A Historic Vote in Parliament

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And so, tomorrow UK time, Parliament will vote on May’s Withdrawal Agreement, which isn’t. It’s an amazing document, given that its existence is premised on the authority of a passed referendum that asked,  “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?”

That is very clear and unambiguous, remarkably so, in fact. And so were the results, 51.9% of the electorate (in the largest UK turnout ever) said: “Leave”.

But the British swamp (pretty much the same players as the American swamp, but with a British accent) disagreed with the people. Loudly, coarsely, contemptuously, and disgracefully they disagree. It hasn’t been edifying watching as they attempted to spin, lie and otherwise weasel out of what the sovereign people said. This attempt is the keystone of May’s Prime Ministership, to undermine the will of the people. It’s a hell of a mess, perhaps worse than…

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Is tonight’s vote ‘checkmate’ for PM May? British MEP likens EU to Tower of Babel

You may recall the ‘chess-pieces’ vision of Theresa May and Brexit in which Veronika West encouraged ‘ALL who are praying and warring for the Nation in this hour that in spite of the chaos, confusion and frustration, God has not changed His mind on Brexit, He is shaking and He is shifting and He is turning and redirecting our nation. He will bring to perfect completion that which He began on June 23, 2016 in our nation…!’

Therefore, we thank and praise you Lord for what You are doing in our nation, and I thank all intercessors for your dedication to Him and our nation and fellow citizens.

Whilst watching the news on 11th December Veronika saw Theresa May momentarily locked in the back of a car upon arriving for talks with Angela Merkel in Germany.  Then Veronika heard these words: “FEAR NOT! FOR THERESA MAY IS LOCKED IN PLACE FOR JUST A LITTLE LONGER AND THEN SHE SHALL BE REMOVED BY MY HAND”

In view of proposals on 12th December for a ‘No Confidence Vote’ on the PM, Veronika writes that she was ‘a little taken aback as the Word I heard yesterday was very clear and very precise…so prophetically could that be for a day or could it be that indeed she will remain in place for A LITTLE LONGER UNTIL THE GREAT CHESSMASTER HAS PERFECTLY ALIGNED ALL HIS PIECES ON THE BOARD OF OUR NATION AND THEN WE WILL HEAR HIM CALL “CHECKMATE”?’


Credit Alastair Grant /AP (click image for article; not new window)

The broadsheet version of the above appears in The Sunday Telegraph, and another columnist – 20 years a Conservative Member of the European Parliament for South East England – pens penetrating personal insights that The EU offers its members a terrible choice – integration of democracy – it is a ‘must read’!


Without any forethought or realisation upon my part until now, Daniel Hannan happens to feature in two consecutive posts. In blogging on 22 biblically-related news headlines in one week I got nudged to close with a link to Europe and Two Daniels, in which I emailed on 25 June 2009:

‘At least one of our MEPs, Daniel Hannan, may be near the truth of these EU matters..”British voters must be denied their general election so Eurocrats can have their Treaty…lack of democracy in Brussels…has spilt over into its constituent nations. In order to make an undemocratic system work, they too must become less democratic…” (emphases mine) Is this why we have an unelected PM (Gordon Brown) and unelected Deputy PM, who wants to abandon Sterling for the Euro?? Dangerous days…watch out…’

Doubtless the Lord is now drawing our attention to this particular matter to emphasis its import!  Daniel begins his latest,

‘The EU is not only undemocratic in itself; it also degrades the internal democracy of its constituent nations.

‘Everyone knows that the EU is run by unelected officials. What is far less widely appreciated is the way that, in order to sustain a fundamentally oligarchic project, the member states are obliged repeatedly to distort their domestic constitutional arrangements. 

‘Consider what happened in the House of Commons on Wednesday. Ignoring the advice of parliamentary officials, the Speaker, John Bercow, intervened to declare admissible a Europhile amendment that was plainly inadmissible under the rules. Challenged about his partisanship, he didn’t really deny it. Instead, with a hint of a smirk, he declared that obeying precedent would mean that nothing ever changed. He was, in other words, rubbing MPs’ noses in the fact that there was nothing they could do about his bias…’

In the middle of this splendid piece of quality journalism, this Member of the European Parliament explains his insights into the demonic nature of the European Union, which will come as absolutely no surprise to those of my readers familiar with the content of this blog’s staunch anti-EU stance, summarised in main menu hubs Brexit vs EU and Brexit Prophecies. So it’s fascinating to read Daniel Hannan’s insight:

