‘Sons of Abraham’ are coming to Jesus Christ – Praise Him!

We thank and praise you Almighty Father for the many millions of our brothers and sisters who have come into Your Kingdom since you stunned me by that awesome revelation in the heavens and hearing Your declaration:

“As Communism fell so, too, will Islam fall!”

That is, it will crumble away and fall internally and thus take the world by surprise….

What a night 32 years ago: Jesus rescued me from dropping into Hell…

Upon awaking 32 years ago (14th September 1989), I was utterly happy to find I’m still alive after having had such a very close call with death in the night!

The previous evening in Pangbourne, Berkshire, I’d firmly shut the door to hearing any more about God’s Good News! But that night had been spent at my childhood home at 212 E___ Rd, Stockport, Cheshire, to undergo a life-changing event.

In a most unusual dream I went back in time and place. A dream so lucid that even three decades later it remains vividly etched within me. Here’s what had happened (copied from original, explanatory comments in italics).: Continue reading

‘Biden Show’ mirrors New Year’s Eve prophetic words given to Veronika West

NB (21 Oct) Originally published on 17th March this post is Featured because of its direct relevance to fulfillment of the ‘October Surprise’ and ‘Circuit; 18th October’ words given to Amanda Grace and Chuck Pierce respectively as in third posting on this topic, wherein Tim Shey adds comments to this post 7 months to the day after publication.

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Upon reading my post gathering items Dianne Marshall blogged on ‘Lights, camera, action’ for the ‘Joe Biden Show’ after his unusual ‘inauguration’ and the latest discoveries of fake ‘live news,’ I’m astonished Veronika messages me last night with a couple of links as follows:

“Interesting headline that you have shared recently on lights – camera – action….!” (https://www.facebook.com/1112744721/posts/10217976583182162/?d=n refers)

Here’s His Kingdom Prophecy version: Continue reading

Jesus ‘arrested’ me to stop me dropping into Hell…

Upon awaking 31 years ago tomorrow (14th September 1989), I was so happy to find I’m still alive after having had a close call with death in the night!

The previous evening in Pangbourne, Berkshire, I’d firmly shut the door to hearing any more about God’s Good News! But that night had been spent at my childhood home at 212 E___ Rd, Stockport, Cheshire, to undergo a life-changing event.

In a most unusual dream I went back in time and place. A dream so lucid that even three decades later it remains vividly etched within me. Here’s what had happened (copied from original, explanatory comments in italics).: Continue reading

Science and Wonders

To continue our occasional postings on science (see Scripture & Science hub for more)…

Science and Belief

cross resurrection Christian Christ passion-3111303_1920 congerdesign copy Congerdesign, Pixabay

I’m often asked, “can a scientist believe in miracles?” I meet people telling me stories of answers to prayer that defy science, hoping that these will convince scientists to believe in God. Miracles are of course part of the package for a Christian – we all believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. During one of our recent events on science and faith, the scientists in the congregation were prayed for, and I was delighted when one of those people (who had been feeling distinctly grotty) reported feeling much better.  On the other hand, questions like this reveal some worries or ideas about science that need some unpacking.

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30 years ago last night Jesus stopped me dropping into Hell

Upon awaking 30 years ago today (14th September 1989) I knew events in the early hours had been a landmark in my destiny.

The previous evening in Pangbourne,  Berks, I’d firmly shut the door to hearing any more about God’s Good News! But the night had been spent at my childhood home at 212 E___ Rd, Stockport, to undergo a life-changing event. Continue reading

God’s humour in mechanic’s miracle and at atheist’s expense!

The Sunday evening before last we heard how God miraculously provided about 1,300 large bread cakes from only 200 that pastor Christopher Bird had taken to a Ugandan orphanage, but to which 500 children had walked for hours for food to feed them over the week!  Next he took the left-overs to other places and watched everyone getting fed from what he’d originally brought. Only 7 loaves were left, which were for the 7 servers.


Next, a group told him on a Sunday morning they’d take him Monday to a neighbouring nation – but he needed to apply for an entry visa. So he had to get two visa-size photos on a Sunday afternoon in Kampala – but there was a city-wide power blackout!

