A Third Great Awakening?

Part 2 of pre-blog email Today’s News: ‘Deep US-Saudi Rift’ – see previous post:

The Lord’s Perspective:

However, as regards these events (Egypt and Saudi-USA rift) it’s far more important to seek the Lord on any connection to His Word and on how He sees them, and to ask about His plans. In this connection we’d watched the prophetic intercessor Dutch Sheets on this issue.

On 13 January (2011) Nathan Morris was off with ‘flu from the revival meeting in Mobile, Alabama. However, Dutch stood in for him and taught about it being a true revival and become so significant outpouring of the Holy Spirit it would be the start of a ‘Third Great Awakening’. He said this is indicated by an unsurpassed number of medically attested miracles and salvations amongst the young.

Dutch SheetsAfterwards, Dutch went into intercession for a number of nations, but stopped and fervently declared he believed he’d just heard that the Lord is going to move super-naturally across the Middle East with dreams, visions and miracles. He claimed the Lord would be doing what evangelists cannot do in these closed lands and bring whole Muslim villages to salvation in Jesus. [NOTE below]

Watch the following profoundly important prophetic message after John Kilpatrick hands over to Dutch at 1hr40min. Three minutes later he opens up about a ‘great awakening’  which the Lord has been talking to him about since 1991. [Note: this brief note of a word given in June 2012 is also relevant. Read also of his experience in Sept 2014  – email updated 13 Nov 2014.]

Dutch’s descriptions reminded me of a vision of holy fire sweeping up the eastern side of Africa from Mozambique (where Rolland and Heidi Baker have brought whole Muslim provinces to Jesus), up to Sudan and Egypt and then into the Arabian peninsula!  Even so, the one who would usurp God’s throne will no doubt get stirred up.  So we shall see…

[2012 Note: The vision came when I first saw Heidi addressing a conference in Toronto. Suddenly, it was as though I was in orbit over central Africa and saw tall flames leaping high into the atmosphere over the whole of Mozambique and which spread northwards. The Mediterranean coast sat on the curvature of the globe and I saw the flames go along it and across the Sinai peninsular. Upon speaking to Rolland Baker a year or so later, he informed me this vision is similar to that which their director Supresa Sithole had for Iris Ministries.]

Praise our Almighty God and Father of Lord Jesus.

NOTE: The day after Dutch’s intercession the president of Tunisia fled to Saudi Arabia.  Three days later an Egyptian man copied the earlier self-imolation of a Tunisian street seller, which led into the major protests in Egypt and toppling of president Mubarak.   See Timeline (24 Jan 2012)

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