Bible Update: Red flag flies over Mahdi’s mosque: Apocalypse’s 2nd horseman may now have its sword!

ESSENTIAL READING: Mark Davidson brings what may be the most important insight you may read on the immediate aftermath of America taking decisive, defensive action against a regime that is actually hell-bent on bringing about the End of the World, as covered here on Richard’s Watch in many postings under the Mahdi tag.

It’s absolutely imperative ALL Christians – especially those in leadership – know about the eschatalogical impulse behind the Iranians engineering such a conflict in order to bring about the return of Shi’ite Islam’s 12th ‘hidden imam’, followed en-train by Jesus!!

For a fuller grasp of this dangerous doctrine browse through the above tag, starting with my blog of nearly 7 years ago Iranian Leader’s End-Times Declaration.

I never thought I would be writing an article like this, for I had never thought one single event could equate to the second horseman being made ready to make men slay one another. There are reports from Twitter and, at this point, only British tabloids such as the Express, Metro, and Sun, that something […]

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Apocalypse Row: must Shi`is fight like it’s ‘The End Of The World’?

ACE timing! Thank you for this post which helps to answer one of my reader’s objections to claims about Iran in my previous post reblogging Joel Rosenberg on Saudi Arabia!

The Occidental Jihadist

For most of this millennium–going back to writing my doctoral dissertation on Mahdism and Islamic eschatology at Ohio State in 2000-01–I’ve argued against the conventional (conservative and Evangelical Christian) “wisdom” that the leadership of Iran wants to start a regional, or global, war in order to usher in the appearance of the Twelfth Imam al-Mahdi. This claim that the ayatollahs want to “hotwire the apocalypse”–probably with nuclear weapons–comes from either a vast ignorance, or a profound (and probably intentional) misrepresentation, of Twelver Shi`i theology.  Maybe both.

I won’t reiterate the entire argument here. See my 2011 paper for the Institute for Near East & Gulf Military Analysis; my book Ten Years Captivation with the Mahdi’s Camps (particularly pages 103ff.); and my recent article “Do Iran’s Leaders Want to Hotwire the Apocalypse?

But am I wrong? Two months ago a member of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Assembly…

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‘Gog-Magog’ on ‘front-burner’: Iran’s president warned “Never, ever threaten the US again or…”

We read in the previous post about Putin’s response to PM Netanyahu’s no-nonsense stance on the presence of his Iranian ally’s proxy forces on the Israel-Syrian border. After posting that I read the news-feed on Koenig’s World Watch Daily of President Trump’s reaction to Iranian president Rouhani threatening America with “the mother of all wars”!  He tweeted:

(Source: CNBC; for more on Iran’s perspective see BIN.)

So, around the 6th anniversary of the previous Iranian president’s End-times threat to Israel announced in the United Nations – plus years of belligerent threats, including that of “the mother of all wars” (ie. ‘Armageddon’), as oft’ reported here – at long last there’s now someone with a very big stick promising to make them eat their words!

Thank you Donald.

History in the making: Trump terminates US role in ‘nuclear deal’ with Iran

Thirty years ago my jaw dropped upon seeing an utterly amazing ‘coincidence’ between a book I was reading (The Invisible Hand) and a video of Iran’s elite troops rehearsing an attack upon, and liberation of, Jerusalem (see ‘Bio’ ). After many years watching the malign machinations of that regime, I’m pleased there’s now a non-Israeli world leader adamantly refusing to tolerate Iranian terrorism AND is already taking action – with Britain and France! – as well as knowing those ‘Twelvers’ hell-bent eschatological motives! [See Iranian Leader’s End-times Declaration & ‘Mahdi’ tag]. Here’s Joel Rosenberg’s on yesterday’s announcement:

(Jerusalem, Israel) — After a careful policy review by senior administration officials, and consultation with a wide range of U.S. allies, President Donald Trump today kept his promise by announcing the U.S. will terminate the nuclear deal that President Obama and Secretary John Kerry negotiated with Iran. The President also announced the U.S. will imposing […]

Continue reading at BREAKING NEWS: President Trump keeps promise to withdraw from dangerous Iran nuclear deal. Will impose severe new sanctions on Tehran. This is the right decision & the President deserves tremendous credit. But pray for peace in the region. Things might get bumpy. Here’s the latest. — Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog

Another End-time sign appears – another muslim messiah

“Then, if anyone says to you’ ‘Look, here is the Christ’ [messiah] or ‘There!’ do not believe it, for false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible even the elect. See, I have told you beforehand. Therefore, if they say to you, ‘Look, he is in the desert!’ do not go out; or ‘Look, He is in the inner rooms!’ do not believe it…” (Matthew 24:23-26) 

When blogging a brief update on the Middle-East this-day last week I referred to Shiite Islamic expectation of the appearance of their ‘hidden twelfth Imam’ or ‘Mahdi’, or who’s also incorrectly referred to as a ‘messiah’ (Jewish term!).  Maybe I ‘sensed’ something was afoot?

Sure enough, in Monday’s Christian Today Harry Farley reports on the ASA (Arrogantly Stupid Atheists aka. Advertising Standards Agency) investigating complaints about a number of billboards placed by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community claiming that ‘The Messiah Has Come’. This peace-loving community, ‘a heavily persecuted minority Muslim sect (aims) to promote the idea, considered heretical by mainstream Islam, that the Messiah promised in the Qur’an has already come in the person of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’.


As I’d expect, fellow blogger Archbishop Cranmer takes issue over ASA involvement:

‘We like the ASA. They jump in with both feet; bark, intimidate, harass, bludgeon and hassle with reams of paperwork, and then they issue their decree and skulk off with their tail between their legs.

‘Farley reports that “the campaign has prompted outrage from Christians, Muslims and Jews who all have notions of a ‘messiah’ in their beliefs and find the billboards offensive.”

‘This is odd. Since when did religious advertisements have to conform to a particular interpretation of messianic eschatology? Since when was it the task of the ASA to discern between mythical symbols and promised realities? If the remit of the ASA now extends to determining theological orthodoxy, what hope is there for billboards proclaiming  ‘Jesus is Lord’? Don’t Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and Jedi Knights all have notions of a ‘lord’ in their beliefs? Might not adherents of any non-Christian religion find such a declaration offensive?

‘Even odder is this:
  • ‘The Advertising Standards Agency confirmed to Christian Today it has received 33 complaints so far about the adverts. A spokesman said people have claimed the post is ‘misleading because they believe it is not consistent with the teachings of the Quran’.

‘Since when did religious advertisements have to be consistent with the teachings of the Qur’an?

‘But then we read: 
  • …the advert was being targeted in a coordinated campaign by other Muslim sects.
  • An email template seen by Christian Today and sent to Ahmadi opponents claimed ‘the billboard incites hatred, it is deeply offensive and hurtful to millions of British citizens’. The email urges other Muslims to write to the ASA, the Metropolitan Police and the Charity Commission asking them to take the billboards down.


Then follows His Grace’s thorough appraisal. Suffice to say, he and I dealt with ASA crass stupidity 6 years ago this month when they forbade prayers for healing on the streets in the city of Bath. My report Muhammed knows more than the ASA! starts my coverage of the saga which began when local BBC took up a young person’s grievance about the efficacy of prayer, but failed to check their background. I did and found the complainant not as impartial or honest an investigator of the ‘paranormal’ as pretended and took pride in claiming, because they bragged about their action and closed mind!


Be that as it may, we have the clear, undoubted prophecy from the One who is the Word of God and the Spirit of Prophecy of the appearance of so-called messiahs or ‘anointed ones’, whom people will believe as having an especial anointing from God as a ‘world teacher’ or saviour.

As covered earlier, in answering the disciples queries about His foretelling the ruination of Jerusalem’s holy Temple, Jesus went on to describe very much later times known as ‘The Day of The Lord’.  As the first prophecy got fulfilled 40 years later my analysis of the ‘signs’ Jesus spoke about omitted those comparatively early events.

Yet we need to note that both sections of disparate time periods begin with the identical warning!  After stating that the disciples sat and asked their questions, Matthew 24:4-6  records Jesus starting His discursive reply with:

“Take heed that no-one deceives you, for many will come in My name saying, ‘I am the Christ’ and will deceive many. And you will hear of wars and rumours of wars. See that you are not troubled for these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet…”

Those are ‘Signs Nos 3 and 4’ in this blog’s About Signs and, after alluding to the sack of their capital, Jesus begins the variety of signs indicative of End-times’ Tribulation with the very same warning, as given in this post’s opening lines! (‘Signs Nos 9, 10 & 11’)

Moreover, although we could infer Jesus was referring to such claimants from among Jewish people as liberators from the yoke of Roman oppression, as happened before and after His incarnation, it can in fact apply also to other religious beliefs; eg. Islam’s Shiite and Ahmadiyya sects, as mentioned above and earlier posts.

Also, ‘New Agers’ expected the reincarnation of a ‘cosmic master’ to come as a ‘world teacher’ known as the ‘Cosmic Christ’. In my pre-Christian days I was aware of such a claim about a Krishnamurti in 1950s, someone in London’s East End in 1960-70s, and in the early 1980s a whole page advertisement was placed in broadsheet newspapers to say ‘Christ has come’ and showed a photo of an Australian guy.

But Jesus reveals how the whole world will unquestionably know that He, the one and only true Messiah, is here (Matthew 24:27):

“As the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.”


Brief update to Bible Update on ‘Gog-Magog’: Israel & US vs Iran & Russia

The necessity for brevity in Bible Update: Ezekiel 38-9 – Iran vs Israel – USA and Russia? meant I didn’t expand upon the parenthesis in my opening remark, ‘…news of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard’s threat to ‘open the gates of hell’ over the Zionist regime (not the first such threat)…’. Let me now explain:

Please don’t listen to critics’ claiming evangelical Christians support Israel just because they want to hasten the battle of Armageddon.  In fact the reality is this:

Shiite theology desires exactly that in order to bring about the return of their hidden 12th Imam, or Mahdi – and supposedly accompanied by the prophet Jesus!

