’s Daily Digest commentary of Sept 25th and his several news links.

> Nick Gray in The Commentator on the effect of Morsi’s attitude on the peace treaty. (He writes for Christian Middle-East Watch, a voice coming from the Church in Britain, aiming to bring balance and truth to debates and issues concerning the Middle-East.)

Update 14th Oct: Robert Spencer; Egyptian Copts overwhelmed by “anxiety and fear”, see Muslim Brotherhood government as “worst in memory”.

About the status of Jerusalem

If anyone isn’t sure why potential contender for the Oval Office Mitt Romney caused a stir by his remarks about Jerusalem made during his recent visit there, let’s consider the situation in more detail. Please refer to the brief previous post and watch its very short video-clip from Times of Israel. A short US news transcript on this may be read here.

First, let’s never forget the prophetic Word of God:

“I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling…On that day when all nations of the earth are gathered against her. I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to remove it will injure themselves…” (Zecharia 12:2-3, also referred to in earlier post here.)

Jerusalem is renowned for its place in religious history and since Israel liberated it from Jordan in the 1967 war it has changed from semi-dereliction to a thriving city.  Inter-nationally, however, it is regarded as a disputed territory with Israelis and Palestinians vying for eventual oversight through the supposed ‘peace process’.  It’s complicated, so let’s check what others more qualified than me say about Romney’s speech:

Experts’ Commentaries

1. Drew Zahn, a Christian columnist, explains:

The controversy over the nation’s capital exists because many Jews, as well as many of Israel’s supporters around the world, have long understood that Jerusalem is more than just the capital of the country, but the heart and soul of the Jewish people’s understanding of returning to the land of their forefathers.

And even though the presidential residence, government offices, supreme court and Knesset are located in Jerusalem – designated as the capital city by Jewish law – the United Nations doesn’t recognize Jerusalem’s place, and most nations’ embassies, therefore, are located in Israel’s northern city of Tel Aviv. In fact, not a single nation on earth diplomatically recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Even the U.S., long considered one of Israel’s most faithful allies, has fudged its position on the capital controversy as incoherently as Carney answered the press corps. For example, in 1995 Congress adopted the Jerusalem Embassy Act, a resolution supporting recognition of a united Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and declaring “the United States Embassy in Israel should be established in Jerusalem no later than May 31, 1999.” But the act has yet to be carried out, as President Clinton’s administration believed the act was an unconstitutional invasion of presidential authority. No president has yet to act on the 1995 resolution.(Read full article Suddenly, All Eyes Are On Jerusalem.)

2. Deputy managing editor of the Jerusalem Post and senior fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs at the Center for Security Policy in Washington, DC, Carolyn Glick has served on the Israeli team during peace negotiations and is highly regarded for her incisive analysis. Thus, on this matter she provides the following insight before proceeding to deal with Palestinian complaints:

…The law granted the president a right to postpone the transfer of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on national security grounds. But the law’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was unconditional (my emphasis).

In noting Romney’s very mild criticism of Palestinian society, Carolyn refers to their nonsensical attitude on several issues and cites how they bite the hand that feeds them:

The EU is the largest financial backer of the PA. Its policies towards Israel are in complete alignment with what the purportedly moderate Palestinians claim they want in a peace deal with Israel, including the partition of Jerusalem [….]  And yet…for simply upgrading EU trade ties with Israel, Palestinian for Dignity announced its members “will organize to protest the latest manifestation of EU complicity and to challenge its presence and operations in Palestine”.

For how the Republican contender’s policy statements compare with those of Barack Obama’s Administration, especially as applied to the re-election campaign, read her full article Israel – Obama’s ‘Wedge’ Issue.

Carolyn’s opinion on Romney’s speech is ever so brief and may been read here just before the speech’s video on her blog.

3. Founder of The Middle-East Forum who warned of the likelihood of the  911 attack, Daniel Pipes referred to Romney’s rousing political speech as follows:

(He) delivered a ‘stem-winder’ of a speech to the Jerusalem Foundation yesterday, packing emotional support with frank policy statements. The contrast with Obama could hardly be more dramatic. Indeed, one could go through the speech and note the many refutations of Obama….

