‘Power and Purification Prophecies’ – #2: The Seer Anointing


“As the cloud of My Presence descends a heavy seer anointing will fall upon the obedient of My People, who have not succumbed to the tolerance of sin in their lives and the world outside of them,” says the Lord. “This greater anointing of My Spirit comes with a price, My Children, but if you will open up the windows of your souls and allow a great cleansing to take place, the gifts that I have so freely bestowed without repentance will be mighty in My sight. Count the costs my children, for the seer anointing means both the seen and the unseen will be made known to you by My Spirit; and both the evil and the good. And such things carry responsibility,” says the Lord. “but I will give you strength and forbearance in the days ahead. For the days coming will be the times of great wonders as I sweep across this land and many lands. Rise up and be courageous sons and daughters for now is the time to position yourselves for the days of fire and ashes are upon you,” says the Lord of Hosts. 

Prophetic Word given to Leisa Ebere, Sunday, 3rd February 2019.

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