GPS #41.2: Leisa Ebere – discord within brethren over Brexit

It is especially interesting in the light of what Veronika West was given last night about the map of the UK for intercession, that Leisa Ebere emails me this morning:

“I received this Warning Prophecy from the Lord today, concerning Brexit and the state of our Nation. I believe it is a mighty call to repentance and intercession for the UK. May His Name forever be Glorified.


given to Leisa Ebere on 22nd October 2019

I saw the sovereign hands of God kneading dough and shaping it into the formation of a UK map, and I heard the Lord say,

“The eagerness of My People to be set apart is to their credit, but I am waiting for the dough to prove itself and just as there must be a leavening in bread to cause the yeast to settle and the bread to rise, so also, must such a thing happen within the UK. For the striving to prove points concerning Brexit has caused division in My Body, and a sower of discord amongst the brethren has caused delays. Look to me for My master plan,” says the Lord. “for most assuredly such a thing shall come to pass, but it shall not be as you suppose.”

Then I saw a giant air balloon lifting off the ground and I saw Jesus in the air balloon surveying the city of London and the government buildings and He lifted His hand and it looked as if everything started moving in very slow motion, and I asked the Lord,”What does this mean Lord?”

Then I heard His Voice thunder across the skies and He said: “No man shall dictate the hour of My Choosing for change. For I am the Alpha and the Omega and I hold the keys to unlock the mysteries that hold the nations of the Earth captive.”

Then I saw the air balloon land on top of the houses of Parliament and Jesus floated out of the balloon and He stood on the top of these buildings and He said:

“I am treading on serpents and scorpions for there is an infestation within these houses, and I am asking ‘Where are the intercessors?’ to clear the way before the separation comes. For there must be holiness and unity in My Body before such a thing can be released in these government houses,” declared the Lord. “Heed My Words.”

Image Credits:
  • Digital Globe by Cooldesign, courtesy of
  • Big Ben and balloon: thank you to unknown photographer

1 thought on “GPS #41.2: Leisa Ebere – discord within brethren over Brexit

  1. In light of yet another Brexit delay what Leisa says is especially interesting.l No man can dictate the hour of my choosing for change. I am the Alpha and Omega.
    This only proves that GOD’s Hand is on it.
    Leviathan has been at work and will take some undoing, it is convoluted as events have shown.
    Take heart our God reigns.


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