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  1. I wonder if this fits with some of you …Dave Hood UK
    A number of years ago I was given a vision of Europe.

    It started in the North west corner of Russia. I saw a black horse with a black rider ride diagonally to the South east corner of Russia. I feel today this represents famine or economic famine. The rider was wearing black rags, the torn edges flapping in its wind of motion. He seemed to have a black lance that he carried horizontally at saddle level across the saddle width wise.

    Two events precipitated this occurring.
    1. Ostankino Tower radio tower in Moscow …The tower caught fire on 27 August 2000, killing four people ….. it represented the height of disaster
    2. On August 14, 2000, Russian authorities announced that one of their newest cruise missile submarines, the Kursk, had sunk with all hands. In the same month of the same year. …. it represented the depth of disaster
    3. the rider rode on a horizontal diagonal line … the losses are yet to be determined. It represents the diagonal axis of the horizontal breadth of disaster.

    What followed was a kind of dense mountain fog, that one sees in dense mountainous forested areas that descended and engulfed the Black Sea area and encroached west to Slovakia.

    There then appeared a flying horde moving quickly in the sky from the east to confront the shores of Great Britain. These seemed to be riding broomsticks, without the bushy end and they were dressed in the black tattered rag garb of the black horses rider.

    I felt but could not confirm they were representative of an eastern Islamic type identity.

    I saw as they flew to Britain. Three countries formed a barrier together, protecting Britain. They were Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. I am unsure if France involved themselves or not with the other three. But they formed a protective screen for Britain, from the flying black horde.

    The scene switched to the Himalayas ,,, where I saw a series of Himalayan mountain peaks form a particular pattern of their silhouetted skyline. At the base of the largest peak there was a flat plain. And wait for it … there a circular spacecraft situated itself, the shape and perspective of a 400 metre running track, rested there on the plain at the base of the highest peak.

    There the vision ended … this began in later part of the year 2000. Very recently, I feel that … Rev 6:5-6
    And when he opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature saying, `Come and behold!’ and I saw, and lo, a black horse, and he who is sitting upon it is having a balance in his hand,
    6 and I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, `A measure of wheat for a denary, and three measures of barley for a denary,’ and `The oil and the wine thou mayest not injure.’
    The verses … 2 Chron 7:14 and My people on whom My name is called be humbled, and pray, and seek My face, and turn back from their evil ways, then I — I hear from the heavens, and forgive their sin, and heal their land. … come to mind


    • Thank you my friend. (Presumably D Hood was the recipient of this vision?)
      Re: UK – am reminded of that attacks upon where being spoken of in 2005 and later, as indicated in my Library’s sub-pages on ‘2005…’
      Re: Russia – the Ukrainian president is now saying there’s a real war with Russia (
      Re: ‘circular spacecraft’ – a Russian mystical artist Nicholas Roerich, claimed to have seen such a craft over the Altai mountain range in the Himalayas. I think it was in 1947, or perhaps in the 1930s.

      Such an interesting comment would be better appended to this blog’s Library of Prophecies. Could you copy it there please? Also, would you like me to sound out other subscribers by drawing their attention to it ?


      • Thank you Richard. Yes, I am Dave Hood of the UK and the vision was given to me in the later part of 2000. Sorry about the confusion of where to append this vision. But in the past (as chabob) I had only previously responded to articles that had already been started, but had not introduced a new thread myself. thank you for your remarks, I will look them up, and yes if you feel it would be fruitful to make others aware as you see fit, please do so, it helps unravel the mystery. Its only recently that I have been drawn back to these situations. of immediate concern is the possible economic ruin of Russia and the famine amongst the people. Obviously there are connotations of this spacecraft???  either for real or deception wise to consider at the end of this time line. Thanks again for your help. Dave Hood (UK)aka chabod


  2. I think you wrote in a post that you were expecting to see good things in the UK in the natural world. I’m not sure which post it was, but I came across these recently (just for the collection of things if you have one!):
    First one, news from “Gods own country” :
    Second one from Scotland, in yesterday’s telegraph:

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  3. Hi all
    I am new to Richards Watch and have found it very interesting; confirming many things I have felt; and helping me to pray more specifically. I wanted to share something I feel the Lord shared with me. ….

