“You shouldn’t be at our school!”

Whilst playing with my pals one of them suddenly stops, eyeballs me hard and scolds me,

“You shouldn’t be at our school – you should be at the one Cat’licks go to!”

I’m stunned into silence.

I can’t recall my response other than distress.

Upon reflection it’s possible I denied the accusation outright. I’d like to have responded, “So what? It’s where my parents want me to be!”

Such a riposte, however, would have plugged straight into something worse – parental conflict!

We three 1955-6

On Southport beach in mid-1950s


It mid-1950s and the reality of the Protestant vs. Roman Catholic divide hit hard. My friend’s tone clearly implied a stigma to being in the wrong Christian denomination.

Equally hard was my parents’ disagreement over my own schooling. My dear, devout mother wanted to follow their church’s rule that Catholics send children – even of mixed marriages – to a Catholic school. But father wanted me to have the better education provided by the more reputable of two local, state schools – the RC one had a very low pass rate for the 11+ selection exams for grammar school. When dad was a boy his mother took him daily to 8am Mass. Later life taught him the value of a sound education – and my much older cousins in mother’s family were already at college or university.  So, a week or so before my fifth birthday mum walked me the half-mile to Alexandra Park Primary School in Edgeley, Stockport.

Thus, I was brought up in the Roman church yet attended non-secular state schools with their Anglican ethos. Back in the 1950s this was a sensitive issue. In those days a lot more people attended church of one sort or another than today. Religious beliefs are a minor concern today, although attendance at faith schools is now prized purely for educational achievement. Sadly, most of today’s populace are religiously illiterate.

Therefore, I didn’t receive the ‘mandatory’ Catholic education. Religious knowledge, as little as I gained, came through state school and Sunday church. As far as from the latter was concerned, it wasn’t much because services were conducted in a dead, foreign language – Latin!

Kindly bear with me in relating how my situation affected my teenage and adult life’s journey into eventual freedom:


At the time of the confrontation I’d been happily playing on bikes with two boys outside one’s house.  We three Johns aged 10-11 years had been classmates through primary school, yet I always felt an outsider in my living over 1/2 mile from school. Most of our school lived a lot closer and so, when old enough to go to their homes on my own, I was pleased to be with seeing more of these friends.

But the real issue of this confrontation was in making me fear the prospect of losing the friendship I’d grown up with!  Somehow details of my family’s church must have slipped out whilst chatting, or had I been seen going there? ‘Top of the class’ John seemed to see it as a stigma! The reality behind a difference of opinion at home hit me hard – it was a reality in the outside world too!

Me 1956-7My earliest adventures in coming home alone from school were in walking the longer route via the local library on the far-side of school. And it was a place to explore and dig around in.

It came as a special favour when I was allowed to cycle to friends’ about half a mile away.  Soon I began to relish the independence of exploring the rabbit warren of suburban side streets on my bike – plus learning how to read maps. Later, I’d take my bike and explore for miles around, far away from the main thoroughfares – I avoided those because an older boy had been killed there and I’d seen another have an accident in front of me (he survived).

The only classmates from my local streets were girls. We lived nearer to another school attended by most other ‘baby boomers’ on our patch. But its pass rate for the secondary level of Grammar School was much lower than ours. This meant the boys I’d grown up with on ‘my block’ didn’t have quite the same schooling. So I was piggy-in-the-middle between two peer groups and didn’t feel fully accepted by either.

At school I was one of four boys named John. Such a bore. I decided to start using my first name from the start of the next school year. So on the first day in the new class, a week or so before my 8th birthday, our new teacher went around the class asking our names. At my turn I replied, “Richard”. Everyone was shocked. Some called out, “No, he’s John!”.

Miss Jackson was kind enough to ask me about this and found my reason sensible and said she respected my wishes and favoured the name. From that time on I’ve always been known as ‘Richard’.  At home, however, mother and her family refused to make any change because they’d always called me ‘John’.  Maybe it was because it means ‘beloved of God’. Also, being her first-born boy she’d hoped I’d become a priest – arghh, perish the thought!  Nevertheless, that’s come true in a way because all believers in Jesus are priests (1 Peter 2).

