Freedom at last from satan – my chains fell off!

Months after that night of destiny in 1989 I trashed my occult and New Age books, but I still had a number of items that were very significant to membership in those occult brotherhoods. But very soon, troubles brewed up within my relationships. And they got worse, and worse. So I asked for prayer help and I gathered all the remaining  things, such as ritualistic items and pictures. Right at the peak of my trouble I heard an almost audible voice instruct me,

Burn what you’ve collected – NOW!”

Never, ever, would I have believed what was to happen next:

Out in the back yard I piled those membership items onto an area of gravel and, putting a match to them, I sincerely repented. Fanning the flames, I apologised deeply to God for all my past rebellious, sinful activity and specifically renounced all the evil connected with and arising from my occult associations.

As I asked God to forgive me, heavy invisible shackles suddenly dropped off my wrists!

I felt, and was, free, completely free – exactly as is jubilantly sung in Charles Wesley’s great hymn And Can It Be? 

WOW, from despair to jubilation within a split second!  What utter freedom!  Praise Him!

That hymn’s lyrics present the simple yet sublime salvation found in our Father’s good news about Jesus.

How aptly the third verse describes my personal situation and what had just happened – my wonderful liberation from invisible bondage to satan.:

1. And can it be that I should gain
An int’rest in the Saviour’s blood?
Died He for me, who caused His pain?
For me, who Him to death pursued?

Amazing love! how can it be
That Thou, my God shouldst die for me?

2. He left His Father’s throne above,
So free, so infinite His grace!
Emptied Himself of all but love,
And bled for Adam’s helpless race!

‘Tis mercy all, immense and free,
For, O my God, it found out me.

3. Long my imprisoned spirit lay
Fast bound in sin and nature’s night.
Thine eye diffused a quick’ning ray:
I woke the dungeon flamed with light!

My chains fell off, my heart was free,
I rose, went forth, and followed Thee.

4. No condemnation now I dread:
Jesus, and all in Him, is mine!
Alive in Him, my living Head,
And clothed in righteousness divine,

Bold I approach th’ eternal throne,
And claim the crown, through Christ my own.

If you’re unfamiliar with Charles Wesley brother of the renowned evangelical founder of Methodism, John Wesley, you may like to read the brief note at the foot of this page of lyrics from Scripture and Music.

Listen to one of the greatest hymns as broadcast some years ago in Songs of Praise,   thanks to Fabio Ramsay.:

I will rejoice in the Lord, I will exult in the victorious God of my salvation! (Hab 3:1

Triple validation of reality of the life-changing visitation

A little time was needed to gain a fuller understanding of that awesome visitation – the absolute holiness of the Lord Jesus Christ in contrast to my personal sinful nature. No wonder I expected to die and was convicted of my sin!

That encounter used two very personal aspects of my life to grab my attention, thereby validating the experience as real, not an imaginary one. Even more amazingly, both validations are directly related to the 1st and 2nd Advents!  Thus, they couldn’t fail to enhance my interest in End-Times and which had been launched a few years earlier by The Invisible Hand (described here).

The First Advent was the time when Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem of Judea about two thousand years ago. Hence, the four weeks leading into Christmas are designated within the church calendar as Advent, and which start the church year.

The Second Advent is coming soon and is expected to begin in the city of Jerusalem.


I inwardly ‘knew’ the heavenly visitor was indeed Jesus, and that the impressive action was a foretaste of his promised return, when He will come in all His power and glory.

The event reminded me of my favourite picture in mother’s Missal, or service book of the Roman Mass.  This gave the content of every Sunday service throughout the year with a diagram symbolising the theme for each service.  As a boy keen on astronomy I’d been fascinated by the picture for First Sunday in Advent. This depicted Jesus standing on the clouds over a burning earth in the midst of sun, moon and falling stars, indicative of events before his Second Advent!

The confirmation referred to above came almost as unusually. On a healing retreat years later, a minister told me God would show me something after lunch. Indeed, after lunch a stranger who’d been seated at my table confided that the Lord told her to show me something she greatly treasured.

christinclouds-lrgIt was a photo taken, it was claimed, from an aircraft over a thunderstorm. When developed, the photo bore an image of Jesus Christ, as though standing within clouds. However, the facial features were hazy, not defined. It was exactly like Jesus in my dream because I’d not seen His face.  (I recall dark, hazy clouds at the foot of the image. This one is published by Bible Probe.)

Upon seeing this photo my legs gave way – I couldn’t stand but fell into a nearby chair! My companion said I went so white she thought I was going to faint or fall.

Yet, just how did a stranger know to show me this photo?  I’d not divulged such a personal dream – she simply said, “It’s the Lord’s doing”.


I was puzzled over the closing element of the dream-event, that is:  upon my reaching towards Jesus’ feet to grasp his robe, it turned into the branch of a Christmas tree!  So, when I tugged, a Christmas tree toppled over and its fairy fell off and onto the floor.

Weird?  Not really, because that spot by the window was where the family Christmas tree used to be erected. It was a corner closely associated with Christmas.

