Nuggets from ‘Days of Wonder’, Wales

Further to my recent post on the meeting in Cardiff, here’s a little more from Paul Keith Davis’ opening minutes:

PK Davis_credit z3news“I’m of the belief – and I know you are as well – that we will not accomplish our mandate without the supernatural realm. Period!

“It’s not going to happen! We have no ability…we’re not eloquent enough, not smart enough, we’re not anything enough to get the job done without a dimension of the supernatural being manifested in real and tangible ways, so that a dying world can see it – and our doing what we’re called to do

“Wouldn’t it  be wonderful to do everything we’re called to do?…”

“It’s a time of awakening, of people doing what they’re called to do…you are uniquely qualified to meet the needs of your generation. I don’t know a more needy generation. Maybe those of Genesis 6 [Days of Noah] were more needy?

“The apostle Paul talking to Timothy said, ‘you think these days are bad, what about ‘the last days’, when they’ll be lovers of self and money grabbing?’…if apostle Paul needed the supernatural to confront what he did in his day, how much more do we because he said our day will be far worse.

“So the idea that the supernatural is only for the days of the Apostles because of the difficulty of their day is un-biblical. It is an un-biblical posture and we’ve got to break it off the evangelical mind-set of the Church.”

DoW Speakers by Lindi MastersIan Clayton’s personal story is of remarkable recovery from business failure and bankruptcy. In desperation he and his wife had no choice but to turn to God and to rely upon Him as their source of provision and supply. With fears a constant barrage in his face, Ian found the only way to face and deal with them was from above with God. And the only way he could have time for that was during repetitive, routine menial tasks like mowing their large lawn with a push-mower.

On the few times I’ve heard him, Ian often refers the importance of being in “Passionate pursuit of the Person and Presence of God”, which led to profound insights about Creation, time and space and the ‘heavenlies’.

In this gathering Ian launched off with,

ian-300x268“I don’t think that we have a grid yet on the reality of what God is trying to do with us as believers!

“We don’t understand the value that our human body is to God…We have no revelation yet beyond the Cross…The Church has stopped at the Cross and we haven’t gone beyond it!

“I believe that in ‘crossing the Jordan’ is the revelation of our going beyond the Cross because Jesus didn’t actually sort of die – but He sort of did!”

Please don’t presume Ian’s introducing false doctrine akin to Islam’s denial of Jesus’ death. He goes on to talk about the physiological corrosive effect of blood in a dying body, and the possibility Jesus didn’t need it for or after His resurrection. Also, blood relates to breathing and having a voice.

In explaining this he cites disciple Thomas touching Jesus’ wounds. Unlike his brethren, Thomas hadn’t been there to see his teacher display His wounds to them.

For readers unfamiliar with Thomas, I’d explain that he was cynical about their claims. He wanted not only to see for himself that Jesus is alive but also to, “Put my finger into the print of the nails, and put my hand into His side”, thereby testing their claims (John 20:24-28).

A week layer when they were all together, Jesus materialised out of thin air behind closed doors and invited Thomas to not only ”bring the finger and perceive” the nail marks in His hands but also “thrust hands into My side”  [per Greek-interlinear] which, says Ian, means exactly that rather than simply touch.

Ian’s of the opinion that ‘into’ means the same as being ‘IN Christ’, for he says,

“Thomas put his hands INTO a new creature – not a human being – into a realm that’s to do with the issue of breathing (?) that we have no reference for because the Church has not been into the darkness yet!…I’m trying to make things simple…”

We all laugh and, indeed, Ian’s dramatic sessions are highly interactive. He often pauses with a grin and raised eyebrow to watch reactions and check we’re following him. It’s a standing joke that his theology ‘fries brains’!

“Do you realise ‘Doubting Thomas’ wasn’t doubting at all? He was the only one (of those disciples) that stepped into a revelatory realm in his time, and that others are doubting you can get into!”

[This notion may also give an insight into Mark 16:12 statement that Jesus ‘appeared in another form to two of them as they walked into the country’ (to Emmaus); also into the ‘mystery’ of believers’ bodies putting off corruption and becoming incorruptible – 1 Cor 15:50-57]

The darkness to which Ian refers isn’t demonic but ‘treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places wherein we can know the God of Israel ‘ (Isaiah 45:3). And that scripture was given not for an Israelite but for the Lord’s anointed gentile, Cyrus king of Persia (per 1st verse). So how much more appropriate it is for believers in Jesus Christ, who are not only His royal priesthood but who also are blessed with ‘power to become sons of God’, to be able to access that treasure. (John 1:12 KJV)

Also, this relates directly to His existence before Creation. From the outset of seeking Him, Ian wanted to know what God was like before the Beginning – “What He was like when He was, before the ‘is’ and ‘was’ became ‘was’.” (‘The Alpha and Omega’ of Rev 1:8).

Personal Note

This journey started with an unexpected hint about what may be a theme for me to note – that of ‘regeneration’. It was fascinating, therefore, how all three teachers dovetailed together and spoke into several personal points. Furthermore, the Lord began a deep stirring over His Word, which Paul Keith picked up upon during ministry time.

I was reminded of the time the Lord impressed upon me the concept of an as yet unwritten book of scripture – one beyond the Bible’s back cover and all about the new earth and new heaven or ‘Age to Come’. That is, following Revelation and after the New Jerusalem and the Marriage of the Lamb. Some confirmations were soon to follow and concluded with teaching upon the Sonship-Bridal Paradigm by Paul Keith (see Revival 1:glory stories).

