Milestones and crossroads in two disciples’ walks with the Lord

The following is offered on the grounds prominently stated on the first printing of my testimony, upon this blog’s homepage and in About Comments – ie. it is all purely


IN chatting with Geoff Pick, creator of UK Prophetic Word blogspot, about a conference paper being prepared on the prophetic in the UK, we were intrigued to learn a couple of dates marked rather similar events in our long-standing activity in prophecy.

Our personal paths had ‘crossed’ twice and, although marked by spiritual signposts that point out our different, distinct routes, those ‘locations’ were ‘milestones’ marking each crossroad’s significance – perhaps like the altars to the Lord the ancient patriarchs and Hebrews had set up to mark where and when the Almighty had appeared and broken into their lives.

It’s especially amusing that our milestones actually have numbers on them – as dates.  So these milestones indicate ‘space-time’ distance travelled in walking with our Lord..:


Geoff noted that, after the Millennium, most prophetic input was coming from America, or other English-speaking nations, with little from believers across Britain. So in 2004 he started assembling national prophecy and, encouraged by others, launched a website bringing together those prophecies, as well as Facebook group Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival. His UK Prophetic Words public blog on the same theme followed in 2011.

2004 was when I was ‘God-smacked’ with an open vision of the rotten state of Britain, but was unable to discuss it in-depth with anyone in churches until we went the next year to a prophecy school run by a church prophecy team at Bath at three levels to allow for delegates’ abilities. Nina and I daringly plumped for Revd Dr Sharon Stone’s ‘masterclass’ and I sounded her out on that dream. Right away she accepted its validity – then called her students to intercession on it!  Sharon and husband Greg had come to Britain in 2001 to start Christian International Europe under Dr Bill Hamon (based in Florida). 


Seven years later, in 2011, Geoff and I were involved with the Revival Alliance gathering in Westminster, but from completely different angles because mine was a ‘flying visit’ in a dream wherein I ‘saw’ and declared, “The Kingdom is being set up!” Afterwards, when briefed about the event and Bill Johnson musing that “We would look back at 1st Sept 2011 as the day things changed in the UK,” I emailed organiser Christen Forster about the dream.

That prophetic linkage impelled me to go public with my email observations on Bible prophecy and world events by launching this blog on 21st November 2011. 

Only months later in 2012 did I discover Geoff’s website and the 10 Prophetic Visions therein.

Moreover, only in recent weeks have we noticed yet another Biblically-relevant activity in common: an appreciation and understanding of the relevance of numbers!

Contemporary prophecy and ministry is our common interest, but not my prime focus. In view of what had happened in my pre-Christian days, Bible prophecy certainly takes precedence, as well as being the raison-d’etre of my writing.

Geoff became aware of my work on this blog, yet in recent discussion I realised he’s not familiar with the whole cyber-library of hubs and static pages. This would also apply to anyone using a mobile phone unless they choose to see the ‘full site’.  To check that very large library’s content click its aforementioned link.

Therefore, I composed and sent him the following synopsis of my personal history and thought it would interest you too…(Moreover, as the anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963 has just passed, I recall its relevance to my journey. Later in the Readers’ Digest I read a lady’s account of dreaming about an attempt upon his life and trying to warn the authorities.)


In summary, here are the personal milestones with associate links to read about them if you have time and inclination to do so:

Mid-1980s – ‘The Invisible Hand’ by Victor Dunstan about ‘ancient seers’ prophecies, as in this blog’s Bio Info, which also gives brief overview of few notable ‘milestones’.

1989 – dream visitation from the Lord as told in I’m FREE [5th bullet-point refers; article summarises my background – 1990, started attending Tilehurst Free Church (Baptist) with its very sound Bible teaching. 1998 healing and deliverance with Ellel Ministries.]

1992dream vision and word re “fall of Islam” – stunning reality of prophetic visions.

1996, 2008, 2009 – THREE personal prophetic words about writing and prophecy

2004 – open vision of Britain being ripped apart as ‘fabric of society is rotten’ but rock of Christ appears, as later published in email of 18 August 2011.