Thus, the ultimate goal of Iran’s theocratic regime is the removal of the Jewish state of Israel, as I was stunned to see thirty years ago!

[Those who’ve read my Bio Info may recall that, whilst casually flicking through a new book I’d been given I noticed lots of references to the significance of Jerusalem, I also was watching a documentary on then raging Iraq-Iran war. Suddenly I heard a narrator on TV say what’s being shown is elite units from opposing forces rehearsing together an attack upon Jerusalem – that is, despite being at war with one another!!  Thus began my appreciation as a non-believer in the Bible’s prophetic value. The truth of this reality got confirmed in peculiar instances (‘God-incidents’) after I’d started blogging, especially around its fourth anniversary in November 2013 – see The Invisible Hand Reappears and Did My Triple Warning About Iran Affect WordPress Connections? and from 2015,  What’s Weird About Writing About Iran.]

So it comes as no surprise to see this headline in this morning’s Jerusalem Post: Israeli Defense Minister : Iran Declared War On Us Long Ago.: ‘Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said Wednesday. “Iran declared war on us long ago. The highest echelons in Tehran want to erase the Zionist entity, they do not hide the fact that they want to wipe the State of Israel off the face of the earth” Liberman said at annual conference…“Iran is also fighting us through their proxies: Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and now Hamas and of course the Syrian regime.Therefore, it is a daily war not only in the military aspect but also in the realm of international terrorism and we do everything in order to preserve Israel’s security,” adding that Israel maintains absolute freedom of action and will do everything necessary to prevent Iran from consolidating themselves in Syria.

USA and Russia in Syria

Now news has emerged in the MSM of American forces blowing up a Russian-made tank in self-defence against an attack by Syrian troops loyal to Assad and backed by Russian mercenaries, here’s a list of linked-headlines US-Russia conflict I was unable to locate for the earlier post but which are now available:

DEBKA also claims Israel’s downing of Iran’s drone is part of a larger scenario of US-Russian involvement (to be revealed in report to subscribers).

Prophetic Scripture Update #5: Gog-Magog coalition solidifies, Assad’s secret visit to Russia


As I read yesterday’s (Wednesday 22nd November) Telegraph report it kept speaking to me of chapter 38 in the Book of Ezekiel. That’s where the Lord told that Old Testament prophet about a future international alliance that would come against His people.

As outlined in Update #2, Ezekiel 38 and 39 describe an alliance known as ‘the Gog and Magog’ coalition that will eventually invade the land the Holy One of Israel gave to His people. Most Bible scholars regard the various people named as forming that group  as coming from the land between and north of the Black and Caspian Seas. ie modern Russia.

The prophet received a word from the Lord to ‘set his face’ against Gog, a leader of those nations north of Israel and which include Persia/Iran. And in coming into battle he and those nations would be used for God’s own purpose for this almighty battle:

“So I will make My holy name known in the midst of My people Israel. I will not let them profane My name anymore – Then the nations shall know that I am the LORD, the Holy One in Israel.” (Ezekiel 38:7 NKJV)

Let’s check the pertinent points of Middle East correspondent Raf Sanchez report, emphases mine.  His opening gives the game away!!

‘Syria’s Bashar al-Assad has thanked Vladimir Putin and the Russian military for helping to save his country as the Russian president prepared to host the leaders of Iran and Turkey for high-level talks on ending the war in Syria. Mr Assad made a secret visit to Socchi (Black Sea resort) on Monday…(where he) met Mr Putin for 3 hours to discuss a potential political settlement for Syria’s future…

‘Mr Putin ordered Russian forces to intervene in Syria on Mr Assad’s behalf in late 2015…(and) with their Iranian allies have swung the tide of war decisively in Mr Assad’s favour.

‘The Kremlin said the two men had worked to “prepare the groundwork for possible understandings” that might be reached during today’s (22nd) summit between Mr Putin, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani and President Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey.

‘ Iran and Russia supported the Assad regime throughout the war whilst Turkey has backed the opposition. The three countries have acted as guarantors of local deals in Syria and Mr Putin hopes they will be able to agree on a comprehensive pact to end the fighting.

Mr Putin has placed himself centre-stage in talks over Syria’s future. As well as hosting the Turkish and Iranian leaders, he spoke to Donald Trump by phone…briefing him on the talks with Mr Assad.

‘The Geneva talks (with Syrian opposition) have collapsed several times…observers agree it’s more likely major decisions will be made by Russia, Iran and Turkey.’

SO, WHO’s IN CHARGE? Clearly the Russian leader is! Although often disagreeing with each other, the leaders of Iran and Turkey kowtow to him.

The above Reuters’ photo of Assad and Putin speaks volumes to those who read body language.


Previous posts on Gog/Magog referred to the Iranian strategy of getting a strong swathe of influence westwards from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean by means of proxy-terrorist, regular military and diplomatic activities. In view of their declared ambition of attacking and capturing Jerusalem, Iran’s military presence in the Golan and within 10 miles of Israel is totally unacceptable to the Israeli government.

Several bulletin point headlines in Middle-East Update #2 highlight those deep issues. Note the reference to a special ‘eschatological’ brigade in the Golan. One whose aim is undoubtedly to prepare the ground for the Shiite Mahdi to appear (with Jesus in tow!) – obviously a blasphemous counterfeit of Christian theology. (Read more on this in third section of Iran and the Nuclear ‘Fix’.)

Moreover, Monday’s long telephone conversation between Putin and PM Netanyahu ended up with them at odds over removing Iran/Hizballah from the Golan border (Debka). It would appear Donald Trump has quietly withdrawn the US from involvement on this front. Having close Christian input, details of the Ezekiel 38 Gog-Magog prophecy will have been brought to his attention.

Next, we’ll consider Joel Rosenberg’s ‘take’ on this week’s news…(click to read)

NB: In view of the increasing relevance of Old Testament prophecy to current world events I’ve set up a new tag: OT-UPDATE.  Click thereon to read a multitude of posts on news of, and developments towards, the fulfillment of Bible prophecies.

Further Reading:

Middle-East update #2 – selection of this week’s headlines

Continuing with this week’s Middle-Eastern headlines of Biblically-related developments:

  • Nov 9 – Saudi Arabia tells its citizens to leave Lebanon immediately [Haaretz]
  • Nov 10 – Trump’s secret weapon: the hidden ties that bind Israel, Saudis [Bloomberg]
  • Nov 10 – Israel to embark on diplomatic offensive against Hezbollah/Iran at the UN [Jerusalem Post]
  • Nov 11 – Syrian drone over Golan follows Trump-Putin disagreement over Syrian buffer-zone  [Debka]
  • Nov 12 – Iran establishes military base in Syria within 35 miles of Israel border [BreakingIsraelNews]
  • Nov 13- New Trump-Putin deal on Syria/Golan grants Iran/Hizballah free movement within Israeli-Jordanian border regions [Debka]
  • Nov 14 – Iranian military force taking shape right under Israel’s nose – NB see 313th battalion awaiting Shiite ‘messiah’ ie Hidden 12th Imam or Mahdi! [Ynet]
  • Nov 15 – Iran already has 13 bases in Syria and tens of thousands of troops. Is their removal realistic? [Debka]
  • Nov 16 – Abbas: PA could move back to one-state solution if  two states fail [TimesofIsrael]
  • Nov 16- In first ever Saudi interview, IDF head says ready to share intel on Iran [TimesofIsrael]
  • Nov 16 – UN gives Egypt 1 week to re-open closed Coptic churches as Christians cry out [CPWorld]

Part three brings the very latest news before we look at its direct relevance to the ‘Four Signposts’ interpretation of Bible prophecy.

Centenary of the Balfour Declaration

Prime Ministers meet prior to gala dinner – Credit: Peter Nicholls/PA Wir (tap for link)

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the British Government’s issuing a Declaration in support for ‘A National Home for the Jewish People’ (read draft versions at Balfour100). As expected, this morning’s edition of Koenig’s World Watch Daily includes this in its rolling headlines, ‘November 2nd 2017 is the 100th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration’ and displays a copy of the document:


Now, does this anniversary have any relevance to prophecies in the Holy Bible?

In my opinion it’s prophetically signalled by the fact that Koenig has sandwiched the Declaration between two directly Gog-Magog relevant headlines – (above) ‘In Iran, Putin says dismantling nuclear deal is ‘not acceptable’.’ with a photo of his shaking hands yesterday with Iran’s President Rhouani – the headline shown below it reads as shown here with initial text describing the preceding Declaration item:

So we’re not only back to the Bible but also to what grabbed my attention in mid-1980s of Iran rehearsing (with its Sunni enemy troops!) the storming of Jerusalem whilst I was reading about it as a non-Christian in the secular book ‘The Invisible Hand’ (tap link to learn more).

Never forget Khameini’s belief that their full attack will facilitate the supernatural return of their ‘hidden imam’ or Mahdi – accompanied by the prophet Jesus!! (See Iranian Leader’s End-times Declaration)  LOL!  So let’s pray that Khameini is blessed with a similar personal revelation of the supreme power of Jesus Christ over Muslim’s god and prophet as had stunned the ex-Hezbollah Afshin David.

As well as being related to the prophecies in Ezekiel 38-39, those two items on World Watch tie in with the next headline on the surgical insertion of microchips under the skin in the web between the thumb and hand. This development was foretold in Revelation 13 wherein a demonic entity forces people to ‘receive a mark on right hand or forehead’ in order to buy and sell – just like holding a phone and waving it over a cash machine!

SO MILLENNIALS – BEWARE of enslavement to your devices!!

It’s so obvious that we’re quickly getting closer to the times of the battle of Armageddon and Jesus Christ’s return to put all demonic principalities and powers under His feet.