So the ‘Days of Wonder’ meeting plugs into that concept, especially with Ian’s teaching on how God exists outside time in eternity as The Alpha and Omega, where the End meets the Beginning,

“We don’t understand what God is. To understand what we will become we have to go back to the beginning; we’ll end up in the beginning – we’re going back into what we were, because Hebrews think circular. God is Alpha and Omega and what started is where we will finish…”

His exposition on this and the gift of prophecy and creating our future was fascinating.

So the concept of God’s glory hidden in holy darkness is intriguing; even illuminating, in view of what I once saw long before I was born-again. Living unbeknown in the enemy’s camp, I dreamt of a huge, black thunder-cloud coming over the horizon. Much as I love  watching thunderstorms and recalled many ferocious ones in Italy and Greece, this one was menacing because it possessed a brooding intelligence. A deep fear came upon me. I didn’t know about Ezekiel’s vision, but his opening description of the cloud of God was like my dream (Ezek 1:4).

Also, a question I wanted to ask Ian about a pre-Christian experience in ‘nirvana’ and the devourer was answered by his teaching. Thus, I understand the realm of a second heaven is accessible to anyone practising occult techniques, but only those who are ‘in Christ’ are protected by His blood and may enter the third heaven, as did apostle Paul (2Cor 12:2) – and Thomas!

A couple of other things he mentioned in passing connected into things I’d sensed, and Paul Keith also spoke into thoughts I’d had on Daniel, judgement and contending. And on the final day Ian taught about ‘The Age to Come’!

My notes can but give a brief ‘taster’ of these ‘Days of Wonder’ and I’m listening again to the sessions and trying to process everything.

And I’ve yet to explain about the lion, as promised in my musings upon Fflad-y-Brenin..

The event made a mighty impact upon Paul Keith, as related in ‘Follow-on’ video-post.

Dr Sharon Stone: Prophetic Voice TV

Watch out for Revd. Dr Stone’s new teaching medium,  due to be launched on 8th September. This is closely connected with her Kingdom Leadership Training course, the main material for which is delivered monthly at Mentoring Days in Windsor.

Propehtic Voice launch-bg_1

Echoes of a Voice

After returning home and starting to process what happened during our visit to South Wales and the gathering in Cardiff, I found this a welcome reminder from a different but parallel perspective that the Lord deeply desires our intimacy and to take us deeper into Him.

Science and Belief

cathedral Cologne 1216095_23168992 Rudy Tiben copyWhat is the difference between a cathedral and a physics lab? Are they not both saying: Hello?

The Christian writer J.W. Sire quoted this line from Annie Dillard[1] in Echoes of a Voice, a new book that explores the phenomenon of spiritual or ‘transcendent’ experiences. What are they, why do they happen, and do they mean anything?

I have written about the more numinous side of science many times on this blog (see Transcendence and Transcendent Science). Scientists often speak of a reality beyond the objects they are studying, and for some this is encountered in powerful – if rare – experiences of wonder and awe. Perhaps my experience in the Smithsonian Museum that I described last week also comes into that category?

I found Sire’s analysis of these experiences helpful. He describes moments that are

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Bobby Conner: A season of advancement

In this brief video blog Bobby Conner covers some points taught and prophesied a few days earlier at Days of Wonder in Cardiff. There, I noted Paul Keith re-iterated what Nathan Morris had emphasised at length when in Plymouth, the need for believers to start contending for the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and Bobby refers to this too.

In opening, Bobby says

“I have never been more excited about the season we’re in. This is the season of advancement. We do not have to tarry back. We’re not waiting on God – He’s waiting on us!

“I tell you God wants to do a new thing and He says “It’s springing up now” and He says “It’s a hidden thing kept in reserve”, and God could not and would not release this hidden wisdom until He’s found a people who like and understand Him…It’s in 1st Corinthians 2:6-7.

“And so we need to tap into that hidden wisdom. It’s going to be a wisdom that shows us how to get into the presence of God.

“Boy, if we get into the presence of God, and the presence of gets into us…that’s what God’s after…”

Be thoroughly blessed as you hear what these men of God discuss, and do check out the scriptures Bobby refers to.

‘Days of Wonder’ gathering in Wales

With the phrasein the regeneration” of Matthew 19:28 emblazoned in mind and setting a seal of expectancy for our short holiday, I was also alert to another claim.

At the back of my mind about the gathering in Cardiff was a reference I’d read to its being of ‘strategic importance’.

I must be frankly honest, however, for on checking all through the ‘flyer’ I cannot find what I saw and read – but in my opinion, it was indeed an important meeting for changes going on in the wider church

To continue from the 2nd part of this regenerating week in South Wales, on leaving Ffald-y-Brenin via Fishguard we headed south and eastward for Cardiff and thence to Cwmbran for the evening’s scheduled ‘Outpouring’ service at Victory Church.

That was our intention but we got halted when a large, sliding mirror met my big toe!

There was time to book into our hotel in Cardiff and have a bite to eat before heading for Cwmbran. However, on unpacking and hanging my clothes in the wardrobe its mirrored sliding doors jammed and somehow one door dropped on my left foot – OUCH! A first aider and manager were soon with us and ice pack padded my blue toe-nail. And in the heat we found the air conditioning unit didn’t work. The upshot was a move to a larger room and free drinks with our meal. The outing to Cwmbran had gone out of the window.

But there was a track record for such setbacks being an indicator of a terrific time coming up next – and remember the promise in Prophecy of a roller-coaster ride – get ready…?

