Significant timing of planned stoppage of Big Ben

Bob at Socialtraders added this informative observation to the post on Fascinating Flow of News re. Dreams about Big Ben:

“What a fascinating coincidence that after so many years, Big Ben in the Westminster Tower is to fall silent for some months. The long, overdue repairs will be carried out while the terms for Britain’s historic exit from the EU are considered. There is also a warning that the sheer volume of legislation required to position the U.K. for BREXT will dominate parliament’s timetable with other issues being put on hold.

“Surely, this is a time like no other to pray for the UK and to seek the face of God in a day of apostasy.”


The initial timing of that news – 26 April last year – as published in The Guardian, is worth noting!

Almost three years earlier, in October 2013, the internationally renowned Revd Dr Sharon Stone issued a ‘Clarion Call’ for Britain and Ireland, especially for England not to miss the Day of Visitation. Therein, she delivered words of prophecy for each nation for the period 2014-2016 and that England was ‘out of sync’ or in a different time-zone spiritually, as in this from the Lord:

“But I’ve given you a door, I have given you an opportunity that during this time you can get caught up and be ‘in sync’ and that you are not going to be behind, or lose your destiny in any way, but instead you’re going to have to depend upon the Spirit of God to get you caught back up to be in the right time at the right place.”

[Sharon had referred to the unexpected stoppage of Big Ben on 27th May 2005, the day before Chuck Pierce called a 40-day intercession immediately before the terrorist attack on 7th July.]

She then brought specific words for England and closed by emphasising the rapid timing of coming events with this very accurate forecast when speaking of a ‘clash of kingdoms’. Here’s my report from that mentoring day:

“Now God says the battles are going to be in Great Britain. Let me tell you why I believe it’s going to be here: where there are great battles there are great victories!

“So God’s not saying, I’m choosing you as a place of war, I’m choosing you as a place of conflict, because I don’t like you…No, the Lord says,

“I’m choosing you as a place for victory, so that the victory won here has an ability to be a victory that affects other nations!”

“Do you hear this? Not just for England, or for Great Britain. So what God is doing is He’s setting up His own agenda that we might have a victory here that releases us to deliver other nations, and puts us back into a functioning position of where our true identity is.

“And we’re not talking about something that takes 10 years to come to pass any more (as with other things) but we’re talking about the next two and a half to three years! Those who have ears let them hear!” (Emphasis added)

Note: “Two and a half to three years” means APRIL to OCT 2016, the lead up to the UK’s referendum vote to leave the EU and subsequent aftermath of nations being shaken!

Perhaps one meaning of Tony Puccio’s latest dreams about Big Ben could be that the maintenance works, starting any time now and taking three years, signify it’s time to get Britain back into proper working order, both politically and spiritually? Then we shall stand much taller than before!

Hopefully, it’s all part of the Spirit of God’s catching England up “to be in the right time and right place” and thereby aligning us with the Kingdom of Heaven.

So we have much to mull over with the Lord and to wait upon…


ProphecyTodayUK: ‘Brexit Battles Begin’

Managing editor of ProphecyTodayUK, Frances Rabbits encourages comments upon and sharing the website’s articles, and she opens her weekly email update as follows,

‘As anti-Brexit rhetoric streams from the mainstream media and anti-Israel rhetoric gushes from the UN, there has never been a more important time to stand up for truth – clearly, courageously and without compromise.

I hope that our articles this week are a help to you, in praying and living with understanding of these significant days. In particular, we would like to encourage all our readers to keep praying over the Brexit process – for the enemy loves to try to thwart the plans of the Lord.’  

Read about anti-democratic activity and anti-God purposes proposed for Parliament and the necessity for Christians to continue praying in Brexit Battles Begin.  Friends have informed me in recent months of dreams and visions of serious damage being done to the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben clock tower, all indicative of the current struggles.

This timing is particularly interesting in view of the timing as forecast by Dr Sharon Stone THREE years ago this month (re-visited in Fulfilled Prophecy #8: part 3 – Timing, Purpose and Outcome of Britain’s Spiritual Battle) and as foreseen over the ‘pond’ by Mena Lee Grebin within a 40-day time frame of 5th September (thank you Nick). See Z3news for details in Sudden Change Coming to the Untied Kingdom!.

ALERT: MP threatens Christian teachers with anti-terror laws

Houses of Parliament: courtesy FreeDigitalPhotos.netIn 2009 the previous director of MI5, Dame Stella Rimington, warned that “Britain is sleepwalking into a police state”.

This fact was one of several to which I referred in my first email alerting church leaders upon biblical End-times: The Endgame is now in play. (Upon checking that material I notice the news report no longer has that phrase, either as a ‘strap-line’ or quotation! But readers’ letters clearly refer to the remark, as here.)

Today’s news features a Member of Parliament threatening the suppression of Godly free-speech in the teaching profession! This MP thinks that new Extremism Disruption Orders “would apply to a situation where a teacher was specifically teaching that gay marriage is wrong.”!

John Bingham reports,

‘Mark Spencer called for those who use their position in the classroom to teach traditionalist views on marriage to be subject to “Extremism Disruption Orders” (EDOs), tough new restrictions planned by David Cameron and Theresa May to curb radicalisation by jihadists.

In a letter to a constituent, Mr Spencer, the MP for Sherwood in Nottinghamshire, insisted that Christian teachers were still “perfectly entitled” to express their views on same-sex marriage – but only “in some situations”.

I strongly recommend my readers carefully consider this development, which is more fully outlined in Archbishop Cranmer’s blog, Anti-Terror Legislation Will Be Used Against Teachers Who Oppose Same-Sex Marriage, of which I quote only a part and with emphases added:

Obeying the law is no longer to be a guarantee of freedom from government surveillance or police harassment.

‘And now Conservative MP Mark Spencer has written to a constituent:

“I believe that everybody in society has a right to free speech and to express their views without fear of persecution. The EDOs will not serve to limit but rather to guarantee it:…(eg) one which lots of constituents have been writing about – talking about gay marriage in schools.

“The new legislation specifically targets hate speech, so teachers will still be free to express their understanding of the term ‘marriage’, and their moral opposition to its use in some situations without breaking the new laws. The EDOs, in this case, would apply to a situation where a teacher was specifically teaching that gay marriage is wrong.”

If that is the understanding on the backbenches of the provisions of the Extremism Bill, we should be fearful – very fearful – of the Government’s intentions. John Bingham’s Telegraph piece quotes Simon Calvert, Deputy Director of the Christian Institute, who says:

“I am genuinely shocked that we have an MP supporting the idea of teachers being branded extremists for teaching that marriage is between a man and a woman. This is exactly the kind of thing we’ve been warning about. The Government says we’ve got nothing to worry about from their new extremism laws, but here is one of its own MPs writing to a constituent saying EDOs would stop teachers teaching mainstream Christian beliefs. EDOs will be a gross infringement of free speech and undermine the very British values they claim to protect.”

