2019-2020 Fulfilled Prophecies, 3 of 3: Tomi Arayomi’s ten prophecies

In this video Tomi Arayomi revisits ten events he’d foreseen and replays their prophetic words, some of which get echoed by national press headlines. In citing them he uses a ‘countdown’ but here their sequence follows this blog’s Fulfilled Prophecies :

#52 – July’17: vision of Prime Minister Theresa May’s resignation

#53 – July’19: Boris Johnson as next PM like Churchill: “Let my people go!”

#54 – July’19: sees comparable Johnson:Trump and ‘symbiotic’ relationship

#55 – July’19: sees a second snap general election being called

#56 – Jan’19: foretells at Matlock (!) later unusual flooding in Derbyshire

#57 – Dec’19: hears that election vote will break Parliamentary deadlock

#58 – Dec’19: righteous move of God will cause Britain to roar like a lion

#59 – Oct’19: Philippines’ win unprecedented number of gold medals

#60 – Aug ’16: dream of Trump thanking churches for helping him win election and giving back favour to churches and encouraging pro-Life

#61 – 2018: foresees Nigeria returning to suppression (four prophecies)

It also features a clip about Tomi’s accurate predictions of David Cameron becoming Prime Minister and of Britain leaving the EU.

For previous click on 1 of 3 (exposures/shakeup) and 2 of 3 (three blessings/woes).

‘Divine Designs’ re. Britain and the European Union

In updating me on his thoughts about Britain and the EU, Neil Mackereth (author of SIGNS) enables our further consideration of the prophetic word on the Lord being in control of Brexit.

Neil writes, “I have amended the last section ‘Spiritual Significance’ somewhat, mainly to emphasise that understanding comes with hindsight. The reasons for the present political confusion and turmoil will become clear. My view is that it is necessary to ensure there is not an inappropriate compromise deal (appeasement). No political consensus may be the only way to ensure a proper severance.”



A spiritual indifference has taken root in the world today. The rulers, leaders, decision makers and diplomats are trying to direct nations and solve problems using the wisdom of this age – their own “wisdom”, world-view, self-interest, conceit and disdain (see 1 Corinthians 2:6, 14.).

As always, God is in control and is working out His purposes. We need to keep our spiritual eyes and ears open in these turbulent times and seek to understand the Kingdom perspective and significance of events. We may be mystified but we can still choose to go with God in the fulfilment of His purposes. His ways are not our ways; however, He wants us to be involved and what matters most is maintaining our relationship with Jesus and doing our utmost to fulfil the great commission.

Is there a link between following biblical guidelines and the wellbeing of the nation? The secular world ridicule suggestions that God is in control. They are mistaken.

An Example of the Significance of Blessing Israel – The Balfour Declaration

The Balfour Declaration of 9 November 1917, promising a national homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine, shows the efficacy of the principle expressed in Genesis 12.3 “I will bless those who bless you”. The declaration, first aired on 2 November, became agreed Government policy a week later. It was heartfelt and undoubtedly blessed the Jews: there was an almost immediate counter blessing!

General Allenby, the British commander in the Middle East, launched an offensive to capture Jerusalem on 31 October 1917. He took Gaza on 7 November and Jaffa on 16 November.  As Allenby’s forces approached Jerusalem the German and Turkish forces decided to withdraw from the city.

General Allenby and his commanders walked into the undefended city of Jerusalem on 9 December 2017. That was truly remarkable!

Unfortunately, subsequent governments have not shown unity or clarity in their endeavours to bless God’s chosen people!


I meet many disheartened Christians who do not see God’s hand in the events unfolding in our nation. I, on the other hand, am intrigued and excited by a chain of unexpected outcomes. Examples where the “experts” were confounded:

  1. The Scottish independence referendum of September 2014 (unity of UK)
  2. PM Cameron, promising a referendum on EU membership, re-elected to government with an unexpected overall majority – General Election May 2015
  3. Mr Corbyn elected Labour leader – September 2015 (against all expectations)
  4. EU referendum (PM hoisted by his own petard having only anticipated a coalition government and hence no likelihood of having to honour the pledge)
  5. BREXIT – June 2016 (referendum outcome against expectations)
  6. The Labour Party, which might have influenced the Remain vote, in disarray
  7. PM Cameron resigns July 2016
  8. Mrs May elected PM July 2016 (virtually unopposed – a professing Christian)
  9. PM calls a snap general election June 2017 – unexpectedly loses her majority (against all pundit expectations/forecasts!) and has to rely on DUP support to form a government (the significance of the DUP holding the balance of power becomes more evident as Brexit progresses – unity of UK)
  10. The pessimistic ‘experts’ have repeatedly been proved wrong:
  • The stock market will crash – it has reached record highs
  • Unemployment will rise – it has fallen
  • The economy will go into recession – the opposite is true
  • The value of the pound will fall – it has but that has not been the predicted disaster. It has proved beneficial to trade and made the UK an attractive proposition/haven for overseas investors, the pound is recovering.

Cracks are appearing in the unity of the EU nations: their instability is ignored by the UK prophets of doom who continue their barrage, many demanding a second referendum. The amazing thing is, the pundits are still held in high esteem!


We have a God of the unexpected and the above list indicates that God’s hand is on Great Britain. The significance and progressive nature of each step only becomes clear with hindsight. Similarly, I am sure that the reasons for the current political confusion and government disarray will be apparent “after the event”. I am reminded of Habakkuk; we watch to see God’s plans unfold, confident in the knowledge that however turbulent the immediate future may be, His plans will not be thwarted. Furthermore, God told Habakkuk to tell the nation what was to happen.

