Make sure your house is built upon The Rock

Thank you Lord for this timely prophetic vision. It’s similar to a startling open vision right in front of me just over 10 years ago (as told in Comments upon the collapse of Society).

My Dreams and Visions

I saw a vision 11/19/2014 as I was driving.  In the vision I saw people that looked like they were being tossed about as one would be were they in the ocean except they were bit in the ocean, they were on dry land.  In the vision they were even having a hard time time keeping their balance.  There was a shaking going on, a violent shaking.  There seemed to be no ceasing of the shaking. In the same vision I saw other people who were standing on round rocks slightly elevated above the ground.  They were not shaking as the others around them, they were at peace. The people who were being shaken saw that those standing on the rocks were not being shaken and tried reaching out to them so that they too would have secure footing as well. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Rock…

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