John Kilpatrick: Significance of Trump’s Jerusalem ‘tipping-point’ – fulfills Alabama prophecy

A week today 6th December, President Trump declared the United States of America’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and decision to relocate US Embassy from Tel Aviv. The next day John Kilpatrick, senior pastor Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama, recorded his thoughts about it being a significant spiritual tipping point setting many things in motion – and set hell off – because it aligns the nation and its president with the Almighty.

Watch John talk about that as he speaks a blessing over Donald Trump and his family.:

He had the news in mind when welcoming the congregation at CHP’s Sunday’s morning service,

“Somebody made the statement here a few years ago it would be a cold day in H-e-l-l if the embassy was ever moved to Jerusalem –  well not only was it a cold day in Alabama but it snowed in Alabama! God has a sense of humor – amen!

The church is located on the eastern side of Mobile Bay (named by Spanish ‘Bay of Holy Spirit’: see Bay of Holy Spirit Revival) on Gulf of Mexico’s northern coast with its subtropical climate.  So we could say that quip proved to have a prophetic edge!

Snow decorates the branches of a palm tree in Mobile the morning after a late night snowfall on December 8, 2017.(Lawrence Specker)

Across the Bay, Saturday morning’s local news had asked How weird is snow in Mobile? Well Friday night’s snow set a record (1 inch on ground) and reported,

‘The old record was only a trace amount of snow on December 8, 1942. Local NWS records date back to 1842.

‘(Meterologist) says preliminary numbers were tallied late Friday night, but recorded snowfall is being measured throughout the state. Most counties who got snow yesterday are hovering around two inches, at the most. But, one report in Gilbertown in Choctaw County, points toward an alleged outlier of five inches…Numbers aside, Alabamians across the state took to social media to share their collective glee regarding the uncommon Southern snowfall…’ 

Map-vision & Word: epicenters of rivers of God’s glory in Britain

First briefly mentioned in New Nation: Spiritual Rains Have Started and in Notes to A Vision Over This New Nation; then as the ‘4th jigsaw piece’ of On Visions, Maps, Timing and God’s ‘Souls Harvest’ Jigsaw – NOW hear it as Lydia Marrow interrupts what she’s saying about STN’s international mission to bring this powerful prophetic word from the Lord in its full explosive flow.:  Continue reading

Shake the Nations – Legacy Conference, Peterborough 30 June – 2 July


Shake The Nations Ministries (image links to website)

STN ministries, known for evangelism plus healing to masses around the world – as well as its close association with The Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival (see intro email and blogs) – invites Christians to:


‘…The first annual Shake the Nations Ministries conference with a clear call for the Church to return to the fires of Pentecost.

‘We must build on the legacy of our forefathers such as Smith Wigglesworth, The Jeffrey brothers, John and Charles Wesley, and Evan Roberts. This generation must seek God for a move of the Holy Spirit, that the lost might be saved, the sick healed, and the captives set free in Jesus’ mighty name!

God wants to be seen in our wilderness experiences

JMK“I want to share the most supernatural thing that’s ever happened to me in my life” said associate pastor John Michael Kilpatrick when he started addressing online viewers of Sunday’s service at Church of His Presence.

He’s experienced things that were beyond comprehension at the Brownsville Revival, which his father hosted from 1995 – but last Friday morning was so “very special…I’ll never forget”.

John Michael recounts how he was awakened at 1.30am by a ‘chirping’ smoke-detector to warn of flat battery. After dealing with it, it just wasn’t possible to return to sleep but he lay trying to wind down and not think of anything. He tells what happened next.:

“God’s my witness – I’d never lie to you anyway….I’m telling you this happened – I’m not drifting off to sleep, I’m just laying there (and)

“Like a speaker came on in my room and an English accent – a man with an English-accent voice – spoke these words to me. He said,

“Would you like to see me in your wilderness experience?”

“I was so blown away I could not believe what was happening. I heard, I did not sense in my spirit. The Lord did not speak to me in my spirit – (tapping his left ear) these ears heard an Englishman talking in my bedroom!

“I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t alarmed, I didn’t freak out. I knew it was of God, sending some messenger…

“I’m here to tell you I don’t know what you’re going through but God wants to be a part of it…”

Listen to the full 5-6 minutes, beginning at the 1:05:25 mark on this archive video. This includes John Michael’s response, his brief man-to-man chat and declaration of break-through, and receive the blessing conveyed to everyone after he emphasises,

“I’m telling you: God wants you to see Him in your wilderness experience – alleluia!”

Maybe the use of an English voice means this is especially for Brits. But whatever, as an Englishman I seized upon this word straight away for application wherever suitable. Also, knowing others in the UK who watch CHP, maybe this word could encourage them too.

As blogged the next day, that morning’s Scottish Lion Bite Suddenly I Acted echoes and expands upon what the American brought. For example,

‘…the Lord says that this is the day that He begins to manifest into your midst that which He has spoken!…’

Lastly, this was highly amusing because we chuckle at the occasional funny oddities of father and son’s Alabama accents and love their friendly way. Leaders and members of CHP are very well acquainted with our accent from Nathans Morris and Marrow’s work during The Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival.

[Photo John Michael Kilpatrick, credit Church of His Presence]

Paul Keith Davis remembers his friend Bob Jones

This personal reflection by Paul Keith upon his long, close friendship with the ‘prophet of love’, Bob Jones, is fascinating. We learn how they met, what Bob was like, about his ministry and more…

Readers unfamiliar with revelatory or prophetical material may find his statements novel but, rest assured, this video is well-worth watching.

To give a flavour, here’s a few notes on what Keith divulges:

  • Bob operated strongly in the Daniel anointing of dream interpretation. Not only did he have advance knowledge of the content of another’s dreams but he would also know its meaning – and even be in it with them!
  • That was very clear in Keith’s first meeting with Bob when, with Bobby Conner, they held their first public meeting and demolished a stronghold of witchcraft.
  • Bob’s prophetic gifting would flow continually over several days.
  • Accurate prophecies about two revivals – Pensecola/Brownsville and The Bay of The Holy Spirit – as well as two hurricanes striking the same place (Mobile bay).
  • Bob’s earlier death and why he was returned to earthly life, and a later attempt by the spirit of death to prevent his completing his ordained destiny.
  • Their trip into hell and its purpose in connection with an unsaved person. (I was reminded of when I stood upon hell’s trapdoor; as told here.)
  • His passing on St Valentines Day – Keith surmises it’s not so much that Bob is a prophet of love but that its significance is about Time – a ‘tick’ of God’s prophetic clock and what’s about to happen globally with billions coming into the Kingdom!
  • Re. Daniel 7:26-27 and John 16:8-11 – the judgement has been, or is about to be, made in favour of the saints and the Spirit of Truth released upon the earth.