I don’t know whether a deal (i.e. with fair contractual agreements) or a no-deal Brexit is best, but He does: instead of being in the worst position, as so many argue, knowing Him puts us in the best position.

We are at a pivotal moment. The signs of demonic influence in the EU are startlingly obvious, to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Brexit threatens to hasten the break-up of the EU (I think it was inevitable). Whatever people may say; Brexit is a calamity for the EU. God is rescuing the UK from an unholy alliance, to be a tower of strength, a light in a dark place, a refuge and a sanctuary.

Our God is not a God of compromise. Pray, pray and pray again for a clean, fair and complete break from the EU. Pray for the adoption of the underlying principle that UK policies will be biblically based and will seek to bless the Jewish people (this does not mean endorsing or condoning any unreasonable actions/words of secular authorities or leaders. It does mean help in safeguarding the rights and security of Israel, and of the Jewish people worldwide).

Watch and be amazed: we constantly underestimate the greatness of our God and we constantly underestimate the power and authority of His Word. He is birthing something new for the nations of the world, which apparent from the shaking and repositioning we are witnessing. It heralds the time of tribulation, which will culminate in the return of Jesus.

Footnote:  Neil has this undated paper which I’ve termed an ‘Addendum’ to the above.

[Photo Credit: Paul Luckcraft Meet Neil Mackereth, author of ‘SIGNS’]

Brexit Briefing 2 – the truth of the matter by ‘Stay or Leave?’ author

When the referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU began hotting up this blog was blessed with contributions from readers and others. Neil Mackereth offered his helpful and succinct ‘executive summary’ with several flagged appendices on the real nature of the EU – see UK/EU in/out #2 – Stay or Leave?

I’m grateful to Neil for offering his latest observations for our consideration, as follows:



Recent failures in election polling predictions at home and abroad show a trend where the expected is trumped (no pun intended) by the unexpected. In pondering on the startling events of recent months I have been wondering whether we can draw any conclusions to help guide our prayers and actions.

A spiritual indifference has taken root in the world today. The rulers, leaders, decision makers and diplomats are trying to solve problems using the wisdom of this age – their own “wisdom”, world-view, self-interest, conceit and disdain (see 1 Corinthians 2:6, 14.).

In what follows, I look first at some broad spiritual aspects before focussing on secular Brexit matters and then considering the spiritual implications of Brexit.

A Spiritual Perspective

We have a God of surprises.

As always, God is in control and is working out His purposes. We need to keep our spiritual eyes and ears open in these turbulent times and seek to understand the Kingdom significance of events. We may not know what God is doing but we can still choose to go with Him in the fulfilment of His purposes, even though they are a mystery to us. Whatever happens, it is maintaining our relationship with Jesus that is paramount.

Everything that Jesus said, and everything written by the prophets, will be fulfilled.  The test is whether we believe that God knows what He is doing; that everything that happens is not random but entirely in His ruling and judgement. Do we absolutely trust the wit and wisdom of God rather than relying on our own experience and ideas?

A Secular Perspective

Now let us look at some indicators on the political and economic fronts.

America is caught up in election fever and Europe is facing murderous security challenges and suffering Brexit aftershocks. There are burgeoning political, economic and security problems that could easily lead to the collapse of the EU.

Are EU leaders telling the truth?

A year or so ago, we were encouraged to believe that if Greece were to leave the EU it would be disastrous for the Union. However, now that the UK, a net contributor to the EU and an economy which, in GDP terms, is 15 times larger than Greece, we are told that our leaving is “manageable”

Similarly, there were special arrangements made to help Cyprus: it is also clear that Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain have grave economic problems. They are a severe drain on EU finances and have a negative effect on moving forward with the federal vision.

It is disingenuous to suggest that Brexit is not a serious, serious problem for the EU economy.  Britain’s GDP is bigger than Austria’s, Belgium’s, Sweden’s, Netherlands’, Ireland’s, Finland’s and Greece’s combined. UK and Germany are the only net contributors to the EU budget.

Furthermore, London is the leading financial marketplace and has the most active foreign-exchange market, the largest international debt market, the biggest money markets and the highest level of derivatives trading. London ranks No1 on the Global Financial Centres Index.

The real question is not whether the UK will weather the storm but whether the EU will!

What impact will a continuing EU meltdown have on the global economy and are there any precedents to guide us?

Surprising as it may seem, the former Soviet Union (USSR) may provide some insight on a possible course of events.

The USSR was established on the basis of a centrally controlled economy. The EU model is not quite the same but there are various parallels.

In the early years the USSR economy grew reasonably well. However, there followed a period of stagnation, a developing era of economic and social discontent and a growing nationalistic fervour within the 15 states of the Union. The roots of this nationalism, the different languages, ethnic and tribal groupings, religious and cultural heritage, and other distinctions of custom and practice, were fed in part by the economic instability and eventually led to the collapse of the USSR.

Similar fault lines can be seen in the EU today. The comparisons are quite startling and can be researched in more detail on the internet.  Suffice it to say, there has been growth followed by stagnation and, after the 2008 debt crises, rising unemployment and ensuing economic decline. Corruption and nepotism are on the increase, as is a growing resentment of centralised bureaucracy.

The PIGS countries (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) stumble from debt crisis to debt crisis.