Back in 2005 we attended a week-long school on the supernatural in scripture. It took longer to arrive in that Midlands town than planned but, with only 5 mins to the school’s start, I found a nearby car-park and arrived at the venue in time. At lunch-time we went to book in at our hotel and grab a bite of lunch.

“Your room’s been cancelled Mr Barker!” the hotel’s receptionist told me.

“What? How? When?”

“Our note says you phoned at 10:25 this morning to cancel…” was her reply.

“Ridiculous! That was about the time we parked in town for the event we’re attending !”

It was a most instructive week. Although trained thoroughly in healing and deliverance at Ellel Ministries we’d not had such in-depth instruction for 12 hours/day in these aspects of the Bible. I asked tutor Todd Bentley, “Where were you 40 years ago?”. Had all this knowledge and instruction been available when I was a teenager, I wouldn’t have sought it from Eastern religions and the New Age (see Searching for truth leads me into captivity).

I recall looking at the large local parish church’s cemetery opposite the school’s venue of an old converted cinema. The thought struck me that church was as dead as those in its massive graveyard! (Hence my remark in the previous post.)

So now, with throbbing big toe and its purple-blue nail I was hoping for an exceptional time. And we had just that!  Thank you Lord God.

Days of Wonder

How can words describe what was heard and experienced? I’ll try with a few snippets after this shot of us between the ladies’ raised arms…

DoW Cardiff by Lindi Masters

Three worship sessions daily were literally ‘out of this world’. On one occasion it seemed as though not only the entire 300-odd assembly but also the room were suspended high in orbit (maybe between earth and moon?).  The ceiling with its thick beams became a vast window/skylight through which dark space and stars could be seen. And the sound of our worship at times was like what I’d heard in Newport at the foot of the ‘Hill of Angels’.

[I recalled the sound of angels joining with spontaneous worship at the Revival Alliance in 2012.  It got captured on cd and the contractor sound engineer testified that there were instruments registering which they’d not connected. And the way spotlights were spinning in time to the music was wonderful. An ‘invisible jigsaw’ falls into place refers.]

The convener Justin Abraham’s sessions were very good, especially his emphatically stressing that a deep, burning desire to know Father God is essential for entering heavenly realms. And it’s key to everything taught at his gathering.

I was interested in seeing how the two main teachers Paul Keith Davis and Ian Clayton would deliver their different subject material. Each has a sound understanding of our living Lord and his word, yet have their own distinct experiences and style of speaking

DoW Speakers by Lindi Masters

We’ve known of Paul Keith since we heard him in Bath several years ago, and have attended some of his UK conferences as well as following his regular newsletters.

In those early days he once went by, heading towards someone else, but glanced at us. In doing so, he spoke an awesome personal word about Jesus’ return that remains etched in me.

The timing of that word’s fulfillment may present a personal problem, so I presumed. However, it so happened that Ian Clayton would teach upon longevity!

It’s 2 years since we first went to Well Church International and Ian was due to teach. He brought novel insights into scripture and on getting close to the Lord. I was pleased to hear him speak about coincidences, but very surprised when he used the same description of it that had popped into my mind a few weeks earlier! (See closing Note to this post.)

So that ‘link’ enabled me to accept his explanation of ‘God-incidence’ and to appreciate his other material. Also, I able to follow and understand everything he was teaching on these novel, perhaps radical, and often scientific but biblical concepts.

Paul Keith opened the gathering with,

“I believe that we’re on the verge of something significant… the spirit realm is saturated, its bursting, we’re at a tipping point. You never know when..the next session might be the one,  the next prayer, the next prophetic word…We’ve got to keep doing what we know how to do and it will happen…”

“From Day of Atonement 2014 to Day of Atonement 2015 we are to have things and structures such as ‘apostolic’ hubs and communities in place for a spiritual jubilee…the next major juncture and anointing to build structure for the Millenium to forge the future from the unseen realm…

“It’s time for every born-again Christian to be able to SEE the kingdom of God…”

As an example he mentioned how Jesus appeared to Maria Woodward Etter and then saw a Bible appear on her wall with the glory of God shining from it. Thus, she understood its entire content supernaturally, but Paul Keith was quick to say that doesn’t mean she didn’t need to study scripture. He continued,

“I’m just telling you that in a place in God we can connect with heaven, all the dots get connected. I’ve had some of the revelations where suddenly you see it and think ‘How did you miss that!’

“There’s great truths, there’s great mysteries in the Bible that are going to be revealed to this last days’ generation that have been there all along but we just haven’t seen them yet.

“The blind is about to be removed and we’ll see things we haven’t seen because God’s reserved them for this hour. There’s truth reserved for this hour to present the Bride of Christ without spot or wrinkle

“They’re truths about the spirit realm, truths about the word, truths about who we are in Christ  and Who Christ is in us and all of that…”

And that was just to start…!

….for more, read Nuggets… and follow-up, Getting closer to God > > >

[Photos courtesy of Lindi Masters, Well International Church.]

Paws-4-thought: Ffald-y-Brenin and a prophetic promise

Paws4thort 4Let’s linger in south-west Wales before continuing on our journey to tell about the Days of Wonder gathering in Cardiff. Would you spend some moments to muse with me over a few things?

Offered a refreshing cup of tea upon arrival at the Newport Links hotel, Nina took it to seats looking down to the beach. There, she met a fellow guest who, it so happened, had returned for dinner from Ffald-y-Brenin. Clearly a ‘divine appointment’, and Jane and Nina chatted away as only those who’ve got an exceptionally special person in common can do.

The clean atmosphere of the Newport area plus its fascinating house of prayer at Ffald-y-Brenin made a deep impact which still affects us two weeks later, even though we were visiting friends and not participating in its daily prayer rhythm. Although my 2013 post on Revival in Wales and the Outpouring in Cwmbran briefly referred to this place, I hadn’t done any background reading whatsoever prior to our trip.

Years ago I wrote a paper for Reading churches on its Abbey’s history and the town’s Viking period and battles in 870s AD with the future king Alfred the Great. So, I was also aware of  the history of the ancient British Celtic Church, especially in its Northumbrian king Oswald’s treaties in 630s AD at Dorchester-on-Thames with heathen Mercian king Cynegils and the Roman Catholic missionary Birinus.  Earlier studies had taken me into the history of the early British church. (For example, 6th century historian Gildas posits the Gospel’s arrival in the later years of Tiberius Caesar’s reign, circa 40 AD. In AD 177 Eleutherius of Rome wrote to king Lucius in answering how to conduct himself as a Christian in the kingdom of Britain.)  However, all that past information was deeply submerged in the recesses of my mind.

I came to South Wales in blissful ignorance to enjoy a refreshing short holiday.

So, what I blogged earlier in the 2nd part of my ‘regenerating week in Wales’ was a very basic personal impression. However, as I completed it I realised some details would help readers who are interested in the retreat. So I copied in extracts from the Trust’s website. Also, just after publishing it I got a nudge to search on Google and immediately noticed a blog I’d quoted previously on Wales in the historically erudite Diebach-welldigger.

Therefore, I scanned David Edward Pike’s personal account of The Grace Outpouring and quoted his closing remarks on a roaring lion – without having read it in full.

Imagine my surprise upon doing so at leisure later. Here are details not only about the origins of Ffald-y-Brenin but also on 6th century Celtic saint Brynach’s time spent on the mountain its built upon. Which is why that place is named ‘The Hill of Angels’.

Carn Ingli in distance

Over the mountain road from Ffald-y-Brenin to Fishguard we stopped for lunch up on the col and walked up to the tor shown above, from which the top of Carn Ingli may be seen in the distance. It was a good place from which to speak out blessings to family and everyone in the area.

Speaking a Blessing

Diebach’s account of the retreat centre refers to a couple of supernatural events I wish to draw your attention to. One is on the solitary cross and its origin.

The other event is the lion that appeared to a pastor from Africa in the beehive chapel and the reference to the four points of the compass. I wish to refer to the significance of that when blogging about the Days of Wonder gathering in Cardiff. Peculiar as it may seem to those who have no grid for the supernatural, I can attest that a huge lion was seen to walk through our local church. Only when a visitor reported having seen it did I know I wasn’t imagining it!

Also for those who wish to know more, I recommend a fellow reader’s travelogue on his St David’s to Leominster Prayer Walk. This is apposite to Pembrokeshire as well as in connection with my remarks in A spiritual slant to the Olympic torch’s route, viz:

I was intrigued to learn from a fellow reader of an encouraging encounter with some Welsh Christians during his hike from Newport, Wales to the Lizard in Cornwall . This group had been in contact with people involved in new age etc and had been told “such groups were aware something was going on in the spiritual realm”!!

Mark’s call to the prayer walk was directly connected to the London 2012 Olympics, which are related to the Queen’s Silver Jubilee about which I wrote several posts on the prophetic significance of the Jubilee Bells.

Yet of particular interest is his reference to his key prayer theme on the walk as being confirmed by the restoration of St David’s shrine in the very year of his walk, AND this is identical to the ‘unexpected hint’ from Matt 19:28 referred to in part 1 of our journey. Also, Mark writes that the statue of David has a dove by his shoulder and his holding a Bible, which signifies the combined foundation of the Word and the Holy Spirit, which is also the message of Smith Wigglesworth’s prophetic vision.

About a prophetic promise

Of all the hundreds of prophetic words I’ve blogged about, only one has resulted in a hostile response and slanderous slur upon my character. It relates to the report from Roger of what happened during one of the prayer times at Ffald-y-Brenin when it was considered that Jesus is “calling the Anglican church out of Lazarus’ cave”.

I had intellectual reservations yet it seemed right in my spirit, and it’s timing fell in with a related vision that had come to an Anglican Ordinand on retreat with several others. So I reported it, but a visitor to this blog challenged it.  Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and I respect everyone’s opinion and gave it serious consideration.

Yet my explanation was rejected and the report scorned by that bibliolater; ie. someone who thinks their interpretation and application of scripture is sacrosanct. His reference to what Jesus said at Matthew 24 and assumption it means me, indicates his grasp of scripture is not as sound as it could be. That is, he uses eisegesis not exegesis. That is, there’s an incorrect inference because the plain meaning isn’t taken into context either then or as applied to now.  [Thank you The Bishop Dr. for the excellent explanation, What’s with those “Gesis” brothers?]

This critic doesn’t follow Jesus’ instruction about not judging and condemning another. In my opinion it’s wiser to let the Accuser of the brethren do its own dirty work – and if what I reported is actually a work of the Holy Spirit, that soul has possibly committed an unforgiveable sin.

Therefore, I can only conclude satan is very unhappy with this claim about the Anglican Church. Consequently, that prophetic promise on ‘Lazarus cave’ may well be from the Holy Spirit. Having now been to Ffald-y-Brenin and sensed the brooding presence of the Holy Spirit there, I am even more confident of the validity of what Roger shared on revival within England’s established church.

What’s more – this isn’t the first instance of our adversary’s use of heresy hunters over revival in Wales, as noted in this post about Chuck Pierce’s prophetic word on Wales.