As a devout Catholic, my mother had told me about Jesus from an early age. When I painted pictures I would put a blue stripe at the top of outdoor scenes to represent heaven, as children did. But I’d also draw a Christmas tree in heaven as being Jesus.

Why? Not only had I associated all the wonder of Christmas with his birthday but I also heard an actor  on TV mention his name whilst looking at a small fir-tree. So in my childish way I took the actor at his word and would draw Jesus as a Christmas tree.  Hence, the dream changed him to match that image.

At its close, therefore, the dream-event signified the time had come to put away not only childish misconceptions but also all false teachings and replace them with absolute truth – the one who is the Truth in person.

Truly, the most fantastic Christmas present ever – one that’s daily an ever-present encouragement and help in every time of need, no matter how dire. Thank you Lord.

These events started in 1989 and culminated in 1995 with its prime confirmation. Yet more was to come!  Sixteen years later upon revisiting this story for the purposes of this blog, I was surprised by a couple more insights that dropped unbidden into mind. One was tantalising: could the street number of my childhood home (212) possibly be significant in pointing toward the coming year? That is, to 2012!  

Could that notion be true?  Such musing would be confirmed in a fascinating numerical manner at 2012’s first Christian conference we were to attend…Upon our arrival at the venue I was curious about distance driven from home. The car’s odometer was ‘212’ miles!


Once again, timing proves crucial in presenting another objective confirmation!  Again, had I not been writing about the visitation I would have missed the crucial linkage!

Whilst writing instalments of My Journey Into Freedom (Sept-Oct 2013) I inserted a report on something pertinent that happened at that time in the USA, as recounted in the previous post. This came as a ‘new revelatory word’ from the Lord to Revd John Kilpatrick and began at 2:22am. This too, is very interesting on two counts. Numerically, because my birthday falls on a 22nd. Orally, because that word is directly relevant to my dream visitation in referring to the angelic host as well as in closing with Luke 21:28, namely:

But when these things begin to come to pass, look up, lift up your heads, because your redemption is at hand.

My mother’s Missal for the First Sunday of Advent is shown below and notice how the scripture on page 69 links into my personal visitation and what pastor John brought.

[Click to enlarge]


It’s amusing that the number of hits on this blog passed the 212,000 mark within days of the 4th anniversary of its launch on 21st November 2015.

So a huge thank you goes to every subscriber and regular reader, as well as all visitors.

To find out what happened after the encounter read Rescued from Satan by the Lord of Hosts.

Note: originally published 12 December 2011 as ‘3 Validations Point to 2012-13: Part 3 of ‘Death or Destiny?’.

Further reading:

On a trapdoor into Hell – Jesus swoops to the rescue!


That night’s second visitor was far more challenging – this time it is life or death!

In a most unusual dream that night I go back in time. A dream so lucid that nearly 30 years later, it remains vividly etched within me. So it must be exceptionally significant.  Come back with me (dream content in blue typeface, comments black).:

I am in my childhood home and standing in front of the large casement window in one corner of the lounge (opposite corner to the doorway). I look up into the inky, dark night sky outside.

A small flotilla of large, wingless aircraft drifts slowly across from left to right at high altitude and I groan, “Oh…not that flying saucer nonsense. I must be dreaming!” 

I’m sceptical about the existence of UFO’s, but now another ‘fleet’ of some sort appears from the right and heads towards the first.

(The dream now changes gear by going up a level from the usual mix of mental material to that of absolutely convincing lucidity…)

The ‘light goes on’!  In my ‘knower’, I realise the first fleet is demonic and the second is masses of angels under the command of Jesus Christ. (I did not believe in them, and regarded Jesus as one of many world teachers. Here, I see no individuals but inwardly know the situation)

I think I’m about to watch an amazing heavenly battle…but…OH NO!  Somehow, I now know Jesus has espied me far down below and is coming down directly towards me!

All I see is a distant bright light very rapidly getting brighter and larger as it drops down to my location, just like an airliner approaching a runway to land at night. 

Instantly, I realise my life has been one of sin that contrasts starkly against Jesus’ own holiness. Right away I realise what’s claimed about the Judgement is true – but mine is about to happen right now!

Beyond any doubt whatsoever I suddenly realise my involvement in the occult was most definitely wrong. Consequently, I deserve the undesirable abode!

Groaning “My number’s up!” I inwardly tremble in fearful knowledge I’m about to die at any moment. An invisible trapdoor I’m standing on will drop me straight into hell.

Utmost mortal terror strikes!  I dive under the drop-leaf table by the wall to the left of the window so I can hide from Jesus. But he knows I’m hiding there and swoops down straight through the wall on the other side of the corner window. He’s standing in the room and right beside the table!

Cowering below the table with my back turned towards him, I glance over my shoulder and see him from the knees down, his body and face out of sight above the table.

Most unexpectedly, somehow I have the courage to reach my hand out backwards to grab at the hem of Jesus’ robe…

As I tug, the event goes into yet another level of revelation regarding my childhood…Then I awake! Thoroughly alert, further sleep eludes me!

