Urgent prophetic words about a cut-off date in God’s timeline

Prophesying into Time was a topic I started blogging about in the first weeks of the New Year. Now I can cover it again, not in analysis but in what’s being revealed about the Lord’s imminent action plans.

The last mention of timing, albeit very brief, was in Paul Keith Davis’ opening remarks at last month’s gathering in Cardiff (as here). In passing, he referred to getting “things and structures such as apostolic hubs and communities in place” between the Days of Atonement 2014 and 2015. That was all, nothing more, nothing less, as it was followed by other matters.

Neville_Johnson-311x350Whilst Paul Keith was in Wales, Australian prophetic seer Neville Johnson was in Lancaster, California. (His website is at The Academy of Light.)

Neville had spoken 18 hours earlier, in a conference’s first session, in detail about prophetic words on what’s in, or scheduled for, the same time frame that Paul Keith had mentioned, ie. after this October’s Day of Atonement.

Upon our return from Wales, our pastor produced notes for our group’s consideration of what Neville had delivered. We all recognised it’s of the Lord and its great import. For example, in view of her wish to change how we ‘do church’, we’d already discussed how to start the Lord’s first point.

Therefore, I’m including a video of the session and his notes of what the Lord gave him for your careful consideration and edification. The notes have been slightly modified for ease of reading and, additional to Neville’s use of upper case, I’ve emboldened points that spoke to me and trust this won’t detract from your study. It’s better, however, to first take time to watch and weigh:

Neville opens by referring to the importance of setting our hearts on things above and the change he senses in the conference atmosphere since last year. Upon standing outside the airport after landing, he’d sensed a gusty ‘whoosh’ go by him and asked himself,

“What’s going on in this nation? Everything is stood up in the spirit realm; both good and bad!

“You know, there’s something going down and we really need to be aware of it because the times and the seasons are very, very important.”

He continues as in the following notes published with the YouTube video:

“We have come to a critical time in our relationship and walk with the Lord. This nation (USA) has come to a critical time in the purposes of God. It’s not ‘business as usual’ – we’ve come to a critical time!

“This year I’ve had more encounters with the Lord than any other year in my life – things have become critical. It is the season of change.

“Hebrews 4 – God limited a certain day – Today if you hear my voice, harden not your heart. He limited a day – a timing factor is involved.

“The time now is limited for an adequate response before all hell breaks loose over this nation; also heaven will come, but the time is limited. When Israel came to Kadesh Barnea and spies went into the land, ten of them came back with the wrong message. There are a lot of wrong messages out there. And they died because of it. God limited the time and said, “No more!”.

“Today, if you hear His voice”…we are on the brink of something great and something terrible.

“Time is running out for us and we have to be prepared for what is coming, particularly  this nation (USA), but there are ramifications for other nations around the world as well. We are on the brink of something great.

“A number of things the Lord has given me:

  1. THE LORD HAS LAID A CORNERSTONE FOR A NEW KIND OF CHURCH. It is time for the Philadelphian church to come into manifestation in the earth and fruition in the earth. (The Faithful Church Rev 3:7-13)
  2. YEARS OF PROMISES THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN FULFILLED IN YOUR LIFE ARE INTERSECTING NOW. It is time to take hold of them and bring them into fruition.
  3. THE ISSUE OF SOWING AND REAPING IS BECOMING CRITICAL. Everything is speeding up. The process of sowing and reaping is being shortened over recent times; scary because we don’t always sow the right things, and it is coming back quicker.
  4. WE NEED TO BUILD A KINGDOM (NOT CHURCH) CULTURE. We are heading into the goodness and the severity of the Lord. This year they will begin.
  6. INTERCESSION MUST BE TARGETTED – prophets must speak into the target, and intercession must bring forth the purposes of God.
  7. WHAT IS HAPPENING IN ISRAEL AND THE MIDDLE EAST? Israel is setting itself up for a major war – the big one. There will be some skirmishes on the way, but the big one is coming, and the ramifications on the church are enormous.
  8. THE LORD WILL RELEASE THE GIFT OF FAITH IN THIS SEASON. This gift will release the most incredible miracles that we have hardly dreamt of. There is not much spoken of about this gift.

Yom Kippur: Day of Atonement 2014 is a Cut-Off Point

[Yom Kippur 2014 is from sunset 3rd October to sunset 4th October – read about Its Christian perspective.]

“From the time of the last blood moon to the Day of Atonement is coming – it is a cut off point, something ends. Something is coming. Yom Kippur this coming year – the curtain is drawn on many things. There is no more time. God has delayed out of His kindness some things.

“He is visiting heads of state all over the world and giving them time. God took me to Europe to speak to a queen in her bedroom. God told me to give her a specific word of what she must do and what she mustn’t do…people high up in the financial realm, giving them time to repent, many of them.

“Something is happening God is visiting people right now because time is running out and they have to make decisions. Because the world is going to change next year. Once we pass Yom Kippur things will escalate and change. It will be a different world. Stuff will be released, good and bad.

“There is a definite cut-off point that is going to happen. A lot of things have been held up because God in His mercy has waited and waited and waited (like before the flood came – Methuselah had to die first. So Methuselah became the oldest man ever on this planet because God kept extending His grace and mercy); and God has given us more time and more time. But he spoke to me,

“Neville, it is over. There is no more extension of time!”

“He is visiting people the world over, in the financial sector especially. Most of them will not repent, but He is giving them opportunity. Things are going to get really, really difficult.”

The rest of Neville’s teaching is most instructive, especially about how cultivating the Kingdom’s culture will help us during the coming dangers. He explains the powerful effect of the imagination and how its unsanctified use allows evil that he’s ‘seen’ going on behind the scenes to manipulate it, eg. violent video games. He also covers time travel…!

So, be mightily blessed as you watch and read subsequent connected visions here.

(Readers unfamiliar with Christian prophecy will find this Introduction useful.)

Cont’d in Why September 2015 is special & Last blood moon ushers in new era.

See Fulfilled prophecies: 4 on how this message applies to November 2015 attacks in Paris, France.

Personal Note:

Last weekend I was amazed to receive a personal word at the end of a guest teacher’s message at Dr Stone’s mentoring day. It was, as with Joshua and Caleb, a 40 years-old promise will come to fruition.  Also, I’d forgotten – Neville’s remarks on the Israelite spies who returned with a wrong message, except Joshua and Caleb – and point #2 above!

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