Those are just a few and exclude the meaning of two asteroids heading toward earth!  (It reminds me of what demolished the idol in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream – Dan 2.)  If you’re interested, I’m sure you’ll make the opportunity to watch this 90 minute  video. There’s so much wisdom for us to learn from both men of God. Some, I know, may have reservations but this may be addressed as you read on…

Defeating Compromise

Today, I received an email from Keith on his work with Bob in understanding previous moves of the Holy Spirit. They investigated what was done properly and what brought about a decline, what has been lost or why an original mandate wasn’t fully achieved. In opening, he explains:

One of the last conversations I had with Bob Jones dealt with our great need to remain true to God’s word and alleviate spiritual compromise. Bob was a man who clearly remained true to his beliefs and represented the prophetic gospel with boldness, without yielding to the compromise of political correctness. I wrote this article based upon the revelatory encounter that he had and the understanding we gleaned from our conversations on the subject. I believe it is a very relevant word for this hour.
Clearly this nation and the church are presently going through a great shaking.  Naturally, our first question is to understand the Holy Spirit’s objective during this season.  What do we need to gleam from these tests and trials?
As I have been asking the Lord this question I was reminded of a prophetic article that Bob Jones and I brought several years ago…
Scrutiny of these revivals will highlight one principal spirit of a
diabolical nature that has facilitated this demise.   It can simply be identified as the “spirit of compromise”. (Emphases mine)

Keith is referring to the USA but this applies to the UK too, as we may gather in Gillan Scott’s latest blog about Anglicans compromising with the world.

Our prophet continues by recounting Bob’s deep visionary experience and revelatory insights about how this satanic spirit shipwrecks advances within churches, and how it can be most effectively countered and defeated through using the Sword of the Spirit – namely, the living Word of God.

To read the letter in full, watch out for its publication on WhiteDove Ministries’ website.

Bob on Arthur Burt

I will soon cover what Bob Jones said about Arthur Burt’s ministry. [NOW published in two parts beginning here.]

Meanwhile, you may be interested in Bob’s account of his first death and its effect upon him, as recounted here, and this earlier video of a conversation between Keith and his other close friend, Bobby Conner.

Prophecy of an ‘epic generation’

Detail from Eagle-eyed, John Mark Long: propheticartists.comOn Sunday afternoon 13th January 2013 (interesting in US style: 01.13.2013 ) I grabbed the nearly new jotter I’d found only the previous week to once again make notes whilst watching a live webcast. During worship at Church of His Presence I recollected an old prophetic word given about an ‘epic year’ and made a mental tab to dig out any notes.

This ‘almost new’ pad wouldn’t have those notes, or so I believed. Anyway, I flipped over its scribbled pages >> last week’s notes >> (next) Easter 2011 >> (next) John Kilpatrick Mar ’11 >> (last, the oldest) is headed “I’m a big God!”.

What I wanted was there on the very first pages!!  Had my thought been ‘engineered’?

Click here to read what I found (skipping the Introduction, as above). In my opinion what was brought by Nathan Morris harmonises well with recently published prophetic words for 2013 – maybe he prophesied these prophecies?  If you spend a little time reflecting upon them with the Lord you may be ready for some observations I wish to make.

(In writing up my notes I’ve taken the opportunity to revamp this blog’s prophecy ‘hub’.)

Some insights into God’s action plan

Soon after my birthday trip to Trafalgar Square with Healing On The Streets, as here, I was blessed with a greater under-standing of God’s action plan: getting the full Gospel message in all its power into the public space. So I want to encourage fellow believers as well as stir those who are not yet Christians to discover more about our faith.

Insight 1

Knowing about God’s action plan gives impetus to our realisation of the spiritual contest going on within society to manipulate people’s thoughts and beliefs away from God.

This has been observed not only in the HOTS v ASA saga but also other spheres of UK government action. Thinking they’d curtail prayers in public for physical healing, the ASA banned HOTS leaflets but this blew up in their faces when the public’s attention and that of Parliament turned towards the issue (as here and here). Also, a substantial flaw was found in the ASA ruling.  So, we can perceive the Lord’s hand in these events.  However, the issue with the Equalities & Human Rights Commission about keeping religious beliefs well behind church doors, as summed up here by Gillan Scott, still bubbles away.

That struggle is also why Christians are in the European Court, Strasbourg, standing  against governmental rulings (see here, here and here). We can understand that the spiritual enemy does not want anything Jesus did in public to be done in public today. Thus, he will attempt in every possible way to thwart God’s plans for returning Christian beliefs and activity to the public sphere.

On this issue political blogger Cranmer has rounded upon confused comments coming from Baroness Warsi, minister of State for Faith and Communities and Senior Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, that the British Government is proud to do ‘God’.  His Grace writes:

It is ironic that this ‘Senior’ Minister of State…should boast that the UK Government ‘does God’ while their lawyers at the European Court of Human Rights have made it clear that the position of HM Government is that Christians should ‘leave their beliefs at home or get another job’.

David Cameron – like Tony Blair before him – appears to mistake freedom of worship for freedom of religion. The Baroness apparently grasps the difference, and yet she is part of that government which is arguing in Strasbourg that there is a ‘difference between the professional and private sphere’.

Whatever the Baroness may spout at the UN, the UK has seen a gradual shift from ‘freedom of religion’ to ‘freedom of worship’. The whole narrative surrounding religious faith has gone from being ‘in the world’ to the physical confines of a church, temple, synagogue or mosque.

Insight 2

Sunday morning’s service at Church of His Presence had a late change in its schedule.  Pastor John had to be away and Jan Painter spoke on what the Lord’s saying about His plans for revival and taking His presence outside church walls. (Jan prophesied a fresh but return of the glory of God after that of the Brownsville revival.)

For well over an hour Jan conveyed her grasp of the Lord’s words and amongst several gems was this one:

“In God’s presence we become aware of Him, but He wants you to be aware that He is aware of you“.

