Could the DUP provide Britain’s next Prime Minister and Cabinet?

Ever since Mrs May’s gravely misjudged call for a general election, the Democratic Unionist Party have been the lynch-pin of the Conservative’s minority government.

They’ve been as obdurately tenacious in sticking firmly to their reasonable demands over the Union of Northern Ireland with Great Britain in Brexit negotiations and their infamous ‘backstop’, as has the Prime Minister and her fellow-travelling Remainer Cabinet and her ‘one-and-only’ deal, which originated in her pesonal discussions and  agreements with Angela Merkel for the conditions for Britain leaving the EU.

According to a Christian prayer-coordinator speaking at the Wembley Day of Prayer, all members of the DUP are born-again Christians. Had that fact been true for all MPs for England, Scotland and Wales then we’d never be witnessing the scandalous demise of democracy in our nation. We have deliberately sown the seeds of rebellion against God and our Christian heritage and have thus reaped its fruit of utter chaos of deep divisions – plus several instances of our Prime Minister’s personal and our national humiliation!

In view of the prophecy about that situation I blogged this in Fulfilled Prophecy #24:

‘Note that the Lord is bringing about His word on this issue through the only Christian- based political party in the UK: the Democratic Unionist Party, Northern Ireland (DUP)…

‘After this year’s humiliating snap election Theresa May is reliant upon them to support the government’s very slim Parliamentary majority.

‘This week the DUP’s leader Arlene Foster dealt Mrs May a serious blow as a result of our PM’s lack of proper consultation over the highly sensitive and controversial issue of how trade between Ulster and the Irish Republic is to be conducted after Brexit.

‘Brexiteers’ in Cabinet accused the PM of trying to ‘bounce’ the Cabinet into agreeing a ‘regulatory alignment’ between Ulster and Eire (which is in the EU), thus requiring Ulster to be treated differently to the rest of UK because of its land border with the Republic

‘Upon hearing the Irish PM claim such an alignment would be part of the deal Mrs May was to agree with the EU’s President of the European Commission in Brussels, Arlene Foster more or less said, “No way!”. It came as a “big shock” to the DUP” (BBC News) and so Mrs May’s discussions collapsed.’

May didn’t have the ability to negotiate and was too proud to take tips from Trump, so she wouldn’t learn anything, and Foster and DUP are absolutely right to stick to their guns in not backing her deeply dubious decisions over how to leave the EU.

Three weeks ago Arlene Foster was awarded ‘Female Politician of the Year’ at a prestigious ceremony in London at the Asian Voice and Political and Public Awards.

So if we had a party with the guts and gumption of the DUP, Britain would be better off, in my humble opinion.

This afternoon’s news is as expected, there’s no change in their stance:

Yet again press echoes visions on Brexit: table and chessboard

Had to take a shot of this morning’s The Times on the newstand after seeing opening words to its political Sketch by Oliver Letts:

Recall how Lesia Ebere describes yesterday morning’s vision about the Lord’s starting to cleanse and re-position the United Kingdom:

“During the early hours of the morning I was awakened by the Lord, and He gave me a vision of a large fist coming down from the sky and pounding on a table and when the fist made impact with the table; the table split in half and underneath the broken table I saw a large pile of gold dust which was being dispersed by a mighty wind across the nations.”

Letts begins by describing Theresa May’s exit from a cavernous, packed room 14 in the Palace of Westminister where the Conservative Party’s 1922 committee had heard her promise “to leave this job earlier than I intended in order to do what is right for our country and our party.”

He writes, ‘Having signalled her departure, Theresa May left the foetid committee room at 5:41pm. She was drummed out by a thrum of Tory MP’s hands on desks…’ (‘thrum’ to sound a monotonous hum, or play/tap an instrument in idle, relaxed manner – definitely not what would be expected for a Prime Minister! The complete opposite of resounding, exuberant applause!!)

