Scripture & Science

This listing provides links to my ‘peripheral’ blogs on the growing conjunction between the Bible and science, especially its mathematical and quantum mechanical aspects.  Technical matter is high level only, thereby giving an easily readable overview:

  1. A Prophetic Word to Physicists (2015)
  2. Eternity and Prophecy (on Time: a Primer hub)
  3. The Nature of Time (on Time: a Primer hub)
  4. The Bible and Cycles (on Time: a Primer hub)
  5. Engaging and Governing Time – introduction (includes QM definitions)
  6. Engaging and Governing Time – first 15 mins
  7. Heavenly Time-management, a Prophetic Word from God about Time
  8. An Example of Heavenly Time-management
  9. Faster Than The Speed of Light
  10. Does The Present Really Exist?
  11. A Peculiar Perspective on Creation – It’s Implausible!
  12. Beauty in the Brain: Sleep, Disease and Family Life
  13. Astonishing Mathematics Within Genesis 1:1 & John 1:1 – the Conjunction of Creation, Genesis & Science? (Part 1, including The Euler Identity)
  14. Pure, Breathtaking Mathematical Beauty (The Euler Identity)
  15. Amazing Geometrical Symmetry in Genesis 1:1 & John 1:1 – continued
  16. Between Science & Theology – Science Learns about Unobservable Entities
  17. It’s a Coincidence, Right?
  18. The Atom and Atonement: Why We Need Models in Science & Theology
  19. The Reasonable Ineffectiveness of Mathematics in Biological Sciences
  20. Technology Professor on Centrality of Jesus Christ, Creation and Faith
  21. The Dark Side (on dark matter and energy and Hebrews 1:1-3)
  22. ‘Revisionist’ Prophecy and Jesus’ Role in Creation
  23. Fresh Insights on Jesus’ Role in Creation con’td + Postscript
  24. It’s In The Information (An excellent intro to Information Theory)
  25. Dimensions 1 – Heavenly Coordinates (A concise intro to dimensions)
  26. Prophets and Quantum Physicists
  27. ‘Thin Places’, a ‘Quantum’ Veil Separating Heaven and Earth
  28. Which Came First, Science or Religion?
  29. What’s The ‘Proper-Time’?
  30. Advice to a Reluctant Agnostic
  31. Is God Imaginary? (An excellent mirroring of Maker and Maths)
  32. Number 153, Signs and Symbols – for more mathematics on this see:
  33. A Post-Resurrection Miracle as a ‘Mystery’ Now Revealed – part 2
  34. Can Science Explain Everything? (Scientist’s God-incidental meeting)

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