These tensions have encouraged anti-EU sentiment and political activity particularly within member states like Hungary, Poland, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Greece. Separatist movements are gaining support in much the same way as they did in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Azerbaijan from 1986 onwards.

In both the USSR and the EU the central governments, initially credited with creating economic wellbeing, found that they could not cope with the growing economic challenges.

The flaw in the USSR model was an inflexible, all-encompassing central bureaucracy.

In the EU, it is an unwieldy central monetary policy which, in effect, imposes a single interest rate on all countries and leads to an unmanageable imbalance between strong and weak economies. Furthermore, those countries that have embraced the Euro have lost the ability to control their financial destinies: they can no longer act independently to manage their economic challenges in a way that is specific to their individual needs.

So What?

Brexit is a catalyst event that threatens to precipitate the break-up of the EU. It is propelling the various anti-EU political movements to renewed vigour. Hard-line Eurosceptic parties are making strong gains – what they thought improbable (leaving the EU) they now see as a distinct possibility.

Whatever people may say, Brexit is the most serious crisis the EU has ever faced.

Spiritual Implications

Notwithstanding the clear vote for UK to leave, we are in an interregnum, a time between membership of the EU and our return to independent nationhood. We know where we are going but we are not there yet.

It is undoubtedly a time for earnest prayer.

What has happened? God has ensured (against expectations and the polls) that:

  1. The Conservative Party, having promised a referendum on EU membership, was elected to government with an overall majority.
  2. Mr Cameron honoured the referendum pledge.
  3. The Labour Party, which might have influenced the Remain vote, is in disarray.
  4. The people voted to leave the EU.
  5. Mr Cameron (having fulfilled his role in God’s plan) has been replaced (virtually unopposed) by Theresa May, a practicing/professing Christian.
  6. The doomsayers are repeatedly being proved wrong about stock market confidence and UK economic trends – the forecast recession has not materialised and seems less likely with each new set of results. [Regular updates at Why Leave the EU?]
  7. The UK successes in the Olympic Games have surpassed all expectations. [See Prophetic Words on GB as Sports-superpower.]

What are my conclusions from this? God has decreed that Britain is to be born again. God has heard the prayers of a British remnant crying in the wilderness: He is in the process of removing Great Britain from an unholy alliance and breaking the web of inappropriate soul ties that have been insidiously constructed over the last 40 years.

The signs of demonic influence in the EU are startlingly obvious, to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. The EU is on a course to disaster and God is rescuing the UK to be a tower of strength, a light in a dark place, in the time of need that is fast approaching.


We are not there yet. Fervent prayer is needed: “So I turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and petition, in fasting, and in sackcloth and ashes” (Daniel 9:3). It is clear from Daniel’s prayer in chapter 9 that even though we think we know the course we are on; it is still necessary to pray expectations into reality. We do not know why it should be so, but it is clear from Scripture, history and our experiences, that God wants us to be involved in His purposes.

The battle is raging in the heavenly realms. As in Daniel 10, princes are fighting to retain their territories and seek to thwart God’s plans. However, the angels of God are advancing; defeating delaying tactics and recovering lands: victory is assured.

We have so much to be thankful for, so much has been set in train by God’s design: now we most earnestly pray for God’ mercy and forgiveness, and for the fulfillment of the reestablishment of Great Britain as an independent nation under God.



  • See EU in God’s Face for articles and prophecies on the referendum.
  • Easy-to-read introduction to the significance of Biblical prophecyI first met Neil at his excellent extensive course on End-Times at Winchester Vineyard Church (and which will re-run this Autumn). The outcome is his conversational-style introduction to what the Bible teaches about the climax of history and the end of the world, as we know it. For more information and my recommendation see this post, or click image for fuller details and to purchase.

Fulfilled prophecy #8: part 1 – Prime Minister resigns in battle for Britain

“I will surprise you with the leaders of nations. I have ways to cause leaders that have been promoted to bow their knees. You will think they’re going one way, but you watch Me knock the feet out from under them; you watch them see Me in a way they’ve never seen Me before!” (Published 2013)

The above three years-old prophetic word popped unsought into my attention late on Monday afternoon after a weekend mulling over powerful words from last week.

I was amazed at its direct relevance to what’s been happening here over the past month: on David Cameron’s decision for the UK to remain in the EU and the subsequent public vote for us to leave, with its severe jolt to his government – and the more astonishing fact that ALL leading political proponents for ‘Leave’ have also fallen by the wayside, and thus could NOT succeed him as Prime Minister.

Apparently, Cameron remarked proudly upon his achievement of introducing same-sex ‘marriage’. However, he’ll regret it because, ‘there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account’ (Heb  4:13).  So, maybe the Lord decided it’s time to get him kicked out!

AND his wasn’t the only position in turmoil: not only Conservative party ‘Brexiteers’ Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Andrea Leadsom were unexpectedly out of the running as his successor, but also the leader of UK Independence Party’s Nigel Farage resigned having achieved his goal of the UK’s leaving the EU!  As for Her Majesty’s official opposition, the Labour Party?  LOL, it’s in continual turmoil over exceptionally lack-lustre leadership!!

The Prime Minister had decided to retire in the Autumn. Unbeknown to me until hearing the 5pm news in the car on Monday, he then brought forward his retirement to today.

Before that, however, I’d emailed friends with a link to some mid-afternoon breaking news from which I infer the Lord may bless Theresa May as Cameron’s successor because of her strong support of Israel.

