A New Era for the Church

A summary of prophetic words published herein and indicative of a new season in the Lord – so the Bride can prepare for His Coming? (Click dates to read postings in full.)

They are related to Smith Wigglesworth’s prophecy of major moves of Holy Spirit in Britain; in particular, “When the word and the Spirit come together, there will be the biggest move of the Holy Spirit that the nation, and indeed, the world has ever seen.”

This compilation is of a personal interest because of an open vision in 2004 of The Rock emerging through a rip in Britain’s rotten society, as recounted here.  In 2013 I blogged about a noticeable increasing emphasis from several prophetical voices about changes within churches, as in Prophecies on a ‘New Era’ for the Church – part 1 and part 2.

Please read this hub’s Introduction for an understanding of Christian prophecies and visions. As therein, the following is subject to weighing and checking for alignment with God’s character and purposes, as revealed in the Bible.

As you prayerfully weigh these words with the Lord may He bring peace and stir your spirit…

UPDATED 15 June 2016 at last entry and see the following NOTE about more.

1. Something’s happening in the heavens over England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales…per John 14:16 and 16:7, and the Glory Cloud and learning how to have His Presence in meetings and how to have His glory radiate through us.” God says, “Learn to fill my people with My Presence!”. (Rob Rufus , 22 May 2007 – RB personal notes)

2. Part of a lengthy report on a trip to Germany and England included encouragement for national prophetic leaders in London, part of which reads: ‘I saw a new move of God coming in England…The Spirit of the Lord says to the people of England:

“This is your season for your light to come forth at night. You will shine in the midst of the night. I will unite Great Britain as never before. Rifts will come in old structures and My people will unite in a new way. A message will come forth from the pulpits of this land!”

‘Then I saw a picture of five nations and the Lord said, I will radiate in each land. Do not allow the rifts to cause you to let go of My hand for I am raising you up with a sound of victory.”.‘(Chuck Pierce, 24 Nov 2008)

3. “What God has in mind for His people this year is beyond anything we can even imagine. We serve an Epic God…What God has in mind for the nations of the world is epic in every sense of the world.” (Nathan Morris, 6 Jan 2011)

4. “Those I have appointed to understand this I have appointed to speak this. The Church is looking for a temple that is exceedingly magnificent, famous and glorious throughout all lands,” (1Chron.22:5) but they should look in the mirror! The only building for the Spirit is our bodies. As those who see this gather, Jesus will be in their midst. When this comes in its fulness the Church will be a carrier of the Lord and the Lord will minister through them… the whole Church has Jesus in them and this ministry, though different, will be Jesus ministering through His end-time Church. He doesn’t want prominent men, only Jesus is to have the pre-eminence. The Lord said, “When I get a people who see this it will rock the world“. (Colin Winfield et al, 2010)

5. “For I would know that My people would hear My voice, that I am setting the stage for that which I have foretold in My Word and it will quickly and swiftly come to pass…For the day is coming, it is even at the door, when I shall begin to judge My church. I will begin to touch My people in a way they have never known before for I will show them My glory”, says the Lord.” (Nathan Morris, 19 Jan 2012)

6. This word has two thrusts: ‘A Ripening Season’ and ‘Divine Intervention to Receive a Kingdom Which Cannot Be Shaken’ and speaks of an increased global shaking during which ”God’s hand will be upon his people in a new way”. (Dr Stone, 25 Jan 2012)

7. “I’ve been here many, many times and you can sense something beginning to change. You’re entering a new day, a new eraand a new Kingdom era. So it’s really awesome to be with you.”(Chuck Pierce, 26 Jan 2012)

8. “We can get stuck in old familiar ways and find we don’t know how to handle the new. We set our size according to our ‘container’ but God wants us to move into the FAR bigger – but we don’t have a long time to adapt! Ask God to help us do it. Revelation 10:5-6 applies: “No more delay” (Dr Sharon Stone, 18 Jun 2012)

9.  We’re in a new season that’s bringing shift and change (from Sept 2011 – see Library). Now Jordan’s been crossed the battles are not for survival, as in a wilderness, but for taking territory – Satan’s losing ground. But beware of and learn lessons from the seeds sown, as in OT occupation of land.” (Christen Forster, 23 June 2012)