Wow, how this adds another deeper dimension for our ministering healing!  It seems, in my opinion, a lot of what she says about God’s work through The Bay Revival may well apply to HOTS because that team is also part of God’s worldwide action plan to get the full Gospel outside church walls.

Indeed, the Lord’s rebuke that Jan conveyed about believers letting a spiritual weapon  fall into disuse also applies to all on-fire churches. (Ephesians 6:10-18 refers.) This is extremely relevant teaching and as the service closed most of the large congregation, no doubt plus online members, started practising this holy gifting.

Join this exceptional service by playing the above video. There are testimonies from deaf and blind folk being healed before Jan starts speaking at 1hr30min. [Takes few seconds to start but play can be advanced along the loading gray buffer bar.]

Insight 3

How can I convey what followed the previous two within days?  At the first home group we attended of our new church the preacher brought a powerful text for discussion – the third chapter of Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus.

I received a ‘download’!  It was almost visible!  My New King James Study Bible heads this chapter as The Mystery Revealed, with sub-headings Purpose of the Mystery and Appreciation of the Mystery.  I n t r i g u i n g ! 

As the chapter was read aloud and certain Greek words in verses 16 to 20 discussed, I grasped its direct relevance to all I’ve written above and in the preceding posts about HOTS.

All I can suggest for the earnest Christian is to meditate upon and ‘chew well’ the extra-ordinary depths of this whole chapter and ask for revelation.  This Bible Gateway link to  Ephesians 3 gives the Amplified Bible’s translation, thereby offering a good glimpse into the meaning of Paul’s apostolic teaching.

Just savour these verses then, along with the rest, chew and swallow the whole chapter and then the rest of this short letter:

10 [The purpose is] that through the church the complicated, many-sided wisdom of God in all its infinite variety and innumerable aspects might now be made known to the angelic rulers and authorities (principalities and powers) in the heavenly sphere.

11 This is in accordance with the terms of the eternal and timeless purpose which He has realized and carried into effect in [the person of] Christ Jesus our Lord,

12 In Whom, because of our faith in Him, we dare to have the boldness (courage and confidence) of free access (an unreserved approach to God with freedom and without fear). – – – – –

16 May He grant you out of the rich treasury of His glory to be strengthened and reinforced with mighty power in the inner man by the [Holy] Spirit [Himself indwelling your innermost being and personality].

17 May Christ through your faith [actually] dwell (settle down, abide, make His permanent home) in your hearts! May you be rooted deep in love and founded securely on love,

18 That you may have the power and be strong to apprehend and grasp with all the saints [God’s devoted people, the experience of that love] what is the breadth and length and height and depth [of it];

19 [That you may really come] to know [practically, through experience for yourselves] the love of Christ, which far surpasses mere knowledge [without experience]; that you may be filled [through all your being] unto all the fullness of God [may have the richest measure of the divine Presence, and become a body wholly filled and flooded with God Himself]!


Oh, and there’s this, and this…(ie. PS)

Please may I draw your attention to:

1.  A regular contributor’s comment upon European financial encroachment – I’d hoped someone would ‘twig’!  Click here and scroll to comments below post.

2.  In view of the latest controversy, readers in the States may like to petition president Obama to stand by Israel. Also, in the opinion of Caroline Glick (here), the 9/11 attacks on US embassies in Libya and Egypt weren’t about a film. She claims it was screened on a Salafist tv channel by people pres Morsi released from prison – and Obama will see him rather than the leader of USA’s long-time ally!  An odd choice for friends is it not?  But then he did want the MB present at his speech in Cairo (see here).

3.  Re. 4,500 away, we caught up last night with Nathan’s visit to Louisiana a week after hurricane Isaac. There he warned that a much greater storm’s coming, a spiritual one also because The King Is Coming!  [Click to watch this at 1hr54m30 – see these posts too; Why I’m watching, Get Ready and Watch.]  UPDATE: New Orleans needs to watch out and take this very seriously now the police are suppressing free speech and arresting street preachers, as well as threatening churches – see Christian News (thank you Tembisa at Church on Fire).

We felt it 4,500 miles away!

4,500 miles – that’s a quarter of the way around the world!  The British boy was at his best under the ‘unction of the Holy Spirit’,  ie., the anointing from God Most High to preach and teach the Gospel with the power of His Spirit, as he spoke about ‘Divine Exchange’.  Most of the large congregation had, in fact, already ascended in worship and found ‘fullness of joy’ in His presence, which was strongly felt throughout the 3 hour-long service!

Late Sunday afternoons here in Hampshire, England, we go to church in Mobile, AL, USA, for a morning service, as do thousands of other online members of Church of His Presence. On Sunday, English evangelist Nathan Morris reported healing miracles had  happened when the Bay Revival team recently went to Lake Charles, Louisiana, a week after hurricane Isaac’s visit.

(PS. whilst there Nathan warned a much greater, more severe storm’s coming – The King Is Coming!  Click to watch message; read these posts too – Watch, Get Ready.)

Soon after many there repented, Nathan had a prophetic word about someone’s health, “degenerative disease in the kidneys” (ie. kidney failure).  A lady with a 6 months-old baby yells as he quips, “The preachers weren’t watching, but the Son of God is!” and what happened next is most wonderful. If you too would like to know – and see – then carry on reading:

Listen to Nathan’s account and then watch it happen as he plays two video clips to the congregation. [Click on ‘play triangle’ and as it loads click on grey bar to advance play, speed depends upon your broadband speed.]  Nathan starts telling about this miracle at 1hr12min30 and the video section of baby Jeremiah’s healing starts at 1:18:00….at 1:21:30 it changes to the next day’s meeting for an account of the boy’s severe medical status by his exurberant mother as she tells about that morning’s astonishing results of his creatinine blood testpraise the Lord!

At 1:36:00 a ‘live’ testimony is given for the Lord’s healing of terminal colon cancer and Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. What is remarkable is that the patient was one of a very, very tiny group of people without a specific enzyme which adversely affects chemotherapy.  The Lord directed her to search on the internet to find out about this (1:40:00). She got in touch with chat rooms and therefore insisted doctors test her before treatment. Thus they discovered that she was one of this rare, at-risk group!

Divine Exchange

After a strong admonition (at 1:45:00) and exhortation to that nation (US) and to young people, Nathan ends with an unexpected brief word about faith in anyone other than Jesus Christ, and says, “I don’t know where that came from, it’s not my message!”