For more information consider Cranmer’s excellent historical/theological review of the Declaration…which concludes:

‘God told Abraham to “Go…”, and he responded “I will…”. God promised Abraham that his descendants would have a land – a geographic entity – and would be a blessing to all the nations of the earth. Israel is a fulfilment of that promise, or the covenant of blessing is as fragile and ephemeral as the desert covenant. Christians and Jews together can thank the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and praise the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ for the restoration of the Jewish people to their homeland, because it was an eschatological promise that He would so. And if that was not a promise, then Jesus may not in fact be the long-promised Messiah, and our promised salvation is nullified in a plethora of meaningless metaphors.

Review 2 – Iran and nuclear ‘fix’

We continue to consider some past posts relevant to today’s events:


Invisible HandRegular readers may recall the eschatological role of Iran was drawn to my attention 30 years ago as a non-Christian. I’d been given a new book on history and geopolitics that claimed the Bible held coded and plaintext prophecies on the British Mandate in Palestine (The Invisible Hand)

Whilst watching a documentary on TV about the Iraq-Iran war, I flicked through the book and noticed there were lots of references to the significance of Jerusalem. Then I heard the narrator’s voice over video purporting to show elite units from Iran and Iraq rehearsing an attack upon Jerusalem, in spite of being at war with one another!

Three months ago it was drawn to my attention that this month of July would be the next ‘stepping stone’ of major End-time events regarding Iran.  It happened as I was mulling over a personal word given to me about promises from 40 years ago being fulfilled.

Although I shared my thoughts on that with readers in God-incidents validate cycles and point to the near future, I omitted mention of Iran because the post had got complicated. So as well as separating the post into two parts I withheld material which may relevant now.

This is what I’d drafted on 16th April, the lead-in of which may seem abstruse because it’s been pulled from a longer post, but note the emboldened text:

‘Soaking insight

‘That evening we went to ‘soak’ in live worship at Acorn Christian Healing Foundation and thus prepare for our usual long weekend. A great way to forget a busy day, to chill out and relax by focusing on the Lord.

‘However, well into the hour I was prompted to think about what I’d blogged a few hours earlier. I’d been a tad uneasy about quoting Ian Fleming’s quip on coincidence – but it wasn’t anything to do with that! This plopped unexpectedly into mind:

“How many months ago did you write that earlier email?”

‘The email asked ‘Could this weekend change the world? and upon which I’d focused in the day’s blog. It was dated August 2010, which I counted it as 4 years 7 months ago. And so I answered, “55 months ago!”.

“55! Seems familiar – when did that last crop up?” I asked myself. It was only the previous evening when I’d heard ‘Dr O’ and realised it was about 55 years ago, as recounted NOW [in published blog], it dawned upon me that was 12 times the 55 month period of 2010 to 2015 that I’d been asked about.

‘In view of the recognised meaning of 12 as a perfect governmental foundation, perhaps the Lord’s indicating I should regard that 1/12th as significant? It’s as though my remarks made in 2010 were being emphasised and endorsed!

‘Next I was asked,

“How many months since that blog you wrote about Iran?”

‘This referred to the ‘weird’ subject of that day’s 2nd blog wherein I’d referred to a summary of personally unusual circumstances relating to Iran in November 2113. Again I counted and this time replied, “16 months ago”.

‘So I thought, “16 = 4 x 4 … another 4 months takes us to July 2015″. So I decided to put that in the ‘pending tray’ and notice if troubles with Iran get even more difficult in July. (Deadlines for agreeing a ‘deal’ have frequently been delayed.)

‘I’ve since been reminded that the one who claims to have agreed a ‘nuclear deal’ with Iran is 44th president of the USA, Barack Obama. So I had plenty to ponder!

The Nuclear Agreement

The accord reached is SHEER, UTTER FOLLY. Lots of reaction of all sorts is bound to fly around but I’d like to summarise my previous posts by quoting top politico-religious blogger ‘His Grace’ Archbishop Cranmer. His conclusion encapsulates the emphasis of my previous remarks:


>>> ‘So why does Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounce the deal as a “one of the darkest days in world history” and a “stunning historic mistake”? You can’t put it down to the cause of Zionism: Saudi Arabia also has concerns.

‘Might it possibly be that, once again, the ‘developed’ nations of the world have naively forged a solution of secular vacuity in a space that is gravely religious?

‘Cleric Hassan Rouhani is a pious man, devoted like all Shias to the Hidden Imam, the Messiah-like figure of Shia Islam. This President, like the previous one, believes that his government must prepare the country for the Imam’s return. All streams of Islam believe in a divine saviour, known as the Mahdi, who will appear at the End of Days in the company of Isa (Jesus). But President/Cleric Rouhani pledged himself with Ayatollah Khamenei decades ago to work for the return of the Mahdi. Indeed, Iran’s military involvement in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq was (and is) purposely designed to agitate against Israel to hasten the Last Day. Iran’s dominant ‘Twelver’ sect believes the Mahdi will be Mohammed ibn Hasan, regarded as the 12th Imam and descendant of the Prophet Mohammed.

‘Iran’s entire theo-political agenda is driven by Shia theology which is guarded by clerics who ensure that all legislation complies with their interpretation of Islamic law. And when it comes to foreign policy, this can only mean one thing for Israel, for they hold to the divine promise made in the Al-Israa Sura (Sura 17) that they will liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque – the first ‘Kaba’ to the Muslims – and will enter it as they have entered it the first time (Sura 17, ayat 7). And the prophetic foundation is the message of Mohammed that Islam will enter every house and will spread over the entire world.

‘They are dedicated and pledged with their lives to the ‘liberation of Palestine’ – all of Palestine. They describe the Jewish state as “a kidney transplanted in a body that rejected it”, asserting that the United States may want to “save the Zionist entity, but it will not be able to do so”. Nuclear power is the great equaliser: what begins with the production of electricity will end with a Shahab-3 missile. The Iran nuclear deal is not only a triumph for secular political diplomacy; it is the culmination of Shia Islamic eschatology. It is elemental to Iran’s final solution.’

(Click above title to read in full. Emphasis added by RB.)

2 of 3: devilish plot to pre-empt the Bible’s ‘endgame’

Thank you to this week’s visitors and subscribers in helping me with this post, which has been in preparation as and when possible throughout this month. Your interest in one of last year’s posts enabled me to a draw it to a specific conclusion, as you’ll read below.

UPDATE 5/5/15: Tony Puccio has reminded me of a dream in July 2013 of a spinning top in connection with the Devil speeding up events – Vision of a Spinning Top.

Continued from 1 of 3: the ‘End-game’ gets ramped up another level

In that post’s History cycles around I covered events in 2009 directly relating to today’s ‘hot potatoes’: US appeasement of Iran on nuclear energy and president Obama making Israeli PM Netanyahu the ‘bogeyman’ against discussions, as well as other nations dismay with USA. (See previous post for latest developments.)

That part summarised a reason for the increase in worldwide troubles lying in tactics to delay, or better still, to prevent the return of Jesus Christ to reign and rule on earth. This way, maybe Satan avoids his fate of not only being defeated but also being thrown into the lake of fire, as prophesied in The Book of Revelation. I gave evidence for this strategy by way of events; or ‘pieces’ that had popped to mind as though being placed into the Lord’s invisible jigsaw

Spiral stairway to cloudsIn fact, the week of 16 -21 February was unusual. It was as though a physical cycle of events intertwined with the non-physical, or spiritual, one I was sensing. ‘Bells were ringing’ and I was ‘buzzing’ and aspects of the cycle are still bubbling away, as will be explained in Part 3.

My attention had been re-directed and thoughts unfurled to point to a possible counter-strategy to the Bible’s End-times scenario!  Menacing events are not only escalating but also accelerating rapidly!  (And I’m now reminded of the urgent word Neville Johnson brought last year about Yom Kippur 2014 being ‘a cut-off in God’s timeline’.)

In mulling over all that I was ‘prompted’ to dig into my first emails on End-time events and found items relevant to what’s happening these days, as well as to what another blogger posted that same week. (It’s related to what kick-started my interest in End-times! And last week I noticed another relevance!)

The first draft of this post had become too bulky so it got split into two parts. In closing part 1 of 3 on history repeating itself, I said a forgotten idea kicked around in an old email had just popped up in the previous fortnight.

That idea is the subject of this second part.:

Pre-empting End-times prophecies

Snippets of detail and other’s disclosures about today’s Sunni vs Shiite (ISIL vs Iran)  war in Iraq reminded me of an aspect of Biblical events that’s been unfolding for years.

August 2010

Asking Could This Weekend Change The World? I referred to Iranian leaders’ plans to hasten the appearance of their ‘Hidden Imam’ (aka ‘Mahdi’) by bringing nuclear conflict to the Middle-East. I quoted security analyst Ryan Mauro and Israeli PM Netanyahu on “an apocalyptic cult controlling atomic bombs”.

At that time Russia was about to get Iran’s first nuclear reactor at Bushehr operational ahead of the internationally agreed schedule. In the above email I commented,

Once that happens the balance of power in the region tilts completely as all Sunni Muslim States in Persian Gulf will have to turn away from a weak USA and kowtow to an extremist Shiite regime – ONE THAT HAS THREATENED TO ANNIHILATE ISRAEL and will have the ability to carry out its intentions and achieve Hitler’s goal far more efficiently and effectively. Both Iran’s President and supreme spiritual leader anticipate an apocalyptic war heralding the appearance of their crescent-moon god’s Mahdi (accompanied by Jesus!) and bringing peace to a world that’s come into the ‘house of submission’ [ie Islam].

The good thing about this is that all the rational Sunni Arab leaders are wanting America and/or Israel to take out the facilities (as they did with Iraq’s and Syria’s reactors). But Israel would have to go it alone as Obama wouldn’t commit to action. Debka’s sources report an Iranian phantom fighter and unidentified drones crashing nearby and into the reactor buildings.