‘And Keith Porteous Wood, Executive Director of the National Secular Society:

“If EDOs really could be used to prevent teachers from talking about same-sex marriage, unless they are inciting violence, they are an even greater threat to freedom of expression than I had feared. To suggest that EDOs guarantee freedom of expression (as Mark Spencer suggests) is not just inaccurate, it is the opposite of the truth; they are the largest threat to freedom of expression I have ever seen in Britain.”

The Christian Institute added to this under ‘New Orthodoxy’ by referring to Claire Fox, head of think-tank the Institute of Ideas, who last week ‘accused the Government of using extremism rhetoric to impose a new orthodoxy of thinking.

‘She said: “When you break it down you then see that they’re actually betraying the civil liberties, the rule of law, they’re actually dictating what teachers teach in schools.

“When they say ‘we want to prevent extremism getting out in schools’ it’s so ironic” because “the kind of schools that have been done over are Catholic schools because of, for example, their views on homosexuality”.

‘Fox concluded, “Apparently a British value now is a positive acceptance of what the Government has told you it is”.’

Let us be prepared to stand on the Rock…

[Houses of Parliament by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee, courtesy]

Parliamentarians plead for global freedom of religion and belief

As ever Gillan Scott, deputy editor of Cranmer provides an excellent post on extremely detailed material and which I’ve copied in full from Archbishop Cranmer.  However, I do have very strong reservations over the authority accorded to the BBC by Lord Alton’s quotation.

Factual evidence of the BBC’s gross ignorance on religion and deliberately political slant on the Middle-east is all too readily available: eg. its pure pig-ignorance in an appallingly arrogant and clueless rebuke made last week to an Israeli minister, “But you’re not under threat by Iran”! AND they censored Iranian leader’s remark on supporting terror!! (Details and petition to BBC available at Honest Reporting; in-depth analysis of BBC coverage of Iran at BBC Watch.)

Perhaps BBC should be changed to BCC – British ‘Cloud Cuckoo-land’ ?

Credit for photo of Asia Bibi belongs to British Pakistani Christians, from whence Wilson Chowdry emails today that she’s, “…been granted leave to appeal her death sentence by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. There is still some serious legal process to follow before she can be acquitted, but this action is a serious step in the. right direction. Asia is in a much more hopeful position now but the process will be long and drawn out. Please continue to pray for her. By accepting her appeal the Court has inferred that there is a possibility for grounds for Asia being exonerated.” (In full with petition here.)

Gillan’s post reads as follows (click title for link):



With a Conservative majority government in place for the next five years we won’t need to worry about any potential reforms to House of Lords for the time being. And perhaps that is a good thing. When considering the role of the UK government in promoting freedom of religion, it is doubtful that an elected Upper House would have brought us the same level of passion and knowledge as peers did when the subject was debated last week. It came as a response to Lord Alton’s motion: ‘That this House takes note of worldwide violations of Article 18 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the case for greater priority to be given by the United Kingdom and the international community to upholding freedom of religion and belief.’

AsiiaIt goes without saying that human rights abuses relating to religious persecution are widespread throughout the world and on the increase. Even today, Asia Bibi, who has been beaten and raped during her six years on death row in Pakistan, will have one last opportunity to plead for her life to be spared (updated above). Her crime, as a Christian, was drinking water from the same bowl as her Muslim co-workers. During the ensuing argument she was accused of blasphemy against the prophet Mohammad, which led to her arrest and conviction. There is an overwhelming need for governments across the free and democratic world to take a stand and defend the basic human right that Eleanor Roosevelt, chair of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights drafting committee, described as one of the four essential freedoms of mankind.

The Lords’ debate has been helpfully summarised by Frank Cranmer at the ever informative ‘Law and Religion’ blog, but several utterances deserve further attention. Lord Alton argued that in order for governments to reclaim their patrimony of Article 18, it would need greater political and diplomatic priority, and the importance of religious literacy as a competence could not be neglected. He went on to quote the BBC’s chief international correspondent, Lyse Doucet, who said: “If you don’t understand religion — including the abuse of religion — it’s becoming ever harder to understand our world.” He then drew attention to the paucity of interest in the matter at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), with only one full-time desk officer dedicated to freedom of religion or belief.

Rabbi Lord Sacks described religious freedom as “perhaps the single greatest humanitarian issue of our time”. He was keen, though, to avoid rhetoric, preferring instead to look for pragmatic answers to avoid Article 18 being seen as little more than “a utopian ideal”. He proposed that the world needs:

“Under the auspices of the United Nations, a global gathering of religious leaders and thinkers to formulate an agreed set of principles that are sustainable theologically within their respective faiths and on which member nations can be called to account… We have not yet done the theological work for a global society in the information age, and not all religions in the world are yet fully part of that conversation. But if we neglect the theology, all else will fail… We must stand together – the people of all faiths and of none – for we are all at risk… Religious freedom is about our common humanity, and we must fight for it if we are not to lose it.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury was also keen to look for solutions:

“Religious freedom is threatened on a global scale, as we have heard, but also in a very complex way. Attacks on religious freedom are often linked to economic circumstances, to sociology, to history and to many other factors. Practically, if we are to defend religious liberty, we have to draw in these other factors. For example, if we want to defend religious freedom around the world – and again I say, the freedom to have no religion – do not sell guns to people who oppress religious freedom; do not launder their money; restrict trade with them; confine the way in which we deal with them; and, above, all, speak frankly and openly, naming them for what they are.”

After two and a half hours of speeches the motion was passed. Such a debate was significant in proving that Parliament has this issue on its mind and is making some positive noises. But without more substantive action from government, it will all count for very little. In their 2015 General Election manifestos, both Labour and the Liberal Democrats proposed the creation of a Global Ambassador for Religious Freedom to work within the FCO. It seemed a sensible proposal, but would that be the best way of ensuring that HM Government does not duck its responsibilities on the issue?

The newly created Centre on Religion and Global Affairs – a research and policy centre based in London, Beirut and Accra – has responded to the Lords’ debate. It believes that a special envoy that exclusively focuses on freedom of religious belief is not the way forward. Their view is that in other countries such appointments have yielded limited results. Instead, they propose the appointment a full-time Special Advisor to the government on Religion and Global Affairs. The advisor would be given a mandate to provide proactive policy proposals across Whitehall departments, in particular the FCO, Department for International Development, Home Office and the Prime Minister’s Office. Only a coordinated response across government departments will enable the UK to achieve the necessary understanding and enable a coherent and effective response to the issues. The role should not be seen as an interfaith outreach initiative, or a symbolic office for public diplomacy.

Alongside this Special Advisor, a group of external experts would be needed to provide additional support. A global portfolio in one of the most complicated topics in today’s world is not possible without adequate professional support. Given budgetary constraints, the role of the Special Advisor could be facilitated by the appointment of voluntary external experts with the requisite professional, academic and geo-political experience.

