Visitors notice heavens more open over England – part 2

Since hearing Johnny Enlow in October 2012 (as in Part 1) I’ve heard of other overseas ministers coming to Britain who notice a change in our spiritual atmosphere. Not only a New Zealander and South Africans but also our pastor upon returning from our groups in Norway and Germany, could each sense that the heavens are more open here than over other nations.

Parts 2 and 3 are observations by visitors from North America to our church in March and April. NB: printed emphases are shown to convey spoken inflexions and emphasis, whereas coloured text is editorial highlighting:

Heather Clark 

Heather ClarkAt her dance workshop in Guildford, Canadian worship leader Heather Clark taught from the scriptures about a woman gate-crashing a meeting of men to anoint Jesus with nard, an expensive aromatic oil. Her paraphrase of His reaction to those indignant men was an exact  confirmation of my reaction to criticism from a friend of my looking forward to her workshop. When we arrived for the first session, Heather noticed Nina and later she gave us prophetic words (and accurately for Nina).

Therefore, we were ready for her leading us into the Lord’s presence as she led worship at the Well Church, Farncombe, on Mothering Sunday. Immediately afterwards, Heather described what doing that was like. She got this sense that,

“It was as though God was wanting to break down walls and as they were being removed then a huge wind came in, like when you’re trying to start a fire and you blow on it, it causes the flames to grow bigger…I saw the country and there were all these different kinds of walls along the map and God was breaking down one wall, then the next wall, the next wall and the next wall.

“And as that happened then the wind that came through was able to catch the next place on fire…and it was as though this contagious fire was going all through the nation…”(to herself: “Hmm I like that, I like that!”)

[This is similar to Vision of Fires seen by Jean Darnall in 1967, of which Heather was unaware!  Speaking out those impressions brought her prophetic assurance of them and, as she explained, she became more excited as she realised what she’s saying…]

“When you travel around you get the feel of different places…so far, everywhere that I’ve been it feels like…I’m looking for language here…it reminds me of right before an outpouring like, you know the Toronto outpouring, it reminds me of right before that. That’s what it feels like.

“It feels like, the simplicity of desire…because, unfortunately what happens after an outpouring we want to make it structured somehow. We want to find the ‘5 steps’ of how to duplicate it…to pitch a tent, host a conference, write a book, put out a CD…We have this thing that whenever there seems to be one outpouring of God we’ve got to somehow systemise it so that we can sell it to the next person…

“It’s only for that short time it has that pure freshness to it…and then we get in there and kind of make a mess of it…It’s still good after that but…

But everywhere I go here that’s what it feels like, like right before Toronto…that feeling of, you know…it’s really simple here!! It’s really…not complicated…it’s very simple… and it’s really, really easy to lead worship, really easy [turning to church’s worship leader Danny] Do you find that?  It’s REALLY EASY.

Danny and Heather Clark

“Oh my gosh, I could be…Yes please. I’ll come here any time, it’s SO easy…And you know that when people are like that then the striving isn’t there, and it’s when you’re in the place of not striving that God just goes phhwww [Heather blows].

“I know that after revivals people want to ask “What did you do (to start it)?” and the answer is “Nothing”…”It was Grace”…There’s something about being in the rest and simplicity of His Presence that it’s just easy.

You guys are right around the corner…I’m so excited. I almost want say it’s here in a sense…”

[Heather continues into open discussion asking how we define and think revival looks like: “change”, “manifest presence”, “breaks outside church”, “reformation”… She thinks it’s important to be able to define it so we can recognise it when it arrives. We must realise we’re IN something as opposed to wanting something because it changes the way you see things. We cry out for it but realise we want Him, but don’t realise God’s already here!]

“And that’s what I feel like since being here is, this sense of HE IS here. There’s a real strong presence and I wasn’t planning on speaking on this, but it’s what I call the ‘Revival of the Lovers’ from Song of Solomon. Let’s look at chapter 4…”

A recording of the above message may be heard at Well Church Media and recordings of her preceding days in Norwich and Guildford are available at Spirit, Soul, Body.

Heather’s enthusiasm resulted in a return-trip for her this week to Holy Trinity Brompton and Emmanuel Church Westminster, and Torquay until Saturday (details). Her website is at

Continued in Part 3 >>

2 thoughts on “Visitors notice heavens more open over England – part 2

    • I believe so too Mark. You should have seen his 80 years old prayer partner’s face when he saw the same vision! Rev Norman James was only a couple of feet in front of me as a group were praying for re-revival on anniversary in ’95 of Welsh Revival – he was enraptured and left speechless…!!


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