At 1:50:50 he begins an exceptional message on coming into God’s presence and the signs of the Kingdom, as exemplified in those healings, teaching from the Biblical books of Hebrews and Exodus.  Any summary would fail to do justice or convey it properly – it needs to be heard and entered into.  Are you able to do so?

Drawing to a close Nathan recounts the drummer / youth pastor told him how amazed he was when a blind eye opened as he prayed. Nathan then exclaimed,

He was so full of it – he was rejoicing – and I looked at him and thought, “Son, you’d better get ready, because if you keep having a divine exchange with God, blind eyes will be nothing – He’ll show you things that will blow your mind!!

He went on (2:27:00):

Before I knew you were worshiping, I could feel it in my spirit. Normally I can’t hear you in the back room but I heard something…and said so to the pastor…I could feel it because there’s something that happens when the Body of Christ joins in one accord to – we enter the Throne Room  where divine exchange takes place!”

Everyone re-entered worship and even across the ‘pond’, here in the UK – a quarter of the world away – we too felt the strong, undeniable touch of precious Holy Spirit as His fire fell once again in Alabama.

And  why ever not?  After all God’s Spirit is present in all those who believe in the one He sent – Jesus Christ. In our human spirits there’s no separation whatsoever from Him or from the fellowship of His Body.

The Blood of Jesus Christ

The following transcript is offered for use as a prayer and declaration over our nations:

“…We come that we may seek Your face, Lord. We are not here by accident but You have ordained it…we stand and we wait for You. Come in all Thy Glory – we are bold enough to say, “Show us Oh Lord, show us Your glory! – show us Your glory! God send Your glory”…The nations are joining us because all around the world people are crying out in this hour, “God, send Your glory, we need You Lord…we need You God to save a generation…to get a hold on our sons that are in rebellion…our daughters that are lost”.  [Amen]

“I want to tell you Church” continued Nathan, “That we’ve been silent too long…we’ve been silent too long. While hell is seeking to encamp around America, the Church has been silent too long!

“Send Your glory and The Holy Ghost…AND FIRE…my God, my God…something’s happening right now!  You may not like this, but the Church without fire is impotent. When the fire of God, the fire of the Holy Ghost falls as it did in that upper room…falls upon the Church, then we are a nightmare to the enemy!!Oh God, send the Fire!

“Now, we’re too civilised…we want to put The Holy Ghost in a box!…the glory in a box!!  I want to tell you the glory of my God once dwelt between the cherubim on a box and He isn’t going back there again. NOW, He dwells in the hearts of men who hunger and thirst after Him!… Send the fire, send the fire…

“Jesus, what are you doing right now Lord…I feel the power of God starting to break through…people say I shout, but I’m telling you, for the hour in which we’re living in, somebody needs to shout, to shout it from the rooftops that:

“the blood of Jesus has lost NONE of its power!! Oh the blood…the blood has lost NONE of its power!”

Thus petitoned and proclaimed English evangelist Nathan Morris to thousands assembled 9 miles south of the White House and Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. on Thursday 19th July. And then he goes into usual power-preaching mode.:

“When the fire of God fell on me it wasn’t in a church building but on my own on a living room floor. I shook for three hours under the glory of God [he then speaks about the start of his vocation]…I’m tired of this wishy-washy Gospel that says we can come to God any old how, we can do what we want Monday to Friday and Sunday we put on our ‘best’ and come like we’re a saint.

“My God…I want to tell you, there’s a call to holiness.  The fire of God will NOT dwell in wishy-washy preaching. The Church doesn’t need wishy-washy ministers…

We need to preach the blood, the cross, the Holy Ghost fire, repentance, holiness.  The day that God sees there are men and women that reverence this place is the day that He will return to the pulpit again…”

[Nathan briefly tells how this brought many healings in Africa, even to the dying.]

“But oh, if we would get back to the Gospel Jesus preached, if we would get  back to our knees again…God still heals, He still saves, He still delivers [alleluyah!]

America, nations of the world, there is a God of eternity who rules and reigns with power…of His dominion and of His Kingdom there is no end

“I want to tell you and I say this with all reverence, and it doesn’t matter who is in the White House, let me tell you one thing:

“When the Church of Jesus Christ stand under the glory of God there is no leader, no power, no government, that will shake what God says to a nation – it SHALL come to pass!!

“Do you think Delia Knox coming out of a wheelchair was a problem to God? It didn’t even flinch him! What a mighty God we serve!…” (For her healing, see video clips.)


[It’s interesting that Christen Forster mentioned this kind of preaching during his summary of the listening prayer-time in Westminster  – see here. ALSO, one of a number of thoughtful posts in Life’s Little Slices emphasises this topic.]

Earlier Rev John Kilpatrick was greeted and honoured by a local bishop and leaders at the National Church of God at Fort Washington, MD. Two had previously invited the rivalist team to Silver Spring on the north side of Washington. That was in the days  leading into US’ National Prayer Day on 5th May – AND it goes without saying that first evening of repentance by thousands was very different to politically convened events.

To be stirred and blessed, run this video and listen to Nathan speaking as above at 2hrs into the meeting AND what Bishop Harry Jackson says at 1hr8min about events related to that earlier conference in DC is, in my humble opinion, important for the USA.:

Bay Revival July 19, 2012 from Bay Revival on Vimeo.

Ditch my sermon, let’s celebrate!

Today is the second anniversary of that astonishing day when the living God visited a   two-day conference at a church in Daphne, near Mobile, Alabama, USA. This meeting, called Open The Heavens, was convened by the Rev. John Kilpatrick, to whom in ’95 God had entrusted a revival of repentance in Brownsville, Florida. On Thursday, a few miles from Washington DC, he described what happened on July 23rd 2010:

“(on) the second night miracles broke out and…I’m not a critic…but a sceptical person, and whenever the miracles broke out I saw miracles that were undeniable and I said, “This is God”…But the thing that made it so real for me was when the miracles began to break out – I was sitting in the audience  – I heard coming from behind me that familiar sound of revival…

I heard that roar of the presence of the glory of God come in and I said, “Oh my God – He’s back!” and whenever I heard that I knew beyond any doubt right then, I said, “We’re in for it!”