It is also important that any such position would be sufficiently funded if it is to be more than a symbolic gesture. Strategic research, diplomacy and local projects with stakeholders would need to be pursued with conviction and credible resources if any significant impact is to be made.

There is every reason to believe that the UK can contribute significantly to international moves to uphold freedom of religion – if it so chooses. During the Lords’ debate, Baroness Anelay, Minister of State in the FCO, admitted that although the Government is working with human rights and faith-based organisations across the world to promote dialogue, foster links and strengthen understanding, it is not doing enough.

As His Grace discussed yesterday, the Government needs to get a much better grip on its understanding of religion and religious freedoms. Religious persecution is a destructive cancer working its evil across the globe. How many more travesties of justice – such as that of Asia Bibi – do we have to endure before the British Government hears the appeal of those in the House of Lords (and elsewhere) that we must act as Justin Welby has prescribed: “ not sell guns to people who oppress religious freedom; do not launder their money; restrict trade with them; confine the way in which we deal with them; and, above, all, speak frankly and openly, naming them for what they are.” Amen.

The Accuser attacks politically-related prophecies

Victoria Tower, Houses of Parliament, LondonMulling over the previous post and the content of  Gillan Scott’s report from Westminster I note how it’s directly related to two prophetic words.

Of all the words I’ve been privileged to publish, it was only those two which brought an antagonistic response – from readers professing to be fellow Christians!!

In acting on behalf of the accuser of the brethren they actually gave the Adversary’s game away, thereby confirming those words’ true origin in the Lord – and as a consequence, their accuracy!

Of course, both used scripture to prove his opinion as absolutely correct and the prophetic word false. “Hypocrites”, as Jesus says, would be better to remove ‘planks’ from their eyes first before taking critical offence! (Matthew 7:1-5 refers.)

Therefore, Gillan’s report in my last post deserves further consideration in the light of the following prophetic words (emphases added):

  1. ‘The previous Friday’s prayer time at (Fflad-y-Brenin)…got overshadowed by the Lord, who reminded them of the raising of Lazarus. They were told He’s going to call the Anglican Church out of its grave and bring it back to life!’  (May 2014: Resurrection coming to Anglican Church and see associated comments.)
  2. “If you will stand up now and be the voice to the nations…if now there will be a coalescingthis is the season where I am giving you a loud voice, Body of Christ, and if you will speak now I will amplify that voice and it is going to begin to tip the nation. If you miss your window you will not have the effect. Do not relax…this is not a time to relax this is a time to press in. Go and see your MPs, make appointments. This is the season where you are to speak and be that loud voice, and if you will do that…I am going to give this window of awakening; that the power of God is going to rush into the UK, not just England; the power of God is visiting the whole of the UK.” (May 2015: Cindy Jacobs:the election and word from the Lord.)

In the first, the reply to my response demonstrated the complainant was unable to grasp anything other than plain black and white. So I left it published for a while rather than censor it but, as its arrogant hostility was a blot on the blog, its existence ceased.

The second came almost immediately from a regular contributor to various blogs. After opening with Jesus’ warning about false prophets he included a video clip about Cindy Jacobs and superciliously suggested I should check her out. I let it stand and intended responding after the weekend, but during the Sunday’s service (Pentecost) I had a clear word from the Lord to delete it because, “It’s of a contrary spirit”.

Initially, my reaction was, “This American doesn’t know what’s happening here and isn’t qualified to comment”.  (I’d blog about false prophecy, had I the time.)

Only a few weeks earlier I’d heard Dr Sharon Stone say, “The religious spirit hates the prophetic”, and so I noted both complaints as good examples of that insight. Anyway, Cindy is well-known to both Sharon and our mutual friend Michael who’d transcribed the word she brought. Furthermore, several readers of this blog firmly attested to that word sitting well with their spirit and being very appropriate!  And it confirmed what a couple of leaders had already heard – read Heidi Baker, Cindy Jacobs: prophetic messages verified and applied.

Therefore, let’s consider afresh the message brought to those politically active Christian groups in Westminster, as reported by Gillan Scott:

“The main talk was from Kris Vallotton, Senior Associate Pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California. He talked about children when they play wanting to be superheroes or great sports people, or kings and princesses. They see themselves as capable of greatness; of doing amazing things. But as we grow up we lose that ability to see ourselves as being special and significant. The burdens of life cause most of us to settle for a mundane existence. Even for Christians who believe they are God’s children, it is too easy to carry on as if it makes little difference, failing to acknowledge the nature of that inheritance. In the book of Galatians, St Paul says this:

“God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those under the law, that we might receive adoption to sonship. Because you are his sons, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit who calls out, “Abba, Father.” So you are no longer a slave, but God’s child; and since you are his child, God has made you also an heir.

“Formerly, when you did not know God, you were slaves to those who by nature are not gods. But now that you know God – or rather are known by God – how is it that you are turning back to those weak and miserable forces? Do you wish to be enslaved by them all over again? (Gal 4:4-9)

“Paul calls Christians ‘sons’ not to dismiss women, but because the son as heir would receive everything in inheritance from his father. In this case it is from our loving Abba Father/Daddy. Through Jesus, God gives us all that is in Him through the Holy Spirit. We become imitators of Christ not through striving and hard work, but because God has chosen us by means of adoption. Through sanctification he makes us Christ-like and Christ is fully God.

“The Bible does not describe Christians simply as priests, commanded to act as servants, but royal priests; that is, kings who have received God’s power and authority. God calls us to share the ministry of Jesus and gives us all that we need to do just that.”

Gillan continues with his personal reaction, as noted previously, with emphasis added in view of those – and other – prophetic words:

I saw more hope and expectation during that service in Westminster than I do in many churches. God gives each one of us a calling and offers us a vision, but instead of responding with a big Yes, too often we come back with a whole set of noes. Instead of seeing Jesus as he is and us as God intends us to be, we settle for an inferior version. When this happens the natural tendency is to stop looking out, seeing ourselves as lights shining into the darkness, and instead shining that light at each other, finding faults and obsessing over differences and secondary issues. We get caught up in fretting over problems rather than fixing our eyes on God’s bigger picture.

“All is not lost for the Church though. Even the Church of England for all of its failings is getting some things right. Yesterday two new Bishops were announced…”

Also, we should recall that he’d preceded that by stating,

“This was a celebration of God’s direct involvement in the political realm. It was not a stuffy, dry, get-together for a bunch of people who are desperately trying to preserve a common interest. Instead, there was a sense that these were people confident that God could use them as missionaries and witnesses to bring light into their workplaces and beyond, sharing in the work of God who has a big plan for this world.”

Moreover, he’d already noted, “Christians in Politics are excited about the increasing interest in political involvement in our churches that they are witnessing. And Christians in Government, which is made up mostly of civil servants, reported that God is doing some wonderful things through their members within their departments.”