Yes, ’tis a rather faint shadow of what Lesia saw but there’s a feeble echoing of motion and sound…which is all we can expect of from emasculated, elected representatives of Britain’s citizenry.

Recalling the recent reminder of the chessboard and the Lord’s hand removing a piece (queen?) and thus signalling His intention to remove a leader (Monday’s Newsmix #6), Nick Timothy opens his op-ed (emphases mine);

‘Like the leadership campaign that made her Prime Minister, Theresa May’s premiership has been truncated, suddenly but inevitably, by forces beyond her control.

‘She did not want to announce her departure from Downing Street in this way. She did not really want to say she was going at all. But her resignation, she only reluctantly judged, was the price worth paying to persuade Conservative MPs to back her EU Withdrawal Agreement.’

Time for everybody to realise that the Lord God lives, is in control and is shaking our reprobate, sinful nation – so take note of what He shares with His prophets!

Ignored by News: EU’s prophesied downfall (Fulfilled Prophecy #13 cont’d)

‘The European Central Bank has reached the end of the road. It no longer has the monetary levers or the political authority to launch another ‘shock and awe’ rescue if the eurozone tips into recession.

Mario Draghi tried valiantly to bluff his way through the ECB Watchers conference on Wednesday, laying out his surgical toolkit should the worst happen. “We are not short on instruments to deliver our mandate,” he said. (Draghi is President of the ECB)

“What instruments?,” asked Ashoka Mody, the former deputy-director of the IMF in Europe. “Aside from its jumble of words, the ECB has nothing else to offer.

Thus, writes Ambrose Evans-Pritchard last night to open the news of A big bazooka that’s turned into a pop-gun: the ECB has let deflation take hold and is now an impotent spectator.

As we continue watching developments in the eventual fall of the European Union and Euro, newer readers may wish to review the sequence of some, as noted on this blog:

[Illustration courtesy of Kononia eNews_Breakup-of-EU]

The cleansing and re-positioning of the UK, France and Israel is at hand

Leisa emails me first thing this morning, “Here is a powerful Vision and Prophetic Word the Lord gave me early this morning on 27/03/19.  The Cleansing and Re-positioning of the UK, France and Israel is at hand.  Praise God!”


During the early hours of the morning I was awakened by the Lord, and He gave me a vision of a large fist coming down from the sky and pounding on a table and when the fist made impact with the table; the table split in half and underneath the broken table I saw a large pile of gold dust which was being dispersed by a mighty wind across the nations.  Then I heard the Lord say:

“Upheaval is coming by My Sovereign Hand, My Daughter, and I am transitioning the leadership of three nations, the United Kingdom, France, and Israel, and My Glory shall wrap around these nations; as defilement is prised away from them; and a real heart for My Nature and Will is unveiled. The United Kingdom and France have been as the Adulterous Sisters spoken about in My Word, Ezekiel 23, and their names were: Oholah and Ohollbah. And like these sisters, these nations have prostituted and defiled themselves with every type of evil and produced sons and daughters, who know no other life but that of the Traditions of Men and Compromise. And so, I shall put a stop to the lewdness and prostitution they have begun; through the debauchery of Kings, who opened up doors to generational curses that has brought about defilement for many dispensations of time. These nations have even sacrificed their children; no longer safeguarding their innocence, and My Anger burns hot as they have behaved as if there is no consequence to such actions. They have also dishonoured My Holy days of rest and have jeered at My Holy Remnant, which has brought them lower still. Israel too has entered into a dark sleep and has allowed false traditions, harlotry and defilement to abide within its borders; making room for Religion and Condemnation and honouring those who tout the labels of homosexuality; which has influenced the very core of that Set-Apart Nation. Such evil is a great danger to My People and delays My Purposes for Israel,” says the Lord, “and makes it one of the most tolerant nations across the Middle East. These things shall not stand” says the Lord. “And a great purging must occur for My Glory to come. I am raising up Josiahs,” says the Lord, “and by My Spirit such things will be accomplished in the coming years.”