A validation?

What may we expect for evidence that the Anglicans are ‘reviving’ or coming out of a tomb, like Lazarus when Jesus called him forth?

Perhaps one noticeable change would be the reversal of centuries of anti-Semitism practised for centuries by the traditional, established churches – and as promulgated by ‘replacement theology’ (the false idea that God no longer has any covenant with the Jews because the new one instituted by Jesus Christ has superseded it).

So let’s take serious note of remarks by leading blogger, His Grace Cranmer. In Welby: “Israel has the same legitimate rights to peace and security as any other state, he writes,

When did you last hear an Anglican bishop, let alone the Archbishop of Canterbury, support Israel’s historic and legal rights? When did you least hear a bishop of the Church of England advocate militarised self-defence as the only rational path to peace when confronted by murderous Jew-haters who conceal their bombs below hospitals, their rockets in clinics, and their guns and grenades in schools and mosques?

In drawing Anglicans toward a better understanding of His work with the Jews – exactly as Jesus’ friend Lazarus would have well known – then perhaps the Lord really is reviving this part of His body, as not only surmised upon Archbishop Welby’s enthronement (New era for the Church refers) but also as heard recently during the regular prayers at this renowned retreat in South Wales.

Now, come for an awesome time in Cardiff >>

Israel, Palestine, Egypt 1; USA, Europe, Hamas 0

Courtesy WatcharakunReaders might like to know that last night, after hearing John Kilpatrick’s detailed teaching upon Russia’s possible intentions according to Ezekiel 38-39 and his declaration to national leaders on Israel, I checked out the latest ‘before the media’ headlines. What I found had been published perhaps less than an hour before, according to its time-stamp.

In view of what we’d just heard, this headline was most interesting: Netanyahu-Sisi-Abbas line-up tells Hamas: “Accept an extra month’s truce – or Ramallah will” (click for full report). This ‘exclusive’ opens as follows,

“The Egyptian and Palestinian Authority delegations slapped down an ultimatum for Hamas when negotiations for a durable Gaza truce resumed in Cairo, Sunday, Aug. 17. Debkafile’s intelligence report that Hamas was given the option of declaring a 1-month extension of the 5-day ceasefire which runs out Monday midnight, (emphasis added) or else the announcement would be made from Ramallah Monday in the name of the Palestinian national unity government. This was the first joint action taken by the triple bloc formed by Egyptian President Abdel Fatteh El-Sisi, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas for pushing the Islamist Hamas-Islamic Jihad duo up against a wall…”

It continues by referring to the bloc’s backers, namely Saudi king Abdullah and Russian president Putin!

More sensational, but definitely not surprising to those who follow closely, is the bloc’s agreement to keep the Obama-Kerry duo and administration, as well as the Europeans, from the trio’s dealings with the Palestinian Islamist factions.

“The proposition the three partners have formulated puts Hamas and Jihad on the spot. The Arab world has abandoned them and their only source of funding is Tehran. So their choices are grim: Face an escalated war that Israel will fight until the bitter end, or swallow hard and accept the only proposition on the table which is tantamount to disarmament and capitulation.

“Their isolation is complete. The Egyptian, Israeli and Palestinian leaders have managed to cut Hamas away from any backing in Washington, Qatar and Turkey as well as blocking its path to Moscow….

“Mahmoud Abbas, who appeared to be sitting on the sidelines of the Gaza conflict during Israel’s month-long military operation, finally threw in his lot with Sisi and Netanyahu when it came to the crunch…”

Thus, they’ve put the USA out in the cold, and their playmates Turkey and Qatar, as a result of the outrageous shenanigans that were a serious affront to sensible discourse, as Joel Rosenberg reported here. At least Abbas may now be cooperating with Israel – and without American involvement!

These actions confirm long-held suspicions of Obama’s preference to support terrorists, especially where connected with the Muslim Brotherhood. I voiced my own sceptical reservations of his 2009 overtures in Cairo to the Muslim nations, as well as to claims to his being a committed Christian. Obama’s own and his administration’s lack of concern for the butchery of fellow believers in Nigeria, Syria and Iraq are common knowledge.

[Respected analyst Caroline Glick’s insights on his change of direction in Obama’s new plan for Hamas point out there’s never been anything real to differentiate Fatah from Hamas. So Sisi’s gameplan may come undone, or actually prove effective in driving a wedge between the two Palestinian factions, as reported here. Update 19/8: see Abbas orders probe into Hamas coup plot revealed by Israel. Also, my comments on Obama in Cairo reinforced by US Army Lt Col (Ret’d) Allen West on how he’s enabled Islamist causes.]

Additionally, this decision by Israel’s supporters demonstrates Obama’s incompetence and strategic blunders in foreign policy has lost America all credibility and respect in the Middle East.

This fresh Gaza conflict instigated by Hamas has served to bring out into the open the new geo-political reality of America’s only democratic ally in the region now working with Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Russia (as well as Jordan).

It demonstrates the truth of what the Lord promised Abraham that whomsoever blesses him and his descendants through Isaac will be blessed by Him and, conversely, those who curse them will fall outside that blessing and be open to living a cursed life, as it is written in Genesis 12.

Calls to pray for Obama appeared to result in a temporary change in his attitude to Israel. However, hostility seems to remain, as shown by his dealings with Prime Minister Netanyahu and halting further arms supplies. Anyway, this unrighteous gentile has the dubious distinction of being C-in-C and evangelist for changes in the definition of marriage; again defying scripture…


Further reading

Another well-informed point of view on US foreign policy may be found in several short pieces by Elliott Abrams of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Also, see Cranmer on the Church’s attack upon PM Cameron’s ‘incoherent’ Middle-East policy.

See Joel Rosenberg on Netanyahu meeting Obama at The White House on 1st October 2014 after UN General Assembly. (Related material: PM Netanyahu at UN and Tale of 2 Speeches at UN.)

[Image courtesy of Watcharakun at]

Prophetic decree from USA supernaturally confirmed in UK

Eagle-eyed by John Mark Long: courtesy

Eagle-eyed by John Mark Long: courtesy

Do you know how the Holy Spirit works and unexpectedly touches people in different ways? It shows He’s very personal. And, depending upon individual sensitivity, some even get ‘blasted’!  For example, take last night shortly before 7pm.:

A pastor teaching on Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 speaks his mind – but my wife winces as she gets ‘electrified’ by an invisible bolt from 4,400 miles away!

JohnK 214_logoWe were sitting in our lounge watching the morning service live from Mobile, Alabama. Drawing towards a close in quoting prophet Ezekiel’s book, John Kilpatrick  expresses a personal opinion, but the effect of what is said demonstrates that it’s uttered under an unction of the Holy Spirit. John says,

“I want to say to America – and I have no platform really to say anything like this, this grandiose – but I want to say it in the atmosphere at Mobile bay.

“I want to say to America, and I want to say to Israel and to all their Arab neighbours, and I want to say to Great Britain – and all the nations – I want to say to you:

“You are about to see something come to pass in the very near future that your mind cannot even wrap around.

“It’s going to be so magnanimous, it’s going to be so awe-full, it’s going to be so awesome…and the nations and the kings and the politicians of the earth will not even know how to respond – their mouths will be open!

“It’s going to be a day LIKE NO OTHER DAY! – but when all is said and done God will reclaim Israel and God will pour out His grace and His mercy, even upon the United States of America!

“I believe the revival is going to come to the nations of the earth!”


The emboldened paragraphs indicate John’s emphasised phrases. These brought the distinctive ‘tell-tale’ reaction to a Holy Spirit anointed speech within Nina of her groaning as she winces from a sudden burst of intense, internal ‘fire’.

In other words and in my humble opinion: 

Revd. John Kilpatrick has issued a prophetic decree from the Lord God to every world leader.

Hear it at 2:24:45 of this this video, wherein John begins his message at 1:11:00.

May you be mightily blessed in reading, hearing and weighing these words.

PS. Read next post about what was already happening in this regard for Israel.

[For information please see Principles of Decrees in Mentoring Day Part 2.]


Meeting on Tuesday for business people in Guildford area

Only a few places left! 

IC Business MeetingBusinessman and educator Ian Clayton teaches how to apply biblical principles for developing and improving one’s business, to the glory of God.

Through his itinerant teaching ministry known as Son of Thunder, Ian provides keys and strategies for enabling Christians engaged in business to participate in God’s Kingdom as the empowered beings He created us to be.

The reality of this is brought through insights, teaching and equipping with practical biblical tools that release the true potential within each believer as a Son of God. As a personal aside, I like Ian’s good grasp of science.

Should you wish to attend, it is essential to book through Well Church International at the email address in the above flyer.

Snacks, teas and coffees will be available but please bring a packed lunch.

[I will refer to his material in the 3rd part of my account of our trip to Wales]

A regenerating week in Wales – 2

Newport to BayWe could relax here in the refreshing spiritual atmosphere of the whole locality and noticed hamlets named after places in the Holy Land (eg. Bethesda, Gethsemane) and many church references. Sauntering around nearby Newport’s Norman church, adjacent tower and bakery (below) we met and chatted with locals, who are so warm and friendly.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAn art exhibition beckoned from a disused church hall and I stood in the middle to survey the displays. One stall-holder was present but engrossed with his tablet.

I could hear subtle singing!  Is the building’s fabric impregnated with worship? It was only a simple hall, but perhaps it had been the parish church’s Sunday school? Or could it be the sound of worship ascending to the Holy, Living God for at least a millennium from the village, or even the region?

Ha, what a miscalculation! I was to learn that fell short by half a millennium when I read  about the rich heritage of Christianity in Wales. It is evident all around, including ancient Celtic crosses, holy wells, and pilgrim routes focused on St Davids. Also, Blaenannerch Chapel, where Evan Roberts encountered the Holy Spirit so powerfully in 1904, is also nearby.

Behind the mountain…Ffald-y-Brenin

Now, time to visit friends from our church who’d taken up supervisory roles at a semi-monastic Anglican-style community at Ffald-y-Brenin, which means ‘Sheep-fold of the King’.  Roger and Trisha’s new abode lies on the other side of 1140ft Mynydd Carningli brooding over Newport. From our hotel by Newport beach we wend our way along a single track road to this ‘nest’ snuggled high on Carn Ingli’s hidden shoulder.

Fortunately, our car’s champion at ‘breathing in’ to squeeze along Devon’s faster ‘rat-runs’. Here, in the secluded hills and valleys of the Preseli Mountains, traffic was only occasional. Nevertheless, having a dual-function radar dome of a skull, and being tongue-in-cheek!, I’m blessed with an invisible sensor that assesses the likelihood of oncoming vehicles, adjusting speed accordingly. Fortunately more often than not, approaching cars are met at occasional passing places.

Nevertheless, there’s an additional challenge of 1-in-2 gradients and tight hairpin bends. Of such was the 100 yards or more single-track entry drive up to Ffald-y-Brenin. Once there, apparently some visitors had great difficulty walking beyond the gate towards the beehive-shaped chapel because of the weighty presence of the Lord!

