A logical outcome to this government’s silliness?

Britain’s unique flag, known as the Union Jack, could be radically changed if the case pompously argued by Her Majesty’s government in Strasbourg (see para 1 here) is taken to its ultimate conclusion. See letter highlit below to the Telegraph’s editor from fellow resident of Hampshire, George Langton.  But, in fact, the flag’s whole design would vanish because it consists of not one but  three crosses of patron saints of England (St George, red cross on white), Scotland (St Andrew, white diagonal cross on blue) and Northern Ireland (St Patrick. red diagonal cross on white).

In fact, when these national flags are combined the whole becomes a radiant cross.  Is there no more fitting emblem of our very ancient Christian heritage?  It’s a heritage few  secularists prefer to ignore or consign to historical oblivion, as the first letter attests!

And what would thousands have waved in the Olympic Stadium and for London 2012? Or, what would hundreds of our glorious Olympic and Paralympics medallists have worn after their splendid wins? (See BBC Sport and news photo galleries here and here.)

My favorite contribution is that of the civil servant Richard Ford. He satirises the folly of inverse standards that have become increasingly evident today. Personal probity is the hallmark of the British civil service, and used to be rigorously maintained.

If the cross is to be removed from public life then our flag would become the white flag of surrender!  NOT on my watch!!

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