Also, in contrast to the nonsensical Obama administration stance on Jerusalem being Israel’s capital — sneaking into change captions that mistakenly identified it as that and going through verbal gymnastics to avoid calling it that — Romney came out and plainly called Jerusalem “the capital of Israel”.

For Daniel’s concise summation of the speech see his article in National Review Online, The Corner.

4. Mike Evans, close personal friend of PM Netanyahu for many years, tells about the Israeli’s 35 year-long friendship with the Republican Romney in A Tale of Two Kings.

The two politicians are exceptional among today’s officials. It would be challenging to find two men of such prominence with a similar history. It would also be difficult to envision a world leader who would be more in tune with Israel’s welfare. Romney has already signified that he would be hesitant to make noteworthy determinations about the Jewish state without first conferring with Mr. Netanyahu. This would be an utter about-face from the lackadaisical policies displayed by current US President Barack Obama.

Has your mainstream news fully reported on this? See Not on the 10 o’clock News.

PM Netanyahu’s address to the UN General Assembly

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’).:

Dear Friends,
At long last this pc’s back up to speed and plays sound.  So Nina and I caught up with a video-link Bill Koenig provided to a recording of Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the UN.   He was spectacularly statesmanlike.  However, the link has since disappeared and, not surprisingly, copies and links are hard to find but here’s one full version, especially just for you:
I strongly recommend setting aside 40 mins to watch this firm declaration of many truths to a hostile world – as though the Lord was standing alongside and inspiring him!  He gives a compelling account as well as a rational denunciation of the UN as ‘a theatre of the absurd’!  We know that through his close friendship with Mike Evans, chairman of the Corrie Ten Boom Foundation, this democratically elected PM is deeply appreciative of Christian prayer support.  In view of my previous closing comments (below), it was interesting to hear of Bibi’s very ancient ancestral connection to Jerusalem.  Also, it was appropriate his speech followed that of the unelected PLO’s Abbas and Iran’s A-madman-jihad and which, for the discerning, can be seen as an honest alternative.
For a solid but brief overview of the address, see Joel Rosenberg at:
An email just received from Mike reports, in part:
As Abbas waved the copy of the petition he had earlier submitted to the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, the hall repeatedly resounded with thunderous applause. One would have sworn it was Nelson Mandela fresh out of prison to proclaim an end to South African apartheid.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech delivered less than an hour after Abbas left the podium was brilliant and focused, but instead of enthusiastic applause, there were empty pockets in the hall where representatives of Arab countries had departed. The silence was deafening
Do you know the one very simple fact that reveals Abbas’ duplicity?  When the PLO were permitted to open up diplomatic missions the map displayed on their flags and literature depicts their proposed state as being the whole territory between the Med, Lebanon, Egypt and the river Jordan – ie. excluding Israel, as in the photo below and again reported recently at
Hmmmm – now why should he do that??

Comfort one another with these words

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’).:

Dear Friends,
Am catching up with weekend’s emails and you may be interested in how an Israeli unbeliever was introduced to Jesus’ prophetic words about recent events, as below. 

(‘Funnily’ only in this morning I’d highlighted Luke 21.28, to which Mike also refers, about lifting up our heads, because it connects right into the time Jesus rescued me from my life of sin. Perhaps I’ll re-issue my testimony one day – now published here.)

