What we need

Excellent reminder from Joanne, who’s not ‘down under’ (in NZ) but rising above!

The Kingdom

With the world troubled by the Coronavirus at the moment, I thought it’s important to remember who Jesus is and what we need.  Right now, I’m reading the book of John, and John contains seven “I AM” statements.

I AM the Bread of Life (John 6:35, 41, 48, 51); I AM the Light of the World (John 8:12); I AM the Door of the Sheep (John 10:7, 9); I AM the Good Shepherd (John 10:11,14); I AM the Resurrection and the Life (John 11:25); I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6); and I AM the True Vine (John 15:1, 5).

The world needs Jesus – not hand sanitiser, face masks or toilet paper.

I found this on Facebook, I don’t know who wrote it – but it sums up four of Jesus’ I AM statements.

I AMLinks

The Bread of Life.  Are you hungry?  Here is Bread.

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Releasing Heaven – CTNTP leader’s personal testimony

Thank you Lord for the encouraging healing following this reporter’s meeting with the author of this book…

Have you a desire to see signs, wonders and miracles, people healed and set free? Well it is much a case of gaining the right perspective of who we are in Christ and responding to His voice! David Gilbey, UK Coordinator of CTNTP, records what happened last week, and what it led to three days […]

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PS to Neil’s Habbakuk-type Oracle

In acknowledging Neil Mackereth for An Oracle, I told my long-time friend one of the prophecy ministries listed in the Directory section of The State of the Prophetic in UK politely asked to be removed rather than appear with some of questionable doctrinal background.

Neil replies and adds PS to his ‘oracle’ as follows:

Interesting to hear (that) comment – something else the Lord has been highlighting to me over the last few days is unity (or rather the lack of unity) – one would expect a common “enemy” to unite those facing the threat.  So far, Global Warming has encouraged more bickering and dissent than unity. Now, a more obvious (immediate) and rapidly evolving threat provides an opportunity to put differences aside, humble ourselves and plead God’s forgiveness. What an opportunity for Christians to set the example in humility, unity and heartfelt intercessory prayer for the nations.

The other point that comes out so clearly in Habakkuk is his conviction (through the insights God gives him) that God is in charge no matter how daunting the challenges may seem. This is abundant faith which banishes fear.

I am still a “work in progress” on that front!

…God Bless, Neil

P.S. I probably should have quoted 2 Chronicles 7:14 in full and included verse 13.

“When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people if My people who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.“ (2 Chronicles 7:14)

RB’s Footnote: It was that utter lack of unity and back-stabbing between churches 50 years ago that made me deepy contemptuous of clergy and churchgoers. In rejecting their claims and doctrines I unwittingly turned towards and got trapped in the devil’s domain! Therefore, it was the fault of so-called ‘Christians’ disobeying the Lord! (As summarised in False ‘Gospel’ Lured Me To The Devil’s Door.)

Neil Mackereth: a Habbakuk-type Oracle

Further to the previous posted yesterday on two prophecies that were published Friday and Saturday, Neil Mackereth was urged to email but apologised for doing so on a Saturday; “However, I have noted of late that the speed of events is such that delay is not appropriate!”  I’m copying his message as received from Neil (he doesn’t usually use bold typeface):


A week ago, in a time of meditation, the Lord spoke to me:

Consider the expression: “Hope springs eternal” and read it as: “Hope spring’s eternal” – in the sense that “hope” is expectation (as in “our hope is in Jesus” i.e. Faith). Have faith that what will happen this Spring will have eternal significance.

On pondering this I was led to Habakkuk and saw certain similarities with our present situation:

How long, O Lord, will the outrageous, demonic and exceedingly unwholesome agendas of the wicked succeed and prosper?

 “Look at the Nations and watch – and be utterly amazed”

All the negotiations of men are being overtaken by the onslaught of Covid-19. Just as Habakkuk watched for the Babylonian invasion of Israel, so we are to watch the advancing Covid-19, and seek to understand the spiritual significance of this assault on an ill-prepared (unrighteous) world.

This virus scoffs at men whose strength and pride is in their wealth, intellect or fame; ignores frontiers, fortifications and weapons of war, and laughs at our unwillingness to cry out to the Lord.

“If My people who are called by My Name …. “ (2 Chronicles 7:14)

During the week I felt called to:

Meditate on the horrendous, unspeakable and utterly unjust treatment of My Son, that led to His crucifixion and death. Then remember that His barbaric mistreatment was an absolutely necessary forerunner to His resurrection and your salvation. So, too, are the troubles now coming on the earth an absolutely necessary forerunner to the return of Jesus and the fulfillment of My plan for the redemption of the world.

