Prophetic vision of Britain being purified by holy fire

Thank you to UK Prophetic Words and Rick Davis for the following published yesterday – and a political cartoonist seems to have caught something of this vital message:


During the very early morning of 8th January, I had a dream (or maybe a vision). I wasn’t told to release it and the meaning I was given for it until today.

The vision was of a house burning, and then I saw it burnt down. Next I saw it rebuilt. I have never seen the house before that I know of. I either knew or was told when wondering what this meant, that God burned the house down because it was not adequate or right for the future, and in it’s place He built a new one that WAS adequate; in fact perfect for the future.

In thinking about it that morning, it was like the old wineskin/new wineskin idea — new wine requires a new skin. (Even we, when we are fully changed at His coming, will require a new skin, a spiritual skin.)

I asked the Lord who or what this was about, to whom or what this applied. He answered,

“This is about the UK and Brexit. Brexit is a change of governmental leadership for the UK — the moving of the UK from being ruled in many ways by the kingdom of darkness to being ruled by the Kingdom of Light, the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of God.

“For the UK to survive and then thrive this seismic shift in government, the old house, being completely inadequate and inappropriate for habitation by the Kingdom of God, must needs be burned down with My Holy Fire, and rebuilt with My foundation, wall and roof, with more adequate room and facilities. Simply tearing it down is not enough, for the house and land MUST be purified by My Holy Fire.

“Your part in this, My people, is the throwing down, the tearing down, and then afterwards, the planting and building up, all through your declarations and petitions guided by My Spirit. My part is the carrying out of these and the purifying which only I can do.

“So, I say to you, My watchmen, My prophets, My intercessors, My Church, listen well and heed the instructions of My Spirit, nothing doubting, for as you have asked and will ask for My strategies and blueprints for the future through which you will align yourselves with My will, My agenda, My purposes, thoughts, ways, and plans, you will hear the Voice of My Spirit guide and direct you, and My will will be done on earth in the UK.”

Rick Davis, 15th January 2019

Note today’s front-page cartoon:

PS: As I inserted this cartoon and noted the collapsing Big Ben, it reminded me of what some over the ‘pond’ had prophesied – so read all about that in the next post >>

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