Below, Mike quotes Matthew 24 “…kingdom against kingdom..” but didn’t, I presume, know about this afternoon’s news hot from the Middle East !!!  Allow me to quote:

“Saudi and United Arab Emirates troops…from a special force within the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council…crossed into Bahrain to support king against escalating demonstrations and Kuwait soldiers are on the way…By this action both Arab kingdoms flouted…Obama’s policy of boosting  popular movements against autocratic Arab regimes…King Abdulla blames Obama’s policy for unseating Mubarak and has no intention of following the America line…
“Jordanian King Abdullah II is casting about for a protector…after finding the American shield full of holes…and (it’s rumoured) is desperate enough to seek help from  Israel…Damascus (has become) Qaddafi’s foremost armorer. Cairo remains the only Arab capital still keeping faith with Washington…(but) its army is crumbling from within and its affinity with Washington is loosening its control of the streets…” 
WOW, things are really wobbling all over and the American ‘empire’ losing more ground!   Mike’s encounter, as below, with Ahmadinejad is particularly interesting. (It was fascinating to read how the Lord got him through the top-level security lock-down at that hotel, and had a room reserved!)  Trust you will be blessed by his report.
Sent: Saturday, March 12, 2011 12:52 AM
Subject: Comfort one another with these Words
Comfort one another with these Words
Dear Richard & Janina,
Beloved, I was recently in prayer for you, and the Lord clearly spoke to me to comfort you with these words. I know you have seen today’s news about the record-breaking earthquake and the ensuing tsunami in Japan. I know you are praying for those affected by this grave crisis.
I received a call from Israel from a high-level government official. He was describing to me the condition of the planet. I said, “My dear friend, let me read you the words of the most famous Jew that ever lived. From the Holy City of Jerusalem, He described the very day in which we are living.”

I turned to Matthew 24, and as I read the words to him, he kept saying, “I’ve never in my life heard that. I can’t believe that’s in the New Testament. It’s amazing.” You see, the earthquakes and catastrophic weather conditions that the planet is experiencing are totally predicted by the Lord Jesus Christ in that chapter. In verse 7 He talked about earthquakes in various places.
Jesus uses another word to describe the planet in chapter 24: groaning. It’s the word used by the Apostle Paul for birth pangs. Romans 8:22 says, “For we know the whole creation has been groaning as in the pangs of childbirth up until this present time.”
My diplomat-friend is not a believer, and when he described the condition of the planet he said, “All hell is breaking loose.” I responded, “No! There’s some good news on which you can focus: All heaven is breaking loose. The Apostle Paul describes this powerfully in I Thessalonians 4:15-18:

I can tell you this directly from the Lord: We who are still living when the Lord returns will not rise to meet him ahead of those who are in their graves. For the Lord himself will come down from heaven with a commanding shout, with the call of the archangel, and with the trumpet call of God. First, all the Christians who have died will rise from their graves. Then, together with them, we who are still alive and remain on the earth will be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and remain with him forever. So comfort and encourage each other with these words.”

Today, I want to encourage you with these words. Jesus is coming soon. What we are seeing in the Middle East right now is described in Matthew 24:

And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places…”

The only place where “kingdoms” can be found is in the Middle East. Now, kingdoms are rising up against kingdoms. Late September I met with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York City when he came to the United Nations. I also met with more than a dozen of his cabinet ministers including his foreign minister. When we shook hands, I placed in President Ahmadinejad’s hand a page from my Bible with the fifth and sixth chapters of Daniel. I circled verses 24-28 of chapter five. Verse 28 says, “You have been weighed in the balances, and found wanting …” It was a prophecy from Daniel to Ahmadinejad’s predecessor, Nebuchadnezzar.
Ahmadinejad showed up for the Fox interview which I had arranged surrounded by mullahs. All demanded chairs next to him so they could pray for him. Not only did they pray for him, he began to pray and call out to the Mahdi for power. That power never came.
The battle being fought on our planet is a battle between two books, two spirits, and two kingdoms. If you read the book, the Good News is: we win! Because Jesus lives, we shall live also.
Remember the prophecy of Jesus almost forty years before the destruction of the Temple. In the second verse of Matthew 24, He prophesied that it would be taken apart stone by stone, and it was. In verse 5, he declared one of the greatest signs of His coming would be deception. He said many would come in His Name—reputation, authority, and fame—saying, “I am anointed.” Many will be deceived.
The word in the Greek for “I” is “ego.” Christ said many strong egos claiming an anointing on their lives would deceive many before His return. We are seeing that today in all realms of society—and especially in the political arena.
I have the rare privilege as a journalist and confidant to leaders in the Middle East to see the signs of the times and correlate them with the scriptures. The Bible says, “When you see these things, look up, for your redemption draws nigh.” I like what the Psalmist David says in Psalm 27:

“The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked came against me to eat up my flesh, my enemies and foes, they stumbled and fell. Though an army may encamp against me, my heart shall not fear; though war may rise against me, in this I will be confident. One thing I have desired of the LORD, that will I seek: That I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life…”

Yes, it’s true; this old earth is groaning with birth pangs, but be encouraged, Jesus is coming soon! Many in the world are desperately trying to move in the direction of the Temple site, wanting to divide the Holy City of Jerusalem. Every devil in hell has tried to keep prophecy from being fulfilled. Hitler thought he had succeeded when he had six million of my people murdered; but he did not.
The prophecy in Ezekiel about the valley of dry bones and the spirit of God breathing on them (Ezekiel 37) was fulfilled. The prophecy of Isaiah proclaiming that a nation would be born in a day (Isaiah 66:8) was fulfilled. God has kept every promise to my people. He restored the Hebrew language. Jerusalem was reunited. He will keep every promise He has made to you. David, the shepherd boy, found it to be so. When God made a promise to him through the prophet Samuel, He kept it despite Goliath and a wicked King Saul. David saw the promise fulfilled and declared in Psalm 23: “The Lord is my Shepherd; I have everything I need. He lets me rest in green pastures. He leads me beside peaceful streams. He renews my strength. He guides me along right paths bringing honor to His name. Even when I walk through the darkest valleys, I will not be afraid for you are close beside me. Your rod and staff protect and comfort me. You prepare a feast for me in the presence of my enemies. You honor me by anointing my head with oil. My cup overflows with blessings. Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” (NLT)
Passover in Israel will be observed starting at sundown on Monday, April 18. In past years, we have been asked to provide Passover meals for elderly Holocaust victims…poor Jews…new refugees that came to Israel with nothing but the hope of praying in Jerusalem…and children who had been victims of terrorist attacks or left orphaned by this great evil. I have visited many of these people and have comforted them.

The Gravity of Current Events

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’).:

Dear Friends,

Further to my very brief references recently to the dangers behind the unrest in the Middle-East, (ie. effect upon our world economy and secret alliance between Sunni-Shia extremists) I would draw your attention to the opening paragraphs of the following alert.  It is worth taking seriously because Iraq’s biggest oil refinery was blown up just this morning!  [Details:]

Last week, Iran’s leader announced that the region’s revolutions are the work of the coming, hidden 12th Mahdi.

“The final move has begun. We are in the middle of a world revolution managed by this dear (12th Imam). A great awakening is unfolding. One can witness the hand of Imam in managing it,” said Ahmadinejad. [Full report at ]

The removal of America and Zionism from the Middle East will then lead to the global caliphate!  BUT we know the Lord High God’s plans regarding the true messiah, our Lord Jesus.  

As Bill Koenig at the White House reports last night,

With events transpiring at a breathtaking pace in Israel, the Middle East, the United States and the rest of the world, it is becoming extremely challenging keeping up with the weekly news activity.” 

 Also, the potential for President Obama’s impeachment has increased, says a former Speaker of their House of Representatives, because of his sudden announcement  not to uphold the federal Defense of Marriage Act, contrary to his constitutional duty!


