Politicians in ‘purgatory’? The price of rebelling against the Almighty’s Word

‘Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Leader of the House, suggested the Government’s Withdrawal Agreement Bill was “not in the heaven that is having been passed, nor in the hell of having failed, but it is in purgatory where it is suffering the pains of those in purgatory”.’

ABSOLUTELY NOT! For this amply demonstrates the Lord God IS in charge, as has been revealed in many prophecies, especially lately and as heard and seen via His GPS (Global Prophecy Signals) received by Veronika West on Monday and Leisa Ebere Tuesday.

Moreover, a vision being weighed and confirmed privately on Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival is even more poignant!

This is happening because not only is it a spiritual battle but also it’s the consequence of our nation’s and our politicians’ outright rebellion against the Almighty and His Holy Scripture by having introduced doctrines of the Anti-Christ.

PS: Melanie Phillips says deal accepted because It’s a Remain-by-Stealth Deal.

9 thoughts on “Politicians in ‘purgatory’? The price of rebelling against the Almighty’s Word

  1. Pomarie Richard,
    Jacob Rees Mogg is right about the purgatory, a self inflicted one. Both the remainers and leavers will actually find out who is pulling the strings. GOD.
    Both are in rebellion. Interesting that the bible believing DUP were the ones who kept their distance from Boris’s vote, the others did so for political reasons only.

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  2. Very concorning article from Melanie Phillips. Thank you Richard. We need these sort of insights to see what’s truly happening behind the headlines. Helps me to understand why so many on here speak against this deal.
    It really looks like the only clean cut is a no deal brexit.

    I see Theresa May’s former deputy David Lidlington is predicting a late November election which fits with a Veronika West prophecy.

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  3. Hello dear Richard.
    I believe that JRM is actually right, when he says the legislation is in purgatory.
    My own conviction is that the LORD is fencing this bill around, preventing it from being passed, because it greatly displeases him. It is NOT BREXIT, as I have already explained elsewhere this week.
    God bless you. C

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    • Thanks Richard I went on Cranmer, very good. I agree with Chris .God is putting a hedge around this legislation because one thing it ain’t. It ain’t Brexit.
      To quote Hotel California again “We are all just prisoners here of our own device”
      As another pop star said “Time to break FREE”

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