[Since assuming office president Obama forced US Middle-Eastern policy into a U-turn. And so strategic US influence in the region has all but vanished: see last footer below and latest on Egyptian navy defending Gulf of Aden and Red Sea. Also apropos the email, early this month a rumour surfaced about him having ordered the shooting down of Israeli jets over-flying Iraq to attack Iran’s reactor, as here.

The Middle-East nuclear race is now under way. Last week BBC interviewed Saudi Prince al-Faisal on their deep unease (since Obama took office) over Iran being allowed to have nuclear energy and develop weaponry. Consequently, Saudi Arabia is planning to build its own nuclear power plants. Also, this week Reuters reports Jordan has signed a contract for Russia to build them a nuclear power plant.]

In view of my preceding remarks I wanted to ‘bounce’ the following off my contacts,

I recall a speaker saying satan is attempting to bring forward End-Time events in order to nullify God’s schedule and thereby wrong-foot God. His logic, perhaps, is to avoid his demise in the Lake of Fire? The revelation Jesus received from God and which He gave to John states that will happen after He returns and defeats Satan. Prophecy points to this being centred on Jerusalem and the Jews will at last recognise Jesus as their true messiah.

The latter part served as a scriptural reminder and, I shared my thoughts on how such a pre-emptive aim could be achieved. Only lately have I since revisited this notion:

The obvious way out of this [scriptural] scenario is to ensure there are no Jews whatsoever left alive for Jesus to come back for and, if Jerusalem is still standing, then its population should be followers of a false god. Indeed, Hasan Nasrallah, head of Hezbollah (Party of God!), wants all Jews to come to Israel because that makes it so much easier to despatch them in one fell swoop!!

[As al-Qaeda activity had died down and was mainly active in central Asia, persecution and removal of Christians from the Middle-East didn’t figure in my conjectures.]

The world is now faced with precisely the above scenario – many others recognise it and are now warning in-depth about it!

Reluctantly, I mused upon those possible tactics in the latest Paws 4 thought. Within days the appalling martyrdom of Egyptian Copts in Libya supported my ideas. As said before, had it not been for that week being half-term, thus delaying Nina’s surgery, I would have overlooked all these things. Their cyclical relevance would have gone unnoticed too.

My covering note to Joel Rosenberg’s re-blog about this butchery led into a two-part outline of historical evidence for our enemy’s tactics. However, the heart of the matter is directly relevant to this theme and had to be addressed later – as herein.

Kindly forgive and bear with me in the following vile quotations, which are included only as an informative necessity. Also, the Lord loves these people and weeps over their wicked actions. They need our prayers – read Canon J.John on how. Also, remember  apostle Paul had been the first to hunt down Christians. Let’s pray these murderers will have just as thorough and an awesome conversion experience as did Paul.

Revelation 13

Courtesy Victor Books, The Bible Reader's Companion by Lawrence O. Richards (1991)

Courtesy Victor Books, The Bible Reader’s Companion by Lawrence O. Richards (1991)

1st Account

Joel’s report of the Libyan atrocity refers to one murderer’s videoed remarks, as reported by AP in Cairo. It reminded me of Revelation chapter 13’s prophecy of a demonic beast rising out of the sea, and the above modern illustration, because the villain declared:

“All crusaders: safety for you will be only wishes, especially if you are fighting us all together. Therefore we will fight you all together,” he says. “The sea you have hidden Sheikh Osama bin Laden’s body in, we swear to Allah we will mix it with your blood.”

It’s another example of Islamists brainwashed by ‘the myth’. Moreover, we see Satanic control of their irrational beliefs. The reference to ‘sea’ and a dead leader’s body and believers’ blood is redolent of Rev 13:1-10 (credit BibleGateway).:

Then I stood on the sand of the sea. And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his horns ten crowns, and on his heads a blasphemous name. Now the beast which I saw was like a leopard, his feet were like the feet of a bear, and his mouth like the mouth of a lion. The dragon gave him his power, his throne, and great authority. And I saw one of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded, and his deadly wound was healed. And all the world marveled and followed the beast. So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?”

And he was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, and he was given authority to continue for forty-two months. Then he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme His name, His tabernacle, and those who dwell in heaven. It was granted to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them. And authority was given him over every tribe, tongue, and nation. All who dwell on the earth will worship him, whose names have not been written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

If anyone has an ear, let him hear. 10 He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity; he who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

I submit this is strongly suggestive of today’s re-emergence of Islam’s original spirit that directed its founder and followers to attack, conquer and subjugate neighbouring territory and peoples. (He personally led 27 battles and planned 39 others. No wonder his disciples squabbled madly over succession!  Compare this with Jesus and his disciples!)

The beast from the sea has a direct similitude to the third of the four beasts in prophet Daniel’s dream-vision (Dan 7:6). On page 658 of Unlocking the Bible David Pawson speculates this ‘leopard’ represents the Arab world – not in Daniel’s days but today.

daniel-revisited-cover-smallIn Daniel Revisited also, Mark Davidson considers the description links the beast from the sea to those of Daniel 7, which has a four-winged leopard. He makes a most pertinent observation about the symbolism of leopard on page 215:

“The lion will give chase to its prey but the leopard will stealthily wait and watch until it finally pounces…the prey is totally surprised”.

This describes exactly how Islamic terrorists operate.

2nd Account

Raymond Ibrahim’s background and qualifications in writing The Al-Qaeda Reader give him a unique advantage in discussing Islamist terrorism. In Libya’s War on Christians he reveals another eschatological implication, as reported in Coptic Solidarity’s account of the lead executioner boasting of savagery and hatred of the cross of Christ:

“Oh people, recently you have seen us on the hills of as-Sham and Dabiq’s plain [Syrian regions], chopping off the heads that have been carrying the cross for a long time. And today, we are on the south of Rome, on the land of Islam, Libya, sending another message.”

Their other account quotes: “We will fight you until Christ descends, breaks the cross and kills the pig” (all eschatological actions ascribed to the Muslim “Christ,” Isa).

As the instruments through which his authority over mankind was broken, Satan hates the Cross and Blood of Jesus Christ. Recent events nearer to home gives an example of this, as in my covering note about Wales in re-blogging Justin Abraham’s tribute to John Paul Jackson.

The area of the Preseli Mountains has a reputation for witchcraft and the occult. Such practitioners have objected to the presence of a large cross and requested its removal. The objection is that it nullifies their powers. The cross’ location in solid rock astride the shoulder of ‘The Hill of Angels’ displays the Lord’s direction in furnishing and installing it in the consecrated grounds of the prayer and retreat centre at Ffald-y-Brenin.

Therefore, the absolute hatred of the Cross of Christ and Christians is entirely spiritual and demonstrates their god definitely is not the same as the Lord Almighty, Father of Jesus Christ – and ours too! As apostle John warns in his first letter:

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God,  and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in the world.” (1 John 4:1-3 NKJV, per BibleGateway)


Joel Rosenberg summarises this apocalyptic pre-emptive plot in his abridged version of What does ISIS want? To usher in the End of Days by Graeme Wood (click here for his in-depth article).  Some of Joel’s points are as follows:

  • ISIS and its supreme leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is consumed by a Radical Sunni Islamic version of eschatology, or End-Times theology.
  • US president and senior team do not see this, and this is one of the most serious mistakes they are making. We cannot defeat an enemy we refuse to define. I realize eschatology is a topic foreign — even bizarre — to most political, military and intelligence officials.
  • But to truly understand what ISIS wants, and how far they are willing to go to get it, our leaders absolutely must study and understand it.
  • One of the most intriguing and disturbing developments of our times is that we now have two nation states — the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic State — driven by adherents to apocalyptic, genocidal forms of End-Times theology.
  • The Iranian leaders hold to a Shia brand. ISIS leaders hold to a Sunni brand. But both are driven by a belief that their messiah is coming and judgment with him.
  • The Iranians believe they must lay the groundwork for the messiah (Mahdi) to come and build his caliphate or kingdom. ISIS isn’t waiting. They have launched a jihadist rampage to build the caliphate now, so that the Mahdi will come soon.

A Vision

About 2007-8, two friends living on opposite sides of the globe – Paul Keith Davis and Neville Johnson – had the same vision on the same weekend as the other did of all hell being let loose. (Teaching series In the Days of Noah, disc 1.)

Happily, the vision did not end with darkness for, according to Paul Keith, the Lord said,

“I am sending messengers of My Face” and He told me there are angels that have stood in the Presence of Almighty God from the beginning of time that have waited for this generation. There is a holy heavenly host that has been waiting for this generation for this hour for this confrontation. They have been especially prepared… I looked up and I saw a door being opened in Heaven and I saw a flood of angels from heaven who had stood in the Presence of God since the beginning of time. I saw them coming and teaching people in their bedrooms. We have to respond to the level of darkness and evil coming to this generation ‘in like fashion’.” (Courtesy Justin Abraham)

A Prophecy

In the middle of preaching, English evangelist Nathan Morris prophesied from the Lord for 2012: Setting the stage for the End-Times. He opens very notably with,

For lawlessness will abound as nations and their leaders meet together to try and make alliances and make allegiances seeking peace.  They shall seek peace, but shall not find it –  they shall seek peace, but shall not find it! This will cause many to cry out for resolution but it shall still elude them for a time for further unrest will be their reward. 

“For even in 2012 there shall be great events that will change the course of this world, as you know it! For as many pour out their resources to find solutions of peace, another crisis will drain them of knowledge and resolution.

For I would know that My people would hear My voice, that I am setting the stage for that which I have foretold in My Word and it will quickly and swiftly come to pass. For the days are coming when the lawless one shall be revealed and the son of perdition shall take his stand.


There’s indisputable evidence for the Islamist impetus to bring worldwide calamity and to eradicate Christianity, thereby preventing fulfillment of the prophetic timetable, as outlined in the Bible.