Sent: Friday, February 25, 2011 10:41 PM
To: Richard Barker
I just hung up from a conference call with a leading Israeli expert on radical Islam, and I must share what he told me
Dear Richard & Janina,
I just hung up the phone from a one-hour conference call with a leading Israeli expert on radical Islam. This brilliant man has spent years studying the plans of Muslim terrorists, and he advises governments around the world on dealing with this crucial threat. This was my third conference call this week with the world’s leading experts on the Middle East and Islamic terrorism. I must share what I have learned with you.
Radical Islamists have decided that democracy is the key to achieving their dream of world domination. They are using the Internet and social networks to overthrow the governments of the Middle East. There are many people who genuinely want freedom and democracy, but they are being used by evil men to gain power to use against Israel and America. The liberal left US media is blindly assisting these efforts aimed at our destruction.
Their goal is to create a catastrophic global economic meltdown. They believe that the Gulf States, including Saudi Arabia, can be overthrown through “democratic” revolution (like the one that brought Khomeini to power in Iran in 1979) and that they can destroy the oil production and delivery system that powers the entire world economic system. Everything—food, clothing, medicine, military power and transportation—depends on oil. Cutting off the oil supply will be like a heart attack for the world.
Hundreds of millions of poor people in Third World countries could starve to death as a result, but the Islamists regard that as an acceptable sacrifice to conquer the West. The world economy will collapse if this plan comes to fruition. No one will be able to stand against the rise of Islam.
The nations of the world are ignoring this reality, instead continuing to pursue their policy of appeasement by working to create a Palestinian state at great cost to Israel. The plan is for the UN to unilaterally and officially proclaim a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital. This action will be taken not far from where Islamic terrorists flew fuel-laden airplanes into the World Trade Center Towers and killed 2,752 innocent men, women, and children and almost exactly ten years after that dreadful attack.
We have launched the “Save Jerusalem” Campaign—a national media initiative to sound the alarm to alert Bible-believing Christians to the danger posed by this plan…and to urge them to join us in speaking out against it. But I urgently need your help. It will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce and begin airing this national prophetic television special.
But I have some great news! A lover of Israel has stepped forward and promised to match every donation we receive for this effort. Your gift today will be doubled! Praise the Lord!
Nations have already begun to jump on the bandwagon: Argentina, Bolivia, Guyana, and Uruguay have announced that they would join with Brazil and many other nations in recognizing Palestine as an independent nation.
This is a battle between politics and prophecy. I can say with every assurance if this is passed, every nation that curses Jerusalem will be cursed by God Almighty. The prophet Zechariah described a curse that will come upon the nations who touch Jerusalem. God says He will seek to destroy the nations that come against the “apple of His eye”—Jerusalem.

Dr. Mike Evans with Israel’s Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, in December, 2010.

While I was in Israel seven weeks ago, I met with virtually every Israeli leader including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, two deputy prime ministers, the Speaker of the Knesset, and more than twenty of its ministers. I had dinner with Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, met with my old friend Yona Yahav, the mayor of Haifa, eleven generals, and over half of Israel’s college presidents. The one thing I heard over and over was their concern over the demonic plan I am about to share with you.

Dr. Mike Evans and Benjamin Netanyahu in 1983. No Christian ministry has defended Israel longer than ours. From the day I shared a prophecy with Prime Minister Menachem Begin that Benjamin Netanyahu would be prime minister of Israel twice and asked Mr. Begin to give him a position in the government until now, we have stood strong in defense of Israel.

“For Zion’s sake I will not hold My peace, And for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, Until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, And her salvation as a lamp that burns. I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; They shall never hold their peace day or night. You who make mention of the LORD, do not keep silent …” (Isaiah 62: 1, 6)
A baby will be born in September—just seven months from now. That’s two months less than it takes a woman to carry a child to full term. That baby will be Islamic state number 45 with East Jerusalem as its capital. The UN will officially proclaim its birth, and the world will joyously celebrate with billions of dollars and deafening applause.
In 2001 just before George Bush took office, Bill Clinton attempted to divide Jerusalem. I said then that God’s hand of protection would be lifted from our nation. I said Osama bin Laden would attack the World Trade Center Towers in New York City, and in fact, wrote a book—The Jerusalem Scroll in 1999—depicting an attempted attack. I saw it in the spiritual realm. Politicians scoffed at me when I told them—like the people of Noah’s day scoffed at him.
Today, I am alerting you that this plan is in place. As a member of the Quartet—along with the UN, the EU, and Russia—U.S. President Barack Obama is the only leader with a chance to stop this disaster from taking place. There is still time to save Jerusalem, but only if we act quickly.
I have written a major book on this crisis—Cursed. I want to send a copy today to everyone who gives a gift of $30 or more to support the Save Jerusalem Campaign.
My plan is to produce a major network documentary on this crisis for U.S. television and to air it on thousands of stations across the U.S.—on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and others. We must awaken millions of God-fearing Christians and Jews to pray and sign the prayer petition to President Obama now. We dare not wait!
I have produced more than a dozen of these specials in the past thirty years. I can tell you: It will work! One of the first was “Let My People Go” to help secure the release of millions of Russian Jews in the USSR. This was before anyone else was talking about it.