2008-9 – As my Bible explodes I hear “This is ALL about to be fulfilled” and thus began  emailing on End-times. [First is in two-parts entitled The End-game Is Now In Play.]

2011 – a vivid dream connects not only with Bill Johnson’s prophetic word on pivotal point in UK’s prophetic history but also location of his meeting (see ‘Father Let Your Kingdom Come’).

2011 – launched ‘Richard’s Watch: Looking For The Signs  Of Jesus’ Return’ with this Welcome. Posts on False Theology, Eschatology, Prophecy, Why I’m Watching were to follow with my testimony, and this on Biblical/historical/financial Cycles for 2011-12.

Paws 4 Thought ‘God-incidence’ continues onto Boston, its Tea Party and NATO

After drafting the previous post yesterday afternoon, before scheduling it for publication in the evening I checked out Veronika West’s Facebook and found that she, too, had posted a word which connects with Boston, but in USA – so the God-incidents continue! (Although mine refers to emails sent Sunday and opened Monday I’d been unable to blog on it for a couple of days – so timing is much more than circumstantial).

Here’s the sequence as posted 4th Dec.on her Ignite Ireland Ministry Facebook but note it’s in reverse chronological order. Therefore, to get the full gist of her reaction you will need to note and then read the full account last to make sense of it all. SO, over to you to weigh and pray:

At ’16 hrs’ ago, she writes,

‘CHECK THIS OUT just got a wee message from a fellow Prophet in the Lord concerning the Dream/TEA AND TRUMP which I posted; Hi Veronika, Very interesting word!  Peas porridge hot…. is a nursery rhyme first published in 1760!

‘Tea that’s nine days old is very bitter and prophetically, feeding such tea to theses four nations is humiliating – the bitter taste of failure for them but it may be lining up Armageddon as they will want a payback for being humiliated!

‘When receiving this message I researched the date 1760 and look what I found; (Pictures below)

‘Seems like the date 1760 and the Nursery Rhyme about Pea Porridge Hot…makes direct correlation to the timing of AMERICA REVOLUTION AND THE TIMING OF THE BOSTON TEA PARTY…(1760’s-1840’s) A coincidence???…I don’t think so….I believe God is speaking volumes..!’

And 18 hrs ago she publishes this detailed exposition:  


Last night I had another strange dream concerning PRESIDENT TRUMP, STRONG BREWED TEA NINE DAYS OLD AND YEAR 2020…”!

In this strange dream I saw a beautiful table which was set with pure white tablecloths made of the finest linen, delicate tea cups and saucers neatly laid before those who were sitting at this beautiful table. Suddenly in the dream I became aware of President Trump sitting at the head of the table and I heard these words, “TEA, TEA, TEA….AND THEY SHALL DRINK STRONG BREWED TEA NINE DAYS OLD…WATCH! FOR THERE SHALL BE A TEA PARTY IN TWENTY TWENTY (2020) AND THEY WILL SHOUT, “TRUMP ELECTED AGAIN, TRUMP ELECTED AGAIN, TRUMP ELECTED AGAIN…”!

Now as I heard those words I looked again at the beautiful table and I saw many different people sitting at the table as if waiting to be served. Then I saw President Trump stand up at the head of the table and in his hand he held what looked like AN ANTIQUE TEA POT, and he looked ready to serve those who were sitting waiting, now as I looked again at the tea pot I saw that it looked very old and fragile and then I heard President Trump speak these strange words, “STRONG BREWED TEA HOT, STRONG BREWED TEA COLD, SOME LIKE STRONG BREWED TEA NINE DAYS OLD”…HA!!! I know sounds strange, and yet it reminded me a childhood nursery rhyme about porridge, anyhow) But as he said those words in the dream which I thought were very strange and I did not understand it’s meaning, suddenly I noticed that some of the people who were sitting at the table waiting to be served started to look uneasy, uncomfortable and rather nervous at the prospect of possibly being served STRONG BREWED TEA NINE DAYS OLD…BY PRESIDENT TRUMP…!