Those above accounts show the falsehood of Islam’s belief in recognising Jesus, but as the Muslim Mahdi’s underling!  Pew Research Centre stated in 2012 that well over half, and over 2/3 in some countries, the Muslim world expects the return of Jesus within their own lifetime. Their 2010 results for the number of American Christians expecting Jesus’ return was much lower and very mixed!

Now, as for the would-be usurper of the Almighty’s throne trying to pre-empt His plan and timetable for the End-times, it’s worth noting something that happened whilst polishing off this post’s latest draft.  AND, it’s thanks to you my readers and visitors for pointing me towards the conclusion the Lord may want me to draw…

Some old posts keep showing up in the Popular Posts listing. One was ‘top of the pops’ over Mon-Wed and I thought of reminding myself of its content. It’s Neville Johnson’s urgent word brought last August about a cut-off date in God’s timeline. The Lord told him,

“Neville, it is over – there is no more extension of time!”

This prophetic declaration and decree, as well as holy scripture, supersedes anything the father of lies is scheming and doing. In no way could he possibly pre-empt the Lord’s end-game! The Almighty – not the creature – calls the shots!

This timing is completely the Father’s prerogative. Neither Jesus (when He was on earth) or the angels know the schedule for His return. (Mathew 24:36 and Acts 1:7 refer.)

Although this may not be the definitive or final word on this issue, most importantly, we know we’re on the winning side – thank and praise you Jesus!

You may be interested to read about the difficulties in publishing this post, as reported in What’s weird about writing about Iran.

In Part 3 we will look at the Lord’s use of American leaders for his End-times purposes.

Suggested Reading

[‘Spiral Stairway To Clouds’ by Victor Habbick, courtesy of]

Events indicate the Bible’s relevance for today

Recent tragic news from Syria and developments in the Middle East can, in fact, give Christians a deeper understanding of the holy scriptures.

I’ll share my opinion on how this may be so but, first, we’re instructed to pray for those in power, including their need for wisdom in handling crises. Jesus’ brother James wrote to those following ‘The Way’,

If anyone lacks wisdom we should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault…(James 1:5)

He cautions that in so doing we need to believe and not doubt because such a person will not receive anything from God.  Political leaders would, therefore, show wisdom if they are able to believe and fully appreciate God’s Word, not only in living morally but also in dealing with international events such as those foreseen over 2,500 years ago  about a specific Middle Eastern coalition. We note that, in the end, God’s stated goal for three major people groups is as follows;

24 In that day Israel will be one of three with Egypt and Assyria—a blessing in the midst of the land, 25 whom the Lord of hosts shall bless, saying, “Blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My inheritance.” (Isaiah 19 NKJV, Biblegateway)

There’s a long way to go before that outcome is achieved, incredible as it seems at present.  But current events do show the Holy Bible is not obsolete, or irrelevant for modern times. But this isn’t new!  Many Old Testament verses were fulfilled in 20th Century with the amazing ‘overnight’ creation of a nation-state and the consequential return of dispersed tribes belonging to the ancient Hebraic people. Nearly 2,000 years ago, after having destroyed their capital Jerusalem and sacred Temple because of an armed revolt against Rome’s authority, Emperor Hadrian kicked them out of their homeland after another revolt (for details see Timeline).

Hundreds of years beforehand, however, prophets heard and recorded what the Living God declared about events in the far, far distant future. The fulfillment of His promises through the establishment of modern Israel is something deserving fuller examination. So, too, is Psalm 83’s warning to those people surrounding Israel who plot to ‘wipe it off the map’. (The ancient tribal names may no longer apply but their rage continues within their descendants, as broadcast ceaselessly abroad.)

However, my focus is upon the Biblical references to other peoples on the fringes of the then-known world, as centred around the ‘cradle of civilisation’. They were in lands now known as Persia, Syria, western Egypt or Libya, Turkey as well as southern Russia and central Asia.

Whatever any migratory, trading or hostile connections may have been between those folk, it is a most remarkable fact that the Lord foresaw an alliance forming between them that would become enemies of the Hebraic people living in territory established by King David. Ezekiel, a major OT prophet, received detailed oracles about this coalition led by ‘Gog’. The only other mention of this entity is in the apocalyptic vision Apostle John had of the revelation that God gave Jesus Christ, as recorded towards the end of the Book of Revelation (Rev 20:7-10).

This prophesied coalition known as ‘The Ezekiel Alliance’ and its attack upon Israel is recorded at chapters 38 and 39 of the Book of Ezekiel.  A concise historical analysis from Koinonia House may be read at The Treacherous Trio of Ezekiel 38 – Part 1 and at Part 2, then Part 3.  My previous coverage of this build-up may be found here and here.

The fact that Russia is now getting deeply involved and taking the lead in a strategic coalition that was identified millennia ago as a major player in the Middle-East, and furthermore which aligns itself against Israel, simply cannot be ignored. All political leaders would, therefore, be well advised to tread very carefully in dealing with this alliance.

For what it’s worth I’d like to add my ‘tuppence worth’ but it must of necessity be all too brief. Readers who like digging deeper than mainline media’s cursory overviews (eg. by visiting links suggested in an early blog Not on the 10 o’clock News), may be aware of the following.:


I’d ask that fellow believers consider their attitude toward modern Israel because some ministries are mistaken in this regard. For instance, a guest post on Cranmer’s blog has reported one ministry as strongly denouncing Israel at festivals over the Summer. I’m aware this may be a touchy topic, but Fran Waddam’s historical comments are helpful for those unfamiliar with the real, rather than revisionist, 20th Century history of Israel. It’s now followed by a CMEW item on Kairos Chaos in the Church, which I recommend. (NB: ignore any flash pop-up ads on Cranmer’s site.)

Syria & Iran

The outrageous chemical attack upon children could, in my opinion, be one way Iran’s leaders are testing President Obama’s resolve and poor credibility. (Iran’s active control of Syria was reported here.)  There are increasing concerns over the reliability of claims that it was done by Assad’s forces, and which doesn’t exactly stack up with signals intel and is voiced by, among others, Jerome Corsi and Walid Shoebat (here).

Iran would seize upon any attack by America as a pretext to attack Israel in a greater measure than done in recent minor occasions (Farsnews). They see such a war as facilitating the appearance of the Shiites’ Mahdi (as here). Thus, it isn’t far-fetched to suppose Iran may attempt the final, threatened blow to eradicate Israel.

Saudi Arabia

Obama’s credibility is non-existent as a result of his polices and actions on Egypt and in Libya, not to mention ‘Benghazi-gate’. Following his 2009 Cairo speech, a deep rift opened between him and the Saudis over his deep humiliation of president Mubarak. Fully aware of the dangers Obama was blind to, they endorsed the Egyptian army’s removal of Morsi and leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. Also, as members of The Arab League who have denounced Syria, the Saudis met with Russian leaders to sway their support of Syria’s Assad by tempting them with favourable oil/gas deals, as herein.


The above quotation from prophet Isaiah is an oracle from the Lord about Egypt. Those closing verses allude to His end-time redemptive plan for three peoples, but its second verse is once again apposite: not as for the Ethiopian takeover 2,800 years ago but for these times too:

“I will set Egyptians against Egyptians;
Everyone will fight against his brother,
And everyone against his neighbour,
City against city, kingdom against kingdom…”

Islam & TerrorismHow to be succinct with what’s on my mind about Egypt? In Cameron: A war against Al-Qaeda… I  referred to Mark Gabriel’s experiences with the Muslim Brotherhood as an Egyptian professor of Islamic history. His exposure of Islam and Terrorism gave me grave reservations over Obama’s insistence upon the outlawed MB’s attendance at his 2009 Cairo speech. My initial points are as herein.

President Obama probably gambled upon the MB having become a peaceful democratic political party but his Muslim roots should have taught him to know better – much better. William Koenig in his Eye View from The White House, puts it this way:

The Egyptian apparent decapitation of the Muslim Brotherhood’s leadership could have enormous impact on the future of many countries and derail White House/ State Department Muslim Brotherhood plan in the Middle East.

McCarthy’s ‘Reds under the beds’ witch hunts of communists was a false alarm by comparison with the MB infiltration of US politics and government. Where the totalitarian system of communism failed, another succeeded beyond its wildest dreams – and even Barack Hussein Obama isn’t entirely to blame! The infiltration started 60 years ago in response to the CIA seeking help against communists. George Bush and many in USA and Western democracies were bamboozled into mistaking Islamist intentions.

The MB’s objectives are known to many well-informed analysts and journalists but largely ignored by politicians and public. I cannot, therefore, recommend highly enough  that every reader take time to visit the following links, of which extracts are shown.