‘The readiness of democratic nations to twist themselves into unnatural postures in order to meet the requirements of EU membership is an awesome, even frightening, phenomenon. I think of it as the EU’s “Hideous Strength” – the name of CS Lewis’s 1945 adult novel about a literally diabolical plot to conquer Britain through an apparently benign bureaucracy. (Lewis had borrowed the title from a 16th-century Scottish poem about the Tower of Babel, which makes it especially apt, given the overweening ambitions of the multilingual EU.)’ (Note: illustration at Flag ‘A’ in UK/EU in/out #2 Significant Spiritual Signs.)

‘Again and again, I have watched domestic politicians sacrifice their positions, split their parties and betray their voters in order to advance deeper integration. In Ireland, for example…Perhaps the most extreme manifestation of the EU’s Hideous Strength was in 2011, when Brussels orchestrated civilian coups in Italy and Greece, removing the elected national leaders and replacing them with Eurocrats…

‘Perhaps you imagine that such things couldn’t happen in Britain. We, after all, are not a fragile democracy whose politicians wear sunglasses. Think again. Margaret Thatcher was ousted in 1990 for much the same reason as Silvio Berlusconi in 2011, namely that she opposed the euro…

‘The Establishment is still at it. Following the 2016 referendum, those who had supported the losing side were showered with honours and knighthoods. The winners, meanwhile, have been subjected to low-level state persecution. I don’t use the word “persecution” lightly. Donors to Vote Leave were suddenly told in late 2017 that their contributions counted as gifts, not political donations… Nor did it stop there. As well as investigating their referendum donations, officials began demanding full audits of the personal and business tax records of Leave donors, going back several years…

‘Americans sometimes talk of the “deep state”, meaning the permanent officials who wield real power, regardless of who has been elected. But what we are seeing here is harassment by the “shallow state”…’

He concludes, ‘ We may be about to see its most terrifying manifestation yet. Our MPs, whichever side they were on in the referendum, must be aware of the consequences of overturning the vote. People would be convinced that politicians really are a class apart, that votes count for nothing and that democracy is a sham. The world’s oldest and most successful parliamentary system would be delegitimised. The MPs who had trooped through the lobby to cancel Article 50 would be deposed at the subsequent election. And yet, incredibly, they might still do it. Marvel at the EU’s Hideous Strength.’

Laying the axe to the EU’s roots in Britain & Eire

I’m grateful to the Lord and Geoff Pick at UKPW for confirmation received this morning of the detail on roots quoted in the previous post; also and especially for confirming a dream (Ireland v Germany) and my musing (here) upon Eire joining Britain:


At 4am on Sunday morning, 9 December 2018, I was praying for the UK, and asked what to pray. Brexit came to mind.

Over time after moving to the UK in 2017, I have come to the conclusion that the UK MUST leave the EU because God has ordained it, and we would be wise to do it so that God can make us (the UK) the nation He has spoken that we are to be. I prayed for the UK, the heart of the UK, and the heart/hearts of its citizens and residents, which are, after all, the heart of the UK.

I then saw a vision in which an axe was chopping away at roots, many roots, that were growing out from the continent, the EU, across the English Channel, and which were growing into the UK and wrapping around the main root, the tap root, of a large oak tree that represented the UK — oaks of righteousness came to mind; so the righteousness of the UK.

These EU roots were wrapping around the tap root and drawing from it nourishment and life, with the result being the oak being strangled, choked out, and stopping the tap root from growing deeper into good soil for nourishment. (The parable of the sower and seed came to mind.)

While draining the UK Oak of Righteousness of its nourishment, all the EU roots gave back were darkness, unrighteousness and ultimately death. [Side-note — forest trees actually do this supplying and receiving of nourishment in the natural world, interestingly.]

So, the axe continued chopping these EU roots away from the UK all along the English Channel from south to north, around Scotland, Northern Ireland, back to the southern tip of England, making a full circle to completely sever all the strangling EU roots. (See Luke 3:9 where John the Baptist says, “Even now the axe is laid to the root of trees. Every tree therefore that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.” He had been preaching repentance, and was speaking to the religious leaders of Israel.)

This cutting away of the EU roots from the UK seems to be not only salvation for the UK, but also at the same time, judgment on the E for it would no longer draw nourishment from the UK, which was being turned to support the life of darkness.