So thank you Lord for the two who brought me into the world and loved me greatly.


At church, children were not sent out of the Mass into Sunday school but were expected to sit quietly through 45 minutes of Latin liturgy and unintelligible sermon.

It was hard for youngsters but my mother had a small book with Latin on one page and English on the opposite – a Missal. As soon as I could read she’d urge me to look and follow – but being artistic I took far more notice of the small pictures displaying the Gospel theme of each Mass. As Gospel and Epistle readings were in English I caught snippets, and recall thinking it must have been wonderful to see everything Jesus said and did – I would have liked to have been there and met him.

Now my school and home friends attended, or were familiar with, churches. I asked to go to theirs as it was only along the road from our house. “No, ‘cos they’re Congoes,” was mum’s retort and she’d stress, “We go to the church Christ himself founded!”.

‘Congoes?’, I thought that was in Africa so maybe it was a church for pygmies! But in thoe 1950s we had few Africans in our northern town although our doctor was a West Indian. [‘Congo’ was her term for Congregationalist.]

A year or so later I got through to Grammar School, where Catholics and Jews could opt-out of the Anglican-style morning assembly. But I didn’t opt out and attempted to convey the impression I was non-Catholic.

Unlike today, cooperation between churches was a rarity fifty years ago. Hypocritical conflict between denominations drove me towards ‘New Age’ ideals. It bothered me that if all churchgoers believe in the same Jesus Christ then why were they bitterly opposed and not friends? Jesus commanded believers to love one another.

Also, they weren’t working miracles similar to those of Jesus, as he said they would. So, churches had failed on both counts to live up to Jesus’ commands. Although I was only a boy, it was obvious they’d badly missed the mark. Also, I suspected they’d lost a lot of what Jesus had taught. How could what priests and preachers say and do be true?

Consequently, I started searching elsewhere for the truth > >  (next).

[Bible quotations are by courtesy of BibleGateway.com]

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[INFO: original installments (2013)

  1. No 7 and my journey into freedom
  2. “You shouldn’t be at our school!”
  3. Searching for truth leads me into captivity
  4. The last day of my life came ‘like a thief in the night’
  5. Rescued from Satan by The Lord of Hosts
  6. The real Truth delivers me from captivity
  7. Confirmations of the reality of my visionary encounter.

Number 7 and My Journey into Freedom

This blog post is more like ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg?’  The above title may be back to front because it began as My Journey To Freedom and Number 7. I trust you too will be encouraged by my explanation of that conundrum.

Here’s what happened.:

A friend who organises social breakfasts asked me to tell my story about becoming a Christian. I guess she’d dipped into it on this blog – yet that’s only a brief bit. But how can I deliver the whole lot in speech and not as script? On top of that, when editing my original account I found nostalgia took me down a ‘rabbit hole’ and wasted time.

Only then did I do what I should have done at the outset – ask myself what I wanted to say. I’d put the cart before the horse! I now jotted the main points and was surprised to find there’s 7. Now that’s encouraging for it suggests everything’s ok. Nina thought so too when I did a test run with her. Now please note, we’re not the sort of folk who look for meaning, symbolism and significance in things, although we appreciate the possibility.

[Readers of long standing may note my interest in coincidences arises after events, not in expectant anticipation or forecasting future connections. My discernment of links in ‘God-incidents’ possibly arises from my training in scientific observation and analysis as a disinterested participant. It’s claimed ‘fact is stranger than fiction’, which is why I’ve always tended to steer away from novels. Furthermore, after laying down my ‘old self’ after rebirth in Christ I’ve also avoided my past interests.]

HAH! Upon finalising my Tuesday’s talk I now find its crib-notes done as l a r g e print total 7 pages! What else! What other quantity should I have expected?

In the Bible number 7 is symbolic of divine perfection, and I believe this is understood in other cultures too. Time is measured in units of 7 days – the calendar week. Genesis, the Book of Creation, states everything was created in 7 days with the last being when God was satisfied and rested upon completing His work of creation.