In conclusion Gillan gives examples of how the CoE is “getting some things right’ as in backgrounds of the two bishops designate present at the meeting:

“In their respective places they are seeing the world through God’s eyes and responding accordingly. They have not been afraid to step out in faith because they are holding on to God’s promises. When we see Jesus fully in us then we need not have any fear of what he asks – God can do great things through each one of us. When Jesus said, ‘What is impossible with man is possible with God,’ he absolutely meant it.

Therefore, Gillan’s blog offers further indications the Lord is definitely active in Britain, and He’s aligning believers with not only His written word but also with those recently delivered through prophetical voices.

Thanks and praise be to our God.

Gillan Scott: “A celebration of God’s direct involvement in the political realm”!

Christians in Parliament Prayer Meeting – Gillan Scott courtesy Archbishop Cranmer.

A week ago this evening, on Wednesday 1st July at The Emmanuel Centre in Marsham Street, Westminster, Christians in Parliament with Christians in Politics and Christians in Government met together for their annual service of prayer and worship.

After having asked, Is God behind the stunning election results? and then noting Brief bullet points on the Lord’s action in Britain, it’s now encouraging to read my fellow blogger Gillan Scott’s report on last Wednesday’s event – and to learn that its principal speaker was from Bethel Church, which was established by Bill Johnson in Redding, California.

[Note: It was in a Revival Alliance meeting at that London church when Bill unusually made a prophetic statement: “We would look back at 1st September 2011 as the day things changed in the UK” – see four entries under ‘Sep 2011’ in this blog’s Library.]

I’ve been privileged to re-post many stimulating articles from Gillan’s blog ‘God and Politics UK’, which merged last September with ‘Archbishop Cranmer’, as announced here, and Gillan became deputy editor. In Christians in Parliament demonstrate what doing God really means he now writes,

Gillan Scot“…It’s always good to be invited to meet in fellowship with other Christians away from my own Church and this was no exception. Seeing the auditorium filled with hundreds of people involved in government at various levels was genuinely both heartening and encouraging. Gary Streeter MP was pleased to announce that many new MPs have joined Christians in Parliament (mostly Conservatives, I discovered). Christians in Politics are excited about the increasing interest in political involvement in our churches that they are witnessing. And Christians in Government which is made up mostly of civil servants reported that God is doing some wonderful things through their members within their departments.

“This was a celebration of God’s direct involvement in the political realm. It was not a stuffy, dry, get-together for a bunch of people who are desperately trying to preserve a common interest. Instead, there was a sense that these were people confident that God could use them as missionaries and witnesses to bring light into their workplaces and beyond, sharing in the work of God who has a big plan for this world…”

As ever, I cannot recommend Gillan’s work too highly and encourage you to read his report in full by clicking here, or on the preceding title of his post. In closing, here’s the opening of his summary:

“I saw more hope and expectation during that service in Westminster than I do in many churches. God gives each one of us a calling and offers us a vision, but instead of responding with a big Yes, too often we come back with a whole set of noes. Instead of seeing Jesus as he is and us as God intends us to be, we settle for an inferior version. When this happens the natural tendency is to stop looking out, seeing ourselves as lights shining into the darkness, and instead shining that light at each other, finding faults and obsessing over differences and secondary issues. We get caught up in fretting over problems rather than fixing our eyes on God’s bigger picture.

“All is not lost for the Church though. Even the Church of England for all of its failings is getting some things right…”

Thank you and bless you for this news my friend. As the prophet Isaiah proclaims (52:7):

How beautiful upon the mountains
Are the feet of him who brings good news,
Who proclaims peace,
Who brings glad tidings of good things,
Who proclaims salvation,
Who says to Zion,
“Your God reigns!”

NB: The.prophetical implications of Gillan’s report are considered in the next post >>

Intercessors note 70-year election significance too

Detail from Eagle-eyed by John Mark Long‘Twas just a hunch, but I went out on a limb after Ken Gott remarked, “Something of God happened in the election…” (as at #5 here). I asked him,

“Have you noticed the ‘coincidence’ of yesterday’s doubly historic events being related to a 70-year period? – possibly a Biblical one at that!”  This was news to him.

It seemed significant to me that such unexpected results, ones which will change our government, fall on exactly the same day as the celebration of Victory in Europe (8th May 1945). Me being me, I’d spotted they were 70 years apart! So in closing that blog, I surmised:

“Now, 70 years after victory over a common foe, could Britain at long last have an opportunity to move out of its ‘Babylonian captivity’ (as in The Babylonian aspect of the Church’s ‘New Era’)? The ancient Jews were held captive there for 70 years after the fall of Jerusalem before being allowed to return to their holy city.”

That post was published mid-afternoon and so I started winding down for our usual long weekend. But within the hour a comment arrived from ‘Father’s House of Prayer’ with astonishing confirmation of my hunch! I was most pleasantly shocked – ‘God-smacked’ in fact!

LH at ‘Father’s House’ also emailed me with what she’d been working on for a couple of days. Of course, she had no way of knowing what I’d been thinking three weeks earlier. 

With her kind permission – and emphases mine – this is what LH wrote:

“Hi Richard, I’m not sure how to put this on comments, I started to, but there seems a lot so thought I would email. I started this 2 days ago and have just received Stunning Election Results from you. All I can say is I believe what you have written is spot on and have set out below what happened with us.

“On the morning of 7th May, ‘J-1’, ‘J-2’ and myself met early at ‘B’ to pray regarding the leaders and the election. Pastor was at conference but had text the night before to pray Jeremiah 29.7 [as below], something which I had been drawn to all week.

As we prayed it out ‘J-1’ was reminded of the promise to Daniel and the fact that it was significant that the election result would coincide with the 70 years celebration of VE Day – as we continued to pray in line with what was in Daniel.

20150506_182254277_iOS“Continuing, I ‘saw’ – was reminded of – the pictures of people praying outside Parliament the previous evening and immediately Father reminded me of the prophecy which had started me praying out the promises of revival for this nation. It was in a letter of July 1st 2009 from Kenneth Copeland and said,

2 Chronicles 7: 14 and 15

“It’s not going to happen until we do what we are called to do and O Lord

14 If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven forgive their sin and heal their land.

15 Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer offered in this place.

“This is the time that has been prophesied about, and at stake here is not only your welfare in the land, but also My move in the end times of a great awakening,” saith the Lord. “And it is that Awakening that will save this land and others like it. For it is the time of the coming of the Lord. And you will rise up, and you will be My Name and you will be My power. And I will manifest Myself through you, and many shall come and say, ‘Surely He is the God of all good’.” Hallelujah. Praise God. Whew! Whoa! Amen.


“I hadn’t got this board [map and prophecies] out that morning, but I immediately ran for it and felt the Lord say this was done because we (the nation) very publicly the previous evening had done what we had been called to do and lined up with the very first part.

“What was particularly exciting when I read Cindy’s word was we (and I would imagine many others) had specifically prayed that the body of Christ would not back off in prayer once the election was over. We were also reminded of Smith’s 1947 and how important it was that it spread to Europe. [Dr Stone had also stressed this continuance in prayer. Wigglesworth’s vision may be read in latter part of this post.]

