Two noteworthy prophecies on US election – Charlie Shamp (GPS #52.1)

This exceptionally interesting historic week is a testing ground of prophecy…

The world thinks Donald Trump may be a poor loser unable to accept the democratic process and threatening to fall back on legal procedures and judgement. But let us not overlook the fact that throughout the last four years he’s withstood vicious calumnies (directed by ‘deep-state’ and the Obama-Soros ‘Organization For Action’?) that were legally proven to be unfounded.

As theologian and professor Wayne Grudem writes in his paper I quoted in Part 4:

“…Few human beings would have the courage and strength of character to persist in the face of such overwhelmingly hostile mainstream news coverage. And he has not done this while avoiding the press but has held 17 solo press conferences and 44 joint press conferences in 3 ½ years (as of July 20th80 plus numerous less formal interchanges…

“In addition, he has done all this while enduring 3 ½ years of “resistance” by a massive special counsel investigation (that came to nothing), impeachment by the House (that came to nothing), and numerous nationwide injunctions against his executive orders issued by individual US District Court judges. In this context, Trump’s resolute pursuit of the policies on which he campaigned seems to me to be commendable.”

THEREFORE, as the Lord is the God of Righteousness and Justice, then it may well be the best course of action for the incumbent president to resort to legal challenges if the result is still in the balance and the eventual outcome is unfavourable.  (Further Reading links below will help)

And as blogged personally, you and I are now only too well aware of social-media chicanery and mendacity, so it’s not beyond reason that fraudulent voting has taken place.

1st PROPHECY – 26th September

NOTE what was prophesied six weeks ago (click image for link to original) that the greatest battle for America will take place in the Supreme Court of the United States:.

2nd PROPHECY – 22nd October


I heard the Lord say, “Watch Pennsylvania, yes watch and see what I will do. I say to the intercessors, stand as watchers and as pillars of the state and pray Pennsylvania through in the election for it will be the key that opens the flood gate for the nation to be delivered from destruction. For America hangs in the balance and I have placed upon the shoulders of this state the key to victory that will close the door to the enemy that seeks to destroy the land of liberty. I say look and see, I have laid a keystone within you America, yes a tested stone, a white stone, a precious cornerstone state, a sure foundation where the bell of liberty will ring once again. I will cause a sound to ring out from you, a sound of Triumph from my Trumpet. For you are my Key-Stone that I have set in the hand of the church to take down the giant in this hour. The giant that seeks to devour this nation, but he will fall and his body will cause the ground to quake in the city of brotherly love. Yes the ground will quake in the city founded by the Quakers. I will shake Pennsylvania by my power and corruption will surface for all to see, but the one who believes will be unshakable, the one I have set in place will not be moved.“

Immediately upon seeing its title and text yesterday I got a Holy Spirit buzz in realising the direct connection between both words AND saw therein the Lord’s implicit reference to the importance of His Law, His Book and His Heart for the origin of the establishment of the United States of America. Also, I was strongly reminded of the relevance of President Trump meeting early in his term with Prime Minister Theresa May, as told in Prophetical Significance of PM May’s Speech in Philadelphia – and with historical overtones!


On 4th July 1776 the British colonialists’ congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, capital city of Pennsylvania. (The date now celebrated as the birth of American independence.)

As reported yesterday in Daily Telegraph:


If the upheaval over the American presidential election does proceed to the Supreme Court, then I conclude it is a clear sign of the Lord getting America back to its Bible-based roots and starting over again from a spiritually sound foundation. AND that means demolishing demonic strongholds, does it not?

Hence the deeply spiritual dynamic of this momentous battle!

Further Reading:
The Telegraph View and Allister Heath offer sound analysis and insights:

PS > Judicial Watch find 1.8M ‘ghost voters’ in 29 States, warns of ‘dirty elections’ (Washington Times 20th October)

PPS > Why ‘The Keystone State’?
Pennsylvania’s essential role in the founding of the United States earned it the nickname, the “Keystone State.” The term “keystone” comes from architecture and refers to the central, wedge-shaped stone in an arch, which holds all the other stones in place. During the early days of our nation, Pennsylvania held a key position geographically, economically, and politically.
Today the keystone is a popular symbol of Pennsylvania — it’s even used as an official symbol of Pennsylvania state government. Each Pennsylvania state agency has its own variation of the keystone as its logo.

7 thoughts on “Two noteworthy prophecies on US election – Charlie Shamp (GPS #52.1)

  1. Hi Ken,

    I have now received the attached from Richards Watch. Well, we are all watching, but so many Christians do not understand that this is a tremendous spiritual battle.

    There have been some interesting videos on YouTube this week from well-respected church leaders in the States discussing whether Christians should be voting for their next President based on personality or policies! While most of us would not choose DT on personality or character, I think the consensus was that policies were more important at this time in our history. This election is not only important for America but also for Britain, as we have strong spiritual links, but also for the whole of the free world.

    Love, Pauline

    Sent from my iPad


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  2. At the time of reading this ie 14.44 Biden is ahead in the race to The White House. There’s just seven more states to declare including Pennsylvania. Mr. Trump is launching a Legal Challenge over percieved fraud voting. We will continue in Prayer for The Lord’s choice of His man in The White House. It also states it could be quite a long time before we’ll get to know who will be The President.

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  3. I don’t have time to follow American politics much…difficult enough following British politics! I’m not sure that Biden is the best person for president because of some of his policies. It’s hard to know what’s true amongst all the shenanigans. Trump may be..well, what he is, not exactly ‘polite’…however,.it does seem on balance that he may be the best person for the job at the moment.
    But whatever, I sincerely hope that the candidate that God sees as best for His purposes, does win through. Apart from anything else, whatever happens in the US has major affects on the rest of the world.

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  4. Word from the Lord received 21/9/20
    Shown a large bell. A deep booming note came out of it. Jesus said “There is an overthrowing coming get ready for war. Awaken your great warriors. Let all the soldiers come near the valley poised for battle. Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision “

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  5. I’m watching this election with interest. I do have respect for Veronika since she has proved correct in times past in her prophecies although not in everything. It seems it will be going to the supreme court especially with Georgia flipping to Biden. Margins are very tight. They’ve asked to see the evidence of his claims of fraud so unless he’s bluffing or something will come out not sure how the Lord will turn this around.

    If fraud is involved then it’s pretty shocking for such a democratic society and demonstrates how far they’ve falling away from the Lord.


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  6. I have believed – in spite of personal likes/dislikes- that Mr. Trump ia God’s man for the times. He is anti -Abortion, anti-Homosexuality which are both abhorant to The Lord. If Mr. Biden does get into the White House [in spite of all the claims of being pro abortion and homosexuality] I would find it hard to believe that he is God’s choice. He’s also very anti British with his strong Irish connections and has been seen cozying up to Gerry Adams. This itself is NOT GODLY. He’s also againt the UK leaving the EU in spite of the people of the UK voting to leave. Not a good start to any kind of relationship between the UK & The USA which has always been a strong relationship.

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