The dream reminds me of an evocative small picture that impressed me as a child – the return of Jesus Christ:

1st Sunday in Advent - Image

Later I understand that my terror had been ‘the fear of God’ brought through the Holy Spirit in convicting me of my personal sinfulness (ie. wrongdoing) and, thus, preparing me to receive God’s grace (ie. undeserved favour).

Also, what happened after reaching for Jesus proves he’s closely acquainted with the private details of my thoughts as a little boy.  The dream’s conclusion shows he is going to topple my childish concepts of him and replace them with a sure knowledge of his true identity.

The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love” (Psalm 111). Mercifully, he plucked me from the domain of darkness to bring me into his own and receive its blessings. I deserved none of that. Truly, Amazing Grace – how awesome and wonderful..!

As a result of the most remarkable dream I’d ever had, I carefully reconsidered all my New Age and occultic notions. Meditational and mystical exercises had resulted in my having some unusual, ‘psychic’ dreams, but none whatsoever like this one.

The only remotely similar dream was that of an ‘altered’ state of consciousness known as ‘nirvana’, or bliss, where I’d been taken behind its alluring golden light.  Ecstasy turned to abject terror as the light I was in got rolled away like a cloth to reveal a hideous, devouring beast of utter blackness approaching me – far worse than any nightmare!  I wasn’t into drugs and didn’t know anything about the scriptural truth that ‘satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light‘ (2 Cor 11:14) – a truth that had been demonstrated to me!

But in this new dream fear had been overcome by Jesus himself and his wonderful mercy and love.


[Written October 2013] Later we will consider how that dream-vision was validated as being real. But for now I want to draw your attention to a remarkable revelatory word given two days before I’m due to give a brief account of my journey into freedom at a breakfast.

Before having that dream I don’t think I’d heard of Jesus being in charge of angels for I was completely unfamiliar with the Bible. In later years I’d learn that the pre-incarnate Christ appeared to Joshua outside Jericho as ‘Commander of the LORD’s army’, (‘Chief of the host of Yahweh’ in original Hebrew at Joshua 5:14-15).

And, in countless sessions of solid Biblical instruction received since then I don’t recall hearing anything in-depth on Jesus’ role as the captain of the angelic hosts. That is, until last Sunday!

The timing of this fresh confirmation was the second of three clear references on three successive days to the content of a brief outline of my testimony, which had already been prepared for delivery on the 4th day!

Revd John Kilpatrick changed his sermon to bring a word the Lord had given him in the early hours of Saturday at 2hrs 22. We were listening live as part of the regular online congregation and the timing impacted my spirit because 22 is not only the date of my birthday but also and particularly because there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. (I’ve previously had occasion to note the personal relevance of two in 2.12.2012.)

Far more importantly in this word, the Lord of Hosts draws attention to the angelic hosts and their present and imminent activity.  It reminded me of the above visitation – AND it is notable that John focused upon the same scripture that’s precisely relevant to my dream, as will be explained in forthcoming installments of my journey.

For now, however, this mighty revelatory word deserves due, reverent consideration and reflection before proceeding further. If you wish to read it then click here.

[Bible quotations are by courtesy of – thank you for this facility.]

False ‘gospel’ lured me to the devil’s door

It wasn’t a normal, vertical door but a trapdoor – and it was about to be sprung with yours truly standing on it!

In terror, moments beforehand I’d thought “My number’s up!” because I was suddenly at the end of my life AND shocked to realise hell’s below – AND, I’d be heading there – even though I used to think hell didn’t exist!  I was wrong – oh so badly wrong!!

Being anti-Christian had been a serious mistake – but it was now far too late!  Yet I’m now able to tell this true story; it is told purely for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

How did I get there? you may ask. And, how on earth did I get out of it?


First, we need to go back in time to the evening of 13th September 1989. As a result of conflict in childhood (as here) between school and church I thought the Truth must be out there somewhere. So I decided to investigate and search for it myself, as told here.

First port of call was the supernatural and possibility of an afterlife. Having a scientific bent I looked for consistent, reliable reports of post-mortem contacts with deceased persons. Accounts by those who’d almost died seemed more authentic and consistent than claims by mediums of contacting the dead.

Then came yoga and eastern religions, and years before the Beatles introduced the British public to Transcendental Meditation into Britain, I studied and accepted esoteric spiritual doctrines and practices, eg reincarnation and karma. At 21 years of age, after learning about the Western esoteric tradition, I joined a brotherhood supposedly descended from ancient Egypt through a chain of historic personages such as Da Vinci, Bacon, Wren and Newton all of whom, it was claimed, added to and transmitted that ancient wisdom which had been held ‘sacred’ by 12-13th Century ‘heretical’ Cathars of southern France, and later the Knights Templar. (Later freemasonry merely skimmed the surface of that arcane, initiatory knowledge.)

What made it especially attractive from my standpoint were references to secret doctrines of Jesus, who was claimed to have been one of the perfected ‘masters’! This teaching was supposed to have been akin to that of Christian Gnosticism and Jewish Kabbalah. My historical interests devoured the rise of the early Church, medieval alchemy and the start of scientific method in the early 17th Century, as well as literature and secret codes then in use in England and German Brunswick-Luneberg and Palatinate of the Rhine.

