Prophetic Scripture Update #3: Ezekiel 38 – Gog-Magog coalition builds

Further to publishing #2 on Gog-Magog Tensions On The Golan, the build-up of the coalition of nations led by a superpower (‘Gog’) has gained some traction in starting to mirror the composition of peoples preparing to confront the people of God, the Jewish nation of Israel, as prophesied in Ezekiel chapter 38.

LOL – how interesting that this somehow got published whilst drafting! My apologies to everyone in finding the opening paragraph only. I shall finish upon return later today.

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How Does Science Enhance Faith?

Thought provoking points from the perspective of a PhD student…

Science and Belief

e830b10f28f3073ecd0b470de7444e90fe76e6dd19b4174790f6c5_640_dna Pixabay. CC0 Public Domain

There is a basic trajectory for a science PhD student, and it goes something like this. Enthusiasm and delight mingled with a frisson of fear, a gradual onset of hard reality and stress, perhaps a dash of boredom and possibly even some despair and disillusionment. This is followed by a long period of determination and hard work, which ends in joy and relief. This is the crucible in which characters are formed, careers are established, and skills are developed which will last a lifetime. Some of the skills learned are very useful: experimental techniques, ways of thinking, organisational and project management skills, and of course knowledge. The less useful ones might include procrastination techniques, ways of bluffing, online gaming and social media skills, and of course surviving for whole days on the contents of the department vending machines.

Joking aside, I know that I am very…

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Beauty in the brain: sleep, disease and family life

In view of our current focus on time, science and scripture this transcript is most timely in its reference to how a personal prophetic word from God greatly encouraged Anna to continue her scientific vocation. Thank you Lord.

Science and Belief

anna-twitter-pictureAnna Goodman is a neuroscientist, amateur artist, mother, and pastor’s wife. In today’s podcast (transcript below), I wanted to find out how all of those elements connected together in her life. Is there beauty in the brain? What can we find out from studying neurological disease? What ways has Anna found to fit family life and career together, and how do both of those aspects of life complement her faith and role in the church? The result is a fascinating mixture involving a lifelong love of discovery, a fascination with everything to do with the brain, a growing interest in child development, and the role of prophecy in everyday life.

I am at City Church in Cambridge with Dr Anna Goodman, who’s a neuroscientist from Cambridge University who is now full-time looking after two small boys, one of whom is currently running around the toddler group down below, but she…

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Thanksgiving and prophetic words for Britain and United States

PS to previous post > > In case you may have read it soon after publication, I added a sentence with link about the timing of these ‘now words’. I believe there’s a great deal to be gained on meditating upon and seeking the Lord on their connection with the Lords’ feast of Sukkot (Tabernacles) – and its relationship to Jesus’ return!

That widow who never gave up

This reinforces an aspect of what was taught at last month’s prophetic conference in Lancaster, California; the necessity to fight for what the Lord’s bringing in preparation for the Millenium (Session 6A).

The Kingdom

This means warI’ve been asking the Lord what he meant by the question he asked “When the son of man returns, will he find faith?  Luke 18:8.

When Jesus asked this question, he’d been describing a courageous, indomitable widow who did not give up her petition for justice.  ‘Grant me justice against my adversary,’ she petitioned the judge in Luke 18:3.  He used her to show us what prevailing prayer looks like,

He told me to read the parable.  It’s been another parable I didn’t like because it left me wondering whether God was like the judge.  But after asking the question about what he meant by faith, I could see he wanted us to look at the widow.

War RoomHe confirmed by sending me to see a movie last night called “The war room.”  Now I had no idea what it was about.  The way it started off, I thought…

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Monday musing: Christian one-liners

Thankyou Bob D in Southampton for this ’round-robin’:

Many folks want to serve God, but only as advisers.

It is easier to preach ten Sermons than it is to live one.

Some people are kind, polite, and sweet-spirited, until you try to sit in their pew!

People are funny – they want the front of the bus, middle of the road, and the back of the church.

The good Lord didn’t create anything without a purpose, but mosquitoes come close.

Opportunity may knock once, but temptation bangs on the front door forever.

Quit griping about your church – if it was perfect you couldn’t belong.

If a church wants a better pastor – it only needs to pray for the one it has.

We’re called to be witnesses, not lawyers or judges.

God Himself doesn’t propose to judge a man until he is dead – so why should we?

Some minds are like concrete – thoroughly mixed up and permanently set.

Peace starts with a smile.

Be ye fishers of men – You catch ’em, He’ll clean ’em.

Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous.

Don’t wait for 6 strong men to take you to church.

God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

God loves everyone, but probably prefers ‘fruits of the spirit’ over ‘religious nuts’!

God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage.

He who angers you, controls you!

If God is your Co-pilot, swap seats!

Don’t give God instructions, just report for duty!

The task ahead of us is never as great as the Power behind us.

The Will of God never takes you to where the Grace of God will not protect you.

We don’t change the message, the message changes us.

The best mathematical equation that I have ever seen:

1 cross + 3 nails = 4 given.