Correct link to Veronika West prophecy of New ERA

If you’ve not read the word Veronika brought on a new era then please click this link.

Somehow what I was working on overwrote the post which had just been published on a revelation upon Hong Kong given to Leisa.  Hence, upon opening its notification you may have read Veronika’s and wondered where’s Leisa’s – this follows next.

Kindly accept my apologies for the mixup and inconvenience.

Leisa Ebere: Thailand freedom prophecy

Leisa emailed me on New Year’s Eve as follows: ‘

The Lord gave me a vast, revelatory vision about Thailand today, and I was shocked by the intensity of the vision, as the Lord expressed His intentions so powerfully. And I believe that 2020 shall be a huge cleansing time for that beleaguered nation, as it is clear to me, that God has a real heart for Thailand. Here is the vision:


given to Leisa Ebere on 31st December 2019

‘I saw a field of green grass and the beautiful Nong Nooch Botanical gardens, and then I
saw the earth open up and I saw a teeming city of child traffickers spanning from Nong Nooch Village to Bangkok, Thailand. And I heard the Lord say:

“My judgement shall cut these evildoers off at the very heart of their operations, for I shall send floods continually, and drive them out of that land. And just as the Thai government has purchased harpoon missiles to target their enemies, so I am targeting the evil that has contaminated that land through human misery. For I have listened to those crying out on behalf of Thailand and their loved ones, and so, I shall cleanse the land and set the captives free forever. Selah!” says the Lord of Hosts.

‘Then I saw the waters receding and two Thai church leaders using garden hoes to break up the ground and I saw an angel come into view, with a scroll outstretched in his hands, and I knew somehow, that he was reading his announcement in the Thai language, as he declared: “The harvest is coming.”

Bless you,  Leisa Ebere

More than a ‘coincidence’? More fun with numbers > Daniel 2:21!

In my recent journal of a week in blogging and numbers that cropped up on changing my car, its mileage and then getting confirmed by a prophetic word, thus indicating the Lord had joined in my fun, I referred to personal numbers of ’22 and ‘212’.

Now take a look at what I saw when nudged to check the statistics of posts when I was logging off at 5pm today:

It’s an intriguing repetition of numbers from Rick Davis’ prayer declaration based upon the Book of Daniel.  It’s the second time this numerical mirroring with my own personal numbers has happened, so this time I thought to take a screen-shot for the record.