He saw a 50-years old photo-booth on a pavement and spoke to its attendant who said it was unplugged because of the outage. Chris told him the God who created electricity and gave mankind the ability to harness it and power machines would make it function properly. He thus prayed loudly to the Lord and a crowd began to gather.

Upon sitting in the booth and drawing the curtain, four flash lights went off and colour photos appeared right away!

PROBLEM: it was a black-and-white only camera and took minutes to print photos:

RESULT: colour photos and so attendant mechanic shouts, “I now follow Jesus!”


Two weeks ago today came news of Felix Ngole’s landmark legal victory for freedom of speech and my posting was reblogged on All Along The Watchtower, where it attracted a lengthy debate – but not upon the details of the case. A new commentator is pleased this ruling allows for engaging with believers for the purpose of enlightening them on how “ridiculous and erroneous” the Bible is!!  Therefore, he or she demanded evidence for and repudiated Christians’ claims, especially for Jesus and the Resurrection.

It is amusing that their next and many attempts to answer a moderator’s request for background details didn’t get published and caused some consternation. Meanwhile, moderator mused, “Maybe God didn’t like what you wrote?”  Eventually, comments were found in the WordPress software’s trash can!

As the site is a God-fearing one then He probably considers those contributions serve only the hater of humanity. Also, the Lord was yet to have a further, amusing play with this person’s mockery.

That their comments are hidden by anonymity, are arrogant, devoid of manners as well as demonstrating a completely closed mind, renders their arguments invalid. So the bin is where they belong!

In choosing an avatar icon and name that I was familiar with when an unbeliever active in its ungodly realm, I discerned the issue and offered my testimony as a witness to the Lord for their further investigation.

I was met with, “I suggest you keep looking out for those signs of Jesus’ return, And while you are waiting why not read the bible? All of it”  I replied the Lord is our judge and wasted no further time with this lost soul but pray he, too, has a radical encounter with Him.

That was happening whilst I had a hard-copy of Neil’s paper on End-times to peruse, and had just got Nicholas’ sermon notes (previous posts refer). I mentioned them to my wife but she doesn’t closely follow my blogging and was unaware of all the details.

I’ve now realised the Lord gave Nina the audible word about His return, “It’s sooner than you think!!!”, as though answering that mocking atheist in His own way – as the adage goes: ‘He who laughs last, laughs longest!’

Next, we’ll take a fresh look at the events Jesus told us to watch out for

…The night Jesus Christ takes me to task and rescues me!

Upon awaking twenty-nine years ago today (14th September 1989) I knew events in the early hours had been a landmark in my destiny. The previous evening in Pangbourne, Berkshire, I’d firmly shut the door to hearing any more about God’s Good News! But the night had been spent at 212 E_Road in Stockport, Cheshire, for a life-changing event. (Hence my laughing at the title of yesterday’s post GPS #21.2: God’s Voice Thunders. That number had also cropped up after I first blogged about this testimony!)

In a most unusual dream that night I went back in time and place. A dream so lucid that nearly 30 years later it remains vividly etched within me. Here’s what happened (dream content blue font, comments black italics).:

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This time, the lions save the Christians

Thank you Jo in NZ for spotting and blogging this news, including miraculous return to life of mutilated teenage girl certified as being dead! [Read also Raymond Ibrahim on why Persecuted Christians suffer “Worst year yet”, mostly under Islam].

Red Sky in the morning

The chief of a Christian ministry that works underground because of its outreach into Muslim-dominant communities in the Middle East is reporting a startling claim – his rescue from Islamic “militants” by a pride of lions.