For more delivered by Leisa Ebere tap/click here. The first prophetic word brought to my attention is God’s Mandate for the Prophetic Profiling of our Nation, followed by the UK Nationwide Circuit Prophecies; the first of which for 2018 promises the Lord will give His prophets “the ability to see clearly My numbers” – Fulfilled Prophecy #38 refers!

“The EU cat is out of the bag!” says DUP. Is this the deceit yet to be revealed?

The DUP’s Brexit spokesman Sammy Wilson closes his forthright condemnation of PM May’s treacherous betrayal of Brexit in We won’t let the PM or the Remainer horde in Parliament bully us into backing a toxic Brexit deal with this not unkown fact:

‘Finally the announcement of the details of the no-deal Brexit arrangements by the Irish Republic at the weekend, when they confirmed that they can deal with Irish Border trade without any need for one stick of infrastructure along the border, is the final proof that the exit deal is based on one big con job. The Irish border was never an issue. It was used to secure a leaving arrangement which would dictate the restrictive terms of the UK’s future relationship with the EU.

The EU cat is out of the bag. There is no justification for the Withdrawal Agreement. The only thing that those of us who want to leave the EU have to fear is being locked into a deal which only the EU can release us from. This week’s indicative votes are unlikely to present a negotiable way forward so let us not allow ourselves to be worn down by the relentless efforts of those who despise the 17.4 million people who voted to throw off the shackles of Brussels.’ (Emphases mine)

He begins yesterday’s article in fighting spirit:

‘We are now engaged in a war of attrition, as the Prime Minister seeks to achieve support for the toxic deal which she allowed the EU to impose on her and the referendum-defying Remainer horde in Parliament try to beat the truculent British public into submitting to their plan to keep us in the EU.

‘The latest tactic is their plan for Parliament to vote on alternatives to the Withdrawal Agreement. They describe it as Parliament taking control and the message which they are blasting out is that further resistance is futile because the Remainers are in charge. This message also suits the Prime Minister because she has used the claim that a Remain Parliament is taking control to try and bully those who want to leave the EU into supporting her flawed and damaging deal. The threat is that, if the Withdrawal Agreement is not supported, these Remainers will vote for alternatives which means no Brexit.

First of all let us be clear: the Withdrawal Agreement itself means no Brexit. It ensures that the EU has the legal power to prevent us ever leaving except on their draconian terms, which would include a Customs Union and adherence to EU regulations. Those who negotiated the agreement have been quite open about that. They insist that the terms of the deal will be the basis for any future relationship with the EU. They also make it clear that different treatment for Northern Ireland will have to continue…’

According to a prayer coordinator in Parliament at January’s Wembley Day of Prayer, all elected members of the DUP are born-again Christians, and doubtless appreciate the dynamics of the spiritual battle we are in far more than practically every other MP.

However, as the EU’s deceit and PM’s complicity has been public knowledge for some time, perhaps that is not what the Lord refers to by (Monday Newsmix #4 refers):

“There is one more deception to be revealed”


Could the deception referred to have something to do with details of the May-Merkel discussions leading up to last Summer’s infamous ‘Chequers Deal’? Could the secret details of their discussions be where the deception lies? Even ‘subversive’ as some contend!

I well recall, either last July or December, seeing a large photo like this shown below from Did Angela Merkel approve Theresa May’s Brexit plan in advance? and being astonished at perceiving behind a knowing grin of agreement, a direct look saying,

“It’s in the bag. We sealed the deal!”

And maybe on that trip to Berlin last December, the Lord locked Theresa May into her car to make her think and realise she shouldn’t be meeting this person???

Vision of The Rock in Parliament

Have just received the following email from one of my lead contributors of material on the EU. Dave Chapman informs me,

“We had a gathering here last Thursday and one sister who was very encouraged from the ministry time had a waking picture/dream the next morning. She is a trusted friend and  woman of God. I felt it to be quite significant and have her permission to send on to you for encouragement and use if you choose.”

