Significant word on the solution to Backstop and Ireland issues

I’m very pleased to be able to present this video by Emma Stark, founding director with her husband David of Glasgow Prophetic Centre, as I’d long intended blogging about an ‘indication’ sensed in early February about Eire and Ulster relating to Great Britain and Ireland leaving the European Union together. (It got over-ridden by dealing with an inter-denominational issue; ie. diverted by satanic strategy?)  But the time is now!

Emma is a respected prophetic voice around the world and I know the Starks through their association with Revd Dr Sharon Stone, leader of Christian International Europe,

Whilst in Belfast on 27th February, Emma asked the Lord for a ‘heads-up’ on what He’s going to do in what looks like a chaotic situation – “Where is the solution to Brexit. God, what are You saying about the Backstop and the Irish border?”

Emma shares the exceptional, in-depth reply she got from the Lord in this video, and asks intercessors to partner with her in prayer and stand upon this prophetic word:


“The Spirit of the Lord said this to me: “Emma, the solution is in Dublin!”

“Well I was shocked. And the Lord said, “There is a tangled ball of wool that is sitting in the parliament building in Dublin and the end of that ball of wool is in the hands of Leo Varadkhar”.  Now (he) is the Taoiseach, or leader or Prime Minister in Ireland and they, of course, meet in Dublin….”

Emma then shares what the Lord told her about His specific purpose for this man:

“The Lord said this to me, “I put an anointing on Leo Varadkhar” and He says this is a dormant anointing, but the Lord says He made him one who would challenge the rules, one who would challenge the status quo. He made him different to other leaders in Ireland. And the Lord says….” (continue on the video; for transcript see PS below).

In view of today’s busy on/off-line schedule I’ll listen later, as this needs writing..:


It was at Dr Sharon’s Mentoring Day in Windsor on 9th February that I began to get that ‘indicator’ of the Dublin-Belfast link. During worship I recalled that it was 7 years ago at a conference in Torquay when I told her about what I thought was from the Lord upon seeing Windsor Castle and a dynamic link between heaven and earth. The turreted, circular Norman keep symbolised a cog-wheel into which an invisible spanner or lever could be inserted in the heavenlies to wind up spiritual matters here on earth.

Next, I was reminded that later in that year, 2012 (which has direct significance to my destiny, as told here), was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Olympics in London. In connection with that Nina and I started daily prayers and blessing for Great Britain AND Ireland, as recounted in UK/EU in/out #10: Prayer of Protection for Britain & Ireland.

Therefore, and in view of what I’d blogged in Prayer and Brexit-related Dream of Ireland vs Germany (Simon Copley dreamed of Germany / EU having invaded Ireland and thus being at war), I mused over any significance in our having prayed for Ireland as well as for Britain for 7 years.

Then came ‘confirmation’ at coffee-time when I spoke to the lady sitting behind me. She had flown in from Belfast and I recalled Dr Sharon had ordained her into CIE last year, but that was when she was living in Dublin. So although she’s moved to Belfast there is still a ministry connection.

The next morning, I got another ‘confirmation’ when a friend at church caught me to tell me about a surprising news item he’d just seen about the EU blackmailing Eire over the Brexit ‘backstop’ – see below. So once again it spoke to me of about Ireland being part of the whole  British Isles and thus needing to be as separate from the EU as we are geographically from the continental land mass of Europe.

To summarise, in addition to having ‘God-incidental’ confirmation relating to the 7 years, it included a triple reference specifically to the Republic of Ireland.

Now let’s look at that news item my friend spotted in a listing of news items in Express: IRELAND BREXIT ULTIMATUM: EU to enforce hard border or KICK DUBLIN OUT of single market…(emphases mine):

‘Dublin will be forced to make the tough choice if Britain quits the EU without a deal, according to a number of senior EU figures. The European Commission sparked fury from Ireland after declaring Dublin would have to implement a hard border in the event of a no-deal Brexit. After significant protests from, which involved a heated debate between Leo Varadkar and Jean-Claude Juncker, Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, suggested “operational solutions” would have to be found in order to prevent a hardening of the border.

‘But now high-ranking MEPs have hardened their position, insisting the single market must not be compromised even to maintain peace on the island of Ireland.