10. “He’s making His plans…His eyes are on Europe – He’s going to set the captives free…And it’s going to start in Britain…” (Julie Meyer, 17-20 October 2012)

11. “I saw aspects of this in vision form. I saw how God was going to move across your nation and it was wave after wave after wave.It will be sustained and the fire will never go out. Revivals have come and gone but this is not revival, this is reformation and it is a different thing.” (Neville Johnson, 31 October 2012)

12. An awesome word Dr Sharon Stone received about the meaning of Hurricane Sandy, as delivered on 3 November 2012. Note especially the reference to rewriting history(!) :

“And the Lord kept saying that this hurricane and these winds are ‘a punctuation’ – not  just in the US but a punctuation in the world. Now a type of punctuation means that it draws the line, and it brings a separation and there is an alteration after that, and this is what the Lord said; He says,what the Lord said; He says,

“These are re-arranging winds and they’re changing the course of nations.”

“…This is a “re-arranging winds and a changing of the course of nations” and the Lord spoke this, and forgive me as I’m going to read some of this because I want to get the words right. The Lord said:

The Old World’s time has cycled around again to become a New World to rewrite history; no longer a Constantine conversion that advances religion without Christ. Hidden winds of change have been developing on the inside of My people and they are now blowing change into the world. The western New World, particularly the USA, will enter accelerated crisis-shaking to hasten their journey to learn that I am their true resource and I am their defender. The USA has been a champion of freedom for much of the oppressed world, but you cannot represent freedom without representing Me, Jesus, Who is the provider and Who can bring sustainable protection to the nation. [Emphasis added]

“The Lord says,

“Parts of these winds that are blowing, part of these winds that are bringing a re-arranging, are blowing away what has confused nations of their identity.

“We’re not the only nation that has been in an identity crisis. I believe that many of our nations have had skewed identity and the Lord is saying this; He says,

“I will bring you out of what you have designed by your own thinking and by your own hands that I may redesign it by My thoughts and My plans.”


13. A New Day Dawning, the title of Paul Keith Davis’ December 2012 E-Newsletter, opens as follows: “The coming days will bring greater dimensions of darkness in the world; yet our hope is for the appearing of God’s weighty Presence…”.

14. “The Lord has been speaking to me for some time about a ‘new season’ and a ‘new message’. I’ve been growing in excitement but I’ve not dared to say anything to anyone in case it’s just been my imagination…” (Dr Clifford Hill;  Winter Newsletter)

15. “God is planning something so BIG even the devil can’t stop it!” (Revd John Kilpatrick, 6 January 2013)

16. 2013 is going to be a glorious year for the true Church – see the Kingdom of God in greater measure and glory – release into reformation and restoration – moving into a historic season to be known as ‘Days of Wonder’ (UK Prophetic Council, 7 Jan 2013)

17. “The ACPE felt this coming year would be one of great contrasts and polarity.  In a sense, we are entering a new era. Things cannot be done in the same way they have in the past season. The new era – a ‘But now’ season…” (Word of the Lord for 2013, via Cindy Jacobs of Generals International January  2013)

18. “We’re at a new level of time…this season is when the world and Church will see what it means to be a Christian as our faith goes on trial – God is watching to see how we respond and stand – This is the season for the Church to be demonstrated in the world like it’s never been seen before!” (Dr Sharon Stone, 2 Feb 2013)

19. The Lord told me in a vision, “I am about to visit your generation, but what is going to precede the ark of the covenant are those three anointings: Judah, Issachar, and Zebulun.” (Paul Keith Davis, February 2013)

20. “Behold I do a new thing” in email of 14th March that started this topical thread.

21. Christian political blogger Gillan Scott makes the prophetical proposition, in view of the surprising appointments of new Archbishop of Canterbury and a new Pope, of: “God’s outsiders pointing to a new era for the church” (16 March 2013). This was re-blogged with my covering comment here.

