Comments upon the collapse of Society

Extract from pre-blog email circulated on Thursday 18 August 2011
Subject: Comments upon Word received through Dr Sharon Stone

Dear Friends,  Further to circulating a word received through Lance Lambert on the eve of the London Riots (see email 9 August) and Dr Sharon’s insights 12 August (original email and link n/a but amended Oct 2016), I was reminded Billy Graham’s grandson is coming to stir the youth of Britain in late September.

(HA! Only after having inserted that line to precede my comments written below, have I  just noticed its title, Will Graham Set to Rock the UK, alludes exactly to the climax of the event I’m writing about….)

Personally, I’m encouraged that this word (through Revd Dr Stone) confirms the gist of an open vision that came at the opening of worship at the start of a conference in St Albans in October 2004.

Before me I ‘saw’ a map of Britain surrounded by the sea, as though painted on rotten sacking – like old, wet coal-sacks I saw in my youth. It seemed the Lord was saying the fabric of our nation’s so rotten He could tear it apart so easily. 

This ‘map’ then began to rip apart in the middle, from about the line of Hadian’s Wall down along the line of the Pennine chain to the Midlands, and I sensed the Lord say, “I’m going to put the backbone back in Britain”. (I recalled that the Pennines are known as the spine of England.)

But out of the tear arose a very long rock, which I understood as meaning the Lord would restore our strong, spiritual backbone when we stand upon Him, The Rock.

[Previously I’d noted, ‘Could the Lord be allowing increased persecutions here for the purpose of putting the spine back into Christians and making us stand up strongly?’… And Parliament has since been, and continues to be, thoroughly shaken and ripped open – do it to the media and elsewhere, Lord…Did you know that mounted, body-armoured police in Manchester interrogated a street preacher just because he was inviting people to an Easter service? Next, a hate-crimes unit visited him at home!!!]

It wasn’t so much the unexpected and unbidden nature of the event that startled me. It was because I thought I heard the Lord say that He would rip the nation apart as easily as an old sack because of its rotten nature!!  That troubled me for I considered such to be contrary to his loving nature. 

But NT scriptures do speak of judgement and He gives many repeated warnings of such impending action (eg. as given this month through Lance Lambert).  Yet, we must plead His remembrance of mercy and of Jesus’ sacrifice, through which comes the fullness of true blessing.  All rather a profound mystery.  Also, let’s not forget that the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD (Isaiah 11.2) were aspects of the Holy Spirit prophesied for the descendant of King David’s father Jesse: Jesus Christ. 

NB > the vision was subsequently offered to several church leaders for weighing yet without any response! However, upon our attending a prophecy school the next year at Bath, I submitted it to Dr Stone who immediately agreed its validity.

2016 Confirmation: see Britain: Reformation Is Coming With Far Greater Glory

6 thoughts on “Comments upon the collapse of Society

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  2. Copy of reply from a recipient:
    Richard: Very encouraging – thanks. I have revisited a call to prayer I wrote for the magazine of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators Christian Fellowship; below :

    Political Correctness – A Call to Prayer

    As a nation, we worship other gods: the god of self, of rights, of money, of materialism, of humanism, of sex, of greed, of exploitation. We allow power to be abused and accept it as political astuteness, the way of the world, or not our problem. We pollute the air with profanity, pornography, and the portrayal of extreme violence; all in the name of freedom of speech. We contaminate the environment with chemicals and pestilence, fumes and waste, in pursuit of short-term gain. We see the banks, once bulwarks of our economic well-being, managed by gamblers who use our collective High Street deposits for speculative trading, without any interest in the people or products of the companies and ventures in which they “invest”. We ridicule the values of the past in the name of enlightenment. If we object to this move away from Christian principles we are accused of fundamentalism, or prejudice, or fanaticism, or narrow-mindedness, or bigotry, or discrimination.

    Even so, I object in the name of Jesus to our indifference as we sink into all kinds of degradation. I object to the pollution of the planet. I object to political correctness being taken to ridiculous and ungodly extremes. I object to legislation, ostensibly designed to protect human rights and encourage civil liberties, which in reality is hijacked by vociferous minorities demanding equality, acceptance, endorsement and, in some cases, even the teaching of their views or “life style preferences”. As a Christian under authority I will not accept “live and let live”, “turn a blind eye” or “who cares” as an appropriate response. I shall stand firm for Christian values and ask that the Holy Spirit may grant me strength and guidance to act effectively against this onslaught. Recent events clearly show that we are reaping the whirlwind of our national deceit, hypocrisy and moral decline.

    This is a call to prayer not despair. We can stand in unity against this accelerating drift away from all righteousness. We have an amazing God and these circumstances are no surprise to Him! As Oswald Chambers said “The saint is hilarious when he is crushed with difficulties because the thing is so ludicrously impossible to anyone but God” I absolutely believe that prayer is the foundation of success, that a few can turn a tide, that God will not be bested. Victory is assured. I ask that we pray for our nation, for opportunities and for a Holy boldness to influence events in such a way that the name of Jesus will once again be lifted high and honoured in this land.

    Neil MacK


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