Then, I saw something that surprised me — the axe was cutting these EU roots away from all of Ireland, not only Northern Ireland, but also the whole island – Northern Ireland AND the Republic of Ireland! As I saw this, I asked if this meant that the Republic of Ireland would be severed from the EU, and what I heard was, “Yes. Not one of these isles will be controlled by the EU.”

Then, the oak tree wasn’t before me anymore, but now an olive tree that spread its branches far and wide, bringing the good news, the true gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom to the extremities of the world unhindered by darkness. And the oil of the olive tree speaks to me of the oil of the Holy Spirit being spread throughout the world as an essential part of the gospel message.

I also saw unfruitful branches of this olive tree cut off and burned in fire, and these were the unfruitful branches of Government, Business, the Church, Education, the Media, Arts & Entertainment and Family. And those branches that were bearing some good fruit were pruned to bring forth more good fruit.

And with that, the vision ended.

The sense I have gotten from this is that with all the choppings, releasings, and prunings going on there will be seismic shakings and changes coming in the spiritual realm as one kingdom, the kingdom of darkness, is deposed and the Everlasting Kingdom of God reigns again; and this will cause much seismic shaking in the natural realm — sudden, drastic, remarkable changes in society at all levels of society. There will be turmoil, as there is in any war, but the Victorious Kingdom of our Lord Jesus, The Anointed One of God, will bring such a stability and peace that cannot and will not be broken — to all people, believers or not, in some measure, but to those who dwell in the secret place of the Most High, a most full experience of the Kingdom of the Almighty!

I offer this to you all for your consideration and testing.

Rick Davis
Footnote – also this morning seen on Change Britain: The Irish government, the EU and the UK government have between them made absolutely clear that there won’t be a hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, even if there’s no deal.

1 year ago today: is prophetic word on Prime Minister May about to be fulfilled?

A personal thankyou to readers who dipped into my post published a year ago today in  A Prophetic Word re. Prime Minister May and Brexit, thereby drawing my curiosity to its content. So let’s revisit and review its accuracy.

That blog republished UK Prophetic Words’ posting of what Ruth Grigg had received on 8th December 2017, to which I’ve added emphases in view of events a year later:

Word Regarding Theresa May and Brexit

‘As I was praying for our government, the Lord began to speak to me. What the Lord showed me was that Mrs May will step down from leadership as soon as she manages to secure a deal and it is signed. (This is the reason she was appointed by God, to secure a Brexit deal). I sense the outcome and its follow-up and implications will be handed over to other government ministers. I sense she will step down because of all the pressure, stress and strain that she has been under; however, she will still be in a governmental position, doing good for the nation.

‘I asked the Lord who would come into power next – what government? He said that it would be another joint government leadership, but that it would be balanced (ie. no need to worry). I just sense we need to pray for her more, and that whatever happens next will be a Godly move. We need Him to be governing and ruling in our nation. We need the next leader and government to be by His hand and not purely by man’s, so that our nation is led by Him.’

My post continues with observations on Mrs May made by James Kirkup, Director of the Social Market Foundation and former executive political editor of The Telegraph, on the same day Ruth wrote as above.  James notes, “Anyone paying close attention to the election result or Mrs May’s words since would have picked up her signals about her real intentions” (see The lady’s not of turning…so is this the package May planned to deliver all along?)

He readily admits “I haven’t always been the PM’s biggest fan” and his historical recap of her tribulations of 2017 continued to mushroom, as iterated in his update of 4 weeks ago. And since then the self-inflicted issues have gone exponential – including a third humiliation – leading to over 100 members of her own party rejecting her ‘one and only deal’ with EU!

Yet is the Lord’s hand in this?

It’s been a week of unprecedented governmental and parliamentary turmoil, divisions and international incredulity, as in this part of what Chris Wickland foretold recently:

“This country is going to humbled, and unfortunately the institutions which hold this country up are now going to have to topple. The things that this country feels that it has sure foundations I am now going to take away…

“And I speak now to the Government. They have heard the voice of the prophets. They have heard the prayers of the saints that have gone up for this land. They know the petitions of my people, and they have ignored them. And I tell you now, you will not ignore the voice of My prophets in this land anymore. You will now come to a time of humility, and you will be humbled.”

