An example of heavenly time-management

RJBThat conjunction of ‘coincidences’ wherein the Lord urges us to align our time-management with His, made me review what’s in my mind’s ‘neural pipeline’. (See A prophetic word from God about time – and on time!)

Directly connected with it is the exciting fact that the spiritual operations behind true prophecy, and the latest scientific theories are converging.

So look out for a meeting of minds over revelation and the prophetic on the Christian net and maths, relativity, quantum mechanics and information theory on the scientific side…

I came off holiday wanting to blog right away about another fascinating ‘coincidence’.: my reading about the mathematical basis of the opening verses of Genesis and of the Gospel according to John – and what I met upon returning home on a scientific blog! This was to be followed by re-blogs of excellent articles on maths, quantum physics and time.

These will be from Rationalising The Universe, which has a growing readership and well-informed discussions. It was started by mathematician Joseph, who’s recently been joined by theoretical physicist Mekhi, whose special interests are relativity and time. Their blog also has the distinction of inclusion in WordPress’ selection of best blogs (Discover) and is succinctly described here. Learn more from their bios via the preceding links.

Those re-blogs, however, must first await re-publication of a couple of my past items on time, and re-posting remark mentioned at item 3 of post on ‘heavenly time-management’. (My comments in that point were upon Mekhi’s post, Does The Present Really Exist?)

By the way, I was honoured last month with this kind accolade from Glasgow Prophetic Centre: “We are so blessed by the amazing gift you have at ‘joining the prophetic dots’!”

Lastly, for another example of applying Father’s heavenly time-manager, see American Tim Shey’s contribution at the foot of A word from God about time – and on time!

10 thoughts on “An example of heavenly time-management

  1. When I think on the word “saved” (as in, “I was saved twenty or thirty years ago” or “when were you saved?” and so on), as a Christian, it is probably an incorrect word or concept. To be saved implies the past. The Lord Jesus Christ is past, present and future. As a Christian, I abide in Christ right here right now.

    Let’s say someone surrendered their life to Christ a number of years ago. This is the BEGINNING of being connected with the timeless of Jesus Christ. As we take up our cross and die daily, our body and soul life are put to death, so that the spiritual life within us (Christ) grows stronger and stronger every day. As the passions of the body and soul life dies, time dies. Think of the sinful, physical body as shackled to time: the physical body is born on a certain date (time), it lives for 85 years (time) and then dies on a certain date (time).

    There is a point in physical time when someone surrenders to timelessness—the Lord Jesus Christ. Worldly people and lukewarml Christians are still bound to time; spiritual Christians are timeless.

    The power and beauty of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is that that timeless event (it defied time and space) pierced human time and presented us with the possibility of living a life connected to timelessness and sinlessness (abiding in Christ)—if we act in faith and surrender our lives to Jesus Christ.

    I John 1: 7: “But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.”

    The above scripture absolutely implies, not some historical event (time), but the timelessness of Jesus Christ. To an unbeliever, the phrase “and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin” is totally insane: the death of Jesus Christ happened over two thousand years ago (time). To a Christian, what happened at Calvary is happening right here right now (timelessness). If we walk in the light (abide in Christ daily), the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us (not cleansed us) from all sin.

    Enoch walked with God and then God took him because (after many years of obeying the Lord through proper blood sacrifices [dying to self] and believing in the future Messiah) he walked in timelessness and eventually timelessness (God) took him. Enoch was no longer shackled by time.

    Prophets are very timeless because the timeless Holy Ghost inspires them to speak of future events as if they are happening right here right now.

    Time to stop writing.

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    • Thank you for dropping by and for your appreciation Anthony. It wasn’t only the holiday God-incidence that surprised me but also and much more the later one I recount in the previous post. (As in the old hymn, “God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform…”)

      If you’ve yet to dip into the Science & Scripture hub you may also like the last items therein.

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