Consequently, I was well placed and connected to know modern authors’ claims about a romantic connection between Jesus and his disciple, Mary Magdalene, were untrue. Such stories and their dramatic conspiracy claims make fascinating fiction. (My source confided that it was a publishing ploy to attract sales!)

So I embraced Eastern and Western occultism plus concepts known as deism, and thus appreciated the distinct difference between Islam and Judaeo-Christian belief. Many years later I read its Book and studied its early history.

I thought all religions are equal and, therefore, many paths to a supreme being – one not identical to the anthropomorphic deity of the Abrahamic religions. In those days I preferred the notion of a ‘cosmic mind’ with which we can attune and attain ‘cosmic consciousness’ and perfection through many incarnations.

Thus, two decades of occultic study and exercises had made me disdainful of churches and Christian clergy and laity. They were all so very behind the times – even archaic! In my intellectual and spiritual pride I thought their preaching just couldn’t compare with the more profound philosophy found within ‘New Age’ movements.


Sometime in July/August 1989, a young man named Peter knocked at the front door with an invitation to hear the world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham at Earls Court in London. We could be taken in a coach trip from outside our house west of Reading. How much? Nada, entirely free!

Naturally, I rejected the offer outright but my almost-teenage son piped up he’d like to go because a classmate had told him about it. So I said I’d take him.

As can be gathered from the story of my journey thus far into spiritual captivity, personal experiences had made me very wary of churchgoers. Never did I suspect my own well-being hung on the moment of that request.

Can you imagine my bewilderment, therefore, upon sitting ‘up in the gods’ in the Earls Court auditorium and finding myself agreeing with what Billy Graham said as he spoke from the rostrum?  I was flummoxed! Utterly bewildered! Who’s thinking that? Can that be me? Never!… Really?

As a follow-up, those who’d been on that trip were invited to an informal meeting at a local ‘free’ church. The leader explained similar chats could be held at our own homes, should we so wish. I agreed to be on-hand for my son, but I was definitely NOT interested. A youth worker, Peter, was assigned to help him but, in practice, he ended up discussing the material with me.

The evening of Wednesday 13th September 1989, is Peter’s third visit to discuss Billy Graham’s follow-up material entitled Life. I have not yet divulged to him my firmly held and entrenched opinions – but this time he goes too far!


This session is entitled, ‘Yoga, Eastern Religions and The Occult’ – all of which I’d been involved in since before Peter had been born!

Peter shows a diagram of two cliff-like objects facing one another. One represents heaven and the other, earth, with a large, deep gap separating them from one another. Over this Peter then places an overlay depicting a large plus sign over the gap and the ends of its horizontal arms touch each ‘cliff’, thereby bridging heaven and earth. He explains that the cross of Christ is the bridge between both realms.

He then says the only way to God is through Jesus Christ. This statement implies my ideas are incorrect. Without giving the game away I gently question him on this. But he insists not many paths lead to the same, supreme God – there’s only one way to one almighty God and it’s through his Son Jesus Christ.

What’s to be done with a young man half my age who unwittingly points out the error of my ways?

I’m thinking, “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. How can he, who’s not done anything I know far, far more about…just how can he tell me it’s wrong?  He’s wasting my time!” Peter’s ideas are not only mistaken but also intolerant. Before the end of the evening I’ve had enough!

So I bring our discussion to an early close, politely bid him farewell and excuse myself from any future meeting. Peter is most gracious about it – as ever, he smiles politely and goes on his way.

Little did I know that I may not survive that night!    

That night’s second visitor was far more challenging – this time it’s life or death – MINE!

The account will be published overnight – when else?….

Note: Originally written 25 years ago as ‘More Than A Dream’, this was posted as one of my first blogs. Then, it elaborated upon my life as a committed non-Christian but is now expanded to refute a recent visitor’s rebuking me not to say things “on a subject (Islam) for which you don’t have sufficient knowledge”!!

Monday newsmix: UK re-awakening and more Muslims looking to Jesus

Hand with News icon - WatcharakunAfter a short break on the coast followed by a weekend course on living in Holy Spirit’s anointing, I trawled through my in-tray and was very pleased with the following good news. Both items are related to visionary and prophetical words, the first comes from our county town, and the second from the wider Middle-East.

Can These Bones Live?

Dr Clifford Hill reacts as follows to what happened during the Pentecost celebrations:

“If anyone thought that Christianity was dying in the traditional churches of Britain, what happened in Winchester Cathedral last week would have shattered their illusions!”

He reports the ancient, hallowed building and grounds were packed out at that evening’s celebration. This was the culmination of nine days of prayer events for the evangelisation of Britain, as invited by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. The Pentecost weekend itself culminated in six ‘Beacon events’ with video links to Canterbury Cathedral where the Archbishop, Justin Welby, gave a message based upon the Lord’s prayer, which he said was “reassuring enough to be on the lips of the dying and yet dangerous enough to be banned in cinemas!”