22.  “Glory can come when we spend time in the manifest presence of Jesus. But we are in a season unlike anything I’ve ever lived in before, one where His glory is more readily available to us than at any time I’ve ever seen. And we’re seeing more of His glory being poured out, we’re hearing of more encounters with the Presence of the Lord …” (Revd Dr Sharon Stone 6 April 2013)

23. “…Holy Spirit brought it to my memory right there in the stillness of my bedroom…and the Lord said, “Tell My people I have brought about a season change”. (Revd John Kilpatrick 7 April 2013)

24. “..God says this is a time you’re going to have to wait, because God said, I’m opening some doors for you and if you will be patient and if you will wait upon Me I’ll give you access through that door.  And God said this is not the time to try to close what I’m opening because you are in a new season and in the last season that that was closed and that was locked up to you God said you are not in that season be willing to let Me open those doors.  And no it won’t just be one door but this is a season of multiplication.” (Chuck Pierce et al, 5 May 2013)

25. The Jewish New Year 5774 is symbolised as an open doorway. God is saying, “This is a time of ‘new beginnings. What ‘was’ is no more. What ‘will be’ needs new foundations”. (Stephen Herzig, from Christ Of The Nations visiting Well Church International, Surrey, Sept 2013)

26. “I say to you I am bringing a new quickening of power across Wales. Get ready, for a quickening power that will cause the birth of heaven to come down into the atmos-phere of this nation, is now being released…I say three generations will now arise in this land and see Me move in a new way. I say to you, I want to begin new and fresh. Even though I have come before, I say it is not that crossing over for this season, but I, instead of doing again, will now begin. For I say an angelic host have been waiting, and many have come, but now they stand positioned in the land, ready to say who will go with Me into this season ahead.” (Chuck Pierce 19 Sept 2013)

27. The Lord of Hosts brought a revelatory word, part of which exhorts us to “Let the common, usual praises that you used yesterday remain there, for this is a new day; and the Lord is releasing new things – exploits not previously seen or experienced by you before. It is a day of long awaited breakthroughs that are being won…(Revd John Kilpatrick 4 Oct 2013)

28. Prophetic words for Britain & Ireland for 2014-16 with clarion call for England not to miss Day of Visitation:

“But I’ve given you a door, I have given you an opportunity that during this time you can get caught up and be ‘in sync’ and that you are not going to be behind, or lose your destiny in any way, but instead you’re going to have to depend upon the Spirit of God to get you caught back up to be in the right time at the right place.” (Rev Dr Sharon Stone 5 Oct 2013).

29. “At the beginning of this year, as I was seeking the Lord regarding the season we are in, I distinctly heard Him say this would be the “Year of the Quantum Leap”…This is a now season! We cannot be discouraged or disappointed by the previous years as we have looked out over our planted field of promise and seen no visible results of our labor. Because suddenly, BAM! Rapid growth, fulfillment, and harvest are at hand!”  (Jane Hamon 10 Feb 2014)

30. From 1st March God is to Redefine His people and bring a season of ‘suddenlies’ and a shifting to a new level for some of the Church. (John Kilpatrick 8 March 2014)

31. “There were nights where during our preaching (in England), young people would come in off of the streets and walk to the front asking, “What must we do to be saved?” With no alter call or invitation for people to accept Jesus, they were coming to the alter to be born again. The harvest was just that ripe!…

(Later, this word came forth during spontaneous intercession) “The wilderness and winter season in England is coming to an end and the people would sing with great joy as it comes. This barren land will once again celebrate and flowers will burst forth in spring, bursting into blossom like a symphony of song and colour. God’s glory will be on display this Spring, ….The Lord spoke to me that a major shift in the Spirit would come in the Spring and wells that were capped over would be opened once again…”  (Emphases added – Charles Shamp 21 March 2014)

32. “It’s as though God’s wanting to break down walls and as they were being removed then a huge wind came in…I saw the country and there were all these different kinds of walls along the map and God was breaking down one wall, the the next wall, the nect wall and the next wall…as that happened then the wind that came through was able to catch the next place on fire…and it was as though this contagious fire was going all through the nation…” (Heather Clark 30 March 2014)

33. I saw a great shaking in England and the blood of the martyrs (the revivalists and believers that have gone before us and laid down their lives for the Gospel) rising from the ground. As it rose, the rains from Heaven began to pour with the weight of God’s presence. Mid-air the droplets of blood and water collided, instantly transforming into golden drops. These liquid drops of golden glory fell back to the Earth, covering the ground – saturating the land. It was a declaration and confirmation that God’s glory was about to cover the Earth, but first a shaking was going to take place.” (Brynn Shamp:  Diary…A New Chapter)