The Vision:

‘This morning as I awoke, God gave me a picture of a small rock that was thrown into the meeting chamber of the Houses of Parliament and it knocked the Mace to the floor. The rock was grey and spherical but I had the word ‘cornerstone’.

‘The rock then continued to grow and crushed the pews where the MPs sit and then it outgrew the chamber and crushed the walls of the Houses or Parliament to the extent that people who came to see the Houses of Parliament could see the rock poking out of the building.’

The Explanation:

‘The Rock is Jesus and God is not only shifting and shaking Parliament but He is also dismantling it and He will rebuild it. The rebellion and disobedience over Brexit has caused this and He is humbling Parliament and taking over this and the UK through our rebellion and disobedience.

‘The new Parliament and His glory through it and this nation will be attractive to many over the World. This will go out from the UK – both His rule and reputation over what He’s done here to the nations in parallel with the Gospel.’

Dave adds, “The Mace in Parliament is the symbol of royal authority and without it neither House can meet or pass laws. The House of Commons’ mace is a silver gilt ornamental club of about five feet in length, dating from the reign of Charles II.”

So we praise and thank you Lord for all You’re doing and about to do…

This vision immediately brings to mind king Nebuchadnezzar’s very troubling dream of a huge statue demolished by a small rock, and of OT prophet Daniel’s Holy Spirit-inspired full account of the secret dream and its meaning interpretation.:

“…You watched while a stone was cut out without hands, which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay, and broke them in pieces. 35 Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver, and the gold were crushed together, and became like chaff from the summer threshing floors; the wind carried them away so that no trace of them was found. And the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth….”

On the legality of amending 29th March as Brexit Day

Thank you to ‘Jean F’ for sending this useful opinion which may help us understand the complexity of the PM’s attempt to change the law over our leaving the EU this Friday. It is offered purely for information purposes only as I’m unable to speak for or endorse its content. It may, however, answer Nicholas comments to NI-Eire P/Update #5:

NI-Eire Prophecy Update #6: DUP prefers Brexit delay to the ‘prison’ of May’s Withdrawal Agreement

Further to the prophetic words recently given to Emma Stark and to Veronika West on a delay to Brexit and developments in the Backstop to PM May’s Withdrawal Agreement, this afternoon the DUP delivers a hammer blow to Theresa May… . This news reads:

‘The DUP has delivered a hammer blow to Theresa May’s chances of getting her deal agreed by MPs as the party said a one year delay would be a “better strategy” than the “prison” of the Withdrawal Agreement.  [Some say recent proposals would move the UK from ‘vassalage’ to ‘slavery’: RB]

‘Sammy Wilson, the party’s Brexit spokesman, said that if Brexit was postponed for 12 months the UK would at least “have a say on the things which affect us”.

‘The support of the DUP’s 10 MPs is viewed as crucial to Mrs May’s hopes of securing a House of Commons majority for her deal which has already been crushed twice.

‘Writing for The Telegraph, Mr Wilson said: “Even if we are forced into a one-year extension, we at least would have a say on the things which affect us during that time and would have the right to unilaterally decide to leave at the end of that one-year period through the simple decision of not applying for a further extension.

“Surely this is a better strategy than volunteering to be locked into the prison of the withdrawal deal with the cell door key in the pocket of Michel Barnier?”

NI-Eire Prophecy Update #5: yet again, NO need for a hard border!

Within the Brexit Central briefing received this morning I read this (emphasis mine):

‘Of course, one of the scare stories that has repeatedly been propagated by anti-Brexit voices about the prospect of a no-deal Brexit is that it would demand a hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. So it was intriguing to read yesterday not only that Taosieach Leo Varadkar is now confident of keeping border invisible in ‘No-deal’ Brexit, a special arrangement can be found to keep the border in Ireland invisible in such a scenario but also that the EU is now saying they are “working very closely with Irish authorities to try and perform controls away from border”.