If the concept of a weekly cycle is applied to that of the year then 1/7th equates to 52 days and a ‘design purpose’ for the year’s seventh 1/7th could be that of resting before another cycle starts. That had been in mind in Pause 4 thought when musing about having unexpectedly arrived at the close of a personal cycle. So, it made sense to take a more relaxed pace over August and September and await any changes.


Now, a few weeks later, ‘7’ has got my attention once again and so I take notice and new notions drop into mind like inspired potions infused from ‘above’. As my task is to talk about my past, it is as though a door has opened for me to see and walk through in my spirit. Whilst writing, I recollect the Hebrew date for this ‘new year’ not only signifies an open door but is also shaped like a 7; although as the 4th letter of Hebrew alphabet it denotes No. 4. (Not mentioned in The door to a ‘new season’.)

My first thoughts were:

  • 7 years are said to complete a growth cycle, as in ‘Seven ages of man/woman’.
  • so it’s appropriate to consider seven’s multiples, 14, 21, 28, etc, as cyclic too.
  • major changes or significant events happened on or around the 7th, 14th & 21st anniversaries of my Christian walk.
  • my personal life took hugely significant changes of direction at each 3 x 7 years, ie. every 21 years and around my birthdays. Number 3 denotes completion and unity.

These notions were confirmed last night when I learned the 7th letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Zayin (pronounced ZAH-yeen) and then read John Parson’s comment,

Since Zayin represents both the number 7 and a sword, it is not surprising that it is used to divide or ‘cut up’ time into units of sevens (The Letter Zayin, emphasis added)

Perhaps you’d like to check all this yourself and see if it may apply to you too?  Only a couple of days after realising the significance of those aspects I heard a contact-lady at our online US-church mention a couple of major traumas in her family life. I noticed they were seven years apart. (She’s since confirmed having had personal insights on this – thank you W.)

In addition to the above link, more information may be found on Biblical Numerology at Christianity.About.com. and on the Biblical Meaning of the Number Seven at The Bible Wheel.

So which came first, my journey or several number 7s? Of course, objectively I noticed all the events before, during and since gaining my freedom. Recognising they’re linked inextricably with number 7, then I must conclude the spiritual principle was the active and persistent power orchestrating those events, as in the scale of 7 musical notes.

Thus, 7 came, and comes, first.

Should you wish to continue reading about my journey into freedom, please click here  for its first ‘leg’ or installment.

INFO – installments of original (2013):
  1. No 7 and my journey into freedom
  2. “You shouldn’t be at our school!”
  3. Searching for truth leads me into captivity
  4. The last day of my life came ‘like a thief in the night’
  5. Rescued from Satan by The Lord of Hosts
  6. The real Truth delivers me from captivity
  7. Confirmations of the reality of my visionary encounter

[Images courtesy of Stoon at Freedigitalphotos.net and Melissa at Definingwords.com]

Is Christianity supernatural? Is Jesus imperfect?

We’re taking a break for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, readers may like to mull over some meaty morsels, and to ponder the possibility of a recent prophecy having been fulfilled in Egypt!

Is Christianity a supernatural religion?

One blessing from the prolonged problems with WordPress in July was contacting a couple living eastward along the coast from our favourite haunt, Chichester harbour. Keith Lannon writes with an unusual grasp of not only theology and history but also psychology. His in-depth articles about Apostle Paul’s ministry may be found under Management of the Miraculous.

I’ve always known Christianity is intrinsically a supernatural life yet, in my humble opinion, many believers have little comprehension of this fundamental fact. After outlining Holy Spirit’s activities in the Church’s first decades, Keith writes:

This whole historical trawl, that I have only half glanced at, is for no other reason than to make the point that the miraculous is the New Testament norm. Cryptically expressed, the supernatural should be natural to the Christian. Christianity is naturally supernatural.

Keith’s Christianity has the Supernatural in its DNA is a thoroughly good read and I can highly recommend it.

Was Jesus Christ Imperfect?