You may ask, “Is that scriptural, where’s that in the Bible?”  It’s here at Psalm 29:3-4; “The voice of the Lord is over the waters, the glory of God thunders…”

The pastor’s guest was a young English evangelist, Nathan Morris, whose huge Gospel campaigns in India had brought a hundred thousand Muslims and Hindus into salvation with a similar number of miraculous healings, salvations and deliverances in Africa (see Shake the Nations).

Nathan wondered why that doesn’t happen in America and the Western world…but then healings started happening in Mobile too! The first to receive sight to blind eyes was a man who’d had 8 operations to restore his sight, but all failed. Many others received healing for deafness.

Thus began a long, remarkable series of preaching with signs and wonders following. It became known as The Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival, named after the original Spanish name for that bay in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

For a short summary of a selection of notable miracles during The Bay Revival that I’ve summarised in this blog click on video clips of testimonies, or visit the main website for  a  collection of testimonies.

Yesterday, several hundreds were assembled in the convention centre for the usual Sunday morning meeting – but that ‘usual’ is not the same usual as in your average church service.  The regulars at Church of His Presence really know how to worship and praise the Lord.  No ‘hymn sandwiches’ here!  Opening worship by musicians and vocalists lasts about 40 minutes; but yesterday after the band stopped, everyone simply couldn’t stop praising God in their individual ways!

This carried on for 10 minutes and the pastor sensed the Lord was doing something different and he realised that it was to encourage a festive time of celebration for the anniversary the next day of the start of the Revival. As one of very few to honour the  presence of the Holy Spirit and make space for Him to have His way, Pastor Kilpatrick announced he’s putting aside his prepared sermon. (In fact, he’d been away for a few weeks and had some fresh teaching.)

John then encouraged all to continue and even brought all teens-and-twenties to the front to worship – then they were replaced by a few dozen adults – who in turn were replaced by the over 60s!  Next, he invited all the black folk to come and show how to worship. What a fantastic time, and live on-line too – now that’s church!

So seventy five minutes into the service the formal business of taking the offering and blessing the congregation happened later than usual – then the celebratory worship just  continued – wow!

Thank you Lord for being so good – Oh, what our eyes have seen!

Why not join in the festivities of 22nd July yourself by clicking here?

For the first short report soon after the start of the Revival play this video:

1,000s of Americans applaud UK Christian ‘fight-back’

“What’s happening in England right now is blowing my mind (I hear of more miracles)…I was there a few weeks ago…in the city of Hull, where miracles were happening – one week later our Prime Minister stands up in the Houses of Parliament and he says this..: Continue reading

News roundup on healings

Thank you Jonathan for alerting me to the Lord’s recent activities in North Kent, and to NK Community Church’s pastor Pete Carter for permission to publish his remarks that:

Amazing things are happening in these days. In the last two weeks we have seen more healings at NKCC: a badly sprained hand healed and returned to full function, … Also someone’s car miraculously repaired, regular sightings of angels,

Also, these are additional to his posting on healings last December.

Ashton Parker Update – earlier post refers.

On Sunday we heard an update on Ashton Parker’s eyesight from John Kilpatrick at that morning’s service in Alabama. The boy’s astonished doctor reports that his right eye can now see as far as 20 feet instead of only 3 inches. The left eye had such bad glaucoma that he couldn’t go outside without thick, wrap-around goggles and sun-glasses to protect him from the daylight. But the day after prayer he could watch an outdoor game without them. His doctor confirms the glaucoma has completely gone.   [Update is at 1hr38 of video: click to run/load, then advance by clicking in gray bar.]

Dutch Sheets – Sunday, March 25, 2012 from Church of His Presence on Vimeo.

Another Remarkable Healing – watch clip here

As a drunken driver David had a bad crash, ending up with a broken neck and completely paralysed from the accident. Doctors hoped that by extensive surgery there’d be a chance he would regain feeling and movement to his upper body. That worked but they said, “There was absolutely no hope that he would ever walk again”. They told him to stop worrying about his leges and even refused to authorise  physiotherapy because it would be medically impossible for him to ever walk again,or to move or have feeling in his lower body; ie. he would be paralysed for life and limited to a wheelchair.

David heard about Delia Knox’s miraculous healing but he said it was all faked!  His wife believed he would be saved and healed and, eventually, he decided he had nothing to lose by going to the revival. Around midnight last Friday night the Lord gave him back the use of his legs and then on Sunday morning David managed to climb the stairs onto the stage. A fantastic weekend – thank you Lord!  (See via above video link at 52 minutes onwards).

At 1hr 15 Nathan Morris explains that in such cases of atrophied limbs we need to help those being healed to walk into their full healing, as with Delia and Erin. (Although the wife of a doctor, she was beyond a medical cure. She freely admitted, as a Baptist, to not believing God heals today; but then she saw the clip about Delia – click here for Erin’s own astounding story of what God can do today).

“Doctors may say David’s never going to walk – but guess what, guess what, guess what – WITH GOD, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE…”  (Nathan Morris, at 1hr16min of video)

Dutch Sheets’ observations, and very instructive teaching upon the significance of this outpouring and on the various occurrences of the miraculous, follow on at 1hr40mins.  He’s of the opinion there’s evidence that this is now going up a phase, to a new level of signs and wonders.

Be mightily blessed as you watch and listen…

Back down to Earth…

…with a soft landing after Nina and I drove up north to Hull, Yorkshire, for a 3-day church event that MORE than met our expectations. As mentioned in January, we went to check out on someone and something we’d been watching regularly by satellite TV since Autumn 2010 – Nathan Morris and ‘revival’.

Where and how can we begin to convey the effect of those days?  They tied in not only with what we’d heard and been taught in recent weeks but also directly into my train of thoughts since starting this blog last November.  If you, too, have been blessed with special times and encounters in walking with the Lord then you may understand.

First, however, let me backtrack a little. The week after we had confirmations of our individual callings at a conference in Torquay, a pastor’s wife spoke about a picture she’d received during worship. The impulse and timing behind launching this blog were thus confirmed by the date and nature of that picture, as were personal reminders of the encouraging words given to the Bible’s Esther; that is, “For such a time as this”.

In fact, that was the title of the event in Hull – but, when the local pastor planned it at the end of last year, he didn’t know it was scheduled for the actual dates of the Jewish feast of Purim, which celebrates Queen Esther’s intervention in the plot of her Persian king’s prime minister to murder all their Jewish residents.