‘All of which prompts the question as to why such arrangements could not have been on the agenda all along, rather than the EU insisting on the potentially suffocating Irish backstop being included in the Withdrawal Agreement. Do we think the EU has been negotiating in bad faith?’

All as blogged in detail back in December, just before Christmas..!

Monday newsmix #6: chessboard vision again, shift in leadership

Yesterday Veronika West posted the following on Ignite Ireland Ministries Fb:

Sitting with ABBA this evening I was praying for the Nation and suddenly I saw the Nation again as a CHESS BOARD, the last time I saw this was THE NIGHT BEFORE THE ‘NO-CONFIDENCE VOTE WAS CALLED AGAINST THERESA MAY’, but as we know SHE WAS LOCKED IN PLACE FOR A LITTLE LONGER..! On this evening I saw the finger of God once again make a strategic move upon the Chess Board which was the Nation but this time I saw HIS HAND REMOVE A PIECE OFF THE CHESS BOARD AND THEN HE MOVED A NEW PIECE INTO ITS POSITION!!  (See GPS #25.1, also GPS #25.2 and GPS #25.3)





Veronika West, 24th March 2019

[Game of Chess by Zole4, courtesy of]

Monday newsmix #5: politician refers to same scripture prophets use for Brexit!!

Thank you Sarah for drawing my attention to Sky News’ reference to Boris Johnson’s remarks closing his op-ed column in today’s Telegraph, as on today’s front page:

Non-Christian Boris’ reference to the means of PM Theresa May’s becoming inspired is  faulty in its inaccurate grasp of scriptural dynamics in Exodus chapters 5 to 10.  Instead of referring to ‘channeling’, which is forbidden because it enables discarnate and any unclean spirits too gain access to the human soul, he’d be better writing that the PM should be inspired by Moses’ obedience to God in demanding “Let my people go!”

Nevertheless, his conclusion echoes the prophetic prayers and declarations many have found applicable to our national situation, and thus quote for Britain leaving the EU.

Monday newsmix #4: exposure and deception (fulfilled prophecy #10 cont’d)

Although news is now ‘fast and furious’ over Brexit and the PM’s future, here’s a point from yesterday morning that brings yet another fulfilling of my prophetical musing about the Lord exposing rotten politics, plus a further prophetic insight a contributor to this blog received last night.

Once again, Remain-backing Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond who’s been termed a ‘rogue element’, features in the frame:

‘Philip Hammond said a second referendum is a “perfectly coherent proposition” which “deserves to be considered”, while Theresa May gathers Brexiteers at an emergency meeting in Chequers.

‘The Chancellor said a coup in Cabinet against Mrs May would be “self indulgent” and  warned that “the stakes are very high for our nation and for us as a government.”

‘Asked which Brexit options he would consider if they were put to Parliament in a series of “indicative votes”, the Chancellor said no deal and revoking Article 50 should be off the table. However, he did not rule out supporting a second referendum.’ (Philip Hammond says second referendum ‘deserves to be considered’)

Erica replied to Sarah’s comment of this morning upon Fulfilled Prophecy #13 cont’d… as follows;

‘These words continue to be my prayer – Let my people go – there are 10 plagues each building on the last.
‘The Lord’s will will not be thwarted.
“Wait in wonder.”


Also, Erica expands upon this in an email. As it’s directly relevant to the prophesied exposure I take the liberty to publish, for she writes,

‘As I have prayed this evening – placing all in His care all my concerns and the curious situation we are living through I had a deep sense that His will will not be thwarted;
this I wrote to you some time ago.

‘This time along with that the words I heard:

“There is one more deception to be revealed”.

‘So as we wait in what seems contrary to His will – I had to write to share with you, to use in your prayers.’

I wonder if this deception may relate to Prime Minster May’s private discussions with German Chancellor Angela Merkel? (Post-Chequers Mayhem and Madness cont’d – Fulfilled Prophecy #33)

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