For further political developments see

Recommended Reading:

  1. Resetting US Foreign Policy by ‘ne plus ultra’ Caroline Glick; cogent as ever > ‘Obama’s decision to outsource the US’s Syria policy owed to his twin goals of demonstrating that the US would no longer try to dictate international outcomes, and of allying the US with Islamic fundamentalists…from his earliest days in office Obama insisted that, since radical Islam is the most popular movement in the Islamic world, radical Islam is good’.
  2. The Muslim Brotherhood: Origins, Efficacy and Reach by Raymond Ibrahim; a masterly paper from the well-connected author of The Al-Qaeda Reader covering the MB historically and throughout the Middle-East.
  3. History of the Muslim Brotherhood Penetration of US Government by Clare Lopez, formerly CIA operations officer and senior fellow at the Centre for Security Policy presents an exceptionally well-researched and informative paper > It is important to recognize the sophistication of the Brotherhood’s international strategy and how the takedown of U.S. national security defenses from within was critical to the current Middle East-North Africa (MENA) campaign to re-establish the Caliphate and enforce Islamic Law (shariah)….The careful insinuation of Muslim Brothers into positions from which they can exercise influence on U.S. policy began long before the attacks of 9/11, although their success has accelerated dramatically under the administration of President Barack Obama. The massive Muslim Brotherhood organizational network in the U.S., so patiently built up over the decades since that first Oval Office meeting in 1953, eventually gave it a prominence and (false) reputation of credibility that was unmatched by any other Islamic groups, moderate or otherwise. Using a combination of taqiyya (deceit, dissimulation) and intimidation, the Muslim Brotherhood succeeded not only in making itself the “go-to” authority on all things related to Islam, but in suppressing those who would speak truth about Islam—again, often by persuading the U.S.’s own senior officials to do the job for them: “by their hands”.
  4. The US State Department’s Islamist Plan by Dr Mordechai Kebar, Israeli scholar of Arabic and Islam covers MB’s plans for Sinai and Egypt and reveals the grave concerns of Jordan’s king > King Abdullah openly calls them “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and “the Freemasons cult” (there is no worse expression in Arabic that the king could have used towards his citizens, MK.) because they do not want to reform the regime of the Hashemite monarchy; rather, they want to replace it and  turn it into a puppet after taking over the parliament and changing the  state into a “constitutional monarchy” with an Islamic constitution  written by the Brotherhood, of course. The king describes his battle with the Brotherhood with the expression “the most important battle confronting us in the entire region”, even more than Iran. He also does not hide his contempt for the American diplomats and officials who promote the Muslim Brotherhood out of naivety, as if the regime of the  Brotherhood is a type of Islamic democracy.
  5. Muslim Brotherhood: We’ve Got ‘Goods on Obama’ by Dr Jerome Corsi > In an interview with the News Agency Anatolia in Turkey, Saad Al-Shater, the son of imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat Al-Shater, said his father “had in his hand” evidence that will put Obama in prison. In a thinly veiled threat, Saad Al-Shater said a US delegation was sent to Cairo by Obama to press for the release of the imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood leaders, including his father to prevent the release of explosive information. Arabic-speaking former PLO member Walid  Shoebat has translated the report by the Turkish News Agency Anatolia as follows…
  6. BREAKING NEWS – Corsi, “Egyptian government…intends to implicate Obama directly in series of financial transactions with the MB in Egypt” (video interview).

Is the Middle-East coming to the boil?

Copy of email circulated yesterday and today about Israel, Iran and Jordan:


Friends, to keep you in the frame, this update focuses [first] upon Israel and Iran.:

I was amazed this morning to learn that my merely passing thoughts at the foot of this thread, just after my quoting Mike Evans, could have been accurate! [See blog version of Thursday’s email for that reference.]  Btw, he’s said to be the only Christian to have confronted Iranian pres. Amadmanjihad last year in New York, where the Lord helped him get through high-security guards. He intends to do so again this week whilst the Iranian’s attending the UN General Assembly. [US House of Representatives passed motion requesting UN not allow him to speak on holy day of Yom Kippur!]

Breaking news today from New York quotes the Iranian president’s lying threat,

 “Iran has been around for the last seven, 10 thousand years. (Israelis) have been occupying those territories for the last 60 to 70 years, with the support and force of the Westerners. They have no roots there in history.

“We don’t even count them as any part of any equation for Iran…During a historical phase, (the Israelis) represent minimal disturbances that come into the picture and are then eliminated.”  (Reuters’ 1st report; my emphases)

The weekend before last I’d been mulling over media quietness during Rosh Hashanah holy days as perhaps the ‘still before the storm’, and praying there would be no surprise attacks upon Israel.

Thus, my remarks at the close of previous email were merely meant as an observation about Israel ’obviously taking precautions against being caught napping’. Yet little did I know it was the very same afternoon when newly released papers revealed a massive intelligence failure at the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War of 1973, as Joel Rosenberg reports:

Thirty-nine years ago this month, Israel was surrounded by enemies threatening to annihilate her. But Israeli leaders did not take the threats seriously enough, and did not order a pre-emptive strike to neutralize the enemy’s military capabilities. [Read The Times of Israel article on this severe lesson.]

Last weekend’s news:

Yesterday [Sunday], Reuters reported a Brigadier-General in the Republican Guards as stating on Iranian TV that:

Iran could launch a pre-emptive strike on Israel if it was sure the Jewish state was preparing to attack it…we can not imagine the Zionist regime starting a war without America’s support. Therefore, in case of a war, we will get into a war with both of them and we will certainly get into a conflict with American bases.

Also, the station paraphrased him as saying:

“Iran will not start any war but it could launch a pre-emptive attack if it was sure that the enemies are putting the final touches to attack it.”

Furthermore, Rosenberg advises that, for the first time, Iran’s highest-ranking military official (minister of defence) has tied the forthcoming confrontation into ‘the era of The Coming’ of the Hidden 12th Imam, or Mahdi. Thus, Iran’s leaders are expecting a highly significant war to facilitate that event and thereby introduce a global Islamic caliphate.  (See Joel’s post here and my previous overview.)

BUT JUST AS OMINOUSLY, the general alluded to various means of response which would implicitly include last week’s ‘binding commitment’ by Hamas leaders in Gaza to join Iran, Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon in military action against Israel.

Debka’s exclusive military sources (here) disclose the agreement’s detailed and precise directives would make Palestinian Hamas defer to Tehran and not to Cairo’s Muslim Brotherhood, of which Hamas is an offshoot, and instructs them to stop obstructing Iran’s proxy in the Gaza strip.

Thus, we can see Iran’s influence is extending westward like a demonic talon through Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza around Israel, whose only trouble-free border is with Jordan. This development will doubtless affect the Egypt-Israel relationship and their counter-terror operations in Sinai, the border of which was breached during Friday’s shootout. Egypt’s new rulers are unable to control or contain Islamist terrorism in Sinai. Therefore, Israel’s latest massive exercise should be regarded in this light, and which left two battalions on the Syrian border!

America’s lack of influence/interest continues to be demonstrated by president Obama’s latest, and as some infer, unhelpful remarks towards Israel, as Debka reports here.

Thank the Lord what’s going in the world doesn’t hinder us from keeping our eyes on Him, and looking to His return – maranatha!

TODAY (Tuesday)

Further to yesterday’s update, this morning’s on-line headline corrects my reference to Israel’s only ‘trouble-free border’, viz :

Jordan on the brink: Muslim brothers mobilize for King Abdullah’s overthrow

Another ‘exclusive’ from Debka reports:

For Israel, an upheaval in Jordan bodes the tightening of the Islamist noose around its borders – Egypt and Libya to the south and Syria to the north, with unpredictable consequences with regard to Jordan’s Pales-tinian population.

Saudi Arabia, already threatened by Iranian aggression, fears the oil kingdom may be next in line if its northern neighbor is crushed under the marching feet of the “Arab Spring.”

The Debka report goes on to analyse the monarch’s plight and his three options, refers to the knock-on effect upon Saudi Arabia and succinctly surmises Obama’s quandary – will he stab yet another staunch ally in the back for the sake of the lynchpin to his outreach to the Muslim world, their Cairo-based brotherhood?

You may recall my reference in Jan 2011 (‘Talks leaks’ aka ‘Palestinian papers’) to:

calls for the overthrow of Jordan’s government (Egypt next?) …Perhaps, therefore, we may soon see whether or not Christian commentators upon the prophesied Psalm 83 Middle-Eastern war and fulfilment of Obadiah 15 are proved correct??’

Psalm 83 (click to read psalm)

In Bible Prophecy Blog of April 1st 2012, Bill Salus refers to the increasing interest in Psalm 83, which he describes as “a prophecy in progress”. His article notes and lists the six primary requirements stated in the psalm that need to be in place before all the nations surrounding Israel ‘wipe out its people…that the name of Israel be remembered no more’ (vv2-4). Six months ago he observed that ‘all six of these prerequisites are in place’ and foresaw with precise perspicuity that:

Apart from fragile peace treaties between Israel and Egypt, and Israel and Jordan, the Psalm prophecy essentially appears to be on the verge of fulfilment.

Many pundits believe that the new majority Islamic fundamentalist parliament of Egypt will soon abrogate the 33 year old peace agreement with Israel. Should Egypt break peace with Israel, there are few that believe Jordan will covet the lone-wolf position of being the only remaining Arab state that possesses a peace accord with Israel. The legitimate concern is reflected in the adage; “As goes Egypt, so goes the rest of the Middle East.”

What Bill describes has indeed started to happen, as is clearly evident from Egypt’s new, Muslim Brotherhood president Morsi’s attitude towards the peace treaty. With today’s exclusive news, we can now expect radical changes in Jordan this year…

To gain a good insight into the Biblical significance of what’s happening read Bill’s lucid, 4-page exposition Psalm 83 – A Prophecy in Progress. (His blog:

The Lord bless you and keep you.

See also:

> John McTernan’s Daily Digest commentary of Sept 25th and his several news links.

> Nick Gray in The Commentator on the effect of Morsi’s attitude on the peace treaty. (He writes for Christian Middle-East Watch, a voice coming from the Church in Britain, aiming to bring balance and truth to debates and issues concerning the Middle-East.)

Update 14th Oct: Robert Spencer; Egyptian Copts overwhelmed by “anxiety and fear”, see Muslim Brotherhood government as “worst in memory”.

Who are the Jewish people expecting…?

Did the abrupt closure of a recent posting leave you feeling suspended? It unexpectedly switched from considering Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameini’s declaration on the expected appearance of their Mahdi, or hidden imam, to that of the equivalent in Judaism – Ha Mashiyach (the consecrated priest-king) – as follows: Continue reading

Iranian leader’s End-Times declaration

This serves to make my covering introduction to the previous reblogged post easier to read. The normal text format wasn’t available and this will also update the content.:

In that post Joel Rosenberg calls attention to a grave matter which many cannot grasp, especially politicians – the End-Times. Escalating events in the Middle-East are making Judeo-Christian prophetical scriptures increasingly apposite.

William Koenig’s World Watch Daily closely monitors and reports upon such Biblically-significant events according to a profile of key indicators.