(NB: Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s gift to President Obama during their meeting on 5th March was a scroll of the book of Esther – read full story here)

Bookings for Such A Time As This had sold so rapidly that we two and our travelling companion had to sit right at the back of the 1200-plus auditorium for two nights and then, for Saturday, in the gallery above the balcony!  But way up ‘in the gods’  the worship was heavenly – the presence of the Lord was such that two hours into the service everyone entered (and maintained!) a hush of reverential awe for over an hour!

Afterwards, everyone received impartation prayer from evangelist Nathan.  Is it any wonder then that the Holy Spirit visited one of the city’s Anglican churches during their Sunday service?  (Read about it here)

On the first (Thurs) evening of his return to Hull Nathan preached upon and ministered into the need for repentance, and on Friday focused more upon healing.  Nina and our companion were mightily affected by the power of the Holy Spirit that night and this carried over into the next day, and beyond!

Saturday morning was ‘free time’ and we visited the nearby attractive market town of Beverley.  As we approached the Minster it’s bells started to peal out a deep, sonorous song.  Immediately this magnified the strong, physical weight of Holy Spirit’s presence in both ladies – they were ‘blasted’!   Upon trying to take a photo of the Minster I found the actual wind to be so strong I had to hold onto the metal railings for support!

That afternoon was a time for healing on the streets in Victoria Square outside Hull City Hall and many youngsters received prayer and were healed – see photo and pastor Cooper’s blog.

Healings had commenced from the outset on Thursday afternoon with a lady paralysed down her right side being healed. Her  accompanying carer became redundant and the wheelchair no longer necessary!  It was a delight to find them sitting on the row in front of us for the daytime teaching programme in the church hall.  So, as well as the excellent teaching, we had a lot in common to talk about in view of Nina’s healing from immobility.

Also noteworthy were the dramatic healings of a lady from cerebral palsy and a man in a wheelchair from the paralysing effects of a stroke. For more see the pastor’s 11-part daily blogs, Behind the Scenes.

We were particularly touched by noisy Nathan’s gentleness when he sensed a lady wasn’t a believer.  He broke from ministering to those who’d come forward to speak quietly to her about Jesus and how he’d been rescued from a life of addiction as an unbeliever. Thus, this nurse received the best miracle – salvation – as well as healing for a hearing problem.

Nathan updated us on the healing of young Ashton Parker’s blind eyes. It’s deep effect upon him was plainly visible.  We had wondered how the boy could speak about the colours of clothes and Nathan explained that his mother had taught him what they’re like by holding coloured cards up against his eyes.

IF YOU’VE NOT SEEN IT, DO WATCH IT HAPPENING on ‘Latest Video’ on the Bay Revival home page. (Ashton is at 3min40 into the short clip.)  See also this posting.

Incidentally, for those who don’t know, Nathan’s grimaces and soaked shirt and jacket are a result of the Lord’s fire within him.  Right after Hull he went to New Jersey, where he told those assembled, “When I speak about Jesus, my belly boils!“.  No wonder he’s an exceptionally passionate preacher.

Read also >> Follow-up on Healings in the UK

Healing versus Human Rights ??

Dear Friends – a couple of today’s news items may seem unconnected, but probably not so from the Lord’s perspective:

The Blind ARE Healed – UPDATED in posting 28 March

On Sunday we heard Rev John Kilpatrick speaking excitedly about 8 year old Ashton Parker who received his sight last Friday during a revival service in Dallas and showed a photo of the boy between him and Nathan Morris. Continue reading

Prophetic word for 2012: setting the stage for the End-Times:

[Previously published as ‘An important word for 2012’]

For Such A Time As This:

The exhortation to Queen Esther, “Yet who knows if you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this!” from her uncle at the court of the Persian king (Esther 4:14) has kept popping into mind lately. I assumed this was because of a recent insight into the Lord’s ‘fingerprints’ in my life and which came upon revisiting my personal testimony.

We’ve now learned, however, that it will be the theme for a conference in Hull City Hall on 8th to 11th March for which Nathan Morris is taking a short break home from the Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival. In October I reported his account of the Lord’s presence in New Life Church, and April 2011 had brought prophetic encouragement for the UK.

Background: Nathan’s home was the Rotherham area and after the Lord empowered him to move in signs and wonders in Asia and Africa he was invited to a conference in Alabama in July 2010. However, he had to stay because the Lord’s presence became strongly evident in  miraculous healings and continued to do so. The pastor hosting this revival is John Kilpatrick, who also hosted the Brownsville/Pensacola revival in 1995.  (The author of Great Revivalists, John Peters, tells me it’s singularly significant that the Lord is again using an individual to host another Holy Spirit led Revival. As spiritual father and revivalist partner to Nathan, pastor John believes this powerful evangelist may be the next Reinhard Bonkke. As I noted last May, he may also be like our Smith Wigglesworth – yet he also now displays a developing powerful prophetical ministry, for example.:

World-changing events in 2012!

During the Bay Revival on Friday 6 January 2012 Nathan told of his having waited upon the Lord for a word about the new year. The Holy Spirit strongly impressed upon him that unfolding global events of such ever-increasing unrest and confusion will cause fear to strike in the hearts of men and confusion, uncertainty and a sense of hopelessness to grip the hearts of many, even believers!  This is what the Lord gave him:

“For lawlessness will abound as nations and their leaders meet together to try and make alliances and make allegiances one with another.  They shall seek peace, but shall not find it –  they shall seek peace, but shall not find it! This will cause many to cry out from the rooftops for resolution but it shall still elude them for a time for further unrest will be their reward. 
“For even in 2012 there shall be great events that will change the course of this world, as you know it! For as many pour out their resources to find solutions of peace, another crisis will drain them of knowledge and resolution.
For I would know that My people would hear My voice, that I am setting the stage for that which I have foretold in My Word and it will quickly and swiftly come to pass. For the days are coming when the lawless one shall be revealed and the son of perdition shall take his stand.
“Let my people know that those who are lukewarm, those whose hearts are far from Me, even this year satan will seek to sift you – but they will not hear My voice! Fear will grip their hearts in times of unrest and in trouble.
“But for those who will hear Me, for those who will hear the call of My voice, I will put My Word in their mouths, for those who will stand upon the truth, I will overshadow them for I will be their defender.
 “In these coming days such darkness shall be on the earth but they will be My light. I will give them a voice and they shall speak and men will hear, for My word will resound in their mouths
“For I am calling My church into the holiness of My presence. For those of you that will heed the voice of God the Lord says to you that even in these days, “Who shall ascend My holy mountain? – those who have clean hands and a pure heart.” 