Pack lions save Christians

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Salvation comes to Hindu and Muslim

As well as circulating email news to church leaders of ‘An Awakening Season’, as in the previous post, Michael Marcel also separately reported how salvation came to two people of other faiths.:

Testimony (email 29th April)
A Hindu woman was walking in Leicester last week. She had struggled with depression for a long time and she saw in a vision a man dressed in white walk up to her and say, “Go to the house on your street with number 2 on it and a woman there will tell you how to restore your heavy heart”.
She went straight home, walked down her street to house number 2 and a Christian lady who has been saved out of the Hindu faith answered the door bell. She told this woman the vision of the man in white, and the lady promptly shared the gospel and prayed for her. She was saved and healed and came to church the following day! She is now sharing her new-found faith with her family; all of them have seen that she is no longer depressed and want to know what happened.
God is definitely on the move in this nation!
Another Testimony (email 1st May)
A Muslim man in Leicester had a dream; in the dream he saw a man dressed in white standing next to a cross, the man in white told him to go to the clock tower tomorrow at 12pm and a man who (will be) standing there will tell you what you must do.

The next day he went to town and found a street preacher at the clock tower, he told the preacher his dream and was then saved as a result. The same night this Muslim man had a dream that his sister in the Middle-East had a similar dream, except she was told to call her brother in the evening, On phoning her brother told her what had happened and shared the gospel and she was saved!

Thank and praise you Lord for what you are doing in bringing not-yet-believers into the Kingdom.

WATCH: Jesus still heals the blind – praise you Lord

AMAZING MIRACULOUS BLESSING – this man says he was totally blind for 9 years!

NB: if Facebook’s video screen isn’t shown above please click post’s title to open as a fresh page. Failing that, go direct to the source site as follows…

Source: Charlie & Brynn Shamp; with thanks to Maurice Sklar (and to Suzanne Payne indirectly) for bringing it to my attention.

Are manifestations of ‘gold dust’ lying signs and wonders?

My account of the recent healings in our church closed by referring to an abundance of glitter found on the seats. As they’d all been carefully wiped beforehand this must have occurred during our 4 hours’ service – yet no-one’s said they’d seen anything happen!  This is what it looked like after having materialised:

NB: video opens with fast montage of past ministry events…

A majority of Bible-believing Christians would regard such a weird manifestation as a ‘false sign’ or a ‘lying wonder’ sent to deceive believers. Associated scripture is cited to make the point; for example as listed herein.

Such reactions can, however, take verses out of context. Critics may believe they know the times and seasons but, in my humble opinion, their timing is wrong.

I shall demonstrate why these deposits from ‘out of nowhere’ of tiny glittering particles of unknown composition, should not be regarded of ungodly origin or deceitful’, as may be inferred from the scriptures in the above link. Continue reading

Footnote to interview with Asiya Nasir MP

“The Christian Church is very fast growing in Pakistan. Pentecostals are growing more. Churches are full. There are not enough places to put people. People are trying to set up new churches. People are bringing their friends, giving room for prayer in houses.” Asiya Nasir

The above closing remarks in Asiya’s interview in the previous post are of personal interest because of what I learned several years ago about the fruit of the ‘Toronto Blessing’ in bringing Muslims to Christ in Africa and Asia. In an email a couple years ago I mentioned the work of Iris Ministries and ‘LH’ in this regard.  The Baker’s well-known ministry was radically changed for Mozambique, but Randy Clark also cited a Norwegian’s secret missions to Pakistan as ‘fruit’.

There Is MoreAside: Randy is one of the most humble men of God we’ve been blessed to meet and hear several times. The Lord had promised to open Randy’s eyes when he preached in Toronto Airport Church in January 1994 – the Lord showed up too!  This Baptist pastor from St Louis stayed to preach for the first 42 days of renewal and refreshing that lasted about twelve years. Dubbed as ‘The Toronto Blessing’ it was a powerful, joyous visitation that revealed the Father’s heart of love. However, it perplexed those Christians who think Holy Spirit’s power and gifts ceased after the First Century! (Randy’s personal account is in: There Is More: Reclaiming the Power of Impartation)

In May 1994, young Norwegian Baptist pastor Leif Hetland met pastors who’d returned from Canada at Holy Trinity Brompton in London (home of renowned Alpha Course). On page 164 of There Is More, Randy writes,

“Leif was very skeptical (sic). What he was hearing about Toronto seemed weird. (Upon return) to Norway they were shocked to find that the anointing had been imparted to them. Renewal immediately broke out in their church and many people experienced dramatic healings…etc”.