In catching up with Middle-Eastern news I read that she was a keynote speaker at April’s Israeli Independence Day in London and vowed ‘to redouble all efforts to wipe out anti-Semitism in Britain’; (she) observed, “without its Jews Britain would not be British. The Jewish people have long been an important and integral part of this country”.

Therefore, not only was ‘Brexit’ an act of God but so too is Cameron’s replacement by a lady who didn’t seek the premiership.  

I’m reminded of theologian NT Wright’s interview with Christians Today (publ 24.2.2016): “God will hold rulers and magistrates to account for the discharge of this responsibility. In other words, neither anarchy nor tyranny”. Basing this upon Paul’s instruction in Romans 13, he implies Christians should submit to governing authorities and limit our political role. BUT this begs the question: are we to do so when they fall under the control of Revelation 13’s demonic powers and their ‘Mark of the Beast’? No way!

In the next two parts I’ll tell how I came across that prophetic word and its forecast for fulfillment in 2016 (!), as well as to how it may relate to a spiritual battle for New Britain.

UK/EU in/out #10: Prayer of protection for Britain (& Ireland!)

Another piece of The Invisible Jigsaw is put into placeI hit the desk straight after breakfast only to be hit in turn by a message from Hamilton, in scenic Montana!  I’d intended kicking-off my blog-day after checking email, by finding a map of the UK for blogging about what Nina and I had just been praying.

LO and BEHOLD, I find my cyber-friend Tim Shey, out on The Road hitch-hiking western USA, has copied my previous post for his blog AND inserted a map of the British Isles! JUST the job!  So yet another piece is put into the invisible jigsaw – thank and praise you Lord. And thank you Tim!

Symbolic of Holy Spirit's active power across the AtlanticNow it’s not just that he’s an anglophile who’s enthusiastic about our Christian history and legacy but, moreover, it’s also another fine example of the Holy Spirit’s ‘bridge over the Pond’.

Ever since the Olympic Games were held here in 2012 Nina and I starting most days by using the blessing prayers for all the towns and cities listed in Keep Praying and Bless. (This link is to original version, which may take a minute to load because of video – click here for version adapted for praying around any neighbourhood.) In addition to the day’s specific location our hometown and nearby villages and church leaders are included.

The original purpose was to pray, bless and make declarations along the 70-days route of the Olympic Torch and thereby counteract its pagan influence. A Praise Bus preceded the official torch relay by about an hour’s time, as told in our personal account here.


In recent years we’ve also used an A5-size map with ordinary geographical features on one side and, on its reverse, the main routes across the UK. (I didn’t scan it because it’s now  well-used.)  I’ve found this a useful aid, especially when saying the Prayer of Protection, which I’ve modified slightly as follows:

‘Almighty Father, we come to You in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, and in that mighty Name we break the power of every strategy and assignment sent against the British Isles and Ireland (and against ….) We pray the mighty covering of the Living Blood of Jesus Christ over our villages, towns and cities; over our coastlands, seaports and airports; over our roadways, railways and waterways and traffic thereon – as well as over ourselves and….

‘We ask that You release the angelic host to protect us from every spiritual and terrorist attack – especially our landmarks and each member of the royal family person and their premises and in public.

‘Lift each citizen above every circumstance and crisis. We affirm the finished work of Christ over all demonic forces and decree: no weapon formed against the plans and purposes for the British Isles and Ireland will prosper. We also decree: no longer will violence be heard in our land, or destruction within or at our borders. We bless the atmosphere to be charged with peace and order. Amen’  (Isaiah 54:17 & 60:18) 


Perhaps you too would like to use that material in your intercessions?

I was to find that Tuesday’s blessing was right for what was to follow that evening. It was for Oxford (and our locality) and I its decree reads: ‘I AM The Lord Sitting On my Throne’ (Rev 3:15).

So we declared, “Our God rules and reigns over these nations and it is He who is far above all things – all rule and authority,power and dominion and every title that can be given.

Next I said the regular Prayer of Blessing and Aaronic prayer followed by this specific one: “We bless you British Isles and Ireland to know that all things are under the Feet of Jesus”.

Evening’s Meeting

My circulating an intercession email a few weeks ago met a response from a friend not seen for a couple of years. Jonathan suggested we meet up with others to pray regarding the Referendum. Dates were difficult and almost fell by the wayside, but I managed to go to his house on Tuesday.

What an immense surprise to discover that he’s deeply involved in the Leave campaign and says many Christians are supportive. I was amazed to learn of his prolific Facebook page Why leave the EU? covering the media. Yet it’s not at all surprising because I know he’s scrupulous in ferreting out facts and keen on details. His aim is:

  • to provide accurate reasons for leaving the EU, enable discussion of the issues, and answer any questions and the arguments for remaining

Although not a subscriber, my friend’s aware of my blog and personal stance and so one of our longer prayers was for the Lord to expose the full facts and activities hidden from public view. (See last Thursday’s Is the Lord exposing rotten politics? UK, USA – next EU?)

The next day, Jonathan re-posts a new article on just that, with a covering “Haha. The lies are being exposed!” > Huge blow to Remain camp as Cameron admits – “We don’t need the EU to protect worker’s rights”.

We’ll consider my friend’s summary document next…

Joe Public 1 : Prime Minister 0

Couldn’t miss this banner headline in the news-stand’s array of today’s newspapers:


And that conservative-leaning paper’s editorial: The PM is facing a popular mutiny

‘The word to describe the Sky News audience that David Cameron faced last night is “mutinous”. One after another, they demanded that he justify the scare-mongering of the Remain campaign – questioning his reasoning and his presentation of economic data…’

Read the full details in PressReader top stories or else Telegraph Online version, as well as Parliamentary Sketchwriter Micheal Deacon’s “I know waffling when I see it!” David Cameron takes a Brexit roasting.