But then suddenly my eyes shifted and I caught a glimpse of a Chinese man who was sitting at the table and I heard these words, “CHINA….shall drink STRONG BREWED TEA NINE DAYS OLD”..! And then I saw the Nation of Russia at the table and I heard a similar thing, “The Nation of RUSSIA shall drink STRONG BREWED TEA NINE DAYS OLD”….and then I saw the Nation of Venezuela and I heard the same words, “The Nation of VENEZUELA shall drink STRONG BREWED TEA NINE DAYS OLD” and then the Nation of Iran, and again I heard the same words, “The Nation of IRAN shall drink STRONG BREWED TEA NINE DAYS OLD” and as I listened and tried to understand what I was seeing and hearing in the dream suddenly the Spirit of God quickened to me in the dream Psalms 23….which says, “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies”…! Now as my heart connected with that verse in the dream the Holy Spirit gave me some revelation of what I was seeing and hearing in this strange dream and what was to take place in the days ahead…!

My Prayerful Interpretation of Dream…!

I submit that as I have prayed again and again over this dream I believe that PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY WILL CONTINUE TO BE USED MIGHTILY BY THE HAND OF GOD IN THE DAYS AHEAD TO DESTROY, DISMANTLE AND DISARM THE POWERS OF EVIL AND CORRUPT NATIONS IN THE EARTH…..the Spirit of God also quickened to me in the dream this powerful verse concerning President Trump and what I was seeing and hearing…..This is what the LORD says about Cyrus, his anointed one: “I have held him by his right hand so he could conquer the nations ahead of him, strip and disarm kings of their power, and open doors ahead of him so that the gates would not be shut…..This is what the LORD says: “I will go before you, Cyrus, and level the mountains, I will smash down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron….I will give you the treasures of darkness And hidden wealth of secret places, So that you may know that it is I, The LORD, the God of Israel, who calls you by your name”..!

Lastly, So On waking from this rather strange dream I have to be honest and say I thought long and hard about whether to share this dream, as I believe there are still some aspects of this dream that have not yet been made fully plain to me. But As I have remained praying and meditating today I feel led now to share some of it that I believe could be significant for the purpose of prayer and intercession at this time. I further believe that it will serve as a timely encouragement for many that are praying fervently for President Trump and for the upcoming Elections in 2020..!

I believe the Number 9 is Powerfully prophetic concerning PRESIDENT TRUMP in this hour..I am trusting the Spirit of Revelation to highlight MORE to me and others connected with this Number (9) in this season, as it will bring forth SPECIFIC STRATEGIES FOR PRAYER AND DECLARATIONS.

And Lastly, I felt led to share a link to the last two words God gave me concerning “TEA AND PRESIDENT TRUMP”…as there seems to be a few links between all three…!



SEE LINK at His Kingdom Prophecy;

1. Word Concerning American President Donald J. Trump  October 15, 2019, Veronika West

My friends CALL ME CRAZY, but this is what I heard and saw as I was praying for the United States of America this morning.

Suddenly I heard The Spirit say, “The table has been set, the tea has been brewed, now for a Tea Party to shift the MOED!”

When I heard this riddle, I prayed again and I listened and The Spirit of God repeated it to me three (3) times. On the third time I went to write it down and on writing down the riddle, when I wrote the word MOOD, The Spirit of God immediately corrected me and showed me clearly the word was to be written as…. MOED …!

Not fully understanding what I was seeing and not recognising the spelling I went to Google. The word MOED is a Hebrew Word and it means; “An appointed time.”

Moed: Strong’s Concordance: 4150
moed: appointed time, place, or meeting
Original Word: מוֹעֵד
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: moed
Phonetic Spelling: (mo-ade’)
Definition: appointed time, place, or meeting

I immediately felt a strong witness that this was correct. As I began to pray over this riddle and this word MOED — APPOINTED TIME — The Spirit of God reminded me of a prophetic Word I posted concerning President Trump AND TEA…!

For more understanding, please see my June 3, 2019 HKP Word I have re-posted below.