Read Clifford’s full report here, which closes with his asking,

“Was this a sign that something special is beginning to happen in the old denominational churches? Will the spiritual life of the nation be transformed by a new generation embracing the gospel in their own culture as the Holy Spirit breathes new life into the unchanging message of salvation and “Jesus is Lord!” is once again heard on the lips of children and young people?”

In my humble opinion, “Yes it is a sign” and my initial thought was of the prophetic promise heard at Ffald-y-Brenin retreat centre, as blogged two years ago in Resurrection Coming to the Anglican Church.:

‘The usual morning liturgical prayer time got overshadowed by the Lord, who reminded them of the raising of Lazarus. They were told He’s going to call the Anglican Church out of its grave and bring it back to life!’

Of all the words published in this blog this may be exceptional because it was the first to be severely criticised, as related in this post about our later visit to Ffald-y-Brenin.  Also, this latest event reflects what others have observed of an increasing number returning to the Anglican fold and other churches – yet without denominational divisions as in bygone eras. And, of course, readers of this blog are aware of many prophetic words about a new era in the Church and move of God in the UK; eg, brought by Heidi Baker (with updates).

Intense Persecution Brings Harvest of Muslims

The exciting news continues of many Muslims seriously doubting their faith and looking and turning to Jesus in reaction to it being returned to its original barbaric practices. As blogged about Iran and a significant warning in Mecca (here and here respectively), as well as other posts, this is personally encouraging in view of a vision I had in 1992 on the fall of Islam (see this email).

Another morning email Is There Any Good News From the Mid-East? alerted me to Joel Rosenberg’s latest post, in which his friend Tom Doyle answers,

“Yes, despite intense prosecution we’re also seeing a great harvest of Muslims turning to Christ.”

After providing several wonderful examples, especially of those martyred on a beach in Libya to the shock of the world, Tom asks why is it that Muslims are now coming to faith in Christ in significant numbers? His answer:

One of the reasons is that Islamic terrorists are killing violently for their faith, while followers of Jesus are dying peacefully for their faith. Muslims are watching the violence and it has soured them towards their religion. It has also opened them up to the possibility that there may be something to this Jesus after all. They see hate in Radical Islam and love among the Jesus followers, even as they are taken to be executed. What a contrast.

“Yes, Christians are being persecuted openly in the Middle East. But they are standing strong, and this has served to spread the gospel even more rapidly. In a world of bad news, that is very good news.”

Indeed it is. And as noted in Good News: Christian Revival in N Africa, the Cartheginian early Church author Tertullian observed the same and formulated the famous dictum:

“The blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church.”

[Credit: Hand Pressing News Icon by Watcharakun, courtesy of]

Reports of ‘Awakenings’ cont’d – “Get ready to jump!”

Endless Bridge by Evgeni DenevLet me now share some personal things about the last two posts that may be of interest.

Usually I take a long weekend cyber-break after Thursdays but last week it would be until Tuesday as Monday was a Bank Holiday. As I’d be elsewhere yesterday, I very quickly scan-checked my email on Saturday and noticed a couple from Michael Marcel. (We first met at inter-church prayer meetings for the Thames Valley in Reading in late-1990s and last saw one another at a recent mentoring day in Windsor.)

I sensed it was important to reply to Michael’s email news with some from David Robinson of Bloxham, who too had emailed me on Friday about ‘Awakenings’ in USA, plus an earlier post of mine on related prophecies. Later we chatted on the phone after I’d updated him on what happened when I read out his email to Nina. I emailed him:

‘Have just finished early steak dinner and hooked laptop up to tv so we can check out the links I circulated from you and what David sent.

‘So then happened to notice (other) emails and read them out to Nina…(next) I read aloud your one to pastors but she’d already heard, “Get ready to jump!”

‘After saying so and my starting to reply to you, she then got a picture of a trampoline in a garden and saw a man using it and bouncing so high he went off flying and disappeared from view! She heard that, just as our ordinary muscles need to be used and flexed – so too do our spiritual muscles. She also knows there’s a distinct difference between ordinary and spiritual bouncing, as demonstrated in that ‘video’ picture!’

Michael phoned whilst we were watching Patricia King bring a prophetic word to those meetings in San Diego (as below) and, as he’d just returned from there, I asked if it was connected with her XP Ministries of Maricopa, Ariz, or Harvest International Ministries with Che Ahn in the Pasadena area.

He said, “No, neither – it’s not of any ministry. It’s non-denominational”.  Terrific, that’s as it should be.  I happened to mention about the many times we sense in our spirits, and even getting Holy Spirit ‘sizzles’, when watching Him moving and touching folk in Church of His Presence (Alabama), and explained that I refer to it as “Bridge Over the Pond”  (see Holy Lightning Beyond ‘The Pond’ Strikes in UK in particular).

Michael’s response intrigued me. He said, in one of his books Rick Joyner describes Holy Spirit’s going across the ocean as being like moving over a very long bridge!!

Hmm…very interesting…watch this space!

[Credit: Endless Bridge by Evgeni Denev, courtesy of]

Salvation comes to Hindu and Muslim

As well as circulating email news to church leaders of ‘An Awakening Season’, as in the previous post, Michael Marcel also separately reported how salvation came to two people of other faiths.:

Testimony (email 29th April)
A Hindu woman was walking in Leicester last week. She had struggled with depression for a long time and she saw in a vision a man dressed in white walk up to her and say, “Go to the house on your street with number 2 on it and a woman there will tell you how to restore your heavy heart”.
She went straight home, walked down her street to house number 2 and a Christian lady who has been saved out of the Hindu faith answered the door bell. She told this woman the vision of the man in white, and the lady promptly shared the gospel and prayed for her. She was saved and healed and came to church the following day! She is now sharing her new-found faith with her family; all of them have seen that she is no longer depressed and want to know what happened.
God is definitely on the move in this nation!
Another Testimony (email 1st May)
A Muslim man in Leicester had a dream; in the dream he saw a man dressed in white standing next to a cross, the man in white told him to go to the clock tower tomorrow at 12pm and a man who (will be) standing there will tell you what you must do.

The next day he went to town and found a street preacher at the clock tower, he told the preacher his dream and was then saved as a result. The same night this Muslim man had a dream that his sister in the Middle-East had a similar dream, except she was told to call her brother in the evening, On phoning her brother told her what had happened and shared the gospel and she was saved!

Thank and praise you Lord for what you are doing in bringing not-yet-believers into the Kingdom.

BBC headlines quote Queen proclaiming the Gospel on Christmas Day

In delighted astonishment we heard BBC News voice-over-video headlines announce on Christmas Day that the Queen had said,

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

Moreover, I realised that by declaring a scriptural statement as Head of the Church of England and hereditary Defender Of The Faith, and in its being heralded and announced by national media, our longest reigning monarch’s biblical declaration has the power of a prophetic decree. (If you’re unfamiliar with this principle see this two-part report on spiritual alignment and decrees.)

The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast to the Commonwealth follows the pattern set by King George V (her grandfather) in the very first broadcast in 1932. Upon introducing this startling innovation he opened it with, “I speak now from my home and from my heart to you all“.

Yearly our sister in the Lord refers to her Christian belief as a source of inspiration and comfort. This Christmas Her Majesty made no bones about the majesty of her faith, as in forthright yet gracious remarks about the Good News of God in the birth of Jesus Christ..

Soon after opening, Her Majesty speaks about reflecting upon the year’s events,

“Many people say the first Christmas after losing a loved one is particularly hard. But it’s also a time to remember all that we have to be thankful for.

“It is true that the world has had to confront moments of darkness this year, but the Gospel of John contains a verse of great hope, often read at Christmas carol services: ‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it’.”

Jesus’ Message of Love

She continues by referring to the custom Queen Victoria and Prince Albert introduced of using fir-trees at Christmas, and every year since WWII the people of Oslo send a huge tree for erection in Trafalgar Square. (Over 1,000 years ago our Saxon kings brought our ancient Viking enemies to Christ, especially Olaf 1 of Norway.)

Furthermore, Her Majesty related this and Jesus’ birth to the contemporary migration of refugees to Europe:

“…(this London tree) has five hundred light-bulbs and is enjoyed not just by Christians but by people of all faiths, and of none. At the very top sits a bright star, to represent the Star of Bethlehem.

“The custom of topping a tree also goes back to Prince Albert’s time. For his family’s tree, he chose an angel, helping to remind us that the focus of the Christmas story is on one particular family.

“For Joseph and Mary, the circumstances of Jesus’s birth — in a stable – were far from ideal, but worse was to come as the family was forced to flee the country. It’s no surprise that such a human story still captures our imagination and continues to inspire all of us who are Christians, the world over.

Despite being displaced and persecuted throughout his short life, Christ’s unchanging message was not one of revenge or violence but simply that we should love one another. Although it is not an easy message to follow, we shouldn’t be discouraged; rather, it inspires us to try harder: to be thankful for the people who bring love and happiness into our own lives, and to look for ways of spreading that love to others, whenever and wherever we can.” (Emphasis added.)

Read her message in full on the official website The British Monarchy, or watch the above video.

A couple of Press reports

In Monarch quotes from Bible to address a nation shaken by a year of atrocities, the Telegraph’s religious affairs team open as follows,

‘The Queen used her Christmas Day broadcast to make one of her most overtly religious addresses to the nation in recent years. Quoting directly from the Gospel of John, she spoke of light which “shines in the darkness” which she described as a “verse of great hope”.

‘Her comments come at the end of a year in which Britain has been stunned by terrorist atrocities, from the mass shootings and bombings in Paris last month to the gun attack at a Tunisia resort during the summer.

 ‘Reflecting on the past 12 months, the monarch said: “It is true that the world has had to confront moments of darkness this year. But the Gospel of John contains a verse of great hope, often read at Christmas carol services: ‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it’.”

That broadsheet’s Boxing Day editorial also notes,

‘Britain’s religious leaders are in the mood for telling home truths. In a stark Christmas sermon, the Most Rev Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, compared the Jihadist threat to King Herod, to whom Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales, also alluded. In the Bible, Herod orders the massacre of young children in a delirious attempt to kill Jesus Christ. In today’s Middle East, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) is no less bloodthirsty.