His weekly twelve-page report Eye View from the White House (subscribers only) issued on Friday opened with a long list of the latest events being put into perspective by this observation:

We are moving into a time of unprecedented events with all final-day markers in play. (my emphasis)

Those who follow events will recollect President Ahmadinejad’s frequent ranting rhetoric against Israel and USA – but do they appreciate the religious doctrine at the very core of this viewpoint, one that directs Iranian leaders’ irrational political stance??

Iran’s leaders seek to bring about the upheaval of global society to ease the return of the Mahdi, or hidden Twelfth Iman, who will set up a worldwide Islamic caliphate.  Little has been made public until recently of this belief inherent in Shiite Islam.

Nevertheless, it is increasingly recognised that the development of nuclear weapons is instrumental to achieving this theology’s apocalyptic goal.  Israeli intelligence has kept abreast of this game plan, with the USA’s lagging behind. Therefore, it is interesting to learn only last weekend of British MI6’s close and active involvement in delaying Iran’s schemes.

In July 2010 Ayatollah Al Khamenei, according to one senior cleric, was “telling his inner circle that he was visited by the Hidden Iman and that he promised to appear during his tenure as Supreme Leader”.  In supposing that Jesus was merely a prophet, ‘Twelvers’ claim Jesus will return with and be subordinate to this Mahdi!  (See my email of 19 Aug 2010 now published herein together with its rapid update.)

According to Joel’s source, a couple of months ago a newspaper which Al-Khamenei controls boasted that the many changes in US policy towards Israel under the Obama administration are tantamount to rejection of its M-East ally, thus bringing an end to the US-Israel alliance.  According to this report, the Saudi Royal family is the only ‘obstacle’ and, once it falls, then Israel can be ‘destroyed’.

Also, about the same time as publication of that report, billboards were set up in Iranian cities announcing that “Jesus and the Mahdi will come soon” (see here) – but as we know, it is mistaken.

Click here and here to learn how Jesus has already appeared to many Muslims. To learn  about the church in Iran click here.

Meanwhile, about the same time on one of Israel’s largest websites, Ynet, a banner was broadcast proclaiming the coming of the Messiah! (report here)

Very, very interesting on all fronts!

See Joel’s Exclusive; Ahmadinejad’s End-Time speech to the UN, which gives the most detailed explanation of the Twelth Imam to date and wherein UN leaders are told the Mahdi will “soon” reign over the world.

Iranian Leader: We must prepare for the “End Times”

Best-selling author Joel is well known for organising Epicentre Conferences which focus upon the politics in the Middle-East, especially Israel, from a Biblical perspective (more here). In this post he calls attention to an important matter which many cannot yet grasp – the End-Times.

See my subsequent post Iranian leader’s End-Time declaration, and Joel’s Exclusive; Ahmadinejad’s End-Time speech to the UN in which the most detailed explanation of the Twelth Imam to date is given and UN leaders are told the Mahdi will “soon” reign over the world.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

(Jerusalem, Israel) — My friend Reza Kahlili published this fascinating and sobering article this week and I commend it to your attention. Reza used to be an officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. Then he became a double agent for the CIA. Now he is an American citizen who is using his contacts and sources in Iran to gather information to expose the evil regime in Tehran and bring them down before they acquire nuclear weapons and try to usher in the reign of the Twelfth Imam. 


  • Iran’s supreme leader, for the first time, is telling his nation that it must prepare for war and “the end of times” as it continues to develop nuclear weapons. State-owned media outlets, in a coordinated effort, all ran a similar story Friday highlighting Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s message on the coming of the last Islamic messiah. 
  • Until now, the Iranian…

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The Gravity of Current Events

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’).:

Dear Friends,

Further to my very brief references recently to the dangers behind the unrest in the Middle-East, (ie. effect upon our world economy and secret alliance between Sunni-Shia extremists) I would draw your attention to the opening paragraphs of the following alert.  It is worth taking seriously because Iraq’s biggest oil refinery was blown up just this morning!  [Details:]

Last week, Iran’s leader announced that the region’s revolutions are the work of the coming, hidden 12th Mahdi.

“The final move has begun. We are in the middle of a world revolution managed by this dear (12th Imam). A great awakening is unfolding. One can witness the hand of Imam in managing it,” said Ahmadinejad. [Full report at ]

The removal of America and Zionism from the Middle East will then lead to the global caliphate!  BUT we know the Lord High God’s plans regarding the true messiah, our Lord Jesus.  

As Bill Koenig at the White House reports last night,

With events transpiring at a breathtaking pace in Israel, the Middle East, the United States and the rest of the world, it is becoming extremely challenging keeping up with the weekly news activity.” 

 Also, the potential for President Obama’s impeachment has increased, says a former Speaker of their House of Representatives, because of his sudden announcement  not to uphold the federal Defense of Marriage Act, contrary to his constitutional duty!


Sent: Friday, February 25, 2011 10:41 PM
To: Richard Barker
I just hung up from a conference call with a leading Israeli expert on radical Islam, and I must share what he told me
Dear Richard & Janina,
I just hung up the phone from a one-hour conference call with a leading Israeli expert on radical Islam. This brilliant man has spent years studying the plans of Muslim terrorists, and he advises governments around the world on dealing with this crucial threat. This was my third conference call this week with the world’s leading experts on the Middle East and Islamic terrorism. I must share what I have learned with you.
Radical Islamists have decided that democracy is the key to achieving their dream of world domination. They are using the Internet and social networks to overthrow the governments of the Middle East. There are many people who genuinely want freedom and democracy, but they are being used by evil men to gain power to use against Israel and America. The liberal left US media is blindly assisting these efforts aimed at our destruction.
Their goal is to create a catastrophic global economic meltdown. They believe that the Gulf States, including Saudi Arabia, can be overthrown through “democratic” revolution (like the one that brought Khomeini to power in Iran in 1979) and that they can destroy the oil production and delivery system that powers the entire world economic system. Everything—food, clothing, medicine, military power and transportation—depends on oil. Cutting off the oil supply will be like a heart attack for the world.
Hundreds of millions of poor people in Third World countries could starve to death as a result, but the Islamists regard that as an acceptable sacrifice to conquer the West. The world economy will collapse if this plan comes to fruition. No one will be able to stand against the rise of Islam.
The nations of the world are ignoring this reality, instead continuing to pursue their policy of appeasement by working to create a Palestinian state at great cost to Israel. The plan is for the UN to unilaterally and officially proclaim a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital. This action will be taken not far from where Islamic terrorists flew fuel-laden airplanes into the World Trade Center Towers and killed 2,752 innocent men, women, and children and almost exactly ten years after that dreadful attack.
We have launched the “Save Jerusalem” Campaign—a national media initiative to sound the alarm to alert Bible-believing Christians to the danger posed by this plan…and to urge them to join us in speaking out against it. But I urgently need your help. It will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce and begin airing this national prophetic television special.
But I have some great news! A lover of Israel has stepped forward and promised to match every donation we receive for this effort. Your gift today will be doubled! Praise the Lord!
Nations have already begun to jump on the bandwagon: Argentina, Bolivia, Guyana, and Uruguay have announced that they would join with Brazil and many other nations in recognizing Palestine as an independent nation.
This is a battle between politics and prophecy. I can say with every assurance if this is passed, every nation that curses Jerusalem will be cursed by God Almighty. The prophet Zechariah described a curse that will come upon the nations who touch Jerusalem. God says He will seek to destroy the nations that come against the “apple of His eye”—Jerusalem.

Dr. Mike Evans with Israel’s Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, in December, 2010.

While I was in Israel seven weeks ago, I met with virtually every Israeli leader including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, two deputy prime ministers, the Speaker of the Knesset, and more than twenty of its ministers. I had dinner with Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, met with my old friend Yona Yahav, the mayor of Haifa, eleven generals, and over half of Israel’s college presidents. The one thing I heard over and over was their concern over the demonic plan I am about to share with you.

Dr. Mike Evans and Benjamin Netanyahu in 1983. No Christian ministry has defended Israel longer than ours. From the day I shared a prophecy with Prime Minister Menachem Begin that Benjamin Netanyahu would be prime minister of Israel twice and asked Mr. Begin to give him a position in the government until now, we have stood strong in defense of Israel.

“For Zion’s sake I will not hold My peace, And for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, Until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, And her salvation as a lamp that burns. I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; They shall never hold their peace day or night. You who make mention of the LORD, do not keep silent …” (Isaiah 62: 1, 6)
A baby will be born in September—just seven months from now. That’s two months less than it takes a woman to carry a child to full term. That baby will be Islamic state number 45 with East Jerusalem as its capital. The UN will officially proclaim its birth, and the world will joyously celebrate with billions of dollars and deafening applause.
In 2001 just before George Bush took office, Bill Clinton attempted to divide Jerusalem. I said then that God’s hand of protection would be lifted from our nation. I said Osama bin Laden would attack the World Trade Center Towers in New York City, and in fact, wrote a book—The Jerusalem Scroll in 1999—depicting an attempted attack. I saw it in the spiritual realm. Politicians scoffed at me when I told them—like the people of Noah’s day scoffed at him.
Today, I am alerting you that this plan is in place. As a member of the Quartet—along with the UN, the EU, and Russia—U.S. President Barack Obama is the only leader with a chance to stop this disaster from taking place. There is still time to save Jerusalem, but only if we act quickly.
I have written a major book on this crisis—Cursed. I want to send a copy today to everyone who gives a gift of $30 or more to support the Save Jerusalem Campaign.
My plan is to produce a major network documentary on this crisis for U.S. television and to air it on thousands of stations across the U.S.—on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and others. We must awaken millions of God-fearing Christians and Jews to pray and sign the prayer petition to President Obama now. We dare not wait!
I have produced more than a dozen of these specials in the past thirty years. I can tell you: It will work! One of the first was “Let My People Go” to help secure the release of millions of Russian Jews in the USSR. This was before anyone else was talking about it.

Mike and Carolyn Evans with Dean Jones and Tom Poston.