There’s definitely an awareness of the stillness of God’s presence. This has often been called “a thin place” – where the veil between heaven and earth has been pulled back. It is easy to pray, to be still, to listen, to worship. It is also a place of joy, of creativity and of learning, a place of encounter. Also, there’s a stunning beauty of the buildings and surroundings. Unbidden peace invades our hearts and minds.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe enter by the wider drive at the other end of the buildings. Our friends are pleasantly surprised to hear our call as we climb stairs to their residential floor. Meeting their visiting family we hear about the miraculous healing of a lady who’d been blind for eight years and now able to see her younger children – as in this brief blog.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen we’re taken all around this beautiful place; the single ‘cells’, dormitories, meeting and prayer rooms and met voluntary workers.

The meditative place of a solitary cross presides over the area, as though in blessing the heart of the Preseli mountains, from which came the monoliths of Stonehenge.

Although there are many residents there were no signs of busy-ness between the set morning and midday prayer times. At the beehive-shaped, small circular chapel however, we can’t all enter as people are engaged in quiet prayer. On either side are short curved benches built into the wall and I manage to get to an end but Nina remains at the door, unable to stand! So we return to our friends and pray together outside – but doubled-up because of the holy atmosphere!

Interior of the chapel: credit, Ffald-y-Brenin

The Outpouring of Grace on Wales Continues….

The blessing of God continues to be poured out at Ffald-y-Brenin, a remote Christian House of Prayer and Retreat Centre in South West Wales, UK. People are pouring in from the nations and many are being blessed and healed.

The deaf hear, the lame walk, and joy arises to heaven! Increasingly we are seeing people make a commitment to follow Jesus Christ. Hundreds are launching into local prayer-based mission-shaped discipleship in Wales and the nations.

Visitors coming on retreat at Ffald-y-Brenin tend to find it restful, challenging or life changing, depending on their purpose in coming and God’s agenda for them while they are here.

Our Prayer Days and Conferences are packed as people recognise that Jesus is in the house, and, being present, he works wonders amongst us.

The beginnings of this move of God are described in the best-selling ‘The Grace Outpouring’ by Roy Godwin and Dave Roberts. Come, taste and see that The Lord is good!

At its heart, Ffald-y-Brenin is a House of Prayer. Everything that happens is soaked in prayer. Guests are welcome to join with us and gaze into the face of Jesus during our daily rhythm of morning, midday and evening prayer if they choose. Some have deep encounters with God at those times. Others have retreated to escape meetings and are equally welcome to choose not to join with us.

Individuals, families, groups of friends, church leaders, house groups, church groups of various sorts; art groups, study groups, youth groups; those searching to discover the reality of God revealed in Jesus; all find a warm welcome awaiting them.

You will understand that, as a Christian Centre, we are unable to accommodate any alternative religious worship or practices.


For more about the community from a personal perspective and review of the book, see David Pike’s excellent review The Grace Outpouring at Ffald-y-Brenin (2011), which concludes.

There’s a lion’s roar going out of Pembrokeshire right now. I feel it will be heard to the ends of the earth, in all four directions in the coming days.

Therein, I learn that the name of the mountain tor between Newport and Ffald-y-Brenin means ‘Hill of the Angels’!! SO did I hear them singing?

If you’re following me along this journey perhaps you’d like to consider a couple more things before I tell you what happened in Cardiff?  Click here to mull over matters.

A regenerating week in Wales – 1

Words are hard to find to tell of time spent over the sea – well, over the Bristol Channel. South Wales was foreign territory to Nina and me and so the trip was one of discovery.

Second_Severn_Crossing WikiPediaIt turned out to be to places where the power of prayer and worship are tangible. The first almost knocked me off my feet, the other figuratively shot me up into orbit. And what’s more, key points in my walk with the Lord were touched upon and He began to stir me deeply.

An unexpected  hint

Only days beforehand, I came come across something I’d not noticed before in a Bible passage. In Matthew chapter 19, Jesus tells of something that became thematic to the holiday; and later reinforced by related material. My daily readings started from Jesus’ sermon to the multitude about blessings and continued with subsequent teachings, but I was pulled up short the day I got into this chapter.

Jesus had told a rich young man to give everything he had to the poor and to follow him. But his great wealth prevented him from doing so and Jesus explained to His disciples how hard it is for the rich to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Astonished they asked Jesus, “Who then can be saved?” and He replied,

“With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  Then Peter answered and said to Him, “See, we have left all and followed You. Therefore what shall we have?” So Jesus said to them,

“Assuredly I say to you, that in the regeneration, when the Son of Man sits on the throne of His glory, you who have followed Me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.  And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands, for My name’s sake, shall receive a hundredfold, and inherit eternal life.  But many who are first will be last, and the last first.” (Matt 19:26-30 NKJV)

[When previously reading this passage I’d connect it with what had been revealed in a very traumatic time when I’d decided to quit Christianity as it was useless and divisive. I threw my Bible down in disgust! BUT it fell open at Matthew 10 and verses 34 to 39 flew off the page; that is, all the text was blurred, except for these flashing like a neon light! They described the heart of the issue. Here was stark, unquestionable assurance that the Lord knew what was happening! So I had no choice but to hold on to Him.]