Today’s World Watch Daily carries a stream of fascinating Top News headlines on Europe too (at 16:00 BST London and in descending sequence):

  • Europe Floods (France and Germany)
  • EU: World powers have a duty to revive Israel-PA peace talks (per EU foreign policy chief Mogherini – previous post refers)
  • France convenes Mideast peace parley, without Israel or PA
  • State of emergency declared in Paris
  • Diplomats hold Paris peace summit, but Israel dismissive
  • Paris river ‘to peak at six metres’: City on high alert
  • France floods: Louvre to close as Seine rises further
  • France says Israeli settlements main ‘threat’ to two-state solution, ahead of peace summit
  • (Israel’s) Foreign Ministry chief: Paris summit talks ‘doomed to fail’.

William Koenig and John McTernan will have a field day yet again demonstrating the striking correlation between how nations treat Israel and what happens to them!

Perhaps we should revisit the prophetic word David Noakes received from the Lord last November??

UK/EU in/out #7: ‘Cat’s out of the bag!’ press editorial

EU: EXPOSED! (Thursday’s prayer request refers)

‘The cat is out of the bag: the EU bureaucrats have let it be known that they do not approve of member states picking political leaders they disagree with or who contradict their elitist world view.’

Thus opens Friday’s Telegraph View: EU bureaucrats cannot cope with democracy. The grounds for that editorial are not only offensively scurrilous but also grossly insulting remarks against one of our national leaders – AND against the intelligence of the British voter. This is much worse than Obama’s interfering in our affairs during his last state visit. Furthermore, it fully vindicates the deep misgivings of those Christians who are unhappy with the EU’s unholy nature.

This hardly surprising revelation direct from the hearts and minds of tyrants themselves is itself sufficient reason for Britons to want our independence back.

The following quotations from Friday’s editorial and the op-ed by columnist Fraser Nelson, editor of The Spectator, should ‘put my readers in the picture’ (use the links to read their opinions in full).:

Credit: Jap Pool (AP)

DT editorial continues from above: ‘Speaking at yesterday’s session of the G7, Jean-Claude Juncker attacked Boris Johnson, suggesting that his Euroscepticism was not “in line with reality”. Martin Selmayr, Mr Juncker’s chief of staff, went one step further with a tweet that was truly beyond the pale:

“G7 2017 with Trump, Le Pen, Boris Johnson, Beppe Grillo? [American, French, British and Italian] A horror scenario that shows well why it is worth fighting populism.”

Fluffy-headed Boris twice served consecutive terms as popular Mayor of London and is a possible future leader of the Conservative party. So the editorial points out, ‘Mr Johnson’s accusers are bureaucrats who are clearly deeply uncomfortable with a true democrat – especially one who has such an unusual rapport with the public. [There are issues I’ve objected to on grounds of faith – RB.]

‘Mr Selmayr’s demand that “populism” be combated also betrays the EU’s instinctive distrust of democracy. Its founders were desperate to construct a supranational institution that would ensure that the people are always governed by their betters. As such the EU is inherently anti-democratic: demonstrated by its treatment of Greece and an approach to referendums best summed up as “you can vote as many times as you like, so long as you eventually vote for what we want”…’

‘The irony is that men such as Mr Juncker and Mr Selmayr do not realise how much they are encouraging the decline of their own EU project. Voters do not like being told that they can or cannot vote for someone just because an unelected foreign bureaucrat fears for the consequences.’ (emphasis added).

DT’s man at the G7 reports Tory MP and founder of Vote Leave, Steve Baker’s reaction to that tweet was, “This is a doubly outrageous intervention. First, unelected officials have no right to interfere in democratic processes. Second, they are flat wrong. Boris is an affable, liberal conservative. There is no comparison between his views and those of the extreme populists of the national right”.


Fraser_Nelson-smallFraser Nelson opens his op-ed by explaining that (giving his German style ‘Professor Dr’), ‘Martin Selmayr is one of the most powerful men you’ve never heard of. He is chief fixer for Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission; we have him to thank, at least in part, for the woeful ‘“deal” that David Cameron was given in his renegotiation…

Behold, the great battle of our times: the bureaucrats of Brussels, unsullied by the need to win votes, ready to take on the democratic process and any leaders that it might catapult to power.’

Fraser then tells of the remarkable successes by popular parties in a number of countries: Austria, Italy, Sweden, Holland (‘How did the party of Gert Wilders, once banned from entering Britain, end up most popular in the Netherlands?’) Finland, Poland.

In country after country the answer tends to be the same – globalisation, immigration, economic disadvantage, unemployment. Therefore, ‘increasingly the new populists see the EU as the centre of this malign orthodoxy and call for looser ties with it’.

He concludes, ‘A spectre is once again haunting Europe, but it’s not that of populism. It’s the intransigence of established political parties who prefer to denounce populists rather than seek to understand what motivates their supporters. And the EU, which set out in hope of uniting the continent, has become a source of instability – sticking to an outdated script at a time of unprecedented demographic and economic change…’ [Europe’s voters are – leaders should listen to them, not sneer.]

NB: Fraser’s remark about “the great battle of our times” resonates well with a prophetic word privately circulating among intercessors praying for David and Samantha Cameron and whatever outcome the EU Referendum brings.