What Mrs May presents is a deal equivalent to ‘terms of surrender’, as implied by the president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker’s adamant “no room for re-negotiation whatsoever”. According to him, the Withdrawal Agreement the PM wanted our Parliament to vote upon was “the only deal possible”!

Likewise with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The news of Mrs May having met her today reports an official as saying that, in her view, “there is no possibility to amend the agreed exit agreement between the EU and the UK”.

Therefore, as Mrs May has secured a deal with the EU will she step down now, or will she remain until it gets signed?

Furthermore, let’s not overlook what Emma Stark at Glasgow Prophetic Centre heard the Lord tell her in November 2017 (emphasis mine),

“I will allow a bad deal for the UK in Brexit, and it will bring a humbleness to the nation. And in the humbleness it will be an answer to your prayers, because it will break Leviathan off you. And in the breaking of Leviathan”, the Lord says, I will rush towards you with revival and awakening that you have prayed for. And so the Lord says,Do not fear the bad deal, for I am in it, and I am disconnecting you to reconnect you.” And the Lord says that there will be a move of God on the back of the humbleness that is going to come to the UK…’ (Fulfilled Prophecy #24 – Brexit Humiliation for…)

So, there’s much to mediate upon and pray over in this situation as we’re nowhere near as humble as the Lord wants us to be.

In mulling this over now, I want to check how this may tie in with the outstanding Vision of Britain that blessed Wendy Alec in July 2005 after the 40 days prayer called by Chuck Pierce. It’s central theme is the EU and our leaving its control and regaining our destiny in the Lord. In opening up that long scroll I espy,

‘And the Lord said –

“A humble and penitent heart I will not despise.”

‘ – and I saw the words written – ‘DIVISIONS AND FACTIONS’.’

Now just where did I read those last words earlier today?

A quick check of my newspaper’s op-ed and lo…

In Tim Stanley’s opinion, ‘The PM’s failure to provide truly “clear” leadership is one of the reasons why, as Ken Clarke pointed out on Monday, the House is more divided now by faction than party, and the larger faction favours some route to Remain (a second vote, permanent customs union, whatever it takes’.  (The UK is not ready for any sort of Brexit, hence this appalling chaos)

Therefore, if what Wendy brought runs in a chronological sequence then there’s some strong hope! It goes on to prophesy national repentance and the Lord bringing Britain into its end-time destiny, a new leadership and “LIONHEART” declared over the UK.


40 things (or more!) wrong with May-EU’s Withdrawal Agreement

UPDATED with PS for further information; also note most informative comment:

One of my contributors to this blog’s series on the EU and Brexit, David Chapman, has submitted the following which he’d received from a friend, after having seen material by Martin Howe QC.

(Martin Howe is a leading barrister in intellectual property and EU law and Chairman of Lawyers for Britain, as well as a contributor to Brexit Central. His articles enable us to appreciate why the hitherto secret Attorney General’s advice to the government, as explosive as it is, came as no surprise to anyone well-informed of the nuances of the Brexit negotiations; see, for example – The Withdrawal Agreement’s Northern Ireland Protocol is Neither a ‘Backstop’ or Temporary published 22nd November!)

I’m informed the following has come from social media and it isn’t easy to determine its source. Nevertheless, David writes, “After trawling through the near 600 pages of the WA this seemed to have a much more succinct analysis than I could give.”

Also, a local friend of financial rather than legal background, reports he’s pleased to find its points are similar to those he’d noted when checking to identify the Agreement’s key issues. 

So with the foregoing in mind, let’s now take a look at :


From the offset, we should note that this is an EU text, not a UK or international text. This has one source. The Brexit agreement is written in Brussels.

