Israel, Palestine, Egypt 1; USA, Europe, Hamas 0

Courtesy WatcharakunReaders might like to know that last night, after hearing John Kilpatrick’s detailed teaching upon Russia’s possible intentions according to Ezekiel 38-39 and his declaration to national leaders on Israel, I checked out the latest ‘before the media’ headlines. What I found had been published perhaps less than an hour before, according to its time-stamp.

In view of what we’d just heard, this headline was most interesting: Netanyahu-Sisi-Abbas line-up tells Hamas: “Accept an extra month’s truce – or Ramallah will” (click for full report). This ‘exclusive’ opens as follows,

“The Egyptian and Palestinian Authority delegations slapped down an ultimatum for Hamas when negotiations for a durable Gaza truce resumed in Cairo, Sunday, Aug. 17. Debkafile’s intelligence report that Hamas was given the option of declaring a 1-month extension of the 5-day ceasefire which runs out Monday midnight, (emphasis added) or else the announcement would be made from Ramallah Monday in the name of the Palestinian national unity government. This was the first joint action taken by the triple bloc formed by Egyptian President Abdel Fatteh El-Sisi, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas for pushing the Islamist Hamas-Islamic Jihad duo up against a wall…”

It continues by referring to the bloc’s backers, namely Saudi king Abdullah and Russian president Putin!

More sensational, but definitely not surprising to those who follow closely, is the bloc’s agreement to keep the Obama-Kerry duo and administration, as well as the Europeans, from the trio’s dealings with the Palestinian Islamist factions.

“The proposition the three partners have formulated puts Hamas and Jihad on the spot. The Arab world has abandoned them and their only source of funding is Tehran. So their choices are grim: Face an escalated war that Israel will fight until the bitter end, or swallow hard and accept the only proposition on the table which is tantamount to disarmament and capitulation.

“Their isolation is complete. The Egyptian, Israeli and Palestinian leaders have managed to cut Hamas away from any backing in Washington, Qatar and Turkey as well as blocking its path to Moscow….

“Mahmoud Abbas, who appeared to be sitting on the sidelines of the Gaza conflict during Israel’s month-long military operation, finally threw in his lot with Sisi and Netanyahu when it came to the crunch…”

Thus, they’ve put the USA out in the cold, and their playmates Turkey and Qatar, as a result of the outrageous shenanigans that were a serious affront to sensible discourse, as Joel Rosenberg reported here. At least Abbas may now be cooperating with Israel – and without American involvement!

These actions confirm long-held suspicions of Obama’s preference to support terrorists, especially where connected with the Muslim Brotherhood. I voiced my own sceptical reservations of his 2009 overtures in Cairo to the Muslim nations, as well as to claims to his being a committed Christian. Obama’s own and his administration’s lack of concern for the butchery of fellow believers in Nigeria, Syria and Iraq are common knowledge.

[Respected analyst Caroline Glick’s insights on his change of direction in Obama’s new plan for Hamas point out there’s never been anything real to differentiate Fatah from Hamas. So Sisi’s gameplan may come undone, or actually prove effective in driving a wedge between the two Palestinian factions, as reported here. Update 19/8: see Abbas orders probe into Hamas coup plot revealed by Israel. Also, my comments on Obama in Cairo reinforced by US Army Lt Col (Ret’d) Allen West on how he’s enabled Islamist causes.]

Additionally, this decision by Israel’s supporters demonstrates Obama’s incompetence and strategic blunders in foreign policy has lost America all credibility and respect in the Middle East.

This fresh Gaza conflict instigated by Hamas has served to bring out into the open the new geo-political reality of America’s only democratic ally in the region now working with Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Russia (as well as Jordan).

It demonstrates the truth of what the Lord promised Abraham that whomsoever blesses him and his descendants through Isaac will be blessed by Him and, conversely, those who curse them will fall outside that blessing and be open to living a cursed life, as it is written in Genesis 12.

Calls to pray for Obama appeared to result in a temporary change in his attitude to Israel. However, hostility seems to remain, as shown by his dealings with Prime Minister Netanyahu and halting further arms supplies. Anyway, this unrighteous gentile has the dubious distinction of being C-in-C and evangelist for changes in the definition of marriage; again defying scripture…


Further reading

Another well-informed point of view on US foreign policy may be found in several short pieces by Elliott Abrams of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Also, see Cranmer on the Church’s attack upon PM Cameron’s ‘incoherent’ Middle-East policy.

See Joel Rosenberg on Netanyahu meeting Obama at The White House on 1st October 2014 after UN General Assembly. (Related material: PM Netanyahu at UN and Tale of 2 Speeches at UN.)

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