Millions of Americans saw it. It won major awards. More importantly, I presented a million names to President Ronald Reagan and asked him to petition the Soviet premier to let the Jews out of prison. He did, and they were released. I also asked a Dutch government official to open up the Dutch Embassy in the Soviet Union to assist the Jews wanting to leave. He did, and they were allowed to leave the country. To God be the glory!
It will cost millions in air-time to wake-up America; but if we do not do it, it will cost America hundreds of billions … if God’s hand of protection is lifted from our beloved nation. I believe if enough can be raised to launch the project, book sales will underwrite the air-time costs.
Please pray about being a part of this project today to save Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria. “For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14)
In conjunction with this media special, we are also launching a massive petition drive to urge President Obama to reject this evil plan and prevent God’s curse from falling on our nation by standing in support of Israel. There are millions of Christians in America. If we will collectively raise our voices and speak out, we will be heard, and Jerusalem will be saved!
We can’t launch a major media initiative like this without your help. The costs are large, and the time is short. I’m asking you today to send a special, prophetic and sacrificial gift to help the Jerusalem Prayer Team stand for Israel against the powerful forces arrayed against her.

When you send a gift of $30 or more, we’ll send you a copy of my newest book, Cursed. It’s an eye-opening look at the history of the Holy City and the ancient evil driving today’s world leaders to strike against the Jewish people. This book will tell you what the liberal media won’t—the truth about Israel and the Middle East.
When you send a gift of $100 or more, we’ll send you the book and a new pewter collector’s plate made especially for members of the Jerusalem Prayer Team.

This beautiful piece can be hung on the wall of your home or office or displayed on the included stand. It’s a great reminder of your commitment to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and a great way to share that commitment with others.
I urge you to forward this email to everyone on your list and ask them to join with us. This is urgent. We must act now. Thank you for standing for Jerusalem and Israel at this crucial prophetic moment. God bless you!
Your ambassador to Israel,
Dr. Michael Evans

The Jerusalem Prayer Team is a non-profit, non-denominational, 501c3 organization dedicated to developing a prayer movement of people around the world. It receives no support from the Nation of Israel. Donations are tax deductible. The mission of the Jerusalem Prayer Team: To guard, defend and protect the Jewish people and Eretz Yisrael until Israel is secure, and until the Redeemer comes to Zion. Dr. Tim LaHaye, Mr. Pat Boone, Mr. Bill McCartney, Rev. Tommy Tenney, Dr. A.R. Bernard, and Dr. Jay Sekulow are just a few of the more than 300 Christian Leaders who are part of the Jerusalem Prayer Team.
In the event that all the required funds are received for a specific project, the Board of Directors reserves the right to use any additional funds received for other projects or outreaches of The Jerusalem Prayer Team.
Visit Jerusalem World News:
Do not reply to this email. Please address email inquiries to To discontinue your membership automatically, please scroll down to the very bottom of this email and click on the discontinue link. You joined this list as Richard & Janina Barker at the following e-mail address: . You must use the correct e-mail address to discontinue your membership.

Discontinue your subscription.

Update to…Change The World?

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’):

Friends – did a prophetic word pop into my previous mailing? (Also with some intriguing ‘synchronicity’, as below!)  Previously, after having written on a scripture, I didn’t know what to put and thought, “You know all about it Lord, so over to you”. Hence my wording below (now in red).

TODAY, scriptural confirmation has come via John McTernan, with full explanation! Please see today’s posting Elam/Iran in The Latter-Days it’s engrossing reading, as is his second item Islam vs The Bible.

My previous was relatively brief to avoid taking up a lot of your time. That meant omitting many details, one of which is the reason for the pundits’ alarm. There had been talk of an imperative strike to take out the nuclear reactor. But that had to be executed before it went live to avoid woeful repercussions, as in the ‘Chernobyl incident’. [Over 600 fires in Russia have resurrected the radioactive perils arising from many nuclear incidents – see report.]

The reactor at Bushehr has become operational. On the previous day, Iran test-fired its latest missile (the words “Ya Mahdi” written on its side!), the US ‘reassured’ (!!) Israel that Iran is still a year away from making an atom bomb, and announced the resumption of Israel-Palestinian peace talks. (Debka, however, reported sources close to President Abbas quoted him as saying direct talks were not in the offering because a “big military surprise awaits the Middle East”!!  It’s known that all four armies in the region are on a full war-footing.) Furthermore, Israel’s hands were tied by a secret US-Russian deal!! [Debka report].

SO, presumably Obama thinks he must do something to earn that fatuous Noble Peace Prize endowed at the start of his office! BUT he’s thus tied USA into the Gog-Magog alliance of Russia, Iran, Turkey & Syria, (Ezekiel 38 refers) thereby fully confirming his own anti-Israel stance. (We can draw our own conclusions about the consequences for USA.)

AND HOW VERY INTERESTING that the question of Obama’s being a Moslem has blown up just in time for all these events! (You may recall my reservations on his professed Christianity in view of his Cairo speech and deliberate championing of ‘gay pride’?) The White House say his Christian belief is obvious – some pastors agree – BUT, whether Christian or Moslem, he ignores God’s holy word and His commands – YET, now his administration is turning America away from God and taking it back to ‘the days of Noah and Lot’, perhaps the Lord may be using Obama to bring about His purposes?

– – – – –

Do I sense pieces of the Lord’s biblical ‘jigsaw puzzle’ falling into place? (At this very moment, as I write, my PC radio plays ‘Dies Irae’ (Day of Wrath) from Verdi’s Requiem Mass!! Now is that just coincidence or God-incidence? I’d stopped writing to get a coffee and share my thoughts with Nina before resuming with fresh idea about jigsaw. Had that not happened there’d have been no synchonicity – so I’m awestruck!)

May He be with you and your dear ones in these most fascinating times.


Previously:…Scripture instructs us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem – and that democracy’s leaders need the wisdom of the Lord.  Yet perhaps He may take alternative means of action to thwart the maniacs…?

Could This Weekend Change The World?

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’):

Stark events this weekend in the Middle East are very likely to mark a turning point in world history. Consider this from John McTernan:

“The Prophet Daniel said that, just before the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus, the wise would understand what was happening. Notice he also said the wicked would get worse right up until the end. There is no end to the wickedness of man. Homosexual marriage has to be near the top of list of wickedness. The world economy is melting down while war in the Middle East is very close. Those that are anchored in the Bible and believe the prophetic word, understand what is happening. Events seem to be accelerating towards the Day of LORD. Our hope is in the Blessed Hope, the Lord Jesus coming for His church.”
(15 Aug’10 – John McTernan’s Insights)

Also, this from Ryan Mauro

“The Israelis must also consider whether the (Iranian) regime actually wants them to strike their (nuclear) facilities. The regime may believe…such a strike would commence the final days when the Hidden Imam will arise during a final great war to bring victory for Islam. According to one cleric, Ayatollah Khamenei is telling his inner circle that he has met with the Hidden Imam and was promised that he’d appear before his time as Supreme Leader ends.” (17th Aug’10 – Israel’s Crunch Time)

[See links 1, 2 3 below]

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said,

“You don’t want a messianic apocalyptic cult controlling atomic bombs”, he said. “When the wide-eyed believer gets hold of the reins of power and the weapons of mass death, then the world should start worrying, and that’s what is happening in Iran”. (Sept’10 The Atlantic – The Point of No Return, Jeffrey Goldberg) [See links 4,5 below]

Russian President Putin has caught the West off-balance by announcing that Iran’s first nuclear reactor at Bushehr will be loaded with fuel rods this Saturday, way ahead of the proposed schedule that’s part of UN discussions. [Debka report.]

Once that happens the balance of power in the region tilts completely as all Sunni Muslim States in Persian Gulf will have to turn away from a weak USA and kowtow to an extremist Shiite regime – ONE THAT HAS THREATENED TO ANNHILATE ISRAEL and will have the ability to carry out its intentions and achieve Hitler’s goal far more efficiently and effectively. Both Iran’s President and supreme spiritual leader anticipate an apocalyptic war heralding the appearance of their crescent-moon god’s Mahdi (accompanied by Jesus!) and bringing peace to a world that’s come into the ‘house of submission’.

The good thing about this is that all the rational Sunni Arab leaders are wanting America and/or Israel to take out the facilities (as they did with Iraq’s and Syria’s reactors). But Israel would have to go it alone as Obama wouldn’t commit to action. Debka’s sources report an Iranian phantom fighter and unidentified drones crashing nearby and into the reactor buildings.

Scripture instructs us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem – and that democracy’s leaders need the wisdom of the Lord. Yet perhaps He may take alternative means of action to thwart the maniacs…?

Regarding all this, may I bounce the following off you?

I recall a speaker saying satan is attempting to bring forward End-Time events in order to nullify God’s schedule and thereby wrong-foot God. His logic, perhaps, is to avoid his demise in the Lake of Fire? The revelation Jesus received from God and which He gave to John states that will happen after He returns and defeats satan. Prophecy points to this being centred on Jerusalem and the Jews will at last recognise Jesus as their true messiah.

The obvious way out of this scenario is to ensure there are no Jews whatso-ever left alive for Jesus to come back for and, if Jerusalem is still standing, then it’s population should be followers of a false god. Indeed, Hasan Nasrallah, head of Hezbollah (Party of God!), wants all Jews to come to Israel because that makes it so much easier to despatch them in one fell swoop!! [Hezbollah in Lebanon serves as Iran’s proxy terrorists and is a large part of the Lebanese army.]

NOT IF, BUT WHEN, Iran goes nuclear then the world faces a completely different ballgame. AND with America’s leader…having outraged most Americans over a mosque planned close by the war-cemetry of Ground Zero, then Israel is on its own.

It’s so good to be on the winning side! May the Lord of the Harvest help us quickly bring in ‘the full number of gentiles’.


PS. If you’d like to get your ‘mind’s teeth’ into some really excellent commentary, see the attached transcript and these links, especially the Goldberg anaylsis: