The ‘Cornerstone’ and Georgia Guidestones and HG Wells ‘Men Like Gods’ – notes by Amanda Grace

My eyes were drawn, as though by unseen hand to make me read a notification of a new item from Leo Hohmann. Somehow I knew it had to be priority as it could be re-blogged quickly.  It reminded me of an article I’d dismissed as I live  in Britain – but now I dug out a buried print of what Amanda Grace had written on the Georgia Guidestones. Obviously, I knew it needed, and was inexplicably compelled to give it, very earliest attention for publication.

Unusually being evening, I could do that. After the draft was done I found the reason for urgency – but STOP!  I must delay timing of publication; NOT now but in 12 hours! Why?


LOL! NO such thing as coincidence!  It was an unusual paper and left me a somewhat uneasy! However, as I was checking her gifting I wanted to know which prophecies may have come to pass, or be in process of fulfillment.

Amanda opens these ruminations with a focus upon outbreaks of various infections and quotes two words from the Lord, the second of which IS HIGHLY APPOSITE. I can cite extracts only so click the title to read in full – all emphases below are mine:

An Outbreak, the Guidestones and Men Like Gods…How All This Relates Now -June 28th 2021 

‘April 8 2021 Word of The Lord:

An outbreak of an antiquated infection shall emerge and shall point to a sinister plot says the Lord of Hosts.’

May 24 2021 Word of The Lord:

I the Lord God am going to take their cornerstone, I am going to knock it out of joint, says the Lord of Hosts. For the Cornerstone of the plans of the wicked is compromised down to those who constructed such a wicked foundation for a plan that has manipulated, constricted, and IMPLANTED Fear into the nations says the Lord of Hosts.

The IMPLANTS the molecular code and construct, the molecular chain shall be dissected more and more and the secrets of not only the wicked and corrupt, but drug companies, health organizations, billionaire backers and secret scientists that are within labs within a lab, a heavily guarded area that is removed, separated from the rest of the lab, there shall be more than one exposed, says the Lord of Hosts this day

So this is how this portion of the word relates to things happening in the past few days..’ [ie. June-July 2021]

Page 4: ‘…There is experimentation going on using the public as control groups to see which IS going to be the most destructive and effective to their purposes…

This now takes us to the Georgia Guidestones. Continue reading

‘Explosion’ reported at Georgia Guidestones: ‘Monument to the devil’ seen lying in ruins…in rural Georgia — Leo Hohmann

The Elbert County Georgia Sheriff’s Office is investigating a mysterious event at the Georgia Guidestones after a picture showing what appears to be rubble at the site and residents reported hearing a “boom.” It is not known at this time if the Georgia Guidestones were attacked by a person using some sort of explosive device or if there could have been a small earthquake that partially collapsed the controversial monument, which calls for a New World Order with a vastly smaller global population living “in harmony” with nature. […]

‘Explosion’ reported at Georgia Guidestones: ‘Monument to the devil’ seen lying in ruins with emergency personnel on the scene in rural Elbert County, GA —

YEE-HAAA! Praise THE LORD!  (Note reference to earthquake’!)

God’s warning to Pelosi and Pontiff of the Pit of Hell – Dr Patricia Show

[My apologies for previous non-appearance of this because I’d started copy-pasting on  my phone and hit tiny ‘publish’ button phone when I meant to save.]

Hebrews 6 is always a pertinent reminder of our peril – here’s NKJV, emphasis mine:

The Peril of Not Progressing

6 Therefore, leaving the discussion of the elementary principles of Christ, let us go on to [a] perfection, not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God, 2 of the doctrine of baptisms, of laying on of hands, of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment. 3 And this [b] we will do if God permits.

4 For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted the heavenly gift, and have become partakers of the Holy Spirit, 5 and have tasted the good word of God and the powers of the age to come, 6 [c] if they fall away, to renew them again to repentance, since they crucify again for themselves the Son of God, and put Him to an open shame. [c: or ‘and have fallen away;]

7 For the earth which drinks in the rain that often comes upon it, and bears herbs useful for those by whom it is cultivated, receives blessing from God; 8 but if it bears thorns and briers, it is rejected and near to being cursed, whose end is to be burned

This news seven days ago caught my attention and, pardon me, brought my cynical reaction:


So I’m grateful to Theresa S for alerting me to another most excellent 5 minutes from Dr Patricia yesterday bringing a VERY strong rebuke from the Lord on this, and to others:

For information, here’s the accompanying auto-generated transcript (emphases mine)… Continue reading

Time to get right with God: a call to all churches – Chris G Bennett

Chris’ opening reaction reminds me of when I opened my Bible to check what Jesus had said about the parable of wheat and tares, only to hear “This is ALL about to be fulfilled” – and what’s foretold therein really is happening!


As I read this today, it was like a light went on in my spirit. “The Bible is unfolding in front of the whole world. It’s time to GET RIGHT with God.”

It wasn’t a white light, but rather, it was a red warning light which I knew meant the warning is as much for the church as it is for the world. Biblical events and prophecies are unfolding and being confirmed before our eyes every day!

We’ve all heard the expression, “The world is going to hell in a hand basket!” Well, Holy Spirit quickens to me that it’s not just the ‘world’ – it’s great swathes of the church too if we don’t start looking at everything through the eyes of eternity instead of seeing everything through the worlds eyes.

There is coming a great reset from God, rather than as the world believes, from men. Man’s inhumanity to man has plumbed depths that will seriously shock even those who have held fast to their great faith. The plans for worldwide control, one world religion, one world currency, one world government, will all come to nought as the Lord reveals the depravity of those behind those plans. The real problem with this revelation is that many, in both the world and in the church, simply will not believe it – indeed many will refuse to believe it. There have been enough signs of this during the recent plandemic to prove the case to any reasonably sane and logical mind.

The Lord is impressing upon me an urgency to call people to repentance and faith. Repentance for their continued unbelief, and faith in God for the remedy! He says the coming move of Holy Spirit is for the signs and wonders confirming His very existence and power, but the real revival is in repentance of those both inside and outside the church. The revival will bring many, many re-commitments as well as millions of first time salvations.

It really is time to GET RIGHT with God. The call to every church right now is – IT’S TIME TO GET RIGHT WITH GOD, even if you think you are right with Him – it’s time to make sure!

CGB 9 June 2022

RB: today’s verse is in this chapter….

What does Jesus look like?

[First published 7 April 2012] Upon reading my brief review of Heaven Is For Real did you, too, not end up asking that question?

Whilst reading the book I was most interested in this simply because Jesus’ face had been out of sight during my encounter, as explained here (at 1st Validation). Also, I was aware of pictures of Jesus found in New Age circles but did not regard them as authentic, just stylistic like many religious paintings.

Can you imagine how deeply stunned Todd and Sonja Burpo were whilst driving with their two children to hear their 4 years-old boy suddenly say he’d heard angels and met Jesus Christ? Continue reading

Pro-Choice Speaker Pelosi chooses to perish rather than receive everlasting life – unless she truly repents!

The life or death spiritual battle over the USA has got to the point of declaring holy, scriptural truth and direct implication of everyone’s personal choice upon their own post-mortem status – to perish or to receive the grace of life everlasting through Jesus buying our souls back from satan…

NB: In describing her situation (3rd image below) she predicts her own demise in direct defiance of what the Living Lord God has ordained about each human life:

Continue reading

Billy Graham goes ‘Home’ to be with the Lord

THE LIFE-CHANGER! The man who pointed me towards Jesus Christ in 1989 is now, at the age of 99 years, ‘at home’ with our Saviour, the Son of God. He utterly befuddled me!  As a non-believing anti-Christian I was completely out-of-character in accepting an invitation to hear the world-renowned evangelist at Earls Court in London – never did I suspect my own well-being hung on my reaction to that request!

You cannot imagine my consternation when, sitting ‘in the gods’ in the auditorium, I was stunned to find myself agreeing with what Billy Graham said!  I was flummoxed!  Utterly bewildered!  Who’s thinking that?  Can it be me? Never!… Really??  (More about the beginning of my rescue from satan here.)

So a deeply heartfelt, ‘Thank You Lord’ for Billy Graham. May Your Holy Spirit’s New Season across the earth now begin…

Billy-Graham - courtesy WDN

(Jerusalem, Israel) — The Associated Press is reporting that the Rev. Billy Graham — a humble giant of the Christian faith — has been called home to be with the Lord. He was 99. Please keep his family and staff in prayer as they process his loss, and simultaneously set into motion long-prepared memorial service […]

Continue reading Joel Rosenberg’s report BREAKING: Billy Graham has gone home to be with the Lord at age 99. He preached the Gospel to 200 million+ face-to-face, more than any man in history.

Read Anne Graham Lotz on her father and his message in Daddy Is Home and his son Franklin Graham’s statement on the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Facebook  plus his op-ed dated 21st February Billy Graham’s New Home.

BGEA memorial

Also visit the BGEA Memorial Site by clicking above image and read Billy’s reflections on his friendship with The Queen by clicking this photo: BG and HMMore:

On a trapdoor into Hell – Jesus swoops to the rescue!


Hours after the evening’s visitor had left, that night’s second visitor was far more challenging – this time it is life or death!

In a most unusual dream that night I go back in time. A dream so lucid that nearly 30 years later, it remains vividly etched within me. So it must be exceptionally significant.  Come back with me (dream content in blue typeface, comments black).:

I am in my childhood home and standing in front of the large casement window in one corner of the lounge (opposite corner to the doorway). I look up into the inky, dark night sky outside.

A small flotilla of large, wingless aircraft drifts slowly across from left to right at high altitude and I groan, “Oh…not that flying saucer nonsense. I must be dreaming!” 

I’m sceptical about the existence of UFO’s, but now another ‘fleet’ of some sort appears from the right and heads towards the first.

(The dream now changes gear by going up a level from the usual mix of mental material to that of absolutely convincing lucidity…)

The ‘light goes on’!  In my ‘knower’, I realise the first fleet is demonic and the second is masses of angels under the command of Jesus Christ! (I did not believe in them, and regarded Jesus as one of many world teachers. Here, I see no individuals but inwardly know the situation)

I think I’m about to watch an amazing heavenly battle…but…OH NO!  Somehow, I now know Jesus has espied me far down below and is coming down directly towards me!

All I see is a distant bright light very rapidly getting brighter and larger as it drops down to my location, just like an airliner approaching a runway to land at night. 

Instantly, I realise my life has been one of sin that contrasts starkly against Jesus’ own holiness. Right away I realise what’s claimed about the Judgement is true – but mine is about to happen right now!

Beyond any doubt whatsoever I suddenly realise my involvement in the occult was most definitely wrong. Consequently, I deserve the undesirable abode!

Groaning “My number’s up!” I inwardly tremble in fearful knowledge I’m about to die at any moment. An invisible trapdoor I’m standing on will drop me straight into hell.

Utmost mortal terror strikes!  I dive under the drop-leaf table by the wall to the left of the window so I can hide from Jesus. But he knows I’m hiding there and swoops down straight through the wall on the other side of the corner window. He’s standing in the room and right beside the table!

Cowering below the table with my back turned towards him, I glance over my shoulder and see him from the knees down, his body and face out of sight above the table.

Most unexpectedly, somehow I have the courage to reach my hand out backwards to grab at the hem of Jesus’ robe…

As I tug, the event goes into yet another level of revelation regarding my childhood…Then I awake! Thoroughly alert, further sleep eludes me!

The dream reminds me of an evocative small picture that impressed me as a child – the return of Jesus Christ:

1st Sunday in Advent - Image

Later I understand that my terror had been ‘the fear of God’ brought through the Holy Spirit in convicting me of my personal sinfulness (ie. wrongdoing) and, thus, preparing me to receive God’s grace (ie. undeserved favour).

Also, what happened after reaching for Jesus proves He’s closely acquainted with the private details of my thoughts as a little boy.  The dream’s conclusion shows He’s going to topple my childish concepts of Him and replace them with a sure knowledge of His true identity.

The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love” (Psalm 111). Mercifully, He plucked me from the domain of darkness to bring me into His own and receive its blessings. I deserved none of that. Truly, Amazing Grace – how awesome and wonderful..!

As a result of the most remarkable dream I’d ever had, I carefully reconsidered all my New Age and occultic notions. Meditational and mystical exercises had resulted in my having some unusual, ‘psychic’ dreams, but none whatsoever like this one.

The only remotely similar dream was that of an ‘altered’ state of consciousness known as ‘nirvana’, or bliss, where I’d been taken behind its alluring golden light.  Ecstasy turned to abject terror as the light I was in got swept aside like a curtain to reveal a hideous, devouring beast of utter blackness approaching me – The Devourer – far worse than any nightmare! (as in Searching for Truth leads me into captivity).

I wasn’t into drugs and was ignorant of the scripture ‘satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light‘ (2 Cor 11:14).  Upon reading that verse a few years later I realised its truth had been dramatically demonstrated in reverse to me as a non-Christian!

But in this new dream terrifying fear had been overcome by Jesus Christ Himself and His wonderful mercy and love.


[Written October 2013] Later we will consider how that dream-vision was validated as being real. But for now I want to draw your attention to a remarkable revelatory word given two days before I’m due to give a brief account of my journey into freedom at a breakfast.

Before having that dream I don’t think I’d heard of Jesus being in charge of angels for I was completely unfamiliar with the Bible. In later years I’d learn that the pre-incarnate Christ appeared to Joshua outside Jericho as ‘Commander of the LORD’s army’, (‘Chief of the host of Yahweh’ in original Hebrew at Joshua 5:14-15).

And, in countless sessions of solid Biblical instruction received since then I don’t recall hearing anything in-depth on Jesus’ role as the captain of the angelic hosts. That is, until last Sunday!

The timing of this fresh confirmation was the second of three clear references on three successive days to the content of a brief outline of my testimony, which had already been prepared for delivery on the 4th day!

Revd John Kilpatrick changed his sermon to bring a word the Lord had given him in the early hours of Saturday at 2hrs 22. We were listening live as part of the regular online congregation and the timing impacted my spirit because 22 is not only the date of my birthday but also and particularly because there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. (I’ve previously had occasion to note the personal relevance of two in 2.12.2012.)

Far more importantly in this word, the Lord of Hosts draws attention to the angelic hosts and their present and imminent activity.  It reminded me of the above visitation – AND it is notable that John focused upon the same scripture that’s precisely relevant to my dream, as will be explained in forthcoming installments of my journey.

For now, however, this mighty revelatory word deserves due, reverent consideration and reflection before proceeding further. If you wish to read it then click here.

A brief summation of that is given in the next part of my story: Triple validation of the reality of my life-changing Visitation (next).

[Bible quotations are by courtesy of]

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False ‘gospel’ lured me to the devil’s door

It wasn’t a normal, vertical door but a trapdoor – and it was about to be sprung with yours truly standing on it!

In terror, moments beforehand I’d thought “My number’s up!” because I was suddenly at the end of my life AND shocked to realise hell’s below – AND, I’d be heading there – even though I used to think hell didn’t exist!  I was wrong – oh so badly wrong!!

Being anti-Christian had been a serious mistake – but it was now far too late!  Yet I’m now able to tell this true story; it is told purely for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

How did I get there? you may ask. And, how on earth did I get out of it

We need to go back in time to the evening of 13th September 1989.


To recap briefly the story thus far (as here and continued here):

Since my teens I’d wholeheartedly embraced esoteric spiritual doctrines and practices such as the Eastern and Theosophical belief of reincarnation and ascended masters, as well as those of Western occultism plus concepts generally known as deism.

I thought that as all religions are equal there are many paths to a supreme being – but which is not the same as the anthropomorphic deity of the Abrahamic religions.  That is, it’s different to and far superior to human beings – a ‘cosmic mind’ with which we can be attuned and attain ‘cosmic consciousness’, as experienced by many and practised in the associations of which I was an active member.

I appreciated the linkage with mystical Islam of Sufism as well as having read its Book. It was only after becoming a born-again Christian that I studied its early history and came to understand its fundamental, doctrinal differences with Judaism and Christianity.

Thus, two decades of an occultic practicum made me disdainful of churches and Christian clergy and laity. They were all so very behind the times – even archaic! In my intellectual and spiritual pride I thought their preaching just couldn’t compare with the more profound philosophy found within ‘New Age’ movements. Such arrogance, of which I’m ashamed!


Sometime in July/August 1989, a young man named Peter knocked at the front door with an invitation to hear the world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham at Earls Court in London. We could be taken in a coach trip from outside our house west of Reading. How much? Nada, entirely free!

Naturally, I rejected the offer outright but my almost-teenage son piped up he’d like to go because a classmate had told him about it. So I said I’d take him.

As can be gathered from the story of my journey thus far into spiritual captivity, personal experiences had made me very wary of churchgoers. Never did I suspect my own well-being hung on the moment of that request.

Can you imagine my bewilderment, therefore, upon sitting ‘up in the gods’ in the Earls Court auditorium and finding myself agreeing with what Billy Graham said as he spoke from the rostrum?  I was flummoxed! Utterly bewildered! Who’s thinking that? Can that be me? Never!… Really?

As a follow-up, those who’d been on that trip were invited to an informal meeting at a local ‘free’ church. The leader explained similar chats could be held at our own homes, should we so wish. I agreed to be on-hand for my son, but I was definitely NOT interested. A youth worker, Peter, was assigned to help him but, in practice, he ended up discussing the material with me.

The evening of Wednesday 13th September 1989, is his third visit to discuss the follow-up material to Billy Graham’s campaign. I haven’t divulged any of my firmly held opinions – but this time he goes too far!


This session is entitled, ‘Yoga, Eastern Religions and The Occult’ – in all of which I’d been involved long before Peter was born!

He shows a diagram of two cliff-like objects facing one another. One represents heaven and the other, earth, with a large, deep gap separating them from one another. Over this Peter then places an overlay depicting a large plus sign over the gap and the ends of its horizontal arms touch each ‘cliff’, thereby bridging heaven and earth. He explains that the cross of Christ is the bridge between both realms.

He then says the only way to God is through Jesus Christ. This statement implies my ideas are incorrect. Without giving the game away I gently question him on this. But he insists not many paths lead to the same, supreme God – there’s only one way to one almighty God and it’s through his Son Jesus Christ.

What’s to be done with a young man half my age who unwittingly points out the error of my ways?

I’m thinking, “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. How can he, who’s not done anything I know far, far more about…just how can he tell me it’s wrong?  He’s wasting my time!” Peter’s ideas are not only mistaken but also intolerant. Before the end of the evening I’ve had enough!

So I bring our discussion to an early close, politely bid him farewell and excuse myself from any future meeting. Peter is most gracious about it – as ever, he smiles politely and goes on his way.

Little did I know that I may not survive that night!    

That night’s second visitor was far more challenging – this time it’s life or death – MINE!

The account is now republished overnight – when else?….

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Return from clinical death reveals End-times urgency and impact of Sept 2015

A viral video in which an Israeli teenager describes what happened and what he learnt about the return of the Messiah whilst clinically dead is making waves around the world. Being controversial as well as fascinating, it raises many questions and reservations.

I first thank a contributor ‘over the pond’ for sending me the information late last month as well as folk here at Father’s House of Prayer for emailing me this week, thereby spurring me into action!

I’d read the first report but not had opportunity to see the video until a few days ago and, having now done so, I recognise its great importance. So I’m posting the video and links to covering articles for your earliest attention.  As the video drew to a close I especially noted that the boy shares an insight directly related to my own observation about the date which he refers to on the End-times! (See Tuesday’s post on September’s importance).

FIRST, read Breaking Israel News’ exclusive report Israeli Teen Returns for 15 mins of Clinical Death with Spiritual Messages Concerning the Coming Redemption. Later, they published an account of the interviewing rabbi’s own near-death experience and thus qualifying him to appreciate Natan’s experience.

(Details of End-times begin at 27:30 mark. My observations will follow in next post.)

As you assess teenage Natan’s account with what Jesus teaches, also watch his face as he recounts the good and troubling parts of what he learned and saw in the ‘movie of the future’.

Also, international body-language expert Susan Constantine’s professional assessment may be read here. (BIN claims her particular expertise lies in detecting deception.)

“Who is like the wise man, and who knows the meaning of a thing? A man’s wisdom makes his face shine, and the boldness of his face is changed.” (Ecclesiastes 8:1)

The next post considers Nathan’s reference to an End-times war having started on 11th September 2015 >> click to continue reading.

Further reading:

Advent True Story: part 2 – Night Visitor Breaks In!

(Continuing the personal account in commemoration of victims of terrorism and the 4th anniversary of both posts’ publication.)

That night of 14th September’s second visit was far more challenging than polite Peter’s chat –  this time it was life or death!

And I went back in time!

Stepping into my ‘time machine’ I found myself in a most unusual dream. One so lucid that, over twenty years later, it remains vividly etched within me. So it must be exceptionally significant.  Come back with me :

I find myself in the lounge of my childhood home and in front of the large casement window abutting one corner of the room.  I look up into the inky, dark night sky.

A small flotilla of large, wingless aircraft drifts slowly across from left to right at high altitude and I groan, “Oh…not that flying saucer nonsense. I must be dreaming!”  (Occasionally in dreams I’d be aware of dreaming and could change the scenario.)

I’m sceptical about the existence of UFO’s, but now another ‘fleet’ appears from the right and heads towards the first.

Now, the dream changes gear (rather, goes up a level) from the normal mixture of mental material > to that of absolutely convincing lucidity:

The ‘light goes on’!  In my ‘knower’, I realise the first fleet is demonic and the second is masses of angels under the command of Jesus Christ. (I did not believe in them, and regarded Jesus as one of many world teachers – I didn’t know Jesus appeared as the commander of the Lord’s host, or angels, to Joshua when outside Jericho. Here, I cannot see any individuals but have inner knowledge of the situation.)

I think I’m about to watch an amazing heavenly battle…but…OH NO!  Somehow, I now know Jesus has espied me far down below and is coming down directly towards me!

All I see is a distant bright light very rapidly getting brighter and larger as it drops down to my location, just like an airliner approaching a runway to land at night. 

Instantly, I realise my life has been one of sin that contrasts starkly against Jesus’ own holiness. Right away I realise what’s claimed about the Judgement is true – but mine is about to happen right now!

Beyond any doubt I realise my involvement in the occult was most definitely wrong. Consequently, I deserve the undesirable abode!

“My number’s up!” I groan, inwardly trembling in knowing I’m about to die at any moment and an invisible trapdoor I’m standing on will drop me straight into hell.

Uttermost mortal terror strikes and I dive right under the drop-leaf table in the other  corner of the room to hide from Jesus. But he knows where I’m hiding and swoops down straight through the wall at the side of the window to stand in my room and right beside the table!

Cowering under the table with my back turned towards him, I glance over my shoulder and see him from the waist down, his face out of sight above the table.

Most unexpectedly, somehow I have the courage to reach my hand out backwards to grab at the hem of Jesus’ robe…

As I tug, the event goes into yet another level of revelation regarding my childhood…

Then I awake! Thoroughly alert, further sleep eludes me!

The event reminds me of an evocative small picture that impressed me as a child – the return of Jesus Christ:


Later I understand that my terror had been ‘the fear of God’ brought through his Holy Spirit in convicting me of my personal sinfulness (ie. wrongdoing) and, thus, preparing me to receive God’s grace (ie. undeserved favour).

Also,  what happened when I touched Jesus proves he’s intimately acquainted with the private details of my thoughts as a little boy.  The last moments of the dream show he will topple my childish concepts of him and thus hint at his replacing them with a sure knowledge of his true identity.

The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love” (Psalm 111). Mercifully, he plucked me from the domain of darkness to bring me into his own and receive its blessings. I deserved none of that. Truly, Amazing Grace – how awesome and wonderful..!

The most remarkable, life changing dream I’d ever had. Therefore, over several months I carefully reconsidered all my New Age notions. Meditational and mystical exercises had resulted in my having some unusual, ‘psychic’ dreams, but none whatsoever like this!

The only remotely similar dream was that of an ‘altered’ state of consciousness known as ‘nirvana’, or bliss, where I’d been taken behind its alluring golden light.  However, ecstasy then turned to abject terror at the sight of an approaching hideous, devouring beast of blackness far worse than any nightmare!  (I didn’t take drugs.)  In this dream, however, fear had been overcome by Jesus himself and his wonderful mercy and love – and pervasive peace.


Time now to take a reality check. We’ll find this story can be validated and in three ways! The first confirmation was to come from an unexpected source…as herein.

Do we choose our post-mortem existence?

Death, or ‘destiny’, it was my choice – but I didn’t know, and I’d chosen wrongly!

Thankfully, I was given the chance to choose again – yet once again flunked it!  How?

A young man who happened to share my birthday pointed out facts.  Yet I decided, quite deliberately, to ignore them and thus made the wrong choice.

Then another, very much older man, came like a thief in the night. This one showed me how those incorrect decisions bear consequences affecting my ‘after-life’ – if there is one!  After 26 years, that life-changing event is still vividly etched within me.

Maybe this sounds far-fetched or fictional, like Dickens’ A Christmas Carol where ghosts confront Ebenezer Scrooge?

However, please make no mistake. This has nothing to do with ideas or beliefs, faith or feelings, supposition or superstition. It has everything to do with plain, simple facts.:

The eventual outcome of our own life – our post-mortem existence – is a matter of fact. And this outcome lies with our own hands – it’s our choice!

A reader’s comments upon my provocative remarks on the massacre in Paris motivates me to continue re-visiting this blog’s earliest posts for the benefit of new readers and visitors.

So I’ll illustrate my above contention with a true, Advent-related story (part 1 published).

Fulfilled prophecy #4 – Paris pays price, but NOT due to…

…French military action in Syria against ISIS, as claimed by barbarian murderers to ‘justify’ their attacks a week ago last night!

Eiffel Tower Nov2015

La Tour Eiffel (Reuters: Charles Platiau)

NO!  Several prime verses of scripture and recent prophetical insights reveal the reason for citizens’ vulnerability in Paris as being their government’s hostile actions against the Jewish state of Israel.

One consequence of acting contrary to the Lord’s directives is the lack of His protective blessing! That is, unfortunately for the French they don’t appear to be in His favour.

Our hearts go out to all those grieving over those outrages. Yet we should always be aware of the ‘law’ of sowing and reaping as revealed in the earliest Christian letter:

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. (Galatians 6:7-8 NIV)

12088559_173822729626723_341351036044988314_nMost saddening, however, is the fact that one of the songs joined in by attendees at the Bataclan concert was blatant satan worship! Eagles of Death Metal played their ‘kiss the devil’ (song lyrics) > then many dozens of souls went down into his dark domain! Harsh words in a tragedy, but I write from personal knowledge. In 1989 it nearly happened to me during a near-death experience, but I was most blessed to be Rescued from Hell. Therefore, I am most grieved they’re paying the price of having put their souls in grave peril. (See comments below and press press report – and Lightning-Bolt Tinted Glasses gives much food for thought!) Update Jan’16: this video shows what true worship is like.

Prophetic Words of 2012-15

Neville_Johnson-311x350A week ago this morning I saw headlines about this year’s second atrocity in Paris, and one of which I realised connected directly into its true cause. More about that later for I immediately recalled what Neville Johnson said last year in Urgent prophetic words about a cut-off date in God’s timeline:

“There is a definite cut-off point that is going to happen. A lot of things have been held up because God in His mercy has waited and waited and waited…and God has given us more time and more time. But he spoke to me,

“Neville, it is over. There is no more extension of time!”

In August last (2015), Neville reminded us that extension of time will end in September, “Time has run out” (see Last blood moon ushers in new era).

In 2014 Neville revealed he’d had more encounters with the Lord than in any previous year. “Things have become critical. It is the season of change”. In particular he shared,

“…we are on the brink of something great and something terrible. Time is running out for us and we have to be prepared for what is coming, particularly this nation (USA), but there are ramifications for other nations around the world as well. We are on the brink of something great…” (emphasis added).

He divulged several things the Lord had given him, one of which in my humble opinion relates directly to last week’s atrocity (textual format reflects vocal emphases):

“THE ISSUE OF SOWING AND REAPING IS BECOMING CRITICAL. Everything is speeding up. The process of sowing and reaping is being shortened over recent times; scary, because we don’t always sow the right things and it is coming back quicker.”

SC-Pic3 nathan morrisWhilst writing I’m reminded of a strongly anointed word given within weeks of launching this blog. On 6th January 2012 evangelist Nathan Morris told how the Lord had spoken to him with Holy Spirit strongly impressing upon him that such will be the unfolding of global events in 2012 – and in days that lie ahead – that  fear will strike the hearts of men; ever-increasing unrest and a spirit of confusion shall be released upon the world, uncertainty and hopelessness will even grip the hearts of believers.

This exceptionally anointed prophetic word begins as follows:

“For lawlessness will abound as nations and their leaders meet together to try and make alliances dnd allegiances one with another.  They shall seek peace, but shall not find it –  they shall seek peace, but shall not find it! This will cause many to cry from the rooftops for resolution but it will still elude them, for a time for further unrest will be their reward. 
“For even in 2012 there shall be great events that will change the course of this world, as you know it! For as many pour out their resources to find solutions of peace, another crisis will drain them of knowledge and resolution.

For I would know that My people would hear My voice, that I am setting the stage for that which I have foretold in My Word and it will quickly and swiftly come to pass. For the days are coming when the lawless one shall be revealed and the son of perdition shall take his stand…” (Setting the stage for the End-times at 2:23:30).

Neville Johnson on France

At this year’s conference in Lancaster USA, Neville referred to France being judged, but I deemed it wiser not to repeat his remarks. He mentioned Dickens’ classic ‘A Tale of Two Cities‘ and compared the fate of London with that of Paris and noted the author’s prophetic contrasting of extreme opposites. This applies today too as, “The tale of two kingdoms: light and darkness”. (If you haven’t yet seen that video then now’s definitely the time! My reference is at 32 minutes.)

Neville spoke of France’s poor future being a consequence of the way it persecuted the Huguenots. He could also have mentioned the post-Revolution republic’s secular stance against scripture. Today’s president, Francois Hollande, is an avowed atheist although he was raised as Catholic (Quartz: These are the religious beliefs of Europe’s leaders).

That fact possibly provides the ‘raison d’etre’ to his official policies towards Israel.

(This is quite clear from the detailed content accompanying that other headline I saw a week ago this morning.  In the midst of several on last Saturday’s Koenig’s World Watch Daily I noticed ‘France’s war against Jews – Caroline Glick’.  I will cover this in part two of this post.)

The relevance of Neville’s remarks are corroborated by the in-depth report of ‘Francois X’ in the discussion thread of Nelson Walters’ Paris is just the beginning

‘You write: “If they were reading and understanding their Bibles they would know that Paris is just the beginning”.

Unfortunately, very few people in France read their Bible. Since the French revolution in the late 18th century, France has been, a secular country. The Elohim of the Bible is not part of the French scene anymore. This is very unfortunate, and what we are experiencing, and I fully agree with you, it is just the beginning, is mainly due to our nation rejecting Yahweh…’

(15.12.15) For more from France read No Surrender This Time by French journalist and public intellectual Michel Gurfinkiel. Editor-in-chief of Valeurs Actuelles from 1985-2006, he’s written several books on geopolitics, international relations and culture. He is the Founder and President of the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Institute, a conservative think-tank, and a Shillman/Ginsburg Fellow at the Middle East Forum.

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Open heavens in Australia and elsewhere…

A few weeks ago I asked friends about signs of revival. Along with other reports, Revd Bill Smith sent the following update from evangelist Todd White. It covers indications of a global move of God.

His site Lifestyle Christianity states Todd was a drug addict and atheist for 22 years but in 2004 he was radically set free! “Redemption and righteousness are the foundation and the keys to the new creation reality that we are to live in and from. God opened Todd’s eyes to this truth and that Holy Spirit wants to flow through every believer everywhere we go, at work, school, grocery stores, malls, gas stations, everywhere. His true joy is being able to reproduce in people the simplicity of this reality, in a 24/7 kingdom lifestyle! This is for every believer! His heart is activating people into the simplicity of who they really are and destroying lies that hold people back from being who God created them to be. No one is excluded!” His homepage emphasises:

“Our mission statement of the gospel is to become love so that wherever we go, people want what we have!”

Now read Todd’s remarkable account of what happened in Australia, USA and en-route to/from Argentina:


“Merry Christmas!! Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and rejoice with me as I continue to see the body of Christ awaken to who she is and walk out lifestyle Christianity.  I have seen amazing things happen these past couple of months.

“I had the privilege of speaking at the YWAM National Leadership Conference in Victoria, Australia. YWAM (Youth With A Mission) is an amazing organization that has already sent out 12 million people into the mission field since its inception. My speaking schedule was intense.  I preached eleven two-hour sessions in three and a half days.  I had leadership meetings with many different people from YWAM.  It was an explosive time of truth.  There were lots of tears, and lots of changed hearts.  My heart was to bring the active sharing of Jesus so that everywhere they went, they could take the supernatural gospel with them. I talked about identity and how we are an open heaven everywhere we go because Jesus opened the heavens. The heavens were opened to him because he obtained righteousness.  Now, we are an open heaven because “Jesus who knew no sin became sin so that we might become the righteousness of God.” (2 Corinthians 5:21).

“So, YWAM had set up to go on outreaches to 37 cities following this conference.  During the conference, God did a sign and wonder in the sky over the first city of the outreach.  A cloud appeared over the city and in the midst of the cloud, there was a huge opening with a rainbow straight through the center of it.  It was a picture of an open heaven.

“People were freaking out over this cloud and the news media to this day cannot explain it!  We are truly an open heaven wherever we go!

“Then I went to speak at The Empowered Evangelism Conference in Frankston, Australia.  There were over 500 evangelists from all over Australia who attended the conference.  We trained in power evangelism and there were all kinds of testimonies of people being saved, healed, and delivered.  It was an amazing time of empowerment.  During one of the sessions, I was talking about how we are an open heaven and how God will cause it to rain and He will bless everything we do.  Matthew 6:33 says, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” It is the things in Deuteronomy 28 that will be added to you.  When someone fulfills righteousness, these are the blessings of obedience.  As believers, we step into Jesus’s obedience.  We step into right standing with God. So as I am sharing this message during the last night of the conference, something like raindrops start falling on me.  So, I moved to the right and then to the left.  I thought something may be leaking or maybe I was sweating.  I soon realized that it was neither.  It was literally raining inside the building as I was preaching on an open heaven and it was not raining outside.  It was raining over the pulpit and the stage.  We called people up for prayer  and then the rain became noticeable by the people. Many started rushing toward the stage to get rained on.  God created a sign and wonder to show that He wants it to rain.  It was very powerful.

“After Australia, I spoke at the North Carolina School of Power and Love. During the conference, I probably shared one of the clearest messages on righteousness that I have ever shared.  As I was pouring my heart out on righteousness, it started to rain inside the building again.  But this time it was dropping all over the sanctuary, not just upfront.  God wants us to be an open heaven every day no matter where we are or what we are doing.  I got to watch many people who would normally never step out, step out at this conference. It was so good!

“From there, I flew to Argentina to minister at a youth conference.  I spoke that night to 3000 youth.  There were many healings and miracles.  During one of the morning sessions, God told me to personally lay hands on every youth there. It was an incredible time of impartation and baptism of fire. He touched these youth so wonderfully.  It was beautiful!

“Before the conference, during my flight to Argentina, I was sharing my testimony and the love of God with many people including the flight attendants.  As we were starting our descent, I realized that there was one flight attendant that I had not yet talked to. So, I went up front to thank her for her service and I told her Jesus loved her.  She screamed loudly at me and told me not to preach to her. I told her I was not preaching to her and she screamed at me again.  I then went into the restroom to wash my hands and Holy Spirit told me to confront her.  I have never had a flight attendant react so angrily.  It has never happened.  So, I came out of the bathroom and into the galley and I looked at her and said, “You yelled at the wrong person today ma’am.” She replied, “Who do you think you are?”  I said, “I am a man that Jesus lives inside and the Holy Spirit is here.”  The other flight attendants were looking around as they were embarrassed by this attendants behavior, but she had a demon.  And so I looked at her and she started to cry and shake and tremble. Then she let out a shriek! The head flight attendant looked at me and said, “Sir,…  I am so sorry.”  I replied, “Sir, you don’t understand what is happening right now.”  I said, “I need to handle this right away.”  So I walked toward the lady and she fell into me.  We walked around the corner and stood in between the seat and the galley where there was a wall.  She kept saying, “ I need your help. I need your help right now.”  So I cast this demon out of her and Jesus came to make his home in her.  Right there….on the plane and in front of all the other flight attendants.  It was a very intense encounter as people who were on the plane were concerned because she was screaming.  But the demon had to leave and Jesus came and she is free. She had shared with me that she lost her father to cancer as a little girl and she had blamed God ever since.  She had turned her back on God and she had given this demon a home. So, the plane is getting ready to land and I had to rush back to my seat.  As I was deplaning, the head flight attendant kept apologizing for the actions of the lady flight attendant.  I told him that I did not want anyone written up.  I said to him, “You don’t understand what happened and I hope that one day I will get to tell you about it”.  I said, “things are different when demons leave.”  He just kind of looked at me and said, “Okay…you have a good day, sir.”

“My heart was grieved after this encounter because I really wanted to see this flight crew again and explain what had happened.  So I just said, “God, I need help.  I need to be able to pour my heart out and share with these flight attendants what happened.”  So, the conference ends and it is time to fly home.  As I step onto the plane, I immediately see the same flight crew!  God is awesome!  So, I was able to share with and speak to all the flight attendants. Then, during the flight, the head attendant came over to my seat and knelt down beside my chair.  He said, “ Sir, I need to talk to you. I’m really sorry.”  I replied, “Please don’t apologize anymore.”  He said, “No. Please hear me out.”  He proceeded to tell me that he is a Christian and that there are two things he does not talk about on planes.  One is politics and the other is religion.  He said he does that because he has a professional job.  I looked at him and I said, “Sir, I understand that you have a professional job….”  I continued, “ but having a professional job and seeing people go to hell and not caring about people’s eternity are two totally different things.”  The power of the gospel is our life and we have the reality of heaven inside of us. That woman had a demon and she had turned her back on God. Her eternity was at stake and she needed to be set free.  The head flight attendant shared that he was very convicted about where his life was compared to where my life was. What a powerful testimony.  This is the continuing message of my life.  We need to change the reality of people’s walk by the way we walk and lead as an example.  Every day can be just as powerful as the last if we just dare to live for Jesus full-time and become a person that has a lifestyle of Christianity!”

(Todd’s schedule shows a return visit to North Carolina early in the New Year followed by Australia, then several states in America as well as Germany, in January to March.)

Follow-on to ‘Days of Wonder’ – Getting closer to God

“Lord, we’re seated with You in heavenly places, let us operate our lives from that perspective….Let us see the eternal realm…We make that our mission, our prerogative, our number-one objective between now and the end of this year to enter the heavenly realm where God’s presence is, the miraculous is and the realm of faith….”

In so saying during prayer, Paul Keith Davis opens his thorough teaching on coming closer to God, as in the latest WhiteDove Ministries’ video.:

It is noticeable how Paul Keith’s authority and maturity in Christ have taken a ‘quantum leap’ since seeing him at ‘Days of Wonder’ in Cardiff.

After Cardiff, I meditated upon apostle Paul’s letter to the early Ephesian church. Here, he addresses current – and future – church leaders from the heavenly realm, and beside Jesus Christ in Father’s throne room. Why is that realm, which Paul describes as a Christian’s proper place of life, a rarity for most of today’s church leaders?  Some, however, do know it personally and can thus speak from direct experience.

In this session, Paul Keith conveys a deeper understanding of what apostle Paul experienced and learned direct from Jesus, as related in his letters. Moreover,

“I’m of the ardent belief…that the End-time Bride of Christ is to also access that realm – as did the apostle Paul – to receive our revelation, our understanding, of the Gospel.

“Not one word can be added to the 66 books of the Bible, but with the mass confusion we have right now that’s being preached from pulpits…we need somebody to access heaven and tell us the truth! Is that not the truth?

“We need somebody to go behind the veil and get, “Thus saith the Lord” and bring the plumb-line revelation, “This is what the Lord said, I’ll stake my life on it”…

“Believe me, when they do they will be persecuted because it will go against the grain of what’s being preached today in the churches of America! It’s going to fly in the face of the religious spirit!”

Personally, I was impressed with his reference to re-visiting ‘revelatory seeds’ that had been sown soon after returning to the Lord after a period of being back-slidden. [That was in 1989 – the same year my life radically changed, as here, followed by many biblically educational insights.]

Paul Keith explains the impact upon him of Cardiff’s gathering and being challenged by people he met there,

“Some amazing things happened and another realm started to open up, one that had been open in years past – I’ve been ‘re-ignited’…to go through gates, doors and veils…”

This is encouraging because in a ministry time he noticed what was stirring within me, and has since continued strongly.

Reinhard Bonnke siteAlso, in view of my past involvement in the New Age/occult, I’m especially impressed with Paul Keith’s correct instruction upon, and warnings about, the great dangers of occultists’ practice. Christians are to go through the door God has provided – Jesus Christ.

Finally, if Paul Keith’s incredible story of a translucent lady puzzles you, the sister and her blessing are known to our church.

Be mightily blessed as you watch…

Neuroscientist comments upon neurosurgeon’s NDE

Heavy rain drove me into the shop and I got a newspaper; those almost archaic forms of data download – the kind of hands-on ‘fix’ where you can get your hands all around and dig inside, even doing aerobic exercises whilst opening and folding pages of this  broadsheet (23″x15″). And there’s such scrunchy noises I can imagine a sizzling meal, but a large cappuccino and yummy almond croissant suffices on our Fridays out!

So today, I open up and am surprised to find this FULL page feature connects into   my previous post. It is by Colin Blakemore, Professor of Neuroscience&Philosophy at The School of Advanced Studies,University of London.

Trying to keep an open mind, Prof. Blakemore examines the latest account of a near-death experience (NDE). It’s usual for such events to be summarily dismissed by all materialistic sceptics but the professor steers mid-course in his discussion.  A brief summary of neurologist Dr Alexander’s NDE is then followed by reference to Dr Peter Fenwick’s work as President of the British branch of The International Associa-tion for Near Death Studies in which he recognises “deep problems in interpreting first-person memories of experiences that are supposed to have happened when the brain was out of action”. The same problem applies to dreams, writes Colin Blakemore.

Neuroscientist Blakemore points out:

The crucial question is not whether such astounding experiences should lead us to abandon materialist accounts of brain function, but whether materialist accounts can possibly explain them…
What Dr Alexander and his PR people claim is that his description of the afterlife is more authentic because he is a neurosurgeon. But when there is no evidence except the word of the beholder, a scientist’s accounts are no more reliable than those of anyone else…
Science has progressed by challenge and disagreement. But what is needed to consider seriously the kinds of claims made by Dr Alexander is not flowery prose and hyperbolic headlines. It’s hard evidence.

A true story of death and lifeHard evidence?  Hardly! Material science simply isn’t up to the job of understanding non-material events or exist-ence, and I don’t mean psychological matters.  It cannot handle and comprehend immaterial information because of erroneous, or incomplete, asssumptions.  [I write as one whose very first non-curricular investigations as a young teenager were into NDEs, before I studied physics and psychology.]  Answers may possiblly be found with an increasing understanding of multi-dimensional maths.  Or, perhaps a better appreciation of reports from saints past and present who encountered and operate in the heavenly realms of existence may provide illumination?

A little boy's astounding story of his trip to heaven and backHard evidence? Why not consider this: knowledge of the appearance and identity of a deceased older sibling by a young child and of whom they had no knowledge from the  family?  Or what about the actual appearance of Jesus Christ being quite different to that commonly depicted in illustrations?  I’m referring to accounts of youngsters Colton Burpo and artistic prodigy Akiane Kramarik, as reported in my Easter posts here and here.  Colton’s reports were checked and validated against ‘hard evidence’, as well as  corroborated in detail by another person who’d had a similar experience.

Prof. Blakemore implies that such children’s accounts could be as reliable as those of any scientist.  What do you think, my reader?

Neurosurgeon experiences Heaven during Coma

An intriguing testimony from a medically qualified person who makes some interesting comments. It will be worth comparing his forthcoming book’s account with that of 3 yrs old Colton Burpo (see here). Thank you Tembisa for picking this up from YahooNews. See also next post about a neuroscientist’s comments on this experience.

So what does Jesus look like?

Upon reading my brief review of Heaven Is For Real did you, too, not end up asking that question?

Whilst reading the book I was most interested in this simply because Jesus’ face had been out of sight during my encounter, as explained here (at 1st Validation). Also, I was familiar with ‘portraits’ of ‘Master Jesus’ to be found in New Age circles but didn’t regard them as being authentic.

Can you imagine how deeply stunned Todd and Sonja Burpo were whilst driving with their two children to hear their 4 year old suddenly reveal that he’d heard angels and met Jesus Christ?

From their vehicle’s back seat little Colton pipes up in answer to a gentle tease about hospital by saying what mum and dad were doing whilst he was dying on an operating table with a severely ruptured appendix that had poisoned his abdomen.  It wasn’t so much his accurate description of what they were doing in two different places – on the phone and praying; well, losing it with God! – that hit them. (Only much later did his father learn the finer points of how that prayer of desperation was answered!)

They had to stop at a nearby snack bar to hear again, and digest, Colton’s very quick account of what happened whilst being operated upon. As only a young child can, he described being with Jesus. Over the course of many weeks a fuller account gradually emerged, usually popping out during play times, of what Jesus looks like and of many things Colton ‘did and saw’ during minutes, not hours, of earth time. There was also, and more importantly, what Colton knew. Almost all of this could not be attributed to any teaching or children’s Bible stories!

The first answer to what Jesus looked like was the answer to a spiritual ‘riddle’ : what’s the only thing in heaven that’s the same as it was on earth?

He’d said, right off bat, “Jesus has markers”.

His father claims Colton didn’t know about the crucifixion wounds at that age because their Weslyan church made no references to or had any pictures of them.  For nearly three years his parents would show Colton dozens of illustrations depicting Jesus but they all left him cold. He never saw one that he thought was right. He just could not recognise Jesus in any.

One day his father came across a CNN report of a young girl Akiane Kramarik, a child prodigy who began painting exceptionally sophisticated artwork at the age of 6 years.  A couple of years previously she’d begun having ‘visions’ of heaven, even though both her parents were atheists!  The authors of Heaven Is For Real  write, ‘Slowly her mom began to accept that Akiane’s visions were real and that, therefore, God must be real’.

As I watched (writes Todd) a montage of Akiane’s artwork play across my computer screen, the narrator said, “Akiane describes God as vividly as she paints him”. (p 143)

That was similar to how Colton spoke of Jesus – both children spoke especially about His beautiful eyes. So his father told Colton to come and take a look, asking what was wrong with this one. The boy said nothing, just stared, and he was asked again – still silence and then he got nudged:

My seven-year-old turned to look at me and said, “Dad, that one’s right”.

Entitled “Prince of Peace, Resurrection”, her portrait can be seen in Akiane’s Official Gallery under ‘Age 8’  and the next year shows Jesus praying, “Father Forgive Them”. To learn how she saw and painted Him read For child art prodigy Akiane, Jesus is for real (link no longer available)

Below, Ray Downing demonstrates how the picture Colton saw matches the image of the deceased Christ as captured millennia ago on The Shroud of Turin.

Also, you can watch Colton at 11 tell his story on video on heaven is for real website.

Further reading:

Heaven is for Real

“Colton, what do you want people to know from your story?” asked the lady editor sitting with his father whilst discussing a book they were writing about what had happened six years ago.

“I want them to know heaven is for real”, he answered without hesitation and looking Lynn straight in the eye.

A little boy's astounding story of his trip to heaven and backWith those words the Epilogue closed in the book that my wife had been given. She’d kept reading snippets to me and so I wanted to read it for myself. It had been sent by a life-long friend with a strong recommendation – and so it now comes with mine to you…

Colton’s father and mother recount their desperate attempts whilst on ‘holiday’ with their son’s rapidly deteriorating bad state of health. It was a matter of life or death and their not-yet four years old nearly didn’t survive.  A few months later, after his fourth birthday, Colton makes a remark about his time in hospital that completely floors his parents – he tells them what they were doing whilst he was on his ‘death-bed’ in surgery!

From thereon the story takes an interesting turn of diplomatic delicacy to discover what actually happened to their very young boy. Being a Weslyan pastor, his father Todd was thirsty for more, yet being familiar with Colton’s level of basic belief he realised what his son may say may not match his own ideas. But he was extremely surprised to learn that what Colton now knew could NOT have come from Sunday school or family chat.

Todd Burpo and his teacher wife Sonja were wise not to overwrite Colton’s child-like descriptive terms by dressing them up into grown-up language for adult consumption. So they restricted themselves to open questions only.

Thus, Colton’s disarming innocence and plainspoken boldness conveys a true account of encounters with the hugeness of God, Jesus’ love for children, angels, even a few surprises for his parents about their family before he was born.  Mum and Dad didn’t push for deep and long discussions from him of what happened.  Most of what Colton divulges just pops out now and then, just when they wished they’d had pen and paper!

I was personally impressed with Colton’s agitation and consternation over a funeral his father was going to conduct for someone who didn’t attend the church.  This gelled well with what I’d experienced with a heavenly visitor.  Also, I appreciated what Colton said about the end-times and his father’s combative role in the Lord’s army – now is that action in heaven – or on earth?  I wonder…

Don Piper, author of 90 Minutes in Heaven, is of the opinion:

Compelling and convincing. It’s a book you should read.

And whyever not?

Review continues here > So what does Jesus look like?