Prophetically, I submit to you:

I see a table set before President Trump in the presence of his enemies.

The governing Hand of God is moving mightily.

The shift into an appointed time is now here…!
I submit this riddle for weighing and praying.

Bless you all.


2. A strange dream concerning the nation of America.

”Watch!” says The Spirit of God, “for President Donald Trump will go from strength to strength to strength in the days ahead!”

Here goes! Some of you will laugh, but those of you who have come to know me over time, will hear my heart and trust that I only share what I see and hear from The Spirit of God, irrelevant of whether it ticks certain boxes or tickles certain ears!

Two nights ago I had a really strange dream where I saw President Donald J. Trump being picked up by the Hand of God and he was put into a pot of boiling hot water.

Now as I looked at this strange thing in the dream, suddenly the dream shifted and I saw a Tea Bag and written upon the top of the tea bag were the words “Strong Brew!” (I told you it was a strange dream!)

Yes, a tea bag! I saw the tea bag being put into a pot of boiling hot water!

Now as I watched in the dream, the water began to change colour and the longer the tea bag sat in the boiling water the stronger and stronger the tea became!

Suddenly the dream shifted again, and I saw President Trump being immersed once again into a pot of boiling hot water and I heard The Spirit say in the dream, “Watch! For President Donald Trump will go from strength to strength to strength with each passing day, and that which sought to derail him, deter him and destroy him, will only make him stronger and stronger!

Now watch, as My Spirit moves in this hour to shift, change and transform the spiritual atmosphere over this nation.

Watch! As the tactics of the evil one are overturned and overthrown in the land, for this is the season of divine turnaround and supernatural transformation!”

God is sovereign and in full control of everything that concerns His anointed!

As I prayed concerning this strange dream, what really impacted me and gave me great comfort was that I saw: The Hand of God putting President Donald Trump into the boiling hot water.

As I began to inquire of The LORD, The Holy Spirit quickened to me the powerful story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and how The LORD was with the three of them in the midst of the burning hot furnace — and though the furnace was turned up 7 times hotter, not one hair on their heads was burned, not even their clothes smelled of smoked.

The Holy Spirit spoke so clearly to my heart through this dream and this story that indeed, ‘God is sovereign and is in full control of everything that concerns His anointed’.

Paws 4 Thought: ‘God-incident’ of 3 personal emails on Israel

On Monday I had three emails referring to Israel from readers, one of whom is a personal friend. It was mid-morning when I got online and, unusually, did things back-to-front. I didn’t boot up my browser but instead hit email button first. Normally it’s the other way around and start-up browser tabs slow down their full online display, which hinders email program from connecting and downloading mail.

The ‘God-incidental’ and noteworthy relevance of this will, I trust, will become plain.

Although appreciative of this modern state’s role in the Almighty’s plans and purposes, only very rarely do I communicate outside this blog about Israel, but I keep abreast of top-level news about the nation via the internet.

Therefore, I offer a brief resume of those emails for readers’ discernment, especially in the light of the vision Veronika West reported on the Israel’s, Britain’s and the USA’s inter-linked destinies wherein she states,

“…Suddenly, I found myself aware once again of my natural surroundings and I began to pray as the Spirit led me to pray for the three Nations I was shown. The Spirit of Revelation quieted my Spirit as I began to meditate on everything I was shown. I believe and submit that the three Nations I was shown have a UNIQUE AND DIVINE CONNECTION IN THIS HOUR AND THAT THE DESTINIES OF THESE THREE NATIONS ARE INTRINSICALLY INTERWOVEN WITH ONE ANOTHER…”


‘Susan’ forwarded news from a 3-day prayer-and-fast convened by Dovetail Shalom Ministries in the last week of November and, in view of my earlier reference to Genesis 12, this extract is noteworthy on the state of our nation (emphases mine):

‘…We had imagined that the Brexit would have been completed by October 31st, but the Lord knew that another prayer push would be needed, and He showed us a big block to Brexit being accomplished. We prepared everyone for deep repentance on day 2 at 2pm, concerning our shameful treatment of Israel in the Yom Kippur war. We all understood how we had completely treated Israel’s sovereignty as of no account, and the Gen 12 curse took effect in Britain, and we soon lost our own (sovereignty) through the EU.