Something utterly amazing is going to happen this Spring.

[PS. see next post]

God is testing our power source: Obedience — Wanda Alger

Once again we have words of wisdom from Wanda and which ‘coincided’ with retaining  the opening scripture to my Fulfilled Prophecies catalogue. (Appearing in full from the page’s inception I’d decided to truncate it down to first verse only but yesterday morning obeyed the Spirit’s direction to retain it >> later that day I received an email from such a ‘false tree’ of prophecy!)

Next, after re-blogging the previous post relating to censoring Franklin Graham a reader queried my use of a certain word. I replied that my focus is to try meeting Jesus’ triple insistence in John 14 of obedience as a demonstration of loving Him (vv 15, 21, 23). Next, is to avoid judging my brethren. SO carefully consider Wanda’s teaching and example below:

We underestimate the POWER in OBEDIENCE. For those of us who champion the tangible presence of God and spending time in the quiet place, it’s easy to assume that this is our only source of spiritual power. Though it is true that spending time with the Lord is foundational to our faith and nurturing our…

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Understanding the times and writing to The Guardian re. Franklin Graham — TheWeeFlea.com


In my humble opinion this by David Robertson is essential reading for ALL who claim to follow Jesus Christ, and especially for church leaders… 

This months EN article…. 1 Chronicles 12:32 is a fascinating verse. It speaks of ‘men who understood the times and knew what to do’. In an age of confusion it’s clearly something that we need today. The devil’s tactic as the father of lies is to sow discord, create confusion and magnify division. It appears…

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Leisa Ebere: a vision of dry bones rising

Leisa emails me yesterday, ‘The Lord took me into a powerful vision in the early hours of the morning, which speaks about His discontent with those who are not living in the fullness of His Spirit. His heart’s desire is that we rise up and embrace the Glory, Power and Grace that His Precious Son, Jesus, died for, so that we can live victorious lives. Here it is:


given to Leisa Ebere on 18th February 2020

‘The Lord took me into a vision, to a very desolate place, and it was extremely quiet there, as if it had been forgotten and forsaken entirely. And then as I looked in the distance I saw the valley of the dry bones, as is spoken of in Ezekiel 37, and I saw that there were snake pits throughout the valley and that certain bones were being blown into the snake pits over and over again. Then I heard the Lord say,

“Those who will not rise when My Prophets extend Words from My Throne Room shall fall into deeper deception. But those who rise and walk towards the Brightness of My Rising shall be connected and empowered for a glorious purpose.”

‘Then I saw an angel fly with what looked like weights and measures and that he had positioned himself on a high hill above the valley, and I saw there was a legion of angels standing with him and some were blowing shofars and others were singing in a mighty assembly on that hill. Then the Lord proclaimed in a loud thunderous voice,

“The gathering of My People shall not be stopped by Unbelief or Deceptions. For the testimony of humanism and traditions of men shall pass away and be labelled as foolishness, as My Sovereign hand moves upon the Nations of the earth. For My Glory shall be released to free the captives and to protect the innocent and My forbearance of this present Age is coming to end,” said the Lord of Hosts.’


Leisa Ebere,

We’re not in a contest of power – but are contending in God-given AUTHORITY — Wanda Alger

In this ace follow-up Wanda reminds me of what I heard upon opening my Bible 12 years ago to check the wheat and tares parable only to hear, “This is ALL about to be fulfilled”. (Hence I began writing about End-times with The Endgame is now in play.)

Note that Wanda writes, “…In these days when the wheat and the tares are growing together and evil is continuing to rise, it is not those who exert the most power that will determine the outcome, but those who have been given the greater authority…”

As our president faces ongoing threats and attacks from his opponents, we can be assured that his assignment will not fail if we understand the superiority of legitimate authority. 828 more words


Do we know what we’re fighting for? — Wanda Alger

In addressing American disciples of the Lord, what Wanda says about that political scene also applies to Britain; eg. in standing against the illegal action of cancelling venues for the Frank Graham evangelistic tour > click to sign petition to the Home Secretary!  (See also ‘Thought police’ cancel events with Christian speakers.)