“Whilst away in Turkey, Father had been specifically speaking to me about governing in the spirit when seeking the welfare of the city […omitted]. That, just as Reece Howells’ people targeted specifics in the war, we were to do the same with those in authority.

“I hope this makes some sort of sense to you and really I just wanted to say thank you and I believed it tied in with what you have been posting, but I couldn’t really find a way of condensing it.”

Jeremiah 29:7 ….Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.” 8 Yes, this is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says: “Do not let the prophets and diviners among you deceive you. Do not listen to the dreams you encourage them to have. 9 They are prophesying lies to you in my name. I have not sent them,” declares the Lord.

10 This is what the Lord says: “When seventy years are completed for Babylon, I will come to you and fulfill my good promise to bring you back to this place. 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.12 Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.14 I will be found by you,” declares the Lord, “and will bring you back from captivity.[b] I will gather you from all the nations and places where I have banished you,” declares the Lord, “and will bring you back to the place from which I carried you into exile.”

Daniel 9 In the first year of Darius son of Xerxes (a Mede by descent), who was made ruler over the Babylonian kingdom— 2 in the first year of his reign, I, Daniel, understood from the Scriptures, according to the word of the Lord given to Jeremiah the prophet, that the desolation of Jerusalem would last seventy years. 3 So I turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and petition, in fasting, and in sackcloth and ashes.

Thank you so much my friend for confirmation that brings us all strong encouragement as well as great blessing…


LH also informs me that Pastor Ray Kelly of Global Prayer Alert Network shared this from last Friday’s prayer summary about the above prophetic word (emphases added):

“I had this come to me. I love reading about men and women and what the Lord has done in their lives, like brother Hagin especially. I love to read and go over the prophecies that he declared. But I just felt the Spirit saying to me that those days are over and we’ve entered into new days, as we “turn the page.” These are not the old days, but these are the days that brother Hagin prophesied about. When he said “we are right on the verge of that glory”, these are the days that he was speaking about. Thank You, Father, for the flow of Your Spirit today. Thank You for enabling us to go out into the new, to pray it out and sing it out. We get it that these are new days. You’ve put Your Spirit within us, enabling us to press out ahead. These are glory days filled with Your presence enabling us to carry out Your plan and purpose.”

The real reason for the Israel-Palestine issue and anti-Semitism

Then the Lord will go forth
And fight against those nations,
As He fights in the day of battle.
And in that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives,
Which faces Jerusalem on the east. (Zecharia 14:3-4 NKJV)

Awaken Your Might - credit; James Nesbit

Only 12 MPs were wise enough to vote in the House of Commons against an opposing 274 (not a full House). As recorded in the Hansard transcript, they voted just before 10pm on 13th October 2014,

“That this House believes that the Government should recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel, as a contribution to securing a negotiated two state solution”.

That’s fine and all well and good on the face of it BUT it’s utterly farcical.  As with many thousands elsewhere, these 274 have been well and truly fooled.

The factual evidence follows below.

This blog’s totally unplanned focus this week is on what’s, in essence, a critical issue.

Few in my opinion know why it’s critical, or the real reason for the prolonged hostility over Israel’s existence and complete lack of a solution to the territorial disputes.

The real reason is; it’s Satan’s objective to thwart God’s purpose, as stated in His above Word given to Zecharia 2,500 years ago. That is, Satan seeks his own self-preservation!

In Zecharia’s prophecy the Lord is to appear in that Middle-Eastern location and thereby bring about the next phase of Satan’s downfall. (The first was when Jesus died and rose from the dead, thereby redeeming humanity from Satan’s authority and thus enabling us to be reconciled to God, our Father.)

The foretold scenario is ‘The Day of The Lord’; the start of which is described in the 12th chapter of the book of Zecharia, as mentioned in Exactly as prophesied….

The Lord foretells in verse 10,

 “And I will pour on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and supplication; then they will look on Me whom they pierced. Yes, they will mourn for Him as one mourns for his only son, and grieve for Him as one grieves for a firstborn.

In A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days, Messianic rabbi Jonathan Bernis explains how the feast of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) relates to Jesus’ return and then exclaims,

The clarity of this prophecy is astounding! It declares in detail the day when Jewish people, and specifically the inhabitants of a Jerusalem under Jewish control, recognise that Jesus, whom they previously understood to be the God of the Christians and whom they denied since the days of their ancestors two thousand years ago, is in fact Yeshua, the promised Messiah of Israel. (Page 215)

That is, the Jewish people will have to have returned to live in as well as have control of Jerusalem and thus be in place for Jesus to visit. Chapter 14 answers any question that this event may be just a supra-natural, spiritual or subjective vision by referring explicitly to an objective, tangible presence.  That is, Jesus will have physically descended onto the Mount of Olives.

To avoid this happening Satan must therefore ensure there are no Jews in Jerusalem, or its vicinity.  In the absence of Jews, Jesus’ return would be pointless and thus not happen. So Satan could possibly avoid his decreed fate, remain ‘safe and sound’ on earth and not imprisoned to be eventually thrown into the ‘lake of fire’. As Jonathan states,

I cannot reiterate enough that anti-Semitism is nothing more or less than Satan’s attempt at self-preservation.

So, Satan is the source of all Jew-hatred, whether it comes from any biblical or modern nation; or from historic Christian churches, as it has for centuries; or from ancient Islam and its modern terrorists. All have been duped and used by the enemy of mankind.

To show the validity of my thesis we need only to look at the history of anti-Semitism and global hatred of the modern state of Israel; especially the disingenuous tactics of the Palestinian leadership, as indicated in Nick Gray and Joel Rosenberg’s reports here and here.  But there’s even more tangible evidence for my claim.:

Map of Palestine

Three years ago, in blogging on PM Netanyahu’s address to the UN General Assembly, I referred to Palestinian leader Abbas’ visit to the UN seeking recognition of Palestine as an observer state to the UN. That post shows the model of the land of Palestine Abbas brought to them. I wrote,

When the PLO were permitted to open up diplomatic missions the map displayed on their flags and literature depicts their proposed state as being the whole territory between the Mediterranean, Lebanon, Egypt and the river Jordan – ie. excluding Israel…  (emphasis added)

Now they have official Observer Mission status, its website’s ‘About Palestine’ displays a Declaration of Independence which claims Jerusalem as their capital. Deeper down that menu is the ‘PLO’ entry which shows the map of Palestine and Israel as Palestinian territory.

A few days ago I cited Michel Gurfinkiel’s statement that the Oslo Accords and ‘Road Map’ of 2003 explicitly requested the Palestinian Authority to direct its public education towards a pro-peace attitude. Abbas has never complied with that requirement.