‘As Brexit is a matter of the restoration of British sovereignty, it was clear this issue had to be dealt with before God. He showed us that actually it is His land, and the only place on earth He has chosen to dwell, which we also failed to honour, and that Matthew 25 was relevant here: whatever we do (or don’t do) to His brethren, it is as though it was done (or not done) to God Himself. Extremely serious! It was easy to humble ourselves as we all felt the weight of it. Many around the nation joined us at the time, and we knew that the Lord had heard us, and received our confession. ‘S’ from Tel Aviv was among our guests, and she released forgiveness on behalf of the Jewish people. There were around 150 intercessors present, but hundreds more around the world..’


Upon being strongly nudged to get my email up and running first on my desktop, I noted at the top one sent just minutes earlier from ‘Julie’ headed, ‘Is this something for our nation of significance?’  It refers to the sonic boom heard the previous day (Sunday).

Being drowsily awake at the time I thought the two sharp bangs came from our nearby army training ground where a night-time exercise may be under way. However, I later read a very brief report on the event and wondered if the RAF jets had intercepted a Russian military plane, as on previous occasions, as the pilot was incommunicado.

Therefore, I took keen notice of Julie’s remarks:

“I have some thoughts that I’ve mulled on this morning and want to pass them along for you, and those who move in the ministry to consider, and share if they have relevance. I will just lay out what I have so far.

“Sunday morning people awoke to sonic boom over eastern uk. It was in the news. I felt compelled to look at what newspaper reported – and dissect.

So, plane leaves Tel Aviv; captain is Steven Giorgiono. Tel Aviv = spring mound source. Steven = a crowned garland and Giorgio = river Jordan flowing down.

[RB: Wikipedia – Tel Aviv was built on sand dunes north of Jaffa and was envisaged to become a city. ‘The name chosen in 1910 from several suggestions…It was found fitting as it embraced the idea of a renaissance in the ancient Jewish homeland. Aviv is Hebrew for “spring”, symbolizing renewal, and tel is a man-made mound accumulating layers of civilization built one over the other and symbolizing the ancient..’]

“This plane flies across Europe and at 4:20 am uk, two planes from Lincolnshire (and near Boston) scramble to intercept it and sonic boom is radiated across eastern uk.

“So thoughts here are. Number 2 significant on relationships two planes, time 4:20 = 4 = wisdom; 2 = relationship;  0 = spiritual

“The commanders name at RAF base is Mark Flewin: Mark = a hammer coming down and Flewin = Glory flow.

“Looking at Boston; it was at one stage really important trading point as was Jaffa in Israel and apparently New Hampshire, USA (sic – Boston is Massachusetts) was too.

“I’m not sure how to take this really I do think it’s important. I’ve asked Holy Spirit to lead me but this is so far all really got. It could be it’s about brexit, but I think it’s far deeper, about this being a significant time for our nation spiritually, and how we treat Israel.
Obviously my other thoughts were it was first day of advent when we remember Christ’s first coming and more significantly his imminent return.”

RB Note: According to Monday’s Daily Telegraph the pilot told the BBC that problems developed “whilst flying across Germany en-route to the USA…It took us 10 minutes to realise the radio wasn’t working and then about 10 minutes to resolve the problem.” He said the RAF Typhoons stayed with the airliner for 5 minutes before leaving.


The third email is from ‘Ann’ headed ‘Eitan Bar: One for Israel’ and asking,

“I was just wondering if you are familiar with this man who is a young Jewish Christian and an academic. He has recently written an interesting book,  ’Refuting Rabbinic objections to Christianity & Messianic Prophecies’…I found it really, really interesting!   

Digging around I find Eitan is ONE FOR ISRAEL’S director of media and evangelism – and was born in Tel Aviv!  The 3rd time the city is mentioned, connecting these emails!

Am so surprised to be able to continue in next post >>

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