T E HannaAfter being challenging by a Muslim, T.E. Hanna considers the above question. He ably digs into and unwraps this provocative paradox in Embracing An Imperfect Jesus. You may wish to reflect upon his brief, yet sound, consideration of the conundrum of Jesus’ humanity and divinity. It has generated interesting reader comments.

A prophecy causes pause for thought

Koenig’s Eye View from the White House reports upon last week’s International Institute of Counter-Terrorism Conference in Israel. It mainly covered Syria but included Egypt  under its military leader Gen Al-Sissi. The first couple of points in Bill’s notes reminded me of what I’d heard from a delegate at Dr Stone’s Mentoring Day on 11 July (as under ‘Coffee break’).

According to that Institute, Egyptian President Morsi was imitating the Islamic template Turkey’s PM Erdogan had established to dismantle his secular military and arrest its generals.  Egypt’s Al-Sissi beat Morsi to the draw in arresting him and ‘decapitated the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood…’ (emphasis mine).

That reminded me of Kim Clement’s prophetic song and word about Queen Esther, Mordecai and evil Haman, wherein he prophesied:

A head will roll during the summer; I said a head will roll during the summer!  There will be a decapitation of a mind that is evil, a mind that is sinister. (Emphases mine: see link)

That was published on 22 June and Morsi was ousted less than a fortnight later on 3 July (details may be read in Guardian). In spite of US administration’s protestations and liberal media’s biased reporting, well-informed folk were aware of the great dangers Morsi and his MB posed to secular societies and Christians, not to mention Israel and Jordan. So it seems Kim Clement heard correctly from the Lord.

Courtesy of Gilbert and Beers

Putin to visit Iran for first time in six years. Historic trip will raise renewed interest in the “Gog & Magog” prophecies.

RJBI’d like to draw your attention to Joel’s analysis of the meaning of this historic visit. Read also what former British Ambassador Charles Crawford writes about ‘the mother of all messes’ President Obama has caused over Syria. You may wish to check my previous posts about the Ezekiel 38 Alliance and remarks covering Joel’s recent post on Yom Kippur.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

(Dallas, Texas) — “Vladimir Putin has accepted an Iranian invitation to visit the country and meet with newly elected President Hasan Rouhani, a spokesman for the Russian president confirmed,” reports the Times of Israel.

“Putin has been invited to Iran, and he will certainly take advantage of this kind invitation,” the Interfax news agency quoted spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying on Friday. “The dates of the visit will be agreed upon through diplomatic channels.”

“The announcement came on the heels of a report that Russia had agreed to sell to Iran the advanced S-300 air defense system and construct a new nuclear reactor at the Bushehr site,” the Times noted. “Putin met with Rouhani on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on Friday. During the meeting, Rouhani extended an invitation to Putin, who accepted, the Iranian semi-official Fars news agency reported. In July, there were reports

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Israelis mark Day of Atonement, reflect on 40 years since surprise attack nearly lost the country.

Courtesy of James Mark Long, www.propheticartists.comAN IMPORTANT, BRIEF RESUME OF HISTORICAL FACTS, which followed the 1967 onslaught from Israel’s neighbours. In the current crisis we see Syria, Russia, Iran and Egypt still featuring 40 years later in the Middle-East as America, Nato and Britain are sidelined. But it’s not so much that none of the latter feature in scripture and where God’s attention is focussed upon, as their leaders chose to ignore, even mock, His will over marriage. Therefore, it’s no wonder that Putin, Prince of Gog, mocked and has brow-beaten a Western president and a prime minister to take the lead over this matter and across the Middle-East!!

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

(Dallas, Texas) — Today is Yom Kippur, or the “Day of Atonement.” It is a Biblical holiday, the day when God called the children of Israel to repent of their national and individual sins and sacrifice animals to receive atonement, or forgiveness, of their sins. It is the highest holiday in Judaism.

Yom Kippur also marks the day when the modern state of Israel was nearly “wiped off the map” by her enemies. Forty years ago today, the Russian-trained and equipped air forces and armies of Egypt and Syria launched a surprise attack on the Jewish State, a move that nearly succeeded in destroying Israel.