    Just after the referendum in 2016 
    I was chatting to the Lord.
    I asked him why the result was 51.8% to leave.  Why wasn’t it 52%?!
    As I pondered this question I looked up a few chapter 51 verse 8s and this is what jeremiah 51.8 says. ..

    8But suddenly, Babylon will fall
    and be destroyed.
    I, the LORD, told the foreigners
    who lived there,
    “Weep for the city!
    Get medicine for its wounds;
    perhaps they will heal.”

    This seems to confirm what many are saying;  that the EU is a type of Babylon;  that it is sick and corrupt through and through and will fall before long.  

    Verse 9 continues. …

    9The foreigners answered,
    “We have already tried
    to treat Babylon’s wounds,
    but they would not heal.
    Come on, let’s all go home
    to our own countries.
    Nothing is left in Babylonia;
    everything is destroyed.”

    On Richards Watch I have read contributors who say the EU can’t be saved or reformed and this seems to confirm this. 
    I also found it interesting how “foreigners ” discuss the situation and decide to go home to their own countries!
    Confirmation if we needed it that the EU is in a mess and it’s time to leave!

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  4. Hi Richard
    I was looking at Decrees and Declarations by Sharon Stone. I went to look at this. … Apostolic Prophetic Decrees Over the UK

    but it goes to a blank page. …


  5. Hi Richard. Thank you for your helpful comment to my recent “Daniel” blog and also for sharing on your website, which looks interesting btw and marked as worth checking out. I am writing this while listening to your “let light …” music. The Daniel article was part of a chapter on the major prophets: which is one of 16 chapters in my forthcoming “Prophets of the Bible” – I am completing minor prophets right now and I have a chapter trying to cover twelve of the more challening prophets. I sense we are in for some shocks still so keen to make the book available in the Autumn. God bless you.

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    • Hi John and thank you for getting in touch as I appreciate your ‘marathon’ work. Very well done Sir.

      I’d meant to contact you in early June after Veronika West asked if I’d heard of you and, upon checking, found I like your style of writing and way of thinking. So I’d thought of re-blogging but there’s been a lot happening. Then came your coverage of Daniel and it fitted into my schedule.

      So there’s another about to pop off the press and I’ll be adding what I hope may by a useful comment!


    • Thx RJ and we’re chilling out as it’s last Bank Holiday Monday of summer (coldest in record after few v hot weeks!). So not following news over weekend and unaware of progress of protests, which possibly not in our MSM. Noted you latest and will reblog when back at desk, but after follow-up item by Bro Harry.

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  6. Hello Richard,
    I have just been reading your article on prophecy. I have been following some of the prophetic ‘ministries’ listed in your article and all I have come across in both their articles and online broadcasts are wishy washy word salad prophecies which mean absolutely nothing and could be easily applied to anything. These people also take bible texts out of context and twist God’s words, and also speak presumptuously in God’s name putting words into His mouth which He did not say. Most of these so called self appointed ‘prophets’ and ‘apostles’ are false and dangerous. It is a sign on the end times.


    • HI Graham, indeed, it sure is and in this Heb 12:25-29 shaking (which He gave me over 20 yrs ago at a home group and my pastors advised me hold in a ‘pending tray’) many critics are now querying prophecy.

      SO, I’ve been monitoring them as and when I can and logged 237 instances of them coming, or en-train, to pass – with more to add.
      Also in this connection, He gave me Matt 13 parable on separation of tares and which got me writing 12 yrs ago. Now, they’re ripening alongside the fruit the criticisms and I rejoice in getting your comments as 3rd objection in as many days. This is a clear indication (as in deliverance ministry) that not only are prophecies on target but also starting to manifest!

      Jesus’ explanation of that parable means we can leave it to Him and the angels to deal with any presumptious prophets rather than our stepping into judgement and risking His stern rebuke! (per Matt7 )


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