  1. Prime Minister May says her deal means the UK leaves the EU next March. The Withdrawal Agreement makes a mockery of this. “All references to Member States and competent authorities of Member States…shall be read as including the United Kingdom.” (Art 6). Not quite what most people understand by Brexit. It goes on to spell out that the UK will be in the EU but without any MEPs, a commissioner or ECJ judges. We are effectively a Member State, but we are excused – or, more accurately, excluded – from attending summits. (Article 7)
  2. The European Court of Justice is decreed to be our highest court (Art. 86) both citizens and resident companies can use it.
  3. The UK will remain under the jurisdiction of the ECJ until eight years after the end of the transition period. (Article 158).
  4. The UK will still be bound by any future changes to EU law in which it will have no say, not to mention having to comply with current law. (Article 6(2))
  5. Any disputes under the Agreement will be decided by EU law only – one of the most dangerous provisions. (Article 168) Arbitration will be governed by the existing procedural rules of the EU law – this is not arbitration as we would commonly understand it (i.e. between two independent parties). (Article 174)
  6. “UNDERLINING that this Agreement is founded on an overall balance of benefits, rights and obligations for the Union and the United Kingdom” No, it should be based upon the binding legal obligations upon the EU contained within Article 50. It is wrong to suggest otherwise.
  7. The tampon tax clause: We obey EU laws on VAT, with no chance of losing the tampon tax even if we agree a better deal in December 2020 because we hereby agree to obey other EU VAT rules for **five years** after the transition period. Current EU rules prohibit 0-rated VAT on products (like tampons) that did not have such exemptions before the country joined the EU.
  8. Problems with the EU’s definitions: 3.1. “Union law” is too widely defined. “United Kingdom national” – we should not have agreed the Lisbon Treaty definition. That is giving away our right to define our citizens.
  9. Definitions needed to include the term “goods” and the term “services” we are promised the deal will mean ONLY EU law in relation to ‘goods’ will apply. This is a non-defined term so far. This agreement also fails to define it.
  10. The Mandelson Pension Clause: The UK must promise never to tax former EU officials based here – such as Peter Mandelson or Neil Kinnock – on their E.U. pensions, or tax any current ones on their salaries. The EU and its employees are immune to our tax laws. (Article 104)
  11. Furthermore, the UK agrees not to prosecute EU employees who are, or who might be deemed in future, criminals (Art.101)
  12. The pre-existing rights of EU citizens are to be extended to citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. They will be pleased. (Article 33)
  13. The EU’s stupidest law ever – the General Data Protection Regulation – is to be bound into UK law (Article 71 to 73). So much for escaping this madness.
  14. The UK is obliged to establish a ‘Joint Committee’ with EU representatives to guarantee ‘the implementation and application of this Agreement’. This does not sound like a withdrawal agreement – if it was, why would it need to be subject to continued monitoring? (Article 164). The Joint Committee will have subcommittees with jurisdiction over: (a) citizens’ rights; (b) “other separation provisions”; (c) Ireland/Northern Ireland; (d) Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus; (e) Gibraltar; and (f) financial provisions. (Article 165)
  15. The agreement will last as long as the country’s youngest baby lives. “the persons covered by this Part shall enjoy the rights provided for in the relevant Titles of this Part for their lifetime”. (Article 39).
  16. The UK is shut out of all EU networks and databases for security – yet no such provision exists to shut the EU out of ours. (Article 8)
  17. The UK will tied to EU foreign policy, “bound by the obligations stemming from the international agreements concluded by the Union” but unable to influence such decisions. (Article 124)
  18. All EU citizens must be given permanent right of residence after five years – but what counts as residence? This will be decided by the EU, rather than UK rules. (Articles 15-16)
  19. Britain is granted the power to send a civil servant to Brussels to watch them pass stupid laws which will hurt our economy. (Article 34)
  20. The UK agrees to spend taxpayers’ money telling everyone how wonderful the agreement is. (Article 37)
  21. Art 40 defines Goods. It seems to includes Services and Agriculture. We may come to discover that actually ‘goods’ means everything.
  22. Articles 40-49 practically mandate the UK’s ongoing membership of the Customs Union in all but name.
  23. The UK will be charged to receive the data/information we need in order to comply with EU law. (Article 50)
  24. The EU will continue to set rules for UK intellectual property law (Article 54 to 61)
  25. The UK will effectively be bound by a non-disclosure agreement swearing us to secrecy regarding any EU developments we have paid to be part. This is not mutual. The EU is not bound by such measures. (Article 74)
  26. The UK is bound by EU rules on procurement rules – which effectively forbids us from seeking better deals elsewhere. (Articles 75 to 78)
  27. We give up all rights to any data the EU made with our money (Art. 103)
  28. The EU decide capital projects (too broadly defined) the UK is liable for (why on earth can’t they say now … oh yes, I remember, they’re bust) (Art. 144)
  29. The UK is bound by EU state aid laws until future agreement – even in the event of an agreement, this must wait four years to be valid. (Article 93)
  30. Similar advantages and immunities are extended to all former MEPs and to former EU official more generally. (Articles 106-116)
  31. The UK is forbidden from revealing anything the EU told us or tells us about the finer points of deal and its operation. (Article 105).
  32. Any powers the UK parliament might have had to mitigate EU law are officially removed. (Article 128)
  33. The UK shall be liable for any “outstanding commitments” after 2022 (Article 142(2) expressly mentions pensions, which gives you an idea as to who probably negotiated this). The amount owed will be calculated by the EU. (Articles 140-142)
  34. The UK will be liable for future EU lending. As anyone familiar with the EU’s financials knows, this is not good. (Article 143)
  35. The UK will remain liable for capital projects approved by the European Investment Bank. (Article 150).
  36. The UK will remain a ‘party’ (i.e. cough up money) for the European Development Fund. (Articles 152-154)
  37. And the EU continues to calculate how much money the UK should pay it. So thank goodness Brussels does not have any accountancy issues.
  38. The UK will remain bound (i.e coughing up money) to the European Union Emergency Trust Fund – which deals with irregular migration (i.e. refugees) and displaced persons heading to Europe. (Article 155)
  39. The agreement will be policed by ‘the Authority’ – a new UK-based body with ‘powers equivalent to those of the European Commission’. (Article 159)
  40. And, of course, the UK will agree to pay £40bn to receive all of these ‘privileges’. (Article 138)