Today, therefore, many Israelis are fasting and praying and reflecting on their lives and going to synagogue — some because of tradition, and some to follow Old Testament customs (albeit complicated by the lack of a Temple in Jerusalem).

Many Israelis are also taking time to reflect…

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The door into the ‘New Season’ is open

After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven. And the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me, saying, “Come up here and I will show you things which must take place after this”… (Revelation chapter 4:1-2 The Throne Room of Heaven, NKJV)

Leading into and after the new year 2013, I blogged about a doorway into the heavenly realms opening up (see links below). To my pleasant surprise, I learnt last weekend the Jewish New Year that started on 4th September is symbolised by a doorway!

And I was even more surprised to sense in tandem with this that the Lord is prompting and awakening His people to become more aware of political v. faith issues, as well as to get prepared and trained for ruling on earth – not heaven – when the true Millennium manifests!

This new year is 5774 in the Jewish calendar and digit 4 is represented by the Hebrew letter Dalet which is, according to Melissa Flores, “the picture of a hanging tent door. The door, dalet, also can mean the movement of one coming from or going into the tent.”  Her interesting explanation of this year’s meaning – and therefore expectation – may be read at link 4 below. Continue reading

Final Tix for Glasgow Cathedral – Thurs 19th September

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Hi Richard
Alert! We’re running low on space for the Thursday evening (Cathedral) of our September 19-21st conference and so we’ve released the last batch of tickets for this evening. If you want to take part in what is promising to be a very special evening of worship, prayer, teaching, prophetic declarations, opening spiritual wells (!) and walking through spiritual gates (!!!) then please don’t delay! For more information on the conference, visit our information-packed conference website! That means that we are also running out of spaces for the full 3-day conference pass (Thursday 19th / Friday-Saturday 20-21st) – which of course includes the opening session in the Cathedral. If you intend on joining us for the whole conference (all seven sessions!), then please hurry! TO BOOK, CLICK ON ‘SEE IN YOUR BROWSER’ AT TOP

An ‘invisible jigsaw’ falls into place…

How does one describe a conviction of seeing things falling into place?

Since 1st August I’ve been in the last 1/7th of my personal year. Genesis states that on the seventh day God rested from His work of creation. So we have the concept of a Sabbath day, whereupon its best to rest – as Jesus said, it’s designed for us. In past times, land was allowed 1 year out of 7 to lie fallow and recuperate

As a boy my personal 7/7th coincided with the main annual school holidays. Each new school year would coincide with my own new year.  In recent years I found it includes the Hebraic ‘head of the year’ or new year, Rosh Hashanah, and came to appreciate its special significance to all God’s people.

Whilst attending a Rosh Hashanah celebration the Lord blessed me with a continuous open vision as the rabbi taught us about creation. I’ve now realised the 3 subsequent  7/7ths have also blessed me with memorable insights as we approach and enter the holy ‘Days of Awe’.  In 2011 it involved a word about the Kingdom being set up in the UK and which had been declared that same day by Bill Johnson at a Revival Alliance Gathering – for details see Father, let Your Kingdom come.

RA 2012 - 1

Much more came at – and after – the Alliance meeting in late August 2012.  I’d hoped to  have had time to tell about it other than a passing allusion in Back to School, but not so.  The most memorable event was when the sound desk supervisor reported they’d had trouble monitoring the extra instruments and voices that suddenly came through the sound system!

RA - Martin SmithWe’d noticed mobile coloured spot lights up in the ceiling swinging rapidly in time to the worship too.  The invisible musicians can only have been an angelic host, as stated in  musician Martin Smith’s description. It is also covered in Anita Mathias’ report on Dreaming Beneath the Spires and RA 2012 Facebook page. For a full flavour of that ‘Spontaneous angelsong’  and superb worship times, visit Grace Media. [The footnote below has a link for this year’s  gathering.]