‘Elmar Brok, a German MEP with close ties to Angela Merkel, insisted that if Ireland failed to police its own borders the EU would have to take its own protectionist action.

We would have to set up a customs border with Ireland,” the German said.’ (!!!!)

This report by Joe Barnes, Brussells Correspondent for The Express, was published Wed 6th Feb – the very same day that Donald Tusk was in Dublin cursing Gt Britain!! (Spiritual Nature of Brexit vs. EU Battle Exposed to Whole World refers.)

PS: Tap/click to read transcript (also continues personal prophetic trail) and for political developments see Updates #1, #2, #3, #4#5 and #6 (as at 28th March).

5 thoughts on “Significant word on the solution to Backstop and Ireland issues

  1. If I was a military man. I would question why, at this crucial time in the battle, I would want my artillery ( Intercessors ) to stop the bombardment of the main point of attack.

    I would weigh this word very carefully



  2. This is a very significant word. It requires real humility to “see” this. Emma prophesied that God needs our agreement and is saying “‘I won’t act until you’ve SEEN it. I won’t act until you’ve heard it and agreed it’…Well now I am telling you what God is saying!” Why? Because this is about our hearts and the pride that hides therein. This word challenges all intercessory people in the British Isles to catch up with him and where HIS HEART is. I feel God is laying down the gauntlet because there is so much pain, pride; religious prejudice and history when we think about the island of Ireland – and the pain is real wherever we live in these islands.

    Last Sunday at church I went forward with others as an act of rededication to the Lord and the pastor was praying “Lord, I give you my hands, my head, my feet”…none of which I had a problem with, then he said “my heart” and I felt something immediately leap up within me and protest “but I’m protecting that!”. It took me by surprise as I wasn’t aware of holding anything back but if we are going to pray from God’s own heart and agenda then we are undoubtedly going to have our hearts challenged at times. I’m reminded of Joshua 5:14 which was part of the sermon: Joshua approached Him and asked, “Are You for us or for our enemies?” “Neither,” He replied. “I have now come as commander of the LORD’s army.” Then Joshua fell facedown in reverence…

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  3. There are bits of Ms Stark’s word that I have certainly felt in the spirit and can agree with.

    In prayer immediately prior to the 2016 referendum I got a very strong sense that the murder of Jo Cox was just a tiny foretaste of what the enemy had planned for this country if we voted to remain in the EU. My prayers at that time were for God’s mercy on this nation – that we might be free as a nation and escape the violence the enemy had stored up for us. So I completely concur with Ms Stark that there is a spirit of blood lust that the enemy would like to release into these islands.

    Naturally we all pray for a release of godly leadership in the UK, Ireland and Europe and elsewhere.

    Where I think I disagree with Ms Stark (if I have understood her message), is that we should delay leaving the EU in order to wait for the leaders on the island of Ireland to be reconciled to each other. Ireland has been politically divided by a border for almost a hundred years and for far longer than that spiritually, socially and politically. Obviously all things are possible with God, but there is probably an evens chance of the second coming happening before Ireland is reconciled to itself.

    The question of the backstop is something of a nonsense in any case. Ireland has declared that they are not preparing to build a hard border post a “no deal” Brexit. The British government has said the same. The backstop has simply been used as a device to tie the UK into a customs union with the EU in order to prevent the UK gaining a competitive advantage and to keep us under the EU’s tariff and legislative control. If God can use Donald Trump then I suppose he can also use Leo Varadkar, but given that LV has been consistently hostile to the UK as well as Ireland’s own economic interests in pushing the backstop so aggressively, it would really be an incredible turn around if he were now to change tack.

    I very much pray and hope we see a clean break with the EU on the 29th of March. I fear that a delay, or Mrs May proposed deal that effectively keeps us in the EU, will simply play into the enemy’s hands and help in releasing those spirits of violence and blood lust that the Ms Stark senses are waiting in the wings. Now is the time for us to pray for a prompt and complete severing of all the ties that bind us politically, spiritually and economically as vassals of the EU, so that we can properly establish Godly relations with the nations of Europe once we have left the EU.

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    • I mostly agree with what you have said. I would only add that Ireland – and some countries – also need to leave the EU. As rule-of-thumb, I would say that those countries that followed us in, eg. Denmark, will also follow us out.

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