A few PostScripts

Dear Readers, a few extra bits you may wish to know:

1. Re. Four Christians at European Court of Human Rights (as here, then here):

Ditch your crosses or resign, Christian told runs the front page headline in today’s Telegraph. Under its full report Not free to wear a cross at work? Then resign, state lawyers tell court (hardcopy, see online), James Eadie QC (Queen’s Counsel) is quoted as saying employers’ refusal to allow two ladies to wear crucifixes at work “did not prevent either of them practising religion in private”.  See also these reports:

As may be expected, The Independent closes by quoting a warning from the National Secular Society in the event of a victory for the four. The Telegraph closes quoting the Conservative party’s highly respected leading backbencher, David Davis as expecting the Prime Minister to stick to his promises to MPs to protect religious rights:

The idea that British citizens are not free to express their faith in the workplace is an extraordinary and oppressive interpretation of the law.

2. Re. Hurricane Isaac and New Orleans (as here, then here):

Teaching about the scriptural aspects of the repeated coincidence of another hurricane upon the city and its celebration of ungodliness, Southern Decadence, ‘went viral’ on the internet. In the second link above I gave passing mention to John McTernan’s email, which I hadn’t seen – Hurricane Isaac and God’s final warning to America.  It generated  a very long discussion thread – 250 comments!

John has been in ministry since 1987 when God first started showing him warnings of judgments upon America.  In Southern Decadence vs the Holiness of God he gives his reaction to the debate and insights into why New Orleans was hit.  Should you visit his blog you’ll find a lot of sound Biblical teaching across several posts on this major issue.

3. Re. British weather and climate change (as here, then here):

The Meteorological Office declared June, July and August as the wettest in 100 years and second since records began (1654 for central England). Also, a record wet April enabled April, May and June to become the wettest on record.  It was also the dullest so-called summer!

I always regarded claims for climate change as fictitious. First proof came with Gordon Brown’s retrospective tax for air passenger fuel duty on fares that had already been booked AND paid for (ie. legalised theft)!  Then along with many investigators’ rebuttals came the declaration by Emeritus Professor of Physics, Harold Lewis that,

“Global warming is the greatest and most successful pseudo-scientific fraud I have seen in my long life…This is not science, other forces are at work.”

Therefore, he wrote to the American Physical Society, “I want no part of it, so please accept my resignation” (as its President)! The APS refuted his claims, yet one has to wonder why such a distinguished person would take such an inordinate stance if his viewpoint were without any foundation whatsoever.

There’s also the case of Nobel laureate Prof Ivar Giaever who resigned from the APS for the same reasons

NOW, Peter Lilley MP has wiped the floor with the ‘warmist-alarmist’ Stern Review. His Grace Cranmer reports:

By this report has HM Government been siphoning off billions from the UK economy on the pretext of ‘climate change mitigation’.

Cranmer’s source observes:

In a thorough and systematic deconstruction of this document, Mr Lilley exposed scores of errors and lies and may have been the first major Western politician to shout not only that “the Emperor has no clothes,” but to show the pictures as well.

Before quoting the press release, His Grace adds:

This is indeed a tectonic event; ‘one which is sure to embolden conserv-atives and Conservatives across the Commonwealth and even our cousins in the US who, thanks to Mr Lilley’s bravery, might stand up and demand a proper accounting and a good look of this warmist scam under the bright light of the mid-day sun.’

Interesting times…yet another exposure!

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