Four stand up for Christian freedom in Britain

Tomorrow, four cases concerning the freedom of Christian expression in the UK will be heard before the European Court of Human Rights.  The Court will hold a public hearing on the admissibility and merits of the cases and then deliberate privately before making its ruling. The summary of the ECHR press release explains,

Relying, in particular on Articles 9 (freedom of religion) and 14 (prohib-ition of discrimination), all four applicants complain that domestic law failed to adequately protect their right to manifest their religion.

The full yet brief release may be read in Gillan Scott’s overview on God and Politics, along with link to a commentary in The Law Society Gazette about the case of Registrar Lillian Ladele.

Christian Concern’s announcement here states that two of the other applicants are supported by its sister organisation, Christian Legal Centre, and is of the opinion that the outcome of these ‘landmark cases’,

will have implications for freedom of thought, conscience and religion across Europe. At issue is the freedom of Christians to express their faith publicly and to live in line with historic, mainstream, biblical Christian teaching. (my emphasis)

Two of the cases relate to wearing a cross at work and, although David Cameron has told MPs that Christians should have the right to wear a cross at work, the Government has said their employers had every right to discipline them.

The other cases relate to freedom of conscience and include Gary McFarlane, who was sacked after he expressed a possible conscientious objection to giving sex therapy to two homosexual men. The grounds for the last seem to be mendacious, as may be inferred from reading his interview with Laura Donnelly in A cross to bear.

I know these cases hardly compare with the real persecution and danger to life and limb regularly experienced by Christians throughout Islamic nations, as reported lately by Barnabas Fund and more in-depth from the Gatestone Institute (see report). But as I’ve often remarked since a vision in 2004 (see Comments upon collapse of Society), a stand has to be taken against deliberately anti-Christian policies not only within Britain but also any secular society, does it not?

Personally, I thank the Lord that application of Equality & Diversity laws didn’t prevent a night sister praying (after quick nod of the head) and thereby immediately halting Nina’s suffocation from anaphylactic attack one night during an enforced hospital stay (as at ‘2  Proof of Political Direction’ in this post).

Let us pray for a favourable outcome to the hearing (see Prayer Alert and Postscript).

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