‘It murders critics and religious minorities, enforcing its religious code with violence. It represents a fanatical perversion of Islam, and to defeat it, the West must understand its motivations. Religious leaders, educated in theological nuance, are well placed to decode its language. Archbishop Welby told congregants that it seeks to trigger an “apocalypse… defined by themselves and heralded only by the angel of death”. Isil cannot coexist with Western democracy. It is hell-bent on destroying it.’

I’ve underscored the essential key to the solution that too many illiterate and misinformed political leaders have totally ignored to people’s peril.

There is more Encouragement for the Dawn of 2016, as reported by Prophecy Today UK:

“Despite all the problems our nation has faced over the last year, we at Prophecy Today found a little encouragement over the Christmas season to hear the Prime Minister’s affirmation of Christian values in our nation (see latest – RB) and also the Education Secretary’s resolve to promote the Christian heritage of Britain in our schools.”

It will be interesting to watch how all this may tie in with prophetical words received lately and being delivered in the coming months…

Return from clinical death reveals End-times urgency and impact of Sept 2015

A viral video in which an Israeli teenager describes what happened and what he learnt about the return of the Messiah whilst clinically dead is making waves around the world. Being controversial as well as fascinating, it raises many questions and reservations.

I first thank a contributor ‘over the pond’ for sending me the information late last month as well as folk here at Father’s House of Prayer for emailing me this week, thereby spurring me into action!

I’d read the first report but not had opportunity to see the video until a few days ago and, having now done so, I recognise its great importance. So I’m posting the video and links to covering articles for your earliest attention.  As the video drew to a close I especially noted that the boy shares an insight directly related to my own observation about the date which he refers to on the End-times! (See Tuesday’s post on September’s importance).

FIRST, read Breaking Israel News’ exclusive report Israeli Teen Returns for 15 mins of Clinical Death with Spiritual Messages Concerning the Coming Redemption. Later, they published an account of the interviewing rabbi’s own near-death experience and thus qualifying him to appreciate Natan’s experience.

(Details of End-times begin at 27:30 mark. My observations will follow in next post.)

As you assess teenage Natan’s account with what Jesus teaches, also watch his face as he recounts the good and troubling parts of what he learned and saw in the ‘movie of the future’.

Also, international body-language expert Susan Constantine’s professional assessment may be read here. (BIN claims her particular expertise lies in detecting deception.)

“Who is like the wise man, and who knows the meaning of a thing? A man’s wisdom makes his face shine, and the boldness of his face is changed.” (Ecclesiastes 8:1)

The next post considers Nathan’s reference to an End-times war having started on 11th September 2015 >> click to continue reading.

Further reading:

On ‘crossing over’ and a coming Revival

The week after I’d marinated fruit for three days and then baked our Christmas cake I was sent the following by Patsy Southway wherein I read she’d also baked a cake!

Patsy SouthwayHere’s Patsy’s reflections and insights from PICK Ministries posted on 29th November.:

‘Last night as I was journaling, I saw a long line in the sand –  the Lord said that many of his children have been persistent in prayer, with declarations and believing hearts and have been patiently waiting to see the results – the breakthroughs.

2013 Cake-2’But Father has been preparing OUR hearts to move into the ENLARGEMENT of His Kingdom that is coming.  He reminded me that as I made a Christmas cake this week, the amount of ingredients, the time mixing it altogether and then, of course, the hours it took to cook, was a lot of preparation so that we can enjoy a slice or two of Christmas cake!
How much more, the preparation of our hearts.  He is such a faithful Father, rich in mercy and compassion, loving us beyond our comprehension.

’In a previous blog I wrote on the BIRTHING of Gods promises which He confirmed to me  on the same day, while I was in a bank and a school room in the Czech Republic.  His promises have NOT changed!  He is bringing together ALL that he has promised.
Times and seasons are in his hands – Eccls 3

’This long line that I saw in the sand, was very long.  I could see some people were right up against it and others not too far away.  I sensed that God was showing me wherever they were on their journey depended on where they were positioned with Him,; they would all come to the line before crossing over.  There were no shortcuts!

‘Today is the last day of November and tomorrow brings the start of a new month, December.  ‘Shiftings’ have continued throughout this year, and as we move into the final month of 2015 and the time of CROSSING OVER this line in the sand has come, I could see HUGE waves of blessing were falling upon us as times of ABUNDANCE and REFRESHING had come!

‘It’s been a long haul for many of us but everything is for a Divine Purpose – it’s all about KNOWING HIM and making HIM KNOWN.’


The subscriber who sent me a copy of the above commented that on the previous evening “the Lord spoke to our church and said in the next few weeks we would  begin to see the first signs of revival”.

In view of what William Smith shared over lunch a few weeks ago on revival, I forwarded the email to him. That he’s truly a humble servant of the Lord is clearly evident in the way he told his testimony, this part of which I’m sharing with his kind permission:

“I came to faith at 15 years of age and was preaching on the streets of Liverpool before I was 16. Preaching came so naturally to me that I knew that I was born for such an honour. I spent hours in prayer and bible study as a youth, while making time to be involved in some church based activity most nights of the week. ( I was born into and out of a Baptist background).