UPDATE: His analysis proves to be ‘right on the money’! (As in continuation link below.)

EU: “100 TIMES WORSE THAN COMMUNISM” – Ukraine pastor

Finally, evangelist David Hathaway’s extensive connections to Eastern Europe enable him to report recently,

“When I said to the European head of the Pentecostal church in Kiev that the EU is worse than communism he replied that – after years living under communism and now negotiating in Brussels – the EU is ONE HUNDRED TIMES WORSE THAN COMMUNISM.” [Iron Does Not Mix With Clay, Prophetic Vision #80, 2016]


Is the Lord pointing something out through last week’s triple ‘coincidences’?  If so, then we must start to pay close attention to what’s about to happen.

Puzzle in sky - Idea goAnother 3 pieces of the Invisible Jigsaw have fallen into place…

  • Thursday, technical glytches delay a prophetic insight on ‘rotten EU politics’ 
  • Friday’s ProphecyTodayUK on testing prophecies has “Open Blind Eyes” prayer
  • Friday paper’s headlines and editorial on EU officials’ interference in Referendum.

Continued reading at News Alert: UK/EU in/out #7 UPDATE >>>

[Puzzle In Sky by Idea Go, courtesy of Freedigtalphotos.net]

Is the Lord exposing rotten politics? UK, USA – next EU??

A quick thought dropped into mind whilst out for a short walk this morning. I wanted to blog it upon return 5 hours ago but first needed to finish circulating an intercessory request to various groups – BUT then I got hit by inordinate difficulties using my email. There were conflicts between my email client and ISP’s server data and even resetting didn’t solve it; then it kept refusing to send because of ‘Too many addressees’!!

As my blogging day’s been halved maybe our enemy’s getting rattled? So here goes:

In re-posting a prophetic word on this month’s ‘Domino Effect’ I speculated that there may be more than one trail of ‘prophetical promises’ Patsy Southway saw, and where it has a counterpart elsewhere. To recap:

‘I cannot but think one of those domino-trails is in the secular world in view of recent, unexpected exposures of political activities. Eg., of anti-Semitism in the Labour party and its leader’s concessionary Mayday speech; of David Cameron’s ‘gaffe’ to the Queen and Archbishop about ‘fantastic’ corruption in Nigeria (read its president’s reaction here); President Obama’s unwelcome interference in the UK/EU Referendum and now his aide Ben Rhodes’ outrageous boasting about their manipulating media lackies with fiction and duplicity over the Iran nuclear deal. For the reasons behind this expose read here. (White House Christian correspondent Bill Koenig often refers to incompetence and lack of required experience and skills of Potus’ aides.) 

NB: The admittance to secret contact with Iran as early as 2011 is incorrect – TWO years too late! It started very early in Obama’s first term and prior to his infamous Cairo speech, as I wrote 7 years ago (18 May 2009) in Today’s Importance in History

‘this [diplomatic storm] involved attempts to turn the Arab world and Europe against Israel, and to appease Iran – even to ‘blackmailing’ Israel over its nuclear defence! (It’s reported Obama wanted to be able to use Iran’s territory for supplying US troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan.) Also, there’s been dismay in Cairo and Riyadh over his courting the terrorist mentors in Teheran.’  [per DebkaFile intelligence reports].’

The American issue has since developed: The White House refuses to let Rhodes testify  (Fox News 17 May). Yesterday Reuters reports on the Hilary Clinton’s illegal activities, Clinton email server broke government rules.  HA! LOL!  Maybe that’s why mine was giving me such serious bother this morning 🙂

And today the Telegraph Tax Investigation into Trump was published; ie. a report on the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s US tax avoidance activities.

All that’s probably nothing compared with the EU, which hasn’t been able to publish any certified accounts for donkey’s years!!

Kononia eNews_Breakup-of-EU

Wouldn’t now be a good time for all the rotten dirty laundry of crumbling EU finances to be exposed in full glare of continent-wide publicity? Maybe it would make messrs Cameron & Osborne do a volte-face, an abrupt U-turn, over the EU…?

Let’s pray so…

Cont’d in next two posts and in UK/EU in/out #6 and #7 >>

NB: see Fulfilled Prophecy #10: here, here and here PLUS a vision in Nov 2017 (read also discussion thereto)!

PS July’19: Fulfilled Prophecies lists (#10) several exposures (of many) noted on this blog.

Patsy Southway: this month’s ‘domino effect’

On Tuesday Patsy Southway posted these encouraging words on her Pick Ministries blogspot.:


Patsy SouthwayA couple of weeks ago I was sharing with a few close friends about an open vision I had received from the Lord. In the vision I saw a long wavy line of dominos. Several, of which, were different colours; with their usual number of dots on them. I sensed that each domino had been strategically placed in preparation for the momentum that occurs when the first one is touched.

Then God said to me that during the month of May many will see the beginning of a ‘domino effect’ in their lives. As God’s finger touches the very first domino; the rippling effect will be breathtaking!

I could see immense JOY exploding as long awaited promises and prophetic words that had been spoken, were suddenly, (it seemed suddenly but God has been behind the scenes working all the while) manifesting and bringing to birth the fulfillments that had been longed for.

I sensed too that for some the hope of ever seeing these promises come to pass had almost died as they had become weary in the waiting and had forgotten that God, our God, is a faithful God and ALL his promises are ‘yes and amen!’