“…For the day is coming, it is even at the door, when I shall begin to judge My church. I will begin to touch My people in a way they have never known before for I will show them My glory”, says the Lord.

[RB transcription, text emboldened where oral emphasis given.] After reporting the word he’d received, Nathan spoke about how this message applies to those present, stressing that “REVIVAL IS NOT AN OPTION – IT’S A LIFELINE!

Born-again ‘watchers’ blessed with the Holy Spirit’s gifting will want to hear and to weigh this important message. Therefore, run the video below and advance to 2hrs30min when the gray progress bar has loaded.

The words for the church are highly encouraging yet admonishing. Am I correct in thinking I’ve previously referred to a likely sifting throughout the church?

Acceleration in Kingdom activity: part 2

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’):

Further to 8 October, we were blessed to watch the live service I flagged up a couple of weeks ago and hear Nathan Morris reporting about a move of the Holy Spirit in the North East of England.

[Reminder: After a brief UK  tour, evangelist Nathan Morris of Shake the Nations visited Alabama for a camp  meeting in July 2010 en-route to Hawaii. Suddenly, the tangible Presence of the Lord God came into their service, heavily affecting Nathan. The host, pastor John Kilpatrick recognised this as the same as happened for him in Pensacola in 1995. Thus commenced the Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival. Nathan therefore stayed until his US visa needed renewing around May 2011. They were praying this renewal would be quick, which at 5 months is much shorter than the average of 18 months – thank you Lord!]

On his return to Mobile on 9 Oct Nathan spoke of the deep hunger in the nations for the glory of God, as evident during his visit to Finland where many came from across Scandinavia (even from Australia!), to Jerusalem – and within UK.

Away from USA he learned of the immense international impact of the Bay Revival – eg. miraculous healings from HIV-aids, whole Muslim families giving their lives to Jesus, pastors reporting holy fire falling in churches. He wept over many who’re so desperate because of deep darkness to get to the Bay but are unable to afford travel.

Upon Nathan’s return to UK, the power of God was felt from the outset of visiting New Life Church, Hull. Later, so many had been healed there was a 5 hr queue for Sunday afternoon’s service, which ran into the next day! It was harder to get in that evening because, upon entry, everyone got ‘zapped’ by Holy Spirit: “It was like a battlefield” – wow, the Living Lord God was in charge! Leader Jarrod Cooper reported, “I came into my office Monday morning and all my staff were laid out on the floor for hours!” (That is, they were under the weight of God’s glory in the church premises.)

In Newcastle, pastor Ken Gott’s 8yrs old grand-daughter was wonderfully healed. Born with malformed hip joints that turned both legs 90 degrees from normal, the only medical remedy was to break them at the hip and thereby turn and pin the hip around (12 month recovery).

Nathan went on, “In the service, she said ‘Mummy I feel a wind blowing around me – my legs are burning!’ Then she sat down cross-legged, which she’d never been able to do (for which her school had put her with disabled children). Her father, a doctor, declared he didn’t know how God did that but He had to turn her leg joints around!” Is it any wonder Nathan gets so excited? Wouldn’t you?

On-line in Mobile, Alabama, Nathan admonished,
“When you ask for revival fire of God, get ready! – (because) He comes to purify our hearts, to purify His Church!”
(Through words of knowledge Nathan has even warned pastors to get right with God because of sexual sin! They didn’t and the next day it splashed across news headlines!)

IMHO that whole service is well-worth following, especially to hear Pastor Kilpatrick’s instruction on how blessing the congregation greatly multiplies their regular offerings. Run the video and as grey buffering bar progresses click on it to advance to 1hr 15 for  the start of Nathan’s stirring report, followed by his message…

Why is Nathan so loud and excited? He explained, “It’s the Fire inside my belly”! (Probably that’s also why he gets so hot!)

Acceleration in Kingdom activity: part 1

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’):

Dear Friends – am breaking into our usual long-weekend of cyber-silence because of what happened last night.

After awaking I told Nina about two consecutive dreams which left me very excited (who me?) over rapid and imminent changes about to happen in the Church and for advancing The Kingdom. I was saving some of my understanding for afterwards, but from my brief opening description Nina immediately understood – and thereby confirmed – that it includes whatever will happen during and as consequence of tomorrow morning’s service in Mobile, Alabama. How will that affect UK? I don’t know for sure, but our on-fire revivalist from Rotherham, Nathan Morris, will be there once again now he’s at last got an extended visa.

Hopefully, you may be able to set aside a couple of hours at 4.30 tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon to watch.  If not, it will be available later on video via that site’s Media tab. A fortnight ago we heard pastor John Kilpatrick teach some important aspects of using personal prophecy in standing against the adversary.

This morning the excitement of what was going on woke me up! But the Lord blessed me with its continuance when I eventually got back to sleep. That both dreams are not simply personal but relate to a higher level is evident not only from their content but also because they’re in sequence with a similar one of a month ago. After bouncing that earlier dream off a few friends it became clear it was connected to the Revival Alliance Gathering that was being held that day in London. This was accepted by the organiser, who’d had a prophetic word a year earlier and which gave the confirming scripture to the dream’s theme!!

All very exciting – especially as his post-event reflections tie into what I wrote after a conference held by the same groups in Winchester (see Revival: Glory Stories)!

Please take the time to read my account Your Kingdom Come’ and about the event’s Inception with earlier scriptural details and prophetic words.

ALL THREE dreams closed with Holy Spirit-filled energy, leaving me with a deep sense of urgency over how the Lord may be going to move here in the UK.

May you each be blessed with a revelation of what our Lord is up to and wants us to do.

Click to read Part 2 >>

Revival: 2 – prophetic word

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’):

It’s delightful when we see someone’s ‘aha’ moment, is it not? For example, when a face light’s up with a revelation, especially during prayer, or seeking the Lord.

For some weeks I’ve intended circulating a prophecy on revival in UK, but found I was beaten to the draw for it cropped up twice! First, it was quoted by Paul Keith Davies at Dudley and then it featured in Stewart Keiller’s blog (leader of Bath City Church).

