Prayer Alert: landmark cases in European Court

Copy of circulated email:

Friends – you may wish to join Christian Concern’s specific prayer request (as below):

Since my previous I’ve delved into details of submissions provided by Christian Concern and grasped their gravity. I believe it behoves each of us to be familiar with the issues.

Although I’ve long been aware of these claims, their papers are very instructive about attempts to control our faith and why/how the European Court for Human Rights may be able to stop such discriminatory agenda.  At point 26 of his Written Submission, former Archbishop of Canterbury, the Rt Rev and Rt Hon The Lord Carey states:

In case after case, the Courts have found against the Christian faith, by strict application of national Equality/ anti-discrimination law; and by voiding Article 9 of any substantive effect: (my emphasis)

He then cites 15 instances of legally enforced discrimination against believers in Britain!

Upon following the link provided in God and Politics in UK I was concerned to read this statement of fact, as quoted by Joshua Rozenberg in the Law Society Gazette, that the Court of Appeal said:

[The London Borough of ] Islington’s ‘legitimate aim’ was to minimise discrimination among its staff. ‘Ladele’s refusal was causing offence to at least two of her gay colleagues,’ the court said. Her objection was ‘based upon her view of marriage, which is not a core part of her religion…’ !!! (my emphasis)

PREPOSTEROUS CLAPTRAP! How can a higher legal court in our land pretend the creation of man and woman and the reason for their relationship, as ordained in the two opening chapters of the Holy Bible, IS NOT A CORE PART OF CHRISTIAN BELIEF! Just how can such supposedly intelligent people imply that Jesus’ own reference to this (Mark 10:6-9) is NOT a core part of Christian belief? ABSURD – IT IS AXIOMATIC!

So I’m very pleased to find this matter is one of the main planks of Christian Concern’s case (para 11 herein), which quotes European legal precedence that:

it is not possible for national authorities to identify “core areas” of a person’s particular religious belief.

Moreover, the UK’s Equality and Human Right Commission has claimed it would now support and apply the legal doctrine of ‘reasonable accommodations’! (Regular readers will be familiar with my complaints against EHRC.)

Thus, Christian Concern claims it is vitally important to pray, watch and keep abreast of developments. Let’s agree to do so…

PS: re. media reports, click here

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