Regrettably, a leading elder quenched the Holy Spirit’s move. However, a year later the paths of Leif and Randy crossed by ‘divine appointment’ and the latter delivered a powerful prophetic word, of which the gist was, “You are a bulldozer…going into areas that have been untouched”. (See Global Mission Awareness site for fuller words.)

However, this got overlooked until a year or so later during a long recovery from a car accident. In the book, Leif describes what soon happened:

I began to sense a tremendous, supernatural burden for the unreached in the world. There are over 70 million people in Arab nations who have never heard the name of Jesus! I knew I was supposed to be going where no one else was going…

At the end of ’96 a friend of mine invited me to go to Pakistan with him. I realized this was confirmation of Randy’s word. That was the start of many trips to Pakistan where we’ve seen thousands upon thousands healed and saved. By the grace of God, I’ve now been to over 72 countries, many of them Muslim and some of them Communist…

I’ve seen every kind of miracle you can imagine – tumours dropping off, creative miracles where missing parts are restored, blind eyes seeing, everything. God is revealing His glory! Through the revelation of His glory, His goodness and compassion, hundreds of thousands are coming to Christ in areas that are officially closed to the gospel.

Praise the Lord – and Leif isn’t the only anointed evangelist who’s been to those closed countries.

Report of healing from H.O.T.S. in Bath


HOTS_Bath_Logo_2.jpgPaul Skelton had the privilege this week to catch up with Shirley Fraser who is one of our team members here in Bath.
Shirley shared how she has both received healing herself and is now seeing others healed out of that encounter with Jesus.

Paul: – Tell me, Shirley, how your hip used to be and what the doctors said before you were prayed for?

Shirley:- Eight years ago I was advised to get checked out medically, and as a result the doctors said that my bone density was really low, ever since then I have been taking medication which has been changed many times, but my hip was never any different and I have suffered a bad reaction to the tablets.
It got really bad In September 2012, to the point where I woke up one morning and I could hardly walk. The pain in my hip was so bad that I had to get an emergency appointment with the hospital in Bath and an X ray showed thinning of the bones and that a hip replacement might be necessary.

Paul:- What happened next?

Shirley:-  I went to a conference but my hip was in agony and so I received prayer from a HOTS Bath member. The next day however I was still in a lot of pain, so they prayed again and 5 minutes later, to the shock of my friends,  I was dancing completely pain free…..it was instant, it was a miracle. Since then I have had no pain or any problem walking or even dancing which I love to do.

Paul: – Wow, that’s awesome, what did the doctors say on your next visit?

Shirley: – I had another bone density scan in January this year. When I went to get the results, they looked at me rather shocked and said that it was “unbelievable”.  They shared the medical details about there having been a 9.5 % increase in the T score at the lumbar spine, and an increase of 6.1 in the femoral neck which relates to a total hip T score of 10.4% improvement over all since the previous scan. These results have since been confirmed to me in an official letter.
She said that it was absolutely amazing that there had been an increase like this for a woman of my age and that I did not need to take the medication any more.  The best they normally hope for is a slowdown in decrease,  not an increase. I don’t have to go back for 2 years now. I was overjoyed;  I also explained that I had received prayer

Paul: – So how has this healing affected your faith?

Shirley: – I now know for sure that prayer works! A few weeks later, I had some friends around to watch a film, but before we started a young girl with a really bad back pain was there. One of the others said,”Get Shirley to pray as she has been healed”.
So we prayed the way that we do on the streets and all of a sudden she said, “I need to test my back”.  What amazed me was the way she started bending over and said, “I have not been able to do this” as she bent over to try it out, we heard her spine clicking into place as she was being healed, then she stood back up again completely fine. It was amazing!
I received a message from her recently saying that she has been completely discharged from the physiotherapist, before that she wasn’t even able to lay on the floor but afterwards she was in tears of joy as the pain had been so hard to bear.

Paul: – So what would you say to anyone else who has back pain?

