Prayer and Brexit-related dream of Ireland v Germany

Here’s an interesting ‘coincidence’, or God-incidence, for prayerful consideration:

Editions Graphocarte

With map in hand early in the morning, we ‘Keep Praying & Bless‘ to decree and pray blessing upon the nation, our locality and one of 70 towns and cities across the UK, specifically including our natural and spiritual families, as was done for the 2012 Olympic Games. (Some may recall my post-Referendum daily series on this, beginning here.)

In view of Monday morning’s news on the Prime Minister Theresa May putting the brakes upon an anticipated Brexit deal with the EU, because of its unacceptable demand to treat Northern Ireland as being outside the UK but in the EU, it was highly appropriate that ‘Day 19‘ (Monday) in our prayer cycle was for:

‘BELFAST – Decree: I AM YOUR PEACE’ (‘So Gideon built an altar to the Lord there and called it The Lord is Peace.’ Judges 6:24)

“We decree: great peace and great joy will permeate the atmosphere over the British Isles and Ireland.

After pronouncing the Aaronic Blessing over the nation is this for Ulster’s capital – “We bless the people to seize the day, make the most of opportunities and to be filled with expectation and hope.”

Following that a Prayer of Protection is said for ‘the British Isles and Ireland‘ and, when referring to “roads, railways, waterway and ferries”, I turn the map over to show this routes one >>

Therefore, beyond specific locations within the United Kingdom, we daily include the Republic of Ireland in that prayer as if we’re one entity, as is graphically implicit in this second map.

Moreover, as negotiations with the EU have met their greatest hurdle dealing with customs issues between the EU and UK at the ‘seamless’ border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, it seems to me that maybe the Lord’s heart is for ALL our isles to be as separate economically as we are geographically from the continent. That is, that we should become our own ‘common-wealth’ within greater worldwide trade.

In view of the devious EU’s demands and intransigence maybe the Lord’s put it in their mind to make a nonsensical requirement? That is, an extra ‘backstop’ to a ‘backstop’ clause for customs operations at our Eire/EU border in Northern Ireland!

This tactic has not only confirmed but also made their true purpose as ‘plain as a pike-staff’ for all to see – both ‘Leavers’ and ‘Remainers’ – namely, the break-up of the union of Great Britain! (The goal of major European nations over centuries past – first France, then Spain and then a unified Germanic people.)


Therefore, and in view of my note on the NI-Eire border appended to the Declaration for our Vision & Economy, it’s most interesting to learn of an intriguing dream Rev Simon Copley posted on a prayer group’s Facebook. It’s published with his kind permission:

‘I had a strange dream last night, set in the late 19th Century or early 20th century (pre-Great War). Germany had invaded Ireland and was at war with the Irish government and people. The Irish were resisting furiously. Although Ireland was an integral part of Britain and of vital strategic importance, the British Government were standing by and letting events take their course. I wondered if this was significant to current EU negotiations. Will we see a rupture between Ireland and the EU?’ (Monday 15th October 2018)

I agree Simon’s conclusion and, in my humble opinion, this dream also indicates that – in a surprisingly novel way – the historical perspective on this crucial matter requires serious reconsideration.

A Historico-Futuristic Perspective

Germany is the predominant power within and thus directs the EU (some suspect it’s a ‘Fourth Reich’, or German empire) but the dream’s dating is highly unusual, as is the role-reversal between Germany and Britain in view of our historical involvement with Ireland.

Indeed, in view of its present timing this reversal may connect with the prophecy of the “curse being reversed and overturned” – which itself was brought through a prophetic ministry in Northern Ireland!!  So, maybe Simon’s dream is yet another confirmation of the previous post’s content?

Hopefully therefore, the Irish government will start looking afresh at their situation in the EU and change allegiance to their ancestral foe – the Union of Great Britain!

Exactly 100 years ago Germany had faced a sudden reversal in its military fortunes. In July 1918, Allied French general’s Petain and Foche changed tactics to halt general Ludendorff’s smashing through British troops at Arras and subsequent broad offensive. With tanks breaking the stalemate of trench warfare and backed up by aerial attacks from the new Royal Air Force, and reinforced by Canadian and Australian plus French, Belgian, Portuguese troops and newly arrived American armies, the Allies breached the German lines in September 1918 and reversed the enemy’s advance!

So, with Germany in retreat 100 years ago this month the Central Powers of Austria-Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria began making peace overtures, and in early November German generals agreed to a cessation of hostilities commencing 11 November 1918 (see ‘The Armistice’).

Will history now repeat itself with the German-led EU going into retreat and giving in to Britain’s demands for a quick, complete separation from the EU’s customs union? Or else, perhaps the EU too will meet with a sudden, great reversal and collapse, as in several contemporary prophecies (eg. this recent urgent word, and on the EU being weighed).

PS: I read this very informative article about the Irish Taoiseach (prime minister) in the day’s newspaper only after having published the above and noted its title uses my term – Friend or Foe? The Changing Moods of EU’s Pivotal Players in Brexit. (NB. digital title differs from this broadsheet title – it’s ‘premium content’ but free access is available.)

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