Here’s the latest evidence that Palestinians have not – and will never – change what they teach about their supposed state:


Thank you to Palestine Media Watch for publishing this item from Fatah Facebook that shows children learning “Palestine cannot be divided”.  It heads a page of documented examples, PA depicts a world without Israel, and explains this one as follows:

‘The text was accompanied by a photo of a teacher pointing to a map of “Palestine” replacing all of Israel drawn on the blackboard, with the explanatory text rejecting Israeli jurisdiction over Israeli cities: “Acre, Haifa, Jaffa, Ramle, Safed, Beit Shean, were and will remain Palestinian cities”.’

So how can any two-state solution ever be negotiated?  Parliament’s motion, therefore, is rendered meaningless and needs flushing down the pan, where it belongs!


On Tuesday French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius was reported as saying that Paris would recognize a Palestinian state if negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel fail. However, French MP Meir Habib responded by stating France is making a grave mistake,

“Europe and France specifically refuse to recognize the reality and think that if they recognize a Palestinian state, the conflict will end. When will they wake up? The free world must unite and realize that recognizing a Palestinian state without negotiations at this time is a grave mistake that will be costly for Europe”.


A priest has appealed to the UN and told them to ‘end the witch hunt’ against Israel, as reported by religio-political blogger Archbishop Cranmer,

‘Father Gabriel Naddaf, a Greek Orthodox Priest in Yafia, near Nazareth, appealed to the UN Human Rights Council last month, urging them to end their “witch hunt” on Israel: “In the Middle East today, there is one country where Christianity is not only not persecuted, but affectionately granted freedom of expression, freedom of worship and security,” he testified. “It is Israel, the Jewish state. Israel is the only place where Christians in the Middle East are safe.”

‘And he testified further, confirming that some 120,000 Christians have been killed in the Middle East every year for the past decade: “That means that every five minutes a Christian is killed because of his faith,” he said. “Those who can escape persecution at the hands of Muslim extremists have fled. Those who remain, exist as second – if not third-class citizens to their Muslim rulers.” And he warned: “It is time the world woke up to the fact that those who want to destroy the Jewish state are signing the death warrant on the last free Christians in the Holy Land”. (Emphasis added)

Anti-Semitism in Church

Hold onto your seat here. I’ll be brief and assume you are aware of the Church’s stance against Jewry, especially since the time of Constantine and the Council of Nicea in 4th Century. This was soon followed by the false doctrine of Replacement Theology which originated in Augustine’s seminal work ‘City of God’. This doctrine assumes the Church has replaced the Jews as God’s chosen people and that He’s turned His back on them. This teaching opened the door for over 1,500 years of harsh persecution from so-called Christians.

Proper recognition of the Jews special relationship with God came from Puritans and Non-conformists of Cromwell’s time in 17th Century. They recognised the importance of the Jews returning to their home land and eventual acceptance of Jesus as Messiah, as foretold in Zecharia.

Today, however, anti-Semitism is continued by the World Council of Churches. It also has a key role in mobilizing the BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) movement in churches. The WCC promotes and works closely with Palestinian Liberation Theology,  and it founded the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI).

William Koenig’s Eye View From The White House dated 20 June 2016 gives a wealth of detail on this deeply disturbing anti-Semitism within so-called churches:

“By claiming that the Jewish people “occupied” Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem the global Christian organizations have sided with the Islamic worldview”.

Of many indictments, he cites:

  1. EAPPI frequently uses inflammatory and demonizing rhetoric against Israel and engages in (BDS) campaigns. It presents a one-sided Palestinian narrative, promotes the “right of return,” ignores terror attacks against Israelis, and blames Israel entirely for the conflict.
  2. EAPPI is an important resource for pro-Palestinian activists in various denominations worldwide as “sending organizations (several US/UK examples!!)
  3.  A number of European governments, plus the US and Canada, provide funds for these church-based efforts to delegitimize Israel. These tax-payer funds are disbursed as grants to church-based humanitarian NGOs, which then transfer these funds to highly politicized pro-Palestinian NGOs — including Christian groups that promote BDS, the one-state solution and, in many cases, anti-Semitic supercessionist, or replacement, theologies within mainline churches worldwide.
  4. The WCC, an ecumenical body, which claims to represent 590 million Christians worldwide and based in Switzerland, sponsored an event supporting the partition and Islamization of Jerusalem. The “World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel”  [began] 22 Sept 2013. (See EXPOSE: Christian Fatwa Against Israel).

Thank the Lord that His shaking and sifting of churches will deal with this falsehood.

[Awaken Your Might – credit; James Nesbit]

British MPs ‘recognise’ a non-existent state!

Published also as ‘How Britain Harms Israel-Palestine Peace Prospects’ in The Commentator, this post by Nick Gray, Director of Christian Middle East Watch, expands upon my previous posts to explain why Parliament’s vote is not only irrational but is also futile for furthering peace.

Christian Middle East Watch

big benMonday’s vote in Britain’s parliament to recognise an as yet non-existent Palestinian state may not change government policy but it sends a negative message way beyond London. This despite the fact that less than half of the House of Commons was present for the debate

The vote to recognise “Palestine” will encourage Israel’s detractors (of which there are many in Britain) and, in the words of Britain’s ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould, “This Parliamentary vote is a sign of the way the wind is blowing, and will continue to blow without any progress towards peace.”

Sweden’s new government has made a similar declaration of support for the “state of Palestine”. Palestinian emissaries have been busy and other governments will follow, adding to the more than one hundred already recognising “Palestine”.

This is all part of Mr Abbas’ plan for formal recognition of his “state” at the UN and to join…

View original post 860 more words

MPs ignore Koranic scholar’s warning to the West

PCheslerAn outspoken and renowned American feminist and an Emerita Professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies at City University of New York, Phyllis Chesler, chaired the opening panel at the first Secular Islam Summit in March 2007. In an article for The Times,  How my eyes were opened to the barbarity of Islam, she writes,

“…my views have found favour with the bravest and most enlightened people alive. Leading secular Muslim and ex-Muslim dissidents — from Egypt, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, Syria and exiles from Europe and North America — assembled for the landmark Islamic Summit Conference in Florida and invited me to chair the opening panel…”

ibn-warraqjpgThe meetings were chaired by the Indian Muslim scholar and intellectual Ibn Warraq. The previous year he and ten other Muslim and ex-Muslim intellectuals, journalists and authors (including Salman Rushdie) had co-signed a ‘Manifesto: Together Facing the New Totalitarianism’, which strongly opposed blasphemy laws and customs.

In an exclusive interview published a fortnight ago Phyllis describes her friend,

 Ibn Warraq is known for having dared to summarize the history of Islam as one of imperialism, colonialism, gender and religious apartheid, anti-black racism, and slavery – and for having dared to point out that, far from being odious, imperial, “Orientalists”, European scholars, not Muslim invaders, saved, recorded, painted, preserved, and restored the narratives, scholarship, sculpture, artifacts, languages, customs, and architecture of the Islamic, pre-Islamic, and Christian Middle East, and of Asia, and India.