For some, this will also be a time to see the beginning of an ENLARGEMENT! Those that have had to stand firm and entered into a LIFESTYLE of what I call ‘Heart Alignment’ (John 5:19) will no longer take any nonsense from the Father of Lies over their own lives, the lives of their families, Churches/Gatherings, their towns, cities and nations! A Holy boldness will be evident in these ones which will cause a stirring, a hunger even, resulting in great exploits to see Jesus glorified all over the world.

I also saw the ENLARGEMENT of territory, of land, and increase in all areas connected with the wealth of God’s Kingdom. As the finger of God touches the first domino we will hear the click click click of the rippling effect throughout the nations!

Footnote: – I cannot but think one of those dominoe-trails is in the secular world in view of recent, unexpected exposures of political activities. Eg., of anti-Semitism in the Labour party and its leader’s concessionary Mayday speech; of David Cameron’s ‘gaffe’ to the Queen and Archbishop about ‘fantastic’ corruption in Nigeria (read President’s reaction here); President Obama’s unwelcome interference in the UK/EU Referendum and now his aide Ben Rhodes’ outrageous boasting about their manipulating media lackies with fiction and duplicity over the Iran nuclear deal. For the reasons behind this expose read here. (White House Christian correspondent Bill Koenig often refers to incompetence and lack of required experience and skills of Potus’ aides.) 

NB: The admittance to secret contact with Iran as early as 2011 is incorrect – TWO years too late! It started very early in Obama’s first term and prior to his infamous Cairo speech, as I wrote 7 years ago (18 May 2009) in Today’s Importance in History

‘this [diplomatic storm] involved attempts to turn the Arab world and Europe against Israel, and to appease Iran – even to ‘blackmailing’ Israel over its nuclear defence! (It’s reported Obama wanted to be able to use Iran’s territory for supplying US troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan.) Also, there’s been dismay in Cairo and Riyadh over his courting the terrorist mentors in Teheran.’  [per DebkaFile intelligence reports – emphases added].

UPDATE 17 May: White House refuses to let aide testify after controversial Iran remarks.

UK/EU in/out #4: prophetic warning urges “come out!”

To continue in the prophetical vein from the latter half of #3 In the Face of God, the timing of this seems apropos to today’s headlines. (My intention for this mini-series on the EU and referendum of our membership is to present a ‘prophetical sandwich’ of spiritual food for thought stuffed between two ‘doughy’ slices of politico-historical, legal data.)

We learn PM Cameron has ‘lost the plot’ by saying that Brexit could lead of war because of  secession/independence from the EU. (Timed for today’s celebration of Europe Day marking the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration of 9th May 1950). He would be wiser were he to seek, hear and heed the Living Lord’s opinion on the EU’s future.

Readers who followed the link in this series’ #1 post may have already read the following from a Bible teacher whom we’ve known for years (and who gave Nina an accurate word a few months before our marriage). The following prophetic word is posted with permission of Prophecy Today UK, with sub-heading linking to the original.:


This prophetic word was delivered during a meeting with a group of ministry leaders on 17th November last year.:

“Nation of Britain, I have loved you with a love which has not ceased, despite the state of apostasy and degradation into which you have fallen. My anger towards those church leaders who have taught false things in My Name, and encouraged others to believe and act as they do, is intense and My judgment upon them will be severe. Yet I have compassion upon those who have been like sheep without godly shepherds; and My heart still longs to exercise mercy upon a nation whose forefathers upheld My Name and took My Word to the ends of the earth; a nation whose belief in the truth of My Word framed godly laws and inspired a culture of uprightness.

“Rather than rely on Me and My faithfulness to you, you chose, for worldly purposes, to join yourself to an institution which has denied My Name and refused to acknowledge Me in its councils. My fierce anger is upon that institution on account of its rebellion, its defiant rejection of Me and its hardness of heart towards My ancient people Israel.

“I warn you now that the European institution will not repent, even though I bring disaster and destruction upon it. I urge you, O Britain still beloved by Me for the sake of your godly forefathers, come out of her, so that you may not be caught up in that same destruction, for I am even now arising in judgment to bring to nothing what she has sought to achieve. If you will separate yourself from her declared rejection of God, I will have mercy upon you and restore My hand of protection; and I will use you once again to bring light to many lost in the darkness which is now steadily increasing.

“Hear Me, O once godly nation and respond to My call, or you also will come to ruin in that same judgment of destruction. This is not My will for you, but you must choose the course which you will take. I urge you to respond to Me and choose life under My hand of discipline and protection, rather than death in the disaster which is even now coming upon Europe.”

David Noakes

The prophecy has already been widely circulated and the Prophecy Today UK editorial team believe their readers should see it in the context of seeking guidance from God in regard to the forthcoming Referendum on EU membership. 

Readers are reminded all modern prophecy should be tested and not simply accepted as having come from a reliable messenger (see Additional Note from Dr Clifford Hill and its latter section for his personal testimony of David’s reliability and integrity).

EU Referendum Deception – 1975 and now!

Courtesy of Telegraph_euroskepticizam

The European Union is of serious concern for those interested in Bible prophecy. Some theologians and commentators consider it may be the disturbing beast OT prophet Daniel saw in a very vivid vision. He was told this “fourth beast shall be a kingdom different from all other kingdoms and shall devour the whole earth” (see Daniel 7).

In 1973 the British people were tricked into entering membership of the European Union. The Prime Minister responsible for the original deal, Edward Heath (nicknamed ‘Heath the teeth’ for his smile), readily admitted before he died that he lied (through his teeth!) to Parliament and the people.