Author TE HannaThis year there’s much material to mull over, as hinted at the close of Jesus and Israel. Meanwhile, be blessed with some things that may prepare you for what I want to share since receiving Ian Clayton’s teaching in mid-August.  A lot of it is relevant to the church’s ‘New season’.  Theologian and blogger T.E.Hanna recently posted some short pieces  that plug into what I’m chewing over. So click onto these and check for yourself:

  1. “We are called to be revelators” – How Christianity Makes a Better Muslim
  2. “Our very design was to reflect the glory of the Great King throughout the midst of His creation” – 3 Glorious Reasons Why Heaven Misses the Point
  3. “We had all established our God-turf and drew a line in the sand. You would be accepted by us, so long as you first looked like us”  – The Myth of Unity: How What Draws Us Together May Actually Be Drawing Us Apart

TE has the gift of making theology easy-peasy so may I suggest you take time to read and have a handle for what I want to write about soon?

Finally and to clarify; the jigsaw that’s falling into place is a personal one and thus not the same as the worldwide Invisible Jigsaw I referred to a few months ago.

Images from ‘Revival Alliance 2012 Live’ cd are courtesy of Haven Church and details for Revival Alliance 2013 in November may be found here. Hand and puzzle pieces image is reproduced by courtesy of Anusorn P Nachol at FreedigitaIphotos.net

Hidden Meaning of the Menorah

Melissa’s description speaks right into what I sensed during worship yesterday as our assembly sang “You provide the fire, I’ll provide the sacrifice”. I sensed a flickering spread of orange and red with ill-defined objects bowing low and knew this was before the Throne of God. Mulling over Rev 4, I wondered if the image represents the flames of the seven spirits. So be mightily blessed as you inwardly digest this post.

Defining Words

MenorahSymbols of the corporate church abound in scripture. We are alluded to as the bride of Christ, God’s vineyard, the body of Christ, and His temple built of lively stones. Whenever it comes to the individual believer, however, I’ve heard relatively little in the way of scriptural symbolism. In preparation for a conference this month, I stumbled onto a rich trove of delights in studying the 7-candle menorah. The following is a digest of my findings that may prove to stir something within you, too!

Before we start, let me briefly explain the difference between the 7-candle and 9-candle menorah, and why we are focusing on the former. The 7-candle menorah is the traditional candelabra prescribed for use in Tabernacle of Moses. It has come to be a symbol of Judaism and much more as we will, here, divulge. Nine-candle menorahs are known as Hanukkah menorahs, and are lit during…

View original post 1,643 more words

Party politicians ‘Do God’

liberal-democrats-do-godMy attention has been drawn to a new book about Christians within politics, Liberal Democrats Do God. (NB: I don’t support any party.)

There have been many reviews, but  I would suggest your reading Gillan Scott’s attempt to get beyond all the sensationalist headlines on his well-informed blog here.

This reminded me that the Lib Dems president, Tim Farron, took a lot of stick last year in supporting Healing On The Streets against the Advertising Standards Authority. They were determined to prevent churches in Bath offering to pray in public for anyone who wished to receive prayers for healing. Eventually this reached Parliament, where HOTS  Bath gave a presentation to MPs, as I reported in Healing in Parliament.  For personal reasons, the early months of this blog were spent supporting my friend Paul Skelton’s struggle, which eventually resulted in victory (here, also see tags below).

As regards the book, Gillan is of the opinion,

The greatest achievement of this book is to give Christians in the Liberal Democrat party an opportunity to confidently stand tall without being ashamed of their faith. It says, ‘Look we’re Christians, we’re not embarrassed and we have nothing to hide. We believe our politics is better for it and not worse. We believe we have something that is of great value and we’re not going to water it down.’

and he concludes with a challenge:

What surely ought to follow from this is a similar exercise from Christians in other parties. David Cameron has made it be known that Conservatives ‘do God’. Are others willing to publicly join this declaration that Christianity should be firmly at the centre of politics and not just an onlooker from the sidelines?

Hopefully, we will see many more believers standing on the Rock in this ‘new season’  (open vision refers)! In respect of which, Glasgow Prophetic Centre delivered this ‘Lion Bite’ on Monday.:

The Rock

Come to Me – I am all that you need.