34. “There’s coming to this country signs and wonders that this country’s never seen before – and you’re part of that. We’re birthing something that has never been in this country…This nation has seen mighty moves of revival but the LATTER movement of the glory of God THAT IS COMING NOW over this nation is going to trump everything you’ve ever seen in the UK. It’s NOT going to look like the old thing – it’s SOMETHING COMPLETELY BRAND NEW and what it’s going to do is literally even to shake ground in this country…”. (Charles Shamp 19 April 2014)

35.  “Keep Your Eyes on Britain” – Is The Time Now?  “The Spirit has been stirring deeply in me since our spectacular Resurrection Sunday…That dating caught my eye and so…maybe it’s this May 2014? This would line up with the later word about God’s glory being on display this Spring?”  Yep, the time’s now – May 2014 recounts receipt of confirmation that question may be accurate, per Doug Addison.

36. Wind of Change Starts in Mid-May; “There is a massive wind of change that is finally coming. This spiritual climate shift is happening in order to blow away the things in our lives that have held us back….” Sudden Changes are About to Occur in May…”a time when new things will spring forth and begin to come together. Watch for doors and opportunities to open suddenly. We are entering into a new time of things happening suddenly…” (Doug Addison)

37. “I hear God saying this over the UK, ‘It’’s been cloudy over the UK but the sun is coming out, and the light is about to shine like never before in the darkness. And there shall be many that have fallen away that will come back’.

“The prodigals are going to return to the house of the Lord. Sickness and disease are going to be cast away. I see bars shutting down, I see drug addicts getting healed. I see marriages getting back together. I see the church rising up in faith and power. And I see the enemy taking a blow to the head. I see pastors coming back together, laying down all their walls of division. I see territories being done away with. I see different denominations and streams coming together to worship. I see priests and vicars and pastors. I’m telling you I see this all over the UK. You may not believe it right now because of what you see but I tell you, hear my voice, by the Spirit of the Lord, the Lord says, “I want My body to be one”. Oh hallelujah. I see Christians getting their passion back for the gospel. I see people of God burying themselves in the Bible. I see the words of the scriptures of the Holy Bible coming alive in the hearts of the people. I see people rising up full of the Holy Ghost, changing nations, changing cities, going into remote areas and taking dominion”  (Roy Fields Word for the UK, Carmel Church Bristol, May 2 2012).

38. Resurrection coming to Anglican Church getting back to the Gospel as implied in two separate words reported by friends of RB and discussed in commentary.

39. Mantles of anointing falling by parachutes “…that I’m trying to put on the people in my Body today. They’re mantles I’ve used yesterday, they’re new mantles for today, they’re mantles where the ones carrying them died and moved on; but I still have the same power, I have the same heart and I’m the same God that wants to do the same thing. All I need is somebody to pick (them) up and put them on!”  (Bob Mazeroski 15 June 2014).

40. “The anointing for this time is for advance and breakthrough. It is time for a new level and God is opening the doors of heaven to facilitate advance and breakthrough for you – personally, in your family, your business, your church, your community… God wants to take us to a new place…Unity & Intimacy – Leadership – Children & Justice – Scotland” (Glasgow Prophetic Centre 18 June 2014).

41. “I think the ‘close at hand’ is even closer at hand now. This last month things have been shifting and being set up for an outpouring in several areas. It’s not just one. I see a field planted with several different vegetables. They may not all be harvested at the exact same time but I see growth in various stages. Many areas coming to fruition in succession. (Emily Rose Lewis, comments Sept 8 2014 on her blog)

42. The Lord would say, “I am coming to Wales, but not as I have done in times past, but…in a greater measure, for I never do anything lesser than what I did before –  I am releasing a wave of Glory out of Scotland that will affect many nations says the Lord. For this is going to be transformation that affects all of Europe and the nations of the earth –There is a new sound arising out of England unlike any that has been released before.  I am calling my people to once again fill the streets with singing and dance upon injustice…I say that it is time for the Lion of Judah to roar upon this land…Wake up and call unto me!” (Cindy Jacobs October 2014)

43.”There’s going to be a movement of unity in the UK that’s going to shake the world, says the Lord. I hear the prophetic word of the Lord – it’s another wave of revival He’s promised – This move of God is different than you’ve ever seen before…because no one’s going to point to one mighty evangelist – There’s going to be a move of unity within the Body of Christ…another historical move of God… you are going to come together for the prizeI will give you souls!”. (Heidi Baker 16 Nov 2014)

