Psalm 114 and America’s 114th Supreme Court Justice

In noting at almost midnight Saturday 6th October on Ignite Ireland Ministries that Brett Kavanaugh has been sworn in as 114th Justice on the US Supreme Court, Veronika West reprinted the text of what she received from the Lord at the start of that week along with that of Psalm 114.:

AMERICA; “YOUR ENEMIES ARE RUNNING SCARED..”! BRETT KAVANAUGH IS THE “114th” SUPREME COURT JUSTICE..! (see link at His Kingdom Prophecy, which also refers to Senate Democrats having vowed in July to resist the nomination).

I hear the Spirit say, “See! For your enemies are running scared in this hour!
“See! The head of the serpent spirit has been cut off!
“See! How its headless body is writhing on the ground!
“See! The dust is rising, BUT FEAR NOT!
“For surely I tell you, the thief has been caught and will repay, repay and repay what he has stolen from My People!
“Yes! Seven times he shall REPAY,” says The Spirit of God.


114 ‘After Israel left Egypt, the clan of Jacob left those barbarians behind, Judah became holy land for him,
Israel the place of holy rule.
Sea took one look and ran the other way;
River Jordan turned around and ran off.
The mountains turned playful and skipped like rams, the hills frolicked like spring lambs.
What’s wrong with you, Sea, that you ran away?
and you, River Jordan, that you turned and ran off?
And mountains, why did you skip like rams?
and you, hills, frolic like spring lambs?
Tremble, Earth! You’re in the Lord’s presence!
in the presence of Jacob’s God.
He turned the rock into a pool of cool water,
turned flint into fresh spring water.’

NB: If you’ve already read previous post you will wish to note that I’ve since checked the dating more carefully of when Veronika heard about ‘seven-fold’ and the three promised time-spans. I’ve therefore, amended my opening remark to that last section accordingly!

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