Therefore, at the Secular Islam Summit he declared,

“What we need now is an age of enlightenment in the Islamic world. Without critical examination of Islam, it will remain dogmatic, fanatical and intolerant and will continue to stifle thought, human rights, individuality, originality and truth.”

The conference issued a declaration calling for such an “Enlightenment” which views “Islamophobia” as a false allegation, sees a “noble future for Islam as a personal faith, not a political doctrine” and “demands the release of Islam from its captivity to the ambitions of power-hungry men”. (All emphases added)

In the interview Phyllis notes the summit published,

“a declaration urging world governments to reject Sharia law, fatwa courts, state-sanctioned religion, to oppose the penalties for apostasy and blasphemy as a violation of Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

and that her friend has urged Western intellectuals to cherish and defend their Western values and freedom.

With statements such as those above we can grasp the importance and significance of his sound recommendations to international concerns over the Israel-Palestine situation and any possibility of a peace settlement.

Phyllis Chesler’s recent interview of her friend continues,

“Although Ibn Warraq believes that “moderate Muslims” do exist, he does not believe that “Islam is moderate” and he is not optimistic about how quickly moderate Muslim theologians will be able to bring about a religious reformation that will be acceptable. Nevertheless, for years now, my scholarly friend would disappear to Europe, mainly to Germany to “do Koranic research.” I had no idea why he kept returning to work with these German scholars. Now, I begin to understand the importance of this research with the publication of his new book, Christmas in the Koran: Luxenberg, Syriac, and the Near Eastern and Judeo-Christian Background of Islam (2014).”

Amazon describes this textbook as, ‘an anthology of scholarly yet accessible studies of the Koran (and which) makes a convincing case that Islam’s holy book borrowed heavily from Christian texts in Syriac and other Near Eastern sources’.

Today in Parliament

Houses of Parliament: courtesy FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe Guardian’s political correspondent Rowena Mason noted on Friday that the House of Commons is likely to recognise Palestine as a state. MPs are debating a motion on its right to independence even though the government’s position is supportive of Israeli-Palestinian talks for two independent states.

But The Commentator’s editorial has a grasp of the deep issues and problems:

“(Today’s) vote…aiming at recognising a Palestinian state is certainly historic, and in several senses. It’s a historic mistake; a historic instance of ignorance and bigotry at the heart of the British political system; and a historic gift to Islamist terrorism…

“The more you think about it, the worse it gets. Britain is sending people into battle to stop one Islamist terror state emerging in Syria/Iraq, and now wants to give its imprimatur to the creation of another one in Israel/ Palestine.

After reminding readers of the evil that is Hamas and that Britain’s Parliament would reward them still further with a vote that can only help them, the editor concludes:

“The vote itself is motivated by ignorance and bigotry. A vote in favour is a vote to turn the Mother of Parliaments into the Mother of all Stupidity; and a friend of terrorism to boot. This might be a time for British MPs to drop the prejudice, and start thinking about what they are doing.”

Adrian Hilton, aka blogger ‘His Grace Archbishop Cranmer’, is scathing on The hypocrisy of Labour’s three-line whip tactics:

As the British Parliament votes on a motion of support for the establishment of the State of Palestine, it is noteworthy that Conservative backbenchers have been granted a free vote, while Labour MPs are subject to a three-line whip. If you happen to be a pro-Israel Labour MP, you have been asked to stay away from the Chamber.

In all honesty, I suppose it’s too much to expect our Parliamentary Clowns to begin to appreciate Ibn Warraq’s warnings??

By the way, let’s not overlook Islamist infiltration in British schools, as revealed by former police counter-terror chief Peter Clarke in Trojan Horse ‘just tip of the iceberg’!

UPDATE >> Christian group warns ‘British values’ rules imposed after ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal leading to schools with a religious ethos being marked down by inspectors for failing to promote ‘tolerance’ (See Christian school downgraded for failing to invite an imam to school assembly – John Bingham, Telegraph 19 October)

PS. read about the vote’s possible prophetical relevance in the next post >>

[Houses of Parliament photo courtesy]

Events corroborate accuracy of recent prophetic words

Detail from Eagle-eyed by John Mark LongMajor news items surfaced last week that relate directly to recently received prophetic words (updated 10th July as below):

1. Security (Cindy Jacobs, 26 June; as in this post)

Cindy emailed:

This is what I am hearing: “There is an another attack on the scale of 9/11 being planned!” As I prayed to pinpoint how to intercede, I immediately heard these words: “Close the gates! All borders must be closed to terrorists and those who would aid them.” This includes all airport customs checkpoints, as well as border crossings.

July 4th Daily Telegraph’s banner headline Body searches at British Airports was based upon the previous day’s announcement that smartphones will be confiscated if they’re uncharged when presented at pre-boarding security checks.

That broadsheet edition is more extensive in the online version. Of particular interest to this blog is security editor Tom Whitehead’s coverage of US comments:

‘Beefed-up security at airports with direct flights to the US was requested by America’s secretary of Homeland Security. The move underlined growing White House unease at the apparent failure of the UK and other European countries to stop young Muslims heading to Syria and Iraq to join Islamist Groups. The US government said there was a “real-time” and “credible” threat.’

NOW that’s exceptionally hypocritical because POTUS Obama ordered the removal of  references to Islamist terrorism in all US security forces’ training manuals. Thus, their full recognition of their nation’s principal threat and its modus operandi was seriously hampered. Eg: the shenanigans surrounding the murderous, military-style assault at Fort Hood.

UPDATE: see Investigative Project on Terrorism reports on the FBI and CIA.

The Telegraph editor then cites one of many leading critics against their president’s potty security policy and whose excellent articles I’ve regularly read, Frank Gaffney…

‘…a former assistant secretary of defence under President Reagan and founder of the Centre for Security Policy think-tank, said Europe was, “reaping the whirlwind” of its policies on domestic Islamists. Neither Britain nor Europe nor the US have come to grips with the nature of the enemy we’re up against…the Western jihadists in Iraq and Syria have guns and they learned how to practise violent jihad and they’ll be returning with that knowledge”.’

All our lack-lustre, less than mediocre politicians in their ignorance and contempt for religious beliefs have fallen for the deliberate deception encouraged in Islamic doctrine known as taqqiya. This has blinded them to reality and failure to protect the nations.

So, thank you Nick for asking if my posting Cindy’s email on 28th June may be related to the crackdown – AND most interesting that it happened during Urgent ‘777’ Prayers and the day before US Independence Day!!

2. Child Abuse (Part 2 of Prophetic Word June 2014)

In that Glasgow Prophetic Centre document, under ‘Justice & Children’, we read:

God is moving with righteousness and justice towards children. Scandals will be exposed, even within social services, education, the judiciary and the police. There will be nowhere to hide, even amongst the most wealthy and influential… (emphases added)

When everyone thought the furore over two once-famous celebrities being predatory sex-abusers was confined to the entertainment industry, yet another scandal broke concerning politicians over the loss of an incriminating dossier left with a previous government.