‘…It’s only when the legislation that is being passed behind closed doors comes to our own front doors, that we start to realize we need to pay attention and get involved. Yes, we must pray. Yes, we must stand in the gap and start speaking up about these issues that are core to our faith and critical to our witness. But, we must also begin thinking about our own responsibility in leading the way to reformation and transformation…’

Given current events, it is obvious we are in for a long stretch of war this coming year. But, this will not be a war of political parties as much as a war of spiritual powers in the high places of our nation. 904 more words

Continue reading at DO WE KNOW WHAT WE’RE FIGHTING FOR? — wandaalger.me

Twenty Twenty – on this New Year and New Decade

David Chapman, author of several postings and papers on this blog kindly offers his following reflections and insights, or spiritual ‘sightings’ – can’t resist play on words to do with light and seeing. Dave notes, “Some obvious things in this one, but hopefully some confirmatory and useful things too”.:


by Dave Chapman

There are some things I believe we may look to see coming into focus in this Year of 2020, and indeed this 20’s decade.

First, a ‘Look’ at 20/20 Vision

This phrase is one we connect with ‘having good eyesight’. We can see at a certain distance (20 feet) what is expected of us – normal eyesight. It provides a necessary sharpness of vision.

There is a clarity to the object/person, away from us. We can see clearly now. People who have cataracts look through a mist. But when the cataracts are removed there is a restoration of sight, sharpness, and clarity.

This is one thing God will be doing for His people this year. He will be giving the clarity of seeing things as they really are. Removing the veil from before our eyes. The ability to see and to discern in the spiritual realm, between good and evil (Hebrews 5 v 14). To see what kind of ‘spirit’ is at work.

One of the great lacks in the Body of Christ has been the ‘gift of Discernment of spirits’ (1 Corinthians 12 v 10). I believe the operation of this will be greatly sharpened this year. To discern/see what the enemy is doing among God’s people will be identified and rooted out. Conversely, what God is doing will be recognised, hosted, or encouraged.
It is important not to judge by the outward, but to see what is behind things. “The Lord looks on the heart”, as He said to Samuel about who was to be anointed King, (1 Sam 16 v 7), and Jesus said to the Jews around Him, “judge not according to the appearance but judge righteous judgement” (John 7 v 24). We have to see with different eyes to those of the flesh, we need to see with our spiritual eyes, and this is a year for that to take place. We need to see behind the curtain of the flesh.


Then again the 20/20’s speak of ‘In-sight’. It looks like this will continue through the decade too! I’ll apply this to what, and how, we need to walk with God. With insight as to who He really is, His greatness, His mercy; the abundance of His love toward us; the workings of His grace within us, both for us and through us. For insight as to the ways of God, and of man.

Having insight as to who we are in Him. Revelation of our Sonship; our Royal Priesthood, and what that means in practice; of what He has placed by His Spirit inside each of us for His individual callings on our lives; discovering what we each are individually to give ourselves to as a result; of where our energies need to be applied. Of greater appreciation of His righteousness in us, and of His righteous clothing upon us, and of the glorious call to Holiness in our walk with Him.


This is to do with being able to see ahead, by revelation; a sense in our spirit, an inner ‘knowing’ of what is ahead, so that we can make the appropriate plans, adjust our schedules and make the necessary practical alterations and adjustments that mean we are ready for when what we are preparing for arrives upon us! For fresh oil in, and with, our Lamps too, as a Bride being prepared for Him.

It is good being able to see ahead, but application is needed for it to be of any use!
It means an even greater reliance on the prophetic than we may already have. The early church had this in abundance. Foresight of the coming famine in the world (Acts 11 v 28); the church was led through prophetic revelation, advanced greatly even – as with Paul and Barnabas being set apart for their callings, as in Antioch ( Acts 13 v 1).
There will be greater revelation concerning the days we are living in too; of how to live in this present world; and of how to apply ourselves to walking worthily of His calling; to be the lights God has called us to be.

A Year – even Decade – of Openings

Being able to see the openings He places before us. Like Jacob who was made Ready after 20 years, to Return to the Land. We shall be seeing this at this time, as we as a Nation ‘return to the land of our fathers’, just as Jacob was told by the Lord “Return to the Land of your fathers….” (Gen 31 v 3). We, as a Nation, are on the way to return to that which the Fathers of our Nation founded here. We have served too long as if in and from a foreign land, and we will Reclaim our heritage – that which the Lord laid out for us – and established in the Land millenia ago.

On parting company with his uncle he said “This 20 years I have been with you….” (Gen 31 v 38), and, “I served you 14 years for your two daughters and 6 years for your cattle” (v 41). And…he did not leave empty handed, but rather well provided for!

Solomon was 20 years building his house and the Temple (1 Kings 9 v 10), and at the end of these 20 years there was a Readiness for a new era of blessing; for prosperity like never before; expansion; for progress and protection. He of course wrote the Book of Proverbs – the 20th Book in our Bible! It’s wisdom recorded there will be vital for us this new decade, as “the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ” (Eph 1 v 17) is poured out upon us. Indeed this will be accompanied by “the spirit of the fear of the Lord” (Isaiah 11 v 2), which is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom (Proverbs 1 v 7, and 9 v 10).