PS 14 Jan: see also his Leaving the EU with No Deal is not a step into a legal vacuum, posted 13 Jan and Leaked Commons legal analysis vindicates Trump, contradicts May and adds to Brexiteers’ concerns posted 2 Dec 2018 at Brexit Central.

Dr Sharon Stone word from the Lord on Britain and the EU: A merciful but severe course correction

Further to my brief notes from Dr Sharon’s mentoring day on 2019 being a new season of shaking for the UK, here’s the specific word from the Lord on our severance from the EU for your information and prayerful weighing:

Update to previous on leaderless EU.


The EUObserver reports President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, as warning that “Poland could accidentally leave the EU”.

Here, the Brexit news website Westmontser comments,

‘A former Polish PM, Tusk is clearly worried about his country following Brexit Britain out the door. The elected Polish government has repeatedly clashed with the unelected EU Commission from interfering in domestic affairs – and it has having an impact. A BBC report earlier this year highlighted disquiet from some Polish people, with one saying: “The EU is meddling too much in Polish matters. Poland is a sovereign country. We can deal with our own issues.”

‘The Poles have also vowed to defend Viktor Orban’s Hungarian government, who have also faced the threat of EU sanctions.’

[Another informative news site LeaVe.EU]

A ‘watching’ public press foresees a leaderless EU!

OED definition of ‘spectator’ – ‘a person who watches at a show, game or other event’.

Thank you to Carolyn S for alerting me to last weekend’s edition of The Spectator, and I particularly note its front cover’s prophetical cartoon:

As Carolyn observes, “…the spiritual overtones are deafening! A significant time for intercessors to pray!”

Immediately, I’m reminded of the prophecies brought in 2015 and 2016 through David Noakes and Patsy Southway of the fall of the EU (Fulfilled Prophecies #13 & #14 et seriatim) – as well as through Revd John Kilpatrick in Dec 2015 on a coming shaking and jolting of nations, and ‘Sue’ some years previously (under ‘Voice of Believers’ in UK/EU in/out #3 – In the Face of God).

As expected from this periodical, Douglas Murray’s analysis Mutti’s Last Days – Angela Merkel is on the way out, and so is her vision for the European Union is worth taking time to read for his informative opinion.

PS. see Update in the next post.

For more, visit this blog’s hubs on Brexit versus EU and of Brexit Prophecies.

Brexit and the Bible: a ‘journey’ into their connection – part 3

Dave Hood follows up his Monday email with this of Tuesday 17th October:


Part 3 – Britain / EU

Over the past number of days the Lord has directed me to read Isaiah 41 and Exodus 14. Both with an application to Brexit. Both interlock with one another.

Would you read Isaiah 41. [RB: Biblegateway, NIVUK]

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Brexit and the Bible: a ‘journey’ into their connection – part 2

For continuity read Part 1 first, and I’d draw your attention to the PS and PPS below. (NB: Dave Hood’s email is dated Mon 16 Oct at 15:19):


Part 2

I was led through it verse by verse. At this point it will be good for the reader to have opened as one reads on the scriptures for Exodus 14. [RB: if Bible not at hand here’s link to BibleGateway’s NKJV]

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Brexit and the Bible: a ‘journey’ into their connection – part 1

An apposite posting for All Saints’ Day!  And it’s accompanied by confirmations in the news not only on the day I received it but also today, as told at the end Part 2.