Again, news broke just before 4th July. Telegraph report of that date, Child abuse files were dismissed as fantasies of a deluded man, opens as follows,

‘To MPs and Westminster journalists in the early 1980s, the disclosure that a dossier alleging an Establishment paedophile ring was presented to Leon Brittan, then home secretary, comes as no surprise.’

Today’s news reads,

‘Downing Street has stood by the appointment of Baroness Butler-Sloss as the head of an inquiry into allegations of an establishment cover-up of child abuse, as it emerged her brother was accused of a “white-wash” over a paedophile diplomat.’

UPDATE: at foot of broadsheet’s front-page, Abuse inquiry head ‘too establishment’.

This exposure is part of the ‘shaking’ that the Lord has started and, unwholesome as it is, this news vindicates the declaration of prophetic words and strongly encourages all believers who appreciate the prophetic gifting.

I have to smile at a reader’s unbelieving response to Tony Puccio’s re-blog of this part of the prophetic words because an author was of the opinion that a certain theology had to be engaged before one could fully consider a word.

It’s a great shame believing Christians circumscribe what our Lord can and should do, thereby limiting Him and how they may be more fully blessed. They simply give an ear to, and even act on behalf of, the Accuser of the brethren.

Which, my reader, do you think should take precedence? Man’s ideas of God and how He works, ie. theology; or a word direct from God to His people, ie. prophecy?  (Note, this is not to deny the necessity of checking prophecy against scripture.)

Provocative ‘coincidence’ at the kick-off for redefined ‘Marriage’

Courtesy Watcharakun‘Provocative’ because a couple of associated events in tandem can make people pause for serious thought. ‘Provocative’, because how and what happened has generated a growing furore not only in Parliament but also amongst voters.  ‘Provocative’, because a key spiritual principle is involved which many ignore or refuse to consider, let alone concede it’s correct.

‘Coincidental’ – ha, is it? How can two apparently unrelated events happen yet again, that is, together at the same time by mere random chance. This re-appearance pivots around one lady intimately involved in both events and who directed the main one which closely involves her boss. And now he’s stuck in the second strand. The timing of this ‘chance’ strongly points to the distinct possibility of its being fore-ordained, even a sort of ‘God incidence’.

I humbly submit that the coincidental events around these matters indicate the Lord is keenly aware of what’s going on, and is pointing to His ‘behind the scenes’ activity – for those who may discern it.

Before we proceed, a caveat is necessary. As in previous coverage of this topic, all my comments are observational and not to be construed as being judgemental. I wish only to reiterate what the Lord stated through His Son, as revealed by Holy Spirit inspiration  of anointed apostles, prophets and teachers, and add my personal opinion. So let me first explain:

A key spiritual principle

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life. (Galatians 6:7-8 NKJV)

Over twenty years ago it was important for me, a new believer rescued from the New Age and occult, to get the past healed and its ‘klingons’ dealt with. This was beyond the skills of the Baptist church the Lord directed me to, and so He pointed out certain books by those who’d also come out of Satan’s camp, as recounted here.  Then I was directed to a ministry in the north of England specialising in the inner healing and deliverance I’d already read about.

Books by John Sandford were foundational reading and I found he’d been in the same groups as me.  Having a scientific background, I was struck by the claim that scripture has laws which are universal in function and application – as in physics – one of which is sowing and reaping. (Read an excellent outline at Elijah House Ministries.)

Therefore, I’ve referred to that principle, as in Galatians 6 above, when blogging about the redefining of marriage as, for example, in several posts of December 2012.

In asking Does David Cameron’s decision line up with the Bible? I noted a developing scandal involving Maria Miller, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, who’s  responsible for introducing the new marriage law. Therefore, I also asked,  “…is all this going to be part of the ‘holy shaking’; that is, of everything not of God?”, bearing the promise in mind of Hebrews 12, viz:

See that you do not refuse Him who speaks. For if they did not escape who refused Him who spoke on earth, much more shall we not escape if we turn away from Him who speaks from heaven, 26 whose voice then shook the earth; but now He has promised, saying, “Yet once more I shake not only the earth, but also heaven.” 27 Now this, “Yet once more,” indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain.

28 Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. 29 For our God is a consuming fire. (BibleGateway – emphases added)

And now guess what?

Within hours of the new law coming into effect the scandal erupted over that minister’s abuse of Parliamentary allowances for personal expenses!

On Friday 28th March, whilst several same-sex couples were looking forward to being legally ‘married’ just after midnight, journalists at the Telegraph were drafting the latest in that paper’s 5 year investigative scoop on the MP’s expenses scandal.  At 10.00 pm, just ahead of the new marriage laws becoming operative, the paper’s Senior Political Correspondent, Investigations Editor and Whitehall Editor broke the news online.

Already going to print was Saturday’s broadsheet Daily Telegraph with inside pages reporting, ‘Cameron welcomes first gay marriages’, plus a few related items. One about priests being urged to defy the Anglican Church crept into the bottom of the front page, BUT the topmost headline reads:

Cabinet minister abused expenses -Maria Miller, Culture Secretary, made £1m profit after overclaiming for her mortgage

Oh what a surprise? I don’t mean about the minister’s activities, but the fact this news has coincided with the manifestation of what she and David Cameron engineered.

A busy week in politics

Last Friday’s lead editorial Mrs Miller should say sorry to taxpayers opens:

‘It is almost five years since The Telegraph broke the parliamentary expenses scandal. The revelation that some MPs had abused the expenses system – perpetrating, in some cases, outright fraud – rocked public confidence in British democracy. It led to resignations, deselections, electoral defeats and even the imprisonment of some of the worst offenders. Promises were made that things would be different in the future, that there would be house-cleaning and reform. Failure in some quarters to live up to those fine ambitions is why voters remain so disdainful of Parliament and politicians…’

Readers unfamiliar with this sorry saga wanting an overview will find the whole affair  summarised in:

This last by an ex-trade union official points to the danger in this affair: threatening the freedom of the press. The penultimate item from the Guardian refers to Miller’s other indefensible threat against the independent Parliamentary Standards Commissioner. That is, not so much questionable expense claims, but her other consequential actions are doubly  dangerous!

The whole affair stinks! It is an exceptionally outrageous situation and, as she refuses to resign and PM Cameron refuses to dismiss her, then maybe his ‘fate’ is tied to hers. Not an unreasonable conjecture in view of their mocking the Lord’s ordinance on marriage and the family.

A personal opinion

Personally, as a retired servant of Her Majesty with responsibility for inviting and letting works contracts, and the financial control of major building projects directly responsible to HM Treasury, I am appalled by the unconscionable conduct of this MP.

Is the Living Lord God indicating He isn’t to be mocked and, thereby, letting those who are responsible fall into personal difficulties of their own making?

[Hand Pressing News Icon by Watcharakun, courtesy]