Declarations for our Vision and Economy – Northern Ireland

Passion for the Nation issued the following declarations for praying over Britain today and yesterday respectively. Republished here with permission, emphases and notes mine:


‘The earth was without form and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. Then God said…” Genesis 1:2

We thank You for the Godly heritage of this nation – for the Kingdom foundations within our nation, our Government, Justice systems, National Institutions and Culture and we thank You for the men and women who laid those foundations through their love for You and their love for the people.

We confess where their promises, commitments and vows made to You on behalf of the land have been broken or unfulfilled, we appeal to Your mercy and that any judgment against us will be reversed. (Take a moment to ask God what He would put on your heart…)

Now Jesus, we thank You for Your kindness and Your grace and we come into agreement with Your word in Philippians 1:6 “being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion…”

We decree as the new season for this nation is birthed and as new foundations laid, the United Kingdom will be shaped and formed according to God’s design and completed according to His order and timing.

We speak into the Brexit negotiations and we declare:
  • “Shift!” where they need to shift,
  • “Change!” where they need to change,
  • “Align!” where Kingdom alignment is needed.

Now we declare in this season, You desire to use the many and not the few, so in Jesus’ Name we call Your people into position and declare that the uniqueness of gifting within each one will be ready, positioned and released, in Jesus Name.

Now Jesus, we continue to pray for Theresa May,
  • that she will hear Your Voice, above and beyond every other voice,
  • that she will have courage to do as You ask, and strength to carry through against all opposition.


The Lord will open to You His good treasure, the heavens, to give the rain to your land in season, and to bless all the work of Your hands. You shall lend to many nations but You shall not borrow” Deuteronomy 28:12

According to Your Word, we declare You desire that this nation will be blessed and not cursed, to lend and not borrow.

We acknowledge You are the Alpha and the Omega who rules over the nations in love and truth, and that all wisdom comes from You. We speak Your revelatory wisdom to those who work at the Treasury and the Bank of England – especially to the Chancellor. Even as policies and budgets are put into place, we speak alignment of all decisions and directives according to Your purpose and plan.

We decree and declare in this nation that businesses, industry and manufacturing will flourish, aided and strengthened by strategic and advantageous trade agreements.

We declare in the Name of Jesus: banking systems, financial data systems and the Stock Market will be safe and secure, unaffected by any plan of man or the enemy to bring confusion, disturbance or collapse.

Now, we continue to declare the Lordship and Sovereign Will of God over every aspect of the Brexit Bill and the future relationship with the European Union, especially concerning Trade Policies, Deals and Arrangements and the Irish Border, that Your plans for this nation in all their fullness will be established.

Notes on NI-Eire Border:

After PM May’s speech to last week’s Tory Party conference, Charles Moore, past editor of The Daily Telegraph, writes: ‘Mrs May is being outwitted by a European Commission which hides behind the Good Friday Agreement’.

‘How did we get here? Early in the post-referendum story, the European Commission claimed that the 1998 Good Friday Agreement insists on no “hard” border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. In fact, the word “border” does not feature in the agreement and the EU appears only marginally. Brussels has no role in enforcing it.

‘By seizing the initiative, the Commission cleverly deflected attention. The need for more border activity after Brexit comes not from any demands by the UK, or the Republic, but from the EU. It wants to enforce its endless rules and, in the event of “no deal”, collect new tariffs. It pretends there is currently no border between North and South, when in fact there is, including several types of check (against smuggling because of different rates of VAT, for example).

‘Having gained this bogus moral advantage, Michel Barnier then demanded that the Irish “problem” be solved before the second stage of negotiations – the talks on post-Brexit trade – could proceed. This was pre-emptive, since the Irish difficulties concern trade…

‘Over the summer, M.Barnier was heard to speak of “de-dramatising” the Irish issue; but then, on the eve of Salzburg, he re-dramatised it. Chequers was contemptuously rejected and Mrs May was humiliated all over again. Now she believes (though she is not saying so publicly), that she will have to make further surrenders.

‘This week in Birmingham, she stopped using the word “Chequers” because, some said, of its unpopularity with Brexiteers. No, her main reason for dropping it is that she expects to end up with even less! Despite her explicit denials throughout, she has all but locked herself into an arrangement that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will stay in the Customs Union…’

Painstakingly perspicacious, Charles concludes his op-ed The Border Issue Isn’t About Northern Ireland; It’s About Keeping Us In The EU:

‘I wonder what the record will eventually disclose about how British officials behaved in these negotiations. Very few of them believe in Brexit. Virtually all of them believe in the Good Friday Agreement. In March 1993, when the British Government was trying to entice Sinn Fein/IRA into talks, it sent a secret message.

‘It said: “The final solution” (not ideal wording, given that phrase’s history) “is union [i.e. of North and South]. It is going to happen anyway. The historical train determines that. We are committed to Europe. Unionists will have to change.”

‘Our officials refuse to admit that, thanks to the British people, the historical train is now travelling in a different direction. We are no longer committed to Europe, but they still are. So their failure in the negotiations is deliberate. It is they who will have to change.’

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1 thought on “Declarations for our Vision and Economy – Northern Ireland

  1. I read a bit of debate the other day about supply chains and the EU. The basic thrust was that Remainers were saying that cross border supply chains are sacred and that the UK must remain within the EU or closely aligned. The Brexiter viewpoint was that just in time manufacturing practices within the EU with vast facilities with economies of scale were creating a constant flow of massive trucks across the continent and into the UK and hence pollution, climate change issues, health issues and degradation of the landscape. I like to think God will prefer to scale this back with less supply chains and more diverse manufacturing facilities located in one location.

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