“Seeking God in prayer for my life, knowing that my dreams of being a footballer, or an actor, or classical singer were now irrelevant because of the fire in my soul, I lived in a desperation to hear His heart for me. I knew Bible College awaited me and it was during these prayer times that Father spoke so clearly to me. He said : 

“You will see major revival in this land in your lifetime and you will be instrumental in its happening.”

‘The term ” in your lifetime” was stamped on my mind and spirit. It meant that I would physically be on the earth and hands on in this revival. I would not be a witness from heaven to the events.’

That was 1963 and so Bill’s been carrying a prophetical promise for over 50 years just as Arthur Burt did (details here). I shared that I know the awesome nature of such promises. (Years ago my wife and I were briefly commanded, “Await His return!”, by a well-known prophet as he quickly walked by intent on talking to someone else.)

Bill thanked me for the copy email of Patsy’s and commented as follows.

‘It is a very encouraging word as well as confirming so much we are hearing from Abba God right now…
‘Something I noted in her words. The waves of blessings do not disturb the line in the sand. I see real significance in that. It is not a temporary line, it is established in Father’s plan and purpose. The waves of blessing may well be a means of many reaching and crossing the line.Not to be sad spectators, rather to become fully involved in the great commission of these last days.

‘So blessed by today’s word from you…’

Do you sense it? A “Quickening” ?

Kenzel kindly commented on the previous post about accelerating eschatology as follows: “I’m astonished. When I wrote ‘The Quickening’, I had no idea what could be in store…and the pace seems to be intensifying!” So here’s what he wrote in June (interesting thread too) :

Shining a light in the darkness

For weeks (maybe even months) I’ve sensed it.

Beyond that I’ve heard it as if it were a whisper in the wind.

The word: “Quickening”

I know a lot of people are reluctant to talk about The End of Days or End Times or The Tribulation. I imagine it frightens them. When I’ve accidentally happened upon the topic in conversation I hear:

  • “I don’t want to think about it,”
  • “I don’t want to talk about it,”
  • “It’s never gonna happen, it hasn’t for millennia”
  • “If God was coming, He would have come by now.”

The hard truth and reality is people (surrounded by a comfortable culture) don’t want to think or talk about something that might compromise, challenge or cause them to forfeit creature comforts.

Look at the bullet points above. And then consider what you might have to DO if you found out you were terminally ill? You WOULD…

View original post 989 more words

Incredible healings reported in Birmingham, UK

Since starting mid-monthly meetings in March for healing and miracles in Birmingham,  Harvest Ministries have noted an increasing occurrence of physical healings. These sessions are held in the New Bingley Hall where the Revival Alliance met in 2012, as mentioned in An ‘invisible jigsaw’ falls into placeRA 2012 - 1 A fortnight ago today John Arnott was the guest speaker and his daughter Lori reports the following incredible blessings:

  • Bob – came to April meeting with cancer (COCP) – totally healed!
  • Dennis – candidate for heart surgery – heart became light, less heavy
  • John – fell on knee 2 years ago – fizzy sensation and pain was going
  • Rose – neck pain – GONE!
  • Lady had financial breakthrough after prayer last month
  • Lady had miracle in family situation 2 days after last meeting
  • Man – neck pain from accident & hernia – all pain gone
  • Lady – back pain – healed
  • Lady – broken arm in 2 places – healed
  • Lady – ears, arthritis in ankles – all pain gone
  • Lady – prayer for glaucoma last meeting – doctors say it is gone
  • Lady – pain & stiffness in body, legs and back – felt loose and pain gone
  • Lady with lung problem – felt fire on her lungs, then all pain gone
  • Lady with lung disease – pain 100% gone
  • Man – bladder cancer – last meeting overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit – since then felt fire sensation on him
  • Man with ME – felt Holy Spirit and no pain
  • Lady in wheelchair – felt better on left side 80%
  • Lady with leg fracture in full leg brace – felt bone no longer broken and now walking with only stiffness
  • Lady – stiff shoulder, pain in neck – pain down from 10 to 3
  • Lady with fibromyalgia – felt an ease in opening her hands
  • Lady – set free from night terrors
  • Lady – prolapsed disc – felt burning down spine and improved
  • Lady – lower back and knees – knees much improved
  • Lady – trouble breathing – 50% improvement
  • Man – headaches & migraines – pain improved
  • Lady – muscle, joints, knees – improved
  • Man – shoulder – improved
  • Lady with itchy ears when stressed – improved
  • Lady – knees – improved
  • Lady with shame – improved
  • 3 Men – forgave Fathers – deliverance from anger!
  • Lady – arthritis in both knees – healed
  • Man – left shoulder in constant pain – forgave people God highlighted to him & pain has gone.

(Names are of those who shared on the microphone or have given express permission, the remainder are anonymous in case anyone didn’t want to give their identity.)

Thank and praise you Lord for touching these folk. May Your glory be increasingly on display in our land.

For further details please visit Revival Alliance’s Facebook.

[Photo montage from ‘Revival Alliance 2012 Live’ cd, courtesy of Haven Church.]