Heath knew the EU wasn’t just a trading partnership but that the UK would eventually lose its sovereign identity! The real intention behind The Treaty of Rome’s establishment of a West European trading union has always been to work towards forming a political and financial federation – a United States of Europe.

In reference to that, Revd Dr Clifford Hill writes in ProphecyTodayUK (re-posted here),

“This fact was deliberately kept hidden from the British public when we voted at the 1975 referendum on whether or not we should stay in the ‘European Economic Community’ (‘Common Market’) as it was then described. In those days it was largely a trading group with nine member states, whereas today the EU is a very different beast, with 28 members in a tightly regulated organisation bound by treaties, such as Maastricht and Lisbon, and controlled by an unelected Commission backed by an enormous bureaucracy, with institutions such as the European Parliament and the European Court of Justice exercising enormous power over our own parliament and legal courts.”

And that’s just one reason why I object in principle to the EU – the main one being that it’s a spiritual issue and one all Christians need to be well-aware of in deciding which way to vote in June’s referendum. BUT how many are?

Also, it’s not just that the EU’s accounts haven’t been able to be signed off for several years because of gross irregularities, corruption and contingency slush-funding! Or the never-ending interference with our laws and infringements upon our liberties (eg. free-speech and Christian belief) etc, etc, etc…

Mini-Series on UK/EU

Although not following the debate closely I’ve read several useful articles that are worth bringing to my reader’s attention. Had it not been such a busy month I’d have posted them separately but am now catching up by posting a series of scripturally-related and rhema-prophetical pieces for auto-publication over the next few days.

I trust this will not inundate you but that you’ll find the posts worth mulling over at leisure. This information will also be available for reference via a new hub on the main-menu.

Well-Informed Opinions

Last Monday I read perhaps the most perspicacious insight in Charles Moore: Notebook – Trade Deals Are Red Herrings in the EU Debate. Writing from the perspective of being one of the privileged upper-class of the ruling ‘elite’, he hints at behind-the-scenes motives which may reinforce New World Order conspiracy theories:

‘One of the most important features of the Westminster system of parliamentary democracy is that it allows voters to throw out one lot and put another in. This can never happen in the EU system. So the careers of the well-educated, unelected, “civilised” people who run the show are unimpeded by the will of the people. 

‘Perhaps because I come from that class, I agree that a high education is a good thing and accept that societies must have their elites, but I also believe that the British genius has been to create a political system in which the common interest of the whole nation can be represented politically. This is impossible in the EU, where there is a ruling class on the one hand, and a sweaty mob (as the ruling class sees it), on the other. If you like that sort of system, when you contemplate your navel, you will vote to Remain.’

Previous Telegraph editor Charles goes on to recommend “by far the best book setting out all European issues” Why Vote Leave? by Daniel Hannan.

Next, politico-religious blogger ‘Archbishop Cranmer’ notes in Owen Paterson: Cameron has “lost touch” with the Counties and will most likely lose his head.:


Credit: Archbishop Cranmer blog

“The further you go from London, the stronger the feeling is,” said former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson, speaking of England’s deep strains of Euroscepticism. “I do get the slight sense it’s a bit like the Civil War when Charles I sadly completely lost touch with what was happening in the counties,” he added, casting David Cameron as the out-of-touch Prime Minister whose inescapable fate is to lose his head, if he hasn’t already done so. There is a battle going on for the soul of Europe, and the British government has turned its back on all true patriots and democrats, just like the English government of the 17th century didn’t lift a finger to help the Protestant cause. You can gag the pulpits from preaching predestination, but you can’t stop the people searching the scriptures.

‘Owen Paterson’s speech was intelligent and thoughtful. As Dr Eamonn Butler summarised for the Adam Smith Institute: “His basic point is that the EU is not the ‘status quo’ but something that is rapidly moving to destinations that are uncertain and dangerous, particularly for the UK; and that being outside is the safer, more stable option.” And in response to a question, we heard a summary exposition of the transcendent Euro-reality:

‘But this is not a Tory Party issue. This really is not a Tory Party issue. This is our one chance the first time since 1975 – and it divides people of all political parties. What we should be grateful to David Cameron for is that he’s given us the opportunity, and we must not blow it. That’s the point I’m making here. If we blow it, we will have this very unsatisfactory, very unclear, new ‘associate status’. We’ll be outvoted in the Parliament, we’ll be outvoted in the Council, and we’ll be under the cosh of the European Court. That is a highly unsatisfactory destination.

‘Highly unsatisfactory, indeed.’ (Continue Cranmer’s blog here and Dr Butler’s informative summary Owen Patterson’s Brilliant Brexit Patter isn’t to be missed.)

If you read nothing else in this debate on the referendum I’d suggest you do check out the above links.

7th Anniversary of Watching

Courtsey StoonnDedicated to personal and cyber friends and readers who’ve followed my musings over the years – kindly bear with any repetition below.

On the last day of February seven years ago I emailed some friends in various churches about how I’d been stunned upon opening my Bible. Having been in touch about the previous year’s events in Lakeland, Florida, we continued chatting occasionally. However, my attention was suddenly directed to look at Biblical prophecies in much more depth.

We will see how this may be relevant to the previous post but first, in celebrating that date, let me repeat the opening of that two-part email (click title to read in full – and I hope the many links below don’t cause readers any scrolling problems):

The Endgame Is Now In Play Continue reading