Mike and Carolyn Evans with Dean Jones and Tom Poston.

Millions of Americans saw it. It won major awards. More importantly, I presented a million names to President Ronald Reagan and asked him to petition the Soviet premier to let the Jews out of prison. He did, and they were released. I also asked a Dutch government official to open up the Dutch Embassy in the Soviet Union to assist the Jews wanting to leave. He did, and they were allowed to leave the country. To God be the glory!
It will cost millions in air-time to wake-up America; but if we do not do it, it will cost America hundreds of billions … if God’s hand of protection is lifted from our beloved nation. I believe if enough can be raised to launch the project, book sales will underwrite the air-time costs.
Please pray about being a part of this project today to save Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria. “For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14)
In conjunction with this media special, we are also launching a massive petition drive to urge President Obama to reject this evil plan and prevent God’s curse from falling on our nation by standing in support of Israel. There are millions of Christians in America. If we will collectively raise our voices and speak out, we will be heard, and Jerusalem will be saved!
We can’t launch a major media initiative like this without your help. The costs are large, and the time is short. I’m asking you today to send a special, prophetic and sacrificial gift to help the Jerusalem Prayer Team stand for Israel against the powerful forces arrayed against her.

When you send a gift of $30 or more, we’ll send you a copy of my newest book, Cursed. It’s an eye-opening look at the history of the Holy City and the ancient evil driving today’s world leaders to strike against the Jewish people. This book will tell you what the liberal media won’t—the truth about Israel and the Middle East.
When you send a gift of $100 or more, we’ll send you the book and a new pewter collector’s plate made especially for members of the Jerusalem Prayer Team.

This beautiful piece can be hung on the wall of your home or office or displayed on the included stand. It’s a great reminder of your commitment to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and a great way to share that commitment with others.
I urge you to forward this email to everyone on your list and ask them to join with us. This is urgent. We must act now. Thank you for standing for Jerusalem and Israel at this crucial prophetic moment. God bless you!
Your ambassador to Israel,
Dr. Michael Evans

The Jerusalem Prayer Team is a non-profit, non-denominational, 501c3 organization dedicated to developing a prayer movement of people around the world. It receives no support from the Nation of Israel. Donations are tax deductible. The mission of the Jerusalem Prayer Team: To guard, defend and protect the Jewish people and Eretz Yisrael until Israel is secure, and until the Redeemer comes to Zion. Dr. Tim LaHaye, Mr. Pat Boone, Mr. Bill McCartney, Rev. Tommy Tenney, Dr. A.R. Bernard, and Dr. Jay Sekulow are just a few of the more than 300 Christian Leaders who are part of the Jerusalem Prayer Team.
In the event that all the required funds are received for a specific project, the Board of Directors reserves the right to use any additional funds received for other projects or outreaches of The Jerusalem Prayer Team.
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COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’) entitled Intercession Request  – to read it better click upon and enlarge image. The main points covered therein are.:

> introducing to Dr Mike Evans, confidante to many Israeli leaders

> ‘the wrath of abandonment’ and White House celebrates the sins of the days of Lot

> unprecendented disasters whilst US discusses dividing up Jerusalem!!