In Matthew 19, the underlined phrase “in the regeneration” struck me deeply.  Although I’ve read these verses often, it was the first time this futuristic concept popped up and hit me between the eyes here. I’m well aware of it, especially from Peter’s explanation to onlookers who’d witnessed a crippled beggar being healed at the temple gate. He told them of their need to repent so their sins may be, “wiped out and that times of refreshing may come from the Lord and that He may send the messiah Jesus”…

He must remain in heaven until the time comes for God to restore everything, as He promised long ago through His holy prophets.” (Acts 3:21 NIV Insight Bible)

Of the five Biblical meanings used for the Greek term, ‘palliggenesia’, one is as follows:

4. the signal and glorious change of all things (in heaven and earth) for the better, that restoration of the primal and perfect condition of things which existed before the fall of our first parents, which the Jews looked for in connection with the advent of the Messiah, and which Christians expected in connection with the visible return of Jesus from heaven. (Emphases added)

On our way

After leaving the Hampshire hills travel was fast along the M4 and over the Severn Bridge (photo courtesy WikiPedia), after which we had to stop to pay a toll fee. It reminded me of the border passport controls across Europe before implementation of the Maastricht Treaty. Thereafter, we saw all road signs are bilingual; English and Welsh. Beyond Swansea that order got reversed, and rightly so, as we headed along narrower roads into the beautiful hills of Pembrokeshire and its coastal national park between Fishguard and Cardigan.

At journey’s end we could put our feet up, chill out and explore the beach…

Newport Bay from room

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In the News: Erdoğan’s Image Seems to be Growing

Whilst on holiday in Wales last week I read your chapter on Turkey. Later, a prophetical teacher referred to the importance of Daniel’s accounts for today, and speculated that he’s witnessing what he’d foreseen. Next came this news, and so I appreciate your take – fascinating. Thanks Mark.


“So is there anyone in the political scene in Turkey today who might be the first horn of the goat? After all, if the invasion by Iran starts within the next few years, the Confederacy counterattacking with its leader as the single horn of the goat could be seen in just five to ten years from now, more or less. Any leader who is the horn would have to be influential, popular, have a track record for getting things done, and be an Islamist. This doesn’t leave much time for political newcomers. That man may very well be in power now and, if this is so, it can only be Turkey’s current prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (pronounced red-chep ta-jip aerdo-an). He indeed seems to be someone who is the one leader in a hundred who stands out.”                          p. 211, Daniel Revisited

Well it seems Prime Minister Erdoğan is indeed…

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Prophecy of a rollercoaster ride – get ready!

Wednesday morning’s quick check of emails led to an amusing yet profound prophetic word about a roller-coaster. Back on-line in the afternoon another email arrived hinting at the same!  Then I recalled going for a ride on one in, of all places, church!

Alerted to a fellow blogger liking a post, I noticed “Let Go” Prophetic Word 4th July. It’s accompanied with this illustration and, finding a witness in my spirit, I’m re-posting it below:


A vision: I see a roller coaster. I am riding it and the people riding with me are exuberant, filled with joy and excitement, hands up in the air, laughing and screaming. There are a few that are gripping their safety bar with white knuckles, looking pale, faces filled with anguish and fearful anticipation, hoping the ride will soon be over. Not me though; not most of those around me. It dips and turns and soars quickly up to mountainous heights, plummeting down the other side before zipping around a corner and then another.

“Let go if holding on to something too tightly because it is perceived as bringing a measure of safety to what seems like a season of danger. There are things in this season that are coming one after the other with non-stop bombastic force. Do not fear. Do not dread. Put your hands up in the air in praise. Shout for joy. Laugh and love. There is no real danger! Where is your sense of adventure? Embrace the things in your life that make your heart skip a beat because of the unexpected bends and turns; yes, even the unexpected peaks and valleys. This is a season of celebration. It may feel scary but if you will change your perspective you will see that you are completely secure on the track of My choosing. I am using this season to build your courage. Trust Me with all of your heart and don’t lean on your own understanding.”

Many thanks Emily Rose for, as the Lord says, “Let nothing be wasted”. Also, for your interesting later comment.

‘Put your hands up…no real danger…’ Now when and where’ve I done that lately? It’s years since I went on one…but this time I stayed put wherever it was…Aha…’twas when Charlie Shamp was here in May? – Resurrection Sunday!  Let’s see if I can find my notes..:

“The joy of the Lord came upon me and it distinctly seemed I headed down a big dipper and went riding an unending roller-coaster whilst sat in my chair – up and down, all around,  faster and faster – terrific!  An hour or so later I was still riding high when the healings started…”

Also, the American ‘desert rose’ prophetic words rang another bell, which is from the States too. I recalled pastor John Kilpatrick saying on 22 June,

“There’s going to be a roller-coaster coming in the next 90 day, a roller-coaster ride where things are going to be whizzing by you – it’s just going to be going so fast you won’t hardly have chance to assimilate it – things are going to be happening suddenly.”

And this Wednesday afternoon the refrain was repeated in connection with next week’s Days of Wonder in Cardiff.  Justin and Rachel Abraham, it’s fired-up organisers, report as follows,

“Just back from a ballistic incredible time in OZ and NZ. Things are heating up! We are seeing early signs of the great turning of the tide everywhere. In light of the timing we are thrilled to have Ian Clayton and Paul Keith Davis, and many friends from around the UK with us this year for DAYS of WONDER…

“It’s already started and isn’t it amazing we get to see days of fulfilment and breakthrough that previous generations imagined. A brand new day. Strap yourselves in for an exciting ride!” 

Begin our ride in A regenerating week in Wales, looping into Fflad-y-Brenin and then to Cardiff.

So get ready – let’s go and let go > > >