44. “…There is a sudden supernatural shift happening in the realms of the Spirit in this hour. GET READY for there is an emerging army of mighty warriors coming forth from a firestorm of glory, WATCH!!! FOR THE MANIFESTATION OF GREATER SIGNS, WONDERS AND MIRACLES!  In this encounter, I was taken onto a battlefield, the sky was filled with the colours of Deep Red and Orange, and I heard the words, “THE DAWNING OF NEW DAY”…(Veronika West 7 April 2016 vision of glory firestorm and Four Faces of God…)

NOTE:  More information and related material may be found under the ‘New Season’ tag and the collection AFTER item 43 continues in Library of Prophecies and Visions.

[Publ 22 Aug 2103; updated on Parts 1 & 2, 5th Apr’17]

3 thoughts on “A New Era for the Church

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  2. Prophetic Leadership

    “And the priests and the Levites purified themselves,
    and purified the people, and the gates, and the wall”
    Nehemiah 12:30

    The effect of true Prophetic ministry is an impartation of a fresh vision of God to the ministers of the Lord. There is an infusion of purpose, God’s purpose, that produces a purifying work first and foremost in the ministers of God themselves. This has a ripple effect on the people of God and subsequently their light into world. In the days of Nehemiah, a new vision gripped the hearts of the priests. The result was a repenting unto the purifying of the ministers of God which resulted in the people turning from their wicked and worldly ways.

    In times like these, when the church has reached new lows of worldliness and compromise, sin is no longer the horror it actually is, and the love of God for one another is less than the love of the world around us, God raises up those who will speak to the darkness. Those who will confront the machinery and carnal ways of men in His house. Like Ezekiel they will to “show the house to the house” to the end that His leaders will be ashamed of their ways and turn again unto the Lord with repentance and godly sorrow.

    “Thou son of man, shew the house to the house of Israel,
    that they may be ashamed of their iniquities…”
    Ezekiel 43:10

    The prophetic purpose has ever been to show the heavenly house (God’s design and purpose) to the earthly house (His Church in the earth). One simply needs to read the Seven Letters to the Church in the Book of Revelation to understand how vital the need is of the prophetic. How far we have fallen. The Fire of God has been replaced by an amicable love of the world; fireless meetings and sedate sermons seek to calm any stirrings of the Spirit of God in His own. Such ministers seek to keep the sheep in the fold relaxed, contented and faithful to the dictates of their church. The Fire of God is not welcome in these congregations as we have now become respectful and comfortable.

    The need has never been greater or the situation more dire in the church than it is right now in North America. We show more fervor over the state of the carnal politics of the world than we do over the absence of the fire of God in the hearts of His people. We cannot tarry in the tepid atmosphere of a religion that has grown cold; as with the people so with the ministers of the Lord.

    “… as with the people, so with the priest”
    (Isaiah 42:2)

    May there be a hearing of the voice of the prophets once again that the ministers of the Lord might turn again to the purifying of their own hearts. Then they will no longer preach what the people want to hear but will preach again the fire and truth of God. May we repent and turn unto the Lord with broken and contrite hearts that men may know again what “the holy” is.

    It is a day for the priests of the Lord to purify their hearts, forsake their positions in earthly corporations, and begin to walk in the purity of those who preach the truth regardless of the consequences. It is time to forsake a religion that lacks the heartbeat and fire of God.; one which has a “form of godliness but denies its power”.

    Powerlessness is the result of godlessness.

    Let the ministers of the Lord hear! May there be a hearing of the Call of God unto a purifying of the intentions, the desire of positions where they no longer claim the people of God their own! How I have heard in my own hearing the brazen declaration “my sheep”, “my people” and “my flock”! Blasphemy and a usurpation of that which is God’s Alone! God’s fire is coming it will either be unto the purification of men’s hearts or it will be the fires of His Judgment!

    “And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness. THEN shall the offering of Judah and Jerusalem be pleasant unto the Lord, as in the days of old, and as in former years”
    Malachi 3:3-4


    “The lofty looks of man shall be humbled,
    and the haughtiness of men shall be bowed down,
    and the Lord alone shall be exalted in that day”
    Isaiah 2:11

    Brian Troxel

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