If it may help you to connect into this word I’d first like to tell of an event in 1997:

At a prayer for revival I had the privilege of meeting 80 years old Rev Norman James, prayer partner of the renowned ‘apostle of faith’, Smith Wigglesworth. When this small group stood in a close circle to pray, Norman was less than a yard right in front of me.  As he was quite short my eyes opened to gaze fully into his face and I couldn’t help but notice his eyes alight with excitement. A huge, beaming smile – he was radiant!

Norman could hardly speak, save to whisper, “I’ve just seen what Wigglesworth saw – Britain in revival, on fire for the Lord!”

Ever so briefly he explained that in Wigglesworth’s 88th year the Lord had given him a vision of a future revival in Britain. He knew it would happen decades ahead but he so desperately desired to see such days.  Thus Norman confided, “No wonder he wanted the Lord to keep him alive!. But he couldn’t find the words to describe its wonder.

Smith Wigglesworth’s prophecy about a coming move of the Holy Spirit in the UK, is as follows:

Smith Wigglesworth (1859 - 1947)

During the next few decades there will be two distinct moves of the Holy Spirit across the church in Great Britain. The first move will affect every church that is open to receive it and will be characterized by a restoration of the baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit. The second move of the Holy Spirit will result in people leaving historic churches and planting new churches. In the duration of each of these moves, the people who are involved will say “This is the great revival”. But the Lord says “No, neither is this the great revival but both are steps towards it”.

When the new church phase is on the wane, there will be evidenced in the churches something that has not been seen before: a coming together of those with an emphasis on the Word and those with an emphasis on the Spirit.

When the Word and the Spirit come together, there will be the biggest movement of the Holy Spirit that the nation, and indeed the world, has ever seen. It will mark the beginning of a revival that will eclipse anything that has been witnessed within these shores, even the Wesleyan and the Welsh revivals of former years. The outpouring of God’s Spirit will flow over from the UK to the mainland of Europe, and from there will begin a missionary move to the ends of the earth.

For a brief background see the Apostle of Faith on Jonas Clark’s website, or visit the Revival Library’s dedicated website for full biographical accounts and materials.

In Great Revivalists John Peters writes:

All that mattered to Wigglesworth was listening for and to the voice of God’s Holy Spirit: it is hardly any wonder this ministry had such powerful anointing…
He conceived of revival in typically robust terms: that it can only come when we are prepared to die to self and human striving. Alongside this was his teaching that Jesus must occupy the foremost place in our hearts and lives.

It’s interesting to note, therefore, that Nathan Morris stresses those very points during the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival.

Revival: 1 – glory stories

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’):

“Holy, Holy, Holy are you Lord,
Heaven and earth are filled with Your glory,
Holy Holy, Holy is Your Name,
Exalted upon the praise of Your people.”

So runs the chorus of Lydia Stanley’s song Holy Are You Lordlisten here – it’s one of several inspired by Holy Spirit since last July (2010) for her to lead hours of fire-filled worship at The Bay Revival, Alabama.

Psalm 22 v 3 proclaims, ‘You are holy, enthroned upon the praises of Israel…’ and thus, the Lord’s Presence can be sensed, even becomes tangible, and people hear Him more easily, are saved, healed and delivered – in such a sacred atmosphere, with anointed leading and prophetic preaching, miracles often occur.

You may recall my reference to evangelist Nathan Morris having a word from Alabama for revival in the UK? So a few ‘glory stories’ may inspire and encourage you:

First, on a personal note, I’ve been in a fascinating flow from the Lord since an ‘inter-stream’ conference in Winchester in March. During opening worship I sensed the Lord wanted me to focus upon the eventual new earth and new heavens, especially the appearance from heaven of The New Jerusalem and I had a flash picture of a lion’s head.

Then I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband…(Rev 21:2 NKJV)

Then one of the seven angels…talked with me, saying, “Come I will show you the bride, the Lamb’s wife”. And he carried me away to a great and high mountain, and showed me the great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God, having the glory of God. Her light was like a most precious stone…(Rev 21:9-11 NKJV)

Over the last year or so a couple of scriptures had come whilst in Bath, but now the context became clear. Also, the Lord’s saying He’s let me see a couple of childhood desires He implanted have been fulfilled: to see miracles of healing and receive Jesus close teaching, and to be in and understand the times of His return – but now focus upon His ultimate aim (Revelation 21-22), and beyond the Bible’s cover!

Then in the first session Stuart of Catch The Fire, Wembley mentioned,

“There is so much happening in the Kingdom of God at the moment…we’re seeing Him move again and again and again…We’ve just seen a massive increase in the supernatural – not because of ministry but because God is moving – ‘Aslan’ is on the move!”

He went on to describe seeing the breath of God blow away demons that had attached themselves to someone they were praying for. This one didn’t need in-depth ministry sessions, valid as that is, but God simply blew – like the mighty protective and possessive roar of a lion over its young! Stuart said, “It’s like the Lion of Judah puts His paw on you and says, ‘Mine, Mine – you are Mine!’ and roars at anything that would threaten you.” With Chloe, his wife, teaching followed upon their theme: full meaning of Sonship in the Kingdom

Also that month, Bill of Blandford wrote me as follows:

God is awesome! Only last evening I was testifying to standing in awe as again Abba God brought deliverance to His beloved children. I was sharing ministry to bring freedom to some people with ancestral masonry. We saw His mighty deliverance set them free from chains of deception. What He desires and delivers to the one or two, He will do for the many. I stand in awe right now as day after day we see and hear prophecy unfolding… (Thank you Bill)

Here’s another – Over dinner in Zizzi’s, Russ of Farnham said he was at The Potter’s House, Stoke-on-Trent and heard intriguing accounts of unbelieving youngsters turning up because God had come to them in the night and told them to get there!

Winchester flowed into Bath >

There, the first thing I put my hands on at a partners’ day was a book featuring chapters on the new earth and new heaven! >>

Then Liz, leader of prophetic ministry, followed straight on from and augmented what Stuart and Chloe had taught >>>

Also, Richard mentioned about a recent Secret Place conference in Dudley and I knew to get the downloads quickly >>>>

So, in those recordings I heard Paul Keith Davies delve deeply into teaching upon the Sonship-Bridal paradigm….(more here)

>>>>>>>>>>> keep flowing Holy Spirit…in and through ……More please Lord.