Deep US-Saudi rift emerges

Part 1 of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’).:

Today’s news: ‘Deep US-Saudi Rift’

Dear Friends – did you spot the prophetic parenthesis in my previous ‘news flash’? 

Actually, I’d added the short comment shown below only as an aside to a notification about the Guardian’s ‘Talks Leaks’.  Little did I know the next day everything would start unravelling in Egypt!  Apparently, it was a few days after Mubarak had refused to protect Christians from persecution!  Mind you, the Muslim Brotherhood (the originators of Hamas & Al Quaida) had already stated it would emulate the uprising in Tunisia if its demands were not met.

You may have followed developments in the main media news but missed the concerns over America’s subversive efforts in Egypt and over Obama’s demand that an ally caves in to an uprising despite his hush over Iran’s suppression of democratic dissent.  (In my opinion that’s no surprise in view of the ways he stabbed the only democratic ally in the Mid-East in the back; eg. the offensive way he treated Israel’s PM Netanyahu.)   But more emphatic was the deep consternation of professional commentators over the Obama administration’s seesaw ambivalence.

So, this morning the rebuking of Obama was announced in the Times’ exclusive, front-page headline – ‘Saudis told Obama not to humiliate Mubarak’.  The article suggests the exchange between leaders was more than a slap on the wrist from King Abdullah.  Details revealed by Debka indicate it was more a big cuff behind the ear (

Even so, if Mubarak does step down let’s hope his vice-president Omar Suleiman holds the reins for he’s played an extremely important intelligence and diplomatic role with Israel.  The dangers are in a secret alliance between the Sunni and Shiite extremists manipulating Egypt into a war against Israel. (25 yrs ago, at the height of the Iraq-Iran war, I saw a TV report on their elite forces uniting to rehearse an attack upon Jerusalem!)

[Update: see Robert Spencer; Egyptian Copts overwhelmed by “anxiety and fear”, see Muslim Brotherhood government as “worst in memory” – 14 Oct 2012] 

However as regards these events…(click here to read Part 2 The Lord’s Perspective:, after email below).

Praise our Almighty God and Father of Lord Jesus


Richard Barker

Sent: Monday, January 24, 2011 1:31 PM
To: Undisclosed Recipients
Subject: TODAY’S NEWS – ‘Talks Leaks’ a.k.a. ‘Palestinian Papers’

As January has seen riots in Tunisia, severe internal tensions in Lebanon, calls for the overthrow of Jordan’s government (Egypt next?), then let’s not be surprised if these leaks lead to a major shaking of Palestinian leadership, if not their complete overturn, in February!

Perhaps, therefore, we may soon see whether or not Christian commentators upon the prophesied Psalm 83 Middle-Eastern war and fulfilment of Obadiah 15 are proved correct??

Let’s keep our gaze upon our awesome Lord Jesus


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