In this tripartite account Dave Hood continues his personal reflections and insights on a Biblical meditation directly relevant to Brexit. I note that they precede and are reinforced by the angelic word on the ‘final battle’ for Britain. Also, another author’s guest post will return to the ‘rescue’ theme.  

In his first email (at 15:19) of the day to me on Monday 16th October, Dave writes: 

‘The Lord began to speak to me about Brexit, GB and Europe / EU / Egypt and gave me most of all of it from scripture, hence the format. Here are 2 extracts from 3 given over the past 4/5 days. The third (from Isaiah 41) is written already in draft and forms part of the whole.This is how i got them…

‘Very timely and meaningful for our present. Its taken time to process within me..:’ Continue reading

Prophecies on the spiritual significance of hurricanes striking the USA – part 2

In my first blog of 2012, Points to Ponder 2011-12 and Biblical, Historical, Financial Cycles I covered William Koenig’s investigation into the work of financial analyst Eric Hadik.  I’ve since referred to this accredited Christian journalist at the White House for his coverage of the Middle-East from a thoroughly biblical perspective. We now need to consider this in some depth:

In considering connections between President Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ for Israel-Palestine and Hurricane Florence for last Friday’s Inside The White House report, Bill  returns to his prime mission and discovery as a ‘watcher’ (emphasis mine)

‘Virtually every major hurricane since the beginning of the Israeli-Palestinians’ peace process in Madrid, Spain, held from October 30-November 1, 1991, have corresponded to White House involvement in Israel’s land. These have all occurred at the time U.S. presidents were actively pressuring and/or inducing Israel to make peace with the Palestinians by agreeing to give up large parts of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem for promises of peace and security.’

He itemises many things demonstrating President Trump is the best friend Israel has ever had in the White House, as well as giving a timeline of his administration’s peace efforts and public comments in the last two weeks whilst Florence developed. Bill also notes Trump will now have been president during four of the costliest hurricanes in US history, including Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria during the month of Elul in 2017.

Extracts From This Month’s Timeline:
  • Tues 4th – US Ambassador to UN Haley: Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian ‘deal of the century’ can happen if Abbas comes to the table – Fox News – Tropical Storm Florence became Hurricane Florence
  • Wed 5th – Emir of Kuwait visits White House as Florence was continuing to develop. Last year on September 7, President Trump had a joint press conference with the emir as Hurricane Irma was developing into a record-setting Atlantic Hurricane…Florence becomes major hurricane as Category 3 storm. At of 125 mph is five mph away from Cat 4.
  • Thur 6th – Remarks by President Trump in Rosh Hashanah National Press Call with Jewish Faith Leaders and Rabbis; committed to an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal that he thinks can be made – White House transcript
  • Sat 8th – Special Envoy Jason Greenblatt presents details of the Thinking Behind the Mideast Peace Plan – JNS (Tasked by Trump to help reach the “deal of the century,” Greenblatt serves as one of Trump’s top Middle East envoys and has herculean task to help negotiate peace plan between Israelis and Palestinians.
  • Sun 9th – late afternoon Florence became a massive Hurricane 4 storm.
  • Mon 10th – Closure of the PLO Office in Washington is an attempt to force Palestinians to peace talks https://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2018/09/285812.htm
  • Mon 10th Sept John Bolton at the Federalist Society speaks against International Criminal Court and defends Israel (C-Span)
  • Wed 12th – Envoy Greenblatt’s Twitter comments on Trump peace plan.
  • Wed 12th – shift in Florence’s path is ‘bizarre’ could bring ‘catastrophic flooding’ to Southeast – ranks as one of weirdest hurricane/tropical storm tracks! (Part 1  has details)

Bill concludes on the delivery of the ‘peace plan’: ‘Originally, President Trump was to present his plan to the UN on Sept. 25. Haley said last week that there is not a specific date; it may be later. Doesn’t mean he still won’t. Something is up in the heavenlies.’

He notes that ‘Isaac’ has become a hurricane and heading toward the Lesser Antilles. Last time a storm named Isaac formed was the day the Republican Platform Committee endorsed two state plans in August 2012 and caused the 2012 Republican Convention to cancel their first day.