Shirley:- Get some prayer.  Since I have done the HOTS training I am seeing more people healed than I used to and I am now stepping into moving in healing as a daily lifestyle. A while ago I prayed for someone else who used to wear hearing aids for 17 years and now she can hear without them .

Paul: – That’s a great story,  Shirley, a real demonstration of Father’s love being made real though healing encounters with him.  

Thank you and praise you Lord for this healing and testimony of your love.

What’s it like to witness a miracle?

Thank you to Chris for emailing a copy of the following from Daniel Kolenda, on behalf of Christ For All Nations. Here’s what evangelist Daniel wrote at the close of last week’s mission in the Ivory Coast.:

“It’s not often that I find myself without words, but right now I’m really not sure what to say. I’ve never seen anything before quite like what we experienced tonight.

“Often, when a sick person gets healed, it causes a great commotion in the immediate area surrounding that person. When those standing close to the miracle watch it happen right before their eyes, it has a profound impact on them. They often begin to shout, scream, cry, jump, dance etc. and we can usually hear and see from the platform that a miracle has taken place out in the crowd. We’ve actually become quite accustomed to this phenomenon over the years as it regularly happens after the prayer for the sick.  But tonight was something altogether different…

Before I had even gotten up to preach (during the boring announcements), this started happening all over the field a scale that is hard to describe. The hair on the back of my neck stood up as we watched wheelchairs, crutches and walkers going into the air EVERYWHERE! One after another after another after another until the excitement among the crowd of 250,000 rose to fever pitch (even now it’s emotional to recall what happened). The roar of the crowd kept growing louder and louder until those of us on the platform looked at each other with shock and awe! It was hard to believe what was happening!

“The blind, the deaf, the mute, the lame and those with all manner of sickness and disease were being spontaneously healed – without a single prayer being said and even before the Gospel was preached. It reminded me of something Evangelist Bonnke has often said, “Sometimes the Holy Spirit cannot wait for we preachers to finish our boring sermons – He itches to do great things!”…” (Click to continue reading Daniel’s   report and videos.)

Fantastic!  Praise You Lord. I love the bit about ‘boring announcements’ because I’ve always been unhappy with that approach to ‘mundane matters’ – in my opinion that’s a mistaken notion. Great that Holy Spirit came and took charge!

As the Lord is present where two or more are gathered then any event is something to look forward to and not regarded as boring business. It can be considered as the art of ‘Practising the Presence’, as in the works of the Carmelite cook, Brother Lawrence.

To return to Daniel’s comments; yes it is so exciting to witness something as astounding as a miracle happening before your very eyes!  Having seen many testimonies aired on  the TV and internet and being at events where some have occurred, miracles are such a marvellous example of ‘God in action’. (Read about and watch video clips on this blog at God Heals Today.)

A tragic yet miraculous event in London shows God’s hand

Hat tip to Mavis for advising that headlines in today’s Daily Mail refer to a miraculous escape during yesterday morning’s rush-hour on the South Bank, London, viz:

Two workmen last night thanked ‘divine intervention’ for their astonishing escape from death as a helicopter crashed  into their crane and turned into a fireball.

The pair should have been in the cabin when disaster struck, sending burning debris cascading 700ft on to the rush-hour streets of London below.

Instead, Richard Moule and his colleague Nicki Biagioni were late for work – both had overslept for the first time in  years – and missed death by minutes.

Regrettably, Peter Barnes and Matthew Wood were the only ones to have lost their lives when Pete’s helicopter inexplicably went out of control and crashed into the crane and  ‘friendly giant’ Matthew was the unfortunate passing pedestrian down below.  [See Daily Mail’s online account and photo library.]

About a dozen people only (!) were injured, as today’s Telegraph reports under 2-page broadsheet headline.:

‘Miracle’ of how so few died when fire rained down on the rush hour The fact that only two people died when a two-ton helicopter crashed on to a busy road during the morning rush hour was nothing short of miraculous, police said.

