Giants attacking America; God’s patriots shall bring them down – The Marshall Report

In the light of Veronika West’s prophetic visions/words about giants falling this makes interesting reading, along with its reference to Britain’s role!

The facts are now in our face that it wasn’t just a crooked patent office, a crooked FBI, a crooked CIA, Crooked military in the Pentagon, crooked globalists who wanted sustainable development agenda 21, crooked politicians, crooked NSA, crooked Monsanto, crooked big Pharma, crooked GMO’s, crooked banksters, crooked educational systems,  crooked United Nations agenda 21, […]


Trump says election results going to SCOTUS – as prophesied!

Spotted this on my browser tab of this morning’s Koenig’s World Watch Daily:

Hitting that second link produces:

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During this deeply divisive time across the ‘Pond’ with myriad correct and false reports (even on this blog, notably Update 13 – but what else was fitting for that number!), in an official speech made last night Donald Trump summarised the situation and its sworn testimonies of widespread irregularities and illegality in the election’s voting.

At 19 minutes into the statement, he says,

“Does that mean we take a president – and we’ve just elected a president – where the votes were fraudulent?  No!

“It means you have to turn over the election, and everybody knows without going much further – and they’ve seen the evidence but they don’t want to talk about it! – what a disaster this election was.  A total catastrophe!  But we’re  going to show it and, hopefully the courts – in particular, the Supreme Court Of The United States – will see it and respectfully, hopefully, they will do what’s right for our country…” (emphasis mine).

Click to read The Daily Signal’s transcript of preceding section of speech.

Prophecies of SCOTUS action:

Major Patriot: military personnel killed in action to obtain Dominion Server! — The Marshall Report

”American Patriots have now paid the ultimate price with their lives to deliver evidence of election fraud to President Trump and @SidneyPowell1!” While it was first told that the Dominion Servers in Frankfurt Germany were seized without the CIA being informed in advance and all was well. The facts behind the seisure were kept private […]

Major Patriot Military Personnel Killed In Action To Obtain Dominion Server! — THE MARSHALL REPORT

Read Lt Gen (Ret’d) Thomas McInerey’s report here.

US Election’s NOT over: 22 – The fight to save America is on, says Giuliani! — The Marshall Report

“We have gathered ample evidence of illegal voting in at least six states…We have many witnesses swearing under oath they saw crimes being committed…As far as we know, not a single one has been interviewed by the DOJ.” JUSTICE IS COMING! @CombatLVL#BeijingBiden “You want to be president of our country? You should check-in to the […]

Giuliani The Fight To Save America Is On! — THE MARSHALL REPORT

UPDATE 17:40 (GMT) .’The Justice Department is reiterating it has not concluded its investigation of possible election fraud and is vowing to pursue all specific and credible allegations of ballot fraud stemming from the presidential contest….’ .Newsmax: DoJ William Barr Fraud Ballots – But see Sidney Cordle’s comment (Christian People’s Alliance UK)

Powerful prophetic word to USA on its secret society being silenced – Christopher Wickland

Thank you Lord for the most surprising way this 3 weeks-old prophecy was found on my phone whilst waiting in A&E after an unfortunate accident yesterday. (This PC has Windows Live and I rarely use my phone’s Gmail, which is prone to downloading email without leaving original on ISP’s server, and so it doesn’t get to PC.)  Thank you too to Carolyn Stewart for emailing this transcript of Christopher Wickland’s podcast of 10th November 2020. He tells me he understands ‘stone cutters’ to mean Freemasons: 


“Land of America, land of America, the land of the free. I  speak to you today, for you cutters of stone, you stone cutters have wished to take away people’s rights, people’s freedom and people’s liberty, and this day I will take away your rights, and your freedoms and your liberties, you who would wish to choose to enslave my people. It will not be so.

Mark my words you will be defeated and, mark My words, yes, you will have your day, one day, but it will not be now, oh stone cutters. You will have your day, one day. But even when you have your day know this: I have permitted it, I am in control and I am sovereign. So when you do come to power, it will be because I will be using you for My ends. So know this stone cutters, you will not win America this time. You will be defeated and you will be in shame, and I will bring down your empire several notches. And you will not be as powerful as you are now for quite some time, until I permit it that you rise to the fore again, so that I may use you for My ends.

“Know this stone cutters, know this, you who choose to take others’ freedoms that you may bring slavery: I am now going to shackle your hands and I am now going to shackle your feet and I am going to wrap you in chains, and you will be gagged and you will muted, and I will put a noose around your neck and you will not speak and you will be silenced and you will be brought down low, and you will be humbled.

“And I speak to all of those of the Prince of the Power of the Air who manipulate the things of the airways. I am coming for you and I will make sure that truth comes about again in the land of America. Yes, it will be for a season. Yes, it will  only be for a window of time but, mark My words, this will be a glorious time because I have plans for America and, although the coming days are going to be very difficult for America, what will come out of it will be the death all those things that are opposed to Me and opposed to My Name.

“I will bring down all the empires. I will bring down all the philosophies and futility of the thinking of man. And yes, America, she will be greatly humbled during these days, but she will come out strong and resilient, but not in a military way, not in a powerful financial way, but in a way that honours Me. She will be a people, a nation that will turn to Me. But I pronounce judgment on the stone cutters that have influenced politics, that have influenced religion, that have even influenced media. I am speaking to you this day. I am gagging you. I am binding you. I am putting a noose around your neck and I am calling your day, this day. You’re done!”

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Trumpwatch 40: The Great Reset — JRB Publications

John Barber gives a very helpful summary of this very serious situation…

Donald J Trump has many flaws and has made wrong decisions. Notwithstanding, I hope and expect he will be POTUS 2021-2024 because he won the election for all to see and is our best hope to counter the Great Reset which, while people differ as to what this will be, many world leaders advocate for […]

Trumpwatch 40 – The Great Reset — JRB Publications

Voter fraud is no longer about Donald Trump — Mario Murillo Ministries

You do not support Trump? At this point, that does not matter. Voter Fraud is so lethal to freedom that every Christian should be vehemently demanding that immediate action be taken to expose it and root it out. Voter fraud is terminal cancer to freedom. If we do not stop and confront this evil and […]


US Election’s NOT over: 21 – treason in the highest places?

Click/tap image for link to WVW-TV presentation

[PS. Transcript now available here]

Here’s just three international, personal responses I’m aware of, plus explanation: Continue reading

As registered military lawyer, Sidney Powell is the best one who can prosecute traitors! — Marshall Report

So don’t let spin doctors and fake media tell you lies about the woman who is bringing down the giants in the swamp! And there are a great number of them, more than anyone could have imagined! Powell stated that the ‘New World Order’ has ‘OVERTHROWN The Republican Party’ and that the Republican Party sold […] […]

“Sidney Powell is registered as a MILITARY LAWYER and is the only one who can prosecute TREASON at a TRIBUNAL!” — THE MARSHALL REPORT — FREEDOM MINDS FOR THE AMERICAN REPUBLICS