NI-Eire Prophecy Update #3: EU grasps Ireland at its own peril

Had I not got delayed by some days in posting part 1 then I’d not have had the following information to hand – and not noticed its direct relevance. Moreover, that only happened because I’d at long last got around to hard-pruning a small pile of newspaper clippings.

Buried there were a couple of clippings about Brussels’ bashing Brexit that dealt in-depth with its bullying Eire into be the ventriloquist’s dummy. Moreover, the articles suggest a likely rapprochement between the UK and Eire and which may match what was being heard from the Lord at about the same time during February.

Those articles came as confirmation hard-on-the-heels of what the Lord had dropped into my own musings upon a possible Dublin-Belfast connection, as told in my two sets of footnotes to the video and transcript of the significant prophetic word about the Lord’s plans for Brexit and the Backstop that He gave Emma Stark when in Belfast. (What’s more, it plugged directly into what a friend at church had just read – and even telling me about it fired off a Holy Spirit reaction within him!)

For an in-depth background to aid our consideration of that prophecy let me share highlighted tit-bits from those articles by the Telegraph’s International Business Editor Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. They warrant quoting at length so we can grasp how they support that prophecy – and enable us to appreciate the continuing progress toward fulfillment of ones on the EU’s fall..!!!!

We begin with Ambrose explaining how his anti-EU opinion got firmed up.:

“My own view of Brexit hardened drastically when it became clear this was the strategy:  The EU has exploited Irish sensitivities – with some encouragement from Mr Varadkar – to shut off Britain’s negotiating options and to shoehorn us into a customs union under EU legal and regulatory control.”  (Naive Varadkar has finally clocked that EU used Ireland to punish Britain – Ruth Dudley Edwards)

He writes (emphases added):

‘The leaks from Brussels have begun. Unnamed EU “diplomats and officials” have floated the subject of a temporary opt-out for Ireland in a no-deal Brexit.  Dublin will not have to erect customs infrastructure or police the outer limits of the single market immediately. There will be a transition.

‘Officials told Reuters that Ireland will ultimately face checks on its own exports to Europe or face being kicked out of the EU customs union if it refuses to put up a trade border against Northern Ireland in the event of a no-deal…

‘So think this through. Later this year or at some point in 2020 the Irish government will come under pressure to erect a border, which both Dublin and the EU insist would be a violation of the Good Friday Agreement.  

‘My supposition is that the interests of Ireland and the UK would that at stage become at least partially aligned. Both would be searching frantically for some sort of solution based on the latest digital and blockchain technology.

‘Options now dismissed as “magical thinking” would look attractive. This includes the report written for the European Parliament by the former head of the World Customs Organisation, Lars Karlsson.

‘As months went by and various ways were found to manage cross-border trade in Ireland, it would become progressively harder for Brussels to push its maximalist position. It too would start to have a political interest in making it work.

‘The alternative would be ghastly. The EU would find itself sliding towards a diplomatic crisis with Ireland, whatever Leo Varadkar is now saying about the undying unity of the EU (which he knows to be humbug after the EU Troika manhandling of Ireland in 2010). The political fall-out of such a showdown could not easily be predicted

‘Ireland has been thrust into a very difficult position by Brexit through no fault of its own, and we in Britain should be cognisant of that. Many of us are partly Irish in any case.’

[Ambrose briefly relates his family’s background of 220 years ago in the Irish revolt that followed America’s war for independence – and on both parent’s sides my own ancestry is Irish.]

As he draws towards his conclusion of A no-deal Brexit starts to lose its terror as the EU draws up its survival plans (15th Feb), Ambrose writes,

‘As we enter the final weeks, it is becoming clearer that the long-predicted doomsday scenario of March 30 will not happen even in a no deal rupture. At that moment Brussels will instantly lose the leverage of the Article 50 process. It will instead find itself having to explain to EU national capitals how it so misjudged the Brexit negotiations…’

Only the previous day, in Europe will have to offer May a Brexit concession or risk a diplomatic and economic disaster, Ambrose had told how Leo Varadkar heard at Davos that PM May could risk ‘going over the cliff’ with a no-deal  Brexit. He writes,

‘Days later the shaken Taoiseach felt the imperial fist of the European Parliament’s six-man steering group on Brexit. MEPs Elmar Brok and Philippe Lamberts declared Ireland will be forced to erect a hard border in the North in the event of a no-deal. If the Irish state refused to police the frontiers of the EU single market with proper vigour, it would be ejected from the European trading system. “We would have to set up customs barriers against Ireland, otherwise we’d soon have American chlorinated chicken inside the EU,” said Mr Brok, a German Christian Democrat.

‘So after months of dramatising the threat to Irish peace, the issue is suddenly secondary. It confirms what we suspected, that EU negotiators have exploited the neuralgic issue of Ireland in order to pressure the UK into a customs union and therefore into the EU’s legal and regulatory orbit.

‘Yet threatening Ireland in this fashion is untenable statecraft. It is just eight years since the European Central Bank ordered Dublin to swallow the debts of Anglo-Irish Bank, at a cost of 30pc of GDP to Irish taxpayers. This was done to defend the European banking system from contagion at a moment when the eurozone – due to its own negligence – had no lender of last resort. The ECB threatened to cut off emergency liquidity unless Dublin complied. The anger in Ireland has subsided but the mistrust lingers.

‘If Brussels were to follow the Brok-Lamberts line and force Ireland to violate its treaty obligations under the 1998 Belfast Agreement, it would lose the moral high ground and face an explosive intra-EU crisis on the cusp of the European elections.

‘It is one reason why Brussels urgently needs to find some formula to extract itself from a Brexit impasse of its own making. There are many others.

‘Sigmar Gabriel, until recently Germany’s foreign minister, has advised the EU to rewrite the botched Withdrawal Agreement or risk consigning Europe to geo-strategic oblivion. Brexit will damage Europe’s role in the world in a way that we Europeans currently seem unable to grasp,” he wrote for Project Syndicate.’..

‘I let others judge whether the nightcap ramblings of negotiator Olly Robbins tells us anything about Theresa May’s tactics, or if she is preparing an 11th-hour capitulation to Brussels on the backstop.

‘To the extent that EU leaders think she may indeed go to the wire, they are in an awkward position. The eurozone is suddenly in an industrial recession. One more shock will push the region into a deflation crisis at a time when it has no monetary or fiscal defences.

This is a radically different set of circumstances from Europe’s hubris in December 2017 when it set the trap of the Irish backstop. A no-deal Brexit has become more dangerous. This alters the negotiating equation…’

Next, we look at what I’ve noted as the ninth indicator of the coming fulfillment of the David Noakes prophetic word about the downfall of the European Union.

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