The door into the ‘New Season’ is open

After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven. And the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me, saying, “Come up here and I will show you things which must take place after this”… (Revelation chapter 4:1-2 The Throne Room of Heaven, NKJV)

Leading into and after the new year 2013, I blogged about a doorway into the heavenly realms opening up (see links below). To my pleasant surprise, I learnt last weekend the Jewish New Year that started on 4th September is symbolised by a doorway!

And I was even more surprised to sense in tandem with this that the Lord is prompting and awakening His people to become more aware of political v. faith issues, as well as to get prepared and trained for ruling on earth – not heaven – when the true Millennium manifests!

This new year is 5774 in the Jewish calendar and digit 4 is represented by the Hebrew letter Dalet which is, according to Melissa Flores, “the picture of a hanging tent door. The door, dalet, also can mean the movement of one coming from or going into the tent.”  Her interesting explanation of this year’s meaning – and therefore expectation – may be read at link 4 below.

It also complements teaching we heard from messianic Rabbi Curt Landry at Church of His Presence on Sunday afternoon. This visiting preacher taught for 2 hours about the glory dominion mandate of Covenant living with God. He explained how approaching our personal door is what Jesus meant by the camel going through the ‘eye of a needle’ – I recall someone was of the opinion this referred to a doorway at the base of one of Jerusalem’s gates and burdened camels had to go on their knees to pass (see Luke 18:24-6).  Curt also taught about the importance of the ’3-stranded cord’ of One New Man to the American nation.

For those who recognise its importance and want to delve into this topic I’d recommend  listening to his practical teaching which is full of gems. I’d like it to be viewed by anyone with a calling into politics, or remotely interested in Kingdom dynamics that can change secular politics!!

It’s important to get rid of personal baggage accumulated in the old year 5773, that of the camel. It was fine for then but prevents us going into our door of opportunity. Curt stressed that’s a necessity for moving into next year 5775 – the year of grace – when,

The nation of Israel and Jewish people will look upon the five piercings   of Messiah…’and they shall mourn’…The camel on its knees…Jacob is coming back to Yeshua!

If you think that the Church cannot realign itself for that revival – it will only be the church who understands Zion and the revival of Zion, that will prosper as Zion prospers…

A pastor friend of mine told me of his biggest  revelation after thinking the Jews would get saved and then come to church.  He said, “I never dreamt the Jews would get saved and then the church would come to them!”

Some of this echoed what had been taught by our visiting apostolic leader Stephen Herzig. First, his wife Anita briefly shared what was on her heart,

We need to demonstrate through our lives another way of living and loving.

She didn’t know how it complemented what her husband was going to say about Philippians 3. Stephen started with,

Our job is to copy Jesus and bring a foretaste of heaven on earth.

After explaining how well the worship time matched his thesis he said, “God is saying recently,

“This is a time of new beginnings. What ‘was’ is no more. What ‘will be’ needs new foundations.”

I remained riveted because of a dream where I’d seen this about myself. What Stephen was saying isn’t only connected with our relationship with God but also with all areas of church and society.  Stephen developed upon this from Phil 3 by teaching that basically all we have in life cannot be compared with what we have in Jesus Christ. We need to know God more and grow lots more in areas He’s preparing for us.

People have issues with Christians because we’re not living the right way, as Jesus wants us to!… A mature tree produces the fruit of a Christ-like character. Jesus has the power to transform us into Him!

Surely this is key to showing on a one-to-one basis who God is and thereby changing society for the better. Do it Lord!

For a personal brief insight upon dalet see Number 7 and my journey into freedom as well as Revd Dr Stone’s remarks in Part 2 of prophetic words for 2014.

Further reading / watching:

  1. 2/12/12 – First Sunday in Advent
  2. On The Threshold
  3. A New Day Dawns
  4. The Year 5774: Ayin Dalet
  5. Sunday 8 Sept at CHP > Curt Landry starts at 1hr 10 min
  6. See covering introduction to Hidden Meaning of the Menorah
  7. For prophetic words on the ‘new season’ see A New Era in The Church.

[Image of door open in sky courtesy of Nattavut at]

5 thoughts on “The door into the ‘New Season’ is open

    • Tony, seems it’s well worth revisiting in prayerful meditation and chewing over what the Lord said and the solid explanations available via links 4 & 5 above. Yes do cross over and go through. (Melissa’s ref to ‘dalet’ spoke into a dream of mine concerning a large tent, it’s wide door and the limitless fresh pastures beyond.)

      Recommend: DO listen to Rabbi Landry’s v practical lesson about how to go thru’ the door. It commences at 1hr 52 min and I’m using it in connection with what the Lord’s hinting at for me and my new year next Sunday. (His own church reported it as being the best teaching he’s given yet.)

      I’d seriously suggest finding time to watch his whole session from 1hr 10min – it is exceptionally important. When he made a declaration about King David both of us were strongly affected by the Holy Spirit even tho’ we’re 1/4 way around the world watching live!


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