And of Opportunities

Being 20 years old was also the age at which the young men were enlisted in Israel’s army, “all those twenty and above” (Numbers 1 v 45). They were of an age to be ready, indeed responsible, to defend their new nation, and to further its cause. Spiritual warfare will no longer be left to the older generation, but will become the responsibility of all those who are beyond the ‘student age’, spiritually speaking. Basically, if they are among those who are committed to the Lord, they will ‘get signed up’ from now on, into the soldier mentality; and becoming warriors for the Lord! Is there not a cause? Yes, yes, there certainly is!

Time to Rebuild

Ezra enlisted all those from the tribe of Levi above the age of 20 to Rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem after they had returned from captivity in Babylon ( Ezra 3 v 8). These 2020’s will be the time to rebuild our Nation. A time to restore what has been broken, naturally and spiritually. A time when the presence of the Lord can be returned to our Land in a way we have not known for decades.

These things excite me in spirit. I believe we are in for one of the best times we have ever known. Not without conflict, of course, but with readiness, and equipped to be able to triumph!

Dave Chapman, 3.1.2020

2019-2020 Fulfilled Prophecies, 2 of 3: Three blessings after three woes, including war with Iran! (#50)

Christopher Wickland released this prophecy four months ago but has re-released it in response to recent events. If new to you, I recommend its careful study and weighing.

I’m tempted to emphasise parts in addition to that of America’s response to Iran’s killing US citizens and attacking its sovereign territory (ie. US embassy in Baghdad; which is tantamount to a declaration of war!) – but I leave my readers to note aspects that have been, or are becoming, fulfilled. 

In my opinion, ‘government’ in the 1st woe covers the three arms of Executive, Parliamentary and Judicial authority within Britain. 



My name is Christopher Wickland, I’ve been a Christian going on for nearly 30 years. Over that time I have received many visions and dreams I believe to be from the Lord. Some of those visions and dreams have impacted and literally saved peoples lives.

There has been many words and dreams I have held onto for a long time, over 20 years regarding the war with Iran, the great economic collapse and the Great Revival. All of these words in the time I received them were very much out of time in respect to the world’s then geopolitical climate.

I feel now is the time to start opening up these words and revealing them to the general public for those who wish to hear such things. This word I am about to give will contain elements of those words including new prophetic insights I believe the Lord has given to me.

This prophetic word will be broken into two sections. A message of woe and a message of hope.

I need to make it clear, that I do not live to be a sensationalist, to grab attention or to be one who seeks stardom in the small world of the prophetic. On the contrary, I wish to be one who would rather hide in the shadows and remain hidden. I would rather live out my life in peace with God and man. It brings me no joy whatsoever to bring prophetic words, especially weighty ones.

MESSAGE OF WOE Continue reading

Leisa Ebere: the heavy anvil prophecy

Leisa writes,  ‘Here is the Word the Lord gave me today, post UK election, which will require great sacrifice and concerted prayer strategies from God’s Remnant in the days ahead, in order to birth a changed nation. Blessings, Leisa Ebere.’


given to Leisa Ebere on 13th December 2019

I saw a heavy anvil slamming down on a long piece of metal, and I heard the Lord say,

“My Children have asked me for amendments in the nation of the UK, and so I have granted their requests, despite disobedience in the camp. But I say to you in the days ahead, that hard sacrifices will be required for transformation to come to the nation of Great Britain. For the way will not be easy as they suppose, for many who are within My Body have their mindsets firmly entrenched with the enemy. (!! RB)

“And just as the children of Israel murmured in the desert, so shall many murmur against Me during this age of transformation, for I tell you truly, that disobedience and a religious mindset has brought a need for My intervening hand,” declares the Lord. “Be not fooled, Boris Johnson is not your saviour, for he is only a small breeze in a major wind storm. Look up and get true revelation from Me,” says the Lord, “and I shall guide you through this desert journey.”

Then I saw an hour glass being turned over and I saw the sand running down into the lower chamber, and the Lord said: “The hard sacrifices must be made to birth nations of My choosing, and who will agree to submit to the weights and measures, yet to come?  For I am calling you up to greater heights in Me, not hiding you away in seclusion. It is time to stand, whilst My Anvil reshapes your hearts and minds, and for you to let love and the faithful strategies born of My Spirit, reflect in your lives.”