Telegraph 17jan13

Emergency workers who scrambled to the scene had expected the death toll to be “much, much worse”, but instead they came across a series of astonishingly narrow escapes, including a baby who was inches from death when a piece of  wreckage smashed through his parents’ car roof on to the seat next to him…

Fate contrived an extraordinary set of circumstances to limit the death toll to the helicopter pilot and a pedestrian, including a red traffic light that kept the crash site almost entirely clear of vehicles.

“It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to think what would have happened if that helicopter had crashed onto a bus or a heavily-occupied building,” said Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London.

[All emphases within quotations by RB]

I’ve commuted through and driven around this area many times when I lived in greater London, including the same areas as both families. Whenever I visit I can find my way around quite easily but am always surprised at so many tall buildings in our capital city. Nina reminded me many people escaped death during the infamous 9/11 Twin Towers attack simply because they’d been divinely warned and stayed away.

Traumatic as any unexpected death is for their family and friends, there has definitely been an amazing protective blessing over this accident – perhaps angels ‘arranged’ the fixed ‘stop’ light?  It indicates the Lord had a hand in this, perhaps to prove His grace to everyone, believer and unbeliever alike?

Be amazed as you read the reports, see the images and consider the details…and then thank the good Lord.

Update 1 of 3 – on healing

Readers interested in healing and miracles may wish to know that I’ve updated the header page God Heals Today! with details on the following items:

  • encouragement from ‘Journey of Hope’,  a deep story of bereavement by a fellow reader from north east India, between Bangladesh and Myanmar (Burma).
  • the latest blog from Australia on ‘Miracles, evidence and scepticism’. (This is also a good place from which to start considering the question of divine healing. Its site Is There a God? is very helpful for those investigating the big questions of life.)

To read in full please click here and look under ‘NEW’ and ‘UPDATE’. I trust you will be blessed…

Follow-up on healings in the UK

Recently (here and here), I’ve tried to convey our own great excitement over March’s revival meeting in Hull. At last, I can share it better with you on this 10 minute clip, which also features a short song in the middle Note: no longer available but see this 3 min clip:

These miraculous healings of folk from Hemel Hempstead, Chesterfield and Tiverton strongly enthused a packed auditorium of Americans in Alabama a week ago. Nathan Morris was also excited to announce that BBC local radio had interviewed Michael about his amazing triple miracle and that Lasette’s astounding appearance in her hotel, which I reported in “Now we know God is real”, brought a Muslim to salvation!

[A friend who directs a national healing ministry says Muslims are keen to learn about God’s healing power. It’s a pity for those atheists with whom two fellow bloggers and I have been in debate but who steadfastly refuse to accept such signs of salvation – Lord, bless them with a personal revelation and true contrition.]

Next, Nathan’s fresh preaching entitled Have You Defiled Your Robes? on holiness and repentance, as in John 8.34-36 and Revelation 3:2-6, was truly outstanding.  It was exceptionally rare preaching on the ‘offensive message’ of the Gospel – that is, upon all sin, even in believers!, and the power of Jesus’ blood – “it is the lifeline“. For example:

“I’m tired of this gospel that won’t get in peoples’ faces. Let me tell you the Word of God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ offends – get used to it!  People don’t want to be offended anymore…without the Blood there are no miracles, without preaching the shed Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, there is no salvation…one of the biggest lies you ever received is ‘once saved always saved’…you can’t live how you want… “

Many believers flocked forward, blocked the aisles in repentance and then received a fresh fire. The whole was preceded by an hour’s ascending worship as the Holy Spirit filled Lydia Stanley’s fingers with fire on the keyboard. (Join the worship here – news of the UK starts at 1hr20 and Nathan starts preaching at 1hr54.)

On his blog, Hull’s New Life Church leader Jarrod Cooper also includes a video clip of a lady and her husband telling what it’s like to be disabled for 6 years and then being healed at the church.

Jarrod also provides additional photos of Lasette and of extra footage with a follow-up of Michael, who declares, “God’s just amazing. He’s given me my life back and I thank God”. Oh, yes indeed that’s such a tremendous blessing.

I trust you will take time to watch these signs of God’s wonderful healing grace.