Though people and circumstances shift all around you, I am your Rock.

I am steadfast and I am faithful.

Come stand upon Me child and you will feel safe and secure.

As you stand upon The Rock you will gain a heavenly perspective of yourself, your circumstances and your life and it will become clear that I am all that you need.

Psalm 18:2 The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my saviour; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.


A Biblical relevance to Cameron’s ‘judgement call’?

Truly, I much prefer covering prophetical rather than political/military matters. But some things based upon the Word of God need saying when the occasion arises. So I’ll be brief:

This time last week I read reports of mobilisation around the eastern Med and the Gulf in preparing for a US missile strike upon Syria by the weekend. In view of the ‘ready-to-go’ status, I wasn’t surprised my son’s flight in that region set for Friday was brought forward to early Thursday. PM Cameron had urgently recalled Parliament from its Summer recess and later that day sought all MP’s backing for military support of the US and associates’ attack. The PM has been concerned over the very dreadful plight of civilians in Syria and long canvassed Obama for action of one sort or another.

(The US has trained Syrian rebels in Jordan, who’ve already been in action. Assad had warned this would trigger retribution, including use of chemical weapons – see DebkaFile’s analysis with their original report of mid-August).

D CameronThursday evening’s news referred to PM Cameron stressing that military action is a “Judgement call” – see Channel4 News and Friday’s The Independent. As we know, the PM lost the House’s vote. Much has been written about this and so I’ll be succinct. It’s noteworthy that after having heard Cameron tell him UK is unable to help the US, Obama suddenly changed his mind about the strike – not even telling his military chiefs or allies! (DebkaFile refers.)

What struck me is, not so much the complete about-turn by both leaders, as a likely connection with both having forsaken the ways of the Lord and failing to stand on his Word – God is not mocked!

Let’s recall from a previous post on the US Administration’s problems how the Amplified Bible spells out chapter 6 of Paul’s letter to the Galatians:

Do not be deceived and deluded and misled; God will not allow Himself to be sneered at (scorned, disdained, or mocked by mere pretensions or professions, or by His precepts being set aside.) [He inevitably deludes himself who attempts to delude God.] For whatever a man sows, that and that only is what he will reap. For he who sows to his own flesh (lower nature, sensuality) will from the flesh reap decay and ruin and destruction, but he who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life. [BibleGateway

We cannot pretend to know how the Lord is working in all this, but it’s instructive to note the PM’s “judgement call” may have a deeper connotation than is ordinarily assumed!

Cameron railroaded through Parliament a completely unnecessary Statute to redefine marriage. His American mentor has led nationally and internationally in this and now faces troubles across several fronts, including the Muslim Brotherhood (see this by Joel Rosenberg).

Thus, they’re reaping as they’ve sown within their very own political system. AND it has come through attempting to deal with an evil regime in cahoots with another – but how can our leaders expect to be righteous in this issue when they’re not in others?

So, this round has been won by the ‘Ezekiel 38 Alliance’, or ‘axis’ as David Blair terms it in his commentary West’s failure to act.  Analysing America’s three main interests in the Syrian issues, Caroline Glick hits the nail on the head in Obama’s bread and circuses.   International Business Editor for the Telegraph, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, also makes several good points in A Fairly Honourable Defeat. This comes with insights from his father’s involvement in Syria in 1942.

Yesterday’s development is the proposed transfer of Assad’s chemical weapons into deep shelters in Iran, thereby averting any US attack (report here) and possibly using  the move as a bargaining chip. [Debka reported  ahead of the invasion of Iraq that Saddam Hussein’s WMD stock was moved into Syria. Many years later I noted the ‘Vicar of Baghdad’, Canon Andrew White, corroborate this claim on TV.]  A fortnight ago Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned,

“Syria has become Iran’s testing ground….Iran is watching and it wants to see what would be the reaction on the use of chemical weapons.”

Today brings news of joint US-Israel tests at sea of interceptive missile systems for protection of Israel and Jordan in the